Brian Moore

Was David Ainsworth driven to suicide?

Did DVPO supremo, Brian Moore, allow his deputy to be hounded to suicide?

MRA London has a new member – Agent Kildare! Here, in his debut article, he uncovers the shocking story behind the suicide of David Ainsworth, the UK Police Deputy of Wiltshire. This man had so little human worth, that even at the inquest of his death, police union officials were concerned only with congratulating themselves over their hard work in protecting the “real victims” in this tragedy. Ed (MRAL)

A recent article on MRA London highlighted a 2009 report by ACPO – the UK Association of Chief Police Officers, ‘Tackling Violence against Women and Girls’ (1).

The report outlines the strategy which resulted in the current trials in the UK of Domestic Violence Protection Orders.

The report’s author was Brian Moore, at the time the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. He was supported by a steering group weighted towards women (75%) and representatives from women’s support projects such as Refuge and Women’s Aid.

Among the recommendations in the report is that a new crime be established of ‘Causing Suicide by Abuse’. The report states that this offence should be targeted exclusively at ‘abusive men’ who initiate ‘a course of action which played a significant and causal role in the suicide”.

In 2011, while Moore was Chief Executive of Wiltshire Police, his deputy David Ainsworth committed suicide.

A widely-respected expert on vehicle crime, Ainsworth had spent several months under investigation after official complaints had been made in late 2010 about a number of what his girlfriend, Joanna Howes, described as ‘petty’ allegations of sexist remarks to female colleagues.

The report of the investigation into the alleged remarks has never been publically released. However the police authority confirmed there were a total of 26 complaints, from 13 women, seven of whom are on one team. The latter group are believed to have made a joint complaint about a single remark by Mr Ainsworth. This consisted of Mr Ainsworth looking at a woman in a tailored blouse and saying ‘nice buttons’. All the remarks were described as ‘minor’.

Over time Ainsworth, who was initially ‘bullish’ about the ‘absurd’ allegations, became increasingly despondent and distressed, telling friends that the force had ‘abandoned’ him and that he was the victim of a ‘witch-hunt’.

Ms Howes said the force “systematically poisoned” everyone against her partner and denied he was guilty of sexual harassment of women (2).

After the Coroner’s inquest in June 2012, Mr Ainsworth’s father Stanley spoke to reporters: “I don’t feel he was treated well,” Mr Ainsworth said.

“I don’t think anyone seemed to notice his physical deterioration. When I saw him 10 days before he died, I was shocked by how he had changed in his attitude and his appearance. If nobody on the police side could see that they must have been looking in a different place. If someone is that ill, mentally and physically, and showing all the signs, somebody on the police side should have done more about it.”

No claims against Mr Ainsworth were ever substantiated. Despite this, two women; Susan Leffers, head of justice, and Zoe Durrant, head of human resources, received substantial payouts from the force following his death.

A UNISON spokesperson, Ben Priestley, described them as the real victims of the affair: “the women who were subjected to sexual harassment by Mr Ainsworth were badly let down by the police service and the way it responds to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

“We are calling for all parties involved in the case to explore ways to ensure that the police service becomes a more welcoming and inclusive place to work. The service is currently male dominated with 75% of police officers being male, while women make up 65% of police staff…inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment from whatever quarter [should be] dealt with seriously and speedily. The service cannot afford to deter talented women from joining.” (3)

Ms Howes described the UNISON remarks as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘inaccurate’. However at the inquest into Mr Ainsworth’s death, the Coroner refused to extend the remit of the trial to examine the causes of Mr Ainsworth’s suicide, saying he was satisfied the cause was simply that Mr Ainsworth was ‘depressed’.

Wiltshire is now a pilot area for Mr Moore’s DVPOs. Mr Moore left the force in March 2012 to run the UK Border Force on an interim basis. A report into the affair by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in September 2012 noted that “a number of women we interviewed felt they had wrongly been categorised as complainants, when they didn’t in fact wish to make a complaint at all.”

