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False rape allegations finally getting some light

New figures coming out of England and Wales state that two people are being prosecuted per month for making false allegations of rape and wasting police time. It’s the first time these types of details have been compiled for England and Wales.

Two people being prosecuted per month for false rape allegations is quite significant, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) thinks otherwise. They have stated that the only thing that these figures show is:

“How unusual the problem is.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) looked at a total period of 17 months finding that in that time 35 people were charged for false rape allegations.

Keir Starmer QC, head of the CPS, called the cases:

“Serious but rare.”

It does not matter how “rare” it may or may not be. That is two lives permanently ruined per month, and that is two too many. When are people going to wake-up to the fact that women are accusing men of rape, knowing full well that the allegations are false and not giving a shit about the consequences the men will face because of these lies?

Some of the numbers coming out of England and Wales are:

  • Out of 159 suspected cases referred to the CPS, 35 ended in a prosecution.
  • Almost half of the accusers were aged under 21, some were under 16.
  • 92% of those prosecuted were women.
  • 98% of those accused of rape were men, and the majority were aged over 21.
  • 84% of those making false claims identified their “attacker”. One case saw a woman randomly accuse a man she saw on Facebook.
  • 18% of those making false claims had “a mental health problem”.

Jason, 21, was accused by his ex-girlfriend of raping her.

“It was devastating,” he told reporters.

“I was getting harassed outside of work, harassed in work, it’s just terrifying.”

“Someone approached me and told me to stay away from my ex or basically he’d come back and finish me off completely. He punched me twice in the face and once in the stomach.”

There are currently no laws in place which allow those accused of rape to remain anonymous, until they are found guilty, so anyone accused of rape has no right to anonymity or protection under the current law.

Support groups for men falsely accused of rape say the problem “doesn’t end when the accusation is proven untrue, as the claim remains on their criminal record until they apply to get it removed – which can take several months.”

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) confirmed that “details of an accusation and the fact it was proven to be a lie, would remain on a police record for six years.”

However, they also say “it would not be revealed to anyone doing a background check.”

In the last 18 months, Nottinghamshire Police prosecuted two women successfully for making false rape allegations.

One of those successful prosecutions was Rosie Dodd, 20, who was sentenced to only two years after accusing three men of raping her. Police said she made the claim “because she was embarrassed she’d slept with all three of them in one night.”

Because of her bad judgment and feelings of embarrassment she decided it would be better to ruin the lives of three men instead of owning her actions? This type of behavior is deplorable, and any woman that falsely accuses a man of rape should be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years behind bars with no time off for good behavior. After all, men who are falsely accused are afforded no real justice or anonymity. He will live in absolute terror from the moment he is falsely accused and, if he is found innocent, he has to wait six years for the false accusation to be stricken from police records. So why does she only get 2 years for such a heinous crime? The justice system is indeed broken.

The question is: Why do some women falsely accuse men of rape? You’d have to be seriously disturbed to even contemplate ruining an innocent man’s life wouldn’t you?

The answer to the question is simple; women act like this is because they are constantly told that they are not responsible for their actions and treated like toddlers by society. They have learned that society puts women on pedestals and this has fostered an inability to own one’s own actions which has created an environment where women do not care who gets hurt by their actions. As long as they feel better, that’s all that matters.

These women not only devastate the lives of those men they falsely accuse, they also make it harder for women who really have been raped to be taken seriously.

Being given a sentence of only 2 years for falsely accusing three men of rape is atrocious and a complete miscarriage of justice.

I am however hopeful that these new numbers being released will be the wake-up call people need to finally realize that women are not always the poor helpless victims they pretend to be. That there are many women out there that wouldn’t even think twice about falsely accusing a man, or three, of rape to save face, feel better, or get revenge.

Remember, these are only numbers coming out of England and Wales, so who knows how many false rape accusations there are per year worldwide.

But no matter if it is one false accusation, or a thousand. These false allegations are completely devastating to the men that are wrongfully accused. Their lives are permanently ruined once a woman cries rape, and even one innocent life destroyed is one too many.

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  • Steve Moxon

    The major point is that the incidence of PROSECUTIONS for false rape allegations says little about the ACTUAL INCIDENCE of false rape allegation, which research by the University of Nottingham (UK) published last year reveals to be commonplace in the judgement of UK rape prosecutors and judges, with a high proportion of rape complaints being either ‘false accounts’ or complete fabrication.
    The vast majority of those making false rape complaints are not prosecuted, owing (1) to the severe political pressure placed on the police and the CPS (the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service) to pursue every rape complaint taking the side of the complainant irrespective of any merit; and (2) the severe difficulty in being able to prove ‘false rape’ beyond any reasonable doubt. [The UK’s Director of Public Proscutions, Keir Starmer, and his ilk complain that the tiny proportion of rape complaints that end in prosecution does not reflect the incidence of rape; so they can’t have it both ways.]
    In the estimation of UK specialist police rape investigators it’s 50% to 70% of all cases – and this according to a study by (Sir) Ian Blair, the former chief of the Metropolitan (London) Police.
    The first of two major Home Office (UK government) reports into rape showed that police then categorised as ‘no-crime’ 25% of all formal allegations of rape, despite the aforesaid most intense inappropriate political pressure. The police would have to be very sure indeed that no rape took place for them to thus categorise. An even larger proportion were categorised under ‘no further action'; a proportion of which will also be false allegation. Even under continued sustained political pressure, although ‘no criming’ has reduced it is still 12%.

    • Klar

      sorry Steve – didn’t see your post before finishing mine – you’ve got it way more thoroughly covered.

