Conor Oberst fights False Rape Culture

Conor Oberst made a mistake.

On February 19th, the lead singer and founder of the band Bright Eyes filed a $1M lawsuit against Joanie Faircloth for falsely accusing him of rape. Faircloth had made the accusation in the comments section of an XOJane article about domestic violence and on her Tumblr page. (All are now deleted)

She claimed that Oberst’s brother got her backstage after a concert ten years ago and that the singer stole her virginity after ignoring her protests when he started touching her sexually. Brief investigation shows that Joanie Faircloth is an Oberst fanatic who, until recently, claimed that attending the concert was the “Best memory ever!”

Either she’s lying about the assault or rape just isn’t what it used to be.

Faircloth refused to retract her statements after Oberst’s lawyers contacted her, leaving Oberst limited options to clear his name. His press statement, printed in Rolling Stone, also announced that “Oberst intends to donate the proceeds of this suit to charities benefitting the victims of violence against women.”

And there is the mistake. Not just the misspelling of the word “benefiting”.

Faced with false rape allegations you’d imagine Oberst would want to help other men who have been falsely accused. Most likely, the idea was to show that he cares about actual victims of rape but, as it turns out, the women’s charities don’t care about him. And they don’t want his money. Emily Davis, the spokesperson for Right to Speak Out demanded Oberst drop his lawsuit because he’s scaring the womenfolk. Her reasoning goes like this:

Even if Ms. Faircloth was not truthful, vilifying discussion of sexual assault by filing such a lawsuit only adds to the problem of under-reporting that enables sexual assault to proliferate at alarming rates.

Vilifying discussion? That sounds a little bit like, hmmm, what do they call it? Victim blaming.

Ms. Davis went even further. She advises us that people are innocent until proven guilty so we should assume that Faircloth is telling the truth which, incidentally, makes Oberst guilty of rape. Let that one circle around in your skull for awhile. Seems rather appropriate that Davis’ brand of logic was published on a site called “Spin”. It’s not too late to switch your charity choices, Conor.

Perhaps he’d like to consider helping out Community for the Wrongly Accused. Or The Innocence Project. Or A Voice For Men. At least we believe the libel committed against Conor Oberst is a serious crime. If Conor would like to see justice done, and wants to help other men like him, he might want to consider donating to men’s rights groups instead of the feminists who encourage women to make anonymous accusations online.

While the feminist site Jezebel claims to understand Oberst’s desire to clear his name they don’t approve of his method. Where Conor’s attorneys have evidence that “[t]he only connection between Oberst and Faircloth was one of artist and fan – a fan who has posted laudatory comments about Oberst elsewhere online,” Jezebel accuses him of using “a classic move”. The only thing problematic when women, who claim to have been raped, are caught praising their supposed rapist after the event is that it creates powerful evidence that they are lying.

But, we’re supposed to chalk this behavior up to one of those weird things women do sometimes when they’ve been raped. No two women react the same way to rape. Rape is a horrible crime that can turn the victim into a crazed groupie compelled to flood the internet with fanpics and gushing praise.

The facts of this reaction to the lawsuit are simple. Feminists run the nonprofits that fight violence against women. Feminists insist that false accusations don’t happen. When you get falsely accused of rape you don’t want to give funding to the groups that wish to silence you. If feminists take money from a false allegation libel suit they have to admit women lie about rape.

But some of us care about truth and justice. As a commenter on Jezebel, called HermioneStranger pointed out:

Wow, MRAs hit this one fast, didn’t they?

I’m sort of surprised he even knew about her accusing him in the comments. There’s “so” much said in the comments about so many celebrities, it seems like keeping track of them to see if someone’s saying potentially libelous things wouldn’t really even be possible.

Who’s got your back, Conor? MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists). That would be us.

This comment also correctly points out that women are rampantly typing libelous comments all over the internet with the belief that the victim won’t see it. It’s sort of a pastime for them. It seems rather unwise to give them more money for their games.

Comments on Jezebel run the gamut of other sins: Saying that Oberst is just filing the lawsuit to get attention. That he’s using his financial privilege to silence his victim. That, as quilta21 says, crimes against men don’t matter.

If, he is in fact innocent, I understand his lawsuit, but I agree that he should drop it.

Maybe, instead he should speak out, talk about it… encourage more survivors of sexual assault to report it, speak up, so that false accusations (if that is indeed what happened) don’t get near as much press.

I’m probably hoping for far too much though

From the same comment thread, GrtWhiteChoclit asks “And what does punishing false accusers do? Does it make you feel better about yourself as a person?”