Mr Ainsworth said his son did not know until five months after the investigation started the detail of the allegations he faced; “He didn’t know until his very last moments what people were saying about him. When he told the force he was thinking of suicide, he was told not to be silly.

“My David wasn’t a man who would commit sexual harassment, he wouldn’t do that.

He was a good man.

This article was first published on MRA London.





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  • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

    I suspect there’s more to this. David Ainsworth had been subject to an investigation for months, but wasn’t allowed to know what the allegations were or who was making them. I understand that the report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary into David Ainsworth’s suicide noted that his morale collapsed on the 15 December, only after he learned for the first time that there were some 50 or so complaints lodged against him. The report noted again, that many of those listed as making a complaint never actually considered themselves complainants at all.

    And we must not forget this man was a human being. It’s almost as if it’s been forgotten in all this. Here is a picture of him…

    In the eyes of his police force, the UNISON union and many of those he worked with, his life accounted for nothing. After all, he was only a man. And he’s gone now anyway.

    • bruce_loco

      Well, that would constitute harassment by his superiors.
      So there is a lawsuit coming, and if his superiors are found to be guilty and punished, maybe they will be less willing to hung people out to dry without actual proof.

    • JJ

      Perhaps these poor, poor wymins could get a job at a more reputable institution that will better espouse their views; I think Georgetown has a few positions available?

      Honestly, how do they do it?! I mean, what a harrowing experience they must have faced?

      A man who “allegedly” harassed them commits suicide! Wow, those wymmins sure are strong in the face of such terrible tragedy.

      In the face of such gross incompetence and nonchalance towards a fellow human being, AND the ease of his life’s dismissal is a terrifying example of what feminism does to any institution. That, and now they control another police station and are trying to push men out again.

      You cannot reason with people like this.

      • MGTOW-man

        “A man who “allegedly” harassed them commits suicide! Wow, those wymmins sure are strong in the face of such terrible tragedy.”
        —Their feelings control them; they are ruthless. They could care less about society and males; their feelings are all that matters… for women are larger than the world itself. So of course, they should think too much of themselves. But of course!

    • Dean Esmay

      I wonder at myself; years ago I would have just thought this was all odd and uninteresting. Just another cop who kills himself, right? He was just an asshole, right? Grrr.

      I really believed that things like this were gone decades ago, that cultural obsession with protecting ladies’ delicate sensibilities to the point of Victorianism and beyond, I didn’t see it coming, let alone the complete callousness about male suicide. How foolish of me.

  • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

    I’ve just spotted the intro to this article on the AVfM front page, which says “David Ainsworth made a few off color remarks to some women.”

    I just want to make it absolutely clear that, actually, nothing was EVER substantiated against David Ainsworth. His partner, Joanna Howes, denies that he was ever guilty of sexual harassment and claims that the police force “systematically poisoned” everyone against David.

    I think we should not fall into the trap of allowing mud to stick just because a lot of it is being thrown. Innocent until proven guilty remember!

    • Sasha

      Hi Andy, I’d just like to clarify a point. At the Coroner’s inquest into Ainsworth’s suicide, Lynne Owens the Chief Constable of Surrey Police, said she met with him in February 2011, and discussed the fact that he’d recently learned that ‘up to 50′ people had been interviewed as part of the investigation.

      Up until that point, he’d apparently been upset, but determined to fight the allegations. However when he realised how many people were now ‘involved’, how extensive the investigation was, and was led to believe there were more and more ‘complaints’ against him, he became utterly despondent.

      In fact, as the HMIC report later made clear, many of these ‘complaints’ were nothing of the sort. Many people didn’t even know they were ‘complainants’ and had no complaint to make.

      This case is extremely troubling on several levels.

      Firstly, the author of the strategy which seems determined to introduce into the UK, the Spanish model of Domestic Violence Prevention Orders’ which has proved so disastrous there, seems to have turned a blind eye to the mobbing of a clearly vulnerable man to his death.

