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Domestic Violence: Belief, Bias, and Groupthink

In this video lecture, Dr. Donald Dutton talks about the subject of domestic violence and of how the associated field of research suffers from groupthink, belief perseverance, and biased assimilation of information. He examines, with several examples, this processing feature both in social science studies of domestic violence and in government responses to the problem. All bias exists in one direction and is not, therefore, simply random error. It exists in the direction of the “paradigm” of domestic violence (i.e., male = perpetrator, female= victim), which has its roots in Mackinnon’s Marxist notion of gender relations and, hence, associates maleness with oppression and domination and femaleness with victimhood. These broad associative complexes color all perceptions of intimate violence as being instrumental and dominating for males and self-defensive and acceptable for females. The numerous shortcomings of this view are discussed with examples.

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  • Dean Esmay

    Erin and I had a great interview with Professor Sutton on the Revelations show last year. We have to get him to our next conference!

    • Isaac T. Quill

    • Isaac T. Quill

      “….our next conference!”. How Interesting.

    • Bewildered

      hehehehe! you committed violence on Professor Dutton’s surname ! When did ‘S’ become a ‘D’ ?

  • Isaac T. Quill

    Dutton as usual Slaughtering Woozles.You still can’t beat his book “Rethinking Domestic Violence”

    Woozles are usually not simply a matter of authentic misreporting. They also reveal a desire to read into the data an a priori position that is really not there, what Bacon calls “idols of the theatre” (see page ix in this volume). All the data reporting mistakes I have found in the literature, without exception, were made in the direction of supporting feminist preconceptions.

    Page 29

    • Bewildered

      All the data reporting mistakes I have found in the literature, without
      exception, were made in the direction of supporting feminist

      Which makes me wonder that if weren’t for a minority of some absolutely brilliant people[almost entirely male] mankind would have stagnated in the pits and ultimately perished.
      The saving grace is that every generation will have this awesome minority to take mankind forward.
      But it’s the average people, who form the majority, who determine the health of a civilization.
      Ironically, if some time machine took us back to the medieval age,this majority wouldn’t feel out of place at all !

  • PlainOldTruth

    Gee. All those high-IQ academics coming up with fake conclusions, and doing it with astonishing consistency, over a long period of time, and across broad geographic boundaries. Wow, what a coincidence. I guess I’ll just apply my “incompetence theory” to this conundrum and not think about it anymore.

    • Angry Harry

      You’re too soft my friend. You should state the problem more directly; viz, that these ‘academics’ are corrupt, dishonest, unfit to hold their jobs and, further, that they should be prosecuted.

      • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

        off-topic: O.M.G. Angry Harry, I’ve read your site for years, and I’ve admired you for years, it’s an honour to upvote one of your Disqus comments. 😀

      • jbantifem

        Nice to see you here. I admire your work. Thanks for stopping by.

        • sé do bheatha a bhaile

          Angry Harry is the founder of the online men’s movement; respect.

          • jbantifem

            Yes I’m aware of that thank you.

      • ExpatMatt

        I agree with your interpretation, Angry Harry, of these people’s motives, assessment of their characters and share your desire for a just reckoning, but…

        There are many kinds of rhetoric, as we all of course know, to which different people respond differently. Me, I like the bite of sarcasm in the morning. Wakes me right up. :)

        One upside to PlainOldTruth’s approach is that he’s firing a broadside into those many old saws stating that people don’t conspire towards evil ends: Napoleon’s “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,” or Hanlon’s Razor, or Ingham’s Cock-up Theory of Government, etc.

        Sometimes, people do conspire. Feminists have, do, and will.

  • Doug Hart

    I don’t need to be told the truth about domestic violence. I have been punched far more times by women than I have by men.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      I had an ex who punched me in public, no-one saw it as a problem, the moment I raised my voice 10 angry Asian men would threaten me, yes speaking a little bit louder and having ”violent body language” makes you a ”perpetrator” and an ”abuser”, while punching someone makes you ”a strong independent woman”, that’s the last time I’ll go to the Philippines… not really I have a new girlfriend there, and thank the Gods she doesn’t believe in domestic violence (though her ex-husband and ex-girlfriend did, but the moment she’s with me the both of us will live lives free of domestic violence 😀 ), and in her case it was worse as it went on for years, while mine only a couple of months, it’s sad that woman-on-woman violence is also ”outside of the question” because ”if there is no man to blame, there is no problem” – ever misandrist ever.

      • Doug Hart

        If you ex would let fly in public, I shudder to think what she was like in private.

  • wgone

    Ever since the feminizing of Universities and proliferation Genders studies departments and political correctness of adopting feminism, higher level education isnt worth crap. Any academic study that does not get penalized instantly when its hypothesis is crap – for example planes falling out of the sky, bridges falling down, data packets lost etc – NEED to be assumed as full of confirmation bias. This includes medicine – its not a science as say quantum physics OR science of materials. This includes ALL social sciences, psychology, psychiatry etc. I would assume that if they did not show proof that the have eliminated confirmation bias – it probably exists. I laugh in the face of anyone who quotes a random study that props up their view.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Women may be earning more degrees than men. But they are going after the soft degrees which are absolutely worthless in the real world job market. I am disgusted that I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for my daughters degree which won’t mean shit towards her finding a career. While at the same time taking classes which turn her against me. Ironic, in my last divorce agreement, I was supposed to be responsible for my Sons, college. And my ex was supposed to be responsible for my daughters college. I ended up paying for both.

      Congrats feminism, men are faced with how full of shit your movement is on almost a daily basis. Your all talk when it comes to independence, yet full of hot air when it comes to execution.

  • DukeLax

    The current “Pork bloating triangles” that are giving American law enforcement extra federal pork bloating dollars for male arrest statistics, while offering no extra federal pork bloating dollars for female arrest statistics…are not only a stain on American law enforcement…they are unconstitutional!!!

    History will view this era of American law enforcement as the “perverse decades”!!!

  • MrSonicAdvance

    This is a really interesting lecture, thank you for bringing it to my attention. The wilful deceit in some of the conclusions drawn from the studies, just to fit the “men bad – women victims” narrative is staggering.

  • Fatherless


  • Dan Slezak

    This is unbelievable. The sample pools they used were already tainted. They then turned around and applied it to the general population. Theres no way 1 in 4 college women will be raped. That’s insane! This is what their feeding our politicians. They have found a way too LEGALLY steal money from the tax base for votes!
    This Dude, needed too go on a MSM book tour, back in 08. I have never heard of him. Where was Oprah!

    • Bewildered

      1 in 4 college women will be raped?

      Anyone who believes this is being willfully stupid.
      In fact it would be a question to ask at a college entrance interview. If I were the interviewer, a positive answer would indicate that the candidate is not mentally fit to deserve an admission and hence would reject the application without any hesitation.