Panic in Edmonton

A voice for liars and cowards

There is an MRA in Edmonton, Alberta. For now we will call him Mr. X. Like a growing number of other MRAs, some of whom were inspired by the incessant and ballsy work of John the Other and KARMA MRA MGTOW, he has taken the AVfM message to the streets of his city, placing AVfM posters at strategic locations.

The results have been more than interesting.

Recently, CBC reporter Nadia Stewart spotted one of the posters and made contact with AVfM News Director, Robert O’Hara, expressing an interest in doing a story on us. In turn, Robert put Stewart in touch with GirlWritesWhat, as she lives within reach of the Edmonton area and would make a fine local spokesperson for this site. We are waiting to see what comes of that.

The posters have also drawn attention in another way. A group of “concerned” Edmonton residents have formed a Facebook page, ever so creatively named “A Voice for Reasonable People,” and are organizing to monitor the AVfM posters going up and starting their own “counter-poster” campaign aimed at painting AVfM and MRAs in general as, you guessed it, violent, hateful bigots, out to abscond with poor wimmens and tie them to train tracks or something. So far, they have managed to muster 77 likes on their page.

Their group description is as follows:


This page is for organizing a reasonable, positive, and non-violent response to the appearance of A Voice for Men in our fair city (aka Edmonton).

Personally, I kinda like the ring it has to it. The term “the appearance of A Voice for Men in our fair city,” is especially compelling. It reminds me a little of “the appearance of blacks in our white neighborhood,” or “the appearance of little red blisters on our genitalia.”

I would recommend, however, that the VfRP group shoot a little higher, and attempt to promote the appearance of honesty and integrity in their little clique of liars and cowards.

Groups like this fall generally into two categories. They are either ignorant, which can be remedied with a little education and communication. Or they are ignorant and disingenuous, which, like little red blisters on your genitalia, can’t be cured with anything, except, perhaps, two red pills and some tincture of FTSU. VfRP quickly demonstrated they fell into the latter category.

Posting on their wall was open, so I took the opportunity to make a comment when I found the page, saying: “It is a good idea that you have organized a non-violent response since AVfM is a non-violent organization.” End of comment, and I made no others.

Of course, the comment was removed after a short time, and the following was posted by their mod:


We do believe some congratulations are in order, lovely reasonable peoples: our little group has attracted the attention of Paul Elam & co. (whom those of you who’ve visited A Voice for Men will recognize as the founder of that charming little piece of the internet).

Unfortunately, Paul’s version of being reasonable has necessitated that we block him from the page. As a rule, we prefer not to block people. However, no where [sic] is it written that our inclusive, open, reasonable, positive, and safe space has to put up with spam, trolling, and abuse. So we won’t.

It is nice to see these people have boundaries, even if they manufactured my violation of them out of thin air.

In fairness, there are some other MRA comments there that have been allowed to stand. Perhaps they saw Pandora’s Box opening and decided to manufacture some inclusiveness. Who ever knows with these people.

As always, we prefer to focus on the larger lesson here. Mr. X, one single man in a large city, has managed to draw the attention of a major media network, and caused a group of citizens to mount a panicked and dishonest campaign of disinformation in an attempt to counter a message they don’t and probably can’t understand.  That is one man, by himself, with some simple paper and glue.

You don’t like the poster?

Obviously, Mr. X IS tired of this shit. Now imagine ten, or a hundred more, getting just as tired as he is. Thanks to Mr. X for taking a stand, and to A Voice for Reasonable People, for sloppily spreading lies that make it easier for us to let the truth stand out. We will wait and see where the CBC goes with this as well.

In the meantime, never underestimate the power of one.

Mr. X has chosen to identify himself as Eric Duckman. His website is

  • AntZ

    Inspiring story. it shows that one person can make a difference, and that one voice can be heard.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Love. It.

    “Reasonable?” First laugh I’ve had all day. Keep ’em coming.

    The truth is scary to people who believe their own lies.

    • Kimski

      You beat me to it on that one, Dr.T.
      I didn’t crack up before I got to ‘open’, in their description of themselves.
      But it was a dry laughter..

  • TPH

    It’s amazing how fast the feminists and their supporters circle their wagons and go all out on a dis-information campaign.

    One man with posters freaks them out because they can’t control his free speech and free thought.

    I welcome the attempt to stifle our free speech. Sounds strange, but more men and women will begin to ask some fundamental questions: “Who are these guys?”, “What is their movement about?”, “Do they really think men are discriminated against?”.

    When questions get asked, some people want to find the answers. That is good for us and our movement. More and more people with open minds will be looking at the site and forming their opinions.

    In the long run, we will FTSU in the feminist camps. Lies and out right bigotry can last only so long before people begin to see the truth.

  • JFinn

    How very unreasonable it is to protest painting all men as rape supporters.

  • DruidV

    Is the FB crowd really something any person over the age of 12 would take seriously anyway?

    It isn’t surprising that fear and disinformation have sprung up in response to mr. X’s activities about town. Neither will it be surprising to watch the number of likes for this FB page increase, due in large part to much white knighting and vag-pologising.

    Reasonable people don’t really take issue when the truth is being told, even and especially when they don’t particularly like it.

