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“Don’t Be That Guy” reaches University of Ottawa

* Note: See important editorial postscript below. –DE

On February 24 2014, Crime Prevention Ottawa, with the complicity of University of Ottawa’s  Community Life Service posted bilingual versions of the infamous “Don’t be that Guy” posters. I immediately saw the obvious bias in these posters, as there are no other crime prevention campaigns currently visible on campus, and these posters target only males as perpetrators, and only males of one race. But even if it had “diversity” and targeted males with darker skin, it still would be unacceptable and against Ontario’s human’s rights code. Here is the code:

This Law in French

This Law In English

As a person of multiracial background myself, the racist and sexist hypocrisy of these posters is obvious.

The rules for posting at University of Ottawa include the following:

“13. Persons or groups of persons whose posters compromise the Rights or the reputation of another person or group of persons will be denied posting privileges.  Furthermore, with regards to the parties involved, Community Life Service cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from such postings, be they authorized or not.

  1. Posters with words or images that incite violence or confrontations will be denied posting privileges.”

You may judge by yourselves if those posters violates any of the mentioned rules.

Taken on february 24th in Jock-Turcot centre

Taken on february 24th in Jock-Turcot centre

Taken on february 24th in Tabaret Hall

Taken on february 24th in Tabaret Hall


Taken on february 24th in Tabaret Hall

Taken on february 24th in Tabaret Hall

I decided to complain at the Community life Office, The following Chain of email followed.


Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 1:43 PM

To: Geres, Kristen Cc: Demers, Francine N

Subject: RE: Poster Request University of Ottawa – Crime Prevention Ottawa

Good afternoon Kristen,   We had someone come to our office to complain about the posters. I didn’t think his complaint was founded but here are the points he brought up:

-No racial diversity (EI: The aggressors on all 4 posters are white, mostly white female)

[Author’s note: I only said that there was no diversity.]

-Factually incorrect (EI: A drunk women CAN give consent and it is not wrong to sleep with her.)

This guy would like to have your input on his complaint.   His name is **********. He’s a first year student in Arts and his email address is *************

I told him that I would bring up this matter with you but that I didn’t see anything wrong with your posters and refused to remove them.   It would be nice if you could CC me when your respond to him.

Thank you and have a great day.

Amélia Sauvé

Commis aux réservations et à l’affichage / Reservation  and Posting Clerk

Service de vie communautaire / Community Life Service

Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa


From: “Worsfold, Nancy”
Re: FW: Poster Request University of Ottawa – Crime Prevention Ottawa

Hi **********,

I am sorry that you don’t like the “Don’t be that Guy” campaign.   “Don’t Be That Guy” is an internationally successful behavioural marketing campaign, developed by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton.  It sends the message that sex without consent is sexual assault.  The Ottawa Hospital and Crime Prevention Ottawa are supporting this campaign locally because it sends a visual message to men clearly demonstrating their role in ending sexual assaults. The images are stark and edgy and get people’s attention but they are not sexualized or pornographic.  We are aware that it makes some people uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, only by talking about sexual assault and bringing it out into the open, can we end the isolation of survivors and work toward prevention. The engagement of our community is absolutely vital in ending sexual violence.

I agree that more diversity in the posters is a good suggestion – in fact it is a suggestion that I have made to the folks in Edmonton.  Nevertheless, they have been extremely generous in sharing the material with us and many other cities.

With regards to your concern about the law:  drug facilitated sexual assault is an assault that is committed upon a person rendered incapacitated by alcohol or drugs thus being incapable of giving or withholding consent.  The Canadian courts have been clear on this, even if the general population has not.  The posters were developed in partnership with the Edmonton Police and the Ottawa campaign is supported by the Ottawa Police Service, the posters are factually correct.

Fast Facts about Sexual Assault:

•          The majority of sexual assault victims are young, in one StatsCan study over 50% were under 18.

•          Sexual assault is a common occurrence.  1 in 4 girls will be sexually assaulted before they reach 18.  The lifetime probability of a woman being raped is 1 in 17.

•          9 out of 10 assaults are never reported to Police.  We cannot ask Police to solve this problem; we all have a role to play in ending sexual violence.

•          The vast majority of men do not commit sexual assault.  When they are engaged in ending sexual assault, true progress can be made.


