False rape accuser Mary Miller – 1896

Robert St. Estephe–Gonzo Historian–is dedicated to uncovering the forgotten past of marginalizing men. “Gonzo journalism” is characterized as tending “to favor style over fact to achieve accuracy.” Yet history – especially “social history” – is written by ideologues who distort and bury facts in order to achieve an agenda. “Gonzo” writing is seen as unorthodox and surprising. Yet, in the 21st century subjectivity, distortion and outright lying in non-fiction writing is the norm. Fraud is the new orthodoxy. Consequently, integrity is the new “transgressive.” 

Welcome to the disruptive world of facts, welcome to the world of Gonzo History.


FULL TEXT: Charles Atkinson, sentenced in the Camden (N. J.) County Court in July of last year to a ten-years’ term of imprisonment on the false charge of criminal assault [euphemism used at that time for rape] made by his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter Mary Miller, will leave the Trenton Prison to-day a free man. The Court of Pardons in Jersey City yesterday made this decree.

Atkinson was not only granted a full and free pardon, but he goes back to his friends and relatives with the judicial stamp of innocence on his brow. Mary Miller, his accuser, in a fit of remorse, recently confessed that she had wronged her foster-parent when she swore that he had maltreated her, and, like Barbara Aub [who had retracted a rape charge after the accused had been convicted], she made a complete retraction of her accusation. Her confession was placed in the hands of Gov. Werts and by him laid before the Court of Pardons. The girl acknowledged that she had made the false charge for revenge.

When Atkinson married Mary’s mother, three years ago, the girl was in the State Industrial School for Girls, having been sent there as an incorrigible. Although only fourteen years old, she had acquired the habit of remaining away from home at night. At the end of two years, on the promise that she would abandon her habits, she was released from the Institute and returned to her house in Camden.

For a time she carried herself properly, but the life at home was too slow, and she began to frequent the Gloucester race track, just across the river. She became the companion of disreputable women, and the efforts of her stepfather to reclaim her were in vain.

Falling in everything else, he threatened to send her back to the Industrial School. She had an abhorrence for this place, and it was shortly after this threat by her father that she caused his arrest and imprisonment on the false charge.

Alkinson had not been in prison long before Mary committed a breach of the peace that caused her recommittal to the Industrial School. About the time of Barbara Aub’s sensational retraction of the charges against Langerman, in this city, Mary Miller was moved to remorse, and one wrote to Atkinson in the Trenton Prison that she was sorry for the wrong she had done him. A day or two afterwards she told her story to one of the women teachers of the school.

Rev. George C. Maddock, chaplain of the State Prison, was sent for and the girl repeated to him the story of her retraction. She said she would never have made the charge had she not been advised to do so by some of her associates at the race tracks. They told her, she said, it would be an easy way to get her troublesome stepfather out of the way, and when he was in prison she could lead the life with which she had become infatuated. It is understood that the girl has given to the authorities the names of the alleged conspirators and that an investigation, that may lead to the indictment of a number of persons, is in progress.

Gov. Werts, after receiving the girl’s confession, sent a Supreme Court Commissioner to the school and had it verified. Mary reiterated everything she had said to Chaplain Maddock and then made affidavit as to its accuracy.

TRENTON, Jan. 2 – For seventeen months Atkinson has been confined under his ten years’ sentence for assault upon Mary Miller, his stepdaughter, now in the Industrial School for Girls and who recently confessed that Atkinson was innocent.

“I have very little to say about the latter,” Atkinson said to-day when called from his cell, “because I think the least said the better. Mary is evidently sorry for what she has done. I knew, and so did my wife, that I was innocent, but Mary’s testimony sent me here. I have been watching ever since I came here for her to repent, and now that she has done so, everything is all right. Mary is naturally a good girl, and I believe she could be kept way from her evil companions.”

[“Atkinson Is A Free Man. – Court of Pardons Acts on His Step-Daughter’s Confession that She Falsely Accused Him. – Judges Declare Him Innocent. – Says This Barbara Aub Was Induced by Evil Persons to Send Him to Prison for Ten Years.” The World (New York, N.Y.), Jan. 3, 1896, p. 9]

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Robert St. Estephe is a deeply repentant former male feminist who has devoted a bit of time to the study of the history of the relations between the sexes. He posts useful historical documents on The Unknown History of Misandry for all to see.

