Arrested man and gavel

Tough new domestic violence laws proposed for Britain

Our thanks to Greg for pointing us to this piece in the Guardian:

We could find only the following gender-specific statements in the fairly lengthy piece (726 words). Feminist fingerprints are all over both the article and the proposed new bill:

Supporters of the new bill say it would encourage more women to report a crime which is often neglected by the criminal justice system…

Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime…

Now the proposed law would provide a legal framework that would make domestic abuse a specific offence and would allow for the examination of an offender’s course of conduct over a period of time. Supporters say this would encourage more women to report a crime that is often neglected by the criminal justice system, sometimes with tragic consequences…

According to the Home Office, some 1.2 million women in the UK said they had experienced domestic abuse last year. Two out of three incidents involved repeat victims. Two women are killed by a partner, ex-partner or lover each week. Last year 400,000 women were sexually assaulted, of whom 70,000 were victims of rape or attempted rape.

Home Office statistics cover both female and male victims of domestic abuse, of course, so why is there only female victim data in this article? Because feminists. Because Guardian pro-feminist anti-male bias. Even by the standards we’re become accustomed to with respect to reporting of gender matters in the Guardian, this marks a new low in ideologically-driven reporting.

Infinitely more important than the feminist-inspired gender bias of the article, the proposed legislation will inevitably result in huge numbers of miscarriages of injustice against men. A few observations on the legislation, and predictions on how the police and the courts system will respond to it:

  1. A new area for false allegations is created. This will be a charter for malicious women (who haven’t been abused) to make false domestic abuse allegations – in effect, to abuse their partners, possibly not for the first time. In the vast majority of cases, who but the two people involved will know the truth? Which will the police and the courts believe?
  2. Most domestic abuse is reciprocal, but most people reporting the abuse will be women, as currently. Being the first partner to report the abuse, the woman will be more likely to be believed by the police, quite aside from the default presumption (never admitted publicly, of course) of the police that women are more likely than men to tell the truth.
  3. 70% of the victims of uni-directional domestic abuse (the victims ‘take it’ or exit the situation) are men. But we know from British Crime Survey statistics that men are far less likely than women to report abuse, often because they know that if they did so, their relationships would end, and it’s likely they’ll never see their children again. If after a prolonged series of attacks over time an exasperated man finally lost control and struck his partner, whose account of events would the police believe? The woman’s, inevitably. The police would point out that the man hadn’t reported being a victim of abuse to them previously, so his version of events couldn’t be trusted.
  4. The maximum prison term of 14 years is grotesquely high. A woman who kills her partner in cold blood – e.g. by plunging a kitchen knife into his chest while he slept – need only claim she’d ‘feared’ him, by way of mitigation. She need produce no evidence that she had any grounds to fear him. The charge will then automatically be downgraded from murder to manslaughter, and she’ll probably serve under five years with good behaviour. A man, by contrast, under the proposed domestic abuse legislation, could serve 14 years for domestic abuse. It’s utterly inconceivable that even in the most grotesque cases any woman would serve 14 years.
  5. As with other offences, men will be far more likely than women to be charged, regardless of the weight of evidence. They’ll be more likely to be convicted. They’ll be more likely to be incarcerated, and if they are, they’ll serve much longer sentences.

This is nothing less than a major intensification of the state-sponsored and state-enforced war against British men. The balance of power in intimate relationships between men and women already favours women strongly. It’s about to tilt women’s way yet further. Vast numbers of British women are going to exercise that additional power, and ruthlessly. Not only marriage (and the nuclear family with it) are dying. This legislation will in time prove to be a death sentence for unmarried couples’ relationships.

The state, and gender feminists, will be happy with nothing less.

About Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan is a British men's human rights advocate who leads the political party he launched in 2013, Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them). He was a business executive for 30 years before taking early retirement in 2010. He's written nine books and is also a publisher. His last three books have been concerned with gender and gender politics, the most recent being 'Feminism: the ugly truth' (2012).
In 2012 he launched The Anti-Feminism League and Campaign for Merit in Business. He runs a blog demonstrating that men and boys suffer far more grievously from sexism than women and girls, The Alternative Sexism Project.