Nancy Worsfold

Executive Director/Directrice génerale

Crime Prevention Ottawa/Prévention du crime Ottawa


To: “Worsfold, Nancy”

Re: FW: Poster Request University of Ottawa – Crime Prevention Ottawa

You are using shaming tactics to promote misandry and the hatred of men, with no empirically proven results. Having more allegation being made doesn’t mean more crimes are being reported. You are oversimplifying a complex issue and creating an environment of hatred, distrust and fear. Men aren’t idiots, they know what consent is. Maybe we should start a campaign that helps ni**ers understand that stealing bikes is not ok? Or maybe we should teach Jews that fraud is a crime! What about teaching Muslims not to blow their self’s up? [Author’s note: Although undoubtedly there will be fools who think I believe those hateful examples to be true, I do not. I was using them to illustrate the obviously hateful hypocrisy of the campaign.]

“My concern with the law” comes from a clear concept: it’s not because you are under the influence you can’t consent. If it was the case, our prison would be filled with white women who assaulted men. “9 out of 10 rapes aren’t reported to the police” k. No false rape allegation are ever prosecuted by the police, even if they constitute an enormous part of all allegation. “Sexual assault is a common occurrence.  1 in 4 girls will be sexually assaulted before they reach 18.  The lifetime probability of a woman being raped is 1 in 17.” I wanted to be respectful in my answer to this patronizing morally depraved message, but your level of ignorance of basic math is sincerely scary. You can’t have a 1 in 4 chance being raped during childhood, then switch to one in 17 for your entire life. Your first ensemble is include in the second, id est the second has to be as big or bigger than the first one, therefore demonstrating that at least three of your statistic are entirely pulled out of someone’s ass. You can’t know how many people get raped and don’t report it to the police, if you don’t know how many people get raped, and you can’t know how many people get rape if your statistics on the subject contradict basic rules of quantitative methods. I am tired of misandry and gynocentrism being justified by pseudo-science, I have being falsely accused of rape twice in my 19 years of life, and I can tell you that because of this witch hunt, nobody believed my innocence until I was proven innocent.

There are real rapists out there: they know what their doing and by implying otherwise you are encouraging presumption of guilt, and helping actual rapist into manipulating their victims into not reporting it to the police. Maybe you should start a “don’t be that girl” campaign where we teach women not to lie about rape? Maybe the staff at crime prevention would learn something from it.

(Took me 5 min after I woke up without doing any research to write this, basic logic defeats your reasoning, go back to the drawing board.) 


I invite anybody who takes issue with the “Don’t Be Guy” campaign at Ottawa University to write to the Ombudsperson Office of the university, to the directors of Crime Prevention Ottawa, or any members of the city council.


Editorial note: any enterprising students, staff, or faculty at the University of Ottawa feel like checking out our poster page? –DE

* Important editorial postscript: In the hours since this article was published I received a phone call from Jean-Pierre informing me that it appears someone has been tearing down the “Don’t Be That Guy” posters. As has always been our repeatedly-stated policy, we do not endorse vandalizing or tearing down posters whether we agree with their contents or not. We support free expression, and that includes hate-speech like the “Don’t Be That Guy” posters. What we do support is expressing opposition in a peaceful nonviolent manner. We would like to suggest that anyone who has impulsively removed posters put them back, and instead consider putting up posters with our own message on them, so as to be part of the market of ideas and not to censor anyone. –DE

About Jean-Pierre Laroche

I am a 20 year French Canadian of Native Origin Student at Ottawa U. I speak french as first language. I have being following the MHR movement on YouTube and on AVFM since 2011. I believe in equality under the law for men and women. I am doing a Honors B.A. In history, with a minor In classical studies. My main interest is the Roman Civilization, Language and History. I am also working on a manuscript for a sci-fi novel in English, and would like to write and publish another one in Latin at the end of my B.A. I oppose strongly the Gynocentrism and Misandry that are present in the University of Ottawa and its undergraduate student association.

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  • Drawing Butts

    Well, just be glad they’re actually addressing you. Sage at KSU is having a bear of a time just trying to find who to be mad at.

    • Isaac T. Quill

      Oh Do Tell More – me fingers are itching at me keyboard. Have search engines will quiver.

  • Riku

    I think you were a bit rushy with that email. She came with debunked statistics and almost no citations, however sexual assault and rape are two different things. Hence, hypothetically, it would be possible that 1 in 4 women under 19 experience sexual assault and 1 in 17 get raped in their life time.
    Again, I’m not on her side, but you questioned her intelligence while kinda confusing two things yourself.

    But yes, the ignorance is strong in this one…both of those you talked to, actually.


    • Jean-Pierre Laroche

      I understand your point, but rape is not a crime in the criminal code of Canada, sexual assault is. It is my experiance that most of the time when we Canadians are talking about rape, we mean the criminal offense of sexual assault. It is unlikely that anybody in Canada would keep separate statistics for rapes and other sexual assault, which is why I interpreted rape and sexual assault as synonims.

