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Anonymous – Call to Protest #HandsUp

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A government which points guns at peaceful protestors and ordinary citizens on the streets, censors the press, censors communications, and lies, is not a legitimate government at all.

Truth and transparency, please.

update: More here.

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  • Andrew Ulrich

    Apparently there’s a dozen witnesses that claim Brown attacked the cop before he was shot.

    Brown’s mother claims he was a “good boy” even though he’s on camera robbing a store.

    Everyone keeps saying Brown was just an “unarmed teenager”, but fail to mention that he was around 300 pounds of muscle.

    • Dean Esmay

      Like we should give a flying fuck if he was 7 feet tall and 350 pounds of muscle? Ditto if he was fucking shoplifting or not.

      • Adam Hanson

        Dean, so you’re saying that if a 6’4″ man, weighing 300 lbs, was charging you in full-on tackle mode…and nearly a minute prior was grabbing for your gun after punching you in the face, that you wouldn’t shot him? Really? Half of your face swollen and broken (which would make you a bad shot) wouldn’t warrant emptying your clip on a man that is obviously trying to kill you? Is this a jump to a conclusion? Yes…but that’s how I believe this went down.

        • Frodo

          The police reaction to unarmed protesters and journalists is way out of line

          • Eon24

            Extreme actions sometimes necessitate an extreme response.

          • AnarchyJack

            Which extreme actions specifically warranted the paramilitary response?

          • Adam Hanson

            Where in my statement did I say to the contrary?

          • Jesse James

            I don’t like the military armament they were using. What do they need EOD style armored anti-IED protection vehicles for?

            However, since the down sizing of the armed forces, many will/have gone into the police forces. They will want to stick with what they know. Military style equipment, and try and adapt their training to the civilian world.

            With the growing police state, and knowing that being a non-custodial dad could easily land a pair of police combat boots on my neck; I don’t like it one bit either!

            Many of these cops will be fresh from military discharge. They will have combat experience, and I am not saying they will snap. But they will use what they have learned.

          • artiefischel

            Yes, that’s a mistake. A military operation and a law enforcement operation are very different things. Law enforcement is much harder and much more delicate because you are there to protect the populace, not control them like a garrison force. Handing out surplus military equipment to police departments will only cause them to interact with their communities in the wrong way.

          • DukeLax

            A great philosopher said that..”The presence of the sword itself…leads men to violence”.

            So if a guy is hanging around the precinct playing with his new fully automatic assault rifle…he might just wanna “take it out and point it at people”….just to entertain himself.

          • artiefischel

            More like if the police are frightened of doing their jobs, and that’s not unreasonable, do they choose the courageous strategy of engaging their community, or do they just load up with firepower. The latter is unfortunately the typical human response.

          • DukeLax

            Its the militarization of law enforcement that is happening around the country. This is what happens when the feds “Pork Bloat” law enforcement to such a degree that law enforcements are aching for some “Make work” events….and will in fact foster these “Make work” events…by intimidating and goading citizens into these “Make work” events. Someone should do the math here…and find out how much these “Make work events” cost the American taxpayer in law enforcement overtime!!!!

          • DukeLax

            I believe these “Make work” practices have gotten so silly….they now dictate that 5 Fully armed swat team members with fully automatic weapons….NOW DELIVER WARRANTS!!! De-constructing these massive federally funded “pork bloating triangles”….Is the constitutional crises of our day!!!

      • artiefischel

        He wasn’t shoplifting. That was robbery, where force or intimidation is used. That’s a class A felony in Missouri which carries a minimum 10 year sentence, from what I could find. He wasn’t going to college, he was going to prison for the stupidest robbery of all time. And then 10 minutes later, with all that adrenaline still in his system he’s confronting a cop? Basically, within a 15 minute window this guy screwed himself so completely, I swear this was a suicide by cop. Whether he consciously thought of it that way or not. When this started I was wiling to believe the cop screwed up, but as more and more evidence comes in and his original story remains consistent, that’s the only explanation that makes any sense. This guy had it, he had a ticket out of Ferguson, and as far as we know no tendency to criminal activity. And then this? That’s the only way it makes sense.

        If you haven’t seen it you should take a look at that video that was posted on the first Anonymous article about combative distance. If what the officer said is true, then he is lucky he already had his weapon drawn.

      • TPH

        7 feet tall and 350 lbs of muscle or 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 lbs, it dos not matter at this point. The kill shot was at the crown of his head, how the fuck does a cop manage that shot unless the guy was falling forward to the ground, or kneeling with his head down. Either way, the cops will not be able to sweep this one under the carpet.