    The FB crowd is already steeped in blue pill culture, poisoned at the outset, so any counter message to the cult of misandry there is either ridiculed or violently rejected.

    Again, no real surprise.

    If you tell the truth long enough, it will eventually replace the big lie.


    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Facebook, in the wrong hands, is a playground/rumpus room/playpen/preying ground for bored SAHMs, the personality disordered and emotionally arrested adults.

      If it weren’t for my website and web business, I would not have a FB account.

      I am not knocking people who use FB in moderation to keep abreast of family/friends and who enjoy using it as an individualized news feed.

      They should have named their page “Concerned Citizens Against Equal RIghts and for Gender Discrimination.” Also sounds like something that Snuffalupagus Chicago woman would start.

      • DruidV

        FB does reflect the general blue-pill mindset we MRAs face among the populace and so, imo, it already is “in the wrong hands”.

        However, if AVFM were to counter avfrp with our own FB message in direct response to their lies, a sort of counter weight if you like, then the balance of public opinion would at least have some resistance on the unpopular, truthful side.

        Just a thought.

        • Paul Elam

          I hope we get a volunteer to do that very thing. :)

          • Al

            Paul and Druid, tell me more about what kind of message(s) these should be. Another page just for these ‘backlashers’, as qualified by our friend Fidelbogen? I’m creating a page on FB to bring the voice of MRM further and I’d like to have some ideas, plz! 😉

      • Arvy

        Agreed. Furthermore, they have set their own agenda in such terms and with such arbitrary powers of “discretion” that any attempt to respond in situ can simply be discarded — and it almost certainly will.

      • scatmaster

        Honestly I deactivated my FB account about an hour ago. Found it boring and a whole lot of echo chambering (not sure if that is a word) going on from family members.
        By the way where can I get some of those posters? Would love to plaster them on some bus shelters in the capital city of Canada. Plus I am headed to the capital city of the United States in a few weeks. Possibly a poster at the Titanic memorial?

        • scatmaster

          Never mind JTO posted the poster.

        • Dr. F

          Scatters mate let me tell you something.

          You just whacked a nail on the head with this business of using the words, “echo chambering.”

          I have a Space Book, I mean My Face thingy and it sits there like the dust magnet it is. It just sits there and sits there like Horton on that bloody egg except that there’s not even a flaming egg there in the first place.

          Quite frankly I find the whole “look at me” thing about it like a chore. It’s a really boring way to have fun or something.

          Maybe it’s just me and sometimes I think I am missing out on stuff, but then again maybe not. I dunno. I am in two minds about it because there are times when I can see how it can be good to catch up.

          Sometimes I find it scary.

      • jms5762

        You mean Harpo Whiner?

  • Dannyboy

    Just looked at their page Paul, I hope they enjoy the taste of their own urine for pissing into the hurricane wind that is coming, aka the MRM.
    Heads up sir there will be some of those very same posters going up in Hamilton.

    • Paul Elam


  • Dean Esmay

    I left a polite comment. I’ll be curious to see if it stands.

    • Paul Elam

      It was a great comment. So on target.

  • Not buying it

    @ Paul Elam

    Where can I get my hand on some of these posters, I intend on doing the same here in Calgary. ??

    I will down load them if possible & pay a printing outlet to enlarge them & I will place them in strategic locations here in Calgary.

    • Paul Elam

      I have skyped your inquiry to JTO. I am sure he will respond as soon as he gets it. Thanks, and FTSU!!

      • Not buying it

        Hi Paul, sorry for not getting back to you guys right away, long shifts at work, anyway I down loaded the posters & will enlarge them & place them where I know they will have the most effect by this coming Sunday at the latest.

        Thanks John (the other)for the second poster because the message is a whole lot clearer in that one but I got change the City names, which shouldn’t be to hard, but not by Sunday for this poster though, soon enough anyway, & thanks again.

        • Paul Elam

          Looking forward to some pics!!

        • Raven01

          I can quickly edit images in my free time.
          I will be home early tomorrow so send the image you want edited to ravenmra on skype and a description of what changes you require and I will have it back to you in an hour or 2 if you catch me at home.

    • John the Other
      • John the Other

        Also: this is a poster I’ve used in Vancouver, which includes rhetoric specific to this city, but it would be easy to make one specific to whatever city you’re in, based on the same concept.

      • Poester99

        The first one is like a punch in the gut, it really gets attention, and people try to destroy it right away, so industrial epoxy and poster material, coming right up.

    • Obaoill

      Not buying it, I am also from Calgary, I think we should connect and discuss what we can do in calgary?

    • DarkByke

      Can we meet up? I’m in cowtown.

      • Obaoill

        yes, how should we do this

        • DarkByke

          Wanna send me a message on my youtube channel? Search “MenDiscontinued”

  • limeywestlake

    Down is officially up now, apparently. Jeez, this is the blind turning from reason that Orwell warned us all about.

    Personally, I find this hatred and opposition very hurtful. It makes me feel a vulnerability that is uncomfortable, to say the least.

    I have not been in the MRM long enough to get a thick skin, I suppose. I am an extremely sensitive individual, that is for sure. Always have been.