  • MensRightsCanada

    I say the “dont be that girl” posters go up in replacement. See how they like it then.

  • plasmacutter

    I strongly recommend a “don’t be that girl” counter-campaign. Just put them up right next to the “don’t be that guy” posters, and of course, if the posters show up in mens rooms, put their equal and opposite in the ladies’ rooms.
    When they whine, point out their hypocrisy and tell them to either both are valid or neither.

  • Isaac T. Quill

    @Jean-Pierre Laroche – I have to say that I’m very interested in the failure of University Authorities to get to grips with even the most basic of studies dealing with sexual aggression – even sexual aggression by females.

    I know of a number of studies/papers (Below) that addresses this issue in a more than adequate manner, and which it would appear have been ignored by the Uni Authorities. Some even require the authorities to promote equality where, for example, it is shown that Rape Myths held by Women about male victims exceed and such myths held by men about female victims.

    1) From Deviance to Normalcy: Women as Sexual Aggressors “ many as 7% of women self-report the use of physical force to obtain sex, 40% self-report sexual coercion..50% self-report initiating sexual contact with a man while his judgement was impaired by drugs or alcohol ..”

    “From Deviance to Normalcy: Women as Sexual Aggressors; Peter B. Anderson, Ph.D.; Dyan T. Melson, M.Ed.; University of New Orleans, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 5, October 23, 2002 –

    2) Abstract – In this study, we investigated the prevalence of women’s sexual aggression against men and examined predictors of sexual aggression in a sample of 248 women. Respondents reported their use of aggressive strategies (physical force, exploitation of a man’s incapacitated state, and verbal pressure) to make a man engage in sexual touch, sexual intercourse, or oral sex against his will. Childhood abuse, gender role orientation, ambiguous communication of sexual intentions, level of sexual activity, and peer pressure were included as predictors of sexual aggression. Almost 1 in 10 respondents (9.3%) reported having used aggressive strategies to coerce a man into sexual activities. Exploitation of the man’s incapacitated state was used most frequently (5.6%), followed by verbal pressure (3.2%), and physical force (2%). An additional 5.4% reported attempted acts of sexual aggression.

    RUNNING HEAD: WOMEN’S SEXUAL AGGRESSION Published in: Sex R0/er, 2003, V0/. 49, 219-232. Women’s Sexual Aggression against Men: Prevalence and Predictors Barbara Krahé, Eva Waizenhofer, and Ingrid Moller University of Potsdam, Germany –

    3) The respondents were questioned about their lifetime initiation of heterosexual activity. Approximately 28.5% of the women from the East reported engaging in sexually initiatory behaviors traditionally defined as sexual coercion, 21.1% in sexual abuse, and 7.1% in physically forced sex. The women in the sample from the South also reported engaging in sexual coercion (25.7%), sexual abuse (7.3%), and physically forced sex (1.6%), but at lower rates than the other sample. Chi-square tests demonstrated significant group differences for overall sexual aggression (the combination of coercion, abuse, and physical force), sexual abuse, and physically forced sex but not for sexual coercion.

    Anderson, P. (1998). Variations in college women’s self-reported heterosexual aggression. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 10(4), 283-292. –

    Oddly these figures are the same as found when just male students are asked the same questions, so as There is equality of abuse by both sexes there has to be equality ion the poster campaigns – with Don’t Be That Girl not being about morning after regret but night before aggression and raping of partners. I do note that the studies are not exclusively about heterosexual sex so lesbian rape is a also covered.

    The Study that feminists love to quote on Male Student Lust and ASgression is of course “The scope of rape: Incidence and prevalence of sexual aggression and victimization in a national sample of higher education students. Koss, Mary P.; Gidycz, Christine A.; Wisniewski, Nadine Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol 55(2), Apr 1987, 162-170. doi: 10.1037/0022-006X.55.2.162″ –

    Please Note the name Mary Koss is present and so Woozles Abound. The most important matter is that the paper misleads readers into believing that both men and women were asked the same questions. They were not. Women were asked about status as victim and not perpetrator, Males were asked only about status as perpetrator and not victim. The three studies above addressed this deficiency as promoted by Mary Koss. When details are cross referenced you come to the amazing discovery that Relational Sexual Aggression shows parity between genders as both victims and perpetrators.

    I also note that all of the posters created by “Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton” show only male perpetrators, even when the victim is male. To me that looks like gross inequality that even a 1st year Public Admin Student could spot whilst blindfolded.

