A Soldier’s Story: The Travesty of False Allegation

I am 24 years old and currently a veteran of the armed forces. I have served in Iraq twice in the regular army as a combat engineer (infantry with explosives, basically your a jack of all trades). I got out of the army a couple of months ago and I am currently in college.

My story started last summer when we got back from Iraq. My best friend and I went to a night club and long story short I had sex with a woman. This woman was a female soldier and ended up being late to work the next morning. I was on leave at the time, so I didn’t have to go too work. She accused me of raping her, because she was going to show up to work drunk and late. This is a huge issue in the armed forces, where you just can’t call off work — it would be considered AWOL (absent without leave) or even more serious in cases of wartime, desertion (we are currently at war).

My friend and I were arrested, he was later released. I had to wait at the mp station until 1pm (this all started around 6:30-7am) until the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) showed up. The CID agent tried to get me to talk to him, which probably would have been the dumbest thing I could ever do. I really wanted to, though. I just wanted to scream it out loud I didn’t do this, I didn’t rape anybody. I wisely said, “I should probably talk to a lawyer.”

I was taken to the post clinic where I had a rape kit performed.

To the unknowing, let me explain what this means. They entered my barracks room found a PT shirt and shorts (army workout clothes — think black short shorts and a gray t shirt with the word “ARMY” written in black on the chest). They, of course, couldn’t find PT shoes (running shoes) because all my stuff was still at the bottom of my duffel bag (we had just gotten back from Iraq). So they grabbed a pair of crocs. I was taken to a doctor’s waiting room, I was told to completely strip naked. While I was naked the CID agent took pictures of every part of me. The doctor then swabbed my penis 2-3 times, then pulled hair from every part of my body. The CID agent took all my clothes, and gave me my army PT shirt and shorts and my crocs. I was then taken to his car where we went to the CID station.

At the CID station I was fingerprinted and told to sit in a room and wait. An hour later he came for me and took me to my units staff duty office. I was given a protection from abuse paper which said I could not come in contact with her or my best friend. I was told I was no longer on leave and I had to report to work the next day at 6:30 a.m..

This all ended for me that day around 3 p.m.. I will never forget the looks the staff duty NCO (non-commisioned officer) and the officers gave me. Like I was some kind of worm; dog shit on the bottom of there shoes.

In the past I have had problems with alcohol. I fixed it and got some healthy drinking habits. This of course blew the lid off of all of that. No one in my platoon was back from leave yet, so I had nobody to talk to. I just had to take the stares, the talking under the breath I heard as I walked past a group of soldiers. Someone started a rumor that when I was at the MP station, someone asked if I raped her and I said, “yeah I did it.” That probably sounds ridiculous to you but soldiers gossip about 10 times more, and harder, than any episode of “Desperate Housewives”/”Sex In The City” you have ever seen.

I would go out alone and not talk too anybody, just drink my ass off. The army lawyer I was given explained to me that I would probably win my court martial when it happened. It was going to happen because army prosecutors in cases of sexual assault/rape must take it too court martial, unless you proved you weren’t even there when the rape occurred, or the victim recanted. He told me he had spoken to CID and they aren’t sure about her story so they might ask me to take a polygraph.

I was very skeptical about a polygraph.

The reason for that is simple. I was torturing myself. I drank and thought about it constantly, I thought, maybe, “Had I done it? What if she was black-out drunk? What if she had come out of her black-out with me on top of her? Maybe someone actually thought that I raped her?”

I went over and over in my mind about all of it. I am an intelligent person, I know from watching the History Channel and the Discovery Channel as a child what a polygraph is and how it worked. I just thought about it and thought about it over and over.

So basically in the army unless a victim recants, if you were there or had relations with her, it is going to court martial. The army lawyer told me he might as well specialize in this field. He has had 10ish (years) in at the time that he came to that post. He went on to explain every single case he had won. He was trying to convince the prosecutor downstairs to stop taking them to court martial.