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  • kronk3

    14 years in jail because ‘she said’ it happened? OMG! We are in for it now gentlemen if this passes. Why are men putting up with this and where is the ‘movement’ to charge and imprison the false accusers? There should be just as much push by MRA’s for prosecuting the false accusers, as the state in pushing their obvious agenda to lock every man away for anything they can fabricate! But somehow, this isn’t happening.

    I mean really it just has to be asked; when will enough be enough???

    • Christopher Wedge

      Enough will be enough the moment when the number of decent people who know just what the hell’s going on hits a critical mass.
      Or, in short, when we win.

      • JJ

        I could not disagree more. I think the thing that will topple this beast is not men. I know it “could” happen; but most likely won’t.

        Most men, even PE had said only five percent of people will even listen and act on anything, never do anything. For 200 hundred years, as RSE has illustriously pointed out, men in small numbers have tried to force change through a variety of ways. Yet still, female murderesses still rule the roost.

        In this regard, I largely agree with the PUA crowd, there are too many weak men to reach critical mass in this regard quickly. We will reach critical mass only when, and if, these men stop realizing the odds are stacked against them. But realize, and act on that knowledge. They have known for millenia that men get the short stick in relationships, and God help them if they ever even ask to use it. Let alone whip her with it. For then he would surely die. Other men, in the same or worse scenarios in their relationship, will try and score brownie points with the missus, and “put this upstart in his place.”

        I have talked to these arses everyday for the past five years.! I am telling you, they see it, but choose the rare stint with a used vagina that loathes them, then the daily use of one that actually cares about them. They are garbage. For all the vitriol we throw back at feminists, these men deserve a special brand of contempt. They are traitors in our midst. For the occasional, and piss poor, romp in the sack that enslaves them, they will throw us all under the bus. And sit there like Goofy agreeing stupidly with their feminine masters that they, as we, all deserve this treatment. Hayuck.

        No, critical mass will only be reached when we take charge. This is not something I take lightly. As every movement takes charge, they go from highly favored, to highly hated overnight. Right now, this movement is favored, because we are in the same boat. But like crabs in a bucket, as soon as we start to make it out, these ass holes will try and pincher us back in with the rest of them. History has many examples of noble movements, that turned dark, and then became what they hated. Civil rights movement went from Dr. King, to his two dupe apprentices Sharpton, and Jackson. When the leader who has the vision is taken out, the idiots with the loudest voices under him tend to take charge. That is my fear, as most groups fail this test to maturity, and stability. Tawana Bradley, and Crystal Gale-Magnum approve.

        I fear that things will have to get so bad, that these sycophantic pussies will have to choose against their comfort zones, and retaliate out of anger. That won’t be a great thing either. They will most likely cause more damage then constructive change.

        I think that people get the government they deserve!

        I think British men are going to have to stew in this filth until they can take it no longer, and the feminist imperative can no longer use incentives to keep them in their prisons. Think about it, black people in this country thought they could wait out the racism. That they would wi the hearts of their overseers. The others, took the more direct approach, and said if you won’t take our sit-ins lightly, we will burn your cities to the ground. Both are viable options; both seem to fail in the face of unmitigated hatred.

        For one eventually overcomes, peacefully, the other becomes the hatred itself.

        I hate it when someone tells me off, but has nothing better to lead the way. Sadly, that is what I have just done. But I honestly don’t have the answer to this conundrum. Feminism is the current paradigm of hatred. Before it was Jim Crow, apartheid, and genocide. Now it is the same, but they are called Equal Opportunity, women’s rights, and abortion.

        All are branches of the dark side of human governance, fascism and communism.

        It has always been this way. If and when we win, will we truly do any differently?