      Secondly, what does this tell us about the culture of the British police? The trade union involved – UNISON – twisted and spun at every opportunity to slander the man. In many reports after his death, Nick Maslen, the UNISON representative for Wiltshire Police says that Ainsworth wasn’t vetted before taking up his position, and later that this was because he ‘refused’ to be vetted.

      Firstly, it beggars believe that anyone could legitimately ‘refuse’ something that is required. Secondly, why would he refuse? No-one seems to have found anything that would cause any concerns. Finally, who’s responsible for ensuring vetting gets carried out? The Head of Human Resources I imagine. Who’s that then? Oh, blow me – turns out to be one of the women UNISON represents who got a massive payout.

      These are the corrupt bastards looking to get MORE power over mens lives? Looking to be given the power to chuck a man out of his home on a woman’s say-so?

      Trust me, we’ve got a lot more up our sleeves about this case. By the time we’ve finished we’ll have poured an entire bucket of FTSU over these people.

      • ARK

        This story twists my guts. I look forward to a good FTSUing. Seems like it’s been earned.

    • MGTOW-man

      “Off color” remarks are nothing less than women being mad for not being male and expecting men to accept responsibility for it, apologize for it, and make it right. (In fact, that is the definition of the feminists’ movement as a whole—as if it is all and only men’s fault. Nature had no role whatsoever).

      If reversed, and often it is, women make all kinds of gestures at males. It is the fact that women aren’t NATURALLY dominant that bothers them.

      It is like they are children.

      So much for old adages. Seems, even though yesteryear’s men couldn’t quite put a finger on it, nonetheless, with their idioms and sayings, they were and are correct.

      Collectively, men knew better to give women unbridled power. Now, look what they have done with it…turned the world into one great big male punishment machine—for things that for the most part, can’t be helped. Couldn’t men see this coming?

      The moral of the story, do not teach women to shoot!!!!!!!!!…because they will invent and FEEL into existence, reasons to shoot you.

      • Near Earth Object

        “invent and FEEL into existence”


  • Carlos

    I want to make a joke about how male suicide and disposability is caused by Patriarchy and feminists are working on it, but I haven’t the heart for it now.

    There are a lot of details missing here and they will likely never be disclosed to protect the guilty and politically correct. I have seen too well the reality that there are victims that matter and victims that don’t. Not only is this a white, adult male, but he is also one accused of sexual harassment and, in an environment where men are presumed guilty and misandry rules the day, an accusation is all it takes to not only have no sympathy for this man, but to feel a sense of satisfaction that he was ground down into the dirt until he took his own life.

    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Feminist Hero Andrea Dworkin

    Here ya go feminists… sans the high heel.

    • KeanoReeves

      One of the greatest strenght we can have is to NOT EXPECT JUSTICE. This Andrea is always shouting out “everyday oppression of women.” What does it mean? No one has yet explained it to me!!!

  • externalangst

    This has the stench of corrupt officials covering their asses by attacking the credibility of the victim they hounded to his death.

  • KeanoReeves

    I am shocked. And angry.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Thank you for getting this out, this is particularly heartfelt. The last few days I have been dealing with my son who attempted suicide. He has had problems for six years now and much to do with the type of circumstance this article portrays.

    • Near Earth Object

      I am very sorry to learn about what has been going on for you and yours, my friend.
      You are in my thoughts.

  • onca747

    Thanks to MRA London for this report. What a complete and utter ballsup. I consider this not a suicide, but manslaughter, and I sincerely hope the officials responsible lose their jobs, if not go to prison over it. They all have the blood of a police officer on their greasy hands.

  • donzaloog

    How disgusting. This man was destroyed for allegedly making some off colour remarks to some women. It will get to the point soon where men won’t even bother fraternizing with female co-workers on any social level. Just give them the “Good Mornings” etc and be on your way. You have nothing to gain from dealing with these people.