    • Bewildered

      The irony is that they have the audacity to claim that it’s a “MAN’S WORLD ” !

      • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

        False accusations of rape appear to be as old as time. The first recorded false accusation I could find occurs in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 39 : 11-20 NIV

        “11 One day he went into the house to attend to his duties, and none of the household servants was inside. 12 She caught him by his cloak and said, ‘Come to bed with me!’ But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house. 13 When she saw that he had left his cloak in her hand and had run out of the house, 14 she called her household servants. ‘Look,’ she said to them, ‘this Hebrew has been brought to us to make sport of us! He came in here to sleep with me, but I screamed. 15 When he heard me scream for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house.’ 16 She kept his cloak beside her until his master came home. 17 Then she told him this story: ‘That Hebrew slave you brought us came to me to make sport of me. 18 But as soon as I screamed for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house.’ 19 When his master heard the story his wife told him, saying, ‘This is how your slave treated me,’ he burned with anger. 20 Joseph’s master took him and put him in prison, the place where the king’s prisoners were confined.”

    • http://www.woolybumblebee.com/about Kristina Hansen

      Thank you for this information. It is very telling.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      “There are currently no laws in place which allow those accused of rape to remain anonymous, until they are found guilty”

      Shouldn’t that be, “until they are found NOT guilty.”

      • Steve Moxon

        It wasn’t me who wrote that.

        • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

          You’re right, it was in the original article. I should have written that in the reply window at the bottom.

      • Kosh

        Nope. It should be guilty. After all, if you were charged with rape and found NOT guilty, you’d want to remain anonymous, right?

    • http://kevin-wayne.blogspot.com Kevin

      Would you be so kind as to share your sources? It would be nice to cite them. Thanks.

    • dm2012

      My teenage son was accused of rape at the beginning of 2012 following a long standing feud with his step sibling. My son was arrested, vindicated and treated like a rapist by our local police force, there was never ever an issue on their part that this might just be a false allegation. The false accuser was medically examined and was shown to be a virgin even though she claimed to have been repeatedly raped every weekend for 18 mths. She also had a history of making false allegations not only against other family member but had made sexual allegations against another 2 individuals that were reported to the police but were not investigated by the police, infact the police refused to even interview the others she had accused.

      Her witness statements and credibility were only questioned some 20 mths later at the start of my son’s trial and only after he spent 11 mths on bail been charged of the worst crime to be accused of and been hauled through the justice system treated like a criminal.

      It was only as a result of my family being able to fund a specialist legal team at the cost of £52k that i believe my son’s case was eventually thrown out of court on what would have been day 2 of trial. The prosecutor in the case refused to continue with the trial as he believed the ‘complainant was untruthful’. There was no doubt in her own barristers mind that she was a liar and in the interest of justice he stated that the trial should be stopped in its tracks. My barrister spoke to hers at great length and asked if there was any way she could be prosecuted for making a false allegation and his response was ‘it is not politically correct to prosecute a false accuser’. That sentence says it all really.

      i have since made a complaint and have asked the police to prosecute the complainant for the false allegations that she made against my young son. I have not been afforded a member of the police force to visit me in order to take my complaint, i have not been asked to give a witness statement and i have not been asked to provide evidence to support my claim for prosecution, infact, i have not even been allocated a crime reference number !!!

      I have had a letter written to me clearly stating that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the false accuser and as such the matter is closed.
      There is no crime number so my complaint has not been registered by the police
      This then means that even though the police themselves stated at the end of the trial that they felt manipulated by the complainant the allegation will not be registered as ‘false’
      As statistics go, this is yet another false allegation of rape that will not be included or acknowledged as being false
      By refusing to prosecute the false accuser it appears to the general public that false allegations of rape are rare when indeed these figures are being manipulated by those who want to hide the truth.

  • Steve_85

    I was going to sing hallelujah! But then I read the quotes and realised that it was more of the same.


  • Klar

    Often when this topic has come up lately there’s no recognition of the fact that far too many of these cases do NOT result in prosecution. Every week there are newspaper articles describing another false accusation where police decide not to press charges even though the reasons for the accusation were of the trivial sort instead something like mistaken identity.

    There is clearly political pressure being applied to minimize prosecuting false accusers: that position is often espoused by various ‘victim’ groups and politicians.

    They don’t prosecute, then they say, ‘look, hardly any cases’. Misleading the public that way gets a pass.

    The police and everyone else go out of their way to add the obligatory statement on how rare false accusations are each and every time the topic comes up as though they’re having a real tough time trying to convince even themselves of the lie.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    Steve beat me to it. Nobody would even consider prosecuting a woman for a false rape claim unless the case was absolutely airtight – imagine the fallout if a prosecutor filed charges against a woman who MIGHT actually be a victim.

    Unlike most false rape claims, those that are actually prosecuted must be so blatant that the evidence is irrefutable.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Revealed: $1.5 million settlement for rape victim police accused of theft and sent to prison
      Sara Reedy of Pennsylvania was 19 when a man entered the gas station where she worked, stole $606.73 from the register, put a gun to her head and demanded oral sex
      She later spent five days in jail after police accused her of theft and falsely reporting a crime
      Earlier this year Reedy a won $1.5 settlement with Pennsylvania’s Cranberry Township where she was assaulted
      Her vindication helped change federal law in regards to how rape cases are defined
      Reedy’s attacker, Wilbur Brown, is serving life in prison for sexually assaulting 10 women
      Nobody is safe from police screw ups, unfortunately.

      There IS at least one case of wrongful prosecution of a true rape victim in Pennsylvania, BUT…she was awarded a nice hefty sum of money for that screw up, unlike those men who spend YEARS in prison because of false accusations.


