Our 4 Brothers

Four brothers in my inbox

From time to time I post some of the emails I get. With all the recent activity my inbox has been pretty busy. But I just got one from one our Australian brothers, a gent known to some of you as Dr. F, who wanted me to pass on some recent events in his life in some way.

Being both reasonably bright and lazy it occurred to me that this was the sort of thing better coming from the horses mouth, so I asked for and got permission to run the email. There is nothing I could add to this, and in fact would likely have spoiled any effort to take the story and say it for him. So here we go with the email, which was a very welcome bright spot in my day. A lot of bright spots these days.

G’day Paul,

I am hoping that this write sees you fine and well. As for me,  I am doing more than ok I can tell you.

Last Sunday me, my brother and Stu gathered at Karma’s place for a meet and greet.  We all knew we’d have a time of it, and to say we did would not be explaining the half of it.  So I am going to try to fill you in on some other bits as much as I can.

I had already met Karma one time the week just gone, and instantly he and I drew upon the familiarity we have built by way of your website over the previous fourteen months or so. We sounded like a couple of jabbering monkeys as we became excited more than the sum of our parts with stories and idea we have.  It was an experience I will never forget.  

Anyway,  when the four of us got together it was all this and quite a bit more as well. All of us in one moment that was for four hours, just could not stop discussing and debating and swapping ideas like tomorrow wouldn’t turn up. It was miraculous for all of us, and something occurred to me. I knew that had we been alone that day with only ourselves as four units apart in geography then our combined ideas would not only have been diminished, but the forte of them would have been so as well. What I mean by this is that together our new and wonderful ideas were much stronger than four blokes just shooting the shit, we were twenty “apart” MRA’s in strength but we were only four in one room. Four.

The flow and ebb of many MRA’s gathering on the net is one thing and this is wonderful. However, the conversation and exchange of ideas are staggered with time interrupts and loss of translation occasionally,  but not so with a kindred soul right there in real time.

Right now there are plans for a parody video, a musical addendum to something else from my brother, a video editing work bench nearly established, another YT video montage regarding the placement of MRA stickers, three other videos discussed and other things I can’t talk about for reasons important to relevant parties.

My want here is for you to know at least two things,  one is that we four thank you for your site and how it’s ripple effect of having us meet,  and secondly for you to know all the more as you do already, that when MRA’s get together ( I mean get together with a handshake and a laugh and the other )  we are a multiplication of our parts not just the sum.  We were tripping over ourselves with all of the pent up bit of it all I can tell you, and I know you can see it in your mind’s eye the same. How could you not ?

Just four blokes in four hours, and what will come from this may yet have some needing a seat-belt that needs buttoning.  I tell you I am busting and more dawns won’t find me dropping off with that. There are others out there who are just as passionate, and we become all the more so with our now meeting each other on the other side of the screen.

Please tell others of this if you will in the way you do. This is my request of you Mr. Elam, and I can never tell you all the more how when MRA’s gather for real it is so disarming and arming at the same time in the way that screen to screen will never know.

Keep well mate.

Like I said, there really is nothing I can add to this. It says it all perfectly. I don’t think we are very far away from the time that emails like this one will be common, and expected. Then the FTSU gets taken up to a whole new ball game.  Carry on, brothers. Give them hell.



  • Tawil

    A gathering of AvFM men… could see myself coming along to that if not too far away. Wher’d you guys meet up?

    I’m in Queensland.

    • Stu

      We aren’t far from you, only a few thousand kilometers…..see you at the next meeting lol. But seriously, we need to build groups all over the country.

      Lets make it happen

      • Tawil

        I’ll take that as not Queensland. Big country, this…

        • Stu

          I’m in Geelong. MRA HQ is Melbourne Eastern Subs….exact location is top secret…..not to mention on public forum :)

          • http://intentious.com/ JSutherland

            I’m located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and I would love to catch up with you guys. How should I get in contact with you?

        • http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/ Christianj

          Tawil, I can give you contacts for Queensland, just let me know via my blog, either mail or comment. As I get both before they show up. The group in Queensland will knock your socks off as they are up and running..

  • Merlin

    Great artwork Dr. F

    Thanks for sharing this letter with us, Paul.