    In the current environment it’s like men have a knife to their throats at all times.

    • JGteMolder

      I wonder, when that starts to happen, how long before they make the law that not fraternizing with women co-workers is sexual harassment, indirect rape and whatnot, so you’re guilty whatever you do – living “free” only as a long as a woman has nothing to gain from locking you away; now go to jail or kill yourself, see if we care?

  • Laddition

    I’m sorry that he’s dead, I wish that the weren’t.


    I would like to point out that he was part of the culture that means men accused of this kind of thing are cast out from society. He was high up in the police management, he helped set the culture there. That culture also sets the actions of the police against men in general – DVPO. I don’t think that this guy was a friend of men, though he may well not have been a deliberate enemy either.

    There is no justice in what happened to him, but the reason that he felt driven to suicide was probably (I didn’t know the guy) that he knew damn well how much support he was going to get from systems that he was involved in creating / supporting / administering – NONE. He had an inside track view on what it means to have been accused of gender-crime in the UK, he proceeded to kill himself. I think that that speaks volumes about the state of affairs in the UK police and in society in general.

    I would strongly prefer that the guy was still alive today actually fighting for justice for himself and everyone else caught up in the same biased, bigotted system that appears to assume guilt as soon as someone makes a statement that can be twisted to make it sound like a complaint. Until this system starts to hurt people that thought that they were immune from its insanity, the sooner they might start trying to enforce proper legal standards and reasonable views of intergender relations.

    But again; I’m sorry that he’s dead. I am utterly willing to accept that people who knew him, knew him to be a nice man. One that should still be alive today.

    • MRA London

      I hear what you say but would like to point out that David Ainsworth’s particular field was vehicle crime.

      • Laddition

        a fair point, thanks for that. I appreciate that we can have a civilised discussion about sensitive subjects. I have no ill will towards this man (that I never met), nor with any of the police that I have ever met.

        He may have been concentrated in other areas, but he was also part of the management structure, so I’m sure that he had an inside view on how things worked. He was very likely to have seen men under him have their careers destroyed under similar circumstances. That system is immoral but it will only start to change when people start speaking up, particularly those people in positions of influence, I wish that that was what he had done.

      • feeriker

        Be that as it may, he still was an integral part of an organization that routinely and systematically inflicts injustices upon men. He most surely had to have at some point come to realize that his employer was operating on the wrong side of justice and morality. Indeed, I cannot help but believe that the case against him must have ultimately demonstrated this to him in the most painful way possible.

        Again, I do NOT by any means rejoice over Mr. Ainsworth’s (or anyone else’s) death, but to imply that he was not in any way culpable for the wrongs that his police agency routinely inflicts upon both his community in general and community’s men in particular is simply misguided. ALL who serve such entities in any capacity, but do not stand up for what is right in the face of institutional wrong bear at least some responsibility for the wrongs these entities commit. Mr. Ainsworth, tragic as his case turned out to be, was no exception.

    • feeriker

      I would like to point out that he was part of the culture that means men accused of this kind of thing are cast out from society. He was high up in the police management, he helped set the culture there. That culture also sets the actions of the police against men in general – DVPO. I don’t think that this guy was a friend of men, though he may well not have been a deliberate enemy either.

      Excellent point, laddition! While Ainsworth’s death is indeed a tragedy, I too think it is important to remember that he served a body that is, for all practical purposes, the enforcement arm of the State in its systemic oppression of men. That Ainsworth ultimately fell victim to the very machine he served is yet another example of the beast inevitably devouring its own.

  • Near Earth Object

    I am already familiar with this case, and I do appreciate the additional information, Andy.

    Figuratively speaking, David Ainsworth had his feet nailed to the ground and was left in the dark, across a period of many months—too many months! Socially, it would appear that he was confined to something akin to an ever-shrinking solitary confinement and denied what was essential for him to make any kind of sense out of what he was being subjected to.

