Mike Buchanan

Daddy Justice on trial via false allegations

Details on the complete story are sketchy, but we have just been advised that high profile father’s advocate Ben Vonderheide, aka Daddy Justice, is on trial for harassment and disorderly conduct. Daddy Justice is the same activist who was physically assaulted in the halls of the US Senate by feminist ideologue, attorney and VAWA advocate Lisalyn Jacobs during a VAWA conference.

The video footage below includes the recorded testimony of DV advocate Kathy Markley, an employee of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania “Community Action Committee” for 18 years, who give a very detailed account of her allegations against Mr. Vonderheide.  HOWEVER, also shown is the surveillance video provided by the sheriff’s department of what apparently transpired during the times Markley claims she was being harassed.

If the footage shown here actually coincides with the time that she alleges the mistreatment, then it proves she is a bald-faced liar, trying to trump up charges on Daddy Justice in order to silence him so that the county can continue their court sanctioned child abuse racket unimpeded.

Let it be known from this point forward that if Ben Vonderheide is being railroaded there will be no hesitation on the part of the management of this website to profile every single person involved, regardless of their position in the community or government, and to ensure that as many people find out about their malfeasance as is humanly possible. More to come on this, as this is all we have for now.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    This is bullshit.

  • TheBiboSez

    At last, feminists have figured out how to live forever – just have Ben Vonderheide allegedly talk to you for 8 seconds.

    I Vonder how he managed that.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      A man, daddy justice, and his ability to get the state warranted for all sorts of tax payer matching funds is a dangerous thing; for the man.

      For the woman it is an endless sort of amusement. I can’t wait for the day when women like this get locked up, literally forever!

      She walked by him, and said nothing; I don’t know if he did. She immediately grabs a white-knight thug in blue; and he comes to her rescue. She also claimed she had to compose herself; I guess while talking to a friend calmly?

      I have no end to my disgust, especially with her smug tone. I pray she gets hers.

  • Kris
    • Bev

      The bit where he asks a question of a woman on crutches who immediately sticks them under her arm and then RUNS up the steps opens the door and screams “harassment” (or words to that effect) presumably to the security guard(s) to come to her rescue. I bet she is getting benefits for her “injury”.

      A microsm of the whole rotten system.

      Perhaps the US really does need to go over the fiscal cliff. It would hurt a lot of people but perhaps it just might stop the gravy train and clean out the rot and dead wood.

    • Turbo

      I got to 3:23 and could not see the screen properly, emotions were blurring my vision. I will watch it all, maybe in short bursts.

    • greg

      Thank you Kris. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched that.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    8 seconds on the back of a bull feels like forever. But 8 seconds of someone trying to get you to answer questions being treated as harassment is BULL.

    This is one we will NOT let go of.

    • Coriolanus


    • cvar

      The testimony states that the encounter took 8 seconds. I pulled my phone out and hit the timer button to see how many questions I could get out in 8 seconds.

      3. 2 if we assume he waited to hear her response to the first question and that she responded promptly, or 4 if he rapid fired questions at her reporter style. In the video, I don’t see her being followed anywhere on the cameras, so in passing, he asked her a question(or 3 possibly) and she grabbed the police.

      The fact that he got charged with anything is ludicrous. A conviction is a steaming pile of bullshit larger than the state of Texas.

    • TheBiboSez

      Oddly, the only bovines I saw in the video were dressed in pink. The bullshit made it obvious.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW
  • greg

    Video does coincide with her false allegation of harassment. One of Ben’s previous posts, showed him being arrested.

    Video proves that Ben should never have been arrested, let alone brought to trial.

    Corruption abounds in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

    • greg

      Ben’s posts on

      Dec 21

      Dec 15

      Are in regard’s to this story.

      • greg

        Also Jan 6th

  • itry2brational

    Oh wow. I credit Rebecca Watson and her crusade and the YouTuber Thunderf00t for his ripostes. The elevatorgate incident slowly opened up the door and my eyes to what is happening.

