Summer Party

The StrutWalk summer party for men


Hey guys, the summer is upon us. Don’t forget to break out your sluttiest apparel to drive the horny toads crazy. Of course the best way to keep these animals from humping your leg while standing in line at the checkout is to throw them a bone – just not yours. But if you do break down and indulge make sure to use at least three condoms, (and take them with you when you’re done). And for God’s sake guys keep a coitus contract in your back pocket. Barring that make sure your cell phone is set to record. Let’s try to keep the false accusations down to a minimum this summer.

There’s been some discussion from the capitalist quarter of our group of phallus fodder to present some products and make some bucks to contribute to the efforts of the head phallus. Since summer is upon us I thought that I might make a proposal for some great entertainment, some educational fun guy style, and some hand shaking to grow our numbers.

I got to thinking about phallus sports and the upcoming summer and thought I would blow this by the group. I’m sure just about everyone has heard of a Tupperware party, or an Amway party, or a lingerie party. If you haven’t, these were parties held by women to sell products, make a few bucks, and network new ideas on how,  as JTO puts it, to “fuck your shit up.”

Well I’m a sensitive new age vegisexual, liberated perpetrator. Why can’t I be equal? Hell, equality doesn’t have to be a zero sum gain, without beer.

So I got to thinking what guys might enjoy and I immediately came up with a winner. BEER! Now with my evil conspiring phallus head and unique ability to apply my patriarchy to random oppression, I realized that there is a way to increase the effectiveness of the  “urls for urinals” campaign. It was right in front of me all the time, shit the Merovingian even said it in the Matrix. “I drank too much and therefore must have a piss”. Aye, aye, makes sense right?

So I’ve come up with what could be a great step forward to getting men into urinals, getting out the message and generally bonding with other guys in a vegisexual kind of way. Are you ready for it?

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!

The summer entertainment venue for men …………………the………………………

I’M NOT GETTING MARRIED…… STAG ….EVENT PARTY. Or, for those more sensitive to the kinder gentler, accusing sex… a jack and shill party. Personally I’ll being using the term STRUTWALK, and describing it as a group of guys getting together to discuss automotive struts. That might leave her wondering, which is even better.  Of course you could call it a mini “male summit”

I’m going to sell tickets for 10 bucks each (my real plan is to try and entertain about 60 bucks out of each guy that attends) I’m going to apply for an event liquor license and sell beer at a 1.50 profit. How much beer can 50 guys drink?  Kegs will help.  I’ll wait about half an hour giving everyone time to meet each other and for late comers to show up. (I will post a sign that says please introduce yourself to as many men as possible) I turned it into a game, where each guy gets a card a pencil and the one who introduces himself to the most men there wins a prize.  I’m selling each card for a buck. The winner gets a beer.  Then I’ll announce the venue of games and the prizes to be won.  I went looking for local business that promote products to men and asked the local knife shop to put together a game for throwing flat knives.

Picture a piece of 4×8 plywood with images of famous feminists.

For a buck a throw I read a famous quote, and if you can hit the right feminist with your knife you win. Or you can throw for free and when you hit a feminist I read a quote, but no prize. (some guys need practice)

Another game is “pin the rape on the perpetrator.” This requires lacrosse sticks which I got from the local sport shop. The idea here is for four men to shoot at the same time (you need colored balls to differentiate) the one who gets the ball through the hoop wins. Or you keep going till one guy wins.

I decided to turn the introduction cards into feminist bingo, and on the back of each card is a female shaming tactic, when you introduce yourself to another guy he reads the shame tactic from his card and you mark it onto yours and vice versa. The first one to call bingo wins. You decide the prize.

The next game is feminist golf. We all know this one, where you play one hole with eighteen drivers. The idea is to putt the hole using a driver, if you make the shot you reach into a bag of golf balls that have numbers on them if you pull out the ball with 18 on it you win. (get these at a dollar store, use a marker)

Note: if you sell tickets, you can also use tickets as prizes.  Each ticket is worth a quarter or half a buck. I’m thinking of making this a four or five hour event, with 30 minute intermissions to announce winners, business’s that made contributions, websites that promote men’s issues, and new initiatives being forwarded in the MRM. And (Ron Paul) and (Lyndon Larouche).

