Stick ’em up!

Here’s another easy way to feel good while poking fembotulism’s hairy eyeball. Just keep a few stickers on your person and when the opportunity presents itself, strike. This could mean putting a sticker on a..

…feminist poster.

…flyer (indoors or outside).

…bulletin-board in the campus “women’s center.”

…brochure in an unemployment office.

…snail-mail letter (you never know who will see it!).

…space above a urinal or restroom stall door.


…telephone pole.

…public trash barrel.

…grocery store display, can, box, fruit, etc.

And so on.

It might be wise to get permission first in some cases. In others, not so much.

Perhaps others can suggest further places to target in the Comments section below.

In any case, in addition to using current AVFM labels, you can make your own using Avery Labels:

or maybe order some via online services like Vistaprint:

You could print on regular paper, hand-cut them into squares, and use scotch tape…but pre-cut self-adhesive ones make it easier to “hit-and-run.”

I created some decades ago using return-labels advertised in Sunday papers. They were small, made to stick on old-style envelopes (perhaps they still exist). The first shows them together at relative real-life size:!190&authkey=!ADyABRFdQ9bhDyA

The following are magnified a bit to make them more readable for you:!191&authkey=!AJi4F9h9e82GJzc!192&authkey=!AG0Fd5L2Kc5pyRA!193&authkey=!AODljsRv9F_Hvug!194&authkey=!APqz2_KezN_LaLE

Now, instead of just listing AVFM and its URL, why not ask an intriguing question, too…like:

  What’s a “White Knight”?
              Find out at

Or try different lines, perhaps more than one on a sticker:

Blue pill or red?

Sick with feminist flu? The cure is AVFM!

What power do men have that women don’t?

Of course, bigger stickers can have more words:

Women can vote. Unlike men, they have no duty to defend that right.
Tired of such feminist double-standards?


A female teacher has sex with her male student. He’s considered “lucky.”
A male teacher has sex with his female student. She’s considered raped.
Tired of feminist “equality”?

The point is to keep it simple: tweak interest and offer a website address for more information.

Who knows, maybe AVFM stickers can become the new “Kilroy was here!” in the Gender War:

About Robert Sides

Robert Sides is a 40-year+ MRA. Co-founder Boston chapter NCFM. Appeared on national radio/TV. Taught gender-based classes from the male perspective.

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  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Robert these phrases/questions for stickers are excellent. I’ve long thought the phrases on the stickers, while excellent, do not arouse as much curiosity as might be possible with more subtle phrasings. Your suggestions go right to the point.

    These two are my new favourites:

    What’s a “White Knight”?
    ——Find out at——


    Sick with feminist flu? The cure is AVFM!

    BTW, today I visited a public toilet block where last November I placed AVfM stickers “Men’s rights are Human Rights” on the back door of each of 10 cubicles. Get this, every single sticker in each cubicle was still there! There is easily 400 people visit this toilet block each day, which amounts to potentially 40 thousand viewings since they were placed.

    Back of the cubicle doors folks…. the toilet cleaners always leave the doors open when they clean each cubicle thus hiding the stickers from view. Interestingly, even those few stickers that would be in plain sight of the cleaners have not been removed. Put these stickers almost anywhere else, such as light poles, and they are ripped down almost immediately, making it a waste of time.

    Public trash bins are the other place they seem to last without being removed. I think the lesson here is that people hate removing stickers from germy areas lest they get thier fingers infected during the removal process.

  • knightrunner

    Great ideas! You actually had to post a link to explain to the whipper snappers what “kill Roy” was. Man Im feeling old!

  • Dan Perrins

    For now I am not doing any stickering until after the U of T event.
    No way in hell I am missing it.
    But damn I do love to slap them babies up anywhere and everywhere.
    City hall has a few around, out in front of the family and criminal courts, and other places.
    Now for those hanging them I encourage you to be careful but as well be mindful if someone is around and taking an interest.
    I always carry with me the Stats Can report showing a 0.4% difference in the rates of spousal abuse. This opens the door to the 593 women’s shelters we have in Canada and Earl Silverman’s fight to have 1 opened in Alberta Canada. Which leads to the about 80% suicide population being men. (Stats Can 2012 puts it at 77%) which leads to men making up about 94% of industrial deaths and casualties, which leads to etc.
    The point is try and carry a little proof of what you say with you so if you do get a chance to engage in civil discussion, about men and boys, you can pull it out and show it.
    I’ve found people are much more responsive to this method.
    Thanks for the article and ideas Robert.

    • Murray Pearson

      Good on you for having the statistics on hand at all times, Dan. One effective way I have found to present the StatsCan data is to mention that if the 6.4% and 6.0% rates are accurate, then for every 100 female victims there are something like 93 men victimized! That gets attention.

    • scatmaster

      Dan. Do you have a pdf of that report you can post online so I can print it. Would like to carry it with me when I put up stickers.

    • harrywoodape

      Earl’s ‘fight’ is to have a group of broken men be his lackey’s, clean his house (the shelter), chauffeur him around town. He is trying to prey on vulnerable men while he launches his own personal vendetta and tries to get others to finance his home. Just saying the truth. Not all ‘MRAs’ are doing it for the right reasons. Beware.