  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I can’t think of any other crime that gets dismissed as “rare” other than false rape accusations.

    The only thing “rare” about false rape accusations is the prosecution of false accusers.

    It must be as devastating for an actual rape victim to hear her attacker saying she lied as it is for an innocent person to be falsely accused.

    The anger (in BOTH these cases) needs to be focused on false accusers – not on innocent men insisting on their innocence!

    ALL criminals deny doing the crime, but only criminals who make false accusations get excused for their crime.

    The assurance that false accusations are truly “rare” wouldn’t even need to be said it it were true – we’d all instinctively know it.

  • UKMan

    Whenever a woman is found guilty of false allegations, you always get the same platitudes from the authorities saying how it adversely affects real victims of rape – no mention of the fact that a man’s life is ruined.

    I’ve always thought that women found guilty making false rape allegations should be registered as a sex offenders.

    In the UK, they are prosecuted for “perverting the course of justice”, but there should be a more stigmatised and less vague label attached to such crimes.

    • http://feministlies.wordpress.com/ Theaverageman

      It doesn’t matter if your social life,career prospects and relationships are ruined.Although the false allegation will follow you the rest of your life,the police need not worry about yet but rather the “real victim”.

      It’s a disgusted sentiment which reeks of male disposabiltiy.There is absolutely no deterrent to protect men from false allegations,women can utilize their sense of female vulnerability to convince law enforcement officers that you the big bad man raped her,and to even question her story is “blaming the victim”.

      The consequences can creep further into your professional life and render you unemployable as well as rob you of a loving bond with your children if you’re unfortunate enough to be brought through the family court shredders through a false allegation.

  • napocapo69

    Just to be completely fair, we should distinguish between wrong allegations (wrong person, good will) from false allegations (wrong person, criminal intent).

    In any case, a rape allegation should grant the anonimity of the accused, but that actually should be granted for any crime.
    In any case 1 in 10 or 1 in 10,000 does not matter.
    A false allegation is a crime and should lead an heavy sentence for the perpretator.

    • Steve Moxon

      The problem is that ‘false accounts’ and deliberate fabrication occupy a continnum. The University of Nottingham research sought to clearly distinguish between the two; but how far can you go in recklessness as to even just vague accuracy in making a complaint before it becomes a bogus complaint? Innocent men end up being falsely accused by ‘false accounts’ as well as by maliciously bogus accusation.
      ‘False accounts’ not only make it even more impossible for police to investigate an allegation, but they are used instrumentally by the complainant to avoid the consequences of comeback from the judicial process in what is really an attempt to cover embarassment at silly or later regretted behaviour — just as is motivated out-and-out fabrication.
      Yes, some ‘false accounts’ can be innocently made, but surely in many cases it will be hard to firmly categorise as non-maliciously mistaken as against wilful perversion of the course of justice.
      Obviously, feminists / PC-fascists completely refuse to recognise any of this; as do the likes of the ever hapless Keir Starmer across the whole of the upper echelons of the establishment.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Just look at the Register-Her inductees for false rape allegations. I compiled many of the UK profiles along with several other MHRAs.

    The UK only prosecuting 2 false accusers per month is not due to a dearth of known false rape allegation cases. It’s because they choose not to prosecute most known false accusers and instead sentence them to real “hard time” — counseling.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Now, if we could only get the British gubbamint to sentence them to counseling with you.

      Well, a man can dream, right?

      • Iron John


      • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Believe it or not, there are some individuals I won’t work with — like sociopaths.

        Also, false rape accusers very well may need therapy, but if you really want to stop FAs they need REAL consequences — the same jail sentence their victims would have received if convicted of rape would be a good start, for instance.

        • Near Earth Object

          I believe it. There’s not much to work with, when working with a sociopath. The counseling process just becomes another game for the sociopath and the therapist often winds up the manipulated one.

        • Harrywoodape

          I hold the system and it’s players as being complicit. The women making the false allegations should certainly be held accountable and charged and sentenced but it is practically encouraged with the new laws and specifics regarding sexual assault so that no real proof is required. It enables men being set up and deliberately refuses to acknowledge that it happens quite frequently.
          Also, many women employ the THREAT of making an allegation of rape towards a man. My ex sent me emails and texts that made false allegations about me neglecting our son. They had a pretty negative effect on me because the system did nothing except to tell me I couldn’t do anything about it if she decides to ruin my life by making an allegation eventually as she still threatens to do. Because of the system, I can’t afford to defend myself from any allegation she chooses to make and still be able to meet child support and pay basic living expenses.
          There is no justice for Dads from vindictive moms and so kids suffer and I hold the state accountable for this. They enable it knowing full well it destroys men and their children’s lives.
          If the state took rape and child abuse allegations from women seriously enough to investigate without a feminist only point of view…then they would be doing the kids a favour…but they so desperately must believe that the men/fathers are guilty because it reinforces their bigotry and pays them well and is better for their careers. That’s a big part of the issue I think.

      • feeriker

        That would be these womens’ worst nightmare come true (and I mean that as a compliment to Tara).

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Yes, but….at least false accusers ARE prosecuted in the UK, unlike here in the US.

      Whenever I see a false accuser being prosecuted it’s invariably a story out of the UK – they RARELY prosecute false accusers in the US.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Dr. T. I want to give a heads up about something I’m working on. It is still at an early state but I’m putting together a list of iconic, particularly notable, false rape cases (“Famous Fake Rapes”). It will have brief summaries and photos. As always, I’m trying to find early examples. The most important famous US ones are, of course, those that resulted in the victims (the non-rapists) being lynched — Duluth, Scottsboro. The Brawley and Duke cases are obviously the biggest of recent decades, at least in the US.