    How is anyone expected to cope with these circumstances day after day and for months on end, but poorly? And then to call him silly, when he discloses that he has been having suicide ideation. Litigation, and this matter is not only like litigation, but in some ways worse, has been known to produce states of heightened stress, distress, depression and anxiety.

    They failed him! He had to live with what was being done do him. They now get to live with what they did to him. They failed him!

    • MRA London

      Agent Kildare is continuing to research this. If you have any additional info, drop us a line:

    • Theaverageman

      Gauging their reaction to the news or his death I can assure you that these people are sleeping with clear consciences.

  • ComradePrescott

    I think I need to take a break from avfm for a little while because all these stories make me want to move to another country.

    • Laddition

      yes, but the options are very limited unless you’re very rich. You’re not ‘The Mouth of the Humber’ Prescott, are you? :)

    • feeriker

      Unless you move to the jungles of Deepest Darkest Africa or of Papua New Guinea or the middle of the Sahara Desert, it’s hard to think of anywhere on Earth where you’ll be safe.

  • http://none universe

    Tragic and simultaneously nauseating.
    The irony.
    “Among the recommendations in the report is that a new crime be established of ‘Causing Suicide by Abuse’.”
    – A man was commissioned to head a committee to investigate suicide through domestic abuse but this same man later committed suicide through similar circumstance.

    Or is this coincidence? Or both?
    “The report states that this offence should be targeted exclusively at ‘abusive men’ who initiate ‘a course of action which played a significant and causal role in the suicide”.
    – Aside from the glaringly obvious to the red pill community of men committing more suicide, and quite possibly more so because of the weight of the state’s abuse of process upon men in dissolving domestic and otherwise relations, we’re now in a position to discover a provable evidential link to women’s use of violence by proxy. In this case, internal policing proxy. Had Mr. Ainsworth survived the ordeal weighted upon him he may have learned the utter shallowness of the whole false endeavour, if not having done so already. It will be interesting to see who covers for whom. And who takes a fall.
    We’ll be standing by for further news.
    Intrepid reporting.

  • Murray Pearson

    “Figuratively speaking, David Ainsworth had his feet nailed to the ground and was left in the dark, across a period of many months—too many months! Socially, it would appear that he was confined to something akin to an ever-shrinking solitary confinement and denied what was essential for him to make any kind of sense out of what he was being subjected to.” — NEO

    I can relate to this all too well, having lived in these circumstances (from abuse, not pernicious accusation) since the end of the 1990s, and continuing to this day. I call it “the glass oubliette”. It is soul-crushing and life-destroying.

  • Codebuster

    No-one should ever commit suicide over this kind of thing… easier said than down, I suppose. However… there is a word for this kind of thing, and it is a good idea to recognize it when it is happening. Ainsworth’s example is classic, it’s typical of how it works. It’s called mobbing. I think it was mobbing expert Kenneth Westhues who posted to our very own AVFM on this topic a year or so ago. We should be able to recognize when it’s happening, so we can turn it around and have it backfire on them.

    • Codebuster

      Ah, found it… here it is.

  • malcolm

    How very sad. What an abusive atmosphere for a man to work in. Why is it deemed acceptable to strip a man of his dignity and kick him when he’s down?

  • MRA London

    If anyone has information regarding the event surround David Ainsworth death, they can contact us:

    Information will be treated confidentially unless you tell us otherwise.

  • Theaverageman

    People care more about a woman who had a mildly offensive remark made at her than a man who killed himself and was alienated when he tried to get himself help.
    I have no faith in humanity

  • tamerlame

    Police thugs are people who enable the system. They are the white knights that come running when a hysterical woman phones them for no reason. They are the ones that kill low status males often for no reason and nothing is done. They are the ones who hassle and trifle with young vulnerable males. (Stop and search.) The police are mostly there to keep men in line.

