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When crutches attack.

If you live in Dundas in The Hamilton area of Canada you might find here and there a poster on a pole or a wall. The poster might be about a new drawing class that’s opening up, or a band that’s coming to town, or perhaps even about a club of people who appreciate books and how they meet twice a month. There are all sorts of posters from gardening societies to boot sales, coin displays, guitar lessons and macrame courses. These posters live their lives telling their message to the folk who pause for a moment before walking by.

You’ve seen how it works. The person who posted knows that their message must share a common space, and everybody is aware that every post will have their brief time in the sun only to be covered by the new. It’s a busy cycle of come and go, and good manners make sure everybody has their say.

Well it’s supposed to be that way, even if you want to talk about the concept of ‘rights for men’.

Hang on a second. Pardon. I was thinking of a world where every traffic light is green, doughnuts and chips are slimming foods, electricity is free and gold dubloons rain down from your ceiling when you clap your hands. What I meant to say was this:

Well it’s supposed to be that way, except if you want to talk about the concept of ‘rights for men’.

Yes, there’s a different word there this time, and when that word is placed in the right spot it can mean a whole lot of wrong if you have the nuts to put this statement to the test. Last night in Dundas this statement was indeed put to the test and the results have come in from the lab – violence and a mystery.

Our resident MRA Dannyboy is the man who told me today his tale of a close encounter of the turd kind. He’s the MRA who experimented with the concept of equal postering rights, and although his story is not quite science fiction, it’s content is up there with the classics. You know? Boy puts up posters for a humanitarian cause, boy catches fuckwit (FW) destroying his posters, FW responds by threatening with his crutch, boy takes photograph of FW as it runs away from the crime, boy talks to cops and cops are on the lookout for the FW. Now the next bit is for that very same FW who is reading this page here on that monitor object what is displaying stuff on that net thing.

Hey fuckwit. I have some words for you and a question.

The words: You can run really fast but there are other things that are faster. The shutter of a camera is faster, a police report is faster, your image popping up on thousands and thousands of monitors is faster and so too are our brains. Most importantly FW, our response to your criminal actions will be faster, and that is to metaphorically nail those soft round jiggly things in your trousers to a hard square static thing called a police record if you try this crap again.

The Question: Why did you leave your house with crutches?

Now I would never be so rude as to ask a disabled person that question, and I look at this picture of you here as you run as Sea Biscuit’s dream, and I am seventy percent, even eighty percent sure you don’t need them. So if I am to go with the laws of probability I will ask you another question. What type of physically abled person goes about in public with a pair of crutches? Before you lie once again (the photograph of someone running with a pair of crutches clasped in their hand is an image of someone wanting to construct a false reality for the observer – the public) let me answer for you.

A fibbing bolus of mealy mouthed, suck-assed muff-praying, white knight bending, nappy filling glassy eyed, crayon toting bawling like a bub, air skulled, Plasticine spined, microsporon incubus of feminist quisling chicken-shit. That’s who.

Don’t believe me? Look at the picture again, and know also that I was going to add that the poor sucker you tried to assault described your face as one of, and I quote, “…pure rabid hatred.”

Admittedly, I can’t say that about you as it’s an objective thing only, but the other colourful adjectives I mentioned stand as they are. They are smack on the button accurate. Your actions are cowardly, dishonest and peurile. Your actions have the entitlement of a vicious kid who does the bidding of a bigger and more vicious kid, feminism. That’s the kid you serve, and the cost for you has by your own actions become more expensive, because like heroin the first hit was free. Now you pay forever, because I can only surmise that the combination of terminal fuckwittery and your tepid tea intelligence will not a Summer of awareness in you make. Not ever.

That aside, you might want to whisper to the other feminists in da hood that if they want to rip down posters that are pointing out that men make up 80% of suicides, or that a man will receive sole custody 10% of the time in divorce/ child custody proceedings, or that men make up 94% of all industrial accidents and deaths, or that 90% of all the homeless people are men, or that the suicide rates among men the ratio is 4 men for every one woman and in a divorce situation that ratio climbs to about 10 to 1, then they might be photographed by an MRA and then photographed again by the police after they take your fingerprints. They do this thing all the time. They are actually paid to process social miscreants when they get up to miscreanty things like ripping down posters. Poster ripping is considered miscerantyish to them, and they always have an eye and ear out for miscreantyishness.