    However, I will not give up this fight, despite those that would proclaim to know my true motives better than I do. It seems as though I am a member of an ostensible ‘hate group’ because, as a man, I all I ever wanted to feel was comfortable in my own skin. I sought to be merely okay as a man – on my own terms, not defined by a women or generally from without.

    I am being informed that, as an MRA, I am ‘violent,’ but where is that violence in my being? I am looking and I cannot find it anywhere. There is only the pain and anger at being considered a second class citizen. I certainly feel that internal ache as I constantly push away societal shame – the one that was given to me as a relay baton because of my sexuality.

    I feel scared witless for my two young boys who I love more than I could ever describe; I am fearful that their hearts should be tethered just because they have a y-chromosome. They really are beautiful and kind and do not deserve the ire directed them form radical feminists. Oh boy. this stuff makes me want to cry at the blind injustice of it all.

    I am an MRA precisely because I am full of love and compassion. In my previous (environmental) activism I always felt as though I could count on widespread support, that is was plain that I had the moral high ground. Now I just feel like the proverbial untermenschen of National Socialist ideology – the Roma, the Jehovah’s witness; just like the jew and the person with Down’s Syndrome. This is not to trivialize what they went through – far from it. It is just that I am starting, ever so slowly, to understand what is is to be hated for something that is beyond my control: to wit, my sex. I sense that irrational contempt that comes from without. That hatred that cannot be reasoned with.

    Please forgive me my fear. I am only human. I am not used to being considered the gender equivalent of Al Queda. The adjustment to this reality may take some time.

    Something tells me that this is just the beginning. There’s a storm comin’.

    • Arvy

      Wish I could give you a thousand +s for that comment, especially your perceptions of being hated for something that is entirely beyond your control and your fear for the future of your two young boys. The latter, in particular, is what this whole effort really needs to focus on first and foremost IMO.

      The “think of the children” hypocrisy of feminists whose true concerns are so often totally void of any such consideration drives me up a wall.

      • limeywestlake

        Thanks Arvy for your support.

    • Dean Esmay

      It is my worry for my sons that I come here and look and, while I do not always agree with what everyone says, I know it is their future I am most concerned about, as the situation for young men looks more and more bleak all the time, and I see the absolute and terrible contempt for anyone who dares to speak to them or their interests, or the interests of the oppressed in general if they happen to be male. The illusion of an all-encompassing “patriarchy” is a twofold form of misanthropy; it condescends to, patronizes, and demeans women, while simultaneously demonizing men, putting them in a presumed state of auto-privilege no matter where they are in life. It’s sexist to its core really, sexist toward women in one way and toward men in an equal and opposite way.

      I am no conservative traditionalist, although I’ve had people bizarrely accuse me of this, of having a “back to the kitchen” or “women must obey me” mentality. This is such an enormous crock. It’s almost the categorical opposite of what I think or how I live in my marriage or how I raise my children. It’s the categorical opposite of how I treat my wife (yes I am married) and if I had a daughter (which I would love to) it’s the near categorical opposite of what I’d teach her.

      One thing I’ve learned in my 46 years on this planet: when you see a group consistently demonized and you find out that how they’re described is only loosely resembling that which their opponents say about them, something is very wrong.

    • jms5762

      The storm is inside you brother! Don’t be afraid of it. Its part of what makes us men. Its the part feminists are afraid of. Get out there with your boys and do some manly shit. Get some dirtbikes buy some guns and hunt or just go to the range. Buy a loud ass hotrod and roll up and down the strip. Get some guitars and learn smoke on the freakin water. Leave that earth mother Gaia shit alone.

      • limeywestlake

        So I need to ‘man up’ eh?

        Thanks… I think. I suspect that you are well-meaning. The thing is Jms, I am not all that manly, I’m afraid. I go to the range now and again, but that is about it as far as your list goes. I am more of a ‘nice cup of tea and opera’ kind of guy; more Marvin Gaye than Deep Purple….
        The one tenet about masculinism that I like is that it is says that it is OK to be whatever kind of man you just so happen to be. That men are an octave, just like women – there are tomboys and there are femmes, right? I would not go as far as to say I am a feminine man, but I do like long baths, with lots of bubbles and incense….

        • jms5762

          I like hot baths with Epsom salt and a cold beer. Candles and bubbles with Mrs. JMS5762. There was a time before I had a family that I used to roll one burn some incense and bathe. Anyway. Men are Multidimensional. Try something different with some men friends and their sons. No women. You may find that talking to men not on AVfM helps. I was in the same hole six months ago that you are in today. I went hunting with my dad last year for the first time in twenty five years. Hanging out with him my uncle and cousins made me realize I had let so much of myself be subverted by the pressure from feminist culture. I even signed up for lifetime membership with the NRA. I have met many old dudes that scoff at the idea of a man cowtowing to that kind of pressure. These old dudes don’t envy the situation that those of us under fifty deal with but I get no sympathy from these old coots either. Then I realized how much of a butt hurt pussy I have let myself become over the last twenty years. I push back teal hard on anyone that tries to dump that feminist rhetoric on me anymore. I am not a new age sensitive guy…anymore. that is just wymmin code for manipulating men to do wimmyns bidding. Like being bossed around by a guilt spewing harpies. Screw that! What was hard to come to terms with was my wife mother and sister have been pulling that crap on me for decades. It was manipulation or face the wrath of woman. Well hell hath no fury like a manipulated man. Also since I moved to Texas six years ago I learned that many Hispanic men don’t put up with that shit. They call the women out on thecarpet as soon as they start running their mouthes with that garbage. Shut em down! It works too. Your sons need to learn about these things as well. How to handle those types of women. They will appreciate their fathers strength.

