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ADA Mary Kellett belongs to you

You may have heard of a man named Vladek Filler. He’s the ex husband of a woman named Ligia Filler.

Ligia is now a resident of Maine, who entered the country on an marriage immigration visa, who falsely accused Mr Filler of spousal abuse, and of raping her, resulting in two trials.

Through VAWA, her citizenship in the United States was fast tracked by bringing these accusation, but we all know that even if given incentive, women would never lie about abuse.

However, although she has never been charged, Ligia Filler, aside from abusing the couple’s children and Mr. Filler, also threatened to murder him and to murder the police officers who picked her up, promising to dismember their bodies with the help of her relatives.

Both prosecutions brought against Mr Filler were pursued by Bar Harbour Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett. The first prosecution included no actual evidence against Mr Filler, but, based only on the testimony of Ligia Filler, Kellet obtained a conviction. This was overturned due to Kellett’s prosecutorial misconduct. Kellet had suppressed evidence clearly establishing Mr Filler’s innocence, as well as tampering with witnesses and instructing law enforcement officials not to comply with subpoenas.

Although the first pass at prosecution was thrown out, Kellet brought a retrial. Vladek Filler was acquitted. But we aren’t really dealing with a prosecutor who’s motivated by anything as quaint and old fashioned as justice. Ellsworth, Maine County Sheriff’s Office Medical Examiner had given Ligia Filler a full physical inspection, following her claims of abuse by Vladek, and found no signs of any physical abuse. Four days after this physical inspection, a photo of Ligia Filler’s arm, depicting a bruise, was used to convict him of spousal abuse. And he was sentenced to 21 days in jail.

However, Mary Kellet had by this time come to the attention of several human rights organizations, including A Voice for Men, in part due to the ongoing legal harassment of Mr Filler, but also due to the fact that Mary Kellett’s rate of prosecutions for sexual assault and domestic violence was 40 times higher per capita than the national average for a prosecutor’s office. Either a horrifying sex crime wave was sweeping Ellsworth, Maine, or a corrupt prosecutor was pursuing frivolous prosecutions to secure the VAWA funding each prosecution brought to her office.

Under VAWA, prosecutions are funded regardless of their success in obtaining convictions, which provides financial incentive for frivolous prosecution, which is evidently what Mary Kellett was doing. This hypothesis is further borne out by her abysmal rate of successful convictions.

The National Coalition for Men (NCFM) and AVFM petitioned the State of Maine’s Bar Association to investigate assistant district attorney Mary Kellet, and an investigation was initiated. However, Vladek Filler was, and remains a key witness in the investigation which is to be held this week.

And this is the week that Vladek Filler has been scheduled by the Ellsworth Main district attorney’s office for Vladek Filler to serve his 21 days, that conviction obtained of a photoshop of Ligia filler’s magic arm, and to serve that time in Mary Kellett’s jail, while he is scheduled to testify as they key witness of her disciplinary hearing. He will be brought to the court room to testify, wearing shackles and an orange jumpsuit. A perfect piece of theater for Kellett’s, who now finds herself being defended by no less than a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Maine.

And maybe, if Kellett is just a little more corrupt than we’ve ascertained by examining her behavior to date, perhaps Mr Filler will share a cell with a violent, unstable criminal primed with fanciful and graphic stories of Filler’s abuse of his wife, or perhaps, his children.

And if hearing this summary, the reek of corruption doesn’t reach your nostrils – then you are the problem.

Now, in case you didn’t predict this, Kellett is cooking up more fraudulent charges against Mr. Filler. And she wont stop. She’s financially and politically motivated to keep going, and while she is an assistant district attorney, she’s also a true believer in the gender ideology discussed on AVFM. To her, there is nothing ethically out of bounds at all. Whether you look at this and call it corruption, or whether you call it fanaticism, or ideology, it makes no difference. This is a prosecutor in a prosecutor’s office so corrupt that the word isn’t really strong enough to encompass the scope of the problem.

And you might not care what happens to this man, this Vladek Filler. Some people, I predict, will be saying to themselves, something like; well, maybe he was innocent, but he must have done something.

And if that’s you, if that nasty little thought is going through your head, let me give you something else to chew on. That’s how klansmen used to justified lynchings, too.

