Easy questions, stupid answers

There is a phenomenon most within the men’s rights movement will be familiar with, simply that when the phrases “human rights” and “men” are strung together into a sentence, most people turn stupid.

This is the place in the conversation where “oh you guys just hate women” pops up, and it is a stupid utterance. Sometimes, when a conversation turn to men’s rights activists the response is almost violent: “I hate those guys” , “what a bunch of faggots” or similar invective. And these responses are not rational, they are not noble, they are simply stupid. But it goes beyond a knee-jerk reactive aversion to considering men and boys might be human beings – the stupid runs deeper.

At the slut walk event in Vancouver British Columbia in 2011, there were a large number of signs which read “teach men to not rape”. One of the most obvious problems with such signage being the false implication that all or even most rapists are men. But the more subtle stupidity is the idea that without being told by placard carrying slut-walkers, adults don’t know not to rape. This is the insane fantasy that adults walking around in the world do not know they should not commit violent crimes.

When I attended the 2011 slut walk as an observer, I thought surely they must mean something else, because not even dyed in the wool feminists could be so foolish to literally believe that adults in the real world were inclined to just accidentally commit violent crime. “teach men to not rape” Because if men are not taught, then they are so insane they’ll inflict violence on women who they find attractive. It’s an insanely stupid belief.

So I tried asking. I picked women who appeared to be at the centre of activity, handing out fliers, organizing others, handing out placards, and issuing orders to an apparent army of volunteers, and I began in most cases by saying “do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?”.

Recall that this comes in the context of a public demonstration, staged in the heart of a major city – designed to broadcast the public message of the slut-walk-movement, and so the words : “do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?” should be enthusiastically embraced. Right?

Silly John, you thought you were dealing with intelligent adults. Ha! I asked more than a dozen different people – women obviously, since this was a women’s event, and men participating were universally there as secondary hangers-on, fans, and compliant muscle.

“Does it make sense to pretend adults don’t know to not commit violent crimes unless they’re told?”

“Does it make sense to assume everyone you meet in the world is a barely restrained sexual predator?”

“Isn’t it a bit hateful to stage a rally, pretending half the human race are subhuman criminals?”

Are you telling me, that without being told not to, men, grown men, with jobs, shoes, driver’s licences, credit cards and who can read, feed themselves and make their way in the world – that they do not know to not commit rape, or generally act like pre-civilized violent predators?

And what answer did I get, variously trying to ask versions of this question. From those who I tried to ask this question – I got no answer, because they fled from the question. I don’t mean evaded answering or changed the topic. They literally fled, and hid behind the self-defined protection of compliant men – who in every case scampered over to “protect” the women organizing Vancouver’s slut walk from answering my very simple questions.
The repeated and complete intellectual cowardice demonstrated is an answer by itself. However, I asked these self appointed white knights my questions too.

Asked of the male supporters at 2011’s vancouver slut walk, my questions took this form:

So you, being a grown-ass man; don’t know without being told by one of these signs on a placard – that sexual assault isn’t in the range of allowable behavior? You need to be told this, or you think other men need to be told this?

And the answer? “uuuuuuh, yeah”.

I will spare you the pain of these conversations in detail, because although the men I spoke to ranged in age from 20 to about 40 – it was a conversation similar to what one expects with a newly verbal toddler, caught misbehaving.

Did you take the toy from your brother?

The toy? (child’s attempt to evade)

Yes, that toy in your hand, did you take that from your brother?


This kind of reasoning through the very basics of cause and effect is expected when we deal with very small children, the same is unfortunately what Ive come to expect through experience when dealing with issues of male human rights, or when parsing the anti-male rhetoric from so-called feminists.

“teach men to not rape”

Why not also carry signs that read “teach jews to not cheat”

or “teach blacks to not steal”.

Any public rally featuring signs such as these would be quickly identified as a hate rally. However, teach men to not rape – is, in our current social climate, publicly praiseworthy.

This, of course is why discussions of male human rights, or intelligent parsing of feminist rhetoric so quickly turns people stupid.

This is a game of pretend. There is no need to convince anyone of the scope or the magnitude of the problem. They know, but they are afraid to admit to it in public. Thus, they get stupid, because they are afraid.

One of the oldest techniques of education is, when an individual engages in destructive, self deceptive, or in counter-productive behaviour; rather than forcibly redirecting their energies – to encourage and accelerate them on the path they cling to. This approach works from the assumption that people are capable of thinking for themselves, and that the evident outcomes of a self-destructive pursuit will, when amplified, motive the individuals to learn. Fear, as discussed earlier is what apparently stands between some very simple questions, and willingness to address those questions.

On Sunday 30 May, I will be attending Vancouver’s 2012 slut walk, and asking a new set of very easy questions. I will also try to encourage those I talk with to overcome their fear.

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  • AntZ

    “Why not also carry signs that read “teach jews to not cheat” or “teach blacks to not steal”.”

