Stickers in shitters!

G’day blokes and sheilas. As you can see by the fact that my name is at the top and bottom of this page, I am the Shit’ouse Bandit. That does not mean I steal things out of shit houses. Matter-of-fact, I leave things in them, and not just what the regular bloke leaves in there when he pays a visit!

I am leaving a message for my mates in the Top End, (that’s Queensland in Australia) and I’m telling them that their rights are, in fact, human rights, and I’m directing them to this website.

Now, I gave this shit’ouse business a lot of thought, and I came up with a bloody good list of reasons as to why stickers in shitters are a top-shelf idea.

So point your skull-globes[1] at this lot mate:

  • Stickers in male shitters wont be ripped down by female feminists;
  • Shitters are places of respite for blokes to relax, gather thoughts, get refuge from a nagging missus and ankle-biters[2] (and of course places to murder a brown snake);
  • It targets precisely the audience AVfM is attempting to help. Blokes in need of taking a load off;
  • The public dunnies are cleaned only once per week see, so stickers will last at least that long – possibly longer as cleaners are so lazy they wouldn’t work in an iron lung;
  • Shitters are places where men actually stop and focus for a few minutes while they do their business (unlike on public lamp-posts that people walk past in a hurry);
  • It’s easy to paste stickers without being detected;
  • Large numbers of blokes visit public restrooms.

Now that is really the short list. I can think of a lot more reasons for gangs of shitter bandits to roam the Australian landscape on a Walkabout[3] in search of a shit’ouse or two that could use a little colourful sprucing up, if you know what I mean.

Enough of all that now. I want you to get a sample from a couple of nice shitters I recently visited. And I don’t mind saying that the stencilled version was a Shit’ouse Bandit original. I’m hoping it meets your approval, same as the others, aye?


[1] Eyes
[2] Kids.
[3] Aboriginal rite of passage involving wandering the landscape on one’s own during a time of spiritual awareness.
[4] Goodbye.

About Shithouse Bandit

The Shithouse Bandit is an Australian bloke that likes proving feminists wrong when they say men can't multitask. He can head into the shitter, take care of business and launch a social revolution before he ever has to wash his hands, aye?

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  • Dr. F

    Mate, you is da man.

    Some will delight in these and others?

    A dunny seatbelt may be required in case of inadvertent lift-off through astute shock.

    • Ben

      Good Lord, that’s funny!

  • scatmaster

    I still have not received my stickers from Steven.
    I have to admit to been very disappointed.

    I was looking forward to plastering our local bastions of socialist hate.
    U of O and Cartoon U.

    Alas, I guess it has got stuck in the mail.

    • Paul Elam

      Have you emailed him about it? You WILL get them.

      • scatmaster

        Will do. Thanks.

        • E. Steven Berkimer


          What address did you send your request to? I have received nothing.

        • E. Steven Berkimer


          Sent you a message through the forums.

    • Kimski

      Same problem here, Scatmaster.

      Was really looking forward to plastering them all over the local bus and train center, with almost a million pendlers passing through every day.
      Guess they’ll be placed in the male shithouses too now, if the mailman can get off his ass…

      • Paul Elam

        Please stay in regular communication with Steve at He will be able to tell you when your stickers were sent. etc.

        • E. Steven Berkimer


          I’m getting no requests coming through. Not sure why.

        • Kimski

          Thanks, Paul.

          I keep getting a malicious virus alert from my Avast! antivirus system, every time I enter the site or post a comment these days.
          Am I the only one, or do others have the same experience?

          • Tawil

            Kimski, I havn’t experienced any virus issues or alerts associated with AVfM.


          • Kimski


            Thanks for letting me know, mate.

            /Looking suspicious at the PC.

      • E. Steven Berkimer


        Same problem. I’ve received no further requests. What email address did you send the request to?

        • Kimski

          Hey Steven.

          I sent the mail to the same link that Paul has provided, but will give it another try immediately.

          • E. Steven Berkimer

            Still nothing. If you are registered in the forum, I’ll contact you there.

  • JJ

    Brilliant idea; great thought! I guess you sat on this one a while. hehehehehehe, had to do it.

