Karma Comes-a-Calling…Again

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  • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

    Sexual predator registries are nothing more than the actions of politicians using rape and sexual abuse histrionics to score political points. They play off public ignorance and fear and end up harming more children than are being hurt by pedophiles. Read the following for a real eye opener about sexual predator registries.

    Sexual Predator Insanity

    • AlekNovy

      You forgot to Anonym.To the link Paul. Everyone of these webmasters looks at the visitor look when they notice a commenting spike. Then they see everyone’s coming from this website and shut down the comments.

      • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

        LOL. It is hard for me to get into new habits with no sleep. Done. That includes me for tonight. :)

    • Giselle

      The sexual predator label covers a very larhe group of people, i can go out to a club, end up kissing a 17 year old boy and there goes the rest of my life…..

      • J.G. te Molder

        Nope. You’re a girl, not only would you not go have a problem the rest of your life, you won’t even have a problem if you preyed on a 14-year-old boy, in fact, if you got pregnant, the courts will make the 14-year-old boy pay child support to you.


        • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

          Bang on J.G. te Molder! Great link too that shows the real great injustice against men by women!

          • Cumbria

            …..by “some” women, please.

          • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

            If I wanted to say some women, then that is what I would have written. I am not going to allow you to split hairs with me. Nor will I extend your views as part of mine which is the fact that this data base at http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/2011/02/girl-who-was-statutorily-raped-gets-her.html shows the real great injustice against men by women.

            When was the last time a man was found to make a false rape allegation against a woman who was made to go to court, incarcerated while awaiting her day in court, shamed by the media prior to being found guilty, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs to protect their innocence and even when found not guilty living with the stigma that people still view her as a rapist! Name me any woman that has ever had to endure such injustice Cumbria! Name me one!

            And don’t tell me that women do not want sex and don’t tell me that women do not seduce men to have intercourse or what ever kind of sex women desire where the man is pressured into it. I would bet that if a man told a woman to stop having intercourse with him, she would not immediately stop, which then constitutes rape according to what women have established as rape laws that are exclusively used against men.


    Interesting how the system these parents knew about but ignored is coming to back to bite them!

    This is why I call myself Karma.

    I wonder if in future feminists will need a Karma list aka “my name is Earl” Tv show style. :)


    Well fairfax was quick for once! – $4.

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    Well just another episode of anti male feminist inspired laws…..
    KARMA MRA MGTOW – March 04, 2011, 12:21PM

    Wow I can’t believe that comment made it!

  • http://avoiceformen.com Tom

    My comment was submitted for approval. It read as follows:

    “It is important to consider that it was a cellular phone video that kept more than one young man out of prison at Hofstra Uni in the US: falserapesociety.blogspot.com/p/lamb-to-slaughter-hofstra-false-rape.html . Mandatory sex offender registration is unnecessarily ruining lives. Young men and their parents are advised to read:










    Hmm imagine if we had a bunch of well organized MRA blog hit squads.

    MRA green berates if you will.

    1000 MRA’S hammering the lame stream media blogs, just as the sun shines on the earth 7/24.

    • Poester99

      Green berates?! Freudian slip?
      That ‘e’ makes a difference, but the hilarious part is it still works in this context.




  • http://rebukingfeminism.blogspot.com Red0660

    I’ve seen little boys I MEAN LITTLE BOYS AS IN 8 YEARS OLD ON THESE REGISTRIES IN THE UNITED STATES!!! We need to fight against government tyranny against children!

  • Giselle

    well, its now a crime in many schools across the country for kids to HUG eachother..its considered harrasment, esp if the one being hugged is a GIRL…im not making this up. On that show to catch a predator, i honestly believe that many of those guys were not pedophiles or predators of any kind, they were, unfortunately, not too bright and very desperate. Yeah, the lady pretending to be a 14 year old is the lure, but I honestly think that the majority of them went there because they were under the impression of a gauranteed lay, and would have done so with a woman their own age if they had anything interesting to say or had confidence..i think alot of those guys were just socially inept, and figured its easier to impress a young girl than a grown up.Some were total perverts but most were not and now their lives are even more pathetic than they were before they got busted.

    • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

      yeah I have heard about that shit

    • JohnD

      It’s important to realize how the police twist and contort words and definitions in order to get an action to fit an offense. Their paycheck may not depend on their arrest but their reputation and service depends on how many arrest they make. When a department or agency requires so many arrest (and yes they really do in order to qualify for federal funds) and those crimes are not prevalent then someone will have to create the scenario for those crimes.
      What really surprises me is that one person, one human, can do this to another even when they know the person is innocent. That’s a psychotic SOB but the police departments well for that matter all law enforcement agencies are training these people to be sociopaths.

    • Keyster

      The officers who lay out the bait and set the trap are actually the predators. I’ve been in chat rooms and I’ve had some very sexually aggressive “14 year olds” make advances and offers to meet up.

      If you scold them or ask to speak to their parents, they know your on to them and leave.They literally persue and exploit lonely, sexually frustrated young men and they make it all sound very real to these idiotic and desperate men.

      By the way there’s a huge population of real teenage girls that get on the internet and tease men and actually do offer to meet up. Nothing is being done about them, no “To Entrap a Teen Girl predator…” shows.

  • The Enlightener

    My comment:

    Do you know what feminist’s demonization of male sexuality is called?

    It’s called misandry. Hatred of men. Google it.

    When you’re sufficiently pissed off, Google A Voice for Men Radio and learn how to fight against it.

  • John A

    Some of those commenters should hand their gonads in. It really annoys me the way these guys treat all group sex as the guys forcing themselves on to a girl. Group sex for girls is a power trip.

    Let the punishment fit the crime…

    Sexual offender’s registers ARE NOT intended as punishment, they are to protect the community from sexual predators. (male and female)

    One of the boys was under 16, surely he was raped by the girl too? Or aren’t girls equal anymore? Actually girls mature faster than boys so she may have been more mature than the boys anyway.

    When I was was a teenager there were plenty of young girls who were up fro group sex. Most 16yo boys are no match for the modern teenage girl. If there was any suggestion these boys had forced her they would be in Gaol for sure.

    Everybody understands that what these boys did was wrong, what the girl did was wrong too. They were punished according to the law (except the girl). Since there is little likelihood that the boys will re-offend, it is a harsh punishment to put them on a sexual offenders registry.

  • John A

    Those frigging white knight comments really made me angry

    Not specifically referring to this case,

    Group sex for women is a power trip. One women can satisfy so many men. I would never lower myself to satisfy her ego. My whole life I have heard WOMEN saying how they are sexually superior to men and how they can satisfy many men, but when it doesn’t work out they cry foul, they say they were meat. What were the men to them? Was she going to marry or have meaningful relationships with all of them? Maybe all sex is rape, but who is the rapist? There are female perverts too.

  • Peter Charnley

    “well, its now a crime in many schools across the country for kids to HUG eachother..its considered harrasment, esp”

    I don’t recall the full details, but I have read of at least one instance of children being excluded from American schools for pointing a forefinger at somebody and shouting ‘bang’.

    And we are talking about 5 or 6 year old children here. Kicked out of school – not for a history of bad behavior culminating in a ‘straw that broke the camels back’ situation – but perfectly normal children sidelined by their society solely as a consequence of the politically induced paranoia of adults entrusted with their care.

    This is blatant madness from any angle. And such examples of manifest insanity are undoubtedly a consequence of a world poisoned by a toxin containing the whipped together contents of two highly incompatible ingredients – politics and estrogen.

    • Keyster

      “…two highly incompatible ingredients – politics and estrogen.”

      I would say “Power and Estrogen”, but yes you’re correct.

  • scatmaster

    Just my two cents. I do not know if it will get published.