    I used a very simple linux replacement command to do this same thing with Obamacare. Here is the command:

    sed ‘s/ women/ white people/g’ | sed ‘s/ men/ black people/g’

    Reading the law with this substitution really brings into focus just how inexcusably evil this law really is.

    Keep in mind that the group being discriminated against in the law has far worse health outcomes, and receives a far smaller share of health dollars. There are a total of 138 discriminatory provisions in Obamacare, and not all of them are funny, but here are some interesting examples:

    “(3) provide information to white people and health care providers on those areas in which differences between black people and white people exist”

    “(4) consult with pharmaceutical, biologics, and device manufacturers, health professionals with expertise in white peoples issues, consumer organizations, and white peoples health professionals on Administration policy with regard to white people;”

    “(1) report to the Administrator on the current Administration level of activity regarding white peoples health across, where appropriate, age, biological, and sociocultural contexts;”

    “(2) establish short-range and long-range goals and objectives within the Health Resources and Services Administration for white peoples health and, as relevant and appropriate, coordinate with other appropriate offices on activities within the Administration that relate to health care provider training, health service delivery, research, and demonstration projects, for issues of particular concern to white people;”

    “(3) identify projects in white peoples health that should be conducted or supported by the bureaus of the Administration;”

    “(4) consult with health professionals, nongovernmental organizations, consumer organizations, white peoples health professionals, and other individuals and groups, as appropriate, on Administration policy with regard to white people;”

    • Perseus

      Antz, so good, if not so disgusting. Your corrected version of Obamapartheidcare needs to be posted for public consumption. It is quintessential.

      Regarding that particular peculiarity of today’s otherwise very run-of-the-mill, redundant and uninteresting racism and apartheid, in this case, against men. The bigotry and racism against men could not be more obvious or severe. But the twist on this racism is the psychological predisposition of the one party (men) for enslavement by the other party (females). It’s really quite fascinating in that it’s difficult to think of another group which would actively seek and enforce their own enslavement and the superiority of the enslaving party. So men are slaves to themselves, triangulated through females..?

      It could not ring more true, the age old adage of Man’s perfection, but for his love of woman. Man’s love for woman is his Achilles heal. I bet ‘curing’ that biological/genetic flaw is not on the top of the rad-femmers list. No, because under the cracked and puss oozing surface, they know who butters their ‘empowered’ bread.. men, put down the butter knife, forever.

  • Just1X

    @JTO – correction required

    “the men I spoke to ranged in IQ from 20 to about 40″

    and can I just ask a rhetorical question?
    “how much gratitude did da menz get for being there as reality buffers?”

    • TheMoralGodless

      AHAHAHHAHAH! Reality buffers. That was great.

      Western Society is just one big reality buffer for unenlightened women.

      • Gauze

        And eventually, reality is going to bite them in the ass. It’s unfortunate that things are only going to get worse.

  • DruidV

    I only wish it weren’t on the other side of the continent, or I would be there too. If for nothing else than to video record the festivities and then you-tube them later.

    I am always fascinated by WK’s and their willful and sheer stupidity, when it comes to debasing themselves at the feet of teh wimminz. JTO, I must commend you for being brave enough to attempt to reason with these skank march enforcers, much as you might reason with a blood thirsty ogre or two, perhaps. It’s hard to tell the two apart sometimes.

    Anyway good on you for trying, sir.

    This year, you and yours should take Dr. F’s wise precautionary advice, by showing up to the skank march wielding stop sign shaped, wooden placards with the appropriate MRM messages written upon them. These stop signs should be large and sturdy enough to scatter, deflect and dissuade any would-be WK’s attempting to “enforce” the OP’s “message” or otherwise engaging in female proxy violence against you.

    Good luck mr. JTO and friends!!!
    I’ll be there in spirit, anyway!!!


    • DruidV

      Tough room…

  • rickster

    I wish I could attend one of these events, just to see things for myself, and know beyond a doubt the truth about these self-entitled harpy hags.

    “Teach men not to rape?” I have never thought about it before in the context that you explained it, that men are born with a rape instinct and it needs to be trained out of them. In that context the “teach Jews not to cheat” line shows perfectly how bias such a statement really is when put in proper context. Are all men born criminals? I say nah nah! No more than Jews or blacks. So why is it allowed to be publicly preached to the masses? This in turn is why women fear men because of hate propaganda that these movements perpetrate. So in effect, they are making things worse for women by instilling in them this unfounded and irrational fear that all men are naturally violent and rapists.

    As for the white knight muscle that shows up to defend women. Have the been trained? More like lobotomized if they answer with a ‘duh’ response because I don’t see how any reasonably intelligent man wouldn’t see that these women mean him. It’s funny how these women bitch and moan about evil men, yet when the going gets tough, who do they go running to hide behind?