        • nick


        • chewbakka

          I share your fear that weaker men could prevail in the abscence of strong masculine leadership but I for one am determined not to allow that to happen. While that’s an easy statement to make online I think that it is our responsibility to take back what has been stolen from us. Men’s clubs, the educational system, sports and pride in our successes are what have built our countries and our individual self respect as men, I for one value that far more than a one night stand some entitled hooker ruminating over whether to charge for the act or charge for alleged ‘rape’.

          I think permanent change will come only in the law, through continual campaigning and men with the courage to stand up and be counted, most of whom will admittedly be older and wiser given their experiences. Science may one day soon provide the answers to men forced into parenthood – a solution that has mysteriously escaped notice in many circles despite its reportedly more difficult efficacy, but for which I am personally aiming in my career.

          Unfortunately despite all these hopes and aspirations I have I share that lingering grief that what our legal system has allowed to be birthed in our society is a vicious hatred and fascism that hasn’t existed since the days of Adolf Hitler. The fact that many men and women would laugh at that only further evidence of how pitifully uninformed we truly are and how easily we are duped by false statisticians, the media and our apathetic belief that it will all just somehow be O.K.

          A fundamental shift in Male purpose is underway and there is no heroism, no damsel in distress and no saviour waiting to give us purpose, we are simply fighting for our survival and right to be men against a relentless and hateful group called the feminists. Fail to seperate your deisre to be free from your desire to be with women and you open a boundless pit that will swallow your freedom, your wallet, your job, friendships, children and eventually your life.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Thanks kronk3. I once knew a woman who admitted having bashed a brick against her face and body before making a false allegation of abuse against her boyfriend, the mildest man on the planet. His brutal treatment at the hands of the police very nearly led to him committing suicide. Another night he woke up around midnight to find her poised over him with a carving knife in her hand, about to plunge it into his chest. The police had no interest in looking into the matter, and he belatedly ended the relationship. This all came back to me yesterday when I saw Spetsnaz’s amazing video on female psychopaths.

      ‘When will enough be enough?; A very good question. I think it will be when far more men than at present recognise that they’re being assaulted as a class by the state on behalf of women, and collaborate effectively to fight the state on a political level. A more difficult challenge in some countries than others, of course, but we’re determined to do all we can to make that a reality in the UK. And that will take money. We found the key to raising funds lay in forming the party. Before that, trying to raise funds for our campaigns was like trying to get blood from a stone. I don’t say it’s easy to raise funds even now – far from it – but we’re on our way. In the space of 10 months we’ve raised enough to contest five marginal seats at the May 2015 general election, and our ambition is to contest 3o,

      Mike Buchanan

      (and the women who love them)

      • Christopher Wedge

        Give an evil person the tools for the job, and they’ll use them.
        Gender plays little role… unless the tools are being given out on that basis.
        Still, a chilling tale. ABR, people!

        • Margus Waffa Meigo

          yeah, tools usually are spiritual and man to lame to even consider that there is higher games on play,
          only true weapon is love to heal all of it. Its meant true way, is anything but cheesy, if man would know the true deepness of love we would feel so ashamed to not protect all women with all the power we have, as they have suffered for us, spiritually WAY higher then we can imagine,. for now. (we might acure more imagination power later and then we might a bit get the waste works of universes and our place in it, and Her mighty service for us to keep us alive)

      • chewbakka

        Mike , I have an interesting personal account similar to that. My X-Fiance was one of those hysterical women who kept me up till 4/5am arguing over I never knew what. After 13-15 hour shifts. I was often physically exhausted, why I stayed is still a mystery to me, I suppose I felt I loved her. On one of those ocassions she ended up locking me into the house (the downstairs only had ‘slat’ windows). She hid all the keys including my car keys and also my ipad and laptop under the sofa so I couldn’t leave(I needed them for college as I’m doing a part-time degree). She tried everything to keep me from leaving, including beating me, pretending to faint (I walked over her because I knew it was BS) and then more shockingly by waving a butcher knife in my face in the kitchen forcing me to call the police.