        • artiefischel

          Running at the cop full speed, head down.

        • Jesse James

          There are 6’5, 350lb cops who struggle against lanky, agile perps. They also bench press three times the perps weight. No difference, they have a hard time arresting said individual without hurting them. Now, if you are the small man, a cop, trying to arrest a 300lb bruiser, potentially hell bent on your destruction……better to be dragged by twelve angry idiots on camera; then carried by six to your grave.

          Love that statement, or hate it; it is what it is if the cop is telling the truth.

      • Andrew Ulrich

        You’d give a flying fuck if it was your face being caved in.

      • Jesse James

        I don’tthink it was that he was shop lifting DE. I think it was potentially because this 300 lb young man had “allegedly” assaulted a much smaller officer. With intent to kill. All 6 shots were in his front, supposedly. That was from the coroner.

        Granted, the coroner works with the police force and local government. However, they have a reputation.

        If the officer’s account is correct, he was within protocol. He won’t, and should not be charged.

        OTOH, if it was not like he said, and was something more like an plausibly deniable execution; then the man should hang.

        There is no way you could stop a 6’4, 300 pound man in his youth from messing you up dean. If he was 35 feet away, that takes a man of below average athleticism to span it in a few seconds.

        I can tell you from personal experience that, even in training, when someone is attacking you, it is not that easy to maintain your cool and aim straight and not unload. I would do controlled bursts, but I have never gone into actual combat. Just simulated, and the thought occurred to me there that the real thing better be preceded by a whole lot of practice! Because it could be life or death.

        That cop may not be a bad man, or guilty. Unfortunately, we don’t have the victim’s account, or testimony about his conduct on video leading up to the event.

        It does not look good for the hometown kid right now. His actions leading up to it on the videos is pretty damning. If the police are hiding something, they are doing a damn fine job of CYAing themselves.

        If not, the kid would have been in and out of prison his whole life, as he obviously had no respect for any authority but what his unusually large size garnered him.

        He grabbed a much smaller clerk by the neck, and was threatening to hurt him if he did not shut up.

        Wait for the facts. Shoplifting does not deserve a death sentence. Nor does attacking a cop. But if the story of the cop is to be given fair weight, then proven true; that kid was on a rampage.

        I was not there, so I am waiting for facts.

      • Orange Man

        Maybe we should give a flying fuck about this “there’s a dozen witnesses that claim Brown attacked the cop before he was shot”. Are you losing your freaking mind here or what? This is embarrassing.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      Question: Is shoplifting punishable by death in Murrica these days?

      • Grumpy Old Man

        No, but being assaulted and defending yourself is still defensible in the United States of America. We also have a standard of innocent until proven guilty and a legal process for adjudication last I checked.

        I understand these kid’s plight in poor neighborhoods and I think Dean put it well in his last video. I’m just not rushing to judgement until all the facts come in and we know WTF happened. I’m one of the few I guess who still believes in “Murrica” as you put it.

        • Dean Esmay

          I’m actually more upset at the moment at the behavior of the authorities in the wake of this than the actual event–although I’m still having a very, very hard time seeing what police procedure training involves emptying a revolver into an unarmed suspect, no matter how damned big he is.

          My kid is 16 years old, a bit over 6 foot tall, and probably around 225 pounds. Is there some cutoff he should be aware of where it becomes relevant how tall he is before the cops can empty a pistol into him when he’s unarmed? I’m getting really tired of hearing how big this kid was. ;Is my kid safe now, but if he grows another 2 inches and gains a few pounds is he fair game if someone says “I felt afraid?”

          Grr. I want the truth, not excuses. I’ll try to stop ranting now. Except to say, THIS IS WHAT THE FREE PRESS WAS INVENTED FOR.

          • Andrew Ulrich

            Well Dean, I’m going to assume that you teach your kids better than to assault cops.

            If you manage that, you won’t have to worry about a “cutoff”

          • howardroar

            “Well Dean, I’m going to assume that you teach your kids better than to assault cops.

            If you manage that, you won’t have to worry about a “cutoff””

            Just curious Andrew, how many have a cop pointed a gun in your face before he even asked you any questions? How many times have you been stopped by a cop and be put on the pavement of the road strip searched for no reason, and no explanation was given? How many times have you been told by a cop that he can kill you and say he would walk free?

            The naivete of some that believe just because you are innocent is enough for you not to get killed by cops is mind boggling to me.

          • Andrew Ulrich

            Mike Brown was shot and killed because he assaulted a cop. The evidence, if you bothered to pay attention, is showing that. There’s a dozen witnesses that say Brown assaulted a police officer multiple times and reached for his gun. Officer Wilson has a fractured eye socket to prove it.