    I did have to opportunity to speak with a small group handing out flyers and promoting domestic violence awareness in San Antonio Texas (it was on an Army base actually). Naturally it was the usual rhetoric “only men perpetrating evil against women”, and thanks to many of the articles and resources available on this site was able to have a frank discussion with them about some of the facts that the were missing. These individuals (older women mostly) were much more reasonable and after hearing me speak and quote legitimate sources, conceded the fact that they were missing important information which in turn had them presenting a bias point of view concerning domestic violence.

    Hopefully JtO will have the kind of luck I did at one of the rallies.

    • Gauze

      “As for the white knight muscle that shows up to defend women. Have they been trained? More like lobotomized if they answer with a ‘duh’ response because I don’t see how any reasonably intelligent man wouldn’t see that these women mean him. It’s funny how these women bitch and moan about evil men, yet when the going gets tough, who do they go running to hide behind? ”

      Man this is so accurate! NAWALT my ass! The most staunch shit talkers always have a lackey to hide behind… and it always seems like something is missing from those men. They kind of seem depressed.

      Anyway, I don’t even know why these women feel that it’s necessary to have them around. Because I’m pretty sure that average men are naturally repelled by women who support a blatantly anti-male agenda.

      But good on you JtO. Your resilience is amazing lol! I honestly don’t think I could tolerate being around these drones for an extended period of time. I’m not even joking when I say that it would be one of my worst nightmares.

      • Augen

        “… I’m pretty sure that average men are naturally repelled by women who support a blatantly anti-male agenda”

        You know from time to time I slip into thinking that this or that MRM point or point-of-view is just so basic and clear and reasonable that it must be the default view of the silent mass of humanity.

        And it is usually within 6-8 hours of such a thought crossing my mind that I catch some whift of media, be it the 1000-2000 long comment thread on a CNN blog or the whooping, hollaring cheers of an audiance to an implicitly misandric quip by an celebrity or interviewee, and I’m shaken back into reality.

        We have a long way to go.

        • Gauze

          Hmm… you’re right. Good point. I’ve been ghosting for the most part so whenever I engage with blue pillers I feel that they’re the outcast and not the norm… but it’s other way around.

          “We have a long way to go.”
          I’m in University atm and to be honest I think we’re fucked. A good amount of students have no intention of learning anything.

      • droobles

        I believe, unfortunately, that the average man don’t get repelled by that. As with any mass mentality, they act on more basic instincts, the potential for a sexual encounter just fogs their minds.

        That is why I think it is so hard for men to have strong group movements like what happens with feminism. Men understand there is a competition for survival, so if you give up on these women another will try to use this opportunity to get them.

        I think all men, subconsciously, feel the others are enemies on the grand game of survival, so for every men that sees the problems brewing, another two show up to satisfy these women.

        I also have been feeling that the ability to make sense is a weakness when confronting the feminist kind. They just babble that everything is the fault of the “patriarchal society”. I’ve seen one of them complaining that men’s unemployment had been recovering faster than women’s and she cited this article

        Funny thing is, it seems women’s unemployment is lower and the situation became better for them when comparing 2007 and 2010. Then logic comes into play and it is obvious that if you have more men unemployed you have more men looking for work and statistically it is obvious that more men would find work until the numbers found an equilibrium.

        And then I was pissed because feminists will just not listen and still talk bullshit when they haven’t the minimal acceptable knowledge of economics.

        So I guess we have a big problem, the average man would shrug his shoulders and move on. The average man does’t not see that his demographic is under attack.

  • Leos Tomicek

    The participants at the slut-walk take the word “stupid” to the next level. It would actually be funny, if the stupidity displayed wasn’t quite vile, and the participants so smug…

  • Tawil

    Make sure and film your efforts! It would be great if you could have a woman with you to disarm the slutwalkers enough so that they might answer your questions… even if the answers you get are inane.

    Looking forward to the report.

  • Ben

    I always have precisely the same experience. If you are a male and you ask a question, they know you are an adversary and won’t talk.

  • Stu

    Third time unlucky. A fool and his money are…..

    Even a rich handsome famous celebrity can’t even keep a woman. What hope average guy has. Stu’s four no’s. Live em

    • Perseus

      But Stu, come on bud, the little flower wasn’t ‘happy’, she didn’t feel ‘fulfilled’, they ‘grew apart’, iow she’s craving some strange dick before her sexual allure and fertility fade entirely, and the kid will pay the price, simply collateral damage. Thanks mom, I love you too. I hope the cock was awesome, and totally worth it.

      • Kimski

        Wish I could give you more upvotes, Perseus.
        You nailed it.

      • kiwihelen

        Hmmmm…my take is no less damning but a bit more focused on what I suspect is the larger issue. Silly little Katie thought that if Tom was loved by a real woman, he would give up all this silly Scientology nonsense. Ummm…don’t go into a relationship sweetheart if there is a big deal breaker like what faith you will raise your kids in. It ain’t going to get solved by lurve

        • Kimski

          The fact that a lot of women walks into a marriage with the expressed intent to ‘change’ their partner, says a whole lot about what their definition of ‘love’ is.