        I remember at the time thinking ” jesus she’s going to stab me and there’s nothing I can do about it” – even though I knew I could physically stop her – I had a choice between jail or death. Once I had the cops on the phone I knew she’d think twice and looking back I think it saved my life. The real shock is that I actually got back together with her after that(I know…I Know, idiot doesn’t begin to describe it but it does give me a fairly unique perspective). I found that while the police at the time of the incident questioned her and I both regarding what had happened, they never called, wrote or conducted a follow up with me – Never, not once. Yet she received numerous phone calls, the social services called to her house to see if she was emotionally O.K and the police officers involved wrote letters to her and gave her advice and numbers for victim helplines. It shocked me how supportive and even incessent they were.

        She tried of course to turn it all around and make it my fault and it wasn’t long before I could see things headed the same way again. Suffice it to say my response, to her consternation was to slowly try and move my most valuable things out without her noticing and then leave while she was out. I’ve not doubt she demonised me for leaving nothing more than a text message, but then I lost everything I owned and I had nowhere to live. Now months later I remind myself that I was the victim not her, no matter what anyone else thinks. Unlike a woman I don’t seek reparation or to charge her for my emotional suffering or the loss of my possessions(even the police couldn’t get back more than a pile of my clothes in the first incident). I moved on, grateful to be rid of her and frankly afraid to come forward again in case she decides to punish my family or I or make our lives hell.

        So I agree wholeheartedly….’enough is enough’, its time as Men we stopped taking this kind of abuse from women and time the law reflected that. Standing up isn’t cowardly or chauvinist its brave and we need more men like yourself to do that so from one “x-soldier” thankyou.

        • Mike Buchanan

          Chewbakka, thank you. Dear God, what ordeals you’ve been through. I’ve read far more accounts of a similar nature than I’d like to admit. Women are suffering from personality disorders on a scale we’re simply not prepared to contemplate, maybe for the sake of our own sanity, even while they’re destroying the lives of partners, children, and others. Surely a litmus test of very dysfunctional societies in which everything that’s been known for centuries if not millennia about what makes societies work well at the personal and family level has been under intense attack.

          Pleased you’ve escaped from that situation, and I wish you a very happy future.

        • Mike Buchanan

          Chewbakka, would you be so good as to post your story on our associated website ? We seek stories about how sexism against men plays out in the real world, and your account of how various services were concerned about your partner and unconcerned about you would fit the bill perfectly. Thanks.

        • Margus Waffa Meigo

          did you ever asked spiritually WHY She is like that?
          Was you considering reading answers from bible?
          Was you considering taking Magic Mushrooms in woods to sort out the matter?

          Did you trick her in to relation by seduction or was it spiritual love that is only way the world IS allowing things to go right ?
          Was you considering asking hep from spiritual workers and excorsists of spirits?

          Was you so silly, that ALL the ques She give you in Earthly realm and as much you was able to receive spiritual… you sitill did not bother to humble yourself, and go get a bit smarter about life what is going on ?

          These spirits work through human, and abuse them any way they want, some cases are broken military projects, some wits-craft, some so called extra terrestrial.
          But from whole of it, true priest would have given you probably real help, and if She would not want to turn to the creation that She should be from long before man, why would you even want to be with a women like that if you are actually, true Earth man?

          After first argument, you will solve it, after second… you will solve it, there is impossible to have argument and not know about what it was and have few other ones top of it and still not know what its about if you ACTUALLY love Her, and if you would want to save Her from these spirits,
          Not knowing what bothered her shows you had no real more interest then her Pussy for you and that is worth a death actually.
          am for real

  • angelo

    Thank you for another excellent article Mike.

    I stood for election effectively in Bristol city a few years ago (greatest swing in the city) when our movement had hopes of bringing the conservative party on board. Learned much of the local politics and of the process of campaigning so if I may be of assistance to your election campaign locally or even by skype to any candidate further afield, my free time is yours.

    Very best wishes for your campaign in 2015. You have a lot of hard work ahead of you, pace yourself and take everything with a pinch of salt, politics is a treacherous business. 😉

    • Mike Buchanan

      Angelo, many thanks. May we please exchange emails outside this forum? My email address is Thanks.