    • LucianSamosata

      Exact same thing happened to me. I had no idea what was going on until suddenly Rebecca Watson came out of nowhere how somebody politely asking her a question was harassment. And when a pile of people looked at that and stood up to tell her she was wrong, they were all painted as ‘misogynists’. It was that point that made me and you and so many others realize that something is really wrong with society, and the deeper I’ve gone down that rabbit hole the more disgusted I’ve become. But it is a deeply ironic and wryly amusing point that Rebecca Watson has done and is doing more for the human rights of men by just being a public example of how completely selfish, spoiled, myopic, tyrannical and morally/ethically bankrupt feminists are today. I hope she stays active for a long time, because every time she tries to hurt us, she actually helps us. Hilarious.

  • Greg Canning

    False (or trivial, malicious, vexatious) claims are the stock in trade of feminism and the foundation stone of the DV industry – the world needs to know this , I am sure Daddy Justice will not let this go and nor will we.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Fear and loathing of men, exploitation and perversion of protective instincts, and baldfaced lies.

      If this video does indeed match as described, this woman needs to be jailed.

      • donzaloog

        That’s exactly right. These women pervert the natural instinct of men to protect women and are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • gateman

    This makes me so angry.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    Just spoke with Daddy Justice. He was convicted on one of the charges. When you read about this it will make your blood boil. SO FUCKING CORRUPT.

    Corrupt witness.
    Corrupt cop.
    Corrupt judge.

    We will out all the sonsabitches here before it is over. They may get away with screwing this man over for asking inconvenient questions, but they will not get away from a record of it following them publicly for the rest of their lives. Fuckers.

    • yinyangbalance

      You can call it corruption, or you can call it for what it is…. VAWA mandatory “re-education” of law enforcement and court officials.

      This is what Feminism looks like.

      • feeriker

        You can call it corruption, or you can call it for what it is…. VAWA mandatory “re-education” of law enforcement and court officials.

        Same fucking thing.

    • chris3337

      “Keeping them honest” I love your style. At last this ubiquitous corruption in the justice system is facing AvFM, a pack of determined pitbulls. This requires another donation for sure. Thank you from Canada

    • Primal

      Hope he appeals.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    It occurs to me that I used to very much fear the “surveillance society,” i.e. a society with cameras everywhere and we no longer had any privacy in public and we could be watched everywhere we go.

    Now, perversely, it’s the only thing that makes me think we may just be able to keep something resembling essential liberty intact.

    • TPH

      Yea, that is what I was thinking as well.

    • feeriker

      Very true. The trick to it is going to be ensuring the integrity and availability of the evidence. Evidence collected from surveillance technology, when left in the unchallenged hands of the State, has a tendency to “disappear” when it can be used by “The People” to expose wrongdoing by agents of said state. Countless examples of this abound, one of the more common being, say, video footage from a police cruiser dashcam capturing a rogue cop committing unprovoked assault on a motorist. Mysteriously, when this footage is subpoenaed by the victim’s attorney filing lawsuit against the municipality, said footage “gets lost” or is “misfiled,” never to see daylight again. This is why I’ve always advocated government surveillance resources being put under the control of some sort of third-party custodian.

  • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

    Trial transcripts are public, are they not? Seems to me like this case could be a great illustration for the corruption of our legal systems.

    Depending on the circumstances, a little sunlight might be what the doctor ordered….

    • Greg Canning

      And one would think that trial records, and the video evidence would be enough to start an enquiry into corruption and malpractice and have a conviction overturned….. everyone should be held to the same standards especially the bastards that abuse the system from within.

      • Shrek6

        I’d wager that like here in Australia, REAL evidence such as the courthouses own video footage, plus expert witnesses to explain body language dynamics, would be made inadmissible by the judge.
        The corruption goes to the very heights of the so-called justice system.

        • feeriker

          As I said in my previous post, such evidence here in Amerika tends to “disappear” once it becomes potential evidence that would cast the State in an unfavorable or criminal light.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I already have them.

      • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

        You know it’s funny, but I’m not surprised. :)

  • andybob

    Pity the fools.

    More deperate measures by the feminist cabal in their efforts to silence opposition to their corrupt stranglehold on the judiciary. If they believe that their attempts to attack a widely-respected figure like Daddy Justice will go unopposed, then they are even more deluded than I thought.

    Lots more room on the registry, ladies.

  • yinyangbalance

    VAWA re-education and funding in effect. VAWA has stopped for now, but 18 years of it will be felt for a long time.

