AVfM: Turning ripples into shock waves

One Domain name: $7.95

One year of web hosting: $100.00

One feminist bigot trying to dig a hole to crawl in to: Priceless

valenti runs

  • Encyclopedia MRA


  • Phil

    It turns me on to see feminazis like her squirming with fear. XD

    • scatmaster

      I just came in my pants at the thought of her hyperventilating and blubbering in her lunch room at work surrounded by her sistas.

    • Lucian Cross

      She just realized reality may be slapping her in the cunt.

      • Eoghan

        Loathe as I am to sound like a feminist and all, but silly references to actions that can be construed as being about sexual violence aren’t productive. JTO and Paul and probably more than those two have worked hard to produce what they do for us, its just not fair on them or everyone else to be talking like that, IMO. Your comments don’t represent me, or the men’s movement. Its talk like that, that gets uses against us.

        • Encyclopedia MRA

          Yeah i’d tend to agree to a point (is it possible to be completely impartial 😉 Most of us do it at times, Fema-Fisting etc etc. Hard to determine where the line is with such filthy pigs that deserve no respect. Who knows, maybe they like a good fisting in which case is it sexually violent? how do you know if the fisting is consensual or is all heterosexual fisting rape? or are we all just rapists anyways? These are the tough questions.

        • Lucian Cross

          You are quite right and I would like to apologize to you and my peers if my statement contributed to the current and potential future negative perceptions of the Men’s Rights Movement. It is not my goal to suggest violence as a generally accepted course of action or philosophy.

          To clarify on what I said it may be better served if I stated it as:
          “She just realized reality may be slapping away the notion of having a pussy pass.”

          I would appreciate your thoughts on this if it would be more effective a statement to be making. :)

  • breakthematrix

    Haha. This Valenti is already making desperate cries for help within 24 hours of the site going up. She doesn’t like having to deal with the consequences of her misandry.

  • Ben

    Willing to pay??? How much is she talking about??? Hahahahahah! Man, whoever thought of this is brilliant. Paul and JTO, this FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andre Berry

      “willing to pay” to me sounds like she’s trying to hire a hacker to hack the site

  • Terry

    Did she really tweet that? Looks like she took it down.

    • breakthematrix

      Yeah, I think she took it down. I don’t see it on her twitter page anymore. Too late though, they already got the screenshot.

    • Paul Elam

      Looks real to me. Someone posted it in the other thread. I am betting it is true.

      • Cumbria

        She removed it so she could retain her ultra-cool facade and not let on that you have scared the shit out of her.

    • archmage_lo

      If you do a search on twitter for JessicaValenti, you will see a retweet from Deanna!/randomdeanna and a response from!/Shoq Shoq Value on June 29th.

      She can only delete her post… not others responses.

  • Paul Elam

    LOL, does she really think that if intended to come out with her personal info that I would not have already done it?

    Does she think that trying to erase her personal information is even doable?

    I wrote a dozen lines on her, only going so far as to identify that she lives in New York, and she is already crapping her panties.

    Hey, Jessica. I live in Houston.

    Even Steven’s?

    • Herbal Essence

      It’s also funny that she writes hate speech for the Times, but gets nervous when someone actually criticizes her for it.

    • James Huff

      Oh, that’s priceless…..I’ve been sharpening my skills over at Mumsnet all day, and they have already dug up all the MRA sites I’ve been to. It’s a live hornet’s nest over there….lol.

      I think you’ve done great things, Paul. Keep ’em guessing and shut them down.

      • fidelbogen

        Any links to this in particular?

    • Demonspawn

      You live in Houston? Send me an email. I’m there at least once a month an I owe you a beer 😉

    • E. Steven Berkimer

      I’m not even with anyone…..

      I live in Chicago (well, a burb, but close enough)

      • archmage_lo

        Chicago’s quite a populous city…

        I know Uncle Bern lives here…

        As do I…

    • Nickb275

      Well, that fucked her shit up!! Good work JTO, Paul. I know JTO broke his back putting time on for Props to you both.

  • Victor

    I wonder if she will release another one of those soon:

    I’m guessing not now when she has noticed that Paul and company is doing more than just posting a few angry comments on YouTube.

    • aCastaway

      I punched my monitor. Now I have dead pixels.

      Worth it.

  • jmnzz


    And might I add….HA.

  • Donn

    What?!!? This isn’t what I expect from Mrs.Full Frontal Feminism herself, she’s been waging war against the male gender for quite some time, now that the other gender is starting to show up she wants to “scrub the internet” of all her personal info?

    Hey Ms.Valenti, get a clue, when it’s on the net, it’s there for eternity. Have a nice day.

    • Ycombinator

      “This isn’t what I expect from Mrs.Full Frontal Feminism herself…”

      I pray to Jesus, Zeus and all the gods that I never have to see Jessica Valenti in a situation that could be described as “Full Frontal”.

      • Lucian Cross

        She’s totally up for “full frontal feminism” and the conflict that comes of it… on her terms when she’s ready… like a 5th grader picking on preschoolers; pathetic

  • scatmaster

    I have cached that. Thank you very much. Just in case I am ever in the area I will drop by with a flyer or a poster board. A few stickers, etc.