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  • feeriker

    Thank you, Robert, for this reminder from the historical record that indeed nothing has changed over the course of the last century. In this particular case it would be interesting to learn Mary Miller’s ultimate fate. Did she face criminal charges for making a false accusation (there’s no law against fantasizing, is there)? Did she “go straight,” as her step-father hoped she would, or was her character sufficiently corrupted by this stage of her life that she went on to prey upon other men (my money would be on the latter)?

    While it speaks volumes about his character that he was able to so quickly forgive his step-daughter, it strikes me that Charles Atkinson was hopelessly naive. Give the morals of the era, even an accusation of inappropriate conduct such as that for which he was convicted and sent to prison based on his step-daughter’s perjury was enough to ruin his reputation for life. Were I in his position, forgiveness would be contingent upon action on the false accuser’s part. Specifically, the “action” sought would be the accuser submitting themselves to arrest and punishment for their crime (in other words, “doing the right thing”). In any case, it’s hard to imagine any man today having been similarly victimized being as forgiving as Atkinson. Any man who did so would deserve the label “fool.”

  • http://gravatar.com/scatmaster scatmaster

    Times they ain’t a changing.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      What HAS changed: 1) An article on this if it were written today it would be required to focus its attention on how, after, this case, no rape victims would be brave enough to report rape again. 2) Many mainstream websites would comment on the story and divert attention to “rape culture.” 3) Some of the less circumspect orthodox social justice indoctrinees would repeat the bromide that false rape accusations are good for men (to help them understand their inherent vileness).

      None of this was mainstream thinking in 1896. What was mainstream in 1896, however, was for women to get huge pay-offs from men who offered marriage and then, for good reasons withdrew the offer (The Heart Balm Racket, it was called). Also mainstream in 1896 was for a man found guilty of genuine domestic violence against a woman to be given corporal punishment or prison terms in chain gangs.

      Things HAVE changed. Misandry is now an institutionalized orthodoxy and is now an international business model that is being merged with the burgeoning private prison industry.

      • theoutside

        “Misandry is now an institutionalized orthodoxy and is now an international business model that is being merged with the burgeoning private prison industry.”

        Accurate and terrifying words. And it is why I think of Michel Foucault, despite his sometimes foolishness, as the first contemporary MHRA.

    • Lambo

      “It is understood that the girl has given to the authorities the names of the alleged conspirators and that an investigation, that may lead to the indictment of a number of persons, is in progress.”

      The times ARE changing, but the story is much the same.
      A notable difference to today is the conspirators who put her up to it were expected to be held accountable.
      I wonder what happened there, if anything?

  • http://gloriusbastard.com El Bastardo

    “Naturally a good girl”……………?

    I wonder if she ever got jail time?

    One more reason not to trust women. Like Keoni said last year in his definition of what a “misogynist” is, I say it is “One who distrusts women, as much as they distrust themselves.

  • http://reyekomra.wordpress.com reyeko

    This destroys feminist theory so thoroughly, feminists claim that rapists weren’t(and still aren’t) punished by our patriarchal society. Yet here’s a story from 1896 showing punishment based solely on word, nothing else. Feminists claim women had no power in society yet: ” She said she would never have made the charge had she not been advised to do so by some of her associates at the race tracks. They told her, she said, it would be an easy way to get her troublesome stepfather out of the way, and when he was in prison she could lead the life with which she had become infatuated.” that sure seems like women of the time knew full well the considerable power their wielded in society. Then after everything, after he spent 17 months in prison he harbored no ill will towards her.

    It’s so interesting to read true stories from history and compare it to feminist fairy tails of men going around raping and beating and murdering women with impunity. Just shows how full of shit feminists truly are.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Herstory = fairy tale. — Yes, so true.

  • re-construct

    Enabling American women to make false rape accusations for such trivial reasons as “She doesn’t want to pay her cab fare”, is not only a stain on American law enforcement, its also unconstitutional.
    The manufactured statistics / federal pork bloating Alliances need to be dismantled.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Misandrist anti-constitutionality was the primer — the decades-long campaign of cultural terrorism, dumbing-down and bureaucratization — that prepared us for Patriot Act and NDAA, NSA, TSA. Feminism, as a state orthodoxy is not about women. It is about building a perfect police state, a total panopticon and eradicating all true parenthood (including motherhood). Give a feminist a bribe and she’ll sell the whole nation into slavery.

      • theoutside

        Yes. Exactly. And mostly rather piddling bribes too — their meazly little paper pushing jobs, their ridiculous “tenure”….

