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Angry Harry on ICMI14

As I said in the panel discussion that concluded AVfM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues, Angry Harry is the one individual who showed us, long before most ever dreamed of it, just how powerful the Internet would become in the battle to bring consciousness of men’s rights into the public arena. He was right as rain, and we all owe him a huge debt for his brilliance and forward thinking.

This makes me especially proud to announce that Harry has begun a regular podcast series on the men’s movement, which he plans to do about once every fortnight (for us Texans, that’s two weeks).

In this inaugural broadcast, Harry considers the significance of the recent International Conference on Men’s Issues, some corrective historical perspective on such a conference, and some invaluable advice for how MRAs can make sure that what happened last week actually becomes a pivotal moment in our history.

I cannot strongly enough suggest that we listen to him, one and all.

Harry’s future programs will be available on AVFM’s Live 365, our Youtube Channel, and on this website.

At this critical point in our history, it is very encouraging to know that Harry’s voice will remain at the core of what we do. PE



  • ronthebuilder

    This is as good a spot as any to go on record and congratulate all the good men and women at AVFM for their efforts and their dedication, in getting the ICMI to happen. Well done, all, and I agree with PE that, for a great many reasons most of you probably already know, this time in human history, July 2014, is a pivotal moment in the history of gender politics.

    We have a LONG way to go, but my faith is intact, that it can be accomplished and that the end of the feminist era (pun wholeheartedly intentional) is at hand. Feminism is about to collapse on its own rotten underpinnings, at LONG last. So sad that so many men, children, families and women have all had to suffer the way we have, but tomorrow IS another day.

  • Shrek6

    Thank you Angry Harry for your comments and wisdom. I fully concur with all you have said, because we suffered the same fate here in Australia.

    If there are not enough men (and women) to keep the momentum going, then occasions such as this conference, will simply fade into history. This was the fate of a couple of Summits in Australia that had little to no impact on the plight of men and boys. Since then, the MRM in Australia is virtually non-existent.

    I look forward to the continuation of these podcasts, because they are much needed along with all the other material provided by our AVfM team and writers.

  • Tom Golden

    Always good to hear from you Harry! I agree with you that the conference can be leveraged and increase its worth in the process. I like your idea of a page that houses the speakers vids that start to show people the support that AVFM has from so many different sources. I would add onto that the idea of each MHRA keeping the links to all of the videos and sending them out as much as possible. Send the links to legislators, send them to educators, send them to the media, send them to just about anyplace you think they might do some good and hell, send them to places you don’t think they will do some good! lol Have them in your email signature so that each email you send out has links to the conference. Bring them up to your family, bring them up to friends bring them up at work. We need to make men’s issues something that is an everyday experience for people, something they get used to hearing about on a daily basis.

    • Paul Elam

      Totally agreed, Tom. Next staff meeting Harry’s suggestions will be put on the table and then implemented. The email signature idea is brilliant, btw. I will be adding that to mine once we have the page up.

  • Wirend

    Amazing…I remember reading Harry’s work almost a decade ago and wondered what the man himself was like. I felt a certain deliberate manner within his writing, and finally…after all this time admiring the man, I get to hear it. That was really incredible…
    Which brings up another though I’ve been bouncing around of late – the leaders of our movement are becoming really quite famous. I know how I feel about new videos from our superstars, and I’m pretty sure others feel the same way. And…if I and so many others feel this way, I have to ask, is this perhaps the sign that the avalanche has begun?
    It was an interesting moment when I realized that Alison’s work is philosophy of the same caliber and as profound as anything that I’ve read in any class I’ve ever taken. Will there be students 200 years from now reading her work and feeling the same way I did when I read Adam Smith or Ayn Rand?
    That lead to me realizing that Karen is at least as capable a commentator as Glenn Beck or Rachel Maddow (I cite them as they are people who many others look to for guidance, not to say anything about what they say).
    Paul is the man who cannot be ignored. He’s compared himself to Malcolm X, and I have to wonder, is he really? Feminists cry victimization at the drop of a hat, but, do people really buy it? I can’t help but wonder, are we watching the rise of a statesman?
    These are my thoughts, and likely may be crap. But, either way, I finally get to put a voice to one of my heroes. Here’s my final thought, I have always felt this fight hopeless…right now as I make this post, I have hope.
    Paul Elam – a great man. At least one guy in Pennsylvania feels that way…

    • Astrokid

      Re: AngryHarry.. you can see the man himself on ManWomanMyth’s Youtube videos. you know that, right?
      And to be clear.. AFAIK.. Paul Elam didnt compare himself to Malcomn X. The argument was that we need BOTH the MLK approach and the Malcolm X approach to make headway, and that AVFM represents the latter approach while Warren Farrel et al represent the former approach. That doesnt mean Farrell is being compared to MLK either.

