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To: Lawrence Biondi, S.J.
President, Saint Louis University

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Greetings All:

My name is Paul Elam. I am a men’s advocate in Houston, Texas. I am writing you after being contacted by a SLU student who expressed concerns about your policy on sexual assault.  After reading that policy I not only agreed with the student’s concerns, but I honestly found your recently amended policy to be rife with the potential for abuse, perhaps even designed for it. Either way, it is wrought with such injustice that it warrants your punishment for it.  I intend to administer that punishment in my own way.

I have some questions to pose first. They are purely rhetorical. I understand the nature of most of the sanctimonious pricks and virulent gender ideologues that govern modern university settings, and don’t dare to imagine that you would stoop to answer my questions, or indeed that you would even imagine your choices should suffer scrutiny. But for the purpose of this missive I will ask them anyway.

Your policy states that “It is the responsibility of the person initiating the sexual activity to obtain the affirmative consent of the other party throughout the duration of said activity.”

Let us take on this particular part of your policy in two steps, the first being the use of the term “person initiating.”  Just how does one define this in the social setting? If a young couple go on a date and engage in mutual kissing and other forms of foreplay, then who is the initiator? Is it the first person who leans inward for the first kiss? What if the person who initiated the first kiss is not the first person to initiate more kissing or the touching of sexual areas? What if the first person to initiate the touching of sexual areas is not the first person to start disrobing? How do you even pretend to identify a primary initiator at all? It certainly is not addressed in your posted guidelines.

To be more pointed here, isn’t your use of the term “person initiating,” just code speak for “target the male”?  Of course it is. Like I said, the questions are rhetorical.

The second part of this section stipulates that your surreptitiously designated male student must, “obtain the affirmative consent of the other party throughout the duration of said activity.”

“Throughout the duration of said activity”? Some questions come to mind here, the first one of course is what on earth you mean by that?  Does this mean that consent must be obtained for each kiss, or is consent for one kiss deemed to cover any future kisses during that interaction?

If consent is given to fondle one breast, must “the initiator” then obtain a separate verbal consent to touch the other one? If so, must consent be given to return to the breast that was originally touched?

I will spare you the possible confusion of addressing all the possibilities that come with touching the vagina, but have to ask about the matter of penetration and intercourse. I assume that after a woman has fully disrobed and pulled an equally naked and sexually aroused man to lay in between her legs, that he must still obtain verbal consent to enter her. That is a given, at least in your world. But must consent be obtained for each thrust into the vagina? What if the woman is on top and is literally in control of penetration? Must she get consent each time she raises up, before she lowers herself down again?

And finally, if the woman clearly is the one who initiated sexual activity but fails to get an articulated “yes” at any given point of sexual activity, does this mean she has committed a sexual assault?

More importantly, though, is the part of your policy regarding incapacitation, or, to wit, that “[V]alid consent cannot be obtained from a person whose ability to make decisions is substantially impaired by alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants…”

Of course, this begs some important questions. What is the BAC (blood alcohol content) at which a woman is incapable of informed consent? Has such a BAC been established? How will you measure the BAC of an alleged victim after a sexual assault on those grounds has been alleged? Should male students carry portable breathalyzer test kits?

Will evidence that any amount of alcohol was consumed suffice, or will you only require the alleged victim to allege she was drinking? What if the man was drinking as well? Does this mean that a man who is intoxicated is also not capable of making informed decisions and thus has any accountability removed, as you have with women?

Are you concerned that your policy facilitates the ability for any young woman on your campus to act in a sexually impulsive way, choosing, however poorly, to engage in sex with a male student, and then decide later that the two beers she (might have) ingested gives her the option to literally destroy the academic life and future of her sexual partner simply by claiming she was incapacitated, and thus raped? Or was this, perhaps, your intent when you drafted the policy?

These questions may appear facetious to you, but are they not precisely the types of questions you should expect when you issue a vague and incomplete policy that attempts to micromanage the personal sexual activity of every student on your campus?  And should they not be asked, especially given the devastating sway this policy gives you over the young lives you are entrusted to protect?

I have read that policy thoroughly and find none of these areas have been addressed.  In fact, it seems not so much like a policy as it does a distorted and dangerous edict, written in the form of highly flexible Orwellian twaddle, designed specifically to allow the criminalizing and entrapment of decent, law abiding young men – with the aim of ruining their lives and scoring points among a back slapping group of corrupt and disingenuous university officials.

Couple all this with the recent federal instructions you have been given to honor standards of evidence in these allegations that comply with the “preponderance of the evidence,” vs the more stringent and credible, “reasonable doubt,” standards, and you have just devised a policy that resides mainly on “he said, she said,” with the distinct subtext that what “he said,” really doesn’t matter.

Just ask your own star basketball players, Kwamain Mitchell and Willie Reed Jr., both of whom you summarily booted from your school based only on an accusation, and one that did not have enough merit for a prosecutor to pursue. Your own investigations also turned up exactly squat on these two young men, but it was too late for them. The damage, that you inflicted, was done. Even before your recent, even more insane policy changes, your school administration proved that it operates with malice in these areas.

This, of course, brings us back to your policy again, which states, with such authoritarian brio, “even if criminal justice authorities choose not to prosecute, the university can pursue disciplinary action.”