  • scott mclelland

    this is classic , i cant stop smiling after watching her sycophants on manboobz insult and demean anyone who doesnt kiss this bitches ass its good to see the discomfort . we need to get this onto fb as well asap .

  • Y

    Wow! It says she’s in her 30’s!!! Looking at her I thought she was at least in her lower 40’s.

    Oh, poor Jessica!


    • silent

      She’s decent-looking. No need to be a hater. She definitely fucked with the wrong people though.

      Like the man said,
      “What if there was a gender war, and Men showed up?”

      • Ted

        She looks a lot more decent in her picture than she does on her “Friday Feminist Fuck You” video. She seems to have too many teeth or something. Maybe the internal parasite is shining through.

  • Herbal Essence

    If Jessica Valenti does run away to her hidey-hole, she’ll probably have to room with Marcotte.



  • Cumbria

    Jessica, What goes around, comes around! You need to pay attention to what is being said here with an open mind. You might just learn something important.

    • Cumbria

      The person doing all the down voting should pay attention too. GROW UP AND THINK LIKE AN ADULT! OPEN YOUR STUPID LITTLE BRAIN! Why are you so closed to the TRUTH! Try thinking outside the box for a change, you idiot!

  • Brad

    Jessica Valenti is the poster girl (oh, I mean person) that represents every femnazi who need a big cock pushed in her ear and fuck some sense into her.
    what a dyke whoe

    • Eoghan

      14 people spotted the agent provocateur attack, 15 didn’t.

  • Snark

    I have to wonder what the repercussions of this will be.

    The feminist sector does not take things like this lying down …

    • Snark

      Not saying this shouldn’t have happened, but –

      We have talked a lot about the power these people have; to imprison, to blacklist, to murder, to falsely accuse with impunity. (Indeed, this is why exists!)

      So, it strikes me like this.

      We are poking a tiger with sticks.

      I just want to know that those sticks are big enough to beat it around the head when it wakes up.

      • Paul Elam

        In the immortal words of Tom Joad, “Takes no nerve to do something, ain’t nothin’ else you can do.”

        Fuck ’em. The men who founded my country sign their own death warrants when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

        We will never make it anywhere unless some men are willing to take a stand.

        So again, fuck ’em.

        • Ragnar

          Paul Elam you have a lot of balls as well as a lot of talent for what you are doing,
          I’d say that you are a Great Man Leading Our Way!
          I humbly try to follow suit.

          • elderswami

            hey is that name from warhammer?

          • Ragnar

            Elderswami. No it’s a name from Nordic mythologi. It’s an ancient nordic hero. You can wikipedia got a page on “Ragnar Lodbrog” that’s the guy, albeit only part of the story.

          • Patrice Stanton

            Ayn Rand used it for a major ‘tiger-poker’ in the novel, “Atlas Shrugged” too if I remember correctly.

            Link to 2011’s ‘Part 1′ movie music:
            [img] Shrugged_Painting.jpg[/img]

      • Encyclopedia MRA

        Feminism needs to divide to conquer such as the attack on the family, separate the man then attack. Unity is Kryptonite to feminism, the same techniques that undermine unity within the family don’t work with the MRM. Most of us have developed our immunity, false allegations won’t work, they can’t trump up charges for all of us, we got their number. Certainly Paul, JtO etc etc have especially stuck their necks out but you’d got to be fucking stupid to go up against this ‘type’ of support, cowards & bigots are rarely too keen to put their arse on the line. Numbers aren’t everything when they are that pathetic. I think we’re going to see quite a bit of lame ducking for cover. Besides Paul seems to be enjoying himself 😉

    • Ycombinator

      “The feminist sector does not take things like this lying down …”

      They can take it bent over at a 90 degree angle for all I care.

      It’s too fucking funny that these bigots, who spew their anti-male hate all day long, get their hairy upper lips in a twist because someone aggregates PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION about the disturbing things they said or did.

      The bigger kicker is that the women featured on HAVE BEEN CONVICTED IN A COURT OF LAW – and since we know how “tough” our courts are on women, I think it’s safe to conclude that they are undeniably 100% G-U-I-L-T-Y!

      No one gives a tiny, hamster-sized shit when men are unjustly added to sex offender lists or dead beat dad lists due to false accusations or the fact that they’ve become unemployed or disabled. But when a list of ADMITTED AND CONVICTED FEMALE KILLERS, ABUSERS, RAPISTS, PEDOPHILES AND FALSE RAPE ACCUSERS (lying criminals who ruin the lives of men and waste the time and resources of our courts, police and tax dollars) is simply aggregated (remember, dumb fembots, all of this information existed WAY before Paul’s nifty, new website was live) on a single website, well then that’s just TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! – and something MUST be done about it – for the children! oh god, please think of the children!!!!

      Somebody call these losers a wambulance!

      • scatmaster


        • scatmaster



          take your pick.

          • Ycombinator

            “take your pick.”