And if this stranger – this Vladek filler – if he’s no concern of yours. Consider that the Mary Kellett problem is typical of what’s going on in prosecutor’s offices all across the country.

You don’t know Vladek filler? He’s a stranger, okay. Do you have a brother? Do you have a son?

For a lot of people now active in the men’s rights movement, they sat quietly as our mainstream spun story after story about how women are under threat, and how the men’s movement is a pack of retrograde cavemen whose fondest desire is to send women to the sammich factories, rape them with impunity or whatever other puerile lies are used to demonize this human rights movement. They sat quietly agreeing with all that rhetoric until their son or brother or father or themselves were accused of starring in some absurd, unfounded, countered by evidence fantasy of female victimhood.

And once accused, chewed up by an ideologically driven court system.

Maybe it will be your son’s life’s destruction that motivates you and wake you up. Or maybe you’re more than a reactive primate, and you can put the pieces together in your head before this tears your family apart. Mary Kellett is not just a corrupt prosecutor – running in a system which seems to have abandoned due process, decency and sense – she’s now increasingly typical, she represents a corrupt system. And you, as long as you do nothing, are part of it.

So, do you know a journalist? Maybe you are a journalist. Do you live in a state of Maine? Maybe you’ve got family there. Do you have a job? Make a donation to NCFM or to AVFM. We aren’t doing this to make ourselves famous or rich. We’re doing it because an ideology of violence and hatred has taken root, among other places, inside the institutions justice. And if you don’t want your kids to grow up in a society in which the ones with a Y chromosome are defined as evil, and the ones with a uterus defined as permanent, zero-accountability mental toddlers – then its time to get off your ass, because Mary Kellett belongs to you.

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  • Roger O Thornhill


    Another highly incisive article from you. It makes for very sobering and highly distressing reading.

    It is very easy for me spout ideas from my chaise longue in another part of the world. And forgive my ignorance, and yes I do need to read this article again.
    I think, I still am what you would call a Newb?

    But are people near to this area mobilizing to protest against this in some physically present, non violent way?

    What else can be done apart from petitioning the relevant governing bodies…?

    The more I read here at AVFM, the more I’m stunned and angered by this blatant assault on the rights of men and boys.

    It just seems that the majority of men are completely deaf, dumb and blind to this! How do we wake them from their stupor before it is too late? I’m no “Rocket Surgeon” but I get this, how can we make this message clear enough, attractive enough so that everyone can?

    I can’t distill this down any further, but this is all about the theft of legal rights, property and the abduction of family members.

    I don’t know about Government warnings on Tobacco products in your country, but this seems to make sense to me “Marriage is a health and wealth hazard, know your rights before you say I Do”.

    In my minds eye… I see posters with groups of men arm in arm enjoying each others company, but some of the men have been blacked out, with a headline saying “x number of men a year are lost due to Deadly Family Court rulings.”

    That’s my two cents… Thankyou

    • Rog

      “i don’t know about Government warnings on Tobacco products in your country, but this seems to make sense to me “Marriage is a health and wealth hazard, know your rights before you say I Do”.”

      this is something i would like to see further down the line,, i think it would be quite a rude awakening if MRM`s provided a free “course” for men who are about to get married with materials ect on the facts, i bet you more than a couple of brides would crap themselves at this prospect….

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ


      There is this story of a traveling salesman in the South I need to tell you. The story, I suspect at least, is very very old.

      In the South, a traveling salesman is going door to door in the hot afternoon sun trying to finish up his sales for the day; and he happens upon an old man and his droopy dog sitting on an old porch.

      He approaches the fence, and before he can make his pitch; the old man is abrubtly ut short by his dogs howl before telling the man that “I don’t want to buy anything, but you can sit here and drink sweet tea out of the sun if you want to?”

      The salesman, very thankfully accepts, and as he approaches the porch the dog again howls almost in pain?

      For an hour thhey sat there where every minute or so the dog would raise its head at nothing and howl.

      After a half hour of this, the salesman is about to ask, and the old man cuts him off with “why does the dog howl like that your gonna ask?” “Yes!” replies the Salesman.

      “You see, my dog is laying on a nail. Its rusty, probably will kill him, thats why he howls so often.”