What’s even worse than a miscreant is a felon. A felon is someone who breaks section 265 of the criminal code in your area. That code states, that a person has committed an assault when he/she attempts or threatens, by an act or a gesture, to apply force to another person, if he/she has, or causes that other person to believe on reasonable grounds that he/she has, present ability to effect his/her purpose.

Translation: You became a criminal the moment you threatened another person who presented no threat to you. Your actions make you the bad guy, and just like in the movies the police don’t like bad guys and that means you now have a problem. The best way to make that problem go away is to stop behaving like a douche-bag fuckwit. You see, the locus of control is now entirely with you. (no FW, it’s not an insect)

I hope our point is made beautifully and is as crystal clear as your transparently ugly motivation.

I still don’t know why you went about town with crutches. It’s driving me nuts.


A Chronology of Events – When a young man on crutches was caught and photographed tearing down MRA posters, then threatened Dannyboy with his crutch! Then he ran off. Click on images to enlarge

Caught tearing posters down

The damage done

A mad dash after the threat!

And a message for the fuckwit

About Dr. F (Ian Williams)

Ian Williams artist and author from Australia is enjoying watching the ideology of feminism dying. He adores these times where he sees it beginning to lose traction, and for him, the atrophying of that muscle is proof positive that word is getting out and it's questioning its answers. The magician tricks of feminism are understood by him, and in the front row seat he delights in putting up his hand, "Hey. I can see the secret wire".Short stories from his forthcoming book Kidscapes are published on AVfM every week.

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  • Dannyboy

    First I want to let all of you know I am fine and sustained no injuries. It could have gone bad very easily but this is my town and I have lived here pretty much all my life. I can’t walk 30 feet without seeing someone I know.
    Remember always do this in a group.
    I will also let you know that for this weekend in My town AVfM ruled the streets
    I was busy all weekend talking to people about the men’s rights movement. The response for the most part with one or two exceptions was positive. And I mean that literally one or two. I handed out flyers to people on the streets and explained about the MRM.
    Remember know your facts and spread that red pill about freely.
    I would also like to thank all who helped on the article.
    Now I’ve got some catch up reading to do.
    Cheers to one and all.

    • Iron John

      Glad to hear you’re okay, Dannyboy. Sounds like a close call. Do the police have any idea who this FW might be?

      • Dannyboy

        Not yet but will be looking at mug shots in the very near future. Thanks

    • Dr. F


      “Crutches-boy” got nailed mate. Big time.

      The ‘running away’ photo you took is wonderful. You got him just in the back-light, feet off the ground and crutches vertically for the world to see.

      The red circle had me prolapsed with laughter. It looks as though he’s a clown on a unicycle. (honk honk)

      Good one Dannyboy. We got your back. We are MRA’s and that is what we do.

      • Dannyboy

        Thank you me ole cocker, and tell Andy I said hi.

    • HurleyHacker

      If this keeps up I might have to come out of exile and retirement and stir up some shit myself. Ahhhh the good ‘ole bad days………
      Congratulations Dannyboy. You earned your stripes .

      • Dannyboy

        Thanks Hurley

    • Arvy

      Just something to think about:-
      Suppose you’re a man who has never heard of AVfM and you’re not much into subtlety and sarcasm. You spot a poster that is headed in bold type: “Stop Violence Against Women, But Not Against Men.” And that is followed immediately by suggesting that “men do not matter.” What would be your first gut reaction?

      No excuse for any physical attack, of course, but it might suggest some possible reasons for at-a-glance misunderstandings. Just a thought.

      Happy to hear that no actual injuries resulted from the encounter. Take good care of yourself, and keep up the good work.

  • externalangst

    Thanks Dannyboy and Dr F. See how the cockroaches scatter when the exposing light of reason and justice is shone on them.

    • Dannyboy

      Hey man just doing my job taking care of my backyard so to speak.

  • Shrek6

    Hey Dr. F,
    Great article thanks. And very well said to, I might add!

    And Dannyboy, you’re one in a million and I thank you for putting yourself on the line for our cause. And boy, what great ‘FW’otography

    Dr. F, you said:

    I still don’t know why you went about town with crutches. It’s driving me nuts.”