          The fact that a whole lot of men later are being divorced or left by these same kinds of women, after having spend years trying to be what she expected of them, speaks louder than words.

          Especially when the reason given for the rejection often turns out to be, that the man no longer is the person she fell in love with, after she has spend a considerable amount of time trying to ‘change’ him into something he is not.

          What the hell did they expect would happen??

          • kiwihelen

            I admit in my blue pill days I thought love could cure my ex. Took a long time to realise he was in a whole league of crazy I knew nothing about…so me being dumped for a far more dependent and pliable 19 y/o said more about him than me.
            Now, I know love is great, but it doesn’t mean that the relationship won’t require work and compromise…love means for me you are both pulling in the same direction, and sharing the load.

          • Kimski

            “love means for me you are both pulling in the same direction, and sharing the load.”

            Can´t argue with that, but getting married based on a perception of what your partner CAN be, if you just ‘fix’ him or her, is just plain crazy.
            The outcome will never turn out to be the expected result, and what the hell are you doing in the first place, if you’re getting married based on an ideal, that isn’t the person you say “I do” to?

    • Bombay

      If you look at the timing of his divorces – it is always after there are child support obligations. He was only a meal ticket for three women.

  • Skeptic

    Oh man I love you for the way you use razor sharp logic to cut through feminist bullshit.

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing reading ~
    ” Why not also carry signs that read
    “teach jews to not cheat”
    “teach blacks to not steal”.

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel isn’t it?

    Agent Orange and his video camera would have a field day going to such events.

  • Iron John

    A hats off to you JTO for putting together this event! I’m looking forward to watching the responses you get when you question the femtards at this slut walk. Also, whatever ever became of the mutt walks that Dr. T was talking about? Will this be part of the plan as well?

  • Rog


    my sign
    just sayn….

  • SlowBurn

    It always amusing when these “strong and independent” women call upon their rent-a-dick to come to the rescue.

    • John the Other

      I know, its pathetic. Its not like I’m there to challenge anyone to a boxing match, these are simple questions of direct relevance to the PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION the slut-walk actually is.

      • keyster

        You are deemed a Thought Criminal because you’re openly questioning or doubting the word of the ruling Party. You will be reported to the ThoughtPolice for interrogation.

    • Perseus

      rent-a-dick .. lmao …….

  • JinnBottle

    JtO: A set – and some subsets – of suggestions for this year’s nutwalk:

    Bring videorecording equipment: But DO NOT at any point train the lens or mic on any woman – give them NO excuse to accuse you of wanting skanks in skank outfits to beat off to at home, etc, etc. INSTEAD, interview the bodyguards.

    Stay courteous, but question relentlessly; and if and when at any point musclehead tries to evade or ignore, remind him (as you did the wymin last year), that this very much looked to you like an educational event, and you’d like to be educated. Specific questions could include:

    > What are you doing here, sir? What’s your function?

    > Is it authorized, official? I.e. have the police endorsed and permitted your presence here. What, exactly, are you authorized to do, and under what circumstances? Are you here to apply violence in any scenario?

    > How, exactly, were you trained for this event? By whom?

    > How, exactly, were you trained not to rape? Did you have a propensity before that to rape? How do YOU define rape? (Propose specific hypothetical dating situations for My Bodyguard. Is his definition of rape the exact same as the SlutWalk’s? The Law’s (which may well be three distinctly different things)?

    > So you’re here in case the default-rapists in the crowd start getting out of hand. I see. Have you witnessed or participated in any incidents today? (No, not, “you heard that over in Chicago” – HERE TODAY, sir.) What were they? Again, how did – or will – you address yourself to such an incident?

    > Did any incidents occur last year? (Before you answer, sir, I must inform you that *I* was here last year, as well.) No? Then why are you here today?

    > Finally: Do you realize these women are talking about YOU? How’s that make you feel, Bruno?

    Just some suggestions. More importantly, THANK YOU for your continued and very valued fieldwork here, John. Jupiter go with you.

  • TheUnknown

    A quick correction because it was in the summary as well: Vancouver’s 2012 Slutwalk is on the 30th of June (tomorrow) which is a Saturday.

    • JinnBottle

      Yeah, I figured. But thank you for the confirmation, UK.

  • Kukla

    JtO, please post it on youtube!

  • MrWombat

    “But the more subtle stupidity is the idea that without being told by placard carrying slut-walkers, adults don’t know not to rape. This is the insane fantasy that adults walking around in the world do not know they should not commit violent crimes.”