    So I am now supposed to care now that a police officer kills himself? That is the price he pays for endorsing the state systems violence, he was a state sponsored mercenary. He should of paid more attention to how unfair the system was before the male hostile system screwed him.

    • Sasha

      I can see your point, however we can’t pick and chose victims.

      The fact is that David Ainsworth was driven to suicide by misandrist mobbing conducted under the nose of Brian Moore, who wants to introduce DVPOs across the UK so more men can also be thrown to the wolves.

      I use the term ‘misandrist mobbing’ because it’s accurate. We don’t know all the details (though we soon will because MRA London’s on the case now) but what little we do know indicates that the allegations were an inflated crock of cooked-up bullshit served up by feminist grievance-monkeys enabled by slippery distraction-merchants.

      The fact that Moore also thinks it’s a great idea to introduce a new criminal law to make it an offence to drive someone to commit suicide is just some sort of tragic irony.

      Now, am I a bit fan of the Old Bill? No I’m not. But Ainsworth was a man, and that’s enough for me.

      • tamerlame

        I can pick and choose who I worry about.. To be honest I do feel for him, but I am willingly trying to suppress my empathy for him.

        If you got arrested on a false rape charge, do you think this person would of given a damn?

        There are no nice cops, even if they are nice people who don’t abuse their power. If a nice cops mates beat the crap out of you and he saw it, he would back his mates, and not report them.

        If someone is a willing clog in the machine, don’t worry about them. I don’t care about abusive hysterical woman for the same reason, they wouldn’t have any empathy for you.

        The story is disturbing though and shows how gynocentric our culture is. Even the states male enforcers, the male violence needed to keep the system in check can get destroyed by hostile females.

        Now that police have tasers, you will see more female police thugs, they will hold men in even more contempt and they will use male technology to brutalize the male underclass. Who needs a strong man when you can use torture devices?

        • Near Earth Object

          Of course, we have had difference lives with different experiences, tamerlame.
          I have had both positive and negative experiences with the Police.

          When I was nineteen, I was detained for several minutes on a false allegation of “he touched me”. My very own sister perpetrated that one, and my mother came to the rescue.
          When I was twenty-two, a Police Officer said to me, “You move and I will blow your head off!” In all fairness to the Officer, I put my own self into that situation and was released moments later.
          When I was twenty-three, two Police Officers stood in between me and danger. That was my sister again, having recruited (what I came to know as) a White Knight. He was arrested. I never spoke with my sister again.

          Did you read my reply above?
          What I was unable to write at the time…
          Something, not unlike what happened to David Ainsworth, happened to me at the Radical Feminist Indoctrination Centre. Except, I became suicidal after I left. A pair of stinging ironies: a former suicide counselor becomes suicidal; and an overwhelming majority of Crisis Counselors—Suicide Counselors, orchestrated it. How very sick, especially given their role. But hey, I am male and they are feminists, of both the female and male variety.

          For me, it is not what David did for a living, but what he experienced in his last days as a human being, at the hands of other human beings (cough).

          Thank you for your honesty, brother.

        • sadman365

          You’re probably right about this one. Knowing he was a policeman, a UK policeman (male-oppressing and hating system) I think he got a taste of his own medicine. The medicine he used to administer and help administer to others (men).
          If he didn’t support the system then he still fucked up by committing suicide, to the satisfaction of all the feminazi cunts and their supporting lap dogs (manginas and white knights). I don’t know why every time a man’s wrongly accused of being a “misogynist” he either resigns his post or commits suicide. WTF? This gives the feminazi cunts even more incentive to accuse any man they don’t like (as if they aren’t already doing that) knowing he’ll end up killing himself or resigning.

  • yinyangbalance

    Its pretty clear that the Police Chief and those heading the Police department were out looking to lynch a man for sexual harassment in order to make a spectacle and to send a twisted message that their department welcomes women; they were willing to do this at any cost, even at the cost of an innocent man’s well being, and even at the cost of that innocent man’s life.

