AVFM News and Activism Special Edition


This week will be a special show for AVFM News and Activism.  Instead of having regular news stories and a guest we will have a round table discussion about activism and the future of the MRM.  James and Robert will be talking about effective strategies and how they have thus far be gauged.  All are welcome to call in and talk about their efforts or aspirations and what they think could be effective strategies.  

This movement is only just recently beginning to make its presence known and our opponents are taking notice.  Sharing activism experiences and techniques are important if we are to make any real change.  

It is more important than ever that people call into the show to talk about activism strategies and encourage others to become active themselves.  Please do not shy away from calling if you are a newcomer or a novice;  you are every bit as important as seasoned MRAs and your input, as well as your efforts, are very important.

The show airs live on June 12, at 8:00 Central Time, US, which is 2:00 a.m. June 13, in London and 11:00 a.m. June 13 in Brisbane. If you have not yet requested membership in the Stickcam Room, you can do so through the link below. The call in number is 310-388-9709.  You can also contact the show via Skype free if you are registered with Blogalk Radio.

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About James Huff

James is a veteran of the U.S. Army, pursuing his own business and personal ambitions. Since taking the red pill, he has been constantly seeking and enacting new ways to alter the status quo.

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  • quolls

    What is you like to achieve?
    1. Integrity in government.
    2. Accountability in government.
    3. Global identity.
    4. Respect.

  • quolls

    Would be worthy to build a global movement that can action against the treachery like there is now in Syria.

  • Rog

    im having some success talking with young lawyers on for anyone who cares to join me but i think this is an effort worth repeating ,, to somehow get in contact with the next generation of lawyers coming out of school and challenging their feminist/white knight training.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    MRA letter from 1927: “I read with interest that, you are forming an Anti-Alimony club. I understand that the club will urge special legislation for alimony payers. Let me inform you that it will take move than mere urging to put it over. You have the combined forces of women’s clubs against you. Yon note that the women’s clubs which claim to have high ideals and an eagerness for righteousness are not helping you in your predicament. It will take manhood to put it over. It requires initiative by taking what is right, not mere urging. I , too, am forming a club. It will stand for more than Anti-Alimony. The club will stand for Anti-Alimony, Anti-Prohibition, Anti-Hypocrisy, and a few other important items which I do not care to discuss by letter. All men worthy of the name men, who are not mentally degenerate, such as those who figure that the women are always right – are eligible to the club. Since you state that you are without funds, I am enclosing a 2-cent stamp, should yon wish to make a reply. Wishing you the best of luck, I am, Very truly yours, C. M. CASTELLAZZO…”
    FROM: Early Men’s Rights Writings by C. M. Castellazzo – 1927

  • Zerbu

    Awesome, can’t wait for it! I like the news I’ve been hearing so far.

  • scatmaster

    I can’t get on BTR and no one is on stickcam. Is it just me?

    • Raven01

      “This webpage is not available
      The connection to was interrupted.”
      That the same problem you guys are getting?
      Edit: scratch that. Multiple errors and cannot access the channel directly from blogtalkradio either.

  • Izzey

    Sheesh! I cannot get the show at all. Every single thing on this computer is working top-notch… I don’t understand why I’m having problems with BTR only.

    The last few shows, I got in…but audio kept pissing out.

    Somebody messin’ with Izzey? lol

    • Izzey

      Okay…I’m not the only one…hey there Scat 😉

  • scatmaster

    Hi Izz.

  • Kimski

    Hi Izzy. :)

    @James & Robert:

    Every time a MRM rally has been tried in my country, it has been violently attacked by feminists. You might want to include that possible scenario in your plans, guys.

    • Izzey

      Hi Kimski 😉
      Can you get the show?? I’m still trying…

      • Kimski

        It breaks up all the time, so I have to refresh, which keeps it going for a couple of minutes, Izzey.

        • Izzey

          So they are on the air?
          You just can’t keep it going?

          Phoooey! ;(

          So they don’t know we are out here twiddling our thumbs? lol

          Edit: @ Raven… yup.

          • Kimski

            Oh, yeah, they’re on.
            They’re talking with a couple of canadians right now, and Paul and John has joined the conversation off and on.

  • scatmaster

    How come they are not over at stickam or here.
    are they not aware it is not working.

    • Izzey

      @Kimski….Get in the chat room if you can, and tell them that we are holding our dicks in our hands over here…okay, I don’t have a damn dick…but you know what I mean…lol

      • Kimski

        Can’t get in on the chat room, Izzey.
        I don’t have a facebook or twitter account.

        I only have a dick.

        • Izzey

          What if we called in?

          Damn…now I want a cigarette…
          I’m chewing on a losenge. I might break some teeth…I hate stress…I’m not good at it…lol

          • Kimski

            John are screening the calls, so give it a try.

        • Stu

          Solution. Share your combined resources :)

          • Kimski


  • scatmaster


    Well I give up.
    Sorry I missed it.
    Night all.

    • Izzey

      ‘nite scat :(

    • Kimski

      ‘Nite, Scatters.

      • Izzey

        I called in, and they are aware now. So maybe we can get in before it’s over…sigh.. 😉

  • James Huff

    StickCam is for AFTER the show.

    • Izzey

      We can’t get the show page. I guess scat tried StickCam as a last resort. I was hoping Kimski could let you all know in chat on the show, that we are locked out.

      I got in for a minute…so I will quit while I’m still a non-smoker. 😉

      See you tomorrow.

  • Raven01

    The college/university targeted advertising I mentionned before is available from ZOOM Media in the UK, Canada and, U.S.A.
    They are shifty buggers though, prices are not easily found. But, if anyone wanted to target young men with a message this is a good way to go.

    • Paul Elam

      This is great. We are going to check this out.

  • backdatdonkeyup

    Guys, I think this is a seminal show. One of the most important pieces of AVFM resources I can remember out of the past 6 months.
    Some of the more important ideas I have heard were from about 120min onwards.
    1) Approaching dejected-looking guys in bars and workplaces.
    2)making sure women know WHY you are rejecting them, as suggested by my australian comrade.

    I can hope we re-do this show in the near future with a larger activist audience.

  • quolls

    Hey guys, multimedia platform is the way foward, the world is your stage.

  • Roderick1268

    Feminists who just love to point out and focus on spelling or grammatical errors.
    To shame and discredit men?
    Just remember – almost all teachers teaching boys in schools today are woman!
    And in my memory of school, most of them are Feminist!
    Many Feminists believe boys aren’t up to reading writing and arithmetic.
    Well we used to be! When we had more male teachers in school.
    Notice how wealthy schools for boys have more male tutors. Those boys mothers want the best for their sons.
    Shame on you Feminism!
    Dyslexic and often frustrated about it – Rod.

  • DruidV

    Good show guys!