            The story that Officer Wilson pulled up, got out of his vehicle and just started shooting a black guy is just that, a story.

            I could have sworn that the MRM was to be a facts based movement…

          • howardroar

            Well nowhere in my comment did I mention the Michael Brown case. I was rather simply answering your naivete that by not insulting a cop therefore you won’t get shot. Though it’s quite telling you did not respond to my questions.

            As for your comment concerning the case itself: At this point, you are doing what everyone else is doing that you are criticizing, jumping to conclusion without all the facts.

            Simply saying that there are a dozen witnesses that say Brown assaulted the police officer without any evidence is the same for the other side that said the officer was the one who provoked the incident. You believe one narrative, while denying the other. Both are subjective. Stay with the facts.

            Let’s just say Michael Brown was reaching for cops gun, why would he be doing that? May be the cop said he was going to shoot him, and the cop started to pull his gun, and then MB started to reach for it first to his life. You see anyone can play that game. Twist the narratives to fit a certain conclusion. The FACT of the matter is, you and I were not there.

            If the officer had provided the dashboard cam to the public all of this would have been avoided. I do not know what happened. I was not there, and so far I have not seen any videos, or tapes to substantiate either claims, that MB was the provocateur, or may be it was the officer. What a lot of us are asking is for the officials to stop playing games, and release the information that could have settled this public outcry. However, it seems you are the one who is rushing to believe one side, and saying the other is irrelevant.

          • Andrew Ulrich

            What part of Brown attacked a cop multiple times and reached for his gun do you not understand? Witnesses are saying that’s what happened and Wilson has the injuries to prove it. Unless you want to make the claim that Wilson injured himself as a cover up….

            I know you want there to be a big bad cop that gunned down some innocent teenage for being black, but all the EVIDENCE is showing otherwise.

          • howardroar

            “What part of Brown attacked a cop multiple times and reached for his gun do you not understand?”

            What part of you were not there, and there are no videos showing such altercation at this point? What part of there are other eye witnesses that contradict that? Either way this won’t come a solid conclusion until substantial evidence can be provided.

            “Unless you want to make the claim that Wilson injured himself as a cover up….”

            Is that impossible? The only to prove otherwise is for the PD to provide initial videos of the officer right after the incident while he was on the scene. You can provide such videos with him bleeding excessively right?

            “I know you want there to be a big bad cop that gunned down some innocent teenage for being black, but all the EVIDENCE is showing otherwise.”

            Nope. That’s your own projection. I have not mentioned his race in responding to you. So try again. I thought we did not have all the evidence, but all of a sudden we do?

            “I didn’t answer your question because they weren’t relevant to what happened in Ferguson.”

            Yes but this thread had other subtopics in it. One of which is the justifiable use of force by police, and if one should presume that officers are are always justify. I already clarified why I wrote what I wrote.

            “Wilson didn’t just roll up with his gun drawn.”

            How do you know this? Where you there? Did he send you a memo? Who is speculating now? I don’t know if he had his gun or not, I do not know if the guy tried to reach for his gun or not. You see I am willing to admit what I do not know. But it seems you cannot do the same. After all you have all the evidence and knows what happened without a shred of doubts.

            “I have dealt with the cops at gunpoint.” So have I.

            “It was a case of mistaken identity, but about three squad cars emptied out, cops with their guns drawn.”

            So you can admit cops can roll up with their guns drawn?

            “When they figured out I wasn’t who they thought I was, they let me go.”

            You were lucky. Others ended up dead. Do you deny that happened?

            “I’ve got friends all over the country of all skin types and none of them have been harassed by the cops like you described.”

            I’ve got friends all over the world, so what? You got some lucky friends. From the time I moved to the US, that’s pretty much what I’ve encountered, police harassment. I have friends that have been killed by cops, and are harassed on a daily basis. So what, right?

            “Cops can even arrest someone and hold them without charges for 24 hours.”

            Yep, and kill them, and walk free, can that happen too?

            “I suggest you go read the Constitution, you obviously don’t know what the police are and aren’t allowed to do.”

            Remember the good ol days when the Constitution of the US was enacted and slavery was still legal? Jim Crow laws? Lynching? Heck, we just celebrated 50 years of Civil Rights Act. You know what that is right? Ohh, how old is that Constitution of yours?

            You are also correct that I do not know what police are and are not allowed to do. Rules are being added every day. May be tomorrow a police can enter your house without a search warrant. Wait, that’s too late.