I hated women because of this. I went out to bars at night and didn’t talk to anybody. I was even propositioned a few times by attractive women. I told them all to go away and leave me alone. I was very rude about it. the women would usually respond that I was a faggot, bla, bla, bla. Like I said, I was very rude and deserved that response. I had a fear, which continues to this day, of it happening again.

My platoon got back from leave and I once again had people to talk to. No one could believe it. My first sergeant, whom I trusted, took me to his car and had me explain the story. He told me he knows I didn’t do it and wouldn’t tell anyone we spoke, even if CID came calling. The reason for this is, once again, the army rumor mill. My lawyer told me not too talk to anybody about the case. Let’s say I told Sergeant so-so, who later on while playing x box and drinking a beer tells Specialist Snuffy, who while at the motor pool the next day tells Private Jack and Private Black and it turns into some crazy story. CID can then use that story in their investigation. There are no secrets in the military.

I was stop-lossed (forced to remain on active duty) for my second deployment to Iraq. I really should have been out of the military over a year prior. I should have been able to waive the waiting 90 days after a deployment and been able to get out in a month. My plan was to do this and get out in time for the summer semester in college. It was then almost October and the investigation had been going on for 3-4 months.

Sometime later, I was at a hospital with my squad leader for a doctor’s appointment. He was about to leave and was going to pick me up in an hour or so when he came back. He told me the investigation was over the victim had recanted, my unit had just gotten the call.

It felt like such a weight was off my shoulders.

I mean, when you see someone on the news accused of a crime you either think they’re guilty and condemn them or think there innocent and you empathize. If you know the person and they’re a friend, you console them. You say stuff like “the truth will come out, bro,” and you’re shocked if they are found guilty. However, you don’t think about it any farther than that. When I started thinking about it, I realized wow, I could be put in jail for 20+ years for something I did not do. I would be in Fort Leavenworth, my life completely over. When I got out I would have to register as a sex offender. I would literally have to move to Mexico to live anything like a normal life.

It wasn’t over for me yet, though. My lawyer called my unit and said he needed to speak with me to tell me all the details. As I walked into his office he was screaming at someone on the phone. He was actually yelling expletives into the phone, I was told to wait outside. As I was ushered into the office he told me to sit down and started reading her statement. In a nutshell it basically said, “I was late and I didn’t think IT was going to be a big deal.” (meaning, it would not be a big deal if I said he raped me so I wouldn’t get in trouble).

My lawyer then explained to me that he was screaming into the phone because even after that statement CID wanted to pursue charges of aggravated sexual assault, which is a lesser charge of rape. I believe that is the charge he said, but it’s been a few months. He went on to explain it’s completely not legal, it’s just the army and their policy on sexual assault and rape in the military. Like I said before, every case goes to court martial, and that apparently means the ones they know have been recanted by the “victims”.

On a brighter note, he went on to say that he had teamed up with the prosecutor on this and they both told CID that what they were doing was illegal. The prosecutor was extremely angry because this would have been another case he would of had to bring to trial and lose.


But for me, the words of that women keep echoing in my head.

“I was late and I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.”

Not a fucking big deal? I still feel like ripping shit apart. Not a fucking big deal? She nearly ruined my entire fucking life. I drink all the fucking time, habitually now. I can’t bring myself to even talk to women. I fear them. I am a complete and total shut-in. I don’t even go out anymore. I just sit in my room drinking and listening to music and playing fucking World of Warcraft.

The leadership in my platoon wanted me to get out of the military quickly because I showing up in the morning hungover and smelling like an open bar. Another set up to ruin my record.


I was honorably discharged from the military in October. I have been out of the military now for almost half a year and currently a college student.

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  • Bob O’Hara

    I know that it sounds insensitive to say this but you are a very very lucky man. You very narrowly escaped what would have been a lifetime of hell. It is unconscionable that this was made possible only by the recantation of a liar but unfortunately that is the way the system works.