    I’ve come to know Dr. F on a more personal level and can honestly say that you won’t find a more genuine, enthusiastic, and creative guy. He’s a real gem amongst the average, and that’s not me sucking up ether…it’s a bloody fact!

    • scatmaster

      are you calling me “average”?
      Thanks, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

      • Grey Knight

        I also strive for mediocrity.

      • Merlin

        Hey, Scatters

        Would I do such a thing my brother? You know me too well for that, although I suspect you’re yanking my chain. lol 😉

        • scatmaster

          I am transparent as well, sigh.;)
          Plus I cannot get smilies to work.
          grumble grumble


    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


      In my humbleness I tried to down vote your post but I accidentally hit the up vote button 138 times.

  • Stu

    Yeah, Sunday was pretty cool. We were online in video conference with James, JTO, GWW, Drew, and Arthur the masculinist…..I can never remember how to spell his screen name, and wouldn’t have a clue how to pronounce it, so Arthur is as close as I can come without looking it up, you know who I mean lol

    Yes, an hour and 20 mins drive to Karma’s place for me, on tollways too, but worth every minute and cent. Just to shake hands and enjoy each others company and the realization that we are not alone, the other MRAs are actual real flesh and blood people. Uplifting.

    I figure Karma’s place will pretty much become MRA HQ Melbourne lol. He’s got a big house all to himself. I can see myself making many trips over there in the future. mmmmmm…..suppose I better ask him first lol

    When I seen all those faces on the 32″ flat screen that Karma uses for a monitor, on the dining table, it was almost like you were all there with us. I was hoping you would be there too Paul, I suppose we will deprive you of sleep at some point in the future lol

    • Stu


      This guy needs to here from us. He doesn’t realize it, but his sons problems are linked to misandry. I’ve been through this shit myself, got one teacher fired. This is a direct result of feminism in the education system, running the system, and covering women’s asses no matter what.


      And here is his site.


      • Poester99

        Yes… and I strongly suspect if you put a “wire” on your average boy in elementary school, that you would get this sort of abuse more frequently that anyone can imagine. Since boys are of the oppressor class I would guess they think they need to put in their place.
        You know this almost reminds me of the Catholic Church moving “suspect” priests around instead dealing with the problem directly.

      • Xevaster

        Thanks for pointing this out Stu. I came very close to crying when the one helper called a crying autistic boy a bastard. I don’t know if I would have been as calm as him in my response to what his son experienced. Lets hope that he finds Register-her.
        It is despicable that any of them got away with what they did to all the children in that class.

      • http://patricestanton.com/ wholebrainartist

        Amazing father. Thanks for linking it. He called the women, “sick and twisted,” but where’s the surprise? Aspects of the entire system they are a part of is S&T, too. He likens his son to having been in “prison” and I’m not surprised. He’s a divorced+shared custody dad so I realize it’s probably impossible for someone like him to even consider home-schooling (not to mention the special needs). But I bought a book of essays on the public schools years ago and the title was never so apt: “The Twelve-Year Sentence: Caution, Public School.”

      • Lee

        Really, this bitch needed to be fired, not moved around where she can go bully more students.

      • http://intentious.com/ JSutherland

        As someone who has worked as an integration aide in a primary school I find this behaviour unforgivable.

  • externalangst

    I’m also in Qld Tawil and would like to catch up.

  • andybob

    The Radfemhub spy assigned to monitor today’s posts just spilt her cheap red wine on one of her cats. This is the cataclysmic moment they’ve been dreading since they first realized that the MRM wouldn’t go away.

    When like-minded men (and our female allies) meet and get along, momentous events occur (nations building, advances in civlization – you know the sort of thing). It is very motivating to hear the buzz of excitement and possibility resonating from Dr F and Mr Stu.

    That’s right Radfemspy, it has begun. I suggest you take few Valium, soak Mr Bubbles in a Preenbath and prepare for the worst. Mr Karma and his crew are about to sticker-run your whole world.

    Excellent news!

    • Stu

      Your name starts with “A”. So your draft notice is probably in the mail lol

  • Rper1959

    Ok!! Great stuff , Southern Au command has formed with a meeting of the Generals and some strategic planning, carry on indeed gentlemen and good luck! I will look forward to seeing some of your planned activities.