      One thing notable about these four is the left-right and racial (CRG) political exploitation involved. The Communist Party USA has been accused of using Scottsboro case to promote their recruiting aims at the expense of the accused men, who, as the claim goes, the Party did not mind seeing harmed since it was better for “the cause” to let them be destroyed.

      The historical “greatest hits of false rape accusations” collection can be a handy little introduction useful for teaching — and will complement Register-Her, which is an enormously valuable, ground-breaking, project. (Thanks!)

      To all MHRAs, please keep your eyes out for any interesting or important pre-1980 false accusation cases and keep notes (and perhaps add them to Register-Her) so that later on we can get them on the list after I post the first draft.

      Imagine what a wonderful teaching too this could be for helping teenage boys learn about misandry and how to protect themselves from it.

      • Keith

        I would be particularly interested in the “Duluth” case, it would be interesting to correlate the social efficacy of rape initiated lynchings with “the Duluth model” of domestic violence. If you can Robert please try to make those findings accessible or count me in for assisting.

  • Iron John

    False rape accusations are a nightmare for men. You don’t even have to be caught up in the legal system for it to tear your life apart. All it takes is any female person, in a man’s community, to point her finger at him and he is done. That is far too much power for anyone to have. That being the ability to ruin someone’s life with out any serious consequences.

    There is a way to start removing this power. For far to long feminists have hid behind the assertion that if we punish false accusers of rape, real rape victims would be afraid to come forward. A dubious relationship, in my opinion. The MRM needs someone, skilled in the use of research and logic, to shatter this assertion once and for all.

    Once that happens, we will have the arguments and evidence we need to start holding false accusers accountable and the opposition will not have a leg to stand on.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      If only it were that simple, John…if only it were that simple.

      I champion for falsely accused men because my son was falsely accused and the worst case situation that could happen, happened. I’m talking about feminist court rooms, presumption of guilt for being male, a wrongful conviction, jail, and years and years of horror and mistreatment by the system.


      I also know -first hand – true victims of rape where the guy absolutely worked the system, absolutely got away with it, and the victim was scorned and tormented as a false accuser.

      There are far too many cases of injustice of both men and women to blindly choose one side over the other.

      I focus on men’s injustice more than women’s for the simple reason that men’s Constitutional Due Process and rights dating back to the Magna Carta have been shredded in order to accommodate the possibility of injustice against women.

      Yet injustice still goes on and on for both.

      Personally, I don’t know a single person who HAS gotten justice – not a rape victim whose attacker was prosecuted, and not a falsely accused man who’s accuser was prosecuted.

      Not one single case.

      Constitutional Due Process rights MUST be restored for the accused – whether they are guilty or innocent the accused’s Due Process rights MUST be upheld.

      If I were a rape victim myself, I can’t think of a single change in law or further accommodation to help actual female victims of rape – at least none that won’t infringe upon my own Due Process Rights should I one day become the accused.

      This isn’t men against women.

      It’s truth against lie, good against evil, justice vs. injustice.

      Rape and false rape accusations are the oldest story in the book, and we’re no closer to finding a just way to deal with it than we ever have – not for the falsely accused and not for true victims.

      • Nightwing1029

        “This isn’t men against women.

        It’s truth against lie, good against evil, justice vs. injustice.”
        Been saying similar since I joined in the fight.

        “I champion for falsely accused men because my son was falsely accused and the worst case situation that could happen, happened. I’m talking about feminist court rooms, presumption of guilt for being male, a wrongful conviction, jail, and years and years of horror and mistreatment by the system.”
        My condolences.

        “Constitutional Due Process rights MUST be restored for the accused – whether they are guilty or innocent the accused’s Due Process rights MUST be upheld.”
        Should never have been taken away, but still true due to the current state of things.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Magic. Say the magic words and without any physical or financial risk, men with guns will kidnap a targeted victim, cage him and bankrupt him. It is a magic spell. Magic spells are very appealing to the primitive childlike mind. But this magic actually works. Those who use it are very sure that the men with guns will show up like genies offering to be of service to the conjurer when conjured by the magic incantation. Therefore it is not really a superstition.

    This is real, verified, practical and powerful modern-day magic — complete with genies and spells and dungeons and curses. Impressive.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      We should go into business together!

      We could make World of Warcraft themed wizardess outfits with rape report forms all over them, in different colors of course, and 9mm gun tipped wands to symbolize the ability to manipulate men and police (not the same thing mind you). All replete with pointy brimmed hat and broom stick; and a company name that says False Allegations Are Us (FAAU Suits).

      You see, we could trick these women into wearing them; and double bonus for men to identify which women to stay away from.

      I wonder how long it would take for them to get it?

      4 or 5 decades maybe?

  • Not buying it

    The worst part of this whole issue is a statement made by one of the most prominent harpies of the feminazi ideology which declares that it’s beneficial for men to be falsely accused of rape as an educational experience!! ???
    I can’t remember the sexist, bigoted ignorant cunt’s name, it seems a Deep hatred towards boys & men is what these harpies are suffering from, I hope she chokes on her hatred.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Catherine Comins?

      “Catherine Comins, assistant dean of student life at Vassar, also sees some value in this loose use of ‘rape.’ She says angry victims of various forms of sexual intimidation cry rape to regain their sense of power. ‘To use the word carefully would be to be careful for the sake of the violator, and the survivors don’t care a hoot about him.’ Comins argues that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. ‘They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them. I think it ideally initiates a process of self-exploration. ‘How do I see women?’ ‘If I didn’t violate her, could I have?’ ‘Do I have the potential to do to her what they say I did?’ Those are good questions.'”