          • limeywestlake

            Why do you think that these ‘old coots’ have no sympathy? Elders such as these would be a huge help to the MRM, don’t you think?

          • Poester99

            The Elders have no sympathy because they don’t understand it. It’s not the same old shit. It’s all brand new, including but by no means limited to so very many young men being raised by single mothers.

    • Raven01

      Limey, we are despised because we are the new “uppity slaves”. The bigotry parallels are uncanny. Do not fear their hatred, take pride in it brother, it only means that you are on the right course.

      I have always believed that race is played as a distraction from real issues. Feminists do not want men of different backgrounds coming together, coming to a consensus and, taking action. Neither do those using feminists as useful idiots.

      A quick look around this site tells me that they are too late. Men (and yes even some women) are ignoring things they wish to distract us and focusing on working together for our common good. We threaten them not with violence but, with awareness.

    • Carlos

      My young son’s future plays a large role in my being willing to speak out on these issues in the current climate as well.

      I expect, and hope, that the situation will improve soon, but there is a very personal cost involved with speaking truth to power, and feminism is the dominant ideology of our time.

      Everyone must pick and choose their battles. For better or worse, I doubt the battle for Men’s Rights is one I would have taken up if not for my son.

      It gets easier with time. At some point, I stopped caring so much about people misinterpreting me. That’s their problem, not mine. And, in any case, I’ve been arguing my whole life about one issue or another. Feminists and their useful idiots can try to pigeon-hole me all they want. I’m fully capable of illustrating the problems in their arguments.

      • limeywestlake

        ‘For better or worse, I doubt the battle for Men’s Rights is one I would have taken up if not for my son.’

        Whatever it takes, Carlos. The point is that we are here, brother. May more fathers of boys, take that pill.

  • Dr. F

    AVfRP Thank you.

    Thank you for scouring this site with the precision and style of a cement gnome on an ice rink and seeing only flecks of a “truth” that suits you.

    Thanks for raising a stink on our behalf while smoking your cigar in a nursery.

    My goodness you lot are incredibly stupid and we adore your work. You are helping us. You are helping yourselves.

    Can’t you see that ?

  • Paul Elam
    • Arvy

      Like that bit about her being “on vacation and not available for comment.” Let’s hope it’s a long vacation in appropriately barred surroundings. But that would be too much to hope for I suppose. Only her victims get that treatment.

    • Dr. F

      Oh sweet baby Lucifer,

      It says in part:
      “Kellett is on vacation and not available for comment…”

      Mam, I tell you that there is a cluster of microphones waiting for you upon your return.

      Woof !

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Kellett’s vaca is as strategic as Mr Filler’s pending imprisonment.

        Wonder if she’s hiding out, erm, I mean “vacationing” on Feminist Island? It’s like Fantasy Island, but more delusional and psychopathic.

        Of course, the real question is which one of her colleagues gets to role play Tattoo?

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          For those of you too young (or had better things to do on a Saturday night in the late 1970s):

        • Rad

          Imagine the quality of such a vacation. Eventually the chronic fear and anxiety is going to overwhelm her moral righteousness.

          Why do this to yourself? Coming clean will allow you to avoid a lifetime of unhappiness and panic attacks, Mary. All you have to do is “woman-up” to a microphone and admit your bad deeds.

          We won’t be forgiving, but the pressure will be gone and you can live peacefully, trapped alongside some bulldykes.

      • Paul Elam

        I was just on the phone with Dr. T. She said something to the effect that Kellett’s vacation was every bit as strategic as Filler’s incarceration.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Consistency is just one of my middle names 😉

          After I said so on the phone with you, I printed it here, there and everywhere.

        • Poester99

          They got it backwards!

          Filler was supposed to go on a vacation paid for by damages for wrongful prosecution and Kellet was supposed to be incarcerated!!

          Why do I hear dueling banjos in the background?

    • Dr. F

      Please dear MRA’s we need you now,

      Please visit this site —> and make a comment there.

      I have just now:
      “On the website, A Voice for Men, the following information was published regarding the Filler case:

      “On July 16, 2012, district attorney Carletta Bassano filed a detailed personal request with the court for Vladek Filler’s arrest and imprisonment. An order was issued to jail Mr. Filler precisely during the time he is to testify at assistant district attorney Mary Kellett’s August 30-31 disciplinary hearing.

      It is clear evidence of an effort to silence Vladek Filler by detaining him so he would not be able to give testimony of the crimes being committed by Carletta Bassano’s office. Vladek Filler will be held at an unknown location and given the crimes committed against him, his safety is in danger.”

      The word “unknown” in this context is scurrilous at best and is a requirement for behaviour that shies from accountability.”

      All spotlights to the man who will be going to a gaol where there will be nobody watching. Or so they think.

