Evaluation of WAM! Signatories

It’s time for action. The AVFM community has scrambled to look beyond the fine print of WAM!’s ultimatum to Facebook and into the signatories. We are finding that some of them are tax-exempt, and even government funded. We now know that government funded institutions have endorsed a harmful double standard that results in the censorship of men.

But, if we discover that even one cent of government money touched WAM!’s campaign, we will be exposing a whole new dimension of hypocrisy.

We need your help to study the background of the signatories and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you have a few minutes to spare, log in to the AVFM forums and join us in the Project Central forums at the thread “A Call to Action – Feminist Oligarchy?” Due to the forum security settings, you can only view the thread if you are logged in to the forums as a registered user.

More details on how you can help are documented in that thread.

About Sage Gerard (Victor Zen)

Sage Gerard (Victor Zen) is the Collegiate Activism Director of AVfM and the founder of Zen Men, the first men's rights student organization sponsored by the AVFM community. Sage has been interviewed by USA Today, Mother Jones, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, GQ Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, New Republic, KSU Student Media and other publications for his activism, and students all over the nation turn to him for guidance on making men's rights advocacy a reality on campus.

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  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    I just love this place!

    • Victor Zen

      You and me both, sister.

    • MGTOW-man

      I love it too. I do wish however, we could also work on the fostering of inclusion, passion, unity, cohesion, and solidarity of our men here onsite, as well as target the average men and boys out in the world. Some are lurking on the fringes here, while others are completely oblivious to a mens movement. But we need to find ways to educate and enlist them… not against women, of course!, but against letting the destructive over-emotionality and feelings of dangerous women define and run all of our affairs. This is not hatred, but love of truth, stability, family, order, commonsense and beyond.

      I think men are changeable and we should branch out to short-circuit the radical feminist movement right in its tracks. Nothing else will work as fast!

      I would also like to see a huge, dynamic, effective new book, written by editors of this site to come to the world…one that highlights our issues, struggles, discrimination, misandry, and include an effort to get into the minds of average men to change them to use the truth we speak to navigate safely in this dangerous and chaotic world.

      Sure, books have been written, but perhaps not with the solid wit I have witnessed on this site for a long time. We should concentrate our focus and energies on circumventing the feminist censorship/male hatred attack.

      Another idea is to march…REALLY march on the many streets of America and all countries.

      We must make the efforts of WAM senselessness backfire on the entire feminist camp. There ARE ways, if we work together. We should put away our squabbles amongst ourselves, no matter what they are, to make the book and the march a reality soon…very soon!

    • MGTOW-man

      Me too, but I would like to see this site foster more passion, unity, cohesion, solidarity, and inclusion amongst men of this site and out in the world. It is trying and doing some great stuff, but I think it is critical that we find innovative ways to do even more. United, we stand a chance; Divided, we WILL be erased!

      I would also like to see a new book written to educate the men and boys of today about all that we talk about here. A march on the streets to gain attention would help too!

  • greg

    Our Governments war on men and boys is alive and well. Shameful.

    • Victor Zen

      Yes it is, but you can help us catch them red-handed. This is an opportunity to fuck shit up. You in?

      • greg

        I need to learn how to “enter” forums.

        I’m 45, and computer illirerate.

        How can I help??

        • Victor Zen

          Click “Forum” at the top. Near the top of the forum, you should see something like “Hello, Guest! (Login – Register).” Click “Register” and fill out the form, following all instructions.

          Once you are in, you introduce yourself in the Introduction forum and then join us in the thread I was talking about.

          The entire process takes about ten minutes.

          • greg

            In forum.

            Can’t find you

      • greg

        Who down voted you??

        • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

          Probably Boobzie.

        • Victor Zen

          Some idiot. Who cares?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    The folks in the forums are coming alive…Please thank them.

    • Victor Zen

      Absolutely. None of us are being paid, but yet there is a clear passion to set things right. The forum is becoming an almost magical place.

  • http://tphavfm.wordpress.com tphavfm

    Time to saddle up pilgrims and get to action. Lets find out just how far the government has supported individuals and organizations that wish to stifle free speech.

    By golly, even the ACLU is concerned: http://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech-technology-and-liberty-national-security/should-facebook-censor-misogynistic

  • http://feministlies.wordpress.com feminismisbullshit

    The atlantic posts an new article on the MRM except their tone has REALLY changed.They now agree that sexism towards men exists however it is the result of the “patriarichy”,


    The discourse is changing before our eyes.

    Stage one:What about the menz
    Stage two: You’re a cis-gendered white male,what do you have to complain about?
    Stage three(current):Sexism towards men exists,however is it the result of the patriarchy!

    This disingenuous plea for MRA’s and feminists to work together is a sign of the collapsing institution which is feminism.It disgusts me that they have the nerve to suggest that they’re here to “help” after they completely smeared earl silverman.

    • Fredrik

      “Patriarchy hurts men too” isn’t just victim-blaming, it’s nonsense. It’s basically saying that since misandry (like all evils) is caused by the Illuminati Patriarchy, the way to fight misandry is by dismantling the Illuminati the Patriarchy… which is done by knocking men down and propping women up… which is misandry… yeah. So, Illuminati Patriarchy theory is basically like the underpants gnomes of South Park.

      Phase 1: Discriminate against men.
      Phase 2: ???
      Phase 3: Utopia!!

  • TheSameDog

    I finally decided to register at the forum, but I can’t! The registration form has no password field, and when I click “Register” it complains that the password I chose is too short. What gives?

    edit: turned out to be a one-time issue, I just got my temp password OK.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    OT, another article showing the crazy world we are living in:

    Solo mum blocks male bonding session

    • Aimee McGee

      OFFS! Bet that kid is going to wear all kinds of shit from the other kids…

    • Bewildered

      It keeps getting madder and madder !

  • Brigadon

    Turn it around.

    “Feminism hurts women, too!”