    Especially good news to read on this ANZAC day evening, where I was fortunate enough to be in Canberra to see my youngest son, as part of the federation guard. To join others in the cold dawn to remember the soldiers of the past who overcame what appeared to be insurmountable odd and eventually prevail.

    Our MRA’s tenacious in adversity will also overcome the scourge of feminism and provide a better future for our sons daughters and nation .

    Fantastic image Dr F, is it a computer graphic or image of a physical media??

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Being in Canberra at dawn today is t h e place to be if you live in Australia. That would have been very moving and I will do exactly that one year.

      The illustration is a drawing and not generated. I grabbed parts of the background and jumbled it about here and there as a drunken tiler might do with a mosaic.

      When it was completed I simply inverted the colours as a negative to give the illusion of the lines generating light.

      The original drawing is square, and slightly smaller than what you see on an average sized screen.

      By the way, it was done with a blue pencil and we can’t have that now can we aye ?

  • scatmaster

    Hey, why was I not invited? LOL
    I am extremely jealous.
    Rock on my brothers from down under.
    My bucket list trip to the land of the reverse toilet flush is a few years away but we will meet soon and yes I know the water in the loo does not circulate the other way when flushed. Cannot wait to hear about your evil intentions, hehehehehehe.

  • externalangst

    Tawil, I’m also in Queensland and interested in catching up.

  • Tim Legere

    Excellent e-mail Dr. F. Thanks for sharing! There are a number of Canucks (i.e. Canadians) here too. What say we meet up too eh?!! What do you think JTO?

    • Darryl X

      We joke here in the US that even though Canada is on our border, it’s about as far away from us and the rest of the world as the moon – LOL.

      MRM brotherhood transcends nationality. As someone else on this site observed recently, there’s bigger fish to fry.

      If you meet up, don’t forget the Yanks down here. I’m up for a meeting. Haven’t been to Canada in a while. That is if you don’t mind a vist from an American.

      • Rog

        as a Canadian I have learned alot about American laws just to be able to argue with the fems and most Canadian laws reflect the us laws(most not all..) so ya i dont think of you guys as far away at all..

        • Darryl X

          “…and most Canadian laws reflect the us laws(most not all..)”

          Yeah, sorry about that. The US seems to be a crucible for lots of bad ideas. We’re trying to stop that but its a steep hill.

      • scatmaster

        Well just this once Darryl. :)

      • Raven01

        Come on up but, don’t be surprised if you go home addicted to Timmie’s coffee. Guys from the company I used to work for from Alabama took home suitcases of the stuff and were often asking if we could ship them some. Dunkin Donuts just won’t do it seems.

    • Raven01

      Peterborough, ON here.
      But I have a massive exam on 3 years of study coming up so the near future is pretty tied up. After that you can likely find me at the local university pissing in the feminist’s Perrier and hopefully encouraging a few young men to seriously consider their status in our society and the wisdom of their interactions with women.

      • scatmaster

        Go Trent.

        • Raven01

          You reminded me of something. Trent is known for a considerably higher than average gay and lesbian percentage of the student body. With the size and influence of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance etc, there I may have to review what message I deliver. I cannot imagine a more uneasy alliance but, perhaps young gay men have not yet figured out as many older ones have that feminists and lesbians are in no way their allies(unless those lesbians also happen to be an MRA or Humanist).

      • AdamfromOntario

        Peterborough, ON here as well. I would totally be down for meeting with people too. I am new here and don’t know anyone. Raven’s girlfriend referred me to look at this site. Glad she did. Just figured out how to register so that I can now leave comments though. I can only do so from work at the moment as I believe my girlfriend has blocked the website from my home computer. But not for long. Nice to meet everyone.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


          If your girlfriend has blocked this website from your computer at home then why on earth is she your “friend” ?

          If someone tried that on me I can tell you I’d block them from, well you know, my life.

          • AdamfromOntario

            I did find out that she did in fact block this site from MY computer so she is no longer a concern of mine. She is gone. She said to me that I don’t need to be reading garbage I said I don’t want garbage like her in my life and to get out.