            “That might be important information to have if the cops are asking you questions at gunpoint, strip strip searching you and threatening to kill you.”

            Yes, because obviously cops care about the Constitution, especially when you have a dozen of them emptying their clips into an unarmed person’s body. You got me there.

          • CuriosityKilledTheCult

            If he is 16 years old he is not a kid. He is a teenager. If you continue to refer to him as a kid you are harming him by not letting him be an adult regardless of his size.

            You are just as bat shit banana pants wearing crazy as the anti vaccine people.

          • Astrokid

            Are you saying he’s batshit crazy like the anti-vaccine people just because he called Micheal Brown a kid?

          • CuriosityKilledTheCult

            No. He called his

          • CuriosityKilledTheCult

            Grr. I want the truth. Well then WAIT for the investigation and the results BEFORE you speculate.

            AVFM and Anonymous have used the “tragedy” of Robin Williams suicide to promote your own agenda and get people riled up.

            How is that different from Feminist tactics that you claim to decry and hate?

          • Astrokid

            we decry feminist tactics like violently disrupting MRM conferences and lectures.. twisting data and telling one-sided narratives and censoring other narratives from being told.. so on and so forth.
            And you are wondering if there is any difference between those and AVFM’s meme to illustrate ‘callous society (exemplified by misandrist Valenti)’s indifference to male pain (exemplified by widely-known suicide of Williams)’.
            Retardation at its best.

          • CuriosityKilledTheCult

            I question the use of the word tragedy and tragic. I also question your use of the word retardation. And the last sentence:

            Retardation at it’s best would be an intellectually normal bell curve.

            I think you wanted to say, “retardation at it’s worst.”

          • Astrokid

            So your problem is with ‘use of the word tragedy and tragic‘, which you are the first to use on this thread. This is getting bizarre now.

          • Jesse James

            Hi Dave. How are your cats?

          • Jesse James

            Possibly. That was the one time I was curious when PE wrote about it. However, I find it curious that those supposedly “close to him,” said he was doing well enough financially (not down trodden post two divorces).

            That one, after all the hype and false ass kissing (of Robin Williams) was over, I take it his story will be sealed by many because the cathedral cannot afford to let someone that well known be a poster boy for us.

            It is easy when you are begging for your word to get out to jump at the first piece of info that allows you to point and go “SEE, SEE! It is like I have said ALL ALONG!!!”

            But I don’t think PE was over stepping himself. He put the disclaimer in there. And a day or two later, there was an article addressing “some people” are saying his divorce caused his suicide. But that it could not have been the case. It was vague, and not much on detail.

            Things that make you go hmmm?

          • Sanguifer

            Anonymous is cynically exploiting the emotional response to the killing of Mike Brown, yes.

            I’d say the difference is that they are exploiting it for a cause that is both morally AND logically very defensible. The freedom of the press is a right guaranteed in the first amendment. I might be called a cynical bastard here, but this is way, WAY bigger than one possibly racist cop or one possibly innocent dead kid. That is an individual tragedy. THIS is arguably treason.

            I’m sympathetic to the police. I really am. They have a hell of a tough job, as many of the comments in this thread exemplify – the accusation of “police brutality” is not unlike the accusation of “domestic violence”; instead of keeping the balance of power, it skews it to the other side. Just imagine – an unarmed guy assaulting an armed officer, confident that he’s not in danger himself because the police is not supposed to fight back and not pull any punches… sound familiar?

            But my sympathy stops when they are trying to curb the freedom of the press. The message is: We’re gonna do whatever we want to do and we don’t tolerate any checks to our power. I’d be hard pressed to even imagine an excuse for that.

          • DukeLax

            “Curiosity”…. Killed the American law enforcement “pork bloating triangles, and manufactured statistics Alliances”

          • Jesse James

            I want to wait till I get the actual facts, which if the Trayvon case was any indication, will be like three months and after they have found their scape goats.

            Look, based on the accounts the far left media is not using, and the far right is barely able to hold it’s salivating over (in case it turns out fraudulent), the kid grabbed the officer’s gun. Also, broke the floor of his eye socket. Allegedly, was taunting him.

            Though he drained six rounds, the very large kid only “collapsed” a few feet from him.

            Now, the Ferguson police allegedly have a history of “reporting” their own abuses.

            So, I would wait until I hear the facts, and the political clout to be gained is already gained, BEFORE I start with any guestimations.

          • Bev

            In western civilization young men are targeted. Doesn’t matter what
            colour you are or who you are. In a a way this protest has gone off the
            rails in pointing to only young black men being targeted. I could
            point to many different western countries where young men are treated
            with suspicion and harried by police. Just because they are young and
            male. Isn’t this what we are fighting for the right of boys/men to be
            treated as human with the rights and dignity that entails.