    Note here the nexus between feminism, white-nightism, and christianity. The message of the calvinist versions of christianity is precisely that people are utterly evil and need to be made to be good by force or threat. There’s plenty of christians who really do believe that non christians really would be out raping and murdering simply from not knowing any better, and it’s people with that religious background who are prone to becoming white knights.

    It’s insane. It’s what they were taught to believe from an early age.

  • Rad

    -“And the answer? “uuuuuuh, yeah”.-

    Translation into English: “I am just here in the hopes that my fake sympathy gets me laid.”

    Well…wait a second…”fake sympathy” implies that there was some thought and evaluation going on followed by a conscious choice to “fake” something. I doubt there was that much depth involved in the process.

    • Rad

      BTW, John, I admire your courage for having tread right in there. Maybe you feel it’s easy…but just the same.

  • gateman

    Feminists are either stupid, of borderline personality, or just plain evil. Probably a combination of all 3.
    I’ve come to realise that reasoning with them is futile and an extremely frustrating way to live.
    We shouldn’t even bother talking to them as it’s just a waste of time. We should avoid them, flank them, ride over the top of them and crush them.

    • Steve_85

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

      Arguing with a Feminist is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It can’t be done, it annoys the pig, and even IF you somehow manage it, no one wants to hear a pig sing anyway.


      Don’t argue with stupid people, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  • gateman

    As for JTOs experience, now you know why he never gets feminists calling into the AVFM radio show for a rational debate .

    • Kimski

      Most of them wouldn’t know rational if it kicked them in the face. The best thing that can be said about them is that they’re a few trucks short of a convoy.
      What else would you expect from someone who has changed the course of known history to fit into their scheme of things?
      To me that always stood as the epitome of everything I needed to know. The rest is just icing on a indigestible cake.

  • andybob

    I’m having a logic meltdown.

    How is it possible to teach someone to not do something? I can’t get my head around it.

    For example:
    I’m going to teach you how to not make a salad.
    Step 1: Order a pizza
    Congratulations, you have now learned how to not make a salad. Collect your certificate at the door.

    It is possible to persuade, convince or cajole someone to not do somethig. But you cannot teach someone to not do something. It just doesn’t make sense – which may be why sluts short circuit when asked to explain it.

    The white knights are there to maintain the fantasy, rife among slutwalkers, that they need to be protected from the hordes salivating betas who’ll be masturbating on the sidelines. When main street turns into a river of pale, middle-aged, bacon-fed cellulite, who knows what outrages could befall those poor sluts? That’s the delusion and they’re sticking to it.

    We will always remember John the Other for his bravery on the battlefield. Let’s hope that David Futrelle in fishnets and corsette isn’t the last image he takes with him. Lest we forget.

    • Just1X

      “David Futrelle in fishnets and corsette isn’t the last image he takes with him.”

      Well thank you VERY MUCH!

      That wasn’t an image that I had at all until I read your comment. Now I need to get hold of a serious amount of mind bleach – “NURSE, emergency! mind bleach STAT”

      The horror, the horror

    • Perseus

      cardiac infarction. cause, acute laughter attack ……

      I’m quite sure I love you, andybob

  • andybob

    Sorry for going OT.

    UK woman receives 7-year sentence (she’s in the slammer) for domestic abuse of her boyfriend.

    It has become a huge story in which this poor man speaks up about his years of abuse. The comments on the Daily Mail site are very supportive of the victimand reveal a surprising awareness of female-on-male domestic violence.

    A few snide man-up comments are sharply rebuked by both male and female commenters. Change may be slow, but it is heading in the right direction.

    • SlowBurn

      From, the article:

      ‘It’s going to be difficult when I meet someone who doesn’t know what I’ve been through,’ said Ian.

      ‘They will no doubt ask about my scars, and I’m not going to lie.

      ‘My fear is that they will wonder what I did to deserve it.’

      That last sentence speaks volumes.

    • Raven01

      From your 1st link, “His worst ordeal came when Williamson poured a kettle full of boiling water into his lap and, while he was screaming in agony, she reboiled the kettle and poured it over him again.”

      Holy premeditated torture batman.
      Instances like this are why I needed clarification on the 1st principals idea that has been brought up (with that clarification I fully support it. While I am by no means a pacifist, I do see violence as having no place in society except in self-defense or defense of ones property/extended family.)
      I can almost guarantee if this woman had not been so frequently given a pussy pass she would not be so violent. If the 1st guys she started beating had set her on her arse with a heavy shot to the face or abdomen she would not have continued with that behaviour. I’d have been leery of sleeping anywhere she had access to afterwards though. Her choices would have become, stop being violent because such action has consequences or, she may have become a more cowardly abuser striking through poisoning or while her victim slept.

    • Kimski

      “Michelle Williamson sprayed bleach in Ian McNicholl’s eyes
      She put lit cigarettes up his nose and scalded his arm with an iron
      He also suffered attacks involving hammers and metal bars.”

      Let’s all sit down and take a looong discussion about the alleged “empathy of women”.