          • Lee

            ‘She said to me that I don’t need to be reading garbage’

            I find it more relevant that she doesn’t need to be monitoring and deciding what you read. Serious markings of a control-freak.

          • http://intentious.com/ JSutherland

            Feminism, turning women into thought police since 1963. Don’t say that, don’t look at that, don’t read these, don’t answer back, don’t think that, don’t feel that, don’t listen to them etc…

        • Patrick Henry

          You need to reflect on if you want her in your life or not. Don’t put it off. Have that mental talk with yourself today. Not lecturing just concerned over what this behavior indicates.

    • GeorgeOlduvai

      Anyone else in Victoria (BC)? Would very much enjoy a meet-up (at least for as long as my doctors tell me I can stand to deal with the stress of being a guy).

      • Darryl X

        The Bible is divided into two parts – Old and New Testament.

        The Old tells how God rewards us for a life of virtue with materials and wealth. The New tells how God rewards us for a life of virtue with suffering.

        The Old refers to the first part of our lives when we are younger and believe that the world is populated by good people who believe in God and His righteousness and that they support wealth as the reward for virtue.

        The New refers to the second part of our lives when we learn that most people are evil and do not believe in God and will not support the accumulation of wealth as a reward for a man’s virtue but will steal it from you instead of pursuing a life of virtue themselves.

        Cormac McCarthy wrote it this way in The Crossing: “Doomed enterprises divide life into the then and the now.” We are all in the “now”.

        We all suffer because we have lived lives of virtue. Congratulations. The more you suffer, the more virtue you have. God does this to bring us closer to Him. Suffering is evidence of how strong a relationship He has with us as virtue will always attract retribution from humans. And nothing human can stop human retribution. Only God can. And the antidote to or defense against retribution by humans is suffering.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

          Darryl X,

          Can you please for my and other folks sake not post polemic topics ?

          Gun control, abortion, global warming, capitol punishment, and religion have one bunch go this way and the other bunch go that way.

          Polemic issues divide and derail every time when they are debated.

          I have strong views on all of these six issues ( except one only ) and I think it’s a good bet to keep my (strong) opinion to myself.

          What you are saying about religion is important to you for sure, but to post about such a divisive topic on AVfM is inviting disaster. I have seen it here time and time again.

          That’s my humble and polite request to you.

          • Kimski

            Upvoted for the same reasons.

          • Darryl X

            Sorry. No problem. My humblest apologies. Thought it was an interesting explanation of why we experience stress.

          • Darryl X

            Just for the record, I haven’t mentioned anything about gun control, abortion, global warming or capitol punishment.

            And I wasn’t ramming religion down anyone’s throat. Just offering a perspective to anyone who might be interested. So my apologies again to anyone I’ve offended.

            I wouldn’t mind hearing your “strong” views on any of these six issues. Too bad others might.

            Also, it’s pretty hard to have a meaningful discourse on feminism without considering abortion. Although I’m sure there would be considerable disagreement about abortion itself among the MRA’s, I don’t think there would be much disagreement about the relationship of it to and manipulation of it by feminists.

            That’s the last you’ll hear from me about religion or abortion.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            You’re absolutely correct when you refer to abortion.

            We do need to talk about that as the misandric issues regarding lop sided reproduction rights, and abortion is at that core. I stand corrected and thanks for reminding me. Your post is welcome to me and I’m relieved you took it as it was meant and nothing more – the first upvote to it is from me as deserved for sure.

            I take you at your word and your words at face value when you say you intention wasn’t to ram religion down throats. But you have to realise that the very nature of a polemic issue will be to some as “throat ramming” by default no matter how soft or velvet couched it is.

            Some will go so far as to think it “throat, then gut then out the arse ramming”.

            Cormac McCarthy might be more accurate to say:

            “Doomed enterprises divide life into the then and the now rammed.”

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Much thanks to you Mr Elam for posting my email.

    • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

      A fabulous email, Dr. F 😉

      I am smiling because some ‘voices’ are finally getting together in person.

      Good show.