    This tragedy is directly related to the UK Association of Chief Police Officers report on ‘Tackling Violence against Women and Girls’ and the hysteria that it has caused within the UK police force management. What these reports dont tackle is the problem with predators making false accusations, which is exactly what the UK Police did in this case against an innocent person which resulted in that persons death. They should be charged with murder.

  • napocapo69

    I’d like to say unbelieaveble, but I can’t…

  • Poester99

    No claims against Mr Ainsworth were ever substantiated. Despite this, two women; Susan Leffers, head of justice, and Zoe Durrant, head of human resources, received substantial payouts from the force following his death.

    This speaks for itself


    This does not sound like an ordinary suicide, if there is such a thing. I would be more inclined to call this an example of a “hexed death” or “pointing the bone.” This is death by hostile ostracism. This is death by the powers of slander and stigmatization abused by an irresponsible and treacherous authority. There should be a special name for this.

  • Jay

    I’ve known many people who have been victimised by offending the “delicate sensibilities of ladies” or women using it to shame men who give them a compliment and they find that men unattractive. Sexual harassment rules need to change, at the moment they are completely ludicrous.

  • All Contraire

    Elaborating on the above comment by Universe pointing out “women’s use of violence by proxy”…..

    In asserting their gender’s sole proprietary claim to the brand name and copyrighted role of ‘Eternal Victimhood’, Feminists constantly tout the disproportionately much greater numbers of men who kill women. MHRAs may fight back pointing out the far greater numbers and disproportion of men who commit suicide. But, of course, the Feminists scoff that many thousands of men killing themselves is a weak defense against men killing some hundreds of their wives, lovers, etc.

    But is it? Across the ‘pond’ here in the U.S. according to the DoJ and CDC statistics on intimate partner relationship crimes (which I have rounded off), in the sample year 2005 approximately 1100 women were murdered by their male partners versus only 400 men who were murdered by their female partners, a difference of 700 bodies. In that same year nearly 26,000 men killed themselves vs. only 6,700 women, or roughly four male suicides for every one female. But how many of those men were driven mad to end their ensnared lives by the deliberate relentless verbal and physical assaults, false accusations, backstabbing, petty jealousies, constant nagging, belittling, and on and on day after day, and, even worse, the lonely familial, social, and cultural exile, all provoked by cold calculating women who slyly turn everyone against their legally and chivalrously disarmed male victims … most damnably including children against their own Fathers? If it’s only a tiny 2.7 percent of the 26,000, that’s still 700 male bodies balancing the men’s side of the scale. And if the percentage of men destroyed by ruthless women is larger, the scales begin to weigh heavily down on the side of Men’s Victimization.

    Yes, I’ve left out consideration of any female suicides that might be attributed to men. But despite the Feminists’ assertion of husbands coldly plotting to drive their wives insane as scripted in the 1944 movie ‘Gaslight’, it is men who are by nature riled to sudden unthinking publicly exposed anger and violence provoked by and against the women in their lives. Real men only rarely, if at all, try the hidden cold slow-acting poisonous feminine ‘gas-lighting’ weapon of careful long drawn-out and devious scheming. In any case, the lopsided 4:1 rate of male to female suicides still validates my point.

    The direct up-front action of a man killing his wife, then arrested and tried for her murder is easy fodder for ‘blind’ white knight law enforcement and the usual shallow hyped up “if it bleeds it leads” news coverage. The covert nefarious strategy of a woman heartlessly pushing her desperately unawares male partner to depression and suicide over time and behind closed doors is not. Personally, I rate the morality of a man who, in the heat of white-hot anger, kills his wife and afterwards feels terrible guilt and remorse and accepts suffering the consequences high above that of a wife who deliberately coldly and calculatedly plots inciting her husband to kill himself. And who afterwards –– as she adds up the life insurance and other death benefits –– feels herself smugly vindicated that she’s not been found out amid the outpouring of sympathy and support for her role as the bereaved poor innocent widow in black.