            I pick the one on the bottom. The one on the top looks too much like the Ghostbuster’s car – and the Ghostbusters already have WAY too many witches to deal with. Go easy on those guys, fer cryin’ out loud 😉

      • Josh

        As far as people on sex-offender lists, are the vast majority of them on there for something stupid like peeing outside??? It’s so ridiculous!!! They ruin these people’s lives for something so silly. Hell, I’d rather pee outside than inside personally! lol

      • Encyclopedia MRA

        Amen brother. Maybe we should get them on some pizza boxes?? Surely these dangerous criminals and violent offenders are more of a public risk than so called d.b.d’s (i don’t even like using that misandric phrase)

    • codebuster

      Surely you’re not having second thoughts! It is good to wonder and to think about what one is getting into. But never, ever regret. This has to be done. We have no choice. So far, it’s been easy. Expect things to get more difficult. I do. When the shit hits the fan, it’s going to become dangerous (if it has not done so already). My stand is unconditional. When the repercussions start to flow, we will know that what we are doing is working. Anticipate the worst and if you win, well, that’s icing on the cake.


    Poor thing (intentionally patronizing), she doesn’t even understand that select pieces of information can’t just be ‘scrubbed’ from all corners of the web. The fact that she was grasping for the possibility is rather pathetic – maybe she should have asked her husband about this first?

    But then, why should she understand how the web works? The medium through which she pukes her bigotry was invented by a man after all.

    May I suggest the ‘poster girl for third-wave feminism’ reads the following book:


    Carry on blogging ladies…

    • Perseus

      Fucking love this post.

      “But then, why should she understand how the web works? The medium through which she pukes her bigotry was invented by a man after all.”

      • Eoghan

        I thought it was retarded. Chauvinism, which is an aspect of chivalry.

        • UKMRA

          Patronizing towards her, yes (just as she patronizes and denigrates men), chauvinistic, no.

          – Her husband IS an expert in digital media
          – The web WAS invented by a man

          Just stating some facts, but you have construed them as chauvinistic and my comments as retarded?

          Perhaps the 20 or so people that liked my post are also chivalrous retards?

          • Eoghan

            Little ladies needing help from men is one of the notions that we are opposing. As well as that, our Achilles heel in the battle for public opinion is gratuitous misogyny and sexism, which are two things that we are also supposed to be opposing, its also feminist fuel.

            I’m sorry I used the word retarded. There is a video going round on youtube featuring MGTOW that isn’t flattering and it hasn’t been produced by feminists. Which I take to be an early sign of the manboobz idea going mainstream, which if it did its going to cause a lot of drag and bury the real issues…. I think that its time for the mens movement to embrace the rhetorical discipline that Fidelbogen has written about across the board.

          • UKMRA

            Apology accepted regarding the ‘retard’ thing.

            Truth be told, I’m pretty new to all of this, and was uncomfortable with things, but I have only recently become acutely aware of what’s happening to society and men through watching a male relative getting divorced.

            Personally, I’m not too worried about the content of the comments. It’s naturally a place that’s going to attract a lot of venting/swearing and be chaotic and offensive to some people, and maybe even counter-productive at times. However, I think it’s a loud noise that needs making.

            I do agree with you that more rhetorical discipline will be needed moving forward, and I suspect that base will well covered.

            Sometimes it’s difficult not to resort to misogynistic/chauvinistic cliches, when all your really trying to say is ‘stop fucking stamping on me’.

          • Fidelbogen

            “… embrace the rhetorical discipline that Fidelbogen has written about…”

   I wish!

            Either that, or the “men’s movement” needs to “disappear” by morphing into a series of elusive brands which cannot be stereotyped.

          • Encyclopedia MRA

            What type of brands?

  • Ycombinator

    ROFL @ the feminazis who come here to downvote every post.

    LOL! You mad?

    • Encyclopedia MRA

      hahaha yeah prob jessica with three usernames clicking away crying into her G&T. Wondering why is like a ghost town sounding like JtO’s crickets sound effects.

  • !!SPARTA!!

    I’m sure there are ways of finding her address/personal info
    That’s why she’s already looking for a service to remove it

    • Paul Elam

      I already have her information. I just haven’t published it…yet.

      • elderswami

        do it just to get a reaction lol

        • Snark

          Is this honestly a priority?

          Getting reactions?

          • Snark

            Well, let me rephrase.

            OF COURSE Paul is trying to get reactions – but certain kinds of reactions.

            But the point of this isn’t just to wind feminists up.

            Set your sights higher.

      • The Man On The Street

        As do I… Along with a few others… such as AMANda von-crotchrott etal.

        They know not who they fucked with. Time to show em.


  • chris

    i agree with most of the comments and justice is sweet but foul language like FTSU etc brings down the legitimacy of any argument against women’s claims that men are dirty minded troglodytes. i thing we need to take the moral high road here or else we just end up rolling around in the filth like a pen full of pigs. if we want to establish order and justice and morality we have to behave accordingly. knights? am i right or not?

    • Paul Elam

      The idea that language has anything to do with morality is absolutely ludicrous. And if that is not enough to get through to you, this is my website, I will express myself how I see fit, and nothing else.

      That is the last motherfucking word on it.

      You want to help? You want to talk legitimately in terms of “WE”? Hit that donate button and cough up 10 thousand dollars. It will buy you a language filter for this website.

      • chris

        maybe it’s better to talk sensibly and not use provocative language because that will only lead to more conflict. perhaps if we show decent and gentlemanly behavior that she wont be so venomous. i think all this foul and provocative language just fans the flames of this gender war. i dont want to mess them up, i want peace and order for the well being of society and children. i dont think it’s right that children have too witness this stabbing shooting and spitting behavior between adults. lets behave like mature and decent adults.