  • TigerMan

    Hmmm video conferences sound like a fantastic idea – they are the next best thing to being there in person and because you can see, hear the other participants it would make it harder for infiltrators to get the “inside dope” on what future plans might be.There are a number of popular applications that can be used for video and group conferences – Salon Magazine has done an informative “how to” guide on using them here:- http://techtips.salon.com/set-up-internet-video-conferencing-3134.html

  • JinnBottle

    Am very, very gratified to hear this kind of report. I’ve experienced myself, since February 1985, what I’ll call the “somatic” power’s (of which men’s groups/teams meeting face-to-face is a prime instance) tenfold enhancement for men, over mere verbality – and certainly over intellectualizing. The latter is not even in the same league. (And sometimes, not even on the same team!)

    When I met with mensteams from 85 to 97, we experienced, even back then, law enforcement frequently shaking us down. Onetime, following a very weird “non” arrest/cam police “interview”, the six of us even got banished (yes, banished!) from a city. Rather proud of that one, myself.

    So, as the flesh and blood meetings gather momentum, so inevitably will the pressure to “please” not do that. But as the numbers of men meeting-for-real in realtime grows, so will the natural power of resistance to, and even miraculous neutralizing of, Their Shit.

    Recommendations: If you’re meeting outside, don’t include booze of any kind, even beer. Alcohol is (usually!) a good thing to keep a check on, anyway.

    That said, there does come a point – since They’re eventually (if They aren’t already) going to illegalize men’s meetings themselves – where you have to say “Fuck it”, and bend, or even break, Their Shit-type laws.

    • Darryl X

      For anyone in the US acquainted with its Constitution and provisions in it, you can probably attest to increasing restrictions on the right to peaceful assembly. Once peaceful assembly is outlawed, then the only kind of peaceful assembly will be illegal ones. Surely those will only pertain to men as our feminist regime will never outlaw assembly of women. Recent examples include the Occupy protests and protests against the WTO and local restrictions on where protesters could assemble – basically so restricted spatially that “assembly” and “protest” was virtually impossible and rendered meaningless.

  • BlueBlood

    This is not really a reply but a mini post. I don`t quite have the material yet for an article submission.

    I`m still not sure that the `Grass Eaters` – `Soushoku Danshi – probably more accurately translated as `Leaf eaters,` but that`s a pedant talking – actually exist. As I`ve said before, I have extensive experience in Japan, and what I see is couples not forming. I have spoken to numerous random people and it doesn`t seem to be any form of `MGTOW,` but more of `I have enough porn to get by.` The distinction may be lost, but it`s important. They are not turning their back for the same reason we are, and it`s a big mistake to quote them and assume them as allies.

    They do not give a rats arse for our cause. They love their face creams, tight jeans, and multi media entertainment.

    They are anti `the previous salari-man culture,` and its a mistake to believe they ever did it for a woman; it was for the Emperor.

    OT: Lest we forget the tens of thousands of men who died in WW1. Not to mention the 0 Anzac women who were raped at Gallipoli. The feminist attempt to hijack Anzac Day makes me sick to the core.


  • keyster

    The only MRA I’ve ever met in person was Karma, who had the audacity to fly all the way to the USA and drive from Houston, Texas to Colorado to do it.

    Trying to physically gather MRA’s has been THE MOST frustrating aspect of being a part of this movement for me personally – – so I’m glad you guys finally managed to do it.

    We tend to be a rather misanthropic bunch that prefers the computer screen to making a commitment to venture out anywhere. “You mean I have to go some where and do something? Gee, I dunno.”

    Keep meeting and doing what you’re doing.
    It may give us the courage and inspiration to do it in the USA/Canada.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    I think we tend to forget in the misandric muss of it all that the MRA brother you have not met is a diamond.

    All humans have rooted to our core a deep ache to meet others. If you don’t believe that just ask yourself why is it so many of the mega websites have names like “Facebook and Twitter,” and others of a similar theme.

    We are crying out in pain to meet and see humanity, the real face of humanity that reminds us always that we are actually alive.

    MRA’s like feminists or model train builders or people who love the smell of stationary shops want like minded souls. You know it, I know it and we all know it.

    No flux in the economy or nuclear winter can change this. Nothing. It has been, it always will be and it is right now.

    You want to meet your brother or sister MRA and you are fidgeting on the fence ok, I get that. There are many reasons why this might be.

