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University of Toronto & Queen’s Park documentary

More on historic events in September 2013 in Toronto:

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  • Tom Golden

    Great job! This captures what happened in a powerful way. Kudos to Studio Brule. This is excellent and needs to be spread around as much as possible. Anyone see the red beard?

  • Robert St. Estephe

    This is it. This is the the clearest possible answer to the question: “Why a Men’s Human Rights Movement?”

    Why? Because it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. There is no alternative.

    WE will not give up, regardless of the incessant well-funded slander, the child-kidnappings, the boy-druggings, the cageings of countless innocent men and the looming threat of an all-out social engineering panopticon police state.

    Brilliant video!

  • Jim Muldoon

    Excellent Video, excellent speeches, excellent rally

    Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    Well done to all concerned.

  • James Williams

    I see the gay feminists as no better than the brown shirts of Nazi Germany. They are arrogantly obnoxious to dare to claim they represent gay people. To dare to blurt out their moral superiority is an expression of breath taking ignorance to the horrors that hundreds of thousands of people are facing every day. It’s time their cosy middle class, self indulgent lifestyles had the money stopped and they were made to go out into the world and see how ugly reality is.

    • Andy Bob

      The brown shirts of Nazi Germany? My assessment of the Bash Back bigots who paraded their aggressive stupidity at the Toronto rally is much harsher than Mr Williams’. They are proponents of Queer Theory – feminism’s bastard child. As such, they’ve inherited all of Mama’s unsavoury quirks. These include the internalization of victim identity, gargantuan entitlement, histrionic projection and a complete inability to think beyond the narrow confines of their shoddily-constructed narrative.

      There are only minor differences between feminists and queer theorists. For example, they don’t call their boogeyman The Patriarchy. They call him – I kid you not – the Institution of Heterosexuality. It doesn’t matter what they call him, it’s the same guy. He’s a violent, privileged, straight, white, racist, homophobic misogynistic rapist whose greatest pleasure in life is to ‘other’ others. They know this because it says so in their textbooks.

      Like feminism, queer theory appeals to the naturally vindictive and weak-minded, and leaves its self-loathing adherents more emotionally, spiritually and intellectually crippled than they were to begin with. The Bash Back bigots instantly discredited themselves the moment they accused AVfM of promoting misogyny and homophobia. AVfM has always welcomed and respected its many female and gay supporters. They damned themselves forever by responding to Dr Elam’s proclamation, that men mattered, with derisive mockery and scorn.

      Once again, feminists have sent a pack of violent hate-mongers with bullhorns to ‘engage’ with the MHRM. All of those nice feminists who ‘aren’t like that’ must be perennially preoccupied feeding their unicorns, perhaps.

      Excellent video which captures the urgency of men’s rights issues, and exposes the irrational ideologues who oppose them.

      • James Williams

        Every word they sceamed discredited themselves, but they crossed the line for me by trampling over the memorial.

      • Stu

        As a fully paid up member of both the Patriarchy and the Hetero Institute, I approve of this message :)

  • Paul Elam

    With each effort he produces I have an increasing admiration for Steven Brulé. By his own words he is new to this movement, nonetheless he captures the essence of our message, and our struggle, succinctly and seamlessly.

    I would like to say publicly that AVFM will stand behind and support the future work of this very important film maker.

    • James Williams

      It’s encouraging when you see Steven Brule doing what he does in support of the MHRM, but also the breadth of talent there is in the movement such as with Karen Straughan, Dr. T, Suzie etc.
      Maybe there is hope.

  • ComradePrescott

    I can’t help but notice that all the counter-protesters (who I think I can safely say are feminists) are young men and women. They were largely incoherent and filled with generic rage. As a twenty year old myself, I’m terribly afraid I could be like that or that I’ve acted like that in the past.

    And then I look at the other side. Mostly older men and women, middle aged on average just by my guess. Clam and stern, with clear speech and decisive words.

    It’s almost like looking at young idiots and then people who have grown up.

    The only person I recognized was Mr. Elam, but that was mostly avfm members speaking at the rally, correct? I really feel that I am such a coward when I see such bravery demonstrated and I commend you all for fighting a fight that is, simply, on the side of right.

    • James Williams

      You won’t be like that because you have the ability to think. What I see about them is sadly a group of young people who have been indoctrinated by a skewed education and upbringing that has taught them to ignore evidence and reality and replace it with ’emotional truth’

    • John Q Public

      There were actually quite a lot of young people there too – and at the talk the previous evening. I interviewed Victor Zen yesterday, who himself is a razor sharp, fine young gentleman. When he spoke with other students at KSU about establishing a men’s group – he found that they were very, very positive to what he was doing. It was the establishment, comprised of the faculty and administrators, older people, who were negative to what he was doing.