      • angelo


        • adbt

          Men: please read the article like it a workplace collective agreement or a contract. Line by line.
          Now please don’t get me wrong. I have 2 grown daughters. At no point do I want to see my daughters being abused. Nor do I want my son being an abuser, nor be the victim of false allegation. I have worked at senior levels within Universities. My son is applying this year.
          I fear for my son. This is not rhetoric. I mean I fear for my son.

          Firstly, I would say that the information regarding the actual accurate reporting of gender violence perpetrated by genders is having an impact. Meaning, that reports of violence against men at the hands of women is equal to the reports of violence against women.
          This information is fact and can no longer be denied. The only way to change those numbers is to open the door for more women to claim domestic unbalance the numbers.
          The Bill being presented is sponsored by the Justice Unions group and All Party Group on Stalking and Harassment. Do the background on the group.
          Much of the background data for sponsoring this bill is cyber stalking. Not face to face.
          The article reads :the law would see domestic abuse categorized as both physical and psychological and perpetrated against the victim or the victim’s children. Not just under the roof or at the door picking up your kids. By Facebook, text and email.
          The article states itTwould define abuse intentionally, willfully and recklessly causing, or attempting to cause, physical injury or psychological harm to a person”. and introduce protective orders prohibiting an abuser from making contact with their victim.
          Now, if a woman tells a man to “man up, or “grow a pair”, and he is upset at the attack on his manhood, would you constitute that as psychological abuse ?
          Now, the definition states physical or psychological and perpetrated against the victim or the victim’s children.. When the “accepted thought is children belong to the mothers”, who do you think this refers to ? I have 3 children. When they were small I would take them out and women would say to me, “are you babysitting your children today” ? Sorry, but this I found totally offensive. Would you ask a mother that ? I always corrected them. I do not babysit my children. I am their father. My point is: fathers are not seen as the “real” parent. It is systemic misandry and a false belief system, accepted as common thought completely unchallenged like misandry in the media.
          In regards to the introduction of protective orders prohibiting an abuser from making contact with their victim. Men: pay attention. If you have this claim brought upon you, and an order is that you will be prohibited from making contact with the victim, then I ask the question.
          If you share any type of custody with a child, do you have to have contact with the other parent to make arrangements ?
          Now there will also be consequences. If you are in prison for 14 years, how do you pay child support ? I can see a backfire happening here.
          The end result is the growing counter culture of what is already happening. Men are afraid to speak up.
          Men are becoming afraid of women, and women want it that way. Men are becoming too fearful of relationships with the opposite gender and for good reason.
          Go on the dating sites. Look at the headlines of most of the female profiles: Where are the real men ? I want a real Man. Over and over again.
          Where are the real men? They have left the scene. They, and the sons that have watched 70% of their mothers rape their fathers in the system, are afraid of having a relationship with you.. At this point, I would not consider myself a MGTOW yet. But I will not date a woman who has turfed her husband and father of her children. That automatically eliminates 70% of available women. Not that I want to GMOW. But there just ain’t many good women left to pick from. Women have eliminated themselves. I don’t think they have the foresight to see this.
          The last point I want to make from the article is: According to the Home Office, some 1.2 million women in the UK said they experienced domestic abuse last year and it continues.
          Where is the data for men ?

          • Redfield

            Where is the data for men?
            If it exists and it probably doesn’t, it will be buried!
            I recall an assignment I was given on emotional intelligence, now a debunked “intelligence” … I tried to do a comparison between men and women, only found one peer reviewed article on men out of many hundreds I scanned thru …
            Men don’t exist … this is why men on this site talk in anecdotes to convey their perceptions …. persona non grata
            The State is sponsored by hate groups to bully men, MGTOW is probably the only answer at this point for the safety of the gender! Not ideal! I suspect many of these man hating bitches probably want this anyway …
            Who’s ultimately to blame for this??? I know if I spoke out in one of my workplaces I would be out the door, they’ve even employed a psych to sort out the girls …. but nothing ever happens …. this is the Orwellian concept manifested in men’s lives, the only character change is man hating bitch for evil empire ….