      We have one (1) month to post this message over and over again. Please go there and make your voice heard. There is no registration or signing up – just your comment and the associated service to click.

      • Raven01

        Done and thank you Dr.F.

        My 2 cents, “Carletta Bassano is doing everything she can to PREVENT justice from being carried out.
        Fire and prosecute this woman ASAP along side Mz. Mary Kellett.
        These people make a mockery of a supposed “justice” system by imposing their personal ideologies upon all cases passing through their offices, the facts of the matter be damned.

        Ligia Filler is a known child abuser and captured on video making death threats (on police video no less) against Mr. Vladek Filler.
        Yet, it is Mr. Filler sentenced to 21 days still and Mrs. Filler walking free.
        It is Mr. Filler being illegally detained at the direction of Carletta Bassano to prevent his testimony into her lackey’s illegal activities.

        Something smells fishy in Maine and the odor comes from the DA’s office rather than the wharf.”

        • Dr. F

          Great comment Mr Raven Man and Tara is there as well.

          So who’s next ? What about you Mr Paul Elam. Mr JTO and them tough chicks at that radio show ?

          • Dannyboy


      • DruidV

        Done and done.

      • Paul Elam


      • Suz


      • jms5762

        That man better get himself a .45 and a conceal carry permit.

      • Alan Vaughn

        Please dear MRA’s we need you now,

        I added my 2 cents worth, but for some reason my WordPress login wouldn’t work, so posted using disqus acct: ‘jervis121′ (has same avatar as Alan Vaughn).

      • Transhuman


    • DruidV

      It’s always nice to see such hateful, misandrist bigots like MK and her ilk going down in flames. People like her deserve to be held to a higher standard and much closer public scrutiny and transparency, since their decisions will affect many lives and the futures of those other than that of her most hated foe; the father.

      She is most likely fully aware of what she is doing to families and I suspect she may even take delight in this, asa true sociopath would.

      Due to the advent of Red pills and continuing R&D into FTSU technology however, Ms. MK is only now beginning to discover for herself, that attitudes and in fact the very game itself have changed and, it won’t be to her benefit anymore.

      One can only hope Mr. Filler and his children can finally find some peace and closure, once MK and her crew are safely behind bars, for many years. Though the wounds inflicted upon Mr. Filler and his children by these rogue prosecutors may never fully heal, their ordeal at the hands of a crazed western female who bore his children and then went completely insane, turning on him, ruining his life and those of his children, all with the full support of a cadre of corrupt court room goons and a broken system which encouraged the whole terrible travesty in the first place, will never be forgotten. This shit will eventually all come to a screeching halt because we are winning.

      As our voice grows and becomes that of the norm, so that of the femsters fades and as their power slips away from, their muddy skirts really stand out as they fumble about with ham-fisted desperation forany legitimate moral ground..

      Of course they have none and never have.

      FTSU, it gets the tough stains out!

  • Girl Writes What

    Being acquainted with Mr. X, I must say, I feel honored to know him. Awesome guy to have a beer with, and a kick ass activist. Knows the ropes, fearless, energetic as fuck, and gets shit done.

    Went and had a look at that group of reasonable pearl-clutchers. After doing a quick count of the contents of my underwear drawer, I was saddened to realize I don’t have enough pairs of big girl panties to lend them. Sigh.

    • scatmaster

      I was saddened to realize I don’t have enough pairs of big girl panties to lend them.

      I see what you did there and I lol’d.

      Good luck with that bastion of socialist hate the CBC!!!!

  • Raven01

    I will be banned from the FB page in short order.
    “If anyone takes the time to actually read the Mission Statement they would see bullet points 4 & 5 are:
    “To promote the legal and nonviolent antagonism of all agents of misandry, from members of academe, to holders of public office, to law enforcement and other state functionaries, to popular bloggers and to corporate agents who promote misandry for profit.” &
    “To support peaceful acts of civil disobedience when necessary”

    and the final point is, “To promote a culture that values equal treatment under the law for all human beings.”

    That hardly sounds like a group to try to denounce, they actually sound very reasonable. Especially, when one considers the gravity of their valid grievances. ”

    Yep, pmsl. Banned for that before I could add, “Jason Walling I find the suggestion that all men should be either killed or castrated offensive. But, rather than remove evidence of feminists making these claims or complaining to the authorities, I let them stand and allow the public to make their own call on on the sanity of such people.
    I challenge you to have the same conviction in your moral stance.
    Unable to post comment. Try Again”

  • Rper1959

    Poster Power! Wow! Old fashioned print technology bringing it to the people (and the attention of the worlds anti gender equality bigots!) First Melbourne, then Vancouver, now Edmonton! and more to follow….

    For all those who have asked what can I do to help the cause , then here it is!! set aside an afternoon or evening , and go forth and spread (post) the word!!

    BTW if Kiwi Helen has made a QR code, this can be added to the posters to link the old technology to the new!


      I stuck a bunch of stickers in the lifts @ Telstra HQ, Mwaahahahaha…

  • Kukla

    The people in that group are so stupid it’s unbelievable.
    They also take a lot of their info from manboobz, so they really have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • Arvy

      Regretably, however, the stupidity to be found on FB and other “social media” reflects a very large segment of public opinion that is sustained and supported by many of today’s so-called “news” sources and is by no means limited to female feminists.

