Restraining Order Terrorism

Time to end restraining order terrorism

As reported earlier by AVFM contributor Michael Conzachi, a veteran law enforcement officer and investigator, a restraining order terrorism scheme has been exposed involving actress Pauley Perrette and the Los Angeles Superior Courts.

AVFM has been covering this story for several weeks now (actually longer) and has dedicated a great deal of energy interviewing witnesses, sorting through court and other documents and vetting the information.

While the case involving Perrette and Francis “Coyote” Shivers stands out because it involves several individuals of some celebrity, it is also remarkable because it represents one of the worst and most obvious lapses of legal ethics and common sense that we have ever addressed.

This case literally makes a mockery of justice, and demonstrates for the world to see, judicial hubris on a staggering level. Not to mention the fact that it shows a Los Angeles courtroom that is clearly serving as an enforcement tool for a decade long plan of harassment and revenge by a disturbed individual who has leveraged the abuse of restraining orders with her celebrity.

We intend to remind the Superior Court, and Judge Kathryn Solorzano, that while restraining orders may be a routine in her duties, they also can cause devastating consequences for those affected by them; often people who have had nothing whatsoever proven against them in a court of law.

Restraining orders have the power to render people homeless. They restrict individual freedom of movement and freedom of speech — liberties we all too often take for granted as we go about our daily lives. It is not just the responsibility of the court to use these orders judiciously and with sensitivity to impact they can have on often innocent people. It is also in the purview of the people to demand that officials execute their duties in good faith, and when they fail or become corrupt, remove them from power.

Our judges are charged with being the protectors of our Constitutional rights, not the destroyers of them.

But, unfortunately, the worst case scenario, that of the rubber stamping of lies, the rote acceptance of false allegations and the use of court power as muscle serving the machinations of vindictive abusers has become the norm in this culture.

It is time for the people to bring that nightmare to an end.

With that I am sending the following letter to Criminal Grand Jury for the County of Los Angeles, California, calling for an investigation into both the Pauley Perrette case, as well as the entire system governing restraining orders in the courts under their jurisdiction.

This is by no means the last effort on our part, nor is AVFM the only organization that will be undertaking continued efforts in this direction. Mr. Conzachi is now working with us to coordinate the actions of other human rights advocacy groups to bring attention to what is happening in the life of Francis Shivers, in the courts of Los Angeles and across the entire nation.

The time for silence from the citizenry is over. Nothing will start to solve the problems in a corrupt court system more quickly than a single judge who is publicly disgraced and removed from the bench. It may or may not be Solorzano, but before this is over with someone will pay the price for their corruption by being shown the door, or they will earn the respect of the populace by addressing the problem.

Nothing in between will be acceptable.

AVFM Letter to LA Grand Jury


  • Dean Esmay

    We are a very dangerous radical subversive group doing wicked wicked things like petitioning the government for redress of grievance and vigorously using the power of the press to take the authorities to task. We comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted.

    Really, all decent people should hate us, wouldn’t you agree? I know I do.

    • murphy

      Yeah, fuck us for wanting due process, and a judicial system that doesn’t play out like The Crucible…

    • JJ


      The Patriarchy is so bright!

      Does God have an Angel of Patriarchy?

      The light is just so bright.

      Just kidding.

      But seriously, this is truly awesome; you guys are swinging for the fences. Even if you fail, lessons will be learned, experience gained; and pretty soon….you are going to probably get some lucrative offers.

      Or death and prison threats?

      Either way, these are great times; and you boys are leading the charge. I grab some popcorn and watch, but I think its better I keep working on my own. Whatever they eventually say, tell them to go f*ck themselves!

      God Speed; you dastardly messengers of Patriarchy (by patriarchy I mean common sense and reason).

      • Dean Esmay

        You may have a point. Perhaps the letter should start with: “Patriarchy: ur doin it wrong, bros.”

    • Ray

      “petitioning the government for redress of grievance and vigorously using the power of the press to take the authorities to task.”

      In America, we have the three branches of government: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. The fourth estate is Journalism. The fifth estate and supposedly the most powerful is “We the people…”

      The terms have been used somewhat loosely throughout history and differ from society to society.

      The fifth estate in Western society really needs to peaceably exercise its power to rid Western society/Western government of the plague of gender feminism that’s destroying so many innocent lives.

  • makeitstop

    Wow. Bravo!

  • Near Earth Object

    “We at A Voice for Men, an International Human Rights and Issues organization now bring an issue to the attention of… ”

    Movement … in motion!

  • Kimski

    Like a very smart man once said:

    “In the face of this hatred, there’s only one logical response:

    FUCK EM!”

    -And I happen to agree with that conclusion.


    If this was a male the feminists would have busting down the gates and campaigning for him to hung, drawn and courted.

    Funny how the feminists are so quiet when the perp is a female…


  • Shrek6

    Thanks for all the work you have done on this Paul and also to all the others helping in this situation.

    Great letter by the way and I do hope we get a reply. Not sure if we will, but one can only hope.

  • Greg Canning

    Great letter Paul, the legal powers at be need to be continually bombarded with this sort of correspondence challenging them to confirm that their actions are appropriate, and consistent with the law they have pledged to uphold, whilst the lawmakers should be bombard with letters demanding the constitutional right to equal treatment under the law regardless of sex.