          • Redfield

            This is exactly the trap of trying to rationalise women in an irrational State …. It is a mind fuck, you should fear women, that is rational, but because the whole situation is absurd that men and boys find themselves in the disbelief becomes feelings of irrationality … It is not your fault for feeling this way!!!!

            Anecdote heading your way …

            Many women I know as friends also know that I advocate for men (especially fathers) …. this past six months two female work colleagues have sort me out both have seperated from their husbands and going thru divorce, I do lend emotional support, never advice … I can rationally be empathic to these women, they know at some level, it is not directed at them (my advocacy) but basic human decency men and boys require to prosper in their lives …. that’s rational! The irrationality is when these women say where are all the good men, I say you are looking thru one right now! It’s their irrationality not mine!

            To fear womanhood is rational … to throw yourself beyond friendship into harms way is irrational at this point in time! Obviously this is not advice to you I am just rationally thinking aloud and writing my thoughts down …. I honestly know what you are thinking here …

  • Seele

    One could only conjecture how things would be like if Labour wins the next election: two words which are enough to make one feels worried: Harriet Harman.

    • Mike Buchanan

      The Conservatives have been every bit as anti-male as Labour when Mad Hattie Harman reigned supreme (1997-2010). In some areas they’re going even further, e.g. threatening FTSE100 companies with legislated gender quotas for their boards in 2015 if they haven’t ‘voluntarily’ achieved 25% female representation by 2015. The threat was made in 2011 (The Davies Report). In the preceding year 13% of newly-appointed FTSE100 directors were women. The following year, 55%. Virtually all of them non-execs, needless to say..

      • Redfield

        By the way, thank you Mr Buchanan for doing something to try and bring back gender equity … I feel you are moderate and sensible in your approach to change and this is all that is required … common sense without a radical rhetoric …. men and boys exist, we are real, we are human … John Hurt would have been good in the TV adaptation of a MRA … but unfortunately ….

        • Mike Buchanan

          Redfield, thanks for the kind words. I can assure you there’s a lot in our public consultation document – the precursor to our 2015 general election manifesto – which many people find very radical, not only feminists. The other day I explained to a good friend about our proposal on compulsory paternity testing at birth, and the level of paternity fraud which justified it – it’s believed up to 30% of children in Britain today are being supported by men who’ve been led to believe they’re the biological fathers of the children, but aren’t. And needless to say many have been turfed out of the family home, can’t see the kids, yet have to support them financially.. He was still aghast at the proposals.

          As far as being ‘moderate and sensible in my approach’ is concerned, I take my cue from someone who once said, ‘If you want to sell a radical message, wear a smart suit’ or something like that. I’d actually like to see an explosion of ‘street activism’ to raise public awareness of the assaults on men’s and boys’ human rights, and I feel confident that will come in time.

  • tango

    “The law would see domestic abuse categorised as both physical and psychological and perpetrated against the victim or the victim’s children.”

    Was this a freudian slip by the guardian? When they said ‘OR the victim’s children?’ Surely if a person (read:woman) is not being abused but her CHILDREN are then The Children are the victims. Feminists, stop piggybacking off the people who really find it hard to report DV and are are being failed by the system – children.

    • Fredrik

      Mothers have always been the primary victims of child abuse. It breaks their hearts to see their kids flinch when they raise a hand to wave at someone.


    • Redfield

      Yes that one nearly slipped under the radar … remember the mantra – woman good man bad rapey abuser with reptilian brain …

  • crydiego

    I would like to say to everyone fighting for men’s rights to take heart and understand that we cannot lose. The men’s rights movement is a simple numbers game. Britain has about 31,000,000 men and boys and if just ten percent become MRAs that will be 3,000, 000.
    We just need to reach that 10%! We don’t need to shove it down people’s throats; we just need to speak the truth in calm tones. The 10% will hear and come in to see the proof and then they will join us.