    • greg

      May it stay Dead

  • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

    What manner of fuckery is this?
    I foresee some great pictures of bigots and such going up on register-her, deservedly so.
    I am sorry for your troubles Ben.
    I hope this voice of support from up here North of the 49’th offers some measure of comfort.
    Now onto the business of exposing these legal parasitic cretins for their misandric and corrupt actions.
    Let them whine wail and cry about the big bad men’s rights activists who exposed them for their corrupt misandric man hating ways.
    Fuck em I say cry me a river.

  • Shrek6

    Grrrrrrrr! I unclog my nose in their general direction!

    Listening to that video reminded me of the filthy lies that spewed out of the mouth of the thing that I was married to.
    I had to quickly remind myself that my computer monitor would not work again if I took my anger out on it.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    I would advise the U.S to start looking at their own backyard, before critiquing other countries on human rights.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Ain’t that the ever loving truth. I am sick to death of sanctimonious cable news jerk offs and worthless ass politicians droning out their phony concerns about human rights.

      The news jerk offs don’t even have the guts to cover what is happening to some of the men they work with, and the politicians are the ones violating people rights.

      • chris3337

        Thats because politicians pander to the women’s vote. Its time that guys and like minded females start voting en block here in North America. This year in the UK MRAs are going to put up a candidate for mens issues. My guess is that he’s going to get in on this platform alone. There are enough guys over there pissed off with the status quo in my opinion.

        • SeaforthCJ

          As a UKian MRA I have to say, I would love it if he did, but I don’t think he has a hope. No one really expects him to.

          That really isn’t the point, we have a long history of protest, single issue and frankly amusing parties and candidates. Occasionally one of them wins when we disapprove of the actions of an incumbant who refuses to resign.

          Google the history of the “Monster Raving Loony Party” if you want a giggle. People of a certain age are still fond of Screaming Lord Sutch and his actions.

          I won’t speak for the MRA’s directly involved but the public understands that the point is the publicity, causing the conversations that ensue and serving notice that an issue needs addressing.

        • feeriker

          This year in the UK MRAs are going to put up a candidate for mens issues. My guess is that he’s going to get in on this platform alone.

          I think you’re putting way too much faith in the integrity of the electoral process. If it’s as corrupt in the UK as it is here in Amerika, any candidate with such views as MR, views that run fundamentally contrary to the Establishment line, is going to face an unstoppable siege of “dirty tricks” that will knock him out of the process altogether, no matter how big his base (think: Ron Paul).

    • Shrek6

      The same goes for Australia, the birth place of Apartheid!

      Our govt is still stealing children from Indigenous families, because apparently the overwhelming majority of men are drunk and abusing the women and sexually abusing the children. Mind you, they can’t come up with stats to prove that bullshit, but they are still removing children nonetheless from the remote northern regions of the country where most people never go, so the govt cannot be countered on this.

      Plus there is the new form of ‘Stolen Generation’ of white kids, who have had their fathers stolen from them. I think currently we have around 750,000 non-custodial parents in Aus, most of whom are fathers. I think that equates of well over a million children living without their fathers, and these are only the figures that go through the family court. The true figure would be unknown, but I’ll bet it is a huge figure.

      So, human rights abuses, are occurring in all western nations and none of their govts have the right to point the finger at any third world nation, until such time as they have cleaned up their own act and gotten rid of their own dirty secrets.

      • Bev

        Many aboriginal men are marginalized. Support mostly goes to women and as you say we only hear about men fighting. While going through Tenant Creek (NT) a couple of years ago we heard about a brawl (which the police had to use tear gas to break up) in the local supermarket between different clans. Not a man in sight just women tearing into each other. That is not news that gets printed.

        • Shrek6

          Bev, I have known so many people who have lived and/or worked in the Kimberley, who say that the women are far more violent than the men. They often see men carted off to hospital, because they have had their heads opened up by being bashed with lumps of wood or glass beer bottles.
          Sure the men get them back occasionally and they get punished for it, but mostly the women get away with it.

          And we don’t have to go back too long in our history, where the Aboriginal men were brought into the towns all linked together clapped in irons. They would be kept in the heat that way. And if anyone knows about the Aussie outback, you will know what kind of heat I’m talking about.