The next game is called “College Cuckold” this is where you get a card with a feminist factoid on one side and the truth on the other, if you can guess the truth you win a free ticket, if you win 10 tickets, you win a date with Ray Wynn Konnell  (I haven’t heard back yet from Ray Wynn but it looks promising). If Ray Wynn is unavailable you will instead win a free diploma to women’s studies, a box of condoms and a coitus contract. Complete with ink pad for finger printing your sex partner.

Now I haven’t come up with any “Primary Aggressor” games yet so if you have any ideas, it would help. Also, consider soliciting local businesses for prizes and promotions; sports shops, electronics stores, sex shops (for a plastic pussy), knife shop or military surplus, extreme fighting stores, cell phone store, and any others you can think of.

Remember this is a good cause, this is the fight to reverse and find a cure for masculine atrophy. You will be educating men about this debilitating disease that attacks 3 out of 4 men without a mangina. You’ll be sharing valuable information, networking with potential perpetrators and primary aggressors in your community and sharing a beer.  We need to develop this into a professional party for men, at least equal to those dieting fat groups that would say things like “see you lighter.”

Except as men we will part company by saying things like “so long” or “see you longer” or “long time no see(men).” All proceeds can be forwarded to the head phallus or various phallus’s working toward a better outcome for men.

Shit if we could pull off ten strutwalks every weekend from various states and cuntries, we could open a safe house for male victims of domestic violence and their children. If every party tried to raise $2500.00, we could even hire some lawyers or some lobbyists from “SAVE.”

If we could turn this into a canned operation, with prepackaged games, promotions, literature and instructions on pulling it together we could draw some much needed coin for the war chest.

What do ya say guys, how bout some summer entertainment that includes beer, entertainment, education, and coin.

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John is a father, writer, social commentator and mentor to young men. He is a regular contributor to A Voice for men focusing mainly on gender politics and pervasive social illusions.

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  • Sean Gonzalez

    Aww, great..and I’m already married. So now I’m excluded from the MRA Strutwalk, great..who else can hate me.

    LOL! Good idea! I like this event and we need to do them everywhere in protest of the SLutwalks!

    • keith

      are you kidding man……this is a guy event penis only. married, single, mangina, male feminist, we won’t discriminate, we’ll take anybodies money.

  • Bizzman662

    How about the “Angry Stare Domestic Violence” contest?

    Have all the men come up to the front of the room and give the most menacing stare he can for 10 seconds.

    The man with the angriest stare wins a Josephine Biden trading card and then a teenage girl could come beat the shit out of him so he can feel Josephine Biden’s struggle first hand.

    Just a thought.

    • Sean Gonzalez

      Your party game ideas scare me….what say we play Wii Sports Baseball instead?

      • keith

        Actually Sean, by playing such games your creating male awareness, men may actually relate to the experience, clue in and visit men’s websites. It could even lead or contribute to male education regarding mens issues.

  • Bizzman662

    You could have an Anthony Weiner Roast.

    Hot Dogs and beer in the back yard and then invite the ladies over once they all sign releases to get in the door.

    Since ladies like mixed drinks, here are a few new ones you could put on the menu:

    Clinton’s Steamin Semen
    A Shot of Lewinsky
    Bloody, Bloody VAWA
    The Biden Fruity Tootie
    Captain Weiner and Coke
    Slutwalk’s Delight
    Dworkin’s Sour Midori
    Barney Frank’s Steamer
    Alabama False Rape Slammer
    The Baby Mama Bahama
    The Crystal Gail Magnum & Coke
    Patriarch Punch
    No Sex On This Beach

    That’s a good start.

  • Keyster

    Please visit the Denver Slutwalk Facebook page and show your support by clicking “I’m Attending”.


    Being unabashedly immodest, indecent, rude and publicly intoxicated is NOT an invitation to be raped! Got it buster!?

    • Patrice Stanton

      Somebody (else) please add in Photoshop to the bottom of the neon pink poster: “But pretty damn stupid” (of course with a red ‘x’ marked in the checkbox).

  • Nergal

    That isn’t a bad idea. Buy beer and barbecue ribs, support men at the same time. I could go for that.

    But remember, if you do this where any woman can see you, it’s rape. So be sure to bring your leopard skin togas and tree branch clubs and have your brows protruding. Use a prosthesis if you must,you evil regressive patriarch woman- oppressors.

  • Stu

    Off Topic

    Aussie readers will know about this bitch. It started ages ago when she posted semi nude pics of football players on the interenet. She claimed to have been having an affair and took the pics herself. It turns out the pics were taken at an event that she was not even at…..and the computer the pics were on….was stolen. Then she made up some bullshit about being pregnant to an AFL footy player……turned out to be total bullshit. Then she got picks of Ricky Nixon in underwear……apparently at her appartment….which the AFL had rented for her, for compensation for her lies being exposed…..that is the only way I could explain that move anyway.