    I think this is the stuff that gets us by. Besides, females won’t do that much cleaning, and if they do you are right it is not like they are going to get a supervisor. Clean, and move on.

    Definitely pick high traffic areas too. That way, after a month or two of the shithouse bandit strikes; go to your local corthouse and “give them the runs.”

    Love it.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    As a male, I conservatively estimate these will have our desired audiences attention for at least 20 minutes 😉

    • Tawil

      Roger, that’s an important point – and is why these shitters have the edge on anywhere else….. the viewers of the stickers will be looking at them for a considerable time, uninterrupted. That’s not going to happen anywhere else. It’s also a place they might feel relaxed and free enough to whip out thier iphone and take a closer look at the URL.

      • Kimski

        I agree.
        Instant access to excellent reading material, while taking a dump, is going to win over a lot of guys.

        -And hopefully leave the male feminists constipated for life.

        • RM1970

          It’s the least we can do for male feminists, maybe, the constipation could increase their brains. That’s very funny Kimski.

      • Roger O Thornhill

        This comment is for Tawil and Kimski!

        David the Futile will be looking at them for much longer than anyone else I can imagine. I’m sure he has wedged himself in a cubicle more than once before due to his globularity!

        The other issue is lack of fibre, so either way he’s gonna be there a long time! :-)

  • BrundleKev

    The stickers and posters have made me decide to take action. As it stands right now, I don’t consider myself a Men’s Right’s Activist, rather a Men’s Rights Advocate since I am unable to do any actual activism, since both of my parents are disabled and need help from me to do everyday tasks. But I recently watched a video from the Woolly Bumble Bee, about people posting pictures of why they need feminism, going as far as having their kids do it.

    It sickened me to say the least.

    So I decided to take action after seeing this post here at AVFM of the stickers. It got me thinking of what it was I could do to somehow contribute to Men’s rights, other than just my usual online debate with friends and strangers (I’ve actually ran into a few feminists who’ve been cordial and open to civil discourse without shaming tactics or calling for my genitals to be mutilated when I make a point believe it or not, I certainly didn’t at first) .

    Since I’m not a contributing writer, I’m resigned to post this in the comments. I’ve decided to fight back the tide of lemmings calling for a need for feminism with my own proclamation of why I don’t need it. Please join me on twitter, Facebook or anywhere else in saying why you don’t need feminism and that I AM HUMAN TOO

    • Paul Elam

      Wish I had more thumbs up to give you for that one. Great pic!

      • BrundleKev

        Thanks! That means a lot and I’m happy to finally contribute in a real manner, instead of just debating online. And if you could spread this around, it would be fantastic!


          The offline campaigning is vital, it is what makes us stand out from the other 6775647453.98 political websites on the planet.

          • BrundleKev

            Indeed, but this was the best way that I could contribute at the moment. I’m unable to participate in on the streets activism. I have a family to take care of and very little time to spend on personal pursuits. This will change in the next year or so.

            I figured that if this could trend on twitter for a bit, it would do something, and if possible, offer something to counter the people at “who needs feminism?”. Its about the best I could do at the moment, but I’m still glad I did it. Doing something is better than doing nothing, and I didn’t want to just sit around debating people for once. I wanted to do something.

            But I’ll keep what you say in mind, I’m a fledgling in all of this and need as much input from more experienced MRA’s as I can get

    • Jay

      I’m with Paul. What a picture. Fantastic. Every word you write in your pic is the absolute truth. Yeah baby!

      • BrundleKev

        Please if your on twitter or Facebook, spread this around. And if you’re feeling daring enough, join in. Write your own message and post it. The more the merrier :)

  • Zorro

    Once it is known that such stickers are being placed in shitters, you may depend on femnazis raiding male shitters to deface them and tear down the stickers.

    The headlines are being concocted as we speak…

    • Dr. F

      Excellent point Zorro.

    • BrundleKev

      Then we’ll replace them. Over and over again, until their box cutters are dull. We’ll continue to put them up again and again. If there is one thing men can do, its endure. We’ve endured for thousands of years, we can endure someone defacing our message and putting it up again.

      If anything, it’ll be a bad move on them, since it shows everyone that they’re willing to censor someone they don’t agree with. I know for a fact that people (intelligent people) HATE censorship. Give them the rope and they’ll hang themselves

      • Zorro

        We will fight them on the beaches,
        We will fight them in the shitters.
        They’re a pack of stupid bitches,
        And we’re some heavy hitters!