        • Cumbria

          I agree, Chris. We should set an example but it’s difficult to stay calm amongst so much insanity that they dish out. I wish things weren’t this way and we could all live peacefully together but they will not allow it.

          • chris

            but what is the root cause of it all. these women were indoctrinated from childhood on, you can almost not even hold her accountable for the things she says. in that youtube video i feel like im listening to a woman regurgitate doctrine that she has learned without the chance to really formulate her own opinion on matters. provocative hostility and name calling is the worst thing you can do since it will only result in further disintegration of the situation

          • Cumbria

            I understand what you’re saying because I am also one of those women that was raised with that thought process. Then one day, I grew up and discovered I had a mind of my own and took a good look around and saw how unfair the system is towards men on so many levels. And not just that, men are portrayed as bumbling idiots on television, in movies and are constantly the butt of bad jokes. And why is that? Where would we as women be without men? What kind of world would we be living in? I’m not the brightest woman in the world but I can see this so clearly so why can’t other women see it? Where do you draw the line? Why should it be acceptable? It’s time they started treating men with the respect they have long deserved. This has got to stop!

          • J.G. te Molder

            The war is already here, there’s no fanning the flames. All that’s left is for men to show up and finally start fighting back, and winning.

            Asking for sweet and nice now, is like standing in the middle of a hurricane, and saying, “If we stay really quiet, maybe it’ll just go away.”

          • Hayden

            Agreed. This comment about it already being a war is dead on. Also as a note to Paul, if I ever scrape together $10,000 to send you, you damn well better use it it to continue your important work of kicking the shit out of feminism a not on some dumbass language filter. Press the attack on all fronts gentlemen and give no quarter to the miserable feminist creatures.

          • Encyclopedia MRA

            What!? Chris, if she hasn’t had the “chance to really formulate her own opinion on matters” maybe she should not be heading an international agenda of hate against half the population. And maybe just maybe this is a good reason to end her contributions. No offence Chris but I think you are an absolute toss pot.

        • Ycombinator

          “perhaps if we show decent and gentlemanly behavior that she wont be so venomous.”

          Can’t tell if trolling or just naive…

          • chris

            i know you are right. that was a naive thing for me to say. justice must be upheld but that doesnt mean decent and gentlemanly behavior is hereby excluded. there must always be room for diplomacy and the hope of a peaceful resolution. just civilized humane courts and merciful judgments

          • Bombay

            Men are dying out there. Wake up.

          • Ycombinator

            “justice must be upheld but that doesnt mean decent and gentlemanly behavior is hereby excluded. there must always be room for diplomacy and the hope of a peaceful resolution.”

            Diplomacy and gentlemanly behavior is reserved for dealing with rational human beings who can be appealed to with facts, reason and logic.

            When dealing with bigoted ideologues, who scream like hysterical banshees in the face of hard facts and science and who concoct elaborate, yet absurd, conspiracy theories like “patriarchy theory” to justify and project their hatred of an entire sex – FUCKING THEIR SHIT UP is the only proper response.

          • Stu

            Sorry Chris, but you can treat a feminist like a lady and they will just abuse you more. This is how we got into this mess…..because men will just keep being nice to women who are total bitches. Your logic suggests that you think that any man screwed over by feminists had it coming…..if we were all just nice submissive slaves who ate up the shit served up to us and just said……..yummm….may I have some more please Ms Feminazi……..then they will start treating us like human beings. Well that is what society has been doing all this time…..maybe if we just give them whatever they want……and agree with them when they say men are all pigs……maybe they will leave us alone and start being nice to us…….maybe they will even give us blow jobs. Chris….men like you are the problem……wake up

          • Perseus

            A feminist is definitively NOT a lady. She is self-proclaimed ANDROGENOUS in word, and demon spawn in deed. So lady treatment does not fit in there at all.

          • J.G. te Molder

            Right now, that’s like hoping after the executioner has already pulled the lever that’ll bring the guillotine down, that he or the cheering crowd risk life and limb to catch the blade with their bare hands.

            They’ve shooting live rounds to kill, hurling blades at us, and dropping guillotines for decades. They’re not going to stop, until we make them stop.

          • Encyclopedia MRA

            Chris, Chris, Chris… How did you find yourself here? This isn’t

            Are you lost?

          • Fidelbogen

            “Decent and gentlemanly” IS excluded, within certain categories, when you are dealing your enemies.

            If they deserved decent and gentlemanly treatment, they wouldn’t be your enemies.

        • Paul Elam

          Chris, please take ALL the red pills before speaking. You are not changing anything here, I am not even reading all of your comments.

        • MateNeo

          You clearly have no sense of reality.

        • Josh

          Fuck fuck fuck a duck, screw a kangaroo, finger bang an orangutan orgy at the FUCK YOU!

        • Eoghan

          I think aside from the two or three token clowns or agent provocateurs and a bit of childish exuberance here and there in the comments section that everything else has been appropriate.

          I’ve resigned to the fact that its unreasonable to expect there to be no comments that aren’t counter productive and make us look bad. I view them as drag holding the movement back and the closest thing there is to an argument against us but the momentum is strong enough to pull them along.