    Don’t let this thing screw up the rest of your life. You have a whole lot going for you being a veteran and getting your education. You are still very young and can do anything you want. Please please do not let the alcohol mess that up. Go get help and talk to someone about your anguish. You can get over this and move on.

    Good luck

    • Simon

      Easier said than done unfortunately.

  • AntZ

    I wish there was something I could say.

    Maybe the feminist anti-male hatred that currently infects the world will begin to subside one day.

    Maybe when our children grow into men, they will find a world that accepts them as human beings.

    In the meantime, maybe working towards that better future is the beast that any of us can do.

    God’s speed.

  • rebtus

    Others gave you good advice. Now Congress is considering abortion issue and what constitutes a “forcible rape” had to be droped for simple “rape”. Link’

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


    I wrote this in March 2010 and my “ordeal” ended in October 2009.

    I don’t drink anymore except for the occasional special family event. I realized I had to stop after seeing the documentary “super size me” and I realized I was quite frankly “pickeling” myself.

    My friend told me that she was eventually kicked out of the army almost half a year later. I looked at possible civil recourse but quite frankly she doesn’t have anything of worth and I never want to see her again.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      I hate the fact that we even have to have soldiers, but I am glad that many are men like you.

      This could have destroyed your life completely and you didn’t let it.

      Good show.

    • Bob O’Hara

      Good for you FAS it’s great that you got that under control. Good luck with school and I wish you the best of success in the future. You deserve it.

  • AntZ


    This may sound strange, but given how well you dodged this bullet, do you have any advice for others who may find themselves in your situation?

    Was it keeping your calm and not talking about it that saved you?
    Was it finding a good lawyer, and if so, how did you find him?
    Was it something else?

    Most men who are falsely accused get massacred by the meat-grinder of presumed male guilt, by feminist dogma enshrined into law (making it very difficult to present your innocence), and by the general lack of sympathy for men as victims.

    You managed to obtain a much better outcome than almost anyone. Maybe it was just luck. But if it was something you did, I am sure thousands of falsely accused men would be interested in your story from a “strategy” point of view.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


    I mostly just “lucked” into it.

    I would tell them not to talk to the police until representation shows up. Tell them you want representation then they are no longer allowed to question you about the case. Then just lay your head down and stop talking. You might as well as try to get a nap because its likely going to be hours or a full day until your lawyer shows up.

    If your not mindfucked by the whole experience tell them that you demand a polygraph but do this through your lawyer.

    Your lawyer is your best and only friend, the temptation is huge to talk about your case with someone else. To have them to reassure you your not crazy and this is indeed all bullshit. The police can question or the prosecutor can call your friends to the witness stand. The whole “I won’t tell anyone bro” mantra may dissapear when he is staring back at a whole courtroom with the threat of perjury hanging over his head.

    Besides demanding a polygraph there is really nothing you can do besides not talk to the police or anyone about your case.

    I only ever met CID once and my lawyer called them once a week for an update.

    Then comes the wait…. Your not going to receive daily updates about your case. The police aren’t going to tell you or your lawyer who they believe or how far along they are in the investigation.

    Chances are she recanted two weeks before I found out. Alot of people don’t know that you don’t press charges, the prosecutor does. So its the prosecutor’s decision on whether not to drop the case. He might decide for example to wait for the forensic report to come back and that might take 3 months.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


    As far as a court appointed lawyer, their not all bad most of them are very good.

    However since you are given free legal counsel for every felony and most misdemeanors they are very busy. Ask them what their workload is like at the moment and what kind of experience do they have with your situation.

    I would say the same of any lawyer you hire as well. Your going to want someone that has had a case like yours before and has all the time your case is going to require.

    Finally you want someone prefferably local. Criminal defense attorneys spend alot of time working everyday with the prosecutors who work in the DA’s office. Alot of them are friends or have good relationships with the local judges and prosecutors.