      Thank god for the Red Pill.
      Anyone who tried this with me today would find themselves in a world of hurt in a second.
      Just sayin..

  • keyster

    You have to remember how powerful the indocrination into the Cult of Feminism is.

    I recall a reporter asking North Koreans if there was anything wrong with the Dear Leader. They were dumfounded by the question because no such phrase existed in the language. They didn’t understand the question because there was no phrase that included “Dear Leader” and ANYTHING negative.

    That’s the affect you’re experiencing when you ask these people about “men” and “rights” . The phrasology makes no sense to them because its never been considered. It’s not stupidity per se, it’s brainwashing. You’re confusing them by questioning the orthodoxy, because it’s not to be questioned.

    SlutWalk Denver is struggling a bit this year, not near the support they had last year. The tagline this year is:

    Everything can be reclaimed for intense empowerment.

    I couldn’t have made that one up if I tried.

    • Raven01

      LOL. I just checked on the Toronto slutwalk.
      Turns out is was May 25th, this year. It must have died with a whimper instead of a bang since it didn’t even make the news.

      • Kimski

        Silly things have a way of loosing traction.
        You can only be angry or laugh about something for so long, before it becomes apparent how completely idiotic you responded.

    • Gauze

      I’m curious to know what future generations will make of slut-walks.

  • Izzey

    I’m totally confused here. (Aside from the date which was pointed out, I then found this)

    What struck me as sooooo friggin’ funny–

    “After hearing criticisms about the Slutwalk name from feminists….”

    LOL!!! Feminists did not like the name that other feminists thunk up.

    That, just made my day.

    • keyster

      The “Old Guard” feminists have a problem with the outward sexualization message. What they fail to realize is that the movement is taking it’s natural course – – doubling down with sex to keep the media engaged and a younger generation motivated.

      How soon they forget what a dismal failure the bra burning campaign was.

      • Kimski

        Now imagine what one of the original suffragettes would have said, if she had witnessed the burning of bras in the 70’s, and the slutwalks of today:

        “Oh, my god, we have created a rampant monster!”

        Feminism, as we see it manifested every day, goes against everything it once set out to be, and it’s going to get a lot worse. When all this is over, and we’re standing in the rubbles of the post-gender war, a lot of women are going to be complaining over the fact, that nobody did anything to try and stop them.

        But on that day, I’m going to laugh my effing a** off.

        • droobles

          Better yet, they will say it wasn’t their fault!!!

          • Kimski

            Yes, sir.
            ‘The herd mentality got the better of me…again!’

        • keyster

          There was a large contingent of women who were opposed to suffrage for this very reason. They understood female nature and didn’t trust women as a group with too much power.

          You won’t read much about the female led resistence to the suffrage movement, because it’s been buried in time and HerStory.

          • Kimski

            I wouldn’t trust anyone as a group with too much power. Herd mentality and power is a road to ruin.

            But the story of the female led resistance to the suffrage movement can probably be found listed in the category of ‘Things We Chose To Disregard’ in the HerStory files.
            -With a lot of digging, that is…

        • Rick Westlake

          Or perhaps more correctly –

          “Oh my God, we have created a rampant hamster!

  • rexxthunder

    I love the “teach jews to not cheat” sign idea. I think standing next to a chick with the “teach men to not rape” would be an awesome photo op and drive the point home pretty hard. It amazes me that they are so ok with their misandry that they can say blatanty sexist things and noone will call them on it.

    • tallwheel

      Unfortunately, I think it would be lost on most blue-pillers in the mainstream. “Look at the politically incorrect a$$hole trying to divert attention from a positive message about rape prevention.”

  • gateman

    When are we having a FreeRangeMan walk?
    “Teach women not to be sexist pigs”
    “Teach women accountability”
    “Teach women not to lie”
    “Teach women not to manipulate the family courts”
    “Teach women that fathers have rights”
    “Teach women not to abuse their husbands”
    “Teach women not to abuse their kids”
    “Teach women the real meaning of empowerment”

  • JFinn

    Hey, I can do this, too: The heads of households(overwhelmingly mothers) should raise their kids to not be rapists. Statistics show that a rather useful way of accomplishing this is by not kidnapping the kids from their fathers.

  • Tawil

    That image of a fist on the above slutwalk poster is revealing. In symbolism a fist can suggest a few different motives. It is firstly the fist of will and oath, and secondly the fist of violence that hits people. The portrayal and positioning of the fist determines the symbolic message intended.

    The fist of will and oath always shows a fist directed skywards, with the forearm often highlighted as raising the defiant fist aloft.

    Alternatively is the fist of violence (the one portrayed in the slutwalk banners) which always shows the fist pointing forwards in the gesture of a punch. It is in-your-face directed. This version usually omits the forearm or otherwise accentuates the fist and downplays the forearm.