        • The Man On The Street

          “…i want peace and order for the well being of society and children. i dont think it’s right that children have too witness this stabbing shooting and spitting behavior between adults. lets behave like mature and decent adults.”

          Easy to say, impossible in practice. For a “fair fight” has rules. And each must follow said rules. If one ‘side’ does not, then it is no longer fair, thus no need to follow said rules. Simply put, smack me with a baseball bat? I shoot yer effing arse with my .40 Kimber.

          Awww “but what about the chillens?” What about em? I am perfectly content with letting children see what happens when an ideology hell bent on the essential distruction of a species – men – gets it’s com-uppence.

          Besides, Fuck Their Shit Up should be trademarked to Paul and AVfM in my opinion.

          It has a nice ring to it. I declare as of this moment, that FUCK THEIR SHIT UP is the official slogan of the MRM!


        • mideonphish

          With all due respect to you that approach simply doesn’t cut it. Which is precisely why chivalry is on it’s last legs in the first place.

          Trying to prove the feminists wrong through more chivalry is an exercise in futility. A complete and utter waste of time.

      • Johnny

        Language has a lot to do with self control- how to use it and where. Remove self control and its a morning dump.

      • zed

        Please allow me one small indulgence, Paul – 😉

        Hey chris, go piss up a rope, jerkoff.

        • Paul Elam


          Chris, it’s official now. You’re truly fucked.

    • chris

      so i guess you meant that as an insult and that means that you wish to provoke conflict. if one of these women messes you over then you probably had it coming to you. bad karma

      • The Man On The Street

        NO. You speak of Karma but know not what it is. This IS EFFING KARMA! They have gotten away with this shit way too long. In the immortal words of a friend, “What if men actually showed up for the gender war?”

        Well, we are showing up, and they no likey!


    • Roland3337

      Dude…being nice has not worked. Being reasonable or polite has gotten us nowhere. Haven’t you been paying attention?

      A Feminist Fuck You needs to be answered in kind.

    • Opt-Out

      The moral high ground got us here in the first fucking place, we are being punished for an act we did not commit. Bad language is the least of there worries now.

    • fidelbogen

      “Moral” high road, you say? Um..we already ARE on the moral high road. But if you mean the linguistic high road, well . . yeah . . I can certainly see the place for THAT.

      [Insert sermon on rhetorical discipline]

      • Johnny

        Rhetorical discipline, yes thats the task needed to create a revolution (what revolution has not been built on eloquent rhetoric?). As I mentioned before, without self-control and rhoterical discipline one’s words resemble little more than a morning dump. And who wants to gaze at someone elses morning dump? Not me, not most of folks on the planet.

        That said, I perfectly understand the need to dump more frequently here after the rancid curry the feminazis have been feeding we men, there’s a lot of purging to do. Just unattractive to most would-be supporters.

        • Patrice Stanton

          “…I perfectly understand…(but it’s) Just unattractive to most would-be supporters.”

          Sure, I get it, because I was one of those getting ‘rankled’ by all the ‘language’ here but it didn’t take me long to ‘get it’. Nor do I think it would take any OPEN-MINDED person, male or female, very long to likewise get it. If they can’t stay around long enough to get a feel for the importance and the depth of this website’s content (read around through one or two articles, take in some sad statistics, invest 5-10 minutes in a couple of linked videos) because of the language…

          Perhaps ‘Mr. T.’ can say it for me, “I pity the fool.”

          p.s. and I hope they don’t bother to celebrate Independence Day either, because I bet there was a lot of ‘language’ on all those battle fields, too.

    • Perseus

      I appreciate your concern, however, this CONGRESSMAN is fucking pissed for a reason.

      The language on this website is appropriate for the medium given the drastic circumstances.

  • mongo

    Love it. She’s actually publicly advertising for the services of a hacker – ie a criminal. I suspect that’s probably illegal.

    Seeing Valenti squeal like a terminator in a smelter pot – priceless!

  • Boxer

    That hate criminal cunt is a public figure, and has made herself that way. She feeds off dysfunction like society’s parasites do. Her home and work addresses need to be publicized, so that the people she regularly defames can seek redress for her crimes against humanity and her vicious hate speech, and for her inciting violence against minorities.

    • Snark

      I do not support vigilantism, which is why I am glad Paul has not released personal information such as home addresses.

      I wrote a piece for FRS – and elsewhere, more recently, against vigilantism.

      And see e.g. Males More Histrionic Over Rape Claims.

      If it’s not right, it’s not right. A registry is one thing (and something I support). Actually encouraging people to hurt others, and making their home addresses etc public – even those who have defamed others, and so on – is not something I could ever support, and I hope the MRM will back me on this.

      • Roland3337

        I could not agree more. Let us not forget the incident in which Lady Raine published information on Roissy sometime ago. A very ugly incident that probably contributed to her slinking off the stage. Bad form. Very bad form indeed.

        And it is also completely unnecessary. We have train-loads of other ammunition available to us that will FTSU. Ammunition which these hateful parasites have handed to us on a silver platter.

        • Ycombinator

          “And it is also completely unnecessary. We have train-loads of other ammunition available to us that will FTSU. Ammunition which these hateful parasites have handed to us on a silver platter.”

