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Two significant events are scheduled to happen at the end of this month. On August 30-31, Ellsworth, Maine prosecutor Mary Kellett will be facing the music with the Maine Overseers of the Bar. Kellett has been recommended for disciplinary action on the recommendation of a bar investigator for making improper statements to a jury, intentionally withholding exculpatory evidence and interfering with subpoenas. The bar has reserved two consecutive days for the hearing.

Also, during the same precise time, Vladek Filler is scheduled to be jailed on a misdemeanor assault conviction for 21 days, for allegedly throwing a glassful of water on his then wife, Ligia Filler.

What is most interesting, and concerning, is that Filler is also scheduled to appear at Kellett’s hearing to testify against her. It was Fillers failed criminal prosecution on sexual assault charges that led to Kellett being investigated by the bar in the first place.

And now it appears that the prosecutor’s office, which has backed Kellett all the way, despite repeated incidents of misconduct in the Filler case and others, has wrangled matters so that Filler will have to sit in their jail while the proceedings against Kellett get underway.

This is an utterly transparent attempt by the office of District Attorney Carletta Bassano to intimidate Filler out of testifying against Kellett. And this is where AVfM needs to call on activists across the world to raise their voices in objection.

In doing so, I would like to remind everyone that it was your good work that got this case as much progress and traction as it has to date.  You got involved and very good things started happening.

One, the media in Maine, because of your activism, took notice of the case and started reporting on it. That reporting continues with Bill Trotter’s excellent work at the Bangor Daily News, in his coverage of the Kellett hearings.

Because of you, we got over 1,000 signatures on a petition calling for Mary Kellett’s disbarment, which a S.A.V.E. delegation presented to Governor Paul LePage’s office.

Since you became involved, Vladek Filler was acquitted of the bogus rape charges that Mary Kellett attempted to hang on him. With eyes on his trial, they were unable to so blatantly corrupt the process and he was vindicated!

Since you became involved, bringing publicity and public scrutiny to this case, the Bar of Overseers of the Bar in Main have acted appropriately by referring Mary Kellett for disciplinary action.

And now we need to call on you one last time, activists.

The idea that Carletta Bassano is so brazenly abusing her power as prosecutor, and using the life and death power of incarceration to bully and intimidate an “enemy” out of giving testimony, is simply unacceptable. It is simply wrong.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to send your objections to this travesty to the Governor’s office, to the State Attorney General and to the select members of the media listed below. I suggest that your letters contain certain common elements.

  • A respectful demand for a gubernatorial pardon for Vladek Filler;
  • In the absence of a pardon, a request that his incarceration be postponed till after the Kellett case is closed;
  • In the absence of a pardon or deferment of sentencing, that Vladek Filler’s treatment and condition while incarcerated be strictly and closely monitored by state officials not affiliated with the Ellsworth prosecutor’s office, the Ellsworth Police Department or any other local law enforcement agency;
  • Your reiterated concerns that there is an unchecked culture of corruption in the Ellsworth, Maine prosecutors office.

For those of you who are not familiar with this case, you can start with these articles.

Filler story makes AVfM

NCFM Press Release

Vladek Filler, Political Prisoner

Folks, this is why we are here. And we can succeed if you act on behalf of Vladek Filler (and ALL men) by taking ten minutes out of your day to compose a letter and send it to the appropriate parties.

I don’t go guilt trips, but it is not a guilt trip when it is undeniably true. We are Valdek Filler’s only chance for justice. By helping him we are not just doing the right thing, we are repaying him for the courage he has displayed and the risks he has taken for all of us.

I can’t imagine what it took to stand up and fight that system for the FIVE YEARS he has done so – as they threatened him, tried to intimidate him with prison, lied about him, broke him financially, psychologically tortured him, used his children and destroyed his life. All that and he stood against it. We owe this guy our best.

Please, for the sake of everything we stand for, let’s give it to him. Write the letters.

Governor of Maine, Paul LePage

Office of the Governor
#1 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0001

Contact form


State Attorney General William J. Schneider

6 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: 207-626-8800

Contact form


Editor of the Washington Times

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  • Dr. F

    We owe this bloke.