    I wonder if this shadow of a human being, has fooled the govt into believing he is disabled and is now collecting a disability pension, which might answer the question as to why he is going about in public with crutches.

    If this guy is eventually identified, it might be worth mentioning to the police that he could be defrauding the govt in this way.

    Just a thought!

    • Dannyboy

      The way that twit was running he did not need those crutches.
      I am of the mind he intentionally brought them along to use like he did ( a weapon) so he could blend in and not arouse suspicion.
      Will have to let the courts sort it out.

      • Shrek6

        Well, let’s hope they catch him. It’s a pity you didn’t get a mug shot. That would have been sweet justice!

      • Sting Chameleon

        Or he brought them to inspire sympathy if a physical confrontation ensued.

  • outdoors

    Atta boy Dannyboy!

    Crutches? Running?

    I wonder what kind of scam he is trying to pull.

    Hope you can find his real name and get a good pic of his face for

    • Dannyboy

      Thanks outdoors,
      I am going to look at mug shots in the very near future but I did put up another poster on the very same pole letting the twit know there is now an ongoing investigation regarding this matter.
      And regardless of what he tries to tell the police, the pictures don’t lie.
      I would also like to say many thanks to the officer who responded he did his job perfectly.

  • Suz

    When he is identified, please share his name and mugshot. (It’s important to publicize certain public records.)

    Stay safe!

  • Kimski

    Awesome writing, Dr.F, and even more awesome work you’re doing, Dannyboy.

    I had a nice little ROFL at the pictures. The track running weasel didn’t even have the courage to stand up for what he alledgedly believes in, and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this.

    That being said, remember to always stay in groups and bring cameras. Not just to let us all witness the excellent work you’re doing, but also to be able to expose these bigots as the spineless violent hypocrites they truly are.

    • Dannyboy

      Kimski thanks,

      Just looking after my own backyard with these twits who don’t believe that men’s rights are human rights.
      And yes always do this in groups, can’t urge that enough. Always with a camera to document the evidence and audio recording equipment is also a good idea.

      Like I said this is my town and I know a ton of people in it and if I don’t a relative of mine does. We have been here since the 1920’s or so and have a strong presence in the town.
      If ever there was a doubt about just how violent the femmies are willing to be just look at the fact that he did not need the crutches and when having his picture taken while defacing the posters making the simple statements ” that men’s rights are human rights” immediately and without hesitation picked one up and did what he did.
      And like I said the look of pure rabid hatred was just brutal.

  • Dannyboy

    Thanks Suz,
    I will keep AVfM updated on the matter and WHEN this twit is identified, he will be held accountable for his actions by a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Bombay

    I am glad you are safe Dannyboy. It seems that men looking for an exciting evening around town could take up postering.

    • Dannyboy

      Thanks Bombay,
      Yes it can get a little hairy but always remember cover your ass. Never give them an opportunity to lie about any thing.

  • Raven01

    Good job Dannyboy.
    I would love to this clown and those rabid femmies in Vancouver charged, convicted and, appropriately sentenced.
    We need a strong message that society will not tolerate violent opposition of non-violent ideas.

    • Shrek6

      Can any of you tell me if they actually put women in prison over there in Canada?

      Here in Australia, the only crime that can guarantee a woman a prison sentence, is if she rips off the govt.

      However, if she steals from a man, assaults a man (any man) and it can be serious assault, if she falsely accuses him of anything from picking his nose to rape, gets involved in any other crime with a man including drug running, or even if she actually murders a man, she will be very unlucky indeed to see the inside of a prison.

      It seems the only women who end up in prison, have either stolen from the govt or they have been too dumb to defend themselves in the normal manner that women use today.

      Am I cynical? Well heck yeah!
      Is the above an exaggeration?
      Well, no not really!
      I might be a little bit away from what actually happens, but knowing that in all states in Australia there are bugger all beds in prisons set aside for women, tells me an awful lot.

      So, I was just wondering if you are assaulted in Canada by a crutch wielding female feminist, is she likely to receive the same punishment as a male perp would?