Of course you can. Indeed, you systematically start the disciplinary actions before any investigation has been done at all.  And you write policies that justify this kind of over-the-top reaction. Indeed, that is precisely the purpose of this message.

And lest you think that my rhetorical questions about your policy formed the thrust of this letter, I assure you otherwise.  Your university has already taken these kinds of Gestapo policies beyond the pale and the time has come for citizens concerned with this type of institutionalized persecution and bigotry to take some action.

Unfortunately, given your insulated positions and the current social Zeitgeist that favors rape hysteria, I am not in a position to do everything that needs to be done. What I can do, however, is expose most anyone searching for information on the internet about your school to a growing collection of articles and commentary that expose what Saint Louis University is up to.

This email is also serving as the first of those articles.  It is possible that by the time you have passed this around and discussed it you will find that a search engine query on your school will return this piece in a relatively high ranking, positioned for effective exposure.  My next article, “Will Your Daughter be the Next Rape Victim at St. Louis University?” will be out within a week or two.

That will be followed by many more of similar, more focused content, and as they increase in number, so will their presence in search results, until the average query will return the link to your schools website, and nothing else but damning commentary advising parents not to send their children to your school, warning them both of the danger of rape (using your words), and that of false allegations leading to abuses by SLU (using the actual news stories that cover them). I know, it is a small step, but it has been remarkably effective in some ways.

If, for some reason, you think this is a bluff, or that I can’t follow through, then do a search on a prosecutor for the state of Maine, Mary Kellett. Kellett is a corrupt prosecutor of the Mike Nifong variety that has made a career of prosecuting innocent men. She would love your school, I am sure.  But now anyone that does a search on her will find the truth.  I spearheaded the actions that made that happen.

Kellett was so frustrated and angered by this that her fellow prosecutors sought to get a gag order on me to prevent all the bad press I was giving her. Of course they failed. Not that I would have complied anyway.

You might also do a search on Mount Royal University. The one article I did on their school appears quickly in search returns, near the top, above the return for their wiki page. That single article has resulted in a steady stream of traffic to my site since the day I posted it.  Articles on your school will provide even more.

To be clear, this is not an attempt at blackmail. One, I know your policy will not change, and two, even if it did, it would not alter my course in the least. As I said, this is punishment, not dialogue. I have no reason, nor any interest in, talking to you. In fact, the only reason I sent you this in an email is because I know that arrogant academicians loathe, above all else, dissent they are powerless to silence. So I did it for the pure pleasure.

Just be advised that while I cannot stop you from forming corrupt policy, or from dragging more young men than you already have into Kafkaesque nightmares, I can make sure that a very healthy number of people find out about it, and grow my website at the same time. I love a win-win, and I hope you do as well.

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  • scatmaster

    it may not mean much coming from me but….


    I know that arrogant academicians loathe, above all else, dissent they are powerless to silence. So I did it for the pure pleasure.

    The pleasure is all ours as well.


    Posting this link to my little blog as we speak.

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks, scat. A Google bomb is absolutely the first item on the menu. :O)

      • scatmaster

        My pleasure sir. Always willing to do my part.

  • scatmaster

    Done and I emailed them all the link from my blog except Biondi I did not see his email address.

    Never mind I found it.

  • Stu

    Fucking fantastic. Way to go. To top it off, are there any specifics that we can use against particular individuals regarding this policy, to justify an entry on I figure male feminists can get on the corrupt officials section of register-her too……after all, they are girly men and manginas…..more in common with women then men.

    These assholes like to think of themselves as heros fighting for just cause……brave soldiers. I even heard that discription refering to someone who was fighting so called discrimination against women…..”brave”…..where is the bravery in supporting bigoted cause that is supported by the majority of mindless government and law enforcement drones…….what you are doing is brave Paul. Bravery requires risk…..and sacrifice…..and you’re doing both…..these feminist supporting morons are just echoing the radical feminists because they are afraid of them…….gutless pussy begging pussy serving cowards.

    • Stu

      I nominate President Obama for an entry on register-her.

      Obama, Queen of manginas

    • Paul Elam

      Will definitely get to that, Stu. Coming in the next few days. Once again, it is time to FTSU.

      • tm

        Brilliant. Yes, FTSU 😀

  • scatmaster
  • Roland3337

    “this is punishment, not dialogue.”

    Dialogue with such bigotry and hatred never works anyway.

    Shame on you, president Biondi.

  • BeijaFlor

    Truly an example of “FTSU.”

    In this case, it reads like “FISK-fucking.”

    An absolute delight. Thanks, Paul!

    • DarkByke

      FTSU = fuck their shit up?

  • sparkwhite

    “You might also do a search on Mount Royal University. The one article I did on their school appears quickly in search returns, near the top, above the return for their wiki page.”

    Paul, My search on Mount Royal University found the A Voice for Men article at # 8, 6 below the Wikipedia article.

    “Even worse, services like Google and Facebook distort the mirror so that it exaggerates our grosser characteristics. Without our knowing, they reshape our information worlds according to their interpretation of our interests. Few people are aware that when they look up a topic in Google, their searches are personalized. Google infers what people want from their past searching behavior and skews results accordingly.”

    Just spreading the word. God bless.