      Originally from Time Magazine; requoted from:


  • Lastango

    Well, two cases a month is a start.

    Consider a precedent. It took MANY years and deaths before the UK started to prosecute honor killings. British politicians were falling all over themselves to curry favor with Islamists and general muslims, so the lives of girls and young women were sacrificed to their political aims.

    The tide finally turned when the UK government could no longer hide their deliberate inaction:


    Then, the government re-opened 119 cases:


    Here’s a key bit from that last link, showing that the non-prosecutions were deliberate:

    “In a truly bizarre turn of events, the authorities considered at one point bringing criminal charges against (the murdered woman) for damaging a window while trying to escape from her violent father. Thus Britain’s politically correct establishment sought to turn a victim of an Islamic tradition into a criminal. Now that an investigation is under way, the officer who handled Mahmod’s case testified that she was ordered by superiors to doctor the facts so as to put the whole matter in a better light.”

    • Steve Moxon

      A rarther unfortunate example, ‘honour’ crime, given that most instigation is by women, many victims even of ‘honour’ defined in female terms are men; and if you factor in the male victims who are not categorised as ‘honour’ victims but would be so on any sensible definition, then men become the bulk of the victims.
      In ‘traditional’ societies the easiest way to get killed or injured is to be male and have some kind of illicit sexual relationship.

  • Nightwing1029

    “Out of 159 suspected cases referred to the CPS”
    Really? So almost 10 cases per month, and only two were prosecuted?
    So women are really guilty only about 20% of the time?

    “One of those successful prosecutions was Rosie Dodd, 20, who was sentenced to only two years after accusing three men of raping her.”
    Accusing three different men of raping her get’s her 9 months per accusation?
    At 6 years of that being on their records?
    No wonder women don’t have a problem with falsely accusing men of rape. With only a 1-5 chance of being prosecuted and only 9 months in jail if it happens?
    Damn, I like those odds. Maybe I should start betting in Vegas, on this.

    (all jokes aside, great article Fuzzy)

  • John A

    Thanks Kristina.

    Why would someone make a false rape claim?

    If rape is about power, then false claims are about power.

    When someone who has been raped or sexually assaulted goes to the police they suffer further violation and humiliation by the process and it is not surprising that many rape victims do not come forward, especially male victims. When making a false claim, the ‘victim’ does not have this problem, they have not been violated and humiliated by a horrific crime, they are in control.

    Two problems with false rape convictions, firstly, like rape, the crime must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Secondly, by being harsh on false rape accusers it could reduce their likelihood of recanting, although a big discount in sentence for an early recant would be an option.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      The crime of rape must be proven beyond reasonable doubt?

      Tell that to over 300 men exonerated by DNA.

      Tell that to the countless others where DNA never existed.

      He said/She said can never be “beyond reasonable doubt”

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

    Great find and write up Kris.
    While it is not exactly a just solution, it is a start.

    I am left wondering if the false rape accusers get the same treatment a ‘rapist’ (it matters little whether your innocent or guilty once you are jail) would get in jail?

    By that I mean are they constantly looking over the shoulder for a beat down or a shank (stabbing) from the prison population.
    This is something those false accusers will most likely never have to experience.

    Do they realize that criminals engage in street justice against child molesters and rapists?

    Do they realize that some of those criminals in jail will never see the light of day again and adding a ‘rapist’s’ blood on their hands means little to them.

    These infantilized women who throw caution and lives to the wind are some of the worst criminals walking the streets. They are assassins who employ the system to do their killing for them. Sometimes it is literal and other times it is via a life time of living with a black mark beside your name.
    And yet Acme Fem &co. would have us let these ’empowered’ women off the hook for their malicious prosecution.
    They are so empowered they are afraid to own up to their own sexual desires and appetite.
    I am left shaking my head.

  • TheSandreGuy

    Oh but Kristina, haven’t you heard?.. All men are rapists. That’s what all these “gender ideologues” are saying, so it must be true right? 😛

  • sadman365

    Some of the biggest jokes we keep hearing : This (the US, canada, or any so-called “civilized” Western country) is a “country of laws” !! Really ?
    All citizens are equal under the law!! Really? I guess they’re equal unless they happen to be men, then they’re less equal. Much less equal.
    And the biggest joke of all – “it’s a man’s world” or “we live in a patriarchy”!! Yeah. I see this “patriarchy” stripping men of any legal rights or due process while giving all women an above-the-law status and giving them a magic wand to ruin the lives of INNOCENT men as they please without any fear of being punished for falsely accusing them…
    These “civilized countries of laws” can go to hell.

  • ilkenhans

    A girl that I am related to has threatened to accuse me of rape if I do not buy her beer. She put her ex boyfriend in jail after she got into a fight with him. I don’t want to go to jail for buying beer for a minor, or for a rape accusation. I am so scared, I don’t know what to do. If I go to the police, they might think I really did rape her. They might arrest me for buying her beer. What do I do? I need help and advice.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Dude, if you are buying an underage girl alcohol there’s nothing anybody here can do to save you, nor would they want to. You want us the break the law and be your accomplace? No chance.

      As far as the false rape accusation goes, all I can suggest is stop answering the door and the phone to this girl if she is that conniving.

      This being a public forum the right advice is to encourage you to tell the police you broke the law by buying her a beer. No need to mention the false rape threat because cops may think there’s something they need to investigate, which (if it aint true) is something you don’t need to broach.