  • Andy Bob

    I concur with Dr Canning’s praise for this letter to LA Grand Jury. Letting these power-mongers know that human rights organizations are lining up against them will make them very nervous. This is a new experience for them.

    Great work.


      Mini rant time

      Males must stop paying tax!

      Males must stop using money/banking where possible.

      Males must boycott any media outlet that is misandric.

      Males must let overseas full fee paying UNI students – the golden goo$e – and their parents know what evil their children can get involved in.

      Males must starve misandry to death…

      We males are the problem we don’t support each other, MEN ARE THE PROBLEM!


      Rant time over

      • MGTOW-man

        I absolutely agree with you about men (in general) being the problem…just as much as irrational-feelings-guided/dominated women are too.

        The two work together to create one of the most hatred-laced monopolies on everything the world has ever seen.

        Oblivious, reality-perception-skewed women are so caught in their own trappings that they will never come around. So, it is the males we need to focus on! Such is the heart of our hope.

        This is why I say change men and you change the world.

        We should start with the boys NOW! Don’t waste any time teaching them new stuff about how to become men besides the same ole some old that is making their stagnancy a reality and all of our hell.

        When boys can become men without deferring to women for their worth, without being part of the herd in the “acceptance corral”, they will be poised to not only fight back, but win!

  • Ray

    “The time for silence from the citizenry is over. Nothing will start to solve the problems in a corrupt court system more quickly than a single judge who is publicly disgraced and removed from the bench.”

    Well said good sir. Thank you. I can think of no better place to start than L.A. County courts.

  • Ray

    Would it do any good to write a letter, or a complaint, to the State of California Commission on Judicial Performance?

    Never mind. Now that I’ve read your article and the attached letter, I see you mention that agency in your letter.

  • Murray Pearson


  • MGTOW-man

    Way to go, Dr. Elam. Let’s go after them. They started this war, but we have a right to win it.

    If we have to, let’s go for the judges. In fact, perhaps a “corrupt judge registry” can be created on this site to forewarn people of bigotry, hatred, puppetry, obliviousness, and misuse of power—and that of wiping their butts with the constitution. Then, it can circulate the social media and indeed the entire web.

    Turn their acts of hatred into our power!

  • Falcor

    You know, it seems to me like even if a restraining order is taken out, there ought to be 2 clauses in there, perhaps called the “Reasonable avoidance” clause “Victim common sense” clause. The former would say that if the restrained person did their due diligence in avoiding the victim and still happened to go somewhere that the victim happened to be (in this case, that restaurant that Pauline waited for Coyote in), that they ought to not be held in violation of the order. In the latter, the victim ought to have some responsibility to avoid the restrained, which Pauline would have violated by intentionally going somewhere three towns over she knew her ex husband would be going to.

  • Justice

    in reply to KARMA MRA MGTOW
    >Funny how the feminists are so quiet when the
    >perp is a female…
    A good observation and it tells men everything they need to know. It’s not that feminists are unorganized, or that feminists are selfish. Feminists hate men. Once men understand the depth of their hatred, only then will men band together.

    >They started this war, but we have a right to win it.
    I have used this phrase many times when in a social conversation with a feminist. Look them straight in the eye and say calmly, “Feminists started the war, men will end it”. I have always received complete silence.

    >If we have to, let’s go for the judges. In fact,
    >perhaps a “corrupt judge registry” can be created on
    I encourage *ACTION* of any kind. Men are still in the talking stage with far too many well-educated men merely writing analytical essays about male rights. It’s time for ACTION ACTION ACTION, or little will change.

    >Oblivious, reality-perception-skewed women are so
    >caught in their own trappings that they will never
    There are many many parallels between Nazism and feminism.

    >I say change men and you change the world.
    The world changes when you do.

    >We should start with the boys NOW! Don’t waste
    >any time teaching them
    You speak of a revolution and you are correct. Some are measured in days (Bolshevik) while some are measured in centuries (Industrial).

    >They will be poised to not only fight back, but win!
    Feminist power only exists because alpha males permit it.This is why hemlines were raised in the 50s-90s as women showed to men that supporting the female power grab would be rewarded with easier sexual access. When you are our other brothers-in-arms are ready to attack, ensure the focus is on the sources of feminist power.

    Once men do organize to defeat feminism, you can expect attractive women wearing expensive earrings to retaliate by marching on Capitol Hill demanding:
    – divorces be made illegal
    – women not be permitted to work after marriage
    – gay marriage to be nullified and criminalized
    – the cult of motherhood be legislated to high status
    – removal of women from the army, police, fire …
    – removal of any law that makes women accountable

    I sense by your words that you have taken the red pill and can now see what it truly happening in our society. The anger you possess is the source of your desire for action. I encourage you. I also encourage you to take a good long look at the enemy before you launch.

  • catsarebetter

    Found this site thanks to Henry Makow. (I’m female) I had to chime in to mention something I just learned recently: that men who are on restraining orders aren’t allowed to have guns?? Seriously, I am NOT trying to twist this into a political gun thing- I’m really concerned about this. Example I found googlin':

    This is outrageous. OUT RAGE OUS (as judge judy sez- ps she’s one of those who does not like the abuse of the justice system women use to get these phony restraining orders). I had no idea. I think this is just wrong. What if a guy is a cop, and needs to carry one for his own home security? Or a diamond dealer, or lives in a shitty neighborhood?

  • Lencho

    Abusive Restraining Orders