    He has put himself through hell and is doing it not just for himself but for us. Never forget this.

    He is taking the concept of a man as a utility for us.

    Never forget about that either.

    I will be on this because I give a damn.

  • Rper1959

    Happy to add my voice and signature to the chorus, but we need thousands of USA citizens to get behind this, please send you objections and encourage your friends and contact to do so as well!

    • michael steane

      And not just US citizens either. I have mailed the addresses given to say that they eyes of the World are watching and America’s flagship status in the Free World is at stake.

      • Kimski

        I think I’m going to grab the ball and run with that one.

  • Gamerp4

    We have to get our hands full on this one Folks, Brothers lets make the dice roll.

  • blueface

    Sent my letter to the Washington Times. Hopefully more will add their voices.

    Bassano and Kellet rely on fear, and the more voices against them, the fewer people will fear them.

  • AntZ

    I am on it, boss!

    I feel that we are going to win this one. We are due a big victory, it has been a hard couple of months.

  • JinnBottle


  • Peter Pan

    Only new commenting here. I’ve been lurking for quite some time. I was just thinking, rather than a pardon, shouldn’t we be pushing for a his conviction to be overturned and stricken from the record. If I have my facts straight, he was convicted of causing a bruise on her arm, without one shred of evidence. It would appear that this conviction was just a case of, after all we put him through, and he proved all charges were false allegations, we just have to get him on something. I know, lets cook up another false allegation. Surely there is no fight left in him and he’ll just accept some minor conviction to end it all, and we’ll have something on the bastard.

    That is pretty much what it is. The prosecutors consolation prize. We shouldn’t let them get away with this. His wife is the one that should have convictions and be sitting in jail, and he should have a clean record, not be recorded as a wife beater.

  • Tawil

    Wrote to all three.

  • Dannyboy

    Done, Done and Done.
    Tweeted and soon to be facebooked.

  • Stu

    Done. And I also think a pardon is not good enough. A pardon mean’s that you have been excused for a crime you committed. Having a conviction overturned and stricken from the record mean’s you were wrongly convicted. That is the only satisfactory outcome. I guess we’ll have to take whatever we can get though.

  • Dean Esmay

    Overturned and stricken is a better outcome, however, reality is it takes a lot more time and a whole lot of legal $$$ to get it done, typically. In our system, justice is often for sale.

    I’m writing to all three sources above.

  • Dean Esmay

    For anyone who’s struggling to know what to write, here’s a sample of what I wrote.

    *PLEASE DO NOT CUT AND PASTE, ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A FORM LETTER GETS IGNORED*. Try to use your own words, but if you want to borrow some wording, tweak it, move things around, add your own words, etc. maybe this will be a useful template to some of you:

    “Vladek Filler is being wrongly incarcerated in Ellesworth Maine to prevent him from giving testimony against prosecutor Mary Kellett.

    “The eyes of the rest of America and even the world are on Maine in the case of Vladek Filler. I respectfully ask that readers urge the governor’s office and the prosecutor’s office in Maine to see to it that Mr. Filler is able to give testimony, and that he be closely monitored for his own safety against possible retaliation from prosecutors and police in Ellsworth Maine.

    “At minimum every effort should be made to assure that he is allowed to given testimony against Mary Kellett. I am contacting the press, am a publisher myself, and am doing all I can to be sure that people around the world know about this gross abuse of process in Maine.


    “Dean Esmay”

    That’s what I wrote to the paper. I modified it slightly for the Governor’s office (to ask for the pardon) and to the Attorney General (to talk about prosecutorial misconduct).

    I wrote to all three. If you’re struggling because you don’t know what words to use, try not to just cut and paste what I wrote but hopefully you can use what I wrote to kind of help you along on it.

    • Rick Westlake

      I was perhaps a little more wordy and a little more fiery with my letters … this is what I sent to the Governor and the State Attorney General’s office:

      “For the last five years, Vladek Filler of Ellsworth, Maine, has been fighting for his freedom, against the corrupt, misandric prosecutor who tried to get him imprisoned for rape, on evidence that amounted to little more than the ‘she said’ testimony of his bitter, estranged wife. Assistant DA Mary Kellett’s chicanery in prosecuting – or may I say ‘persecuting’ – Mr. Filler has gotten more than local, but national and even worldwide attention, and it raised enough of an outcry that the Maine Bar could not ignore it; she faces a hearing for prosecutorial misconduct at the end of August. Mr. Filler is the plaintiff in this matter, and he is scheduled to testify in Kellett’s hearing.