  • Brigadon

    Am I the only one that sneaks into the female bathrooms with a sharpie to leave AVFM messages on the inside doors of their stalls?

    • Dean Esmay

      Hahahahaha. I hope so. I’m not sure that’s the most constructive way of doing things or that we would encourage it, but I have to admit it made me laugh.

      (To answer your other inquiry, all new commenters are held in moderation for review. Also the spambots have a mind of their own and sometimes mark things as spam for no reason we can fathom, although hyperlinks sometimes trigger it. Anyway I look through pretty much daily so your comment’s now approved and if you have further trouble just let us know.)

  • Ben

    In some of our men’s restrooms, there are rape awareness stickers above each and every urinal. So, while we are trying to take a leak we get to read about rape. A sure fire way to get college men to rip the rape stickers down would be to stick the AVfM sticker on top of them. Sad but true.

    • TPH

      Then we will need to find stickers with super strong space age adhesives, that way the whole poster will need to be taken down if they want to get rid of the AVFM message. A loss of a sticker for us, but a win in getting misandric posters removed. Well worth the cost in my mind.

      • Ben

        I have ripped them down myself and witin less than 24 hours they were back up. I mentioned this to 2 different men here who were casual acqaintences. And, bam, they both quit responding to my text messages and emails and they look away when I see them in the hall. Men at MSU are not interested in hearing about the MRM so I leave them alone. Sure, I still make videos, but nobody on campus actually watches them. MSU men are so indoctrinated into Feminist culture that they are incapable of even being receptive to this message. It’s actually much worse than I originally thought. I would buy some of these stickers and display them in the restrooms but it would not only be a waste of money, but I would likely get in trouble. The date rape stickers have the MSU logo on them and are approved.

  • napocapo69

    I couldn’t think of a better place to stick them …

  • Tawil

    These tastefully wallpapered restrooms will compliment Men’s Sheds as safe male spaces. If this continues males will want to visit the shitter for an education even when they don’t need to crap. :-)

    Timothy Leary’s phrase, “Turn on, tune in, drop out” is evolving right before our eyes into the phrase “Sit down, empty out, tune in.”

    • Kimski

      The fact that the male restrooms are the last bastions of relatively safe male spaces, is really all you need to know about the times we live in, guys.

      Every other place has been erased or taken over in womens pursuit for ‘more equality’ and control.

      But try walking into the ladies room by mistake…

      • Tawil

        Dead right Kimski – it speaks volumes about the world we live in. It also points to the sacredness of male restrooms as the single remaining ‘male only’ stronghold from which we can agitate a revolution.

        • mauvebutterfly

          In Korea, this isn’t a male safe space. Cleaning women don’t even warn you when they come in to clean the washroom, and are content to mop behind you while you use the urinals.
          I see very few men doing the cleaning, and I suspect that none of them go in the women’s washroom.

    • Mr. J

      Shit’ouse as the new school…….Who knew??

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    They should be placed on door stalls for men needing a poo and on the wall behind toilet bowls and urinals for men needing a pee.

    My uncle used to refer to the loo as “the reading room,” so this makes perfect sense. Until feminists decide that men’s public bathrooms are sexist (excuse me, “sexiest”), discriminatory and tools of patriarchal oppression, of course.

    • Andy V.

      Whoah Tara,

      Urinals? What do you know about them eh? They’re bloke-sacred and no sheilas allowed in them dunnies, like ever.

      What’s going on? Aye?

      Where are you getting your information?

    • TPH

      The time of sexist bathrooms is closer than you think. More and more cities are labeling bathrooms unisex, which means that if there is a woman within 10 feet of the door, men will have to go do their business elsewhere.

    • Ben

      Well at MSU, its too late. The feminists have already put rape stickers above all the urinals and on the backs of stall doors in the men’s restrooms. I used to tear them down but I quit. They take everyone’s fingerprints during orientation and I made the mistake of throwing them in the trash with my fingerprints on them, rather than putting them in my pocket.