    If you remember in my story after she recanted someone in the CID home office decided on there own to try to make a case for a lesser crime. They sent the case to the prosecutor after the charge of rape was officially dropped and he went ballistic. My attorney got mad as well and they TEAMED up to tell CID to cease and desist and they can’t legally do that. So a good relationship might have the prosecutor drop a lesser charge that would have been annihliated at trial.

    So a final question to ask is how long have they been working in the area and what is their relationship with the local DA’s office and the judges.

    Hope that helps.

  • Stu

    Feminists are going to destroy the military just like they have with teaching. No male will want to be in it, because of this shit. It’s going to make it very hard to win any war in the future. Maybe what is needed is for men to boycott the military, the police, all emergency services and let the feminists do it all.

    • Ben

      Feminists have already destroyed the military. Women can be officers in infantry units but are not required to kill and die like their platoons they command. A male officer would be convicted of treason for this behavior, which is punishable by death.

  • Peter Charnley

    “Maybe when our children grow into men, they will find a world that accepts them as human beings.”

    I am sorry, but this type of language really gets to me. It thrusts down my bloody throat imagery of fingers crossed and two meek little eyes peering throught an impenetrable blizzard of pink ticker tape.

    No way.

    When your children grow up, when they are piecing together the rubble of western civilization, they will moving forward into a world that will not merely be accepting men as human beings but into a world that will be fully conscious of the fact that western civilization had men to thank for everything that had ever distinguished it from any other form of living existence – be it insect, animal or ancient (and modern) human barbarism.

    And your children and grandchildren will eventually progress on and into a world that will be mortally rueful and deeply ashamed that humanity had ever lost sight of that fact.

    Feminists will eventually be looked upon in the same light as holocaust deniers are judged in Austria today. In fact in that nation, to proclaim holocaust denial is actually illegal. Why? Is Austria being OTT perhaps?

    Think about it. The Austrians are declaring their disgust about an ideology that aimed at dehumanising certain people – that paved the way to providing license to hurting those people – that ultimately led to their entire citizenry standing around looking at the dust and rubble of their entire lives and of their own making and saying such things as- ‘mmmm – maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all – how on earth did we get here?’.

    Substitute the physical blanket bombing of German and Austrian cities by the US Airforce and the RAF for the uniform feminist destruction in our schools of our imagination, intellect, self belief and resultant competitiveness and natural momentum – and do you notice any parallels?

    The wake-up call that decline, destruction and pain brings will eventually be our turn to encounter. And accepting men as human beings will not be an ‘option’ – it will a demand borne of absolute necessity.

  • Izzey

    I just want to cry. This is so wrong. Something this serious, told casually by a woman that was late for work. I’m telling you, I just can’t stand it. I am so glad you came out of it minimally scarred. They should have cut out her tongue. If you think I am kidding, I am not. I wonder how many women would be so quick to destroy a man’s life– if that was the consequence for them getting caught in the lie?

    I am proud of you. And I am sorry that it happened.
    Thank you for sharing, and surviving this horrendous ordeal…And kudos, for picking yourself up off the floor. You definitely did not belong down there.


    • AntZ

      I wish I were a molecular biologist, so that I could clone you and repopulate the world with the clones …. alas, I work in the branch of biology dealing with drug discovery :(

      On the brighter side, I just started working an a project that looks for opportunities to re-design Ritalin with fewer side effects. So few drugs are gender specific, so I am jumping on that one!