  • MGTOW-man

    I make my own and stick them around town.

    I went into a public restroom the other day and found one of the stickers stuck to a wall—one that I had not placed there. Another guy, looking at it said, “I sure wish they would make the gays (he used a slur instead) use a separate bathroom”. Apparently, he was implying that when men stick up for themselves, show any disdain for radical, misguided and destructive feminism, daring to notice the equality discrepancy, and criticize women in any way, they must not like women and are probably gay. I did not speak to him but looked at him like he was a fool—which he is.

    This is what we are fighting: Stupid men who cling to the senseless notion that letting women act like children, have their way— no matter the cost to society— is manhood (being straight in his opinion). They actually believe that being a “real” man is akin to being straight, “proving” that they love women by competing over who is more attracted to women, and making sure to never analyze women or never speak a word of truth about the feminist fallout.

    When we change men, we win! Change men and we change the world.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have told the man in the restroom how stupid he looked and what a traitor he is for helping sell the boys down the river. However, I do not think it would have penetrated his numb skull.

  • AntZ

    A bigot feminist academic saying openly that all men are criminals, and also that zero women have ever been, or ever can be, criminals:

    If this witch does not deserve to be on the list, I don’t know who does.

    • Poester99

      Wow, an honest to goodness bigot! Good catch AntZ!
      Gina Barreca

  • mstewart
  • VAWAVictim

    Can I just buy a roll of stickers?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    I like it!

  • Jean Valjean

    I can think of a lot of places to stick them. At work, at the favorite bar, restaurants, desks at school, all over.

    But maybe you should design them and put a link to them. If you do it that way Vistaprint may give us a volume discount and it will save everyone a bunch of time. I’m really not much of a designer and that site requires us to design a logo for the sticker.

    Not only am I not sure how to do that but I’m sure AVfM has a logo that is recognizable to the site and I’m pretty sure I would mess it up.

    In other words, I can’t design for shit and it would be really frustrating for me to try to learn as well as learn how to use the site.

    But I can type in my credit card and buy a 100 of them and spend time putting them everywhere that I would have wasted trying to figure out how to make them.

  • Astrokid

    Women have rights, Men have duties. WHY?
    Find out at

    VistaPrint looks good.. I could upload the AVFM posters (such as ‘All men are rapists, Had enough of this shit yet?’, ‘Mothers, Have family courts alienated your son’s children?’) onto a 4”x3” regular-sticker.. and rotate/crop the image into a snug fit.
    Turns out to 1$ per sticker. I will order a couple of sheets and see how it works out.

    They also have bigger 11×3 bumper stickers (for cars presumably), but those dimensions dont scale well for our posters.

  • Roger O Thornhill (George Kaplan)

    Hi Robert,

    They’d make great posters too.
    Would you mind if I used them for posters?



    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Indeed…. and would be useful coffee mug and T-shirt designs for an AVfM store! 😉

  • James Huff

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Thank you Robert, for pointing out some great ideas for substantive activism that everyone can sink their teeth into.

  • Greg Canning

    I can feel some self adhesive Avery labels coming on this weekend, off to office works first thing in the am to buy some, then perhaps a walk around JCU this weekend :-)

  • Nostradormouse

    “Feminist Flu”?

    Shouldn’t that be “Bird Flu”?

  • JGteMolder

    “on a… feminist poster.”

    Only when this is a feminist poster in a duly dedicated spot for political posters and its been hanging there long enough it is ripe for someone else to overlay their own posters, or in such a matter that it doesn’t cover up any of the message of the feminist poster of course; otherwise we’d be as guilty of taking away free speech as the feminists who remove posters bringing weapons or university feminists overlaying covering posts on AvfM posters.

  • Robert Sides

    > “They’d make great posters too. Would you mind if I used them for posters?”

    No, of course not.

    I enjoy coming up with ideas, playing with words, etc. I’m not so good at design, programming, etc. I’m sure other AVFM folks are. So….maybe said “artistes” can create mock-ups for stickers. Once completed, they could put them on the ACTIVISM page and let others know their whereabouts for downloading/ordering.

    Maybe someone can also create one or more stickers via Vistaprint and put links to it here so others can order.

    Also, places like STAPLES and OFFICE-MAX and AMAZON sell boxes of blank Avery labels in various sizes. You can download the corresponding formatting software online:

    The templates let you use different fonts, colors, even logos.

    Once you create the first sticker you just cut and paste to fill the rest of the form. Then, if memory serves, you test-print using the non-adhesive sheets included in the label box. Once you’re satisfied, you add bonafide sticker-label sheets to your printer and…produce!

    There might be different labels for laser vs. inkjet printers. Not sure.

  • Never Blue Again

    Right now the best place of activism is at the Restaurants where AVfM and other Men’s Rights sites are blocked by Norton DNS.

    First Target the big ones with lots of customer. Put a large banner with the list of prominent men’s rights sites web address. Also make a footnote that Norton DNS is blocking these sites because we are telling something that big corporation don’t want to let the people know. And also people can check the list right there right then.

    Now to circumvent the blocking we can suggest some alternatives. Tor Browser and Ultrasurf are good choices.

    Hitting two birds with one stone.. Hey… 😉