    (thanks for the badge BTW)

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks, yeah, I think that it will vary from area to area, but most of the searches I have asked friends to conduct yield the higher return on Mount Royal. No matter, it almost always comes back page one and by the time I do four or five articles, and the links to them are bombed, the returns on SLU will yield a page brimming with bad press. :)

    • Alek Novy

      I just linked to that article on mount royal. A few extra links can’t hurt.

    • Alek Novy


      Note that the mountroyal ranking is amazing because it was WITHOUT effort or attempting to rank for it.

      Avoiceformen simply wrote an article on some killer who happens to study there, and there wasn’t even a google bomb, yet it still ranks so high.

      That’s the interesting part. If we wanted to, we could get in top 3.

  • Killer Instinct

    Fantastic Paul!!!

  • Teerex

    Jeez Paul, you are on a roll my brother! Fantastic! I’m forwarding this article to two coworkers who are sending their boys to college next year. Spread the word y’all. Brilliant.

  • Izzey


    That is how you get things done.


  • Stu

    It’s obvious to me that the average person knows all the hysteria about rape on campus is just a load of horse shit. Think about, lets say I’m a university…..I constantly bombard with msgs saying, 1 in 4 female students will be victims of rape etc etc. Rape, sexual assault, voilence of all sorts…..against females is at epidemic levels and rising exponentially every year……they are under attack….danger lurks in every shadow….it’s the worst epidemic in human history………now……..please send your daughters to our most excellent educational institution………..and they do.

    • Stu

      Damn, someone downvoted me. Oh well, gonna have to give up now….can’t handle a downvote :)

      • Alek Novy

        Some people read from a smartphone. It’s easy to miss the button from a touchscreen. I have missvoted myself a few times in the past from my iPhone.

  • mongo

    It’s great to see these bigoted predators getting exposed by a fresh new media that isn’t looking the other way.

    What I still don’t get is how a black president can stand behind the lowering of standards in evidence with regard to sexual assault and rape – it’s like the Scottsboro disgrace and the other rape lynchings weren’t enough.

  • ForsakenEagle

    Great email, Paul Elam!

    This habit of doublespeak among feminists and white knights is beyond old. This is the point where even their best attempts at sounding vague and all-inclusive just doesn’t work anymore. As soon as the words come out of their mouths or their thoughts pour into the textbox, we know what they are talking about: men bad, women good. Indeed, very Orwellian.

    It is amazing how the truth causes the dishonest around us to scream bloody murder. Appeals to emotion to forward faulty logic, phony statistics, and utter hate doesn’t work any longer. Now they are resorting to nothing but name calling and yelling. Let’s hope the message of the MRA gains even more traction and reaches more mainstream outlets.

    I cannot stand seeing the amount of discrimination against men and boys in the education system. Society as a whole WILL need to learn to see males as equals to females in order for progress to truly come to fruition. Until then, they can live their utopian (see: dystopian) dreams and reap the results, whether they like it or not.

    Forsaken Eagle

    • ForsakenEagle

      I also posted a link to this article on my blog and on FB. Hopefully my contribution will be of some help.

      • Paul Elam

        You don’t have to hope. It helps. If everyone that reads this site understood the model and took that small step, we would be crushing feminists ideologues and white knights every five minutes.


    Well time to bring back single sex schools.

  • Stu

    By the way Paul, if your letter didn’t have your name to it, and somebody asked me to bet who was behind it……..I would say……Angry Harry lol

    I don’t mean the writing style of choice or words…….I mean the stratagy……the method.

    • Paul Elam

      This is a great compliment, and astute. I recently saw on Harry’s website that someone wrote to Harry and questioned how he felt about the banner on this site calling him “The Father of the Men’s Movement.”

      Harry played it down, as would be expected, and wrote it off to “chicanery” on my part in order to draw attention tot he MRM.

      It was the only time I every saw Harry be wrong. It isn’t anything but the truth. In the sense of online activism, Harry IS the father of the movement. I have always operated off his model, though I am admittedly more vicious than Harry tends to be.

      Still, all the efforts I have even put into the AVfM model were inspired by Harry’s perspective and splendid knowledge of the power of online media to further activism.

      Harry is the fucking man. Always was, always will be in my book.

  • jmnzz

    “This isn’t dialogue…it’s PUNISHMENT.”

    I’m gonna use that line the next time I’m wearing a black t-shirt with a white skull.


    I will be going on a sticker run at the main UNI’s around Melbourne in the next few weeks.

    In addition a new 14meter – 46 ft – high radio mast and new coax cable – LMR600 type – will be setup, have got the gear just waiting for a sunny day, will update the video on my page above when it is all go.

    If I could raise the funds I would go 100 Watts or more….sigh….


    PH.d in offline F.T.S.U

    • Stu

      How far do you get out now Karma, and how far would you get out if you had 100 watts, and at what cost.


        Price seems to vary about $1000 I think, it might go say 20 Klms, distance depends on may factors. is one example but I have much more research to do.

        If MRA’s could get 10% of the funding of feminists world wide it would be game over….

        Stu we will have to have a beer some time.

        • Stu

          A beer, yes. My understanding of what your doing with the radio broadcasts is minimal.

          If I’m correct, your patching AVfM radio out on the air waves… it am or fm. 20klm radius. Your in Melbourne Subs aren’t you?