      • Raven01

        Same punishment? Highly unlikely. There would be some punishment but, far lighter than if she were considered an adult by the courts.
        In Danny’s case the femmie has a penis so he would be held fully responsible for his behaviour.

      • Kimski

        We’ve all witnessed the pussy pass being granted on so many occasions, and under so many different circumstances, ranging from false rape allegations to child murder, that the above statements of yours doesn’t even come close to being exaggerations.

        It’s all a part of the patriarch oppression of women by the evil menz, you know.

        /sarcasm off.

    • Dannyboy

      Hell yes man, and we gotta hook up again and poster the towns that we can.
      Loved working with you on the bilbo fiasco.
      Cheers !

  • rebtus

    @ Dannyboy
    Quote of your stats
    “That aside, you might want to whisper to the other feminists in da hood that if they want to rip down posters that are pointing out that men make up 80% of suicides, or that a man will receive sole custody 10% of the time in divorce/ child custody proceedings, or that men make up 94% of all industrial accidents and deaths, or that 90% of all the homeless people are men, or that the suicide rates among men the ratio is 4 men for every one woman and in a divorce situation that ratio climbs to about 10 to 1,
    Drudge report
    Do you think the government would let PTSD and other, destitude men to use this or would the FEDS tell them to take an enema,
    $ 3 million nasal spray?

    • Dannyboy

      That is a question I can not answer. I am from Canada and so do not know much about how your FDA works

  • lensman

    This article reminds me of a story I’ve been told by a cabbie once…

    The way he said it, a beautiful woman once stepped into his taxi (beautiful as in Supermodel beautiful) on August 15th which is a big religious holiday here. She asked his which church had the most people right now. He answered and she asked him to take her there. She then gives him a handy tip and tell him to keep the change. According to the cabbie, it only took her 10 seconds to twist her leg backwards, put on some rags and sunglasses, take our a retractable cane, and putting out a sign that said “DEAF, BLIND AND LIMBLESS PLEASE HELP”.

    So remember guys, don’t dismiss a woman begging for money on the streets, she might be a model in disguise.

    My guess is that FuckWit was on his way to apply for a disability check. Or he probably saw the movie “Something about Mary” and decided that putting on crutches and a fake British accent might be a good way to attract women (never mind the fact that Lee Evan’s character in the movie was a lying sleazebag that didn’t even get the girl in the end). Most probably the latter. In any case I say nail the bastard.

    • Dannyboy

      This punk had no use what so ever for the crutches.

      He would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money.

      It was festival weekend where I live which means a heavy police presence. If he was walking around with a club he would have been arrested right away.
      He had no cast, no discernible signs of injury. All of this points to that he fully intended to use them as a weapon. He as well had no limp or irregular gait to his stride. I watched him walk up in a regular motion. At first I thought he was returning the crutches to the pharmacy there or something.
      I know the disability process here and it takes quite a bit to get put on it. Multiple doctors reports and such. You do not get put on disability without them.
      Another thing that is plausible is that people with a visible disability get free rides on the bus service around here but that doesn’t add up either.
      This all points back to him using them as a weapon.
      I as well believe him to be local to the area and the next time I see him I will immediately call the police to come pick him up. I just hope he doesn’t see me so he doesn’t get the chance to run away again.
      I am as well fairly sure that by now he knows the police are looking for him, and if he is reading this I would urge him to turn himself in. He definitely needs some re-rehabilitation.

      • Dr. F


        Small town – Show the pharmacy the photos of this guy.

        The plot may thicken. Ooohh Ahhh.

        • Kimski

          The plot may chicken..???


          • Dr. F


            You trying out for “Post of the Weak” mate?

            Actually, I did laugh. You’re a bit of a goof like meself I reckon.

          • Kimski


            Naw, just too many Marx Bros. movies lately, mate.
            You know, ->Wire fence-> why offense?
            Viaduct. -> Why a duck?
            Why a no chicken?

        • Dannyboy

          Great idea Dr. F,
          the plot will definitely thicken or chicken as the case maybe ,, thanks Kimski for the laff.

      • lensman

        Can crutches really be used effectively as a weapon? I think I’ve seen Jackie Chan handle them once in a movie, but most crutches I’ve handled are a bit too heavy to be used to knock someone out (or maybe I am just too out of shape).