    Also cant help but notice the thumbnail on the above pic… is slightly claw-like, starting at a wide base and tapering to a long angular point rather than the usual more straight or rounded ends.

    There’s no doubt that these slutwalkers intend hostility.

    • Raven01

      It could also represent fisting. The only way to touch all sides after a few teams have pulled a train on the skanks.
      I apologize in advance for anyone losing their lunch at the mental picture that might leave you with.

      Maybe JtO could use a sign of his own. With something like “Sluts: Morals aren’t the only thing loose about them.”

  • JGteMolder

    That reminds me:

    “I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing……Only I will remain.”

    Litany Against Fear, Frank Herbert, Dune, 1966.

    Science Fiction man, so much shit to learn there, applicable in all ages, often eerily predictive and useful long after it is written.

    • Kimski

      Agreed. Awesome book.
      Did you know he wrote it after spending a considerable amount of time down in the desert?

  • Ben

    OT: A news story about Islamic men raping white women was just published on Yahoo News, in a weak effort to build yet another class warfare story. Several paragraphs down, it was stated that “most pedophiles are white males who pray on underaged boys and girls” which not only has nothing to do with the story, is not supported with any author’s references. The story isn’t even about pedophilia; it’s about rapes of adult women. But the writer still states that most pedophiles are white men preying on underaged boys and girls and no-one even notices. And this writer had to word it in that order too: underaged boys and girls are white men’s target group. That is straight up propaganda. I swear. Our mainstream media needs to move to North Korea and set up shop in a propaganda broadcasting booth for Kim Jong-un or something. Why the fuck are men or — or, in this case specifically — white men so fucking complicit in their dehumanization? If a white man mentions this to another white man, he can expect to be attacked by the white man to which he is reporting. How did we ever get in this shape?

    • jack

      That’s why White Supremacists are drawn to the MRA movement. If you are 1) male 2) white 3) heterosexual, you find yourself at the bottom of the pecking order because you have 0% victimhood status. If you are are 1) male 2) black 3) heterosexual OR 1) male 2) white 3) gay, you are somewhat better off because you can claim 30% victimhood status. Etcetera.

      MRAs should be careful not to be drawn into race-related agendas. It is important for white (and black) men to realize their main oppressor is feminism. Barbarossaaaa makes this point very clear in “Join the Male Race” :

      • Ben

        Jack, there is new form of “women’s oppression” according to that article. The article makes the claim that “sexual grooming” is taking place in which young girls are being “groomed” by men to become sex toys. I could not think of a worse choice of wording but that is precisely how they are wording it. It was Islamic Pakistani men who were accused of running sex rings. The only reason their religion or ethnicity mattered was because an organization known as “the race relations resource center” got involved, whose sole purpose is to fan the flames of class warfare so that stories that have nothing to do with race or religious persecution get blown completely out of proportion and get plenty of media oxygen. The author characterizes all the men who support the rights of the accused men as “right wing extremists” who support sexual exploitation of girls. There is no evidence that they were right wing at all. One girl, during the trial, referred to the accused man as her “boyfriend” and the feminized prosecution and media’s socially sensitive, feminized talking heads said that her use of the term “boyfriend” was clear proof that her rapist was weilding psychological power over her. It is truly sickening. I ordinarily don’t comment where race is concerned, but this story is so far over the top it is ridiculous. Again, they even claim that most pedophiles are white men who prey on boys via the internet. This could easily cause people to think that most white men are pedophiles and they know it. I don’t think I have hypertext privileges on this site any more or I would provide a link.

        • kiwihelen

          And why were 13 year old girls out on the streets unsupervised…wonder how many came from homes where the mother had kicked the Dad out on his ass, aided and abetted by the family court?
          I should not be shocked at the enabling I see by the family courts of women who couldn’t look after a plastic houseplant to be sole legal guardians of their children’s futures. But I am.

  • Steve_85

    Apparently rape is worse than murder, and Men can’t be raped.

    Who knew?

    • Raven01

      Good find. I am going to have to leave that guy a comment when I get my ducks in a row to fill his narrative full of holes. Who knows, if he checks out the comments and verifies the info you might start seeing more videos with less feminist propaganda in them.

      • Steve_85

        The bit that really gets me is where he says that rape is a one-sided crime and men don’t need to worry about it.

        Is he for serious!?

        • JGteMolder

          Or the bit where in one breath he claims first that society condemns rape as a worse crime than murder and the perpetrators as true monsters, and the next claims that society does not tell men not to rape. Because you know, condemning and painting as a monster is telling men to go ahead and rape.


    • jack

      Apparently rape is worse than murder …

      Interestingly, this is not new. Look at the following quotation and guess when it was written:

      “Feminist anti-rape campaigns seem to stem from the idea that male justice does not punish rape severely enough. In fact, rape is generally punished more stringently than other forms of physical aggression, although it is no less humiliating, serious or traumatic for a man to be beaten black and blue and then left lying on the sidewalk than it is for a woman to be raped. Where is the difference? In the victim’s sex, naturally.”