          I feel sick in the stomach anytime I think about the atrocities done to these people by the whites, but more so the atrocities done to the men by the govt throughout our history, right up until this very day, on behalf of radical feminists in govt.
          I better shut up, or I’m gonna start swearing again!

          • dhanu

            A similar news story today, girl hits boy multiple times, boy doesn’t react, girl’s friend is filming the girl’s power show, she’s being encouraged to hit the boy too: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2263471/Shocking-video-young-schoolgirl-punching-teenage-BOY-face-times-probed-police.html

          • Shrek6

            @ Dhanu,

            So what happens if he dropped this little cow, then walked over and knocked out the other cow behind the camera. Is this what these stupid bitches wanted?

            They set him up to be shown as a weak pathetic loser on film for all the FaceBook drop-kicks to laugh at, yet his typical behaviour that is like the vast majority of males, only showed him to be a tower of strength and an honourable young man.

            I take my hat off to him.

            Those other creatures, were also behaving typically like so many of the girls/women around the world today. It sickens me that so many are like this!

          • dhanu

            I can’t say about the policies at the specific place but I guess if he acted in self-defense, the police would be eying HIM, not her. I also wager this is the reason the girl was being a bully and challenging him to react.

          • feeriker

            Sure the men get them back occasionally and they get punished for it, but mostly the women get away with it.

            In nine point nine-nine cases out of ten, in any physical confrontation between a man and a women that the woman initiates, in any culture nearly anywhere in the world, the man doesn’t fight back for one key reason and one reason only. He knows that if he succumbs to his natural instinct to defend himself against her assault, he will very likely literally beat the woman to death, probably to the point of her being an unrecognizable bloody pulp. He also knows that the consequences of his doing so are an all-but-guaranteed summary lynching, either literal or, more commonly, legal – something that it goes without saying the aggressive woman is well aware of. Heads, she wins; tails, he loses.

            I’ve actually heard women in my own family mock men on several occasions for not standing up to and fighting back against physically aggressive women, even though they damned well know the consequences these men would suffer for doing so. I can only shake my head and walk away in amazement at their clueless stupidity.

    • Mr. XY

      The likes of Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, George Bush, Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Clinton don’t speak or represent America or the American people. These are criminals and frauds who sold out America, the founding fathers, the Constitution, and everything this nation stands for.
      The American people are US and speak for US and are amazingly decent and generous people.

  • Imdefender

    I hope he kicks her ass
    legally I meen

  • Turbo

    What horseshit.
    If someone pointed a loaded gun at you for 8 seconds THAT would probably feel like forever.
    What the hell was he convicted on anyway. Jeeez.

  • Aimee McGee

    Kathy girl, a fashion tip if you want a false allegation to stick better…don’t wear pink. I could see you and even on an iPhone screen I could see your body language was not of a scared woman.

    • feeriker

      But that’s the thing: her body language won’t be entered into evidence or considered since it doesn’t support her charge of harassment and because women are so … well, much more “expressive” than men. His body language, on the other hand, however indistinct, unreadable, and irrelevant to the moment of contention, will be the focus of everyone’s attention and will be considered threatening because … well, because a man’s body language is ALWAYS threatening. To somebody. Usually. You can just … well, tell. Honest!

  • http://commonmanmedia.blogspot.com TCM

    “Disorderly conduct” is such a broad term that it should fall under the “void for vagueness” doctrine. The last time I saw that being used in the context of gender was when a young man was charged with disorderly conduct for making a list ranking female students in terms of their looks. See here:


    Of course, when Karen Owens at Duke University did the same thing (even classifying them by the size of their penis), nothing happened to her. See here:


    I understand that some people are just disruptive, but “disorderly conduct” policies are simply too vague and broad to be legitimate. The law is getting more kafkaesque every day. And as usual, we see that the primary targets of that insanity are men. Hopefully DaddyJustice can get out of this one.

    • feeriker

      “Disorderly conduct” is such a broad term that it should fall under the “void for vagueness” doctrine.

      Yup. Add it to the same collection that includes “vagrancy,” “disturbing the peace,” and “loitering.” IOW, a catch-all charge that cops and the courts use when they don’t have any evidence whatsoever to charge someone with an actual crime.

  • George P

    Ben is a modern hero. He’s always polite, happy and friendly, despite the hell he’s been put through. He’s had the bad luck to live in a county where the entire system is corrupt.