Obviously we can’t count on women to stop false rape allegations, Grt. They’re too busy spreading False Rape Culture.

  • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com Isaac T. Quill

    The Double Think and Cult of Feminist #RapeCulture keeps on unravelling – and because of the indoctrination the peeps can’t recognise their own use of “Mystical Manipulation”, “Demands for Purity”, The sacred science of the Feminine Mystique, The Loaded Language and of course “Doctrine Over Person”.

    I recommend Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism – Lifton – 1961. Feminism is a textbook case.

  • SlantyJaws

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at those comments.

    It showcases a level of indoctrinated stupidity that makes you feel like you just got a right hook to the solar plexus.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      My reaction is something I still can’t put into words. I am literally shocked how utterly brainwashed these contemptible idiots actually are. They are incapable of connecting their brain to what their hands are typing. The grey matter between their ears seems broken. But their fingers work, so they must be okay right?

  • donzaloog

    So he’s supposed to sit there, let a woman accuse him of rape and do nothing about it because he doesn’t want to scare off future rape victims from reporting to the police? I’m sorry but, fuck that bullshit.

    Go after her with every bit of power you can muster. A rape accusation doesn’t wash. It will follow you all your life. False rape accusers must be held accountable for their nastiness.

    • Duke

      “So he’s supposed to sit there, let a woman accuse him of rape and do nothing about it because he doesn’t want to scare off future rape victims from reporting to the police? I’m sorry but, fuck that bullshit.

      Go after her with every bit of power you can muster. A rape accusation doesn’t wash. It will follow you all your life. False rape accusers must be held accountable for their nastiness.”

      Duke say..Dazzling stand against the whimsical destruction of guys lives…….. ” Because She likes you”!!!
      It directly “throws in yer Gauntlet”…. so to speak.

      • Duke

        He have to add to the list of why girls in the US are making false rape accusations….And one of them folks…AS BIZZARRE AS IT SEEMS………is in fact ” Because she likes you, and somehow thinks a false rape accusation will “Bring us closer””.

        Add it to “the list”

    • kronk3

      10 years later?!?!?!?!?
      Can’t normal, sane people see what she is doing here? Why did she wait so long to make her false accusation?

      “Go after her with every bit of power…”
      Hell yeah! I could not agree more!
      Isn’t that what this false accuser is doing?

  • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

    Sent this to twitter … Twitter-storm this !

    • http://fathers4fairness.blogspot.ca/ fathers4fairness

      Check @conoroberst – what an ass.

  • Duke

    Conor is turning into a Rape hysteria dismantling machine…. well, along with others who are backing him up!!!

  • Duke

    Colins lawsuit is “Scaring the women-folk” because American women have become accustomed to the mass rape hysteria lifestyle….women do quite well in a sea of manufactured rape statistics, mass hysteria, and lynchings of innocent men and boys.

    • Duke

      I believe its very important for those outside the American Quack courts jurisdictions / lace curtain misinformation Alliances….. to be paying close attention to what has happened now in the United states.
      Some 30 years after American law enforcement started their manufactured statistics Alliances, we are now in fact in the middle of a mass rape hysteria juggernaut.
      Moral of the story, don’t let yer nations law enforcement get into any manufactured statistics alliances under any pretext at all.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/KopperNeoman Christopher Wedge

      Toxic femininity does very well indeed – while decent women get hurt just as much by the pain of their nearest and dearest.

  • Duke

    When someone googles…. “Connor obeberts fights false rape accusation” Diana’s article will top the list.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/ImagoCanis Drawing Butts

    You’re not going to get Conor on our side, guys. I do believe he has a case of “the one good man” syndrome. Listen to any of his songs, and aside from the occasional one about drugs, he makes himself sound like the most sensitive, thoughtful guy in existence. It will take a lot for him to swallow a red pill.
    That being said, I think my computer is glitching. I could’ve sworn those cooter bumping Jezze-lezzies were saying, “even if he’s innocent he should drop the charges”. Haha, cause… if…. ha… WHAAAAAAT?!

    • Duke

      Bro, A false rape accusation will change a blue pill guy in a new york minute!!! connor knows hes got at least a few MRA’s standing behind him, I can assure you of that!!!

      • Duke

        All guys like connor need to know, is that there are a couple guys fallowing their leed.

    • rayc2

      “I do believe he has a case of “the one good man” syndrome.”