          Ok, is this a legal legit broadcast….on a frequency accessible to all? Like you can’t be shut down by radio licencing or some shit like that. And how about adding some punters……offering to re-broadcast dads on the air for instance.

          Your right, we’ll have to have a beer. I think having AVfM radio broadcast the majority heavily populated area of Melbourne is worth it. What is the most powerful you can legally go. Might be worth pumping up the volume even higher.

          • Stu

            Ok, just looked at the ad, that answers some of the questions. So it’s fm…….100.00mhz you’re broadcasting on. The thing is….is it legal?

            20klms radias is a lot of territory in a heavy population area. With your sticker and poster runs, you couldn’t have thousands of listeners in a short time.

            But, if it’s just going the have the plug pulled by somebody as soon as it gets those listeners…well….have to consider the value.


        Antenna mast height also matters, big time, hence the TV towers on Mt Dandenong.

        Legal probably. The station is off at present as I recoax it with LMR600 coax and install a 14 meter high mast.

        I am in Melbourne’s east.


        I will give the feminists one kudos they organize and hang together.

        Sorry people getting frustrated with the lack of off line activism, have been this way for a while…

        • Stu

          East subs is even better. More guys that have lost more lol

          So what is the max watts your willing to go up too.

          I’m going to research some transmitters on ebay.

          I’d really like to be able to hear this in Geelong lol

          • KARMA MRA MGTOW

            Geelong, shit, you would have to be FOX FM for that!

            Maybe two low power stations, I am in Forest Hill.

  • HurleyHacker

    ooooooh! ahhhhhhhh!. So that is how it feels to put the knife between the shoulder blades. The pen is truly mightier than the sword.


    The solution to end problems between the genders in UNI would be to split the system, one UNI for males one UNI for females, problem solved!

    • Muk

      Problem with that is that guys don’t want to go to a school with no chicks to fuck
      and vice versa

      Of course if it were laid out to them the choice between no fraternizing with the opposite sex and a ruined life, then…

      Yeah…they’ll still choose to fuck bitches…


        I agree, but it makes it very hard to claim that a male will do harm to you when none are around.

        A take back the night march at an all girl UNI would be a farce.

    • Raven01

      Or we could toss feminists in the dung-heap. Then let everyone excel or fail on nothing more than their abilities.


        I agree but single sex schools would be a great kick in the teeth for feminism.

        Let’s blame the male students, oh hang on we can’t there are none.

        MGTOW UNI!

  • Ray

    “I know that arrogant academicians loathe, above all else, dissent they are powerless to silence.”

    I’ve spent a lot of time in various capacities around educational institutions, and it’s my observation too, that they don’t like to have any negative publicity about any facet of their institutions.

    Seeing misandrist PC academicians taken to task for their misandry is truly “social justice.” “Social justice” is a term many educational institutions like to loosely throw around in their catalogs as part of their PC propaganda. Most wouldn’t know true social justice if they fell over it. :-)

    • andybob

      I agree with Ray. The hothouse flowers that dwell in Ivory Towers are easily bruised when spotlit. They dread this kind of negative publicity. Like pampered feminists, most academics have never been required to develop any kind of immunity to criticism. This is their Achilles heel.

      Mr Elam obviously knows what he is doing. Granted, this action may or may not change the policy any time soon. However, the less cretinous recipients of this missive, will recognize it for the heads-up that it is. The blanket criminalization of all on-campus males is not going to be the cakewalk they imagined it would be. Making them glance nervously over their shoulders is a very good start – exactly how to treat bullies.

      They are being observed and evaluated with unerring accuracy by a well-supported individual with a plan – who has done this before – and succeeded – and enjoyed it. Make no mistake, they will hate this. It will chill them to the bone. A job well done, Mr Elam.

  • Stu

    Its working. This article is now on page 10 of google search for Saint Louis University.

    An hour ago it was on page 42

    • Paul Elam

      Keep bombing, facebooking, whatever. Manuel is writing another article on SLU as we speak. :)

    • Stu

      Page 8 :)

  • JinnBottle

    Paul – or anybody: How do you “bomb” Google, Facebook, etc?? Would each of us sending his own email to SLU endorsing Paul, mentioning AVfM, be of help?

    Somebody’s going to have to help old men like me with initials for colleges, universities, shoptalk, etc. It would help greatly – for the general public visiting here as well – to spell out (e.g. “FTSU”, “so-cons” – even “AVfM”, “MAs”, etc) on first mention.

    Since iWeb, iMac, etc thoroughly changed their technologies this year, I also am without a website. Anyone who can steer me to educate myself on acquiring a blog these days,and getting on UTube – again, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Off-topic [<– first mention:] Why doesn't anybody punctuate a question with a question mark these days.

    • Stu

      FTSU = Fuck Their Shit Up

      So-Cons – Social Conservatives

      AVfM = A Voice for Men

      MA = you got me on this one…..I think you meant MRA = Mens Rights Activist. Maybe MA is Men’s Activist

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t punctuate a question with a question mark because I’m a slack semi literate slob….sort of anyway.

      • Stu

        But when you think about, why use question marks. Do you punctuate your speech with a question mark…..people still know your asking a question. Come to think of it…..your and you’re…..there and their……why have them….you don’t have to clarify which “there” you mean when you speak……why did anything think it was needed when you write. LOL

      • Izzey

        I nominate you to make a glossary of terms for the rest of us. I know most of them, but there is nothing like an ‘aha’ moment, when you find out what something means, or stands for.