      The salesman replies, “well why doesn’t he just move?”

      The old man replies “Well, I guess the nail isn’t hurting him enough?”

      Not long after, the salesman left.

      This is the answer to your question; the rusty nail of feminism, and corrupt government the porch we all lay on ahve not gottten uncomfortable enough for us to do anything. Most fo us anyways. I found out about it when I got dragged through it. I went into court thinking that I was honestly going to get joint custody! You know, “because I’m a good guy, not a bad man like these bogeymen feminists rail against?” “I don’t rape anyone, so I should be fine!”

      Yeah, I have not been on that damned nail since; but I sure still feel its sting! I’m hoping the wound is not gangerous?

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


      You are quite new here and I have to tell you that I find your “2 cents” goes pretty far with me for sure.

      A belated welcome to you.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    OT here, I’ve enjoyed listening to you present your radio shows. Have you ever been told that you sound like Casey Kasem?

  • Tawil

    Got to say John this was very well written… its a clear and convincing appeal to the intelligence of readers.

    BTW I belly laughed at your satire “..the men’s movement is a pack of retrograde cavemen whose fondest desire is to send women to the sammich factories, rape them with impunity or whatever other puerile lies are used to demonize this human rights movement.”

    I hope the world gets behind Vladek Filler and frees him from his current nightmare.

  • http://human-stupidity.com/irrationality/stupid-dogma/mens-rights-feminism Human-Stupidity.com

    In which country is this happening? In a Siberian Gulag? In a Kafka novel?

    This can not be happening in the USA, the Land of the Free, with its constitutional rights.


    Is this a nightmare?

    Am I being sarcastic or serious? What are the causes? Feminism, manginas like Biden, are the source. Wrong evil unconstitutional laws like VAWA. And once you give unlimited power to prosecute, unstable women and whacko prosecutors just happen to arise. The former with great frequency, the latter a bit more rarely. But we sure have overzealous prosecutors, or prosecutors required to obey the letter of crazy VAWA.

    Men, stand up to re-gain liberty and constitutional rights.

    Am I being dramatic?

  • Darryl X

    @ JtO – Where did you get information / data concerning rate of prosecutions per capita? Like how did you conclude that Mary Kellett’s rate of prosecutions for sexual assault and domestic violence is 40 times higher per capita than the national average for a prosecutor’s office? Is there a map of jurisdictions for prosecutors and the number of prosecutions. I’m curious as to the sex or other dispositions of the prosecutors throughout the country and the number of prosecutions and the amount of VAWA money they get, etc… What you are proposing (and I’m shocked, just shocked) is that the federal government is paying prosecutors to allege falsely that men have committed sex-related crimes. This does not surprise me. I’ve been looking for data like that for a long time so that I could relate money allocated to counties or other jurisdictions and number of prosecutions.

    • Darryl X

      What we are seeing here is how fiat money is used to promote and fund a burgeoning police state.

      Some people may interpret the relationship between money funding a prosecutor as justified by the number of alleged crimes s/he has to prosecute.

      But the relationship is just the opposite. Especially given the number of questionable allegations and nature of the crimes as they relate to specific federal and state programs and grants.

      The number of alleged crimes is a response to the funding. The funding is not in response to the number of alleged crimes.

      There weren’t all these crimes in Mary Kellett’s jurisdiction before the funding mechanisms were created. There weren’t all these crimes waiting to be prosecuted. Look at the number of false allegations.

      Funding causes or is used to justify the false allegations. Allegations are not caused by or used to justify the funding. The funding came first. Not the allegations.

      Basically what these jurisdictions are saying is if you give us enough money we will come up with the criminals, whether they’re guilty or not.

      It’s literally a 21st century witch-hunt (to find and persecute innocent men). Post-feminist dystopian fascist police state, anybody? Anybody?

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    “In which country is this happening? In a Siberian Gulag? In a Kafka novel?”

    What’s happening in our American legal system has FAR surpassed Siberian Gulags or Kafka’s worst nightmare.

    I have been sounding this alarm for over 14 years now – and the corruption was well entrenched by the time my own son was introduced to it.

    The only thing that has changed is that it has gotten WORSE, it has EXPANDED, as it becomes more widely known it become more widely accepted.