    Wherever you go, leave a small note somewhere with a MRA website on it. I put one up in front of the urinals with a pin. Just throw these little seeds everywhere and some will take root.

    Don’t argue with people, -don’t tell them they don’t understand. Don’t tie men’s rights to right vs. left, men vs. women or any other polarized ideology. Let them find the information themselves. The feminist movement has provided ample proofs and we don’t need to yell. This is simply a numbers game!

    Although I have only talked about men here, there are many women that will join us. In fact, many women that believed in early feminism can be our best members.

    If we grow, we will win.

  • SlantyJaws

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but isn’t this:

    She need produce no evidence that she had any grounds to fear him. The charge will then automatically be downgraded from murder to manslaughter, and she’ll probably serve under five years with good behaviour.

    exactly what “knife em while they sleep” Sheehy was talking about?

    • Mike Buchanan

      Indeed. With respect to their intimate partners, women have what James Bond has. A license to kill.

      • SlantyJaws

        Ye gods. And is this already law or part of the package of proposed amendments?

        • Mike Buchanan

          Proposed new legislation. I think the Guardian article to which I linked had something on the proposed timing.

  • justman

    The proposed law is not “tough”. It is dangerous, reckless, unfair, misandric and insane.

    Perhaps you can edit the headline. I think it should say

    “Unfair and recklessly dangerous domestic violence laws proposed for Britain”

    • angelo

      I have posted under “Licensed To KILL: Utterly Biased New Misandric Domestic Violence Laws Proposed For Britain”

  • confusion

    Wow, as of this writing about two thirds of the comments on the original article have been removed, and the few that remain don’t touch on the topic of gender neutrality. One even delves into how horrible female genital mutilation is and what an atrocity it is that the laws against it are not enforced. I can only imagine what the responses to that one were because they were, of course removed

    • John Galt

      The Guardian routinely did that to my perfectly reasonable posts as well, dozens of them. They don’t allow anything considered even remotely anti-feminist. It is not a place for discussion or journalism of any kind regarding the sexes and I most certainly wouldn’t buy it.

  • angelo

    What do we make of – the dirty old woman purified whilst imprisoned in a phallic christian tower penis – scene in “I Pet Goat 2″ ? Is she the feminist?

    • Redfield

      Accurate to a tee of the feminist characterisation of “man (don’t forget boys) the nightmare” …. I would imagine they even dream of men and boys as cartoon characters …. perfect!!! But where’s the reality?
      And don’t forget the blackboard behind male leadership and the woman passively looking on as pain is heading her way (with a heart of love)….. it’s all about EVOLUTION, possibly EVILUTION! Refer to blackboard!
      The old woman?
      I would say that she is victimhood personified, at the tip of an evil phallus, not a fem but the reason for inciting fem hatred! Her age suggests she has been a prisoner of the “penis” for all her life …. This is why we need to inflict pain on men and boys because of the evil phallus tower … Booyah attack!!
      The real beauty in this is having a boy child doing evil to woman at such a tender age with a corrupted mind of an evil old man … truely wonderful to see vomit expunged in FPS ….
      More telling is the Christian message of judgement, notice how perversion of this message implies Christ judges man and not women! Now what does this suggest to the viewer? That women are above judgement? Wow I never would have thought that …. Woman are passive, true victims, but judgement comes in the form of God, not feminists …

      Truly we are all up for judgement …. everyone!