      I kind of get that impression myself….that he’s not so much against false rape accusations in general as he against false rape accusations against HIMSELF because it offends his own self image as a “good” man. He’s not one of “those guys” and how dare anyone even suggest otherwise. His choice of charities proves it IMO.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/ImagoCanis Drawing Butts

        Exactly. These assumptions that a rape accusation will change the entire worldview of a guy who essentially makes money off a primarily female fanbase by playing what he fancies an emo Bob Dylan persona is too optimistic in my opinion. Swallowing a red pill at this point in his career would ruin that image, and possibly further smear his name. It’s sad, but in this current climate, it’s true.
        I love his older music, don’t get me wrong. He’s just too into his own ego. Cocaine and vodka will do that to you.

  • pinetree

    Why is Conor willing to donate his possible libel proceeds to Violence against women? Same reason why women who have been raped sometimes do those weird things like go back to the rapist.

    Feminism is all too powerful – and he being alone with little back up – is doing those weird things. He is being raped by rape culture,

    • freddymerc


      Also because he is a classic mangina.

      How about all the boys and men who do not have the financial resources to clear such libelous accusations against them? A fund for them would be nice.

      • Duke

        perversions and American pork bloating Alliances guarantees that the manufactured statistics alliances in American law enforcement will remain un-checked for at least another …2 years!!!

    • Duke

      Bro, his public relations person suggested he temper his message, by giving the proceeds to the women against rape / violence/ perpetually offended community!!!

  • scatmaster

    Has this been sent to his management group?
    I cannot find an email for him.

    Perhaps no one has pointed out the error of his ways and that the wimimin don’t want his money if he wins. He has a penis after all.

    • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

      Use twitter to message them @conoroberst

      • scatmaster

        Will do. TXS. Steve.

      • Duke

        Excellent idea steve!! ….The American media “lace curtain Alliances” greatest fear is that Americans who are paying for advertising on these “Inflamer outlets”, are going to realize that the “America media Lace curtain” is so perverse that it is turning American hetero-relationships into legal liabilities for guys.

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FamilyCourtDads/info Gary Trieste

    Feh, notwithstanding all the ancillary chatter, this should be viewed as a standard defamation lawsuit.
    If the feminists are claiming that a man should not file a defamation suit when accused of rape, then they are just asserting that a person should not defend their reputation in public life.

    • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com BeijaFlor

      Uh … yeah, Gary, that is exactly what they are asserting, and claiming, and ranting and raving.

      Because, you know, Women Don’t Lie About Rape.™

      Defamation? In the eyes of the FemiStasi, there is no defamation of penis-bearers, unless they renounce their penis and flaunt their gender-broken identities as Manginae.

  • earth one

    Excellent piece, Diana!

    Stunning logic in this statement from Emily Davis of Right to Speak Out:

    Even if Ms. Faircloth was not truthful, vilifying discussion of sexual assault by filing such a lawsuit only adds to the problem of under-reporting that enables sexual assault to proliferate at alarming rates.

    IF the “alleged victim” is LYING, suddenly her lies become a “discussion of sexual assault” and anyone who holds her accountable for said LIES is trying to “silence victims”. UNBELIEVABLE!

    Davis even avoids using the word LYING trading in for “untruthful” and further obscuring our ability to assess what is really going on here.

    From here forward, Joanie Faircloth should be referred to as “The Alleged False Accuser”, “The Alleged Victim” and her claim referred to as “The Alleged False Rape Accusation.”

    Because isn’t it pretty much standard to paint a man as a rapist by labeling him an “Alleged Rapist” thereby giving him the title of “Rapist” and merely attaching “Alleged” as a qualifier?

    Good luck to Connor Oberst – he MUST NOT back down and he MUST NOT capitulate to any pressure to withdraw his lawsuit.

    Please AVFM – stay on this story and give us updates – this case represents a radical shift in the standard narrative of false rape accusations. This man is fighting back, and losing no time in doing so – and more power to him!

  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

    “Obviously we can’t count on women to stop false rape allegations, Grt. They’re too busy spreading False Rape Culture.” – Boy, ain’t that the truth regarding the current attitudes?

    @Drawing Butts is correct in my opinion. This Conor guy seems to be suffering of the same old “one good man” syndrome. But hey – maybe this will wake him up!

    • Duke

      Lucian,…. forgive me of my ignorance, but it seems that the so called “European community” is totally backing the American law enforcement manufactured statistics Alliances..???

      • Duke

        If yer so called “European community” continue to back the American law enforcement manufactured statistics Alliances, then i can assure you there will be problems.