  • Milesius

    FAS, I’m 24 too so I can relate – or at least I think I can, because I haven’t been through such hell – having your life destroyed so early (before even being actually started) by some stupid c*nt for _no reason_ must be a terrifying experience to say the least. But you should really consider yourself lucky: many men continue to live with the female-worship mentality that sooner or later destroys them (literally or not). You’re free. You paid a serious price, but you’re _free_. You don’t need some stupid sl*t to waste your resources while giving (almost) nothing (or much less) in return. If it weren’t for the sexual attraction, no one would deal with the women anyway.
    Marrying and getting a lot of children is not an obligation (although the useless sex has no other way to compensate for its presence). Look at all the great _men_ – are they remembered for their offspring or their individual achievements?
    Don’t allow this to ruin your life. Don’t try to forget it either: accept it as a painful, but liberating and necessary experience that has immunized you from further similar incidents. Then go on with _your_ life – learn and improve.
    Thank you for sharing your story; it was inspiring – in the sense that you stood against such a sickening confrontation – _and won_. It’s also good that you’re no longer serving in the military – such “people” don’t deserve dying for them. Good luck!
    Since this is my first comment here, I’d also like to thank Mr. Elam for this website. I wish I’d found it earlier…


    Young dude get your college, find some hobbies and live life on your terms and spread the MRA word.


    “He told me he had spoken to CID and they aren’t sure about her story so they might ask me to take a polygraph.

    I was very skeptical about a polygraph.”

    What! you should all take a polygraph, you her etc.

  • Keyster

    The polygraph is used to prove your “probably” guilty if you fail, not “more than likely” if your innocent.

    I’ve had to take polygraphs (for employment) and passed everyone, even though I lied through my teeth. They’ll play tricks with you and tell you, you must be lying to get you to confess you are, even though the graph lines stay as horizontal as before.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier

    You have to remember that we were both drunk at the time.

    You have to take into consideration that I wasn’t an MRA back then. Here was this pretty girl saying that I raped her and women don’t lie about rape right?

    The thoughts going through my head were, “well she initiated it but what if she was blackout and came too with me on top of her?” The “what if she was too drunk to consent, I was wasted too but what if she was wayyyy drunker than I was.”

    My lawyer mentioned it only once at the start and never mentioned it again. If there had been a request for one I probably would have said yes on the condition that she take one too.

    My doubts and uncertainty were also why would someone claim that someone raped them because they were drunk on duty? It sounded incredible even more so when you said it out loud because you would have to have zero morals to make such a claim.

    I found out after pulling a CQ shift with an NCO of our sister company. He inquired about the case and I told him I couldn’t talk about it. He said he believed me that she has probably been with half our sister engineer company. He also said she came on to him once and when he told her he was in his forties she said its okay ive been with older.

    After that I realized that it was really true, she said it because she was going to be drunk and late to work. I couldn’t believe it and thats when I slowly found more and more MRA websites and hidden FRA/DV/Sexual Harassment statistics. At that point I would have taken a lie detector test even if the penalty for failing was death.

  • disgruntled

    I have seen male soldiers punished for a female in the platoon getting a DUI. When the male soldier wasn’t even in contact with the female. As in, they didn’t and never did party together. Just flat out. She got a DUI. Bring in a sacrificial victim. I have seen the same when a female lost classified information. I have seen E7 getting it on with E2, and then, magic waivers, she’s an E5 in no time flat. I have seen soldiers denied equipment needed, qualified people overlooked for important jobs. I have seen soldiers threatened by senior NCOs, hazed, harrased, etc – All in the name of pussy.

  • mideonphish

    You have my sympathies for what happened and you did not deserve it.

    As for you not wanting anything to do with women, I’m in the same boat
    (albeit for different reasons).
    Sadly, asexual is just the safest thing you can be right now as every time
    you have any contact with a woman you’re just putting your own neck in
    a metaphorical noose and relying on her deciding not to kick the chair away.

    I never understood wanting to be in the military, I mean I’m no coward but
    neither do I have any sense of patriotism.

    The question I’d ask is why bother to defend a country that plainly despises
    and tries to screw you over at every opportunity?

    Call me a cynical s.o.b, but I’m thinking maybe all those young men who are
    telling the army (metaphorically) to take itself away by the hand might just
    have the right idea.

    • Poester99

      I read somewhere that the Army in fact considers more than 50% of American men ineligible for various reasons. Perhaps at some point, no one will be eligible.