      If this girl follows through with a false accusation, take a deep breath hold on for the ride. Hopefully truth will hold out.

      • ilkenhans

        She has already put her boyfriend in jail for months now saying he used his finger. She says all they need is for her to cry and even with no DNA, they will keep me locked up just like him. I am related to her, so not letting her in my moms house is not realistic. I just turned 21 and she is 19. I hope your only advice is not to keep quiet and hope she doesn’t follow through. She has already done it before. I am not sure how you think I am asking you to be an accomplice? If I tell the cops about the beer, and not the threat, then they talk to her, I might end up in jail for months, or even sent to prison.

        • Peter Wright (Tawil)

          If she’s “a minor” as you say, and you purchased her alcohol, then there is no law-abiding advice we can possible give you other than that you tell the police. Any other advice -such as not telling the police- would clearly amount to us breaking the law – in that sense we would be your accomplice in hiding the crime. This being a law abiding website thats the stand members take.

          Don’t get me wrong, this girl sounds like a real big problem -threatening to make a false rape accusation- and I wish I could give you some advice on how to avoid a malicious claim like that. Unfortunately I dont have anything to offer… which highlights the unilateral power for evil that now lies in the hands of all women.

          You are doing the right thing in trying to talk to people about it, we at least understand here that false accusations are very real, commonplace and very distressing. FWIW keep us updated about how it progresses, and maybe someone will offer some useful strategies for deailing with it as it unfolds.

          You might also consider having a consultation with Dr. Tara J. Palmatier about the threats, as she has a wealth of experience in dealing with manipulative women and will probably have some strategies you can use in your interactions with this girl.

          • ilkenhans

            I guess I was expecting some way to fix all this. Maybe I’ll just end it all. thanks

          • Peter Wright (Tawil)

            “I guess I was expecting some way to fix all this. Maybe I’ll just end it all. thanks”

            If you are innocent then you need to end anything. The likelihood that she was only threatening in order to get more beer, and that she doesnt intend to make the false claim, is highly possible. So just wait and see before doing anything rash.

            Another suggestion- talk to a good freind, or even a counsellor to process some of your justified fear over this girl’s emotional terrorism. If you have no one you can talk with, feel free to contact me at: avoiceformen [at] iinet.net.au

          • Kimski


            Ending it all would be the worst possible choice under ANY circumstances, for a number of reasons.

            First being, that it would be a clear indication of guilt on your part, and secondly, you just don’t do that. You fight her tooth and nail, and you live to do it all over again tomorrow.

            Here’s a suggestion for you: Get hold of some sort of recording device, like this one:


            And the next time you run into this girl and she threatens you, you record everything being said and done, and head down to the police station with the evidence. Basically, follow the advice Peter/Tawil has just given you, and you start praying to yourself after that.

            And get rid of any notion, that just because they have tits and asses they’re presumably “nice and fair people”, for future references.
            You couldn’t be more off the mark, dude.

        • Carlos

          Meh.. just tell her you lost your ID.

          Besides that, I’d stay the hell away from her. Women like that are an accident waiting to happen and you don’t want to be around when it does.

        • Harrywoodape

          @ilkenhans. My advice is to get her to talk about her false allegation plans and history in a recorded phone call to you. It is legal to record your calls in many areas provided you are a partie to the conversation. Record what you can. Then you must stay away from her and don’t drink with her for god’s sake.
          If she threatens again once you avoid her…then incrementally but robustly show her it won’t go easy because you have some evidence she is fabricating. Don’t overdo it and don’t show all your cards. Also show a willingness to openly challenge her accusations so she can see that you are prepared and not intimidated.
          Tell her to f-off and tell her that the only further response you will give on the matter is in a court before a judge.
          You won’t necessarily be any better protected – cuz you are a man and therefore a rapist yada yada – but you will have shown her and the courts that you aren’t going down.
          She wants to feel powerful and intimidate you and if she can’t and there is a chance she will be exposed…she will likely look for someone else to intimidate. Unless she is fixated on destroying you because she ‘loves’ you…then you contact an exorcist or seal your fate and marry her! Just kidding.
          Best of luck my man. Don’t underestimate their desire to do evil and don’t overestimate their level of sanity.

  • ilkenhans

    Thanks for the idea. I’m sure I can get her to incriminate herself. I am not guilty, I just don’t think I could go to jail like that. sorry I am so messed up by this, I just dont know what to do. I know she is capable of doing it. I just cant live with being accused like he was. Ill get the recording then just keep it if I need it. thanks again.

  • Carlos

    Personally I would greatly prefer being raped than being falsely accused, much less convicted, of rape. For me there’s no comparison between the two. A false accusation of rape that is taken seriously (as should all such serious accusations) is far, far worse. It is a humiliation and degradation that continues day after day for years if not for the rest of your life. It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving as you can never get a job, rent a house or be trusted again around anything or anyone after you are branded with the scarlet letter “R.”

    Feminists pretend we live in a “rape culture” where rape is this common-place thing that most men don’t even see a problem with. Meanwhile, actual rapists are pariahs. They are social outcasts in every sense of the word. Even in prison rapists are despised and put into protective custody with pedophiles for their own safety (despite prison being the only place where rape culture actually exists.) Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not saying we need to start showing sympathy for rapists, but to be falsely accused of rape, in a culture that is so histrionic about rape, is to be a social outcast viewed scarcely better than a pedophile. It’s a fate that may be worse than death, and is certainly worse than being raped in most cases. Besides that, men falsely convicted of rape, can go on to actually also be raped in prison… many times.. for years.