          • Orange Man

            Just teach him to do what most others already know, don’t charge or assault police officers.

        • Lucian Vâlsan

          „We also have a standard of innocent until proven guilty and a legal process for adjudication last I checked.” – A legal process that Brown did not get to benefit from. But since he is dead – it is now open season to be a priori considered guilty. Or so it seems, looking through this comment section.

          • Andrew Ulrich

            You’re forgetting (or ignoring) that Brown was the attacker. Evidence is strongly pointing to that fact.

            If you attack someone and they kill you defending themselves, then no, you’re not going to get due process.

            Brown wasn’t some innocent kid walking down the street, shot in cold blood. He attacked a police officer.

      • sniktawekim

        No, but attempting to attack a police officer is.

    • Dean Esmay

      My kid is 16 6 feet tall and weighs about 225. So does he meet the “let’s shoot his cokmpletely uinarmed ass six times because we heard he was shoplifting at the local drug store?”

      Or is there some sort of cutoff at around 6’1 or 6’2 or something?

    • Iron Duke

      The cop may or may not have acted in proper self defense. But people are not raging like a bull in a china shop due to one ambiguous shooting. People do not trust the police and do not trust authority due to a hundred cases prior: due to hobos getting shot for sitting on a hill; due to a flash-bang dropped in a crib; due to men taken away in cuffs for picking up their own children from school. America is second only to North Korea in jailing its own people. That is the pile of straw on the camel onto which Michael Brown’s death was dropped. I hope the powers that be try their best to do a good job protecting that cop cause they’ve done a shit job protecting everyone else. Put cameras on the cops, end the drugs wars and unfortunate accidents like this won’t lead to riots.

  • Chris Smith

    The issue is, in a certain sense, beyond Mike Brown at this point.

  • Guest

    Oh, and since when is goading someone with their arms at 45 degrees upwards and out (with your palms towards your head) considered surrendering?

  • Frodo

    If you can shoot,if you are proficient with a weapon its not hard to shoot someone whos unarmed in the leg or stomach.

  • MRAlias

    I don’t agree with this portrayal of the police. They’ve done wrong in the aftermath of this incident and there’s no denying that but this is a dangerous situation and the incident that sparked the riots doesn’t appear to even be at issue anymore with anyone but race baiters and charlatans. People who have some interest in seeing continued violence. I don’t support this message nor do I want to see continued protests on this particular issue. I think it’s important to pick your battles and this is not one the Men’s Rights Movement needs to get involved with right now.

    • Righteous Indignation

      I agree that “it’s important to pick your battles and this is not one the Men’s Rights Movement needs to get involved with right now.” I support the MHRM in our demand for due process (in sexual assault investigations, family court etc) and I do not support any from vigilante justice (which I could see unfairly targeting a man in some future gender charged conflict).

      • artiefischel

        I don’t know that this isn’t a MHR issue. If we stick to what we know, forget the shooting for a moment, Brown was supposed to go to college yesterday (?), but instead did a stupid, born to lose, strong arm robbery when he had no criminal record. Why? Was college frightening? Was leaving Ferguson frightening? How had he been raised that such a self-destructive act seemed like the reasonable thing to do?

        • artiefischel

          I thought of another reason: the media keeps referring to him as a teenager when he was 18. Are men, even very young men so less deserving of sympathy?

    • MrSonicAdvance

      If it was a 300lb woman and a male cop, or a 300lb guy and a woman cop, would that have changed the reactions of people? If the cop had been female and black, I think a lot less shit would have been thrown at the cops.

  • Astrokid

    Indeed there are two different issues.
    @dean_esmay:disqus .. MRAs are split on this event, and position changes as new information comes in and we sift through the various one-sided reports. As such, can I request you to keep AVFM’s position as balanced as possible? for e.g the ‘HandsUp’ narrative has really taken off and gained centerstage, but if the policeman’s narrative is given equal weightage (given the reports that its been corroborated by multiple other witnesses), the HandsUp story just falls apart.

  • CuriosityKilledTheCult

    My kid is 16 years old, a bit over 6 foot tall, and probably around 225 pounds. Is there some cutoff he should be aware of where it becomes relevant how tall he is before the cops can empty a pistol into him when he’s unarmed? I’m getting really tired of hearing how big this kid was. ;Is my kid safe now, but if he grows another 2 inches and gains a few pounds is he fair game if someone says “I felt afraid?”