        • Duke

          Lucian,…. I know we have had problems in the past, but realize most Americans Hold no allegiance to any Quack European manufactured statistics Alliances.
          I know yer on our side here……., but just be careful to not keep promoting the American law enforcement manufactured statistics Alliances, as some sort of truth…………………..because they are not.!!!

          • Duke

            Lucian, I have assumed that you are carrying the American mens rights message into the EU…But may god help us all,,…. It seems like you have been nearly Impotent!!!
            Should Real MRA’s look for more effective connections in the EU???

          • Duke

            Duke should be shut off after a few too many drinks…if an admin could erase these last few posts addressed toward lucian, i would appreciate.

        • Duke

          Sorry Lucian, I had a few too many drinks last night, and miss represented something someone else said, and got rammy. I hope the admin takes them down, if not i will wear like like an albatross.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    If anybody wants to know the German 1930s translation of “rape culture: is it is “Juden raus!” Both phrases are the product of socialist authoritarians devoted to the concept of “social justice” (which means group guilt). The promoters of “rape culture” ideology are extremely similar to Josef Goebbels, German Stasi and Russian Checka.

    This is not hyperbole, it is a sober lesson from history.

    • Justin Bailey

      “The promoters of “rape culture” ideology are extremely similar to Josef Goebbels, German Stasi and Russian Checka.”

      This needs to be said and said again and again. Godwin’s Law will be brought up which is when we need to point out that Godwin only stated that the likelihood of a reference to Nazism occurring in an internet debate rises the longer the debate lasts, not that such a reference is necessarily invalid. Would we fault someone for comparing Pol Pot to Hitler? Of course not. Nor should it be unacceptable to invoke Goebbels name when discussing Mary Koss. There are powerful people spreading harmful propaganda and they are doing it for a reason, or more accurately, to achieve political goals.

      Thankfully current conditions aren’t the same as pre-Nazi Germany or pre-Soviet Russia, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t dangerous people with similar “revolutionary” ideas seeking power. “Rape culture’ is indeed the femisoviets newest tool in demeaning and humiliating men as an entire class. Considering how little resistance “Slut-walks” (Male Shaming Parade), “Sexual Harassment Training,” etc have met, I have to wonder if most Germans even batted an eye as the state slowly amped up the antisemitic propaganda. A lot of people will think I’m being hyperbolic. Not long ago, I would say the same thing. Honestly, I hope I’m proven wrong.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Jezebel, in the Bible, is a serial false accuser and a repeat perpetrator of premeditated proxy violence. This is the true meaning of :Jezebel, not just “slut,” is popularly believed.

  • markis1

    well said.thanx again :)

  • http://www.schorel-hlavka.com inspector-rikati

    One had to understand that each time a person (male or female) makes a false allegation about rape/sexual abuse then they are in fact undermining the ability of real victims to have their claims appropriately assessed. In the USA they had in the 1980 this mass hysteria about fathers sexual abusing their daughters, only for many fathers to successfully sue their daughters. In my view, when a person is proven to have deliberate made false allegations then they should be sentenced to the term of imprisonment their innocent victim (the accused) otherwise could have been sentenced to. anyone supporting false allegations is actually assisting to undermine the rights of the real victims of rape/sexual abuse. when you are in a country where an alleged victim can claim crime compensation of thousands of dollars even so the allegations are not proven or later may be proven to have been fabricated, then this too is not just undermining the ability of real victims to get believed but also enhances the culture of making false allegations. Do not overlook that allegations.of rape/sexual abuse generally will stain the accused no matter how innocent he/she might be. It also divert considerable amount of time and expenses of investigating authorities to deal with those false allegations that otherwise could have been better used for real victims.

  • Turbo

    Right, so according to Emily Davis, accusing someone of raping them 10 years after the fact without any corroboration or evidence, …………no problem, …………default position is to believe them.


    Even if Ms. Faircloth was not truthful, (see lying), you know, given the lack of evidence, lack of reporting and the fact that the accused claims to have never met her.

    Even given all this, Conor Oberst should withdraw his lawsuit and not try and clear his name of this disgusting accusation, because somehow this may discourage real rape victims from reporting their rape.

    Let us just flip Emily Davis’ logic on its head

    “Even if Mr. Oberst was not truthful, vilifying discussion of false rape accusations by reporting a rape only adds to the problem of over-reporting that enables false rape accusations to proliferate at alarming rates.”

    How does that work for you Emily, not so good eh. But there is not one thing in that statement that is any less legitimate than your ludicrous comment.

    Still, maybe Emily Davis and the some of the intellectually challenged over at Jezebel think that Conor Oberst should embrace his false rape allegation. God forbid we deny him the experience, just ask Catherine Comins.