        After what you told me about the difficulty of getting disability benefits, I am leaning towards the “use of crutches as an attention/approval/pity-fuck getter”. Or he could be like the supermodel of the cab-story and beg people for bus-change.

        Whatever. What he did was morally deplorable on many levels.

        • Dannyboy

          I am sending you some stuff in the private message area of AVfM.
          But the crutches fw used were aluminum, so weight is not an issue.
          Also the way fw held the crutch was from the bottom end of it. This means that the part that would go under a person’s armpit would be the part he would have tried to inflict damage with. That means that all the force he put behind it would be concentrated into a small area of contact, say around 3 inches square or about 12 centimeters square.
          Add to that theTangential Speed Velocity formula ( going to keep it simple and here is a good definition “To sum up, we can say that tangential speed of the object is linearly proportional to the distance from the center. Increase in the distance results in the increase in the amount of speed. As we move to the center speed decreases, and at the center speed becomes zero.”

          When that force is applied to such a small area it can be devastating.
          When young fw is apprehended he will need to prove that he has a medical condition requiring him to use the crutches, other wise his need for them goes right back into him intentionally carrying them to be used to attack me. ( as a weapon)
          I have been back to that same area twice now and the most bizarre thing of it all is that I put posters up on all 4 corners of that intersection. The only ones being defaced are the ones on the corner where the pharmacy is located.
          It just doesn’t seem to make any sense.
          If your going to deface posters on 1 corner why not make the effort to walk the extra 200 feet ( total distance to walk around the whole intersection) and deface the rest?
          It just doesn’t add up

  • harrywoodape

    I wonder if he is a false workplace injury claimer?


    Dr. F: I saw you are a cartoonist. I often have ideas how I want to illustrate my articles. I once had a cartoonist that made me very happy.

    Can you be of any help? Free is best but small pay is ok.

    To contact me, please email (if you have an email address here) or write any comment at

  • gateman

    Looks like a prime candidate for the False Gait Society.

    • Dr. F

      Snarky, sarcastic, witty, no flab and to the absolute funny bone.

      Sublime and thanks for the hoot.

  • ChrisD

    Tearing down the posters is a disgusting act against free speech, there is no excuse for it. These posters are not hate speech so he can’t use that defense.

    Having said that I need to play devils advocate regarding the crutches. I had to use them for around a year after a back injury. Thing is, I could walk and even run with minimal pain. The moment I stood still, holy god that was painful. After a year of physio I could throw the damn things away finally.

    So maybe that applies in this situation. Although I think it’s more likely he’s just someone faking disability to get money. Which makes me pretty angry.

  • Dean Esmay

    It still wigs me out that the place where we’re in biggest danger is in college towns.

    If you were on the streets of Detroit or New York, probably no one would notice or care, but get in one of those dangerous COLLEGE TOWNS and you’d better watch your ass.

    Such is the topsy-turvy world of caring about the male of the male of the species.

    • The Real Peterman

      I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, but men are an endangered species in American colleges where 60% of students are women, and rising.

  • herman melville

    Hey, the guy’s just been reading his Brecht. Crutches make you a presumptive victim. Why are we not surprised?

  • The Real Peterman

    I guess this is male privilege in action: even a man with an injured leg can run full-tilt when he wants to, just because he’s a man.

  • ActaNonVerba

    He needs the crutches. His gigantic mangina is just coming in to full bloom and is throwing his inner thighs off, disrupting his balance.

  • Tawil

    Love the artwork and the activism, a dynamic duo… great work Dr.F and Dannyboy.

    PS. I wonder if his feminist overseers recommended he take the crutches along to feign victim status in case police arrived, or worse in case there was a scuffle whereby he could publicise that ‘MRAs attack disabled man’. Victim status is an art after all…

    • Dannyboy

      And now for a short update.
      Ok it seems he did not like the poster letting him know about the investigation.
      It has been torn down. It will be going back up soon.
      Now here is some thing curious I noticed.
      I hung AVfM posters on all four corner stop light poles.
      The only ones damaged are the ones by the Pharmacy. I find that curious. Add to that his lack of need for those crutches and the fact that the pharmacy, or chemist to some of you, has a ready supply of crutches I am left wondering.
      This is all pure speculation, nothing more. Still I find it interesting and it does stink a little. Will do some more leg work and keep you all posted.
      Its really cool that I have friends that live in the apartments with a clear view of that area.
      Turn yourself in FW it will go easier on you all things considered. The police know, they as well know that the poster letting you know about the investigation was there. The courts really don’t like people running from justice don’t you know.