    We have bitching that Snadusky “only” got a living death sentence instead of 400 years, when I have to ask does ANYbody live 400 years?

    …and did ANYbody notice, or care, that his claims of not getting a fair trial were actually VALID?

    Yes, I know, I am a walking shit turd to even question the “justice” handed down in this case, but I do because I know not to question is to accept my own injustice one day.

    When Niemoller wrote “…when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up” he knew what he was talking about! They did come for him!

    …and they are coming for you.

    It’s just a matter of time.

    We live in a bizarro world where people are still gnashing and grinding about OJ Simpson “getting away with it”, ably dismissing the blatant police evidence tampering and blaming a “dumb” racist jury for not overlooking it, while case after case after case of DNA exonerations expose the rotten filth our justice system has become, and not a peep of protest or concern is raised.

    The thing is – if you don’t stand up for the rights of the parriahs, the dregs, the shit on your shoes – you end up joining the club.

    • Darryl X

      Actually, OneHundredPercentCotton, I have written to some journalists about their treatment of the Sandusky case, their scathing indictment of him and their rhetoric.

      I don’t know if he’s innocent. But I share your concerns about the unfair way in which the case was prosecuted. If I were to err on the side of caution, I would say he’s innocent.

      Simply because I’m not aware of any evidence of his guilt. And the witnesses which were presented as evidence suggest that at least some of them are not credible.

      I still believe a man is innocent until he is proven guilty and Sandusky has not been proven guilty. I also believe that it is better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be punished.

      I’ve written before and I’ll write again that the probability of a man doing the kinds of things of which Sandusky was convicted is much much smaller than the probability of finding enough people to bear false witness against him.

    • Darryl X

      Oh and just as an aside, I called OJ Simpson innocent from the beginning. For a variety of reasons and evidence which were not even presented at trial.

      I caught a lot shit from my colleagues about it too. Especially after he was acquitted. Fifteen years later however more and more evidence shows that he likely really was innocent.

      The defense attorneys were already prepared with an appeal to a guilty verdict and all the evidence of his innocence that they did not present at the first trial. They were very confident about his innocence.

      Unfortunately, I agree with many that Simpson was acquitted because of race and not because of the evidence of his innocence and lack of evidence for his alleged guilt.

      It’s good that he was acquitted but bad that it was for the wrong reasons. Most people truly are ignorant and some times they are going to make the right call just out of dumb luck and for the wrong reasons. Take your victories where you can find them I guess.

      And Casey Anthony is guilty. If of nothing else then for lying to investigators and interfering with an investigation. But also for murdering her child.

      For lying she should have gotten another six years. Letting her off sends a bad message to other women that they can just kill their children or anyone else and then lie to investigators and get away with the crime and lying.

      Oh I murdered my husband because I was cheating on him and he found out and wanted a divorce and the children. But I wanted the children and all the child support so I’ll lie that he was abusing me and his murder is self defense. Whose going to believe my husband? After all, dead men tell no tales.

      • Theseus

        Darryl X no there has not been more evidence coming to light that OJ was innocent. It’s the polar opposite. Consider this: OJ said on the police interview ( the transcripts are available) that he dripped blood all over his house because he cut his finger open that night, but he didn’t know how it happened. Who the hell would miraculously slice open their finger on the night of a double murder and drip blood all over their house? (2) There is all the photos ( including a magazine photo taken before the murders) of OJ in the infamous shoes; shoes that he says he did not own. There is much more, but I submit that it these two examples are very damning.

        With that being said however, you and OneHundredPercentCotton are absolutely correct on everything else. What I stated above is a hind sight is 20/20 issue. This evidence was not presented at trial and there is the problem of wide spread corruption in our current system of justice. Combine all this with police tampering of evidence, and a jury nullification argument at the very least could be made.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Jury nullification is the argument I am making, and the saddest part is the jury WAS too dumb to send that message, and the public was too dumb to “get it”.

          I don’t know, or really care, who is innocent or guilty as much as if they had a fair trial.

          Knowing a police officer purposefully tampered with the evidence in order to assure a conviction made the jury decision a correct one, even though I suspect ithas only served to send MORE innocent people to prison instead of the opposite.

          The public gets into an uproar over OJ cases, with nary a peep about the hundreds of wrongful conviction cases.