    • artiefischel

      I think he’s safe as long as he doesn’t try to punch a cop. That tends to set them off.

      • Mike Gibbs

        Yeah thats right. Cops are Gods and NEVER wrong. Ain’t that right Curiosity?
        You fucked up idiot! If this were your kid, or someone you knew personally, you would be talking out of something other that your ass!

        • Eon24

          In this particular case, it makes sense to assume the officer was in the right, since he did not commit a felony on video minutes prior to the incident.

          “You fucked up idiot! If this were your kid, or someone you knew personally, you would be talking out of something other that your ass!”

          If it were his kid, his opinion would be biased and unreliable. A parent will rarely openly admit that their child is a criminal. Even in the face of undeniable proof.

        • artiefischel

          Thank you for your considerate response. I’m not sure why your are attributing these ideas to me, as I have never stated them anywhere, ever. That’s probably not important. You needed to hook your rant into the comment thread somewhere, and my comment was as convenient a place as any. Your welcome.

  • CuriosityKilledTheCult

    That is what DE said.

  • Grey Knight

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I don’t know enough about the facts to jump to the support of either side.

    • Sanguifer

      I think that could actually be a good case to jump to the support of the third side.

      Third side being, police should not threaten the press. It’s their job to keep the police in check, in a way.

      That’s really the only thing I’m pretty certain on. That’s not only illegitimate, it’s bloody stupid. When they threaten reporters, confiscate cameras, teargas journalists – I mean, seriously, did any of them think that through? The BEST thing people actually sympathetic to the police can now say is that they overreacted, and that’s still not a very good thing when it comes to, um, stripping the people of their constitutionally granted rights. And after that, it gets worse. “What do they have to hide”? is an implied accusation already. I’ll leave it to people more angry than me to come up with all the other things this kind of police reaction provokes.

      They fucked up with that. Even if the facts turn out to be on their side with the Mike Brown killing, even if I grant them the military response to what looked like riots about to break out, then in actual response to looting and the like… the attempt to silence the media AND the people in general is just wrong. I could – very grudgingly – understand that if it was a matter of national security. But this is definitely not it.

      The Mike Brown issue, I dunno. This curbing of the free press? Someone should hang for that. Metaphorically, that is. Suspensions incoming, I’d hope.

      • Eon24

        The press doesnt give a shit about keeping police in line. They didn’t go to Ferguson to get any facts.

        They went there to get some footage of white officers arresting black people.

        I’d have tear gas’d thr dishonest fucks too

        • Sanguifer

          And how do You discern the dishonest fucks from the honest ones?

          If You want to get the benefit of doubt, You need to give the benefit of doubt.

          I’m willing to give the cop who killed Mike Brown the benefit of the doubt. Same has to go for both corporate and civilian journalists, though.

          The beauty of it is that they don’t need to give a shit about keeping the police in line, their presence automatically does it. Sure, journalists would rather record things that generate human interest, but the presence of cameras goes a long way to ensure power is not abused.

          Besides, Your personal grudges about the “dishonest fucks” is exactly what You are supposed to leave behind when entering the police force. You have duties and obligations. NOT assaulting the guy You personally disagree with just because You’re well-armed and somewhat protected by Your authority is kinda part of it.

          • Eon24

            If they have a camera and claim to be with the press, you can rest assured they are dishonest and will spin the story one way or the other.

            Ironically enough, the reason I give the cop the benefit of the doubt is largely because of the press in the first place. The race baiting going on in this country is beyond ridiculous.

            Ideally you would leave those things behind. But we live in a time where those dishonest fucks can do a good bit of damage to your life for no other reason than you doing your job.

          • Sanguifer

            Okay, so… how do You actually do proper journalism? I mean, it would have to involve having a camera and, well, claiming to be with the press.

            Look, I’m no fool. I know a healthy dose of skepticism should be applied to all news sources ever since “ad revenue” and “political correctness” has become a thing. It’s why I’m often found being a jerk to people around here.

            But on the whole, this kind of thing tends to work out, at least better than its absence. Even in this particular case. What good did it do to the Fergusson police to target the press? Not much… except that now there are a whole lot of pissed-off journalists running around trying their hardest to make their jobs even harder. A rep hunting a story might make Your life harder for trying to do Your job, but a rep with a fresh, personal grudge WILL make Your life harder for denying him his constitutional right. Him, and every one of his colleagues who is outraged – rightfully so, in my opinion – about the violation.

            Before, race-baiting and police brutality was the worst they could spin it as. Now, they have a HUGE selection of tools to do harm.