      In my opinion, while this movement benefits greatly from the experience of wisdom of our older members, it will be younger members who drive it forward. They have the enthusiasm, the energy, the radicalism that will garner attention and bring others to the movement.

      As a 35-year-old man, I don’t think I fall in the ‘youth’ category anymore unfortunately but I’ll keep chipping away.

  • JinnBottle

    BashBack wants to think of, and/or portray the Mens Rights Movement as the Mainstream Media portrayed the socalled first wave men’s movement: White, uppermiddle class, fundamentalist Christian reactionaries, if not outright neoNazis. That was an inaccurate portrayal even of the “first wave”.

    Why would the MSM want to portray a MRM that way? Take a look at these guys and you’ll see at least WHO wants us slandered. Precisely WHY, I’ve never figured out. Masochism?

    I sometimes wonder if many in both male and female contingencies of Feminism are secretly turned on by men who won’t take shit – and despise themselves for it.

    GREAT Vid. Posting it on my FB. Thank you ALL who participated – on both sides! (BashBack, thank you for dispelling all doubt as to whether male feminists are fools.)

    • Kukla

      “BashBack wants to think of, and/or portray the Mens Rights Movement as the Mainstream Media portrayed the socalled first wave men’s movement: White, uppermiddle class, fundamentalist Christian reactionaries, if not outright neoNazis. That was an inaccurate portrayal even of the “first wave”.”

      Bash Back is a “radical, Anarchist, queer” group, it comes to no surprise to me that they would be anti-Men’s movement.

      • James Williams

        The irony and the stupidity of Bash Back (denoting violence in its name) is plain to see. Gay men are still men and still suffer as much as hetero men. There are many supporters of the MRM who are gay. I cannot respect a group of people who base their hatred on false assumptions and lack the capacity to ever evaluate their own position. Them trying to claim that the MHRM is anti-gay is ludicrous.

  • napocapo69

    Fantastic event, great job from Studio Brulè

  • Kimski

    Very, very powerful stuff.
    I could watch video’s like these for hours, based on the outstanding quality of the production, along with the superior presentation of the validity of men’s rights issues.

    The tide is turning.
    Slowly, but surely.

  • boston86

    The courage of Paul Elam, Dean Esmay and countless others moves me to tears. It takes absolutely no courage to protest about any issue affecting women, gays or children. Anyone who voices concern about these groups is universally applauded for their compassion , empathy and sense of social justice. To put your neck on the line for the most despised group in our society is truly courageous. You will have to endure ridicule, mockery, humiliation, accusations of being a hater of women and sadly much of this hatred and denigration comes from the very group whose interests you are trying to represent.

    I humbly doff my cap to you. I don’t know how you maintain your composure in the face of such senseless hatred and deliberate deceit.

    • Turbo

      I agree 100%, and this is a great video. I would certainly like to hear more of the speeches of all who did speak.

      Love the ending of the video

      “Men matter, Men matter, Men matter.”

      Too right we do!

  • FrayedLace

    It´s wonderful to see MHRM videos of such high audio and video quality. Really enhances the great message.

  • HieronymusBraintree

    Wish I could have been there.

  • Mr. XY

    Very nice short. Would love to see more like it. Either we define ourselves and the movement or they will:

  • Fredrik

    Hey guys. Love the vid and wish I’d been there, but I just saw this, and we don’t have an “open thread” for random things. (It’s tangentially related, because our old friend Big Red is in it.) Tommy Sotomayor is making a documentary on fatherlessness, and I’m very interested to see what he does with it. Here’s a promo.

  • Bill Paxton

    From what I heard from the comments Bash Back made at the rally I got the impression that they were mostly just venting feelings of anger and frustration at society in general in order to make themselves feel better, without much care as to who was on the receiving end.

    After the rally I went to watch some videos of it and caught another comment from them that seems to validate my impression: (in a mocking voice meant to represent the MRAs)”I’m the most oppressed group in this illegal settlement called Canada”. This was aimed not just at the MRAs that attended the rally, but all Canadians universally, and it could also be applied to all Americans. In the end I don’t think their presence there was truly motivated by any concerns over gender rights.

    On an unrelated note, the camera panned to the left at one point and showed my face, as do a number of other videos/pictures of the event, weeeeeeeeeee. One day after the mens’ rights movement really takes off I can show it to people and say I was there =P

  • Meanderthal

    “We’re here! We’re dear! We’re narcissists! We’re nebulous!”
    Sort of thing.