          I don’t know or care if Sandusky is innocent or guilty, I DO know he was rushed to trial, denied a continuance he was rightfully entitled to, and almost without excepton the key witnesses changed and evolved their stories after the fact.

          Don’t take my word for it, google it.

          I’ve posted the Paul Stuckle “Elimination Of Constititional Rights” article numerous times about the “new rules” in child accusation cases.

          The one thing I learned in court is you can make anybody look guilty of anything.

          If you want to.

          Apparently, our judicial system wants to do just that with the American public as it’s #1 cheerleader.

          • Theseus

            Agreed! Well said.

        • Darryl X

          I’m not going to argue about Simpson’s guilt or innocence as that was not the point of my post. I never dismiss the possibility that I could be wrong and Simpson is guilty. Just saying that it wasn’t the obvious case the prosecution tried to make it out to be. Which prosecutors have become more and more prone to doing.

          I agree that there is a great problem of wide spread corruption in our current system of justice. It’s not that it fails to operate effectively on the correct scale and has not reached an optimum of performance but that it is operating on a scale in the exact opposite direction that the scale should go and doing it with considerable success and performing optimally. Presently, our system of justice is designed to persecute and convict innocent men and exonerate or worse ignore guilty men and women (particularly women). The US is an almost perfect post-feminist dystopian fascist police state.

          Simpson’s wife was a harlot and involved with many shady and dangerous men and women. The defense was prepared for an appeal in which clear and compelling evidence of another man’s guilt would be presented, not just exonerating Simpson but implicating another man for whom there was considerably more evidence.

          The legal system had already dropped the ball and invested vast resources in prosecuting Simpson and could not go after the more likely guilty party because they had run out of funds and would never be able to do it with any credibility.

          Once they went after Simpson with limited evidence and fanning public hysteria with a past concerning a (false) allegation of domestic violence against him they had basically compromised any opportunity for justice. Ultimately, the party most guilty for the death of Simpson’s wife is Simpson’t wife and she got what she deserved for it. When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

          • Theseus

            I hear you and I agree with you about the trial itself. I have no love for Nicole Simpson but I think you saying “she got what she deserved for it” is a bit extreme. Remember, an innocent man was also murdered – even if he was banging or white knighting her – because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            Again we have no disagreement on the state of our current system of justice; I don’t want to get into an argument either. However, I disagree with you on this point: Even if the defense was able to produce another individual that may have been involved, the examples that I listed above show that Simpson was there at the scene and involved in the crime.

          • Darryl X

            Hard puzzle to put together. Suffice it to say, the investigators and law enforcement and prosecutors didn’t make it any easier.

          • Theseus

            So true. There was a helluva lot of incompetence as well.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

    JtO, thanks for this; it’s perfect.
    My suggestion to every person reading this, is to link and/or copy and paste it in an email, or print it as snail mail, and send it to the Maine state legislature.


    This site has contact information for every member, including home emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

    Open it and spend an hour sending emails.

  • rebtus

    Maine may be a wrong place to go to learn Zumba. Instructor has been charged with prostitution and court has released the names of some students. Many of us don’t know what Zumba is but police and prosecutor in Maine seem to know. Link:

  • scatmaster

    Just sent some cash to AVFM to fight the misandrous Kellet as JTO suggested.

    You guys are tapping me out but it is more than worth it!!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Thank you Scats! We know it is hard to part with hard earned cash, especially these days. We will put it to good use, bro.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      The cry went up:

      “Good man Scatters he knows tricks.
      He walks ’round with clams on sticks.”

      Oh you are golden and I do not think that M.K. likes you our Scatters. No I do not think she does at all really.

  • greg

    New to site. I’ve made phone calls on behalf of the Kirk Children, and this Criminal Kellett.

  • rebtus

    Would Maine prosecutors is be as tough on women who sell “furburgers ” to other women? Over 100 men are under investigation for taking Zumba lesson in

  • Cultural_Expat

    What a great piece of journalistic and incisive op-ed’ing on This travesty of justice and systemized govt sanctioned hate of men for profit! I’m close enough to do something from an activist stand point if need be-5 hours away, and once I get to my laptop tomorrow with my paypal account i will be donating to your..our..cause.