    Maybe you have extreme social phobia? Maybe you don’t know how to walk out the door for a weekend without a smack in the head, or maybe you just do not know how it can be done with limited financial sway or organising skills?

    If these things are with you I don’t know what to say to make it better but if you aren’t held back by these or other real problems I can tell you this:

    Get on your iPhone and send your email and an invite. Do it here with your addy and put your empty hand out for it to be shook. You can do it on Facebook, Bling, your hard phone tethered to your kitchen wall and you can do it on a search cold-call from a story of a bloke in pain you read about online.

    You show me an MRA that has no passion and empathy and I’ll show you a chook with paws.

    You are that person, and so is the other MRA reading your email to them. I know you. I know your desire to reach into the screen and just pull that person in to where you are or maybe you just want to jump into that screen and be in their life for just ten minutes. I am like that, and I know for a fact you are as well. If you weren’t you would not be here.

    Ring, write, clap cymbals, borrow a car or hijack a submarine it does not matter, and it is not complex like converting The Rosetta Stone to Neanderthal pictographs, I guarantee if you seek out fun first the rest will fall smack dab into place.

    Seriously, if you don’t believe me, then you try it and tell me how I am wrong and I will not only eat my hat but my face under it. I mean it.

    Nothing can make you do anything good for yourself except you and you alone. But you are not alone by the way, and you are surrounded by so much overlap of other souls wanting the same.

    I may have waffled a bit or not, I just dunno and I don’t care really.

    What I do know though, and what I do care about is that If you do meet, if we all meet, with just one MRA I swear your life-change will be the template of change for all of us.

    If meeting an MRA was half as difficult as you might think it is then I swear that would be eight times harder than it really is.

    Please show me I am wrong as I want you to meet just that challenge if you will.

    “Chook” = Chicken.

    • GeorgeOlduvai

      Well said. Thank you for being “there/here”. Here’s to meeting IRL someday! Slainte!

  • Roland3337

    I’ve been part of this fight for about 5-6 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever shaken the hand of, or had a beer with another MRA. To do so once in a while, could help to cope with the withering opposition I see every day.

  • Lordmep

    I hope those videos come out soon. A pitty he didn’t leave his account name.

  • Terramercenary

    I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the website http://www.meetup.com (not a link). This website allows people to create online groups in your local areas for the purpose of getting together (meeting up) with like minded individuals. The creator of a MRM Group can screen, and restrict potential membership. All ‘meet-up’ information can be restricted to members only. Through this website it would be very easy to create MRM satellite groups throughout the USA and maybe around the world. Check it out!

  • Elder Swami

    That was awesome Dr F! I’m up in Brisbane and would be very keen to get to know some of my fellow MRAs up here, anyone from queensland up for a meeting?

    • Tawil

      I’ll be up for a get together sometime- am only a few hours from Bris. But first I have to sort out an issue (brain tumour) that is messing with my health and making it hard to enjoy socialising. Lets revist a possible get together in a couple months… should hopefully have things sorted by then.

  • externalangst

    Affirmative Swami. Contact sprtpolk@hotmail.com

    • Elder Swami

      Thanks, I think this could be a giant step for the movement!

  • http://none j24601

    Are there any kindred spirits in the UK? London? I like the idea of engagement beyond the internet, in the pursuit of justice for men and boys.

  • Don

    Anyone up for meeting in Central Massachusetts?

    • Darryl X

      Not particularly. Massachesetts is arguable the most misandrous and feminist states in the US.

      • Elder Swami

        If that is the case then i can guarantee that Massachusetts will have a lot of MRAs

        • Darryl X

          I dunno. I think they all fled. Not that it’s much better anywhere else in the US. But a little better.

  • http://fathersunionaustralia.com/wp/ quolls

    Kids First … I can say that I am pretty tired of hearing and reading about women’s rights and men’s rights, need to say be dropped, for equal rights, mostly above all there should only ever be Kids rights …

    • Darryl X

      I dunno. I’m tired of hearing “in the best interests of children”. Makes me cringe every time I hear it. As I’ve advised before, I think every woman should have a tramp stamp of that. I’m tired of my children being used as an excuse for my poverty. No reason I should have to give up a standard of living because of my children. And there are alternatives. The children are simply being used as excuses for exterminating men. If I was a child and knew that, I’d feel pretty bad about myself.