      • Wirend

        I didn’t know that, I’ll have to watch MWM’s videos.
        And, I leave disclaimers for a reason. I remember something like that, but its context could very well be closer to what you’re saying. I don’t think that changes my point though. I read some Malcolm X and I admit, I wasn’t impressed. He garnered a fair degree of negative attention. My point was, while Paul garnered a lot of negative attention from feminists, their interpretation of his work has been little more than one false accusation after another. And, when I say statesman, the specific example that I’m bouncing around is Ben Franklin. I’ll elaborate on that comparison later when I’m on my laptop rather than a cellphone.
        So, that post of mine was my attempt to say how I viewed what’s happening right here, right now. I meant no offense.

    • sé do bheatha a bhaile

      Hey Pennsylvania. I was just musing today about what figure Paul reminds me of. This may sound way off, but I can’t help it: Abraham Lincoln. My only concern now is the future. Who succeeds Paul in the future? Which website? The NCFM will be there, but it’s a non-profit charity….America’s version of CAFE. There just aren’t that many men charismatic enough to rally around. Perhaps scattered mra blogs like men’s rights Edmonton will be the future…a large disorganized resistance…

  • OldandNavy

    I like a person who can put their thoughts forward in such a succinct fashion. Exceedingly well stated, Harry.

  • BeijaFlor

    Angry Harry, you make the best of good sense with this, your first podcast. And I, for one, appreciate that you’ve pointed out such a good way for us to make AVfM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues into a milestone for the future. Or – with a bow and a flutter of wings to my own past career – a reference point a point of departure for mapping our future and a datum-point from which to measure where we are and correct our aim to where we want to go.

    There’s a bronze disk, embedded in concrete, in a rancher’s field about 30 miles northeast of Russell, Kansas. Taken by itself, it is ridiculously insignificant. But it is what surveyors call a “triangulation station,” a point from which to take measurements, and for fifty-seven years it was the center of the surveying system from which the U.S. Geological Survey measured and mapped every square foot of the United States. It’s the origin of the 1927 North American Datum, and even the corners of your backyard, in the surveyors’ plats at your county courthouse, could be traced back to distance-and-direction from that Meades Ranch triangulation station. Everything pointed back to Meades Ranch.

    In a similar fashion, in the geography of our mind, we can use the Detroit conference as a “benchmark,’ a reference point, for our current location and our future progress. We can listen to the talks … we can read the transcripts, when they’re available … we can see what was pointed out then-and-there, as our datum, and we can point any argument back to those lectures and lecturers. We can measure our progress from there … even as the USA’s social progress (and social regression, which is substantial) can be measured from an old document that’s enshrined in the Archives of the United States and SHOULD be enshrined in the hearts of the people of the United States:

    “When in the course of human events….”

  • Steven Bennett

    Long-term technological and social change is now driven by men who work at computer screens.

  • sputnik

    Ya know, there’s a reason this Harry guy gets the respect… I’m just sorry that I went so very utterly my own way 20 years ago that I didn’t know about him until I accidentally discovered a potentially *viable* men’s movement late last year here at AVfM.

    Thus, I’d like to blow some smoke up me own skirt and say: Hey!– I thought of that myself! Not the AVfM page with links to fine speaker videos, but the idea of links left in comments in place of ceaseless arguments. But more than that, the link I left was… (suspense…)

    You see, being keenly interested in how the conference would be represented to the public, I read as many of the articles about it as I could. They were all by women. They were all more or less dismissive. I’m still waiting for Mariah Blake at Mother Jones, but I’m not hopeful. Then there’s the guy from GQ; that article?– I’m a little hopeful. Refinery29 had the “best” of the bunch, almost good, and somewhat thought provoking, until it ended on the usual sour note. Being the better article, it got the really rollicking comments section, and maybe I’m slow, but after about 8 hours straight on the comments, and more the next day, it occurred to me…

    What these articles have in common is this: they all paint a picture of a dreary affair, discomfiting to female journalists, involving lonely, butt-hurt, middle-aged (mostly white) guys commiserating in a cheap-motel atmosphere, and then later heading out to tonier hotel digs to drink their troubles away. And sorry, but I was there, and this– is– grossly– INACCURATE!!

