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Men’s Human Rights: Halifax, Public Notice

Attention, interested parties, citizen and government entity alike of Nova Scotia, or anywhere else in Canada. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Perrins.

I believe some proper introductions are in order. I am the News Director for Canada at A Voice for Men, the largest international men’s human rights news reporting and advocacy organization. I am also associated with Men’s Human Rights Ontario.

I am a Canadian Men’s Human Rights Activist who advocates for equal treatment under the rule of law and that the same compassion, consideration and care be shown to all by society.

I care little about what titles a person or organization may hold when they lie about men, it only matters that they have. Gender ideologues have lied about half the human race for a very long time. Unchecked, this trend is inflicting damage on all. Part of my work is to expose those lies.

Today I received a report of libelous/slanderous claims made about Men’s Human Rights Activists from Halifax in Nova Scotia. Those claims were a direct result of provocative posters, which are a parody of a government endorsed series of posters stereotyping all men as potential rapists.

Men’s Rights Halifax is a Canadian group which occasionally provides A Voice for Men with news and engages in activism along with MHRO. They contacted us and let us know they had recently put up parody posters, similar to posters we have on our site, which parody or otherwise object to hateful, bigoted attitudes about men and boys.

I believe we need to make some facts about our aims crystal clear.


We, at A Voice for Men and those we associate with have a zero tolerance policy for violence, or any advocacy of it.

We recognize that feminism and equal rights are not synonymous, or in reality even similar. We also see that feminism and women are not interchangeable; one is a hateful ideology, the other are just people who happen to be female. We assert feminism is ultimately a misogynistic ideology, treating adult women as children who are not responsible for their actions or their decisions, and who are incapable of personal agency. The ideology is also hateful toward men, regarding them as inherent perpetrators, rapists, and abusers.

We hold up these ideas for public examination, backed with rational thought, research and other forms of factual evidence.

We  recognize that criminals commit crimes. Crimes are not committed by groups identified by race, religion, or sex. In other words, our view of criminal problems in society is the exact opposite of what is espoused by feminism.

We invoke our human rights. We recognize and uphold human rights for all. We do not hold one above the other, we treat all equally on the merit of their actions, and words.

Again, this is in opposition to the prevailing attitude among feminist ideologues.

We assert and recognize that recent  court rulings, like the case involving Nicole Ducette, provide examples of systemic discrimination against men in the Canadian criminal justice system. We see it also in the work of our academicians, like Elizabeth Sheehy, a law professor who now asserts that women have a moral obligation to kill men they determine to treat them abusively. Being able to hire an individual to kill someone and not be held accountable for the crime of attempted murder sent a clear message to all Canadians that women are a privileged class who have been given legal sanction to murder if they so choose.

We also recognize the same privileged class of individuals are not being held accountable to the fullest extent of the law in cases of infanticide.

We recognize that said privileged group of individuals have bodily autonomy protected by law while males are not. (S 268.3)

And we have seen little more than myopic, bigoted reactions, and attempts to censor for raising our voices about these issues, even from law enforcement.

In every circumstance it was those who wish to censor freedom of speech as well as freedom of association who are the most aggressive and openly break laws which put lives in jeopardy.

We know what happens to a person when they openly talk about issues from a male perspective using logic, sound rationale and science to prove their points.

We have outlined what we believe to be the majority of issues and or injustices males face today.

We are aware of posters on the Halifax municipal website promoting sex-based fear and hatred. The posters insinuate all men are rapists.

They inform those who would hang the poster this:

The posters are provocative and may be triggering/offensive for some people. We believe the message needs to be hard-hitting to reach and leave a lasting impression on our target audience – men between the ages of 18-25.

Halifax municipal government was absolutely correct about the posters being triggering and offensive.

Those offensive posters triggered a response from your local Men’s Human Rights Organization, who were deeply offended.

Posters hung by your local men’s human rights activists are simply a mirror held up to the blind bigotry and hatred endorsed by feminist ideologues. They are a satire/parody of incredibly heinous posters the city of Halifax has endorsed.

The sooner we can end ideological induced bigotry, the sooner we can move forward on the issues faced by the half of the human race which have been ignored and censored. And the sooner we can find and implement evidence based solutions to problems the government is now attempting to address with hysteria, disinformation and serving as a mouthpiece for gender ideologues.

That is a betrayal of the citizens you are charged with protecting.

If you have any further questions or allegations you would like to have addressed feel free to contact us on our websites.

We have a strict recording policy, I might mention; we are well versed in the ways of those who don’t want their remarks to be open to public scrutiny.


Dan Perrins
Canadian News Director For AVFM.

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About Dan Perrins

Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • Billy Moore

    Great article Dan! As a fellow canadian I’m proud to have MRA’s like you around giving men a voice!

  • mark mooroolbark

    You just became my new hero, Dan Perrins!