        And as far as the question marks…
        When a person starts a sentence with ‘why’ or ‘how’ etc, you usually go to ‘auto grammar/puctuation’ instinctively. (but I use them)

        The best thing I ever read on a website a few years back– in the midst of a heated argument, people were typing really fast back and forth, and someone went back to apologize for typos…and then commence to explain them.

        One poster said, and I will never forget it…
        “I read typo just fine”

        A language in itself. lol
        My mind is always in ‘auto correct’ when reading. I do my own blunders here, like everyone else.

        I tend to dislike a poster’s remark on a thread correcting spelling or punctuation, and not have the courtesy to add anything else to the conversation. It is a form of ‘scolding’ and leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

        But maybe that’s just me.

        • Raven01

          Spelling/grammar nazis tend to have low opinions of themselves and seek to make themselves feel superior but knocking others down a peg or two.
          Sometimes that isn’t the case and they are genuinely trying to help someone get their point across with more clarity. But, usually I have to agree Izzey, scolding types just come off as petulant children yelling “look at me”, sort of like the sluts at slutwalk.

    • scatmaster
      • JinnBottle

        Scat – Thanx. Stu – I knew what several of those acros meant: “so-con” I was still unacquainted with (thanx). And “MA” is the postal code for my state: But don’t be fooled into thinking that that excuses me; I’ve known what MRA means from day one. Pardon my ADD – whoops, I mean ADHD.

        Still gonna use “?”s, tho. 😀

    • Alek Novy

      Emails do nothing in a google bomb. Google can’t read your private emails and use it for ranking stuff.

      You need to share the link. If you don’t have a blog, go to and get a free blog in minutes then link to this article.

      Outside of your own blog, you can post it on your Facebook. The more often a site is mentioned on Facebook, the more google appreciates that link.

      • scatmaster

        I hope you meant “emails do nothing” in the context of a Google Bomb.

        • Alek Novy

          Yes because his question was how to do a google bomb and if he needs to email the university in order to google bomb.

          • scatmaster

            I figured as much just wanted to clarify it for my addled brain. Thanks.

    • tm

      “Off-topic [<– first mention:] Why doesn't anybody punctuate a question with a question mark these days."

      Hey JB, where's your question mark here? 😉 Hey, it's all in good fun. :)

      • JinnBottle

        tm – You noticed that – good. Was thinking my attempt at “English” humor might need highlighting. But if someone explains his own joke, well – it’s funny, but not the way he intended! 😀

        • tm

          Ha, ha, JB, my bad then for missing the subtlety of your ‘English’ humor (but I’m a ‘furriner’, so maybe I can get a pass 😀 )

        • Stu

          I didn’t notice :(

  • Merlin

    Expose Ultimate!

    What can I say brother?…that is one of the most lucid pieces of activism, and I salute you Paul. Let’s FTSU for good in due course. The pussy pass will gradually become a pussy FAIL!

  • scatmaster

    Here is an email address for the University of St Louis Democrats.

    I have fired off an email to them as well.


      Stickers, flyers and posters dude.

  • Killer Instinct

    Paul and other MRAs please read this short article:

    This is what is currently occurring at my university

    • andybob

      Thanks for the link, Mr Instinct. Reading the comments made by that “Outreach Education Officer” (now thare’s a B.S. job if ever I heard one) is chilling. She sounds like a Moonie recruiter trying to reassure hapless misfits. Evil, manipulative bitch. All that “..we have to be on the same page…,” crap. To think that such oily grifters with their ill-gotten power over people’s lives are loose in Yale makes me want to hurl.


      Would you like a blog invasion?

  • tm

    Thanks for posting this. How long will it take before this insanity stops? Granted it’s hard to do it and perhaps unrealistic, but maybe only a mass boycott (publicized) would do. Imagine men refusing to enroll in universities compliant with this idiotic mandate for just a semester, given that as it stands enrollment numbers are critical for the functioning of college and university programs.

    • JinnBottle

      tm – I was thinking, on reading “Ben”‘s various posts re his frustrations as a grad student at [some technical university], that: it would be great if a group of young fellows like him – technically savvy, and also feminist-savvy – started a technical college, even if at first, just online. They could pool their ongoing knowledge to keep the curriculum up to date, relevant to Business, and other aspects of the World Out There – and quickly establish excellence in the venture.

      It wouldn’t have to be a technical school; but that would be my guess as to what would quickly gain enough interest and enrollment to seed the project, and/or nurse it thru its infancy.

      All male? Well, I’d hope so – especially if they were to have a physical plant for the school….I mean, fed up with les femmes is the whole heart of the matter, no?

      • tm

        I guess the creation of all-male institutions (at the initiative of men of course) could be a reason for the society/MSM/establishment to start worrying and eventually say enough is enough. But it would take a mass walkout I guess. Plus I’m skeptical of online teaching/learning anyway. I may be old fashioned (aren’t we all here, in a good sense?), but I believe the higher the level of teaching/learning, the more the need for face-to-face interaction. Which as human beings we tend to discount or take for granted these days.

      • Izzey

        That would actually be a very cool name for a blog.

        “The World Out There”


  • Alfred E

    Oh hell yes! Oh. Hell. Yes.