      Answer: the quotation is from “The Eighth Night of Creation” by Swiss author Jérôme Deshusses, a book first published in 1978.

  • UKMan

    I don’t know why you guys criticise the slut walkers like this. I was a serial rapist, then I saw a slut walk and had an epiphany – I never raped again. I’m also a serial mugger and arsonist; I’m not sure if that’s acceptable, so I’ll wait for some sage-like women to march and advise me. Personally, I don’t know where we’d be without the slut walkers – land of the living maybe.

    • Just1X

      I look forward to seeing your name on manboobyz. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the word humour, or sarcasm (or self-respect)

  • Dr. F

    Hang on to your hats people.

    JTO has a follow up article that he is working on and it is/will be the funniest post of this year I swear this.

    Yes, he did indeed attend the slutwalk blerg and I won’t tell you the gist of it, but I can tell you when you look at the photos he took you will shake with laughter and your eyes will sting with tears of glee.

    Oh my lordy lordy be. I laughed so hard at the sneak preview images I was a slave to the humour of it.

    Absolutely, insanely and breathtakingly funny as funny ever was.

    You guys are in for a treat of treats with this one.

    • Just1X

      Keep your meals light and a bucket handy lads – this one is gonna be big…and fugly

  • Just1X

    Well colour me shocked…Feminists demand all benefits are belong to them

    An excerpt:

    “The Government has a policy, often forgotten about, to give couples the right to share the last eight weeks of a woman’s 26 weeks maternity leave entitlement – so the father can take it instead of the mother, if she wants to go back to work early.

    Apparently, that policy is now “in disarray” because women’s groups, including the Fawcett Society, are opposed. As the newspaper reports:

    Feminist groups say the plans could have “dangerous” unintended consequences for new mothers, increasing the pressure on them to return to work quickly…

    Opponents, including the Fawcett Society, the equality campaign group, say women should be entitled to a minimum of 26 weeks “ring fenced, paid maternity leave” before men have a right to take over the childcare, arguing that bosses may see 18 weeks as the “default” amount of time off for new mothers.”

    6 months of legally mandated maternity leave, and people wonder why they need to force companies to hire women. Giving women an opportunity to keep child care in the family and get back to work? hell no

    Feminism is supposed to be about choice for women, isn’t it? Well, yes it is, as long as they do what they’re told by ‘teh bleedership’

    • JGteMolder

      Well, of course. And of course, this is only a precursor to paid maternity leave where the one who fills in for the woman isn’t allow to use the work he did to get another job, in fact, that work must be put on the woman’s conto. And after that, it’ll be 18-years paid leave to raise the children and what the one filling in did in her absence will go on her resume.

      Then, and only then, will women finally be equal to men, will the finally be able, as men have been able since the dawn of time, to choose to have a career and be at home raising the children at the very since time!

      • Just1X

        18 years? Lucky us, the US is moving to 26.

        Now, why isn’t the west competitive any more?

        • DruidV

          The first time I read about o-bungle’s ridiculous plan to now entitle unwed skanks with illegitimate offspring to 26 years worth of a Man’s earnings, I thought to myself;

          “What, the bottom isn’t falling out fast enough, mr. prez-i-didn’t? Where is all this extra mommy support money going to come from, oh glorious leader? Are you going to start charging those Men in your debtor’s prisons rent now, or something?”

          This type of shit simply screams how tired this femunist, fascist, facade of a figurehead really is, of being hated by virtually everyone now, even other commies like itself.

          Nothing says; “Please, vote me the Hell out out of here in November, for God’s sake!!!”, quite like this little gem of commie legislation…

      • Kukla

        “will the finally be able, as men have been able since the dawn of time, to choose to have a career and be at home raising the children”

        I don’t think men ever had that choice(especially not since the dawn of time). And women and men aren’t equal since women are MORE “equal” than men.

  • Gamerp4

    Wow hateful bigots marching in to protest Rape as in the term of Slut Walking, This is genius pure genius, who ever thinks this is stupid might think again.

    Equation, Teach Men not to Rape= Do a Slut Walk= Half Naked Women Protest Rape= Sexually aroused Men to Rape.

    If i am missing something do tell me, because after all i havn’t been taught not to Rape. Lolz next time i find a hotty doing a slut walk i will do my best.

  • http://none universe

    Enjoyed reading this one.
    The hot-house flowers withered in direct sunlight. All it took was 3 unanswered questions.

    All of femnism is like this too – artificially ‘nurtured’ (yuk, that word elicits gag response) in protective environments (way to go clueless white knight politicians and scheming financiers – promoting the unnatural). But remove the cover – fodder.

    Further is credit is due to your presence, JtO. Activism is that simple. For the time being, I’d be happy to just amusingly observe the ass parade.