      • http://fathersunionaustralia.com/wp/ quolls

        Hi Darryl, you are absolutely right; our Kids are very ruthlessly being used and exploited to extort billion if not trillions from us, state and the Fed for the scum sucking individuals and their created psychopathic industry with complete lack of integrity from lack of accountability. Solution?

        • Darryl X

          I’ve written before that there is no political, legal, social or financial solution to our dilemma. Either wait for the entire system to collapse and decrement the counter to zero or revolution. Revolution in the only option our Forefathers left us for confronting our current dilemma.

    • TigerMan

      Whilst children should indeed get special consideration due to their dependences on adults for care and protection etc. it does not follow that adults don’t need rights also. Equal rights is also a laudable goal but it is not what our leaders and those feminists with power want.
      An example of this is how mainstream feminists have moved the goalposts on equal pay. This “goalpost moving” tendency is a consistent feature of mainstream feminism and I say this is in direct opposition to notions of equality and egalitarian treatment.
      Trouble is that if men and boys are not valued and/or used as scapegoats for ills that may befall women/girls then calls for action to restore egalitarian treatment will likely fall on deaf ears. That is why we must (IMO) use one of the enemies key weapons i.e. social engineering to restore the perception that men and boys are DESERVING of equal treatment.
      Once that is done demands to restore egalitarian objectives are far more likely to be met even by politicians!
      Social engineering is probably most effective when you have the power of the government behind you but organised PRIVATE groups can also “play”.
      The goal is to “influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale” as the wiki on this topic puts it.
      To overcome the inevitable kick back from those who wield power at governmental level we would have to discredit governmental power but guess what – powerful cyber-groups like “anonymous” are already doing that!
      Of course I am not naive as “Anonymous” is already home to many feminists but overtly they claim to be egalitarian feminists ONLY – this is not strictly true and I have already embarrassed certain cadre’s of “anonymous” by calling them out on instances of trying to promote radical feminist ideas.
      Quolls in a way has a point insofar that we may need to take a more subtle and strategic approach to activism if we are to have a hope of effecting real change it is just that rather than focusing on one front we may in fact need to be working on several at once but united by one goal of true egalitarian opportunity for all.

  • Maleone

    Discrimination against men has disappeared (but only from Wikipedia).

    YESTERDAY, feminists have deleted the chapter about discrimination against men from the Wikipedia MASCULISM page.

    Only men are called up to die in war during a military draft. DELETED
    Laws enforced more vehemently in instances where the victim is female. DELETED
    Discrimination against men with regard to child custody. DELETED
    Discrimination against men in the alimony and child support systems. DELETED
    Biases in the justice system against men, such as higher incarceration rates and longer sentences for men (compared to women) for the same crimes. DELETED
    Elementary school staff dominated by women, meaning lack of male role models for boys. DELETED
    Higher auto, life and disability insurance fees for men. DELETED
    Prostate cancer research funding lower then breast cancer research funding. DELETED
    Suicide rate among young men FOUR TIMES higher than among young women. DELETED
    Men have lower lifespan than women. DELETED

    What remained is a big chapter about violence against men. The feminists like to present the masculist movement as men whining about violence/rape against men, because they know men feel offended by this presentation. Masculism is about stopping female privileges and not mainly about men getting raped!

    Check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculism
    It is not the first time this happens. Read: http://mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/2011/10/boycott-wikipedia.html

    Everybody can edit Wikipedia articles.
    But these feminist attacks on men’s rights pages are carried out by feminist Wikipedia employees.
    They use their Wikipedia powers/connections to remove anti-feminist content and put feminist propaganda on the masculist pages. You correct the page, they revert your corrections. You revert them, they ban you.

    The only way to beat these feminists is with numbers (many of us). We must:
    – REWRITE the masculism page to include the deleted parts about discrimination against men
    – If one of us gets banned, somebody else has to take his place
    – PROTECT the masculism page from future feminist attacks, by reverting feminist changes to the page

    Men, come over to Wikipedia and edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Masculism&action=edit
    If men don’t manage to protect the Wikipedia masculism page from feminists, then we are the weaker sex.