  • Peter CH.

    Brilliant communication Paul. Succinct and totally unanswerable. They know their policy rulings are anti-male hate speech. But what is obviously most important is that they are being made aware that there are people who will not react like yet more timid hypnotized rabbits rendered immobile by the glare of a pink searchlight. They are being informed that there are people who will respond with a warning – to both the source of their blatant evil and to their potential (designed and wickedly hoped for) casualties,

    Bit by bit, the mask will surely crumble away from the hideous grimace of the phantom of the feminist opera.

    Well done.

  • Bombay

    This should be used to push for all male universities. Having all male universities will solve more than this problem and show the lack of excellence for most members of the other gender.

    • tm

      But then the guys from the all-male universities would want to date the girls from the all-female ones. And the cycle of false accusations, morning-after-drunk-sex-buyers-remorse, etc, would start again.

    • JinnBottle

      Bombay – They beetcha to it: I already read an article – quite a few years ago, actually – where the women were starting to complain, in the context of colleges/universities, how, the minute they, women, takeover something, it gets “cheapened”. Taking absolutely no responsibility on themselves for making higher ed, *lower* ed in short order. No; somehow the men did it. Again.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Okay, but how long before women start to complain about being “excluded” from male schools whose math, engineering and science grad will no doubt surpass many of the female grads other schools rubber stamp through their programs?

      Of course, we’re allowed to have women-only institutions and no one cries discrimination. I believe the argument has typically been women “don’t feel safe” with men present and that it’s “unfair” for women to compete with men.

      Seems to me that most uni campuses are more unsafe for men nowadays.

      Btw, Paul you’re dead right about the arrogance of most academicians. They reign supreme in their little fiefdoms. Not to mention, the bullying that goes on within academics is legendary.

      • Stu

        Yes it never occurs to them that they have an equal, or better than equal opportunity to turn their stolen, confiscated feminist shit hole Universities into places of real and useful education.

        What women have done with universities, and most of society, is the same as if a bunch of guys living in a forest builds a house for themselves, then women turn up and claim it is not fair because you men get to live in a house and us women have to sleep on the ground under the stars. Then the men have to let them live in their house with them. Then the women kick the guys out. Then the women demand the men maintain their house. Then the let the men visit so they can make false allegations against them.

        But the women had the same opportunity to build their own house….but choose not to.

      • Raven01

        Luckily private institutions are excluded from this BS in most jurisdictions. I predict more private schools in the near future and employers giving preference to graduates of those schools.

  • TDOM

    I’ve now written and posted my own article on this atrocity. Hopefully we will ensure that this gains more than one of the top search engine spots when the place is googled.


    OK, the link is removed.

    • Alek Novy

      It might be best not to link to the piece that links to here :) Reciprocal links have much less power in google.

      If you link to this page, and this page links to you, then google sees that as “friends linking to each other” so it carries much much less weight.

      One-way links have the most power. Where you link to this page, but this page is not linking to your piece.

      • JinnBottle

        Thanx for that info + those tips, men.

      • Paul Elam

        Does that include the comments, alek?

        • Alek Novy

          Does that include the comments, alek?

          Yes. The google robot doesn’t know what comments are. It just knows url, and then there are words and links on that url. To it, this whole page is one big block of text.

      • Paul Elam

        Also, while I am asking, Alek, I have been told that one way to circumvent penalties for duplicate content is to change the title and some of the content in the first couple of paragraphs. I have already begun asking some contributors to assist with this when they submit.

        So, as an example, if TDOM wanted to submit the piece he just posted to his site to run here, we would give the piece a different title and rearrange several sentences in the first paragraph or two, and then post. Is this effective?

        • Izzey

          Google search always pulls up ‘keywords’ relating to the search.

          Content rearranged with keywords intact, pull the best results.

        • Alek Novy

          Technically, there is no such thing as “duplicate content penalty” because there’s no “punishment” per se.

          It’s just that if google wants to show results for a certain keyword, it wants to show all the top 10 (or 100) as 10 different pieces relating to the same subject. It would suck if you searched for say “green ping pong balls” and all 10 results had the same piece of text wouldn’t it? 😀

          So if you run TDOM’s piece unaltered, google has to choose between you and him when someone searches “what do MRAs think about false rape accusations” . Will it show searchers the AVFM copy, or TDOM’s copy?

          And mind you, for columns like that, you only ever have a chance of being ranked for some completely random keyword anyway, something 3 people search for in a year. It’s not like a random column will get ranked for “feminism” or anything.

          So there really is no sense to worry about SEO when running guest-writers. It’s really a waste of time, and anyone who tells you to worry about altering content for a supposed “penalty” has just read a few newbie guides to SEO and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They’re over-applying the concept to everything.

          In practical terms

          Don’t over-think it. There’s nothing wrong with AVFM running pieces unaltered for regular columns, because you’re not targeting google keywords, you’re simply sharing knowledge with the audience.

          Most MRA traffic and most traffic in the world comes from word-of-mouth. Barely a few-percent of internet traffic comes from SEO.

          Unless you’re selling “green widget sprockets” and want to rank for that specific keyword, there’s no reason to apply SEO to everything you do on a MRA website. I consult for a professional SEO company, and 90% of my websites or clients’ websites don’t have any SEO in them. It’s just not something people should worry about in real life.