    • Turbo

      To be fair I should mention that quite a few commenters at Jezebel are defending his right to clear his name.

      • kronk3

        Would that be because he is a celebrity? Usually, even females are somehow smitten by celebrity status and give them a pass for some unknown reason. You can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try. I’m pretty damn certain he did not do it simply because the false accuser let 10 years go by and then, once there is money to be had from celebrity status, a false accusation is born! ‘Wrong is wrong’, no matter how much money or celebrity status you have; and so is false accusations! She should have said something 10 years ago.

        ***CASE DISMISSED***

  • James Williams

    By offering to donate any takings to femmie charities, Connor is simply addressing the white knight compulsion with him. I think this is a hurdle for a lot of men. To be able to fight against injustices by women, men have to recognize and tear down the indoctriated white knight programing within themelves first.

    • Stu

      It is also a bribe He is saying, falsely accuse any other guy you want……but not me….and I will pay the extortion money for you leave me alone. Allow me to be an exception…….please……pretty please……with money to top.

  • latebloomer

    Pretty much every excuse used by Feminists seems to be based on liberal ideals of society before individual rights. Unfortunately, I forget my philosophy so I forget what the doctrine is named. They’re the ones who would push an innocent man in front of a train if it would save 5 lives down the track, as the old test for sociopathic tendencies goes. Or in this case, leave a man’s name to be tarnished as a rapist and let a false accuser continue to wreak havoc in the hope that it will somehow prevent rapes to some unknown victims.

    I used to be pretty damn liberal, but the willingness to trample rights for the perceived common good is just sickening.

  • Bench

    “Typically there is this idea of innocence until proven guilty, and in this case the lawsuit has actually been filed against Ms. Faircloth. Using that standard presumption we would presume that she is innocent of libel and that these were true statements, that was talking about those experiences from a point of truth, until proven otherwise.”

    Oh… my… COD…

  • chino

    Sadly I think Conor should not have filed this law suite, he can’t win. It may serve as a useful anecdote for people wanting to bring awareness to false rape accusations and the unprincipled nature of social justice types but no matter how it is ruled in court, even if a retraction is complied with, the damage is done and publicized even further.

    Once a woman yells rape some people will never believe him no matter the evidence or lack there of, even if he was miraculously acquitted by magical flying CCTV drone footage. The more obscure the accusation remained the better for him. Hell, they guy was oversexed 10 years ago, I’m surprised in all this time this hasn’t happened more often to him.

    I think he knew this to some extent, he values his reputation naturally but thought he could muscle through with his lawyers and some good faith from fans/onlookers. Problem is men accused of rape receive little good faith to spend and even manginering up preemptively to shield himself with that pledge somewhat back fired.

    Just listen to the Emily Davis, she flat out calls him a rapist then continues that even if this woman is lying(haha if…) Conor or any man for that matter shouldn’t use the legal system for any sort of justice lest a special (female only)snowflake out there not report their abuse and be harmed indirectly by their own character failings. Here we have a person who thinks so little of men it’s actually contemptible for them to act in the interest of self preservation and at the same time thinks rape victims are so unimaginably pathetic a liable suite filed by a relatively obscure indie folk singer would stop them from approaching the criminal justice system… She’s stupid, evil and all too common.

    This reminds me of Michael Shermer’s case. There’s nothing to be won for either of them.

  • captive

    “If, he is in fact innocent, I understand his lawsuit, but I agree that he should drop it.

    Maybe, instead he should speak out, talk about it… encourage more survivors of sexual assault to report it, speak up, so that false accusations (if that is indeed what happened) don’t get near as much press.

    I’m probably hoping for far too much though”

    What an insane level of entitlement women display these days. He’s in a no win situation. He can’t clear his name and he looks like a villain just for defending himself.

    Insane people.

    “And what does punishing false accusers do? Does it make you feel better about yourself as a person?”

    Insane… These people actually believe it’s wrong to punish someone for lying to police…

  • heatedfrost

    Good article

    Stupid final sentence. There are women on your side. You don’t have to mirror the language of the least educated feminists.

    • kronk3

      “Obviously we can’t count on women to stop false rape allegations, Grt. They’re too busy spreading False Rape Culture”.

      I happen to totally agree with that statement, 100%. There has never yet been a man who ‘falsely accused’ himself and as such, it is always females who propagate theses lies.

      Anybody who doesn’t believe this to be a fact is seriously mis-informed.


  • MRAAlternate