      Any hope of breaking through that wall of ignorance and deception is going to involve a very long and arduous struggle against prevailing mythology that won’t go down easily.

      • Dean Esmay

        Nah. Facebook’s too nebulous for that. It reflects society as a whole. So, you want to change society, part of it would be an active presence there. Looks to me like someone’s taken over the Facebook page like Paul requested. So that should be interesting.

        I wonder if I”ll be banned from the group? They did recently say that “members of opposition groups” will not be welcomed. Of course, I’m not a “member” of this group unless by that you mean “comments on this site and sometimes agrees and sometimes disagrees.”

        • Kimski

          Oh, you would definitely be listed as a pro-AVfM, Mr.Esmay, as you seem to actually read the articles, before you agree or disagree.

          The vast majority of the haters seem to base their opinions on hearsay, or simply flat out refuse to go here.

          That’s the main reason they’re so easy to deal with in gender discussions, and their support of feminism are very likely based on the same lack of intellectual curiousness and knowledge.

        • Arvy

          Can’t really understand your dissent. Seems to me that you’re saying essentially the same thing that I said about FB being a mere reflection of a larger societal issue.

          If you are disagreeing with the suggestion that prevailing public opinion (in either context) is heavily influenced by “news” sources and not limited to female feminists, perhaps I was too narrow at that. It’s influenced by all media types, certainly including commercial advertisers and their sponsored programs.

      • Kukla

        I agree. The people on FB and other sites of the sort are just your average people who believe the same bullshit they’ve always been fed.

        I really don’t know if it is possible to reverse this social engineering. It feels so hopeless.

  • DruidV

    Glad to see somebody volunteered to represent us over at FB, as per Dr. Paul’s suggestion.

    AVFM’s message will be difficult to even give voice to there, as we will be vilified and shouted down by the usual suspects, but as always; FTSU sells itself and it should make some serious impact over at FB as well, but only if everyone and I mean everyone here helps out by liking the AVFM FB page.


  • Rper1959

    Apparently (a voice for) reasonable people think any counter viewpoint is not reasonable , how very “reasonable” of them. Surely unwillingness to look at alternate views in by definition “unreasonable”.

  • Suz

    Heading off to FB now, to perhaps kick up a little dust.

  • Jay

    Perhaps we could create our own posters using photoshop or whatever at home. And then we could print them off at home or take it to the local printshop to print, then go stick them up in places like university campuses. Messages such as “65% of graduates are female. So why do we have so many programs which encourage females and reward females to enter into university and virtually none which encourage males?” “Why is it that the public cheers when women graduate, but not when men graduate?” “Why are we so sexist against men and boys?” “”. That’s just one issue, but so many others can be brought up too.

    In fact so many issues can be brought up it’s not funny. Examples like what happened to Joakim in Sweden in the recent article about Sweden. With the message “Rape now means “consensual sex that I regretted””. Or “Did you know approximately 50% of domestic violence is females violently abusing their male partner?”

    I’m sure I could think of many more. Maybe if there were some poster templates available.

    Anyway, I’m incredibly intrigued. Because, even if I forget about the blatant discrimination in law against males, what makes this interesting is, it feels like we’re in communist countries and standing up for truth.

    Also, on wikipedia, is it not possible to simply write a new page entitled “Men’s Rights for the 21st century” and have that page linking from the misandrist rewrite by Jimmy Wales Misandrist & Co Men’s Rights page??

  • Lee

    A voice for reasonable people? Hmm, hijack the title. I don’t see what excludes MRAs from that.

    • Turbo

      Your right Lee, it doesn’t.

      But this is a standard tactic from Feminist zealots, hide behind language. Exactly the same way that corrupt Family Law Courts around the western world hide behind the statement “The best interests of the Child” when in fact, nothing they ever do is in the best interests of children.

      It is a terrorist tactic, use children as human shields.

  • Zorro

    Only people who know their cause is unjust, based on a pile of lies and is destined to the ash heap of history will lash out, hyperventilating and desperate for credibility.

    Our enemies know their cause is filth. There is no other reason for their rancor.

    When a member of the Waffen-SS passed a Jewish ghetto in Krakow, seeing an anti-German slogan on the walls, they laughed. They knew they were destined to victory (and utterly without moral veracity, I might add).

    But when a fembot sees a placard on an airport window decrying misandry, they freak.

    Their time is coming, and they know it.

    It’s written in the paper pulp beneath their fingernails.

  • Suz

    My (polite) FB comment lasted less than an hour. Shocking, I know!

  • Rad

    When I am asked what an MRA is, I tend to answer:

    “Someone who strongly believes in the moral agency of women.”

    Then, those who approach MRA’s with their own agendas are left trying to rationalize being against this radical notion.

  • Arvy

    Here are the so-called Reasonable People’s latest rules: “If you do not believe that as a classified hate group AVfM presents a negative addition to the Edmonton discourse that requires a community response, that is certainly your prerogative; however, we respectfully will be removing you.”

    Please note that your removal will be done “respectfully”, which is to say that your unquestioned right to NOT disagree with the “reasonable people” will be fully respected.