          Only time you should worry about SEO is if you’re targetting a specific keyword, for example wanting to rank for “mary kellett”. Then all the pieces on all the MRA websites need to be original. Or for example now we’re targetting “saint louis university” which is why we worry about SEO.

          But if a column is written to inform, worrying about SEO means you’re not worrying about quality. And quality of content is what will bring in and keep people. It’s what’s going to get people sharing and linking to the piece.

          Note: 10 links from other websites are worth more than 10hours spent tinkering with the content and paragraphs. It’s a huge waste of time for regular content. Quality and readability should be only focus.

          to change the title and some of the content in the first couple of paragraphs.

          That might have worked in 1998. Today you generally need to pay a worker in bangladeshi to manually spin and rewrite every sentence.

          I actually have an employee in Croatia that does that. His only job in life to spin articles we send him for SEO. It’s a specialized professional who just sits down and “spins” sentences and articles all day long.

          So the answer is – no, changing a few things in the first paragraphs and title has no effect in 2011. Just run the guest pieces as they are. It would take a ton of time to rewrite them completely so as to be unrecognizable to google. And besides, the benefit would be marginal (plus 2 people a year discover the site through google or something?)

          • Izzey

   I took a wrong turn in my thought process?

            That’s why we love you, Alek Novy

          • Paul Elam

            As always, Alek, your expertise shines through. Thanks.

        • TDOM

          No need to run it unaltered. I’ve rewritten it and submitted it in its new version. It’s yours for the posting.


  • Pierce Harlan

    Unfortunately, this policy is nowhere near the worst that is out there. In fact, this particular policy is very typical. The real problem is that many — and I mean many — colleges now outlaw sexual “coercion,” which is nothing more than sexual nagging. I urge all of Paul’s readers to read this: — please note the Dept. of Education’s April 4 “Dear Colleague” letter has mandated that “coercion” be classified as discrimination, so watch as more and more schools add it to their list of offenses.

    You see, at colleges around America, sexual assault is not a crime that needs to be defined with sufficient due process specificity to put the public on notice about the conduct it proscribes, it is a 1970s mood ring, a free floating clearinghouse designed to redress any sexual encounter deemed unsatisfactory at the caprice and whim of a self-anointed victim.

  • codebuster2

    Great work Paul. Perhaps I’m spelling out the obvious, but given that no-one else appears to have made the same point, here’s what I see will likely happen, with this sort of activism. Men and parents who know better will know not to enrol themselves or their boys (and maybe even their girls) in these universities. They will instead enrol in male-friendly universities who will thus acquire the positive reputations that also come with conducting STEM courses (sciences, etc) that men prefer to do. The anti-male universities will see dwindling attendances in their STEM courses, and thus loss in reputation as these universities become increasingly focused in useless women’s studies and arts courses. And, in the end, we win, they lose. It would be great to conduct a program directed at discouraging men from enrolling in these kinds of universities. Let them strangle themselves slowly but surely as Obama cuts to useless courses also chip in to hasten the decline. How stupid would you have to be as the head of a university to allow this kind of strategy? Shouldn’t they be trying to make their courses attractive to everyone?

    • codebuster2

      … not to mention the fact that for many women, arts-related degrees fit in with women’s strategies in establishing proximity with men. I’ve heard some university courses being described as Marriage1 and Marriage2 (for postgraduate degrees). So why would women enrolling in Marriage1 and Marriage2 courses enrol if men are being discouraged from enrolling? Let’s hasten their decline, I say.

    • TDOM

      “They will instead enrol in male-friendly universities”

      The problem is that there are no male-friendly universities in America. They are all left scrambling to comply with the “Dear Colleague” letter from the DOE. All that are left are “male unfriendly” and “male hostile” universities. Its been like this for quite some time, but the process has recently accelerated.


      • codebuster2

        But as I understand it, administrators have considerable discretion as to the extent to which they indulge in the harassment of male students. Perhaps some of them know how to spell “strategy” and “opportunity”.

      • Alek Novy

        There are universities who don’t take goverment money.

        The letter only goes out to universities who take tax money. Universities that are only privately funded don’t have to comply.

        • TDOM

          While there are private universities, I don’t know of any that don’t accept government money in one form or another. Private universities like Harvard, Yale, USC, and Notre Dame are each scrambling to comply with the Dear Colleague letter so as not to lose their funding.


          • Alek Novy

            I’ve heard of a few that advertise on talk radio and brag about refusing government money. I don’t know the names off the top of my head though.

  • Stu

    My advice to male students is to do as much of their education as possilbe off campus. While on campus, associate with no women. I don’t know about in the US, but here in Oz we have very good off campus studies programs. Attend campus for important lectures and exams, and just stay away from the women as much as possible. In the meantime, engage in some activism to change things….avoiding only covers your arse, not your sons arse, because the feminist machine is going to roll on with no brakes until we stop it.

    • manfromman

      I totally agree with you, Stu. When I was in college I decided to avoid as much as “friendship” with women; also during all that time never dated any woman on campus. All the datings I did were with women not enrolled or in any way associated with college. It was all about self-preservation because it didn’t take me long to understand what was going on.

  • Stu

    Btw, this page is now on page 4 of google search

    • scatmaster

      Stu: What are you using as your search parameters? I do not see it on page 4 or 5 or 6, etc. Now my google search defaults to even if I put in in my address bar.