      • adbt

        Thanks for posting this video. The end credit says Heliofant. I checked the site out. I watched this video yesterday and blew it off. I took a look today and it is actually brilliant.
        See the ice twin towers fall. See the Jesus figure: his heart is burning, and he is portayed as asleep at the boat until he comes out of hell, he awakens and his eyes are opened,. In the background the church disintegrates.
        See also Tienemen Square and the approaching tanks and the “girl” running out with a white flag. Women supposingly being the ones that stop wars and calls a truce. See the shame she feels when the puppeteer shames her for trying to stop it. In reality, a MAN ran out in front of the tanks.
        Phallic symbol with the woman inside. There is a 73 part UTUBE video series called the FUEL PROJECT. Phallic symbols are nothing new, Jezebel- the real Jezebel, also erected an Asherah Pole- ERECTED- which was mother worship. Do you know what happened to the real Jezebel ?
        Redfield suggested the symbolism of the old woman being in the “penis” may have been Christ judging men and not women.
        Let me give you words of encouragement. Especially to the fathers who are having their children withheld from them. I have been one of them.
        There is more than one RED PILL BLUE PILL and coming to reality.
        Redfield suggests that the video possibly represents that God will judge men and not women.
        Men will be judged. But the order of SIN is that it keeps Gods creation (children)separated from HIM (The Father). God hates that mankind through SIN is being withheld from him through lies and deception and God designed Adam to be the leader of the family and Eve his helper. Any men out there having their children withheld from them with the power of lies and deception ?
        What do you think is in store for mothers that have kept their children from their fathers with hate and vengeance, not being the helper but the destroyer. The same way God’s children are kept from Him. A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.
        That verse is 3000 years old. Anybody out there now 3000 years later watched their wife/ girlfriend destroy her family, children and husband with her own hands ? With the help of the system…..

        • Mike Gibbs

          I’m not OK with waiting if/when God decides to come back; the damage by radical
          females would be done by that point. 50+ YEARS NOW and counting!! and still they get away with it-
          Can I get an AMEN?

      • Margus Waffa Meigo

        do you see yourself, as man, as spiritual being who is capable with little or no training or realization co operate with large groups based on life printsibles, communicate with nature, have multi dimensional awareness and know how to grow children out of box (unless man made box haven’t removed her from these natural instincts )

        Females are higher spiritual beings related to Creation WAY more closely then we can be, we should be thankful, that Jehovah is so kind and keep us alive at all as species considering how we talk back about females ..

        really, is sickening . (not You, just the whole thing, that people can not get the simple point that behind this movement is same five star that was behind fake female feminist movement that was made to control man for the reason to control women through man. Make man behave wrongly with women so they loose their natural instincts .. so they can not keep the man alive spiritually so he will threat her more wrong and will commit wrong doings that will be inevitably punishable by word.. while Her heart is crying tear, whole time, actually. )

  • John Ridgeway

    Thanks, Mike, for pointing this out – it completely passed beneath my radar. Scary stuff indeed. I’m away from my computer today but will be taking a closer look at this as soon as I can. I wonder how long before the UK starts debtor’s prisons for fathers, like in the US?

  • stansbury

    What is the penalty for not paying child support in the UK?

    • Mike Gibbs

      Jail. If you are a man that is…

  • aewehr

    Take a look at the comment column on the original article.

    The censor-bots are in overdrive. Over HALF of the highest rated comments are missing, the remainder all support the article. Gee, I wonder why the MSM is dying a slow death?

  • David Mortimer

    Gender specific domestic
    violence polices put children at risk. It will never be reduced until both sides
    of the problem are acknowledged and addressed by those who claim to be concerned
    about it.

    Surely there should be a equal number of
    refuges for male & female victims of domestic abuse given that during
    2011/12, 1.3% of men and 1.3% of women were victims of severe force at the hands
    of their partners (Source: Office for National Statistics, Crime Survey – Focus
    on Violent Crime and Sexual Offences, 2011/12, Table

    The House of Commons
    Library records show that for every category of offence, men are more likely to
    be sent to prison than women which proves judges discriminate against

  • peter parker

    Western women, whether NAWALT or not, are simply not worth going near any more. The risks are ridiculously extreme for men. It won’t be long where Western women are seen as poison to all and we need to walk around with body-cams 24/7

  • peter parker

    Western women, whether NAWALT or not, are simply not worth going near any more. The risks are ridiculously extreme for men. It won’t be long where Western women are seen as poison to all and we need to walk around with body-cams 24/7