    • cvar
  • Falland

    Not a bad idea Shit’ouse. I once was helping a friend move (after a divorce). We were relocating most of his possessions to a self storage facility. While there, I noticed that some enterprising divorce attorney had put up posters for his business. Very smart. All the other people there were men (of course women never move things anyway) and they all looked like they had just broken up. You got to fish where the fish are.

  • Falland

    This reminds me a scene in the movie Schindler’s List, were the Jewish underground would freely put their newspapers in the segregated bathrooms. The Nazis were so repulsed by a Jewish bathroom and all of the supposed diseases in there that it was known that they would not set foot in there. When you think about it, it is the one place women won’t set foot in either. Brilliant idea!

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Wonder if there was a Jewish version of “Mangina” since it’s obviously men putting up the rape stickers in the boy’s room.

  • Dr. F

    OT, but is it ever?

    Why is it, that so often when a feminist comes here they make a comment on a very old thread? You ever wonder that?

    Anyway, for those that missed out on this slice o’ smarts just posted, here it is on a fresher thread, and not one 4 and a half months old.

    This is a reminder of why stickers are part of the process. Over to you jjay09.
    need men’s rights because I am less likely to go to college, and if I do, I will make less money than my female contemporaries = Where is the facts and data for this? in fact all relevant facts and statistics shows the opposite.

    I need men’s rights because the president sees the shrinking number of men in colleges across America as “a great success” – this is just a stupid assumption! There are less men they have to admit women as well! What’s is so wrong about having 50% women 50% men on board?

    I need men’s rights because people question if I am a predator when I am alone with my child? exactly who does this…again pathetic claim.

    I need men’s rights because a man’s appearance, height, and weight has a greater affect on his income than it does for a woman: this goes I think towards any persona not just men. Stupid assumption

    I need men’s rights because traditionally masculine characteristics are virtues not flaws; Unfortunately men with feminine characteristics suffer more in a patriarchal society, they get bullied, called all sorts of names “pussy”, “sissy”, “homo” and aren’t taken seriously.

    I need men’s rights because the likelihood of my death coming by suicide is four times higher than it is for women, though I receive little support; Men’s method of suicide is different to women, they use guns, knives, hang themselves that’s why theirs is more “successful suicides”, men are also sadly less willing to seek advice for help because it not deemed “manly” in this patriarchal society. So there is support men need to understand that’ it is OK to seek help.

    Stupid lists really stupid lists.


    • Aimee McGee

      Just rubbed his/her nose in her/his own shit

  • TheAmazingAnarchist

    Knowing feminists they’ll find a way into the bathroom to tear it down. Either that or one of their male goons will do it for them.

    • Tawil

      Not if they don’t know which bathrooms they are in. :-)

  • Nicko

    Having cleaned the toilets of a pub for several years a while back, I’m a little put out about that “lazy” crack (though I do know the guys you are talking about).

    IMHO, a good reason a cleaner WITH a work ethic would not remove the stickers is that they are neat and professional-looking: they look like they belong, not like graffiti. If I saw those stickers when cleaning the dunnies – neatly applied in the locations you put them – it would probably not occur to me to even try to remove them.

    Try to keep up your pattern of applying the stickers in a professional-looking manner. You’ll be surprised how long it takes before anyone realises they aren’t “supposed” to be there.

    • Dr. F

      Pardon on behalf of the person who wrote this.

      Your suggestions are good ones and are appreciated. Thank you.

  • HQR3

    All I have time to say is:





    TYMW (Thank You, Maryjane Watson)

    keep doin’ it.

    • Kimski



  • Booyah

    Wow for 20+ years feminism has thrown shitty ideas at me I was unable to believe or support. I am truly surprised that the first ever shitty idea I support comes from someone of the nick “Shithouse Bandit”

    The benchmark to beat is obviously pretty high 😛

    Great idea and wonderful to see real world action that grows the AFVM community.

    I raise a square of toilet paper to toast you sir 😛

  • MRA Greatest Hits

    Einstein was sitting on the toilet when he was thinking of E=Mc2

    • Tawil

      Exactly, it’s the place where thoughts constellate. In this case the males will be thinking of E=AVfM !

  • Easytiger

    Will AVfM make stickers like this available through the store? Because that would be all kinds of awesome.