          Exactly! MRA’s don’t need to do anything illegal (or in bad form) since these hatemongers are so blinded by their ideology that they are literally handing us the rope that we will use to hang them in the court of public opinion (and in some cases, the court of law).

          • Josh

            Personally I think addresses should be released so people can write them the hatemail they deserve so badly…

          • Roland3337

            Not an unreasonable tactic, but an employment address would suffice for that. And those are easy enough to track down. Such would likely be more damaging than a nasty-gram sent to a private home.

          • oz/josh

            Sounds good. Let’s write letters to employers of these bigots!

          • Encyclopedia MRA

            Go with email, save the time and care of a letter for Grandad.

      • The Man On The Street

        Indeed. The publishing of an adversary’s personal information could have negative concequences… some lone nutball thinking they are doing Men’s Rights work … you know the drill.

        It could also be misconstrued (as in misrepresented by femikooks) as a call for illegalities. We do not need such assumptions.

        Besides, most information is redily available to anyone with half an hour and a brain.

    • Perseus

      Thank you! Men are a fucking MINORITY- SPECIAL PROTECTED VICTIM STATUS. Take the special privileges that we are ENTITLED to!

  • keyster

    I mean if she were “tough and empowered” and perfectly correct about everything she’s ever said about men and society…She shouldn’t have anything to fear, right?

    Is she’s that chicken shit maybe she should just shut the fuck up for a change.
    Do the world some good!
    Or use screen names and not speak out publicly at all…
    …you know like most MRA’s have to do.
    How’s it feel sweetums?

    • Snark

      I agree fully. The point she doesn’t get is that men have to use monikers to express pro-male opinions, even online, whereas women can express the most hateful bigotry against men and use their real names with absolutely no repercussions.

      • keyster

        I think she get’s it all right, but her sisters and other followers don’t, which is why she uses it to shame MRA’s.

        All a guy needs to do is proudly and loudly announce to the world that he’s “anti-feminist”, and he won’t be able to get a job in bum-fuck Alaska. The HR lady hires somebody to do a background check on your ass and it’s, “hum, I’m sorry your qualifications aren’t a good fit at this time.” In other words, you might stir up the women and they’ll have a big sexual harrasment suit on their hands.

        Yeah, that smug little shrew knows all about it.
        They’re everywhere man!


    Will anyone not scrub JV name and details from the internet I will pay more than she will. HA!

  • Harry

    If I might be so bold …

    If the feminists do react with too much vigour, then the notions contained in the following might be of some value, …

    • Ycombinator

      Meh, there’s noting to worry about as far as I’m concerned. They can’t permanently shut down shit – even if they tried.

      Neo Nazis, Radical Jihadists, SCUM Manifesto, I Spit On Your Grave, etc. is all allowed to exist under the banner of free speech (at least in the USA – some other countries, like France, I’m not so sure of).

      But even if they did get a site or two taken down, so fucking what? Put it back up somewhere else! Don’t you guys make backups of your sites? Don’t you know how to move them from one server to another? If not, you’d better start learning. Don’t you know how to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR RIGHTS? If not, better fucking start right now!

      But let’s just say that they did manage to get a site taken down because of what their feeble minds understood to be “hate” speech – so what? We’ll just rise the fuck up and keep rising until no one can do a fucking thing about it. If we keep hammering away at the wall it will eventually break.

      Men have built skyscrapers, gone to the moon, visited the depths of the ocean, conquered entire continents, cured diseases and, along the way, advanced humanity from its lowly state of animal ignorance to the heights of modern, educated, civilization.

      If we can do that, we can deal with a few tantrum throwing harpies and their army of cats.


      Down, Fluffy! Down!

      • Encyclopedia MRA

        Exactly, besides she’s off twittering to find out if someone can remove her details, she isn’t shutting down anything. We on the other hand are men in front of screens (like the brilliant article) Many people are going to see all this as the opportunity (that it is) to pick a side. then comes the snowball, then the ideological massacre.

    • Paul Elam

      Bold? LOL, you are the inspiration here, Harry.

    • Perseus

      Dr. Harry !

  • Razlo5000

    Thats right you bigoted bitches. We’re coming. We’re coming to fuck your shit up & we are NOT going to stop. From now on, your misandry is going to hurt.

  • Harry


    Always at your service, Sir.


    “But even if they did get a site or two taken down, so fucking what? Put it back up somewhere else! Don’t you guys make backups of your sites?”

    You need to think more.

    • Ycombinator


      “But even if they did get a site or two taken down, so fucking what? Put it back up somewhere else! Don’t you guys make backups of your sites?”

      You need to think more.”

      Maybe I’m not seeing something here, Harry. Can you explain what you mean? Are you talking about them taking hard core legal action, like getting someone incarcerated for putting up a website? It ain’t gonna happen unless you do something like release state secretes (Wiki-leaks). If you know what you are doing you can set it up so that they can never know who you really are 😉

      • Harry


        There are numerous problems that could beset ani-feminist websites and webmasters if the powers-that-be put a mind to destroying them.

        And I have no intention of describing publicly the kind of things that they could do.

        I am not being ‘hysterical’ or over-dramatic.

        But I know the internet, I can see what governments are up to, and I can see some technologies round the corner.