    To the people who harass him:

    You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

  • Kimski

    After fetching the attack dogs, she then walks over to LEAN AGAINST THE WALL, as if she’s watching some particularly entertaining movie clip.

    No way in hell is that a woman who feels threatened. Women who feel that way immediately seek out a group of people or other women for comfort, and usually graps hold of them in the process.

    Incidentally, why is it always the ugly ones that you need to be most aware of?

    Sorry to hear about your recent ordeal, Ben.

    Mostly because she now has something to share with the grrlz, that will be blown exceedingly out of proportions for every time she tells it, just so she can get the attention-fix she so obviously craves.

    You don’t wear an outfit in that colour if you want to blend in, now, do you?

    I wonder if she’s a distant relative of Rebecca Watson, ’cause we’ve seen this kind of thing played out before, only with a different actor.

  • optimusprime

    Absolutely a perfect example of this ongoing travesty. “It’s how I felt” as evidence and proof of something that never occurred??? We cannot let this go on. I am sure in the end they will blame the video tape. This loon will say she was set up and had it not been for the actual facts being shown by the camera she would have been able to win her false allegation. Shame on you courthouse surveillance team.

  • erwin

    Regarding the last paragraph, does AVfM have a budget for traditional media campaigns, and what MRM-flag would be most successful to campaign under?

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      We don’t have the resources for that, but we’re working on acquiring them.

      Signed up for the cell phone service yet? 😉

      • erwin

        I’m German, so no i haven’t. I’ll be sure to make a more significant donation when there’s a concrete plan to go after something in particular.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

    If someone will point me to the chain of command, I’ll start a list of email and snail mail addresses, and phone and fax numbers. In the meantime, I’ll be compiling a list of Lancaster county citizens who might find a summary of this case to be interesting reading.

    • erwin

      I’d go with the forums. You can get some proper feedback there as well as to what to do with it. It might be a nice touch marketing this as a conspiracy theory. There a new demand for those since 2012 turned out to be false (who would have guessed, right?).

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I am posting an article on this Saturday with more details. I will also post it in the forums.

      As always, Suz, I know I am speaking for many when I express gratitude for your proactive response to our needs for activism.

      • greg

        Maybe someone from SAVE or NCFM can file a legal complaint. Look at what happened to Mary Kellett.

      • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

        I’d love to see the questions Ben was trying to ask…

        • cvar

          “Hey, want to stop and get a coffee later?”

          • erwin

            You can’t ask a women to have coffee with you like that you misogynist piece of man-trash!

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      My take on Pennsylvania is it’s going to be a particularly tough nut to crack. Lancaster County is large (over half a million people) and the judiciary there is elected but receive most of their campaign funding from the trial lawyers they hear cases from, and there is no rule preventing them from hearing cases by lawyers who donated to their campaigns. Useful information here:


      Although the corruption between trial lawyers and judges is problematic everywhere in America, it looks particularly frightening in Pennsylvania. Stirring up shit there is going to take a lot of work, and be dangerous for anyone who’s on the ground there.

  • http://www.veteransoutreach.info Grunt

    Pennsylvania is a freemason cesspool that touts the most corrupt legal aparatus in America. Daddy Justice is in for the fight of his life. The Eastern Star witches will most likely hammer hios hard.

  • Codebuster

    The feminist-inspired concept of “harassment” has always bothered me. We are “harassed” by sales people all the time, and by people we don’t like all the time. We are “harassed” by Jehova’s Witnesses and other religious folk. We are “harassed” by television advertisements intruding into our personal time. We are “harassed” in court by lawyers questioning us. We are “harassed” by police booking us for speeding. We are “harassed” when people are trying to extract answers. I’m not a lawyer, but didn’t “public nuisance” provisions, before feminism, provide a remedy for over-zealous intrusions into personal space?

    So in this scenario, we must address the question… what is “harassment”, and when is it not harassment? Why should trying to extract legitimate answers to questions constitute “harassment”, yet being hounded by sales-staff or relgious people does not? Is not harassment, when directed at finding answers, not an expression of free speech? Surely DJ’s 8 seconds of questioning Kathy Markley directed at finding legitimate and important answers fall within the scope of free speech and/or legitimate questioning? DJ is not selling or hawking anything, he’s not seeking sexual favours, he is not threatening anyone, and he’s not trying to convert anyone to any religion. He just wants answers. In the meantime, feminists are at liberty to harass everyone with their bullshit.