  • George

    One thing I find ridiculous about the laws at the moment is that even if you are proven innocent of a rape allegation, it still stays on your personal record for another 6 years! It’s a bit like being pulled over because you’re suspected of drink driving, being proven innocent on the breathalyzer test but still getting punished despite being proven innocent. Of course it’s not the same, but in this kind of context it sound pretty stupid. It still being on your record will then mean you will have prejudice against you when at job interviews and other situations for the next 6 years of your life despite being innocent!!

  • SaintToMonster

    Sorry for my earlier post, of course I have no intent to harm anybody… but as those of you who have been through what I have… you know the anger can be so immense at times and we end up saying stupid stuff out of rage… It’s no good though… Called to make a new appointment with my psychologist with the doctor yesterday… hopefully they can help me again… Wish me luck… Stay strong people… Keep hoping for justice to prevail and stay good.

    • greg

      Good luck. Psychologist may be able to help you. I pray you get the help you are seeking.

      Never give up hope!!

      I don’t know your circumstances, but a better screen name for you is

      I don’t view you as a Monster.

  • Joshua Marion

    OK. I just want to say that firstly I feel that rape is not a joke. it is a form of torture and a hate crime against woman. I think false allegations about rape a horrible because they discredit real victims when they really raped. But I feel that saying things like “The lives of two men are ruined every month” Completely miss represents a major issue…that EVERY* time a woman* is raped her life if ruined…and I would say that her life is ruined much worse then the life of the man who is falsely accused. So these statistics may be completely accurate but we have to compare then to the total number of rape cases and the total number or those that are found to be are have compelling or valid evidence and then we will see that the lives of two men per month is nothing compared to the number of woman whose lives and forever ruined and also those whose attacker is never* brought to justice. So yes I feel horrible for the men who are actually innocent and who are accused of rape…and I am very angry with the woman who are accusing them knowing that either they aren’t the rapist or that no rape occurred…but to be honest…in the grand scheme of things…I do not feel that they are the victims we should be looking at.. this is just another way to look at the man’s side of this issue when it is first and for most primarily a woman’s issue. First they ignore and even shame the female victim and say that it is her fault and that the man couldn’t help it…and now we are looking at the men who are falsely accused of rape….which gives the impression..unintentionally of course…that rape victims are lairs looking for attention…again I know that is not the intention of statistics like this but I feel that this is not looking at the major problem within a vast and horrible issue. for anyone who wishes to tell me off or anything firstly I don’t care to be honest…there is very little if anything that would ever make me change my opinion on this subject…and second I am a man…and i live and work with rape victims on a regular bases…so….yeah…if you don’t like my opinion…just don’t read it…I don’t care about your negative comments…you don’t have to comment on everything you don’t like…just ignore me if you have a problem….thank you!

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      ” gives the impression..unintentionally of course…that rape victims are lairs looking for attention…”

      Only to people who have been trained to assume as a default position that every claim of rape is true. There was a time when those who spoke out against false accusations were not demonized as rape apologists, by the entire culture. It is normal and appropriate to react with horror at the thought that a person has been raped. It is an act of lazy intellectual dishonesty and moral bankruptcy to NOT ascertain that a rape did in fact occur.

    • Near Earth Object

      “OK. I just want to say that firstly I feel that rape is not a joke. it is a form of torture and a hate crime against woman.”

      It would seem that in your very provincial worldview, men are not also the victims of rape.

    • Mark Wharton

      And who is trying rape out to be a joke? Feminists and their ilk. You also are making it out to be a joke by disregarding half the population as potential victims. I’m sorry that you have no compassion like these false rape accusers. I mean it doesn’t hurt that they may be killed or assaulted by vigilantes or be unemployable and lose their current job based on the accusation, I mean that really doesn’t matter.

  • angie

    My boyfriend was wrongfully accused of rape when he was younger. I know for a fact that he would never do that because he is the most gentle and honerable man that I know. The only reason he took the plea agreement, was because his dad was dying and he want’d to be with him. If there is anyone out there that could help him clear his name, we would be sooooo greatfull…….

    • captive

      There is absolutely nothing you can do to clear the names of people maliciously accused. There are many many women who are taught to frame men for rape, unfortunately. It’s part of the culture of male hatred of contemporary feminism.

      For example: http://imageshack.com/a/img845/6330/j6c9.jpg

      • Deirdre O’Neill

        But what if the police officer carried out an investigation wrongly and the accuser made a counter allegation of sexual assault because charges of assault were been pressed against her ???? So the police officer just took the statement from her and her buddies backing her up and left out evidence ????

  • Suzanne

    Quote Joshua Marion ‘there is very little if anything that would ever make me change my opinion on this subject…and second I am a man…and i live and work with rape victims on a regular bases…so….yeah…if you don’t like my opinion…just don’t read it…I don’t care about your negative comments…you don’t have to comment on everything you don’t like…just ignore me if you have a problem….thank you!’

    You’re an arrogant little man too! I’m not going to ignore you because you’re WRONG! I can’t wait for you to be falsley accused and live the hell that this entails and see if your opinion has changed after you’ve lost your job, your home, your family , your friends, your health , and maybe your mind. Do you know that every year men commit suicide because of the horror they’re living as a direct result ofhaving been falsley accused? Get real.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Feminist love their own rape fantasies and they invite all men to join in their erotic/aversive drama. They will not be happy until they can be assured that not a single man is left who says “no.”

    “Welcome to my rape fantasy”

  • captive
  • Mark Wharton

    While I would hate to be raped, it is not hard to imagine that one night of misery could be deemed less then being tortured for life, having to look over your shoulder for vigilantes, and having no employment opportunity. Good post Mike Lopez.