    I wonder if “Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton” have ever read the studies, and if they have why they deliberately ignored female perpetrated sexual aggression and assault – and isn’t the supposed leader of “Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton” supposed to be a professor or something with supposed academic credibility and a big free library they can do research in?

    How could credible academics have missed relevant academic sources and got the balance so wrong?

    • Jean-Pierre Laroche

      Correction: The email I answered was not written by a university official, but by a city of ottawa official that is a 4th year criminology student and who published these posters with the approval of comunity life service. Comunity life service did not pretend to be in agrement with the message on the posters, they just authorised their publication.

      • Isaac T. Quill

        They Authorised Biased Material that fails to address research?

        I’d be asking the “city of ottawa official that is a 4th year criminology student” AND THEIR MANAGEMENT to review reality in light of the reality of female sexual aggression as admitted to by the Ladies.

  • johncullison

    Definitely don’t tear down their posters. You get a lot further with controversy than you do just stating your message. Counter-campaign all the way.

  • Tom Haply

    Post the “don’t be that girl” posters right beside the “don’t be that guy” posters. Don’t need to protest or tear the “don’t be that guy” posters.

    We have to strive for equality.

    • Chris Wedge

      Wait, that avatar’s from Baldur’s Gate, isn’t it?

      Boo says now is not the time for swords, says not to make “martyrs” of the “feminists” but Minsc is very confused, and does not even know what those two words mean.

  • mike gibbs

    If they are a blatant lie, (and there is no doubt) I will tear them down where ever I see them! Call it ‘community service’.
    You can’t stop the women from bald-face lying, and you can’t stop me from ripping down the posters!

    • Jean-Pierre Laroche

      If you do that, youll only help them.

    • Riku

      Censorship shouldn’t be our way to fight them. Putting up “Don’t be THAT girl” posters right next to them is, however. That’s what I’m doing.

  • roland3337

    Whoever took those posters down needs to know that that is NOT how we roll. Although I’d not be surprised if there was some kind of ‘false flag’ thing going on.

  • David King

    Texan or not, you are entitled to your opinion. You are not, however, entitled to your own facts such as, for example, that men are the “most common perpetrators of sexual assault”. That claim is far from evident unless you accept a whole slew of preconceptions about the nature of both male and female sexuality. Put another way, it may just be that sexual assault by female perpetrators is a much more common problem than is often supposed. Until the research is done (which, in turn, requires an honest discussion of definitions), nobody will know for sure either way.

    You may think that any amount of imposition and insult to half the population is justified if it prevents just one assault, but that is very much a matter of opinion and most of us here value that half (indeed, both halves) of the population enough to want justice for everybody (because neither sex should be put on a pedestal).

    If dignity is owed to women, then it is owed to men in equal measure.

  • David King

    Others have already written in articles published on AVfM far more comprehensive rebuttals than I could ever write, so I have only little to add other than links:

    … it’s about not sticking your dick in whatever the hell you feel entitled to. How any person (male or female) can consider that to be not basic human rights is beyond me.

    […] she ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY NO (and if she’s unconscious the answer is immediately NO because she can’t give consent). I can’t believe this is actually something that needs explaining, but apparently it does.

    It doesn’t need explaining because nobody is suggesting (much less arguing) that it should be otherwise. Nobody here is saying sexual assault is okay, indeed, we’ve frequently written and published videos to the contrary.

    Show me just one article on this site, other than the numerous examples of satire, in which anybody has ever argued that rape of women is okay, that consent oughtn’t matter, or that perpetrators of rape oughtn’t be punished.

    Any man who feel these posters cause an ‘imposition’ or ‘insult’ to half the population in order to try to save someone (of any gender) from being preyed upon, in my humble opinion, is ludicrously self absorbed and incapable of empathy.

    Do I take it, then, that you support the “Don’t be that girl” campaign — the very subject of this post? (If not, then will you retract your proposition that being offensive to half the population is justified if it prevents just one assault?) Or, do you instead, like those feminists who cannot summon the empathy to see that if the DBTGirl campaign is wrong, so necessarily must the DBTGuy campaign, and go into apoplexia when the genders are reversed?

    “Overall, an estimated 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault were female. Nearly 99% of the offenders they described in single victim incidents were male.”

    That’s straight from the US Department of Justice on an Analysis of Data on Rape and Sexual Assault. Not my opinion, just FACT. So now that I’ve abated your distraction tactics, we can both be on the same page with fact.

    On the contrary: it may be a fact that that publication says what you say it says, but neither the fact of publication (nor by whom) is any certification that it represents the whole picture.

    The FBI says something very similar, but it is also quite candid about the reason for this: the law defines rape in terms of penetration (as well as consent) such that sexual assaults by women seldom qualify. (I’ll dig up the reference if you think it’ll make a difference.)