        But even if we forget about all the possible dramas, why should people like Paul or myself put ourselves through all the possible aggravations of having to fight in the law courts, fighting the search engines, the hosters, or whatever?

        We don’t get paid for all this, you know.

        I have spent hundreds of hours in the distant past fighting to keep my website visible.

        To a large extent, it was a complete waste of my time.

        It aggravated me. Worried me. Gave me sleepless nights.

        I don’t really want to have to go through all that again.

        So, I want the feminists to understand that we can always change the issues and turn up elsewhere. And, in my above-referenced piece, I have told them what people like Paul and me would do if they got too heavy-handed about our issues.

        We would not be doing what you suggest …

        “built skyscrapers, gone to the moon, visited the depths of the ocean, conquered entire continents, cured diseases and, along the way, advanced humanity from its lowly state of animal ignorance to the heights of modern, educated, civilization.”

        As for, …

        “Don’t you guys make backups of your sites?”

        Surely, you do not really think that we are that stupid?

        I think that you need to read, …

        … to get some idea of just how huge are the forces that we are up against.

        We need not only continued publicity, we also need to inform thousands of people about very complex ideas which go against their cultured grain.

        We do not want to spend our time having to deal with unproductive aggravation.

        • Harry

          Let me put it another way.

          It seems to me that men thoughout history have been pretty much enslaved in some way.

          My point being that, even though men …

          “built skyscrapers, gone to the moon, visited the depths of the ocean, conquered entire continents, cured diseases and, along the way, advanced humanity from its lowly state of animal ignorance to the heights of modern, educated, civilization.” …

          … I’m not sure that their ‘liberation’ is assured, or even indicated, by such magnificence.

          • Ben

            Harry, I read very carefully your article of which you provided the link

            That is brilliant. I sent the link to several of my friends. But, I also copied and pasted some of it so that they could preview it first. Most men won’t read anything that I send them concerning men’s issues, misandry, the MM, etc.

            I keep trying to convince them to wake up from their feminist-governed trance. As you say, men are just not biologically designed to care about other men.

            I just don’t see, however, how other men can read things that I send them from your site or this one and not even form an opinion or even bother to reply to my email. I know that it has a lot to do with the fact that men are not concerned with things like this; they are busy making the country run, inventing things, and taking care of their families.

            I nearly seems hopeless. But, then, it only takes a few.

          • Ycombinator


            You have some very good points!

            “As for, …
            “Don’t you guys make backups of your sites?”
            Surely, you do not really think that we are that stupid?”

            No, I don’t think anyone here is stupid – but rather, from what I have seen, people simply don’t bother to back anything up on a regular basis and then once the site is taken offline by the hosting company – it’s too late to recover everything – and truth be told, many of them simply give up. I guess it’s more of an issue of willpower than technical know-how.

            “My point being that, even though men …
            “built skyscrapers, gone to the moon, visited the depths of the ocean, conquered entire continents, cured diseases and, along the way, advanced humanity from its lowly state of animal ignorance to the heights of modern, educated, civilization.” …
            … I’m not sure that their ‘liberation’ is assured, or even indicated, by such magnificence.”

            True, but I wasn’t referring to liberation. I was referring to getting shit done – the one thing you can almost always count on men to do. Granted, most of what got done was not always in men’s best interest but I think that is certainly changing. At least here at AVfM: the radio network, the site, the fundraising – and this is only the beginning! Men are finally starting to wake up to their own enslavement and we are DOING something about it.

            “It seems to me that men thoughout history have been pretty much enslaved in some way.”

            True. All too true. But I believe much of that enslavement, especially when it comes to men not standing up for themselves, is due to the fact that men are easily shamed into submission by women and by other men. I’m at the point where I no longer feel shame – I no longer let women (or anyone else for that matter) do that to me. And you know what? My relationships with women (both platonic and sexual) have never been better. Bucking submission earns a man respect and refreshes his vitality. Shameful submission turns a man into a tool, an object for someone else’s goals and sucks the life-force right out of him.

            “We need not only continued publicity, we also need to inform thousands of people about very complex ideas which go against their cultured grain.
            We do not want to spend our time having to deal with unproductive aggravation.”

            I agree. Getting a blue pill world to swallow a red pill or two ain’t gonna be easy.

            Thank you for replying to my question. I’ve gained a lot of wisdom from guys like you and Paul – in fact it’s because of you two that I’m a regular participant in the MRM – both online (important) AND in real life (very important).

  • Roland3337

    Jessica Valenti and her ilk are in a very tricky spot, and it appears to me that they have only two choices:

    1. STFU and try to pretend that we don’t exist. Very problematic, now that we have begun a spirited insurgency that outs them for who they are (Hate filled bigots and parasites).

    2. Try to shut us up, via something like having a website taken down, or taking bogus legal action. (Just like Mary Kellet tried to do in the midst of the Vladek Filler case.) Even if someone were to successfully shut down one of our outlets, what would be the result from our end? Would we put our collective tails between our legs and promise to be good little boys from now on?

    Fuck no. Outrage would quickly follow. It would only create more Pauls and Angry Harrys. This is the nature of asymmetrical warfare.