      “During that selfsame time, Vladek Filler will be incarcerated in Hancock County for the one charge Kellett was able to make stick – allegedly throwing a glassful of water on his then-wife. He will be in the control of the prosecutorial office where Kellett has been serving up this style of justice. How convenient … for Kellett, and her like-minded boss, Carletta Bassano, who has been doing all she can to shield Kellett from the scrutiny and discipline she deserves.

      “I fear that the timing of Vladek Filler’s sentence was set up so he can be bullied and intimidated out of giving testimony in the Kellett hearing. I fear that there is an unchecked culture of corruption in the Hancock County prosecutor’s office, and there has been ample evidence of misandrist behavior on the part of this office in the past.

      “In fact, I fear for Vladek Filler’s safety, if he is being held in Hancock County at the time of Kellett’s hearing before the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar. Having him there would provide far too easy an opportunity for ‘something to happen’ to him, denying him his voice in the hearing.

      “I respectfully submit that Vladek Filler’s conviction should be overturned and stricken from the record. Absent that, I would plead for a gubernatorial pardon, in view of the suffering he has been put through by Kellett and her boss.

      “At the very least, I believe his incarceration should be postponed until after the Kellett case is closed. If the Hancock County authorities won’t permit that, then his treatment and condition in there hands MUST be strictly and closely monitored by State officials who are not affiliated with the Hancock County prosecutor’s office, the Ellsworth Police Department, or any other local law enforcement agency.

      “I repeat my concerns that there is an unchecked culture of corruption, a culture of misandric behavior and persecution of men, in the Hancock County District Attorney’s office. They have Vladek Filler in their clutches, and I fear for his safety.”

      I sent much the same to the Washington Times and the Bangor Daily News, with the exception that I changed my requests into statements of ‘what should be’.

      Dean, you’re right – ‘cookie-cutter’ letters will go swiftly into File Thirteen. If you want to be effective, make your letters YOURS!

  • Paul Elam

    OT but important.

    WND’s Phil Elmore is probably the highest profile mainstream writer that actually gets it right on the money. He is setting a great example in that conservative domain of how a thoughful and intelligent man reacts to gender feminism.

    • Samantha77

      Something icky about a guy sitting down to pee. Just something totally feminine about it. I think if I found out a guy I was fucking peed sitting down I’d probably lose interest in that cock, and this is probably why the radical loonies running the world now want every last bit of manliness squeezed out of guys. Everything I love about men, they hate, and want banned. I like men that are sexually dominate too. Some guys now days need a written invitation for everything for everything you want them to do in bed, it’s really sad.

      New age sensitive guys, male feminists and the like, always boring and shit in the sack. All the guys that give it to me the way I like it seem to be anti-feminist sort of guys. You MRA types may be the last of the real men left.

      • Tawil

        There are all types here, a great diversity among MRAs despite the stereotypical portrayals. There are sensitive and there are tough guys, there are right wingers and left, married and divorced, with children and without, young and old, gay and straight, black and white, office workers and labourers, and so on. AVfM is a veritable Noah’s Ark of masculinities… but yeah anti feminist all.

        • Samantha77

          Yep, and I love all men, as long as they aren’t kiss ups to feminists. I can’t stand guys that let women bully them around or that play suck up to said women because they are so desperate for female attention that they will sell out for a pat on the head from a sexless man hater or some phoney baloney women with her tits hanging out thinking they are going to get some.

          • Tawil

            Agreed there are some pretty sad specimens out there – both sexes!

    • Samantha77

      Testing, for some reason my comments don’t seem to be showing up

      • Paul Elam

        That was because it was your first comment. After that it is automatic.

    • Dannyboy

      Great find Paul.
      WTF are those mental midgets thinking?