  • mark mooroolbark

    Dan, I just read an article online which had the headline, “Obscene Posters in Halifax, have Police, city, mulling legal action” followed by a quote from Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais-
    “How could somebody put something up like this? The message was very disquieting,” he

    “We do not endorse the unauthorized use of our logo, but more importantly we don’t
    endorse the messaging that’s on these flyers,” he said.

    “This is a message that’s clearly opposite to the type of messaging we’re sending out.
    It’s offensive in some regards. It’s obscene. This is something we don’t
    condone in any way, shape or form.”

    Is there any way you can directly contact this gender bigot and make him accountable for his filthy double standards? Reading this kind of crap makes my head explode!

  • Andybob

    Who’s been appealing to authority in an attempt to shut down those pesky MHRAs from their continued dismantling of bigoted feminist propaganda, eh?

    One can only cringe at the thought of gender studies types damseling themselves into full-on pearl-clutching hysteria – chewing their way through jumbo boxes of Kleenex – in order to convince the nice policeman of how scared they felt about a few parody posters.

    The speed with which the nice policeman donned his white knight garb indicates that Feminism Inc, probably sent the pretty ones it keeps on retainer for just such a purpose. It is quite possible that the poor, hectored chap may come to realize that these posters don’t actually pose a threat to anyone or anything, except to the stranglehold that the feminist narrative has hitherto enjoyed on the public discourse on rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and what adjectives we are allowed to use to describe overbearing bullies with vaginas.

    It is equally possible that he will simply swallow whatever teary feminists tell him, and never realize that he’s been had. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because the point of the posters is not to persuade the Halifax Police Department about anything. It is to loosen the feminist stranglehold on the public discourse on violence by forcing public debate about the anti-male bigotry that so transparently underpins the ‘Don’t be that guy’ campaign. On this score alone, it has already been a success.

    Amanda Marcotte, among others – including a willfully obtuse feminist I attempted to debate on August’s recent takedown of Ms Marcotte – have already tried to convince us that we simply haven’t understood what feminists really, really mean by ‘rape culture’. We’ve got it all wrong, as indeed did RAINN – and everybody else who has the temerity to challenge it.

    Apparently, it’s all about ‘systemic barriers’, such as the ‘armchair quarterbacks’ who run ‘the system’ by making all alleged rape victims feel guilty and responsible for being raped – as if that were any more of a valid claim than the idea that our culture enables, tolerates and supports rape. The utter pointlessness of debating the definition of something that doesn’t actually exist did not escape me.

    They’ve tried to ignore us, attempted some blatant lies and misrepresentation, and even went in for some vandalism and disruptive spittle-soaked violence. Now they’re pouting like adolescents about being misunderstood and appealing to authority. None of these antics will prevent the bigoted narratives that inform their hateful ideology from continuing to unravel before their very eyes.

    It’s anyone’s guess what they’ll try next, but you can rest assured that it will be as ineffectual in stopping the advance of the MHRM as all of their other antics. With a stalwart activist like Dan Perrins making good on his frosty vow to remain vigilant in taking all misandrists to task, feminists and their enablers can expect grim times ahead.

    Well done Mr Perrins. You are, as always, exactly the right man for the job.

    • ManWithPlan

      “Just because we’re calling all men rapists doesn’t mean we’re demonizing men! We know you slavering uncontrollable cock-beasts can’t help but obey your rapey instincts! Just do what the nice Nurse Feminist Ratchet wants, and we’ll stop calling you Rapey McRaperson.”

      • Andybob

        I see you’ve tried to debate a feminist about rape culture too. Quite an experience, isn’t it?

        • Kimski

          Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s better than to watch a Monty Python flick, in terms of lack of rationality and hysterical ad hominems.
          Not to mention the reoccuring lack of points, of course.

          “..And now to something completely different…You live in your mom’s basement, right? -And can’t get layed, right??” -Hilarious! XD

          Thumbs up, DannyBoy!

        • ManWithPlan

          “We’re not saying all men are rapists. We’re saying that when women are in the presence of men, he might be a rapist, so he should be taught not to.”

  • Lastango

    The Halifax Regional Police Chief likely reports to the Halifax Regional mayor.


    Perhaps the mayor and council should be alerted to the Chief’s comments. That would put them on notice, and prevent them from keeping their distance (i.e. keeping their own noses clean, and adopting the strategy of allowing the Chief to carry on with something they privately agree with.)

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ DannyboyCdnMra

      If you look at the link the whole municipality signed off on it.

      • Bewildered

        LOL! A very big catch of fish! Now let us watch them squirm out of this one !

  • Ed Connor

    Thank you AVFM. The “Don’t be that guy” posters and the DV posters depict the abuse as male perpetrated and as a fact. Yet anyone who can read the numbers from Stats Can knows its not so. This is biased propaganda! Of the murdered children under the age of 12 years, 45% are murdered by their biological mother! A poster campaign for woman on child abuse is legitimate.

  • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

    This whole situation has a simple solution: take the “don’t be that guy” posters one for one and match them up to the equivalent “don’t be that girl” posters. If everyone was ok with the 1st then the 2nd must be ok too otherwise they are not being fair, “and I am sure we have to be fair to both sides right?” This is a form of black knighting and approaching it that way will allow everyone to see how biased they are being by saying poster set #1 is ok but poster set #2 is bad.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ David King

      You’d think so, but evidence in this very comments section seems to suggest otherwise. I don’t understand it, but it’s there, in black and white.

      • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

        IMO the more complicated you make your argument the easier it is to lose. Most people are really stupid (present company excepted of course) and making big mountains when you can address molehills is usually a more winning strategy. When I argue for my “side” I always pretend that the person I am talking to has about a 3rd/4th grade comprehension level. That works really, really well. You don’t even want to know how well – it would depress you! :-)

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ David King

          You’re probably right.

          Relatedly, I think Richard Carrier (as much as I loathe the guy, he does sometimes produce some good stuff) once said when you have two or more arguments for a proposition, present only the strongest one. The others will probably be weaker and it is natural psychology for people to latch onto the weakest, rebut that and then assume that all the other arguments have also been rebutted. It need not be done consciously, but it is what usually happens.

          Unfortunately, some ideas are complex, and simplistic arguments can also sometimes be easy to dismiss by the opposition. Balance, I guess.

          • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

            Well the other way to look at it is laying 40-50 years of marginalization of men and how wrong that it is at the feet of bureaucrats when all you really want to do is keep your posters up is overly complicating what should be a pretty simple proposition. That’s why black knighting works so well: it’s simple. Just a request that laws be applied to women same as they are to men – One transgression at a time.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ David King

    With due respect to @Angry_Harry, I’m not in the slightest persuaded by this video. It’s okay as far as it goes (if the assumptions it makes are granted), but the 50% floor depends on the feminist claim that 90% of genuine rape victims don’t report, which has never satisfactorily been proven. To that extent, I suppose it is a reductio ad absurdam disproof of that claim, but it doesn’t prove anything at all about the rate of false complaints any more than the feminist claim about the rate of non-reporting proves that rape is an epidemic.

    It’s also hugely unwarranted to make any assumptions about the number of women who file complaints owing to “emotional problems” (and completely ignores the fact that some of those with emotional problems are that way because they were raped!)

    Moreover, the rate of non-reporting and the rate of false reporting don’t do any useful work because they don’t find any useful application in police procedure. The indisputable fact remains that some complaints the police receive are true and some are false, and the only thing that the police can (or should) do is examine each complaint carefully on its own merits and charge or not based on the evidence they find. (Put another way, even if you grant that 9 in 10 reports are false, the 1 true victim deserves to have her complaint taken seriously and prosecuted if the evidence warrants it.) The reason it’s called a ‘trial’ is because the evidence is tried, or tested, for veracity and the accused is convicted and sentenced only if the claim is proved.

    In terms of public policy, the existence (whatever its frequency) of false reports means that accused persons — who are innocent of this crime (even if they have previously committed this same crime) until this crime is proved — should receive the same protection that victims do, viz. anonymity.

    The rest of this is a red herring, IMV, and does our cause no good.

  • Bill May

    There’s nothing that can be done about this bigotry. Obviously the Canadian government is owned and manipulated by the FemiNazis now. It’s just a matter of time before the mass genocide and male population decrease begins.

    Report, blog, write and speak all you want on men’s issues but those who matter aren’t listening. The evidence of this is staring us right in the face.

    There is only one way to fight this. We all know what it is, but most men no longer have balls so it will never happen.

    Say goodbye to the male gender in the Western World folks. Our days are numbered.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ David King

      And that would be? Think carefully before you reply. Violence, threatened, implied or even ideated, is verboten here.

    • J H

      if you’re suggesting some form of violence as a solution, you will be booted out of here so fast your parents will be dizzy from it.

      On the other hand, This from you: “Say goodbye to the male gender in the Western World folks. Our days are numbered” indicates a degree of defeatism unworthy of publication.

      However, I also take strong exception to the claim that there is only 1 solution. I can think of two, without even trying. 1 – a sexually segregated society, 2 – the privatization of dispute mediation services, making government funded police and courts just one option among many possibilities people could employ, and making all such agencies compete to provide the most satisfactory services to their users.

      Both potential solutions took me less than a minute to conceive. If, as some, including me suspect, your ambiguous claim of “only 1 possible solution” is the unstated suggestion of retributive violence against women, or false accusers, I will point out the weakness of being so uncreative, and the failure of your compass in implying for so brutish a solution.

      But, obviously, without your stating it directly, we can only speculate what the “only 1 possible solution” was that you had in mind.