  • Stu

    If I may be even bolder

    I remember a movie, I can’t remember what movie, but there was this really old guy, who worked as body guard for some mobster. He gets into this mexican stand off position with a rival mobster, and the other guy makes his mobster threats. The old guys just says…….so what…….I’m 75yo, bad heart, clapped out liver, arthritis, need a whole pack of viagra just to take a piss, blah blah blah.

    The old guys out there have very little to lose. What are they going to do to you, put you in jail where you will spend most of your time in the prison hospitial running up their bills and being the biggest arse pain you can be.

    You want to be dangerous again, bullet proof? The mrm is your ticket. Use your remaining twilight years and your old age pass to be dangerous, be hated, be a pain in the arse. Time for some payback

  • Porky D.

    Ha, i can just see her running around her house, arms flailing wildly in the air as she screams “They’re all out to get me!”


    I hope that baby isn’t a boy…

  • elderswami

    fuck yeaaah ahahahah suck that bitch!

    • Perseus

      LOL… This is the genius response to the comment in her video about comments like ‘suck it bitch’.

  • HurleyHacker

    You publish everything you can about these loathsome creatures know as Feminists. If you find out their blood types and “it” needs a transfusion you dont give it one. Do you know what these parasites have done to men and father’s for over 50 years? You make them uncomfortable in their homes, schools, work , shopping, and anywhere they go. Make them feel as we do as men. Make them loose sleep, weight , teeth, hair, eyesight , and in the case of Mr. Thomas J. ball their lives if necessary. What is good for us millions of men is good for a few hate mongers. Wake the shit up people this is war.! Did not Paul declare it so? What moral outrage is higher than having your children stolen, Home stolen, and your liberty and sometime your life taken?, I want the enemy to know we know who and where they are. They started this war and us MEN will finish it. On to the beaches of Normandy and beyond. “Fuck Their Shit Up” Dammit!!

  • quackademic

    There are substantive differences between the “equality feminism” of 25-30 years ago, and the “Gender-feminism” of today.

    • Perseus


      See the book “Loving Men, Respecting Women”. It’s always been shitty and ok for both sexes, practically equal overall. The deceitful warfare the narcofems (narcissistic females) have waged is to bloviate about the bad part for them, and erase the incalculable hardships borne by men, and their humanity in the meantime. Yes, feminism is reptilian to the core.

    • TFH

      Dead wrong. They are just bolder and more vulgar today.

      Is the Jesse Jackson of 1992 very different from the Jesse Jackson of 2011?

  • Denis

    I just have to say that this was a brilliant strategy to get them squirming. I wonder who was listening live to spread the word so quickly?

    • Victor


      I tweeted her when I woke up in the morning after the show was over (where I live the show airs at 3am or so.)

  • Boxer

    If Valenti didn’t want to become a public figure, she didn’t have to write endless articles calling for violence against an identifiable minority (men). As she has chosen, for years, to step into the public eye, and as she has made the majority of her money by being society’s parasite, a phony “celebrity”, the public has every RIGHT to know where she lives, and works. She has NO expectation of privacy.

    This cunt is worse than any grand dragon of the KKK has ever been, and men need to seek redress for her crimes against humanity. This does not mean that any violence or crime needs to happen. I would neither condemn nor condone such things. If someone shouts fire in a crowded theater, then the people have a right to know that person’s identity and whereabouts, to protect themselves and their families.

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  • TFH


    This is GREAT flyer to post above the urinals in high-traffic men’s rooms :

    “Has a man you know been falsely accused of something by a woman?

    Go to ‘’ today to file information on the incident.”

    Here is a strategy on how to post MRA flyers like the one above for maximum impact.

    • Ben

      Perfect. I am going to the shop here that makes bumper stickers and advertisement fliers and things. It is going to take some balls to walk in there and ask them to make some fliers containing this message. All of the staff are college girls.

      I don’t know how this will go but I am going to do it anyway. They might tell me to leave or threaten to call the police. That is what I am afraid of.

      When I get them made, I will post a picture of them here. Maybe I can fill orders and send them to other MRAs.

      Again, great idea!

      • Ben

        Well, I had the BALLS to do it! They looked at me very strange but helped me and were professional after they picked their jaws up off the floor!

  • Razlo5000

    If we were no threat whatsoever, they would shrug us off & ignore us. They wouldn’t even bother with us.

    But they have read what we’re writing, heard what we’re saying, and seen what we’re doing and they are collectively shitting their fucking pants.
    I think that speaks volumes. Keep hitting them where it hurts boys & girls.

    Give them NOTHING, but take from them: EVERYTHING!

  • Feminist Hypocrisy Tracker

    “does anyone know how I delete years of being a misandric bitch”


    Poor Miss Valenti

  • maaldweb

    haahahahaha OMG this is HILARIOUS!

    Well done Paul!

  • mideonphish

    Outstanding work once again Mr. Elam.
    You’ve really outdone yourself this time and I can but stand back and admire your dedication and efficiency.

    Absolutely outstanding!

  • Patrice Stanton

    Considering she a ‘personality’ (though I’d never heard of her before) she’s acting way too naive about all of this. If I was a ‘conspiracy nut’ I’d say her Tweet had the ring of a ‘false flag’ – in that she might be fishing for something that she could then ‘blame’ on the new website’s authors.

  • Primal

    Speaking of twitter Real Men Get their Facts Straight:

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