    I just love the moralizing going on IMO that is not what is at issue here. The fact that these boys were put on a registry which is for pedophiles and their form of sleaze is what is the real issue. By the terms of the law is what they did was wrong, yes, but putting them on a lifetime registry because some gender pandering official thinks they coerced the poor snowflake into having sex is just stupid. Coerced???? I thought females were strong hear me roar we are to big to ignore. If the courts chose not to send them to prison me thinks the girl in question was not an unwilling participant. Oh by the way I am proud to say that I lost my virginity with a sixteen year old and I was fifteen at the time the only question I have is how come she is not on the registry. Just asking.

  • scatmaster

    Since it is 9:40 at night I believe in Perth (I could be wrong) I don’t suspect there will be much updating of comments for awhile.

  • Gender-based violence

    Obviously testosterone is the problem (not!)

    The trouble with testosterone: http://testosteronetrouble.blogspot.com/2011/03/normal-0-trouble-with-testosterone-by.html

    • Poester99

      This is a very good point. Men who are prone to violence and that have short fuses tend to actually be LOW on testosterone levels in their blood.

  • http://notevenhuman.blogspot.com/ forweg

    My comment:

    “I wonder what FEMINISTS would think of this story. Also, I wonder why such laws making these young boys registered sex offenders were enacted in the first place. Could it have anything to do with FEMINISM?”

  • Atlas

    I wonder if prosecution for sexting messages today will evolve into a new crime of being prosecuted for emailing or private-messaging someone an adult seriously believes is another adult yet is a minor posing as an adult. Maybe it is already a crime and I’m not aware of it.

  • Peter Charnley

    “The sexual predator label covers a very larhe group of people, i can go out to a club, end up kissing a 17 year old boy and there goes the rest of my life…..”

    In theory but not in practise – like all legislation that wears the mask of gender neutrality.

    Giselle – you know that. I can’t imagine what prompted you to say such a silly thing.

    Furthermore – even in this mad feminist age, if an adult MALE merely kissed a 17 year old GIRL in a night club (who he had met, but hadn’t taken there), it is unlikely to lead to the devestation of his life (unless he also left with her and…….etc).

    Leave the paranoia for the people on the other side of the divide.

    • AntZ

      Not all “legislation that wears the mask of gender neutrality”. In Australia and Sweden, the authorities no longer attempt to sugar-coat their anti-male hatred. Statutory rape in Australia is defined as “penetration of a female between the ages of 13 and 15″. The only way a female in Australia can be found guilty of statutory rape is if she has intercourse with another woman. A 45 year old Cougar who gets it on with all the 6 year old boys in her Kindergarten class is doing nothing wrong, according to the bird brains in kangaroo land.

      To think that I had wanted to visit Australia.

      • Poester99

        Ooooo, how’s this for a tourism slogan/”Fun” fact:

        “New sex tourism destination: Did you know that Women (yes cougars that’s you!) of any age, can legally molest little boys in Sweden, Call your local Swedish tourist bureau for more information.”

        This is the effect of Swedish law, reduced to it’s essence.

  • AntZ

    Here is mine. By the way I am amazed by the fraction of comments that support the genitals-based discrimination against boys in equal-age encounters. It is almost as bad as Sweden, I think Australia gets the #2 award on the “most man hating nation” ranking:

    Is all of Australia overrun by man-hating feminists, or just the Western part? These boys were the same age as the girl, and they were doing the same thing as the girl. Why are the boys “criminals”, and the girl a “victim”?

    Many of the posters on this board need to take a hard look at their own anti-male bigotry.

    None of these teens should be persecuted by the law. Selective persecution of only those teens with the “wrong” kind of genitals is typical bigoted feminist anti-male hatred.

    • OzzieMatt

      The feminists in Australia have infiltrated the education system from top to bottom. The brainwashing starts very young. It’s very sinister but very effective.

  • Jimmy

    My comment:

    @ tim-e “If the girl was under the age of 16 she could not legally give consent to sex.”