      • Shrek6

        Hahaha! It’s like trying to catch a bloody fox that’s raiding the chicken coup. He will be caught sooner or later and he thinks he never will.

        So, I’m guessing you think he may have hired the crutches from the Chemist, or maybe he even works there. Now that’s a possibility too!

        DB, you have become FW’s own personal nightmare!

        • Dannyboy

          see reply back to lensman.
          There is something fishy about this am keeping an eye on it and will see what becomes of it.
          I would absolutely hate it if the pharmacy is involved in this.

          Imagine a business that is there to help people with medical conditions advocating / involving themselves in violence against a non-violent movement.
          Again all of this is based on circumstantial evidence. It is my subjective observations.

          • Shrek6

            I’m just wondering if FW is somehow related to the pharmacist or someone who works there. He may be a son, son in law, or whatever. It does seem very odd that only that poster position should be defaced and the others not touched.

            Although we may be suspicious of the obvious, there could also be an equally simple answer, but it just ain’t that obvious at the moment.

            Keep watching DB, the fox will eventually show himself. Foxes are creatures of habit and will always follow previous paths. As Arnie says, “He’ll be back!”

      • kiwihelen

        Told my blind female friend about this, she figured that anyone faking a disability like this better hope that there is no justice in the universe. Or make sure there is no blind folk with acute hearing around in the direction he is running, as he may find a cane sweep quite literally knocks him off his feet.

  • Paul Elam

    I am just sitting here looking. Looking at the fine artwork at the top of the article. I’m looking at the writing. I have seen the familiar creative edge before, here at AVfM; in an opinion piece, in a work of fiction, even in a few radio show announcements.

    Yep, I am looking, and thinking….why don’t I see more of this guy on these pages? Why isn’t there a regular column from this Dr. F character, say once a week or so?

    I know, it is because he is not a real MRA. If he was REAL he would be here like every third of fourth article, and he would make videos at least three times a week, and produce songs and paint murals on all our walls.

    But he’s a lazy chook.

    I know, this is bullshit, but I had to say it on the outside chance that shame would work.


    • Andy V.

      Mr Paul at that voice site.

      What’s going on aye ?

      What’s all this bloody business about all that shaming and shit? Dr. F right now is huddled up in that fecal posture, I mean fetal posture and is weeping like a sheila what lost her phone and shoes and shit AYE !

      Nah mate, don’t like it. I’m going to ring you up right now and I’m going to bloody well have it out with you.

      You got that Mr Texarse?

      I am going to grill you like a prawn on a barbie what has been fueled not by normal coals or gas, but by actual rockets that sent blokes to the moon. A really unusual and strong barbie.

      I am going to record my conversation at you and will give it to Dr. F for him to play on that F show he has mate. He’ll play it on his show this weekend mate, and you are going to look like a wet sheep dunked in chook shit what is then rolled around on a blanket that has dead flies and bugs on it or something.

      It’s not looking good mate. Watch out for my call you know it’s true.

      Aye !

      • Raven01

        That is a conversation I’ve got to hear.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    For poster-makers. I have just posted a prototype poster design bearing a striking image I encourage you to steal and adapt to your own purposes:

    May the spirit of Sigurd Hoeberth be with you!

  • MenDiscontinued

    Technically, the crutches are a weapon if he were to wield them in that manner. It’d be a jagged-edged baseball bat.

  • yinyangbalance

    Typical of Mangina’s. Notice he was young (i.e. naive and in desperate need for vagina). The fallacy of young man’s logic is that it dictates in order for you to get pussy you need to placate the female overlords. Lol I learned the hard way that it doesnt get you anything but a title of ‘whipped’. What this crutch-boy did was what us REAL MEN call BITCH-ASSNESS. Learn to be a man and the pussy will come to you. In this case, Dannyboy attracted a pussy of the 3rd kind HAHAHA.