    Why are the courts accepting this dingbat’s definition of harassment? Is it only because she is a feminist/DV advocate?

    Feminists have constructed the terms of debate. These terms need to be dismantled, because feminism is a toxic, vicious hate movement, and theirs is the language of hate.

    • Luming Zhou

      I have long ago concluded that no one should be punished for “harassment.”

  • astachur

    Simply nauseating! Paul can you please contact me. I have a landmark case with Feminist DV advocates trying to persecute me here in NH. I would like to expose and share the entire ordeal with AVFM.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Please send me all details to paul@avoiceformen.com. Put “From Astachur” in the subject line. Thanks.

  • Winstone

    I remember the assault against Vonderheide. I am sorry that he now has problems with feminist mafia

  • napocapo69

    This is istitutional sadism…

  • TPH

    So we are at a point where asking questions of government officials will get you convicted of a crime. Seems to me I remember a country where that happened in the past. Oh yeah, it was the USA in the 1960’s! These motherfuckers will never learn unless they get their assess handed to them by activism.

    I wish I could say that I am surprised by the conviction of Daddy Justice on a bullshit charge, but I am not. We are fast approaching a time where open activists will be jailed for speaking their minds and speaking the truth. Do any of the older folks here remember Selma, Alabama? The fucking state police attacking peaceful protest marchers?

    Unfortunately, this is a sign of progress. The government and the feminists no longer regard the MRM and fathers rights groups as a fringe element. They now see us a threat and will act accordingly. Government officials will bend and break the law to silence us. We need to grab those motherfuckers by the balls and not let go.

  • donzaloog

    This woman is a cold manipulator. The man asked her a few questions in passing, she, by all appearances, ignored him and ran to the closest white knight she could find and had him arrested for harassment. Is that how easy it is to put a man in jail? And she sits there in court lying under oath. This woman and others like her need to be taken down hard.

  • Falland

    Part of surviving the terror of the 1930s Soviet Union was an individual’s ability to react to false accusations of anti-Soviet activity or wrecking. A quick response was often the difference between being sent to a Gulag for 5 years or being left alone to survive for another day. In a culture where ratting on fellow citizens was common place in order to save your skin or move up the pecking order (often by ratting on a superior) a deep paranoia took hold. It became so bad that often those who ratted on others to get their “mess of pottage” would in turn be ratted on by some other schlub who was either looking for revenge or just trying to save their own ass.

    Unfortunately, we are in a very similar situation in 2013. If someone is lucky enough where there is corroborating exculpatory evidence they can escape the false charges of rape, domestic violence, or child abuse. But for many others, the simple word of some Damsel in Distress is all it takes to ruin a life, a career, or lose custody. Thanks to feminism and political correctness my due process rights are less than a terrorist in Guantanamo. Eventually, when people had enough, Communism fell and the ideological terror that gripped Russia died with it. The same thing will eventually happen to Feminism, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • Mr. J

      It is dubious that that will happen anytime soon with the population so obsessed with men who play “games” that they’ve effectively lost their abilities to see anything else going on around them.
      Infinitely sad but true.
      The masses going down down into the pit while whooping and cheering irrelevant nonsense.

  • malcolm

    Women like this are cowards. Frightened little cowards.
    I’m looking forward to the AVFM expose on these people, all the juicy details laid bare for the entire world to see.

  • 4thtroika

    I can’t help wondering if, in her own mind, it happened exactly the way she said it happened. Never underestimate the power of delusion.

    • Kimski

      Give her a couple of days of repeating the story to her friends and she’ll get there. That’s the whole foundation of feminism and other ideologies in general.
      Repetition ad. lib.

  • Mr. J

    Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the county that is FULL of despicable people who run puppy mills and these people see fit to run scams there instead of trying to do something about that?
    You know, it took me a long time to see that feminists don’t care about ANYTHING but themselves but it is starkly clear.
    The “care, care,care” people…..Bullshit.

    • Kimski

      Caring never payed any bills.
      Pretending to care does.

  • greg

    Let’s go to work.