    • Turbo

      Yes, and that is the rub isn’t it.

      All are welcome here, on this website, to disagree and debate, and are only removed if they are intellectually dishonest or are abusive.

      Whereas, our new “friends” and most of the other Femo sites, if you do not tow the party line, you are banned. At AVfRP, you will be banned if you do not agree with them, but it is done with respect.

      Yeah, right, respect. They respect us so much that they will not engage in honest debate.

      Sigh !!! Same shit different day. Different enemy same tactics.

      My message to you all at AVfRP, and I know you are listening. We WILL have equality in law for men children and women.

      Far from going anywhere, we are Coming.
      Get on board or get out of the way.

  • Rex

    Any idea when the CBC peice will be on air? I would be interested in watching that.

  • Aaron T

    I think I’ll talk to my buddy about doing something similar in our University.


      Please do, each and every poster and sticker counts.

      If your mate does not want to participate go alone, I have put up around 3000 posters.

      See pics and videos on my facebook page for inspiration.

      • Jay

        Awesome and inspiring Karma. Hey, did you see that documentary a few years ago on SBS “Every family’s worst nightmare” about how their son was falsely accused of rape and held in custody, and it was shown absolutely clearly that the woman in question made a false accusation?
        Brilliant. I especially loved the sticker outside Wesley.

  • Al

    Congratulations to Mr. X!

  • Gamerp4

    Eric Duckman is the modern day Perseus, Who is gonna slay the Feminism snake hair Medusa. and eventually slay her head which lure people to believe their lies and deceptions on Men & History.

    I Salute you Eric Duckman for what you did is the noblest of the noble thing, We are activists of equality and we believe that we as Men and as Human have rights that should be considered.

    You did screwed those feminist Eric and Paul I am just Gonna say to those Guys/Grrls on Facebook who made “A Voice For Reasonable people” to step up and do some more publication and maybe then we could take you seriously.

  • TCM

    I made a few comments, but they will probably be gone in the morning. There’s no use arguing with such people. And really, I’m just tired of arguing with misandry anyway.

    So tired of it.

    • limeywestlake

      I am tired of even the thought of it. It is like the myth of Sysyphus – trying to push a boulder uphill.

      • jms5762

        Relish the fight brother! Too Hades with Sissipussy! Time to channel Thor or Tiwaz(Tyr) or the wrath of Zeus himself! Now there are some archetypes that have respect. Hell channel whatever helps you get out of your rut. Your sons need to see your strength and defiance. If you don’t show it they wont learn to channel it when they need it. The Hispanic men here in south Texas call it La Mera Verga. The head cock and I don’t mean rooster either.

  • Dr. F


    This post is number 76 000.

    Excellent milestone I think.

    • Paul Elam

      And it was the 76th comment in this thread. Spoooooooky! :)

      • Dr. F

        Spooky like a bub changing his own nappies mate.

  • ActaNonVerba

    I saw an interview one time. It was Michael Moore on CNN. What anyone thinks of Michael Moore is irrelevant to this comment. The way Michael Moore did the interview was simple and clever.

    He made CNN sign a contract saying they could not edit the interview. It had to be shown in it’s totality. I’ve often wondered why more people don’t do this.

    In this current culture of misandry, intimidation, and style over substance, it’s very easy to see from a mile off what 9 out of 10 people want when they contact MRA’s for interviews. They wanna burn us…period.

    If I were an MRA that actually got interview requests I would make sure I had some sort of basic contract drawn up stating that my responses to questions may not be edited or omitted, but instead published/shown in full.

  • jack

    If I were an MRA that actually got interview requests I would make sure I had some sort of basic contract drawn up.

    It’s definitely something to keep in mind. The contract should also specify how many enemies are to take part. I remember an interview where the head of “Rights-of-Fathers” was ambushed. The interviewer was female and pro-fem and a rabbit radfem militant had been invited. The MRA was on the defensive right from the starting shot. By the end of the interview he’d waxed apologetic.

    • ActaNonVerba

      I agree with that. It’s sad, but it reminds me of being in the military preparing for a training op or a battle. Poor MRA’s have to use a sandbox model and write a five paragraph order before they encounter the misandric culture.

  • limeywestlake

    OT: Check out the comments on this story. It was given to me by a blue-piller too! Wow! This made my fucking morning.

    • jms5762

      Why does Bill Bennett and Cnn consider a mans life to be worth less than a woman’s? What a bunch of horseshit!

      • jack

        The Titanic syndrome: They believed […] in a code of honor. They put the lives of the women before their own, an old fashioned notion to be sure, but certainly an honorable one (if you have any doubt, ask the survivors). Their instincts were to protect, not run away.

        The reader’s comments to that article are very interesting.

  • HQR3

    Kudos to Eric Duckman!

    In the meantime, never underestimate the power of one.

    Years ago, PBS had an execrable “documentary” called “Breaking the Silence,” produced by the usual suspects, which portrayed divorced fathers as loutish, DV-prone, child-abusing monsters. Right away Glenn Sacks pounced on it with a net-based letter campaign. I, however, felt it needed a more personal touch. So armed with a personal copier–I was not yet on the balls of my ass–I began a sticker campaign; starting with the area around the PBS offices and moving outward–lamposts, subway stations, etc.–I appealed to donors and others not to $ub$idize bigotry. A few months later they negotiated with Sacks about airtime for rebuttal. I’ll never know if my guerrilla action contributed to their change of heart, but I felt good like a sumbich, anyway.