    Finally, I got smart. If you were to click on my icon and read from my profile, you would see that the last comment I left there, beginning with a quote from the commenter to whom I was replying: “Men aren’t forced to be circumcised” ends with this:

    “And finally— Geez, I was at that conference, and I didn’t meet a single MRA pig! In fact the intellect and awareness level in the room was striking.

    “It was a delightful affair! Monday, June 30, 2014″

    And you;ll note that I was careful to include the date, as the blog will push the post out of sight with new entries.

    Why this link? Because this!

    I just want to know why, oh why!?– was Attila’s father not called into the picture for a “three generations of men” thing! Well, we’ll play it smarter next time, won’t we, guyss!

    • Andybob

      Books related to men’s issues are usually reviewed, not just by women, but by feminists.

      Remember Clementine Ford’s review of David Benatar’s ‘The Second Sexism’? She spent the first three paragraphs deriding the idea that members of the patriarchy could even have issues. The next couple of paragraphs reminding readers that women throughout the world are still oppressed by said patriarchs, and then dismissing the book as misogynist baloney that you just know she didn’t deign to dignify by actually reading it.

      A perfect example of media.

      And now the conference in Detroit has mostly been written about by feminists. While they may not have marched in the July 7th protest, signed the petition to have it shut down or issued the death threats personally, they certainly didn’t highlight these very relevant aspects of the conference, much less condemn them.

      Another perfect example of media bias.

  • Christopher Michael Moore

    My FB presence has started to include the conference, as has my YouTube presence. Networking among conference attendees has started as well. Work is already started by those who support men’s and boy’s issues and AVFM.

  • Andybob

    The conference in Detroit is tangible proof of what the MHRM is really all about. It completely contradicts the accusations and assumptions so often leveled against it – even by those ideological opponents who were actually there.

    People are beginning to be curious enough about this movement to take the time to evaluate it for themselves, and many will follow the links which will demonstrate the diversity and evidence-based credibility of the presenters and the participants.
    Angry Harry’s suggestions present effective ways to capitalize on the success of the conference by allowing the conference to speak for itself to as wide a range of listeners as possible.

    I just knew that the voice of the great man himself would have the gravitas of an Erin Pizzey. Another splendid contribution to the MHRM.

    • Paul Elam

      Andybob, would you please email me at ? Thank you!

      • Andybob

        Sorry, but I just tried to email you and got a ‘failure notice for some reason. Just email me directly at any time.

  • Roby 83

    Here is a first version of the page suggested by Harry (in Italian).

  • MGTOW-man

    This conference was unique in at least one way: it generated more worldwide attention to the issues of men and boys than probably all other previous meetings, maybe even combined. Getting men’s issues in the public eye is crucial. Keeping them there is even more so. If we use this to springboard, we can create a way to increase the education of ordinary people who thus far, have only one narrative…and the wrong one.

    Next year’s conference will do much better too if the past one hasn’t been “erased”.

    I also think we should employ ways to get into the minds of average men whom most I believe know we are right. But we have to nudge them out of their femi-induced stupors.

  • MGTOW-man

    This conference was unique in at least one way: it generated more worldwide attention to the issues of men and boys than probably all other previous meetings, maybe even combined. Getting men’s issues in the public eye is crucial. Keeping them there is even more so. If we use this to springboard, we can create a way to increase the education of ordinary people who thus far, have only one narrative…and the wrong one.

    Next year’s conference will do much better too if the past one hasn’t been “erased”.

    I also think we should employ ways to get into the minds of average men whom most I believe know we are right. But we have to nudge them

  • napocapo69

    Good advises from Harry

  • Astrokid

    Angry Harry’s clear thinking and plain speaking as usual. He explains the AVFM approach in simple terms, and all newcomers need to read this.

    • alex brown3

      I really hate the tone argument thing. That is just something fundamentally weak and slimy about it.

      Speak the truth about things blunt and without apology!

  • TPH

    His views and suggestions are spot on. I began to read his blog 7 years ago, one of the reasons I became a MRA.

  • wakjob

    I expected Angry Harry to sound, well, angry. He’s as calm as Boris Karloff narrating “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” except in a parallel universe where Karloff took sick and they had to get Christopher Lee to do it.

  • ralf

    And I think this would not only work with “misogynistic”, but as well for racist, homophobic, hate-full and all the other non-sens that we are regularly accused off!

  • Kevin Wayne


  • RiseOfDivergents

    I found your blog a long time back, I considered myself a feminist, without even reading your blog I thought you were a women hater, my sincere apology, I know there are a lot of lost souls like me who are brainwashed so much that reading opposing view is almost scary. All I have to say now is Thanks a ton Harry! Keep guiding us!

  • gary959

    I was there and loved it!:

  • David King