      The military will have to be cut at some point anyways, due to the budget deficit. Public healthcare will make it impossible.

      Too many of your people have become hand out addicts, and they’ll vote for whomever increases those handouts

  • Bombay

    Thank you for coming forth with your experiences. I am both sad for your pain but happy that you are free. I did not find it said, did the woman suffer any consequences for her lie(s)?

  • saige

    Lying is legal when women rule.

    • Poester99

      Lying, *by women*, is legal. It’s is however heinous and indictable, when done by men.

  • Kylie

    Only 1% of women lie. But that 1% is hell on all of us

    • AntZ


      Hard core radical feminists draw a line in the sand at 2%, saying that 2% of all allegations are false.

      Studies by more-or-less neutral groups have put the number closer to 10%-20%.

      When interpreted according to the way that Men’s Rights groups think is fair, the numbers are even higher, 30% to 50%.

      Nobody, not even the most radical histrionic brain-dead man hating bigoted feminist, claims a 1% rate of false allegations.

      Except you, that is.


    • Izzey

      One percent?


      I should not have been drinking coffee when I read this.
      Have to change my shirt now…and flush the french roast from my nostrils.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      A longitudinal study conducted by Professor Eugene Kanin concluded that over a period of nine years, 41% of rape allegations studied were fraudulent, concocted by the alleged victim to either create an alibi, seek attention and sympathy, or to seek revenge.

      And there is the McDowell Study cited by Warren Farrell in The Myth of Male Power, which concluded that of 1,218 reported rapes on Air Force Bases around the world, 45% were discovered to be fraudulent.

      This 45% of cases are not ones that could not be proven or for which a suspect could not be apprehended, but cases that were proven to be fabricated by the person filing the complaint. 27% of the false claims were admitted after the accusers were asked to take a polygraph test, or having just failed one.


    • http://google cdub

      Typical Femtwat response Kylie, I wouln’t expect anything different from someone of your ilk. You lack any empathy at all for this man’s pain and suffering he went thru, and immediately try and focus the attention on the victim status of women. Keep pushing for the fall of the Western men and Western civilization, the Muslium man will not tolerate your BS and you will be wearing a burka when that time comes. Then you will see oppression. Now scurry along back to your hole varmit.

      Btw, sorry to hear of the BS you went thru Falsely Accused Soldier, thank you for your service in the military. Thank you for telling your story.

  • Poester99

    Thank you very much for Sharing your story. I’m also glad to hear, in your postscripts, that you are getting your life back together.

  • Carlos

    Thank you for putting your story out there for others. It sounds like you’ve made it through stronger and wiser for the experience.

    Like you I’m sure, I hope another man reads this when he needs it most and doesn’t have to suffer as much as you have.

  • Carlos

    On the topic of polygraphs please be aware that they don’t have to tell you the truth about whether or not you have passed it if you have a police administered polygraph.

    Telling the subject they have failed a polygraph that they have, in fact, passed is a very powerful interrogation technique. They precede the technique with grandiose claims about the accuracy of the machine and the qualifications of the person administering the test. Then, at the end, they tell you that you’ve failed and proceed to demand that you come clean since they’ve already “proven” your guilt.

    Makes for a real mind fuck and has solicited a pretty fair number of false confessions from people already mentally on the edge from false accusations.

  • !!SPARTA!!

    She told me that
    women make 70 cent on the dollar for equal work as men
    Are beaten 25% of the time,
    Are raped every five minutes

    So I told her that the unequal pay was a myth,
    Women initiate 70% of DV,
    45% of Rape claims are false
    She called BS, VICTIM BLAMING is the reason women never report rape and there are no reason to falsely accuse.
    So I told her that women typically report rape quicker than she can finish pulling up her panties
    because she can be a victim, she can get revenge on an ex, she regrets having train run on her by the football team and gets caught, and in UK, “Victims” are given $17k
    then sent her links to Murray Strauss, RADAR, and False Rape Society

    The deletes all of my comments and bans me

  • Kazzi

    Wow what can I say. I also have served in the Military – the Australian Navy but am out now (Reserve and F/T).. but to read your story of once again totally false allegations made against another solider makes me sick to the stomach.