    Now, I truly believe that most men are neither red, purple, or, for that matter, blue pillers. When they spare gender a non-sexual moment’s thought, they don’t realize that there’s an alternative, much like the masses in The Matrix. My next guerrilla action will be scrawling the URL of this website on men’s room stalls: where they are less likely to be attacked by vigilant femitwits.

    Far be it from me to suggest a similar defacing of public and private property to other MRAs. Besides, anyone who has ever been to a rock concert knows that to consider the men’s room an exclusively male space reveals him as either a patriarch or misogynist. So…reprobate that I am, I feel it’s the least I could do

    Seeya. Gotta go…(chuckle!)

    • kiwihelen

      HQR3, make QR stickers instead of the scrawl…or even URL stickers…I’m currently trying to convince various male friends to do stall stickers, ‘cos I’m not convincing enough to try going in under cover!

  • Poester99

    whatcha think? Heads s’ploding if these posters went up in downtown toronto?

    • Dannyboy

      You take care of the big smoke ,, aka Toronto and I got the hammer ( Hamilton ) I can almost hear the femmie factions of S Ont getting their tears ducts wound up and spewing their cyanide tainted words.
      Ahh the thought warms my heart as it should.

      • Aaron T

        I may be able to do some poster spreading in London over August. If not, I’ll cover University of Windsor’s campus in September.

        • kiwihelen

          Aaron, Im in East Anglia and am thinking of doing a trip to London in September. Tawil and I have already talked about meeting up. Do we need to see if there are a few more MRA in or near London. I won’t be able to attend often but I know a place I can get a meeting room at low cost if there was a few of us (Near Euston)
          I moderate over at S4M if you want to PM me there

          • Aaron T

            Oh my mistake, I’m in London Ontario. Sorry about the clarity there.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    There should be a poster campaign directed at women, too. Not to antagonize, but to appeal to women who are not deranged, emotional reasoning nutters.

    Something like:

    Mothers, do you love your sons?

    Ladies, do you love your fathers and brothers?

    Aren’t you tired of all men being portrayed as violent, potential rapists?

    Ladies, are you tired of working to support your husband’s ex-wife?

    Not my best pitches, but you get the idea. Create some of these and I’ll post them in women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

    • jms5762

      You are on to something there Doc. For the women from a woman’s perspective. That’s one to run with…seriously.

    • kiwihelen

      Dr T, will tinker with some wording today and see what comes out…thinking out loud here

      “not a feminist, but you are seeking true equality”

  • Raven01

    Cottage country east covered here as well.

    also with QR codes you can stick them on every poster you see and people will scan it thinking it is for Shoppers Drugmart, a concert, a travel agent, etc(never pass up a man bad/abuser, woman good/victim poster). And instead you can direct their phone to load either the AVfM homepage or the AVfM mission statement.

    Those are not torn down as fast because, it is used by a diverse group and is not easily identifiable to those wishing to oppress men at all costs.
    Just pop in the address you want to promote and sticker away lady’s and gentlemen.

    • Poester99

      I love this, very clever!

  • null kill

    I’d like to throw a few of these posters up in my area. Mr. X or anyone, is there a way I can get the image in order to print it up on some posters?


  • outdoors

    “We will wait and see where the CBC goes with this as well.”

    I just spat my coffee all over the keyboard.

    The anti-male,pro-feminist CBC -lol

    Do an article on mra’s?

    This won’t be pretty.


    Yes I did, that was the case in W.A.

  • quolls

    Be good to have a page on AVfM where can down-load and print out official AVfM posters to distribute … what are your thoughts ?

    • DarkByke

      Couple links are posted in this thread up above :)

  • rickster

    If it hasn’t been suggested yet, perhaps we should report the page for hate speech. The reason I think this might be an option is because in my experience any group that forms in response to another group as opposition, for example, there are the Mormons and then the Anti-Mormons, often the agenda is to attack and spread slander and falsehoods with the intent to destroy the group they oppose. In the case of Mormons and Anti-Mormons for example, the Mormons promote their faith, while the Anti-Mormons try and destroy Mormon faith.

    Here at AVfM we are trying to promote male values and manhood, along with the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with manhood. The AVRP seems to want to destroy that, belittle manhood, our cause and promote hate against us. This is why I feel that reporting them for gender hate speech may be a reasonable endeavor.

  • Sting Chameleon

    I’ll make some posters in Spanish for my own city, we’re under siege by a femmunist NGO that keeps parroting the party line uncontested. Most people don’t seem to give a fuck about it and just shrug, but if we allow them to proliferate it will be a matter of time before they hijack the public discourse.

  • DarkByke

    Damn, I used to live in Edmonton! Nice! Great work, keep it up.

    • DarkByke

      Surprise surprise, they now block anyone that speaks out against it. I simply wrote “you have no idea what AVfM is about, please do some more research” and provided a link. Not to mention, they use a feminist website (manboobz) to try proving their point. Hilarious!