    Then she was claiming that she was having an affair with Mr Nixon. Reporters for a current affair show were at Nixons house interviewing him about the claims and he was saying that she was actually stalking him and harrassing him. Then the phone rang, and it was her…..on Nixons phone…..LOL He also had numerous sms msgs from her on his phone. Then the big one…..the media actually caught her……disguised…..hanging around a short distance from his house LOL

    Here is the latest in this Saga.

    • Eff’d Off

      I wondered what happened to that little hermit crab.

      I had a feeling she’d spin right down into the dung pile she made.

      Bwahh Haaa !

  • Stu
    • Stu

      Btw, the linked video carries on with several other videos in the saga after ads. These give a pretty good insight into what is going on here.

  • Stu

    This poll shows the bigotry that we are up against. Should Ricky Nixon get his player licence back. Most punters are voting no.

    • Stu

      Btw, if you look at the news stories on the link above, you will notice that a gay bar in Collingwood, Victoria has successfully won the right to ban women from entering. LOL. Now, a straight guy might not find this good news, or any news at all, but it is. The fact that gays are starting to not want the bitches in there means something. They aren’t welcome for a reason. As with all venues where women are present…..the whole environment must be about them…..and conform to what they want.

      Is it happening, what I said in a couple of other posts……the gays are getting out of bed with the feminists?

      • Gendeau

        I’m straight and I’m laughing out loud too.

        Well done

    • Stu

      Perhaps AndyBob and B.R Merrick can comment on this

    • Simon

      I hope Nixon sues the balls off the AFL (or should I say, the mangina off the AFL)…

      When I first heard this story I smelt bullshit…

      I notice how Nixon had nothing against the girl after the allegations were found to be false.

      I see that all the time with people who are proven to be innocent, so am 100% sure he is too.

  • Zuberi

    Interesting….. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Perseus

    Totally fookin brilliant.

  • andybob

    The right to demand a Male Only space for men has been a hard fought battle that has taken years to achieve. It has been attempted elsewhere in the western world and gay men have failed to be left in peace.

    Despite my rancorous attitude towards feminism, I do not hate women. However, most gay men are aware that many straight women treat gay bars like zoos where they can check out the flesh, attention whore and gossip. They are there to wreak havoc. As for the Lesbians, having one of them show up is like a censorious aunt crashing your 18th birthday bash: no-one can deflate a good time faster than these po-faced downers. Picture Dworkin in her party suit.

    I bitterly resented these obnoxious women crowding my space to such an extent that I stopped going to gay bars about 10 years ago. When I was growing up, I remember there always being some kind of women-only rooms and centres where men were forbidden, yet women have been barging in uninvited my whole life. I was only a junior when they let women into my surf club. Seemed like a good idea to increase numbers, but even a teenager like myself could see that women and girls bring lots and lots and lots of drama. The last refuge was the boat department, so I became a rower – even that let women in about 15 years ago.

    Don’t let the MSM fool you into believing that gays are fellow feminists. Feminists know this isn’t true, but it can be a shock to women when confronted by the widespread antipathy that gays have for today’s entitled sheilas. These women have even less respect for gay men than they do for straight men. Most gay men are tired of their endless man-hating and the disrespect they have for all of us and are not afraid to tell them that. What are they going to do? Refuse us sex? I don’t have to kiss their behinds because they have nothing I want.

    It has taken years of legal wrangling just for one bar to finally oust them from where they were never welcome. They’ll have to take their shit-testing nonsense and slutwalk somewhere else. Do you believe they used to troll for free drinks and would get pissy when you told them to take a hike? Shameless.

    You’re right Stu. Feminists have a talent for alienating people. The’ll fight back. They never leave men in peace. They do expect everything to be about them. Small gain, but sure feels like a victory to me.

  • Stu

    Well there you go, women have dominated gay male space so much that the men that the space is for are getting pushed out. This might be a small gain for the gay men……one venue……but watch it grow. In years to come, straight men are going to be very jealous of the fact that gay men can actually go somewhere and be free from women interfering and ruining their turf.

    Seems Aussie men are leading the pack against feminism lately…….politicians standing up to them… guys….even women… quite a few Aussie girls on this site that bat for us.