    And when her scheming backfires, the tragedy is to the man, not the woman, if his predictable and indeed sought for anger is sometimes unintentionally fatal. If he has finally been driven beyond all reason and self-control by a seething woman who has miscalculated and gone too far in provoking the violence that unexpectedly rebounds back against her. Bottom line: taking the two genders’ murder and suicide rates together, more women kill men –– both outright and coldly without conscience over time through their clever manipulations –– than men kill women in sudden rage followed by deep remorse.

    This discussion does not address any official (unknown because not looked for) estimates for clever women who get away with out-and-out murder. I should, however, bring up the baleful effect on gender violence from partisan Feminist Advocacy which has been extensively exposed by previous articles in AVfM. Before the 1970s the murder rates in America between men and women were almost the same. But they have since widely diverged after the Feminist Takeover made women legally supreme and rendered men naked and defenseless before the law. Now, of course, vindictive women, encouraged and indeed urged on by our misandrous Marxist-Feminist culture and coached by happy-to-be-of-help Womyn’s Groups, can use false accusations of domestic violence and abuse to have the State destroy men on their behalf. Just as satisfying and as much fun, while much easier and safer, as doing it themselves –– and, despite the veneer of the law, just as morally reprehensible.

    Finally, in the posted article clueless unawares policeman David Ainsworth was beaten down to despair ending in his suicide by Feminist Lynch Mob Law unleashed against him in stealth attack mode. He was quite effectively and efficiently done in by his own ‘trusted’ colleagues. These white knight patsies doubtless felt themselves very manly and courteous acting as “proxies” for unnamed cold scheming feminist-empowered women hiding safely in the background egging on the chivalrous avengers of their outraged maidenly modesty. If not so lethal, the modern medieval travesty would be Monty Python ridiculous.

    Actually, having liberated themselves from Patriarchal logic and reason and any sense of decency, justice, integrity or conscience…indeed any obligations to morality and fairness, these unbound Feminist uber-nannies turned mere words into lethal sticks and stones striking from every direction down against hapless Mr. Ainsworth. They worked incessantly together behind his back and through their lackey knightly surrogates up front to break the man, to undermine and destroy his reputation, his spirit, his assumed but sadly unexamined sense of honor and self-worth, and deny him even his basic humanity. And, no doubt feeling vindicated and self-satisfied with what they’ve accomplished, even as they pretend to be aghast, these scheming women happily and quite safely will literally get away with murder.

    Of course, as they fraudulently push down on their side of the scales of ‘gender equality’ the Feminists will say that, even if women are driving men to despair and suicide, their claim of superior moral value stands. “After all only precious women count and the lives of disposable men mean nothing.” And in Fem-conquered Britain and America, and now increasingly the rest of the world they would be right.

    U.S. Suicide Statistics (2005)
    Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. DoJ 2005

    • Bombay

      10,000 thumbs up. I would like to see this in an article. Bravo!

      • Near Earth Object

        Prior to reading your reply, Bombay, and as I was reading that masterpiece by ‘All Contraire’, my thinking was:

        Wow! ‘All Contraire’ (finally) wrote an article for AVfM. It’s not in the usual place, but hey.

        Yes! I too, would like to see it brought front and center for our world-wide readership.

  • MrShadowfax42
  • Alek

    A UNISON spokesperson, Ben Priestley, described them as the real victims of the affair: “the women who were subjected to sexual harassment by Mr Ainsworth were badly let down by the police service and the way it responds to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

    I actually got a physical gag reflex when I read this bit, and I barely stopped myself from actually vomitting…

    He is actually saying this as he is standing over the dead body of a man who just commited suicide… and… I… I… speechless…

    • Fredrik

      The whole point of DARVO (deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender) is to leave the abuser(s) looking pristine. It can be very confusing sometimes. But when someone dies, I think it’s pretty clear who the victim was.

      The dead one.