      • Stu

        Page 4,,,,,,second line

        Saint Louis University in search engine

        • scatmaster

 and does not give the same information. I managed to access through a proxy server. Got it from Now fourth page first link. However when I do my search it is
          St Louis University and does not appear. I just did Saint Louis University and at it appears on the first page. At it is nowhere in sight. May be a problem as I believe most North Americans will be searching for that university as “St. Louis University” not Saint Louis University.

          • Alek Novy

            It also has to do which google has your personal data and browsing history.

            Even the same google will show you different results if you visit it from your regular computer, or your new computer (or atleast a new browser)

      • Stu

        You’re right, it doesn’t show on page 4 on other countries google engines.

        Use this link to search or any other country

  • manfromman

    Absolutely fantastic letter to the concerned parties, Mr. Elam. I have no doubt that we’re going to FTSU.


      This letter should be a poster/flyer…

      • manfromman


  • Alek Novy

    It’s page 1 on my browser when I’m logged in.

    In a “clean” browser where google doesn’t know who I am (so there’s no personalization), this article is now page 5 for “Saint Louis University”.

  • Adi

    This article is already on page one in Google search for “Saint Louis University”.
    And Jessica Valenti is on 3rd place now.

    That is impressive. I know people who pay thousands to experts to get their websites on the front page. The potential is enormous. With each additional entry, your site gains in authority and it becomes easier to rank future articles.

  • NoJusticeInSchCo

    Bravo sir, excellent piece… and ideas.

    I wish to do something similar with the very corrupt Schuylkill County Domestic Relations office and District Attorney’s Office in Pennsylvania. They ignore PA Law and make up their own. A lying ex-wife is dancing all over my rights, and when in court, the Support Master makes up his own facts while blocking my evidence. Then his order says “Welp, he submitted no evidence…” He also manufactured income that wasn’t testified to, he changed testimony, he ADDED testimony that my ex did not say, and he increased my support obligation (after i lost my job) after one child turned 18 and dropped off the books. All the will, the ex had more income than I and we share custody equally at 50/50. I don’t just object to his order, i object to this man having this position at all and am seeking his dismissal. Further when this ex has stolen custody of the children, and the police and DA’s office was approached about my filing a citizen’s arrest based on PA Criminal Statute, Title 18, Chapter 29, SS#2904 “Interference with Custody,” the ADA told me ” I cannot put a Mother on Trial in front of a Schuylkill County Jury” and “custody is a civil matter” …. No, Kidnapping is a CRIMINAL matter!!!

  • keyster

    Is there anyone (willing to go public) that has been victimized by the new “Dear Colleague” requirements of “rape by nagging too much”?

    “We need a victim. Get me a victim.” – Anonymous news room editor

  • KatieCaliente

    Paul, I live near the Duke Lacrosse incident, and it was a TOTAL FARCE from the get go. Four preppy white devils arent going to go apeshit for a crack hooker…it doesnt happen!
    I dont come from the wealth they did, and NO NO NO SIR. IT DOESNT HAPPEN.

    Once again, this sort of college experience smacks of Big Gayness.

    I fell in love with one of these Ivy Leaguers once…

    Id honestly never meet a woman as smart as myself.

    Total Letdown.

    I dont want to go back to college, but my father is forcing me.
    I wish i didnt have to go with these scumbags.

    When I asked White Male teachers for help, even the dean of my school—total sell outs.

    These folks need to die, and there’s no other way to say it. :)

    And then the Police also obstructed me from correcting feminists.

    Well, I see a pattern here in these cases, but im out of the mix now! :)

    All they can do is try to tell me where to piss and that im really a man…

    borish and amusing to me.

    All I can hope for is a Mark Lepine or young Cho to attend my school…the interesting part is,Id make friends with the little devils and they wouldnt shoot up the school.

    And if I didnt do it, who would have the love?

    some mixed up girls?

    clean up my carpets?

    you are gay?


    you mother pops pills and needs a smacking to cook dinner?

    Could you kill Paul, could you kill?

    Paul ,do you write poems?

    I particularly like Aleister Crowley’s “at sea” and “the pentagram”

    I read “at sea” to an escort and balled her, that s a true story. I tried to ball her on my mothers bed, but was banned from the house.

    These women love romance, thats what missing from their life :)

    I express my love towards women by buying whores and spending alot of money on them, and rubbing womens face in the boo boo.

    and I cant even ball them anymore, and id tell you to watch out, these strippers and whores hate men…honestly, it takes alot of patience.

    but once again, if i didnt have the love, who would?

    • Hayden Hanna

      Best yet. Keep posting Hot Katie while I perfect my cipher.

  • http://none universe

    Well, one more may not make much of a difference but it sure won’t hurt:
    Good writing, and good activism, Paul.

  • Ben

    Ok, this article, pictures and all, on high quality copier paper now rests on the coffee table of the Undergraduate Admissions office as well as in the faculty lounge at the psychology building. And no, I did not get caught. There will be more copies in more areas by the end of the week.

    • Paul Elam

      !!! Outstanding !!!

  • CyclotronMajesty

    Badass Mr. Elam. Wow. You are a hero in my book.


    I have been caught many times I have found people are to afraid to say anything.