    From the article, it sounds to me like the boys in this case were also under 16, yet they have been charged and she hasn’t.

    “The others pleaded guilty to the sexual penetration of a girl over 13 years and less than 16, but argued it had been consensual.”

    Interesting that “sexual penetration” is the charge rather than underage sex. Dare I say that the laws have been worded this way to allow the guilt to be placed on the male, even when both parties are underage?

    …There are some sneaky buggers in the rape industry.

  • Peter Charnley

    “I think Australia gets the #2 award on the “most man hating nation” ranking:”

    It probably exceeds Sweden for both the brainwashed and perverted elements of mangina based feminism.

    The changes that have taken place in that country over the past 30+ years have both surprised and disappointed me greatly . I once instinctively had a soft spot for Australia – its culture very much paralleled that of my own. A similar sense of humor which involved a self-depricating wit that was grounded in common-sense, but which was harmless. It made light of life. And for many other reasons.

    That ‘soft-spot’ has thoroughly vanished. Although my own nation, the UK, is also tainted with the lies and openly licensed hatred of feminism, and with many other poisons of the self-loathing left-liberal intelligensia, Australia’s versions of these nihilistic flames seem to have been fanned by a larger proportion of their population, and with more enthusiasm, than any other in the developed world I can think of.

    To be true to yourself and to your own society, every generation has an unwritten but binding contract to both the dead and to the unborn. This concerns what has been bequeathed to them by the efforts and sacrifices of past generations. And what will be left for those yet born.

    Feminism itself is the ultimate and most shameful renege on this. We are all guilty. But Australia is certainly one of the world’s worst ‘rogue traders’ relating to this moral deal. I am sure they will regret and be ashamed of this one day. Very sad.

  • Sean Gonzalez

    Don’t know if they’ll print it but…

    “The fact is this “girl” was the enabler. Without her encouragement none of this could have occurred. The blame being shifted disproportionately onto the boys is stunning. These are children experimenting. The blame for it lies most heavily on the parents for leaving their children untended like that, but I do believe that children are a great case in “monkey see-monkey do”. So this behavior, enabled by the girl, seems to me to be the lion share of responsibility and is going without being dealt with in ANY meaningful fashion, and had it been reversed the parents would have been investigated for the boy learning this from them. In fact most of the comments have been rather ridiculous in how pitying they are for the “empowered” girl. At a similar age I was molested by a girl like that for a year and then denigrated for reporting it by school official, teachers, friends and my mother. This dismissive/permissive behavior because a girl is doing it to a boy(s) is clearly a case of special privilege and discrimination for the girl and the boys respectively. For shame!”

    I also commented on the Testosterone link as that is one of my fields of study in the field I work in. The cause after fact dancing they did in it was rather apologetic while at the same time refusing to point to anything substantive.

  • http://theduststorm.blogspot.com Dusty

    This is off topic, but Bern just officially green lighted AVfM Radio with his new vid:

  • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

    A bit off topic, but has anyone seen this web site before?

    This is the kind of crap MRA’s are up against! Devious rotten scum bags! “No, you are mistaken sir. Feminists are all about equality don’t you know. They are a loving caring bunch of oppressed women who want fairness and equality for everyone.”

    Yeah right and I have some ocean front property in Montana to sell you if you believe that misleading crap.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    I posted this below. It is awaiting moderation.

    “Sucks don’t it? But what did you expect? Feminists have been pushing for tougher and tougher laws against men for decades and women, including the mothers of these boys have either actively supported those laws or given their approval through passivity.

    Now the chickens have come home to roost. What? Did you think those laws that punished “other” men wouldn’t be used against your own sons? That those laws wouldn’t be expanded to include young boys? It’s only a matter of time before 8 year olds are prosecuted for kissing girls on the playground. Think I’m full of it? There has already been a prosecution for an 8 year old boy for sexual battery in a U.S. school. In that case the boy observed another boy touching a girl’s bottom and the girl liking it. Since he also liked the girl he tried to play the same game and the girl complained. Now he’s being labeled a sexual predator at 8 years old.