    Instead, when “made to envelop” (ie, sexual intercourse without consent) is included, the CDC’s NIPSVS survery shows that women are about as often perpetrators of what by any reasonable, objective definition constitutes rape as men are.

    My previous comment was merely to illustrate that because MEN are the most common perpetrators of rape and sexual assault, who then better to target for the message to not try to take advantage of a woman’s body without 100% consent? EVERY TIME WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Men can stop 99% of the rapes and sexual assaults merely by NOT SEXUALLY ASSAULTING SOMEONE.

    So, Teach men not to rape, but ignore women?

    As indicated above, the data published by the CDC contradict you. Your focus on female victims of male perpetrators to the exclusion of male victims of female perpetrators is both deeply sexist and unjust and, furthermore, does indeed raise women’s interests above men’s in a way completely inconsistent with equality.

  • David King

    I note that you did not address a single point I raised in my last reply to you. Did you even look up (much less think about) any of the references I linked? The chances of you actually engaging with any of the points I make this time seem slim, but I’ll make one last attempt.

    Really? Really? You’re honestly saying that because SOMETIMES men are raped by women that you’re going to throw out the majority of cases and statistics and turn a complete blind eye to attempting to help the MAJORITY BASE OF VICTIMS?

    No, really not. I said that the data show that men are about as often the victims of female perpetrators of sexual and domestic violence as the other way around and that therefore framing sexual and domestic violence in a gendered manner is sexist.

    Let me repeat that: whatever the case was in the past, the data do not now support prioritising one sex over the other.

    A non-sexist approach would involve treating violence as a non-gendered problem and give victims of sexual and domestic violence the help and protection they need, irrespective of their own gender or the gender of their attacker. Sex and gender have no place in these matters.

    Why is it that feminists, who are nominally for equality, have such a hard time with this? Y’know, not being sexists, such as:

    Men are violent. Men rape. Men are controlling. Men are power hungry. Are women capable? ABSOLUTELY.

    “Women are self-centred gossips, emotionally labile and cannot stick with a decision once made for which reason they are unsuited to making decisions. Are men likewise capable [of such failings]? ABSOLUTELY.”

    That proposition is every bit as offensively sexist as your own, and yet sexist statements about men made by women and feminists (not the same thing, BTW) seem in some way acceptable when similarly sexist statements made about women and feminists are beyond the pale. Double standards, much?

    I’m sure there’s women out there that would love to change places with you

    We know of at least two women who did just that… and found that being a man was not much fun. One is an F2M transsexual (whose story we published a couple of years ago; the other is Norah Vincent who wrote the book, “A Self-made Man” about her 18-month experiment living as a man. In an ABC article, she is quoted as saying:

    “Men are suffering. They have different problems than women have, but they don’t have it better,” she said. “They need our sympathy. They need our love, and maybe they need each other more than anything else. They need to be together.”

    Two examples are not systematic proof, but they are grounds enough to challenge the ideological rhetoric put about by feminists like your good self.

    I’m sure you can go back to the dawn of time and not find any point in the timeline that it is a bad time to be a man.

    It has never been a particularly good time to be a man, except maybe for a short while during the ’50s it sucked a bit less. No, we’re not advocating for a return to those days because stereotypical gender roles sucked then (as now) both for men and women alike.

    This entire site is all about the differences between perception and reality if you care to educate yourself about it, but first you’ll have to drop the ideological bullshit and be willing to challenge your assumptions and beliefs, just like feminists insist everybody else does (except themselves, of course).

    Or worry whether you’ll make it home safely without being preyed upon.

    Men suffer the same anxieties and, since men are more often the victims of street crime than are women, with good reason.

    We have raised generations upon generations of men that BELIEVE at their core,

    And raising a generation to be sexist in return will help how, exactly?

    Until we address how we raise our little boys to TREAT girls as equal

    Girls cannot expect to be treated with respect unless they treat boys with respect. With stupid shit like “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!”, it seems that girls and women are in no position to be lecturing boys and men the meaning of respect.

    This is not a “you first!” playground game: individuals of both sexes must make up their minds not to be arseholes and treat everybody with decency, male or female, and just accept that not everybody will reciprocate. Those who are arseholes to others cannot very well complain when arseholery is reciprocated.

    which is what I believe the DBTGuy campaign was attempting

    Aaand.. we’re back to double standards again. If DBTGirl was wrong, then DBTGuy was surely as wrong-headed, the difference being that feminists should bloody well know better (being self-professed experts on sexism, discrimination and shaming language etc).