      The U.S. Navy is slowly becoming Sweden on the seven seas.

    • JinnBottle

      Suggestion: Yo, Navy men: *Piss all over the seat – and then put it UP.*

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Dear Governor Le Page,

    Maine is famous for its beautiful coastline and its lobsters. Please don’t let it become infamous for the Kangaroo court racket currently being run by Ellsworth County DA, Carletta Bassano and her equally crooked goon, ADA Mary Kellett.

    While a hearing regarding Ms Kellett’s criminal conduct is a step in the right direction, wrongfully imprisoning Vladek Filler on a trumped up charge is unconscionable. It is also highly suspect considering his incarceration for allegedly throwing a cup full of water at his abusive and violent ex-wife is “coincidentally” coinciding when he is scheduled to give testimony at Kellett’s hearing.

    These prosecutorial shenanigans and misconduct are more befitting a third world dictatorship than a US courtroom, unless that is what the US has become — a third world dictatorship with a kangaroo court system.

    Shame on Ms Bassano, shame on Ms Kellett and shame on the state of Maine if you do not intervene. If you do not protect Mr Filler and allow justice to be served, your face should be as red as your state’s lobsters.

    Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Sent it to Schneider, too.

    • Iron John

      Good idea. Send the same original letter to all three. No need to do re-writes.

  • Jay

    Wrote to the washington times. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention Paul.

  • Zerbu

    This is offtopic, but I thought I should alert people that there’s an attempt to defame Paul Elam and AVfM going on:

    • Paul Elam

      LOL, there have been much better attempts than that.

      • Grey Knight

        It was an attempt to discredit you that piqued my interest about this website. I’m sure I’m not the only one that ended up supporting your cause because of it.

    • Dean Esmay

      I honestly don’t know why people bother with Reddit. Yes there are some interesting folks there but mostly it seems like a place where people go to start pissing matches and call each other names. Guys like Futrelle make a living nut-picking and quote-mining out of there, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were sockpuppets to make MRAs look like idiots too. Personally, I mostly stay out of there (although I do keep an account, I try not to use it much).

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Same here. I don’t care for Reddit or the Subreddits. Too much intrigue, too much trolling and too much nastiness. I rarely visit.

        I don’t have time to sockpuppet and be anyone else nor do I care to do so.

      • Zerbu

        I have to say I agree with you on that. A lot of the people there seem more interested in proving who has the most valid points than co-operative activism. And most of the activists on Reddit don’t have the same level of logic as the more dedicated ones on MRA sites. I’d say it’s more of a purple pill group than a red pill one.

        I mostly go to Reddit to check the latest links and to discuss them. I don’t use it for any kind of major communication though.

  • Codebuster

    I’m making reference to the US Constitution, and how the Filler case represents its trashing. Is it worth writing to the republicans (Romney et al) to encourage them to make this case an election issue? I notice that Ann Coulter is not interested.

  • ActaNonVerba

    Those spoiled, angry feminazis in Maine are out of control. Big time bullies.

  • Pierce Harlan

    We’ve added a link at COTWA. This sort of activism is the men’s rights movement’s highest calling.

  • Merlin

    Often, it’s just a word, or words taken out of context that are used to silence and curb a male counter argument. It’s so, because the powers that be enforce it as such. Well, I’ve news for those participants in male subjugation…

    I’m not afraid to express the words feminists and their cronies resent hearing and will continue to promote them until they’re the ones on the receiving end. I do this because they attack males for no other reason other than personal greed, gratification, and pure hatred that’s just not acceptable in a modern society.

    Nothing personal, of course (Feminists and Co)… strictly business!

  • droobles

    Just read the World’s Bank report

    It seems gender equality only matters if you are improving things for women.

    I know that was said a lot around here, I guess it finally hit me how “focused” is this equality they fight for.

  • Zerbu

    This is offtopic again, but the SPLC is at it again:

    I suppose the MRM will have more to say on that.

  • Mark

    Speaking of keyboards, there’s a political forum debate going on right now between some Feminazis and White Knights and one or two MRM’s. I highly encourage MRM’s here to register at this site and let their voices be heard in this debate:

  • JGteMolder


  • Mercer Williams

    Just finished my letter to the DA. Would have written it much earlier, but busy weekend was busy and I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on writing it.