    While I feel sympathy for the young boys and outrage that the girl in question isn’t being charged with the production of child pornography (girls are almost always viewed as victims not perpetrators in these cases) I am just a man. And as a man I have no power to affect an outcome for justice for your children let alone myself. You are on your own and up against the feminist entrenched government which will sacrifice your sons and millions of others on the altar of their gender hatred for males. “

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    It’s horrible that such harsh sentences are applied to children to follow them throughout their adult lives. Apparently the sex was entirely consentual but the texting was not. They are not dangerous sex offenders, they made a stupid childish mistake and many children are sexting these days. Kids do dumb things, they shouldn’t be treated like dangerous criminals for a single occurance of a non-violent crime.

  • Stu

    Like everything else in feminism, the sexual abuser witch hunt will know no bounds. In the end newborn babies will be charged with sexual assault for sucking their mums tit. Only male babies of course.

  • Stu

    In a recent case here in Australia, one of dozens of cases over the years of female teachers seducing and carrying on affairs with male students, the female teacher who seduced a 14yo boy and carried on an affair with him, and got him to bring his friends over to her place, for group sex, and fed them booze and drugs.

    She was booted out of teaching, got a a suspended sentance and the judge expressed regret that because of her conviction she would not be able to return to teaching, describing her as an excellent teacher. She will not be placed on the sex affender register.

    A male teacher a few years earlier who had sexual relationships with a couple of female students was given 7 years jail, and placed on the sex offenders register. No giving them booze and drugs, no group sex, and it was found that the girls who had sex with him pursued him. Apparently he was considered the hunk of the school and all the teeny girls wanted to bang him.

    This isn’t any different to when I was 15yo old in secondary school. All the girls my age swooned over the young hunky male teachers. My girlfriend at the time, who was a virgin, but used to like oral sex both ways, told all her friends that if she had half a chance, she would ride the PE teachers cock. All her friends agreed that they would too. It was pretty obvious to me by the time I was 16yo that us young guys, guys the same age or a year or so older then the girls we chased, were just practice toys for the girls until they could get themselves an older man, like 20yo, or so. All the real sexy girls ended up hooking up with older guys, thats why I got myself a car and drove without a licence from the time I was 15yo lol. I could pass for older, and driving made my phoney age seem more legite. It worked too. Had an 18yo girlfriend that thought I was 18, until I got stopped by the cops with her in the car and got arrested for unlicenced driving lol. Then my mum had to come to the cop shop to get me out out lol. They took my distributor and leads off my motor too, to make sure I’d have to get a tow truck to take my car home, but I had another one in the boot, so when I was out of the cop shop, I fitted that and drove over to her place, boy was she pissed at me lol

    Yes, I was really that brazon, I even drove to my court case and parked in the courts car park lol

    That’s the diff in attitudes.

  • James S

    Sorry guys, I just read the article today and not sure if I’m too late but felt the need to add anyway. I had to cut it down to size but here is what I wrote.

    It is disheartening to see the lives of young boys destroyed because of acts of ignorance even when it is shown by reading the article, that it was consensual. Regardless of how immoral we may feel about the behavior of the parties involved, the punishment is unwarranted and must be retracted. As of now the word rape has been twisted and shaped to mean almost anything when regarding coitus. It is up to us as citizens to demand that a clear and proper definition of the word be given with no ambiguity and ensure that laws regarding rape be re-evaluated and revamped and distributed ethically. To knowingly and falsely imprison an individual for a crime they did not commit because of some blanket law which makes all sex acts suspect and fall under the same umbrella is criminal in itself. To redefine and sully a sexual act by consenting individuals in order to impose a conviction because it doesn’t fit our range of moral values is extremely vicious.


    25 * $2 to be sent later this week $50 :)