    • http://fathersunionaustralia.com/wp/ quolls

      That is freeky M1

    • Stu

      Wikipedia is a joke anyway. Does anybody really take that thing seriously. I wouldn’t use it for anything important.

    • father marker

      For those that want to see what former versions of the affected article look like take a look at http://web.archive.org/web/20110717225630/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculism wich gives a snapshot of what the article looked like July last year

  • http://fathersunionaustralia.com/wp/ quolls

    • TigerMan

      Good video and a reminder that the so called gender war is being used, promoted and manipulated as part of a larger power play.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > The Old tells how God rewards us for a life of virtue with materials and wealth.

    The Old Testament was written from the position of an all-powerful, unforgiving parent who wanted TOTAL OBEDIENCE. Bloodthirsty, brutal, vengeful, thuggish. In short, a religious fanatic a la The Great Santini.

    >The New tells how God rewards us for a life of virtue with suffering.

    Jesus died so we wouldn’t beat ourselves up for being human. He was, supposedly, God’s son. Ergo, his crucifixion was like someone on Novacaine getting a filling done. He faked pain in order to say, “Look, I’ll act all hurt and stuff so you can get off your own backs and have enjoyable lives. Don’t waste your lives following silly rules that just bring pain. It’s pretty simple: be nice to yourselves and others! M’kay?”

    > when we are younger and believe that the world is populated by good people…

    Which it IS. It also has wounded folks who don’t deal with their early abuse and so pass on their pain. Pick your focus. Want to see pain? It’s here. Want to see goodness? It’s here, too.

    > we learn that most people are evil…

    No one is “evil.” For sure there are effed-up folks, some beyond repair. But no one exits the womb a douchebag. Too many become b-bags because they are abuse, no “enlightened witness” protecting them. They then fail to come to terms with their upbringing and become bullies, abusers, etc. in turn.

    However, if you believe in evil, nothing’s to be done. After all, the Devil is be just heeding his/her nature…no? It’d be like holding an insane person responsible.

    > We all suffer because we have lived lives of virtue.

    Horseshite. The same myth says great art comes from great suffering. And is similarly nutso. You want to see creativity? Put a bunch of well-fed, well-clothed, healthy kids in a room surrounded by loving adults… and give them paints, musical instruments, etc. They will set the world afire.

    That some artists overcame their circumstances only shows that what we saw was but a part of what they COULD have produced with loving support. Think what Van Gogh would have produced had he gotten what he needed! He would have made Picasso look like a pretender.

    Creativity is innate. And endless…unless kaboshed by jealous ignoramuses.

    > The more you suffer, the more virtue you have.

    The motto on every S&M club sign.

    > Suffering is evidence of how strong a relationship He has with us…

    Puhleez. No child, raised by loving parents, would buy such tripe.

    Kids who aren’t loved who think they have to “earn” it…especially from folks other than their own parents (like that Big Sky Guy).

    Sorry, but I can’t let religious nuttery pass. If folks can’t keep their beliefs to themselves, they’re fair game for commentary.

    Feminism also thinks ITS “gender religion” is universal, immutable, beyond question. The One Way. It’s filled with similar hokum.

    Good folks don’t need “God” to justify being humane. The “good” Samaritan, remember, defied his upbringing. The Buddha was deemed “wise”…even by himself…until he saw his first dead body. Then his “great unlearning” began.

    Much of history is the chronicle of wars fueled by those who were certain God-Allah-Yaweh-Yeti-Moonbat-Nessie-Bigfoot-etc. was on their side.

    So please, knock it off.

  • Antoine

    Off topic, but Rob Fedders is out bashing Paul Elam again :


    “Paul Elam couldn’t humiliate a goldfish in a bowl.”

    “I’m not done with Paul Elam, another fucking Baby Boomer telling the rest of us about his version of “utopia.””

    Not that that idiot is worth even responding to. But those of us who are fans of Paul should be aware of those who are plotting against him.

    • Lee

      I have not been here terribly long but I do not recall seeing anything from Mr. Elam about any version of utopia. What on earth is this guy talking about? :/