    Many of our critics have claimed that all we do is whine about how bad we’ve got it on the internet, yet do nothing about it. The fact we’ve not only managed to get Vladek Filler acquitted of rape, despite the kangaroo court proceedings, but also brought Mary Kellett to task for her crimes and are working to make sure Filler’s voice is heard is proof that we are truly activists. I’m glad I was able to find the men’s rights movement before I managed to send my life into shambles.

  • gilgamesh

    @mark did the OP for that thread ever provide links to support his quotes?

  • chris3337

    Is the ncfm also onto this travesty of justice in the making? Letters from that organization would also be very helpful . Looks they ve managed to bring things out into open in the past.
    Is anyone here a member who can post them on this topic. (I’m quite new to this site, and MRM, but learning fast!)


      Chris as you are quite new to the site, just wondering how you found out about us.

      • chris3337

        Hi Karma
        I found this site on the net while doing research on discrimination against men. Always being an equal rights person i have been astounded by the lack of attention paid gender equality when the male is discriminated against. feminists who do not support this are therefore hypocrits of their own cause. When i do speak to women (one on one) who are feminists , I have yet to meet one who does not agree that equality also means equal responsiblity taking the good with the bad, ie they agree they should be subjected to a military draft if there was one. With regard to the tenants of equality it seems to me the MRM and Feminists movement are on the same page. Equality means equality in all cirumctances. They will not push the issues that discrimnate against men , however they cant object to men doing it without being hypocritical. When they do they need to be called out on it every time. They could actually be useful to the MRM since their basic belief in equality is across the board.

        I was pleased to see that NOW’ s official policy from 1980 on the draft has been unchagned since that time. It states that while they do not beleive in regisration or the draft , if it were reinstated they beleive that women should not be exempt and should be drafted equally with men . I would like to see them reaffirm this as it is a policy 30 years old.

        I m glad I found this site , you guys (and few women) are right on to it

        • Dean Esmay

          When self-proclaimed feminists speak up loudly and not quietly about the need for holding women accountable, about dishonest use of statistics, about holding our justice system more accountable for letting female perps off the hook, about taking false allegations seriously, and otherwise treating women like full-fledged self-actuating adults and not toddlers, they can expect to be treated as friends. But as long as they let those who spread hate of men and intantalization of women speak for them, they should not be surprised if a lot of people have problems with their self-chosen label.

  • chris3337

    Dean , I agree , you have put it succinctly. In my opinion I dont think that most women who call themselves feminists know the extent of the hyprocracy of their own kind. Those are the ones we need to get information to. (the hard liners will not be converted as they think MRAs are complete radicals promoting rape and hatred of women, and some people beleive them) Facts and referenced statistics at every counter point is what will get people listening. Early day feminists were simply out to acheive equality unfortunately they have been hijacked by some radicals who refuse to even consider that others people (like men ) may also be discriminated against.
    I still have hope that the younger generation of women who have experienced zero discrimination , in fact have had some advantages, are realizing that their male colleagues are behind and in some areas discriminated against. I think that how we put out the message to them is important. A solid factual and persistent message i beleive would have more of an impact that being sidelined as radical women haters. Feminist programs and statistics need to be called out at every opportunity. Having the image of being women haters will get us no audience for sure.I say we let the radical feminists hate us but we come back every time with facts and hard statistics. Ultimately , hopefully , public policy makers will take note. As I ve said elsewhere , pick each battle. The best is example is the great successes one by one of Fathers and Families headed by Glenn Sacks , the best Equality Rights Activist writer I ve read.
    This poster session in Australia and VAncouver has been as success in getting notice but the rad fems are doing their best to vilify us. The respond should be calm firm and factual . They hate calm “true” facts that they dont want to be made public

    BTW as equality rights activists ourselves we should be pushing the ERA just as hard as the feminists do . There is common ground there but for different reasons perhaps. A passage of the ERA would actually solve our issues as we then have legal recourse to every issue of discrimination against men including the systemic discrimination the criminal justice system.