            Also, all this is ignoring the possibility – which we can’t rule out in part BECAUSE the press was handled as it was – that there actually WAS undue police brutality and/or racism involved. Just because most journalists would love to report on that sort of thing doesn’t automatically mean it never actually happens.

          • Eon24

            People may have little faith in the countries police force, but I have even less faith in the media. And I am certainly not alone. Not saying it was the best move by cops, but I don’t blame them.

            I honestly don’t care how the media or rioters are being treated by police. This is the kind of shit that happens when you riot, throw molotov cocktails at the police, take advantage of a situation to steal and vandalize, etc etc.

            It’s like bitching about a tiger that mauled your ass because you walked up, kicked over its water bowl, pissed in its food, and then poked it. When I hear about it, I don’t think “man that tiger’s response was way too forceful”. I laugh at the dumbass stupid enough to go fuck with a tiger.

            I realize perhaps that is callous, but I grow extremely weary of this trend of using isolated incidents to represent non existent, widespread atrocities. I have run out of fucks to give.

          • Mike Gibbs

            And your attitude is EXACTLY why we will have to deal with this over and over again.

            I think they call it apathey… and next to white-knights and manginas, the MHRA worst enemy.

            Listen my friend, “if you’re not outraged, you ain’t paying attention”

          • Eon24


            And I am outraged. But I am outraged by the real problem. And the real problem is not some criminal getting gunned down by the cop he was attempting to assault. Nor is it the extreme methods used by a police force to maintain control of a riot.

  • jq747

    One thing’s for sure, this video is gonna cause a shitstorm in the comments. Getting the popcorn ready…

  • scott mclelland

    This is a weird one , i on a personal level dont like guns , sadly the police in scotland seem to be getting armed on a daily basis , what has shocked me is he military tech that the cops dont seem to be able to use properly and , if i saw a picture of them patrolling and didnt know where it was id think it was an occupied country. As for the brown thing , there is more unanswered than answered just now , esp with the damage to the cops orbital bone coming to light .

  • DukeLax

    I have stated here time and time again, that the federal “pork bloating triangles”, and their “manufactured statistics Alliances” in return for federal pork bloating dollars…..Are going to tear this country apart. You cannot, i repeat…cannot allow a law enforcement agency to use (protocol perversions and semantics games)… to manufacture faulty and inflammatory statistics…FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER!!!
    Now that American law enforcement has this massive amount of extra federal pork bloating dollars, we are going to see the typical “Make Work” practices of any other federally pork bloated bureaucracy.
    1. They are going to send 5 fully Armed officers to get a cat out of a tree.
    2. Every traffic stop is going to require 2 cruisers, with 2 officers in each cruiser.
    “Make work….gotta get em some hours…”Make Work”, “Make work”
    3. And now that these manufactured statistics Alliances have slowly and steadily stripped American males basic rights…Average cops ( who maybe play too many top cop video games, or watch too many top cop shows)…are going to start getting “OVER ARROGANT” with their positions!!!

    These pork bloating triangles and manufactured statistics Alliances, Are a stain on American law enforcement that are not gonna wash off easily… Men have already lost their basic constitutional due process rights, and the next thing that is slowly happening ( If we can’t de donstruct these massive “Pork bloating triangles” and “manufactured statistics Alliances”…..Is that Hetero-relationships are to become such a legal liability for guys that only the poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose will date hetero.
    These “pork bloating triangles” may seem to “Empower” women in the immediate, ( to be Able to falsely accuse must seem quite Empowering…in a perverse sort of way)…but the average hetero women may not like the long term consequences of turning hetero-relationships into legal liabilities.
    Dismantling and de-construction these “Pork bloating Triangles” that have poisoned American law enforcement….is in fact a womens issue also…Its just that its mostly the younger women in the “WAF” movement that can see it!!!

    • Angry Harry

      Wow! I really enjoyed reading that DukeLax.

      I would just like to make a couple of points.

      1. It must be very difficult for the authorities and the police to deal with situations like this.

      2. Michael Brown looked like quite a threatening character to me.

      Just saying.

      • DukeLax

        I fully understand and agree, Michael Brown ( from the robbery videos) seems like a Bull in a china shop, that needed to be intercepted. What most Americans are concerned about is the new militarization of law enforcement….Of which i believe is a direct result of the federal “pork bloating triangles” getting out of control.

  • Margus Waffa Meigo

    Can you imagine what use, respect would be a state if it would not shoot people in situations like that, after warning.