      • theoutside

        I believe it started with FRD, crucially.

        • theoutside

          I meant FDR…sorry…

          • Robert St. Estephe

            If you are interested in looking into this you will find amazing stuff predating FDR. The common left-right way of thinking about this interferes with research. Intellectuals such as Dewey wanted gov’t schools to produce “socialized” laborers for “leftist” reasons. And the robber barons (Carnegie, Rockefeller) set up think tanks in the same period promoting the programs of social engineering in order to produce efficient (unthinking, indoctrinated) laborers. The quotations in documents dating from the early 1900s are chilling.

            A great source is “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

  • theoutside

    “…a ten-years’ term of imprisonment on the false charge of criminal assault [euphemism used at that time for rape] made by his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter Mary Miller, will leave the Trenton Prison to-day a free man.”

    Only ten years. Much more reasonable than it would be these days. Which would be more like 25, right? or am I mistaken?

    • theoutside

      Thank you for the source Robert, I’ll look into it.

      • theoutside

        Also, Robert, perhaps it is covered in the source you recommend, but I wonder what has been the role of the Catholic church in this deliberate dumbing down (as a survivor of two Catholic schools, both atrocious).

        And I am especially curious about the role of male genital mutilation as part of this scheme — not a dumbing down, of course, but a deliberate traumatization which was perhaps deliberately intended to work in conjunction with the educational schemes you cite, perhaps?

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    The passage of time has not blocked the perverted expression of nasty minds it seems In 1896 you could pluck your weapon from the air and that weapon was a lie. That’s all it took then and that’s all it takes now. Just make shit up and stand back while the blue-pill boys in blue and the white knights step over each other to help the most.

    Oh pardon, you do need a muff in place for that lie to work. If you try it with a donk between your legs you’ll have the book-shelf thrown at you instead, and so it should be with a ratified lie, but for one type of people?

    If Mary Miller tried this stunt today she’d have the backing of bitches at the track, the blokes taking bets, the groundskeeper’s team, the cleaners and janitors, stable hands, confection vendors,, safety officers and the car-park attendants after they did the texting ring-around to their mates.

    “We got lass here who was raped. Let’s get him and don’t forget your torch.”

    When I read how she caved after seventeen months my first thought was that she lucked out on all of the resources and money incentives she’d have today. (Publishing deals, the speaker circuit and muck raking chat shows on the telly) My second thought was how Charles Atkinson would still be in jail, and all the while he’d still be telling how she is a good girl who got in bad with others.

    Gonzo journalism makes the ignorant look foolish, but only to those who know better. Still, a small audience is better than none at all and it buoys me knowing that every day more seats are filling with red-pill consumers.

  • Lambo

    You could also email as I just did. Here’s the contact link. PRISM will update your profile automatically.


  • http://standingagainsttheworld.wordpress.com infowarrior1

    I bet that if she didn’t cop the consequence’s she wouldn’t feel the guilt. I think what she experienced is more like shame than guilt. I wonder if she actually had a conscience.

    • theoutside

      Good point.

  • re-construct

    I agree Robert. Not only are a small group of Gender-feminist Elite being Empowered by the perverse “Alliances”, but American law enforcement are getting all the pork bloating dollars they need to create a massive police state.
    Both Gender-feminists, and American law enforcement benefit from their pork bloating / manufactured statistics Alliances, all they do is have to keep the average American man and family broken and divided to do it.
    Constant agit-prop from American media, mandatory gender-feminist college courses, mixed with manufactured statistics Alliances with American law enforcement…I would say only the strongest and most critical of minds can transcend. (Or men that have been extremely burned by the “Alliances”)

  • Sad Dad

    The difference is today if that happen they would not let the accuser come forward to say she lied and he would stay in jail.

  • DeclanLyons

    Rape Culture?

  • Robert St. Estephe

    In the mood to watch a 5 hour video interview? On the dumbing-down system called “education.” Magnificent, absorbing, succinct, astute, inspired, wide-ranging, engaging: “The Ultimate History Lesson John Taylor Gatto” on Youtube (available complete or in parts).

    It seems to be, as I contemplate the dumbing-down industry, feminism is the necessary measure to cripple the possibility of effective resistance to the control-system (forced “education”) to finally finish off (in the USA) what is left of the Bill of Rights and the republican form of government.

  • http://gravatar.com/tickletik Ron

    LOL, you guys dont get it. She never repented, she simply realized her best hope of getting out that place was if her stepfather was free to take her back.