    • Deirdre O’Neill

      My 13 year old son has got 5 false sexual assault allegations on the police data all because i wanted to press charges against the bully who punched him in school, she and her mates made counter allegations and im also trying to get them removed because he did not do nothing of the sort. Maybe we need to go to the media and highlight this crap that destroys innocent peoples lives.

  • driversuz

    You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (misandry and misogyny and violence). [Ref: 2745]

  • Chrystalynn Kelly

    My boyfriend was accused of rape back in 1989, there was no DNA testing done, he was sentenced to 15 years served 9, the police just assumed he did it because he knew the girl. I know for a fact that my boyfriend is incapable of such a violent crime. His life us forever ruined because of a 16 year old at an adult party, I,d like to know why she was there in the first place. Is there anyone who can give me advise on how to clear his name?

    • Avatar

      Travesty !

  • Deirdre O’Neill

    My thirteen year old son was been bullied in school by a group of nasty girls and some boys. Then i received a Facebook message saying my son had touched this girl ( the ring leader ) ether between her legs on on the boob’s so i mistakenly told the girl i was reporting this to the school which i did straight away’ these bully’s were also calling my son Jimmy Savel as well as punching and kicking him’ my son never hit back as i told him its wrong to hit women. The school called us in and threw a whole lot of statements from these girls saying he had poked them all in the bottom with a pencil in geography class ?
    She got her 4 friends to say to say he touched them also’ even a few boys lied saying they saw it’ when i asked what was the teacher doing when my son was suppose to be running around the class with a pence held over his private poking them from the back with a pencil the deputy head said the teacher saw nothing but teacher can not be expected to see everything ??? My son was treated like the filth of the earth by both teachers at this meeting’ and they shouted and spoke over me ect it was horrific, they also threatened me with Social Service’s ‘my son broke down was roaring crying, as he thought he was the cause of all this and that i would have all my kids took away. so the excluded my son only based on the evidence of the bully’s and because she had more witness and my son’s friends were not allowed to say or give statements in support of my child ?? My son was excluded for 3 days but was ill with ear infection for 3 weeks ect, but i never sent him back to the school. So i got the police involved as this particular girl who was going around school accusing every boy of touching her the one who said my son touched her boobs ect and caused all this’ she punched my son so i said to police i want to press charges against her for assaulting my son’ he convinced me to wait till he trys to sort it out’ but instead he took statements from the bully and her mates and now my son has 5 sexual assault allegations on the police data for the rest of his life made by the bully and her mates who all found it a big joke and excitement ,also 7 witness statements from her other buddies, the police took all the statements of sexual assault from them at the school and it was the talk of the school, police officer said its my fault because i insisted in pressing charges against this brazing bully who got kicked out of her last school for this kind of behaviourist im to blame for reporting the bullying and wanting to press charges against the bully ??? The school are a disgrace’ i reported them to Ofstead but they ignored me and said they can not get involved. ??? Please can anyone advise me what action i can take against this school and ive put in a complaint against the police officer but i have not got very much faith in them now. My son is now 14 years old ‘he dose not leave the house only to go to school and is so depressed i only tried to protect him from these bullys and now we are been punished for it’ also kid’s still start on him because of the way the school and police treating him like as if he were that dirty owl pervert ( JIMMY SAVEL ) :'( :'(

    • David Christie

      Take him for psychiatric counseling and psycho-therapy. Get written statements from the docs and therapists support your son’s allegations and diagnosing the resulting consequences. Then drag the school and the bully’s families into civil court. Sue the school and the perpetrators for all they have.

      • Deirdre O’Neill

        Thank you David Christie’ but dose my son need a solicitor to file a civil lawsuit ? Or how do i go about this ?’ as i know nothing about the law. Also i can ask my doctor to refer my son to a therapists but my son refuse’s to talk about the impact its had on him to anyone. As he has lost trust in all Authority figures , it has left me shattered’ knocked my son’s confidence and worst. I Put in a Complaint to the Department of Education’ but they have never got back to me, also i complained about the horrific way the police treated my child and they turned down my Complaint’ so i appealed to the DPS Appeals unit and i am now waiting there reply.? My life has been hell since this all kicked of, and nobody seem,s to care or want to help, thank’s again David.

        • David Christie

          I’m in the USA and I’m unfamiliar with your laws, Dierdre. But those are the avenues one could pursue here. Perhaps you should ask around and seek legal advice where you are. Talk to 3 or 4 solicitors and see if they think you have a case.

      • Deirdre O’Neill

        David i was thinking of going to the news papers ??? but i do not know weather im doing the right thing ?

  • Fancyod

    50 years ago I was bullied by a group of girls, they would run me home everyday. I just came off the farm never had a fight but I could run fast.My first year in the big city was hell.

  • David Christie

    Clearly, some women consciously project their sexuality and promote it in ways that are manipulative and exploitive of the opposite sex. The so called “unspeakable atrocity” happens when some maladjusted and dysfunctional man cracks up and acts out on years of frustration, confusion, mixed messages and double standards promulgated by Western Society and does it in a pathological fashion. If you want to see some real “rapes” look at the many cases of false accusations by women who use the law to rape men. Look at the cases that have put innocent guys in prison for 25 years to life where they end up really getting violated in unspeakable and atrocious ways. If there were sexual equality in our society, women who engage in that behavior would get just as much time in prison as a male rapist. Do they? Never. If a woman engages in pedophilia, do they get the same punishment as a man? Never. When it comes to child custody, do men enjoy the same consideration as do women? Never. All the man usually receives is decades of indentured servitude. Let’s start being more fair and honest when we talk about rape and who’s actually raping whom..