    Communist, anti human propacanda

  • Iceblink_Rhet

    How ’bout instead of fanning the flames we start calling for the protesters to draw a line in the sand between themselves and the violent vigilante thugs. Yeah, the police are using excessive force, but they’re not going to stop until the violence and fires and rioting stops. And quite frankly, I don’t want to hear any “not all protester” arguments, it’s the exact same thing we criticize feminists for with all their NAFALTing.

    • Szebran

      According to a PBS reporter, the protestors and looters are starting to clash. The reporter claimed many of the looters seem to be people from outside the town.

  • Clint Carpentier

    • howardroar

      I started watching, but I could not continue.

      A friend of mine, was killed three months ago by cops. He went to jail one night, and the next day the cops took him to the hospital after beating him to death. He was pronounced dead on arrival. He got one article in the local newspaper. His parents had no resources, hence could not fight or press any charges. Even if they tried, the cops, three of them, were found innocent by the PD, and said no foul play. Case close. Pushed under the rug. Next.

      When people said, “hey I don’t have all the facts, so I won’t speculate, but, this and that, therefore he deserved to be shot”. Used to watch this guy all the time, unfortunately there are certain issues he can’t help but masquerade his views as though he cares. But listening closely is quite revealing to his actual viewpoints.

      • Clint Carpentier

        “I started watching, but I could not continue.”

        Full stop.

        You add nothing after. Thank you for getting my discus excited; now I gotta go calm it down in several areas cuzz… potato.

        • howardroar


          I believe if Michael Brown was found hanging on a tree, most whites would probably be like “hmm I wonder what that nigger did to get himself up there like that? I mean these animals always try to kill us white folks. We never did anything to them. Look at all the statistics that prove it. The cops had a right to defend himself, and punish criminals. ”

          Thanks Bill and Clint.

          • Clint Carpentier

            You’re right, that was heartless. I too often wonder about the deaths of male natives after contact with cops; and the disappearances of female natives that go investigated. Cops are bastards! I feel so much better now that I know the truth. The next time I hear some strange story, I’ll remember that cops are just bastards. I mean, I do know that there are people out there that ARE just plain bastards, and some of them ARE cops, so problem solved.

            Thank you for enlightening me.

  • Szebran

    I dont trust Anonymous. They give out names addresses and phone numbers of those which they politically disagree with. They operate more like a socialist police state rather than standard bearers of freedom.

    • artiefischel

      Yes. They are thugs.

    • artiefischel

      Yes. They are thugs.

    • Mike Gibbs

      So what? Criminals are to be ‘feretted out’ and put down. What are you doing (specifically please) to rid the world of male oppression?

      • Angry Harry

        They are also pro-feminists judging by, admittedly, the little that I have seen of them.

  • scott mclelland

    I may get slaughtered for this , but I am weary just now when we have no where near enough information about what truly happened with brown ( obvious that there is racism with that force but the autopsy info and the apparent injuries to the cop leave question marks on this and justicar posted an interesting video on why the number of shots could have occurred ) , yes there is issues regarding men and esp men from poor areas and men of colour and police but throwing in on this when there is such a chance of it turning into something else …. It’s worth keeping powder dry till the facts are out

  • scott mclelland

    I may get slaughtered for this , but I am weary just now when we have no where near enough information about what truly happened with brown ( obvious that there is racism with that force but the autopsy info and the apparent injuries to the cop leave question marks on this and justicar posted an interesting video on why the number of shots could have occurred ) , yes there is issues regarding men and esp men from poor areas and men of colour and police but throwing in on this when there is such a chance of it turning into something else …. It’s worth keeping powder dry till the facts are out

  • artiefischel

    You’re assuming that the officer hit what he was aiming at. For law enforcement their training is to shoot center of mass, so I would say he was high and to the left. Despite what 1950’s and 60’s westerns might have you believe, if you’re shooting at someone you’re shooting to put them down.

    • phaidros52

      “if you’re shooting at someone you’re shooting to put them down.”
      That seems to me to be one of the major probs in the US (as much as I can see it from the outside). In other countries police is ordered to stop someone attacking them but if at all possible not to kill. And if you compare the figures in the statistics – it is possible

      • artiefischel

        Well, police in the US aren’t exactly given carte blanche to do whatever they want. Like most other places they operate under strict use of force guidelines. That’s what I was trying to say in my previous comment, that by the time you are shooting at someone, you’re shooting to stop them from causing grave bodily harm. In theory, at least.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Who the hell said I was celebrating Brown’s death?

    And Brown was running TOWARDS Officer Wilson when he was shot. That’s what witnesses were saying.

  • Aoi Warai

    The second autopsy, paid for by the family’s lawyers, concluded that Brown did not have his #HandsUp