    I am sick of these women – world over- who think that they can cry rape and think nothing of it. They do not stop to think of to whom it will hurt, in society and the males careers/jobs.

    Ok this so called Female solider is out now… but what punishment did she receive for this false allegation… and to have the CID pursue you for a so called lesser charge – yes only because they had totally lost the case and were trying to cover their arses.

    It is those people as well as the females that need to be made examples of.. to be totally named and shamed… to show to the world… hey stay clear of these people because they will do anything to hurt men.

    FAS.. trust me, not all women are like these women… but unfortunately more and more are becoming like her because society has allowed it to happen and it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    I hope that one day you will find a ‘good, and totally honest’ women, yes we are out there who has not been brainwashed by Feminism and that still hold good family values and have good morals.

    Thanks for sharing your story so many do appreciate it.. and I hope that with your life.. you do enjoy it.

  • Pankaj

    My dear fellow men.

    Why would you join the Military.. regardless of what nation you are unfortunate enough to be born in? I urge you to value yourself more than to “serve” and “sacrifice” for a system and a society where you simply DO NOT MATTER.

    If there is one thing MEN should learn from WOMEN, it is to value ourselves more than the “collective” good, just as women do. You may talk of rights, but with every sacrifice, you dig a whole for yourself and men of the future by choosing to “serve”. BE A PARASITE for a change. Cash in that benefit of “society” your forefathers gave their lives for. Value yourselves more than any woman, more than any family, more than any flag, any nation, and more than any child .. except in cases where YOU decide it ought to be otherwise.

  • elvis

    Bro, you are not alone, i was also falsely accused of a rape that never happpened and was only cleared because she could not keep her lies straight, and i would not plead guilty to a lessor charge.
    Most of the guys i know that have been falsely accused (I know a few now); use the “flight response”, instead of the “fight response”. They flight into the bottle, and flight into drugs, instead of fight against the institutionalized perversion that has entered into American law enforcement.
    This unconstitutional and institutionalized perversion of American law enforcement that has enabled and fostered this now “Culture of false rape accusations”, needs to be challenged.

  • elvis

    The now “culture of false rape accusations”, has made the “American gender-Raunch community” into a sort of “untouchable super-power” on campuses around the country.
    The biggest effect that would happen if American Law enforcement started to charge women for their domestic violence, and charge women when they make false rape accusations; would be the collapse of a Uber-Empowered Gender-Raunch community on campuses around the country.
    Thats the real reason the American gender-Raunch community want to keep their “perverted Alliance” with American law enforcement completely intact.

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  • Laurent

    As a foreigner reading this story I can’t help to wonder: is making false accusations willy-nilly legal in the US? If not, why wasn’t this waste of meat charged after her story broke? If yes… are you all totally insane?

    • Ben

      Rape Shield laws protect false accusers from being punished in this country. This is an anti-male police state. Welcome to our country.

      It gets even worse. Women are also allowed to murder their unborn children all the up to the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. They can do so despite the many effective contraceptive devices.

      Do you think that’s bad? It gets worse. Women are allowed to murder their living children thanks to the “postpartum depression” defense. Women even walk free after repeatedly running over their 6 month old baby boys with a car due to this outrageous defense. Women can shoot their sleeping husbands in the back and be spared punishment if she claims that he abused her in the past.

      Pretty bad, right? Women who cut off their husband’s penises while they sleep are welcomed on talk shows and are asked by top female news correspondants, and I am quoting, “can you just look back and laugh about it now?”

      Astonishingly, most men have been brainwashed into thinking these absurdities are well-founded and refer to men who speak out about this as misogynists. Women in this country view men as sub human disposable commodities. They look at and talk to men like dogs as a result.

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