A Brief Review of 2010

It has been an interesting year for MRA’s. Some highs, some lows; never a dull moment. We have seen a lot over the past year and as it has gone on, I have been compiling a list of some of the most monumental moments across the world. These may in fact be some of, if not the fondest and most disappointing moments from the past year.

There was the Male Studies Symposium, a rather enlightening and much anticipated event that did not fail to deliver. We saw many great minds gather together to discuss the revolutionary idea of studying the human male outside the realm of feminist influence. It was successful enough that there will be another conference next year.

In the UK we saw what we thought was going to be a great thing; Anonymity for those accused of rape; However due to feminist political pressure, skeptics and financing (not that there is a huge difference between pressure and financing these days) we saw it taken away. However, British Airways was rid of its policy where traveling children are not allowed to be seated next to male passengers. So even though we lost anonymity, we still made a small dent.

Meanwhile back in the USA we had one of our biggest losses. It was announced that Men’s News Daily was going to be shut down. For whatever reason (I never saw the announcement) it is still going strong and publishing. And to top things off, it is now a crime to interfere with custody in Utah .

Traveling overseas again, Brazil outlawed parental alienation. This is going to be the first of hopefully many countries, and for a country of its size and population, there are many children who stand to benefit from this policy.

Germany may be our greatest source of victory this year. While far from perfect, Germany is ending its draft, removing a policy where countless men would have been sent away against their will. Fathers of children born out of wedlock have more rights, which is monumental.

Germany has done quite a bit more actually. They have also been quite good at bringing down suicide rates with a public awareness campaign. The Family Minister went out and tore feminism a new one, much to everyone’s amusement. If I were to give a country an award for most progressive for men I think Germany would be the winner. With luck, many other countries will follow Germany ’s path over the past year.

If there was a runner up, I think it is safe to say that it would be Switzerland . Attention was drawn from all over the world, as they held the first antifeminist conference. Something tells me it won’t be the last. With luck, it will not involve anywhere near as much secrecy next time around.

Yes, the world is changing all around us. There is nothing we can’t do. We ARE making a difference. Not just in the US and the UK but all over the world. We are here and we are here to stay. Next year will bring many more pains and even more victories to the table. Stand tall and stand proud the day shall be ours.

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  • AntZ

    “Brazil outlawed parental alienation”.

    The first female president of Brazil was inaugurated today. Predictably, the first words out of her mouth pandered to Brazil’s immensely powerful radical feminists:

    “I am committed to honouring women, to protecting the most vulnerable and to govern for all.”

    I guess this counts as a step back.

  • Keyster

    Defeating Harry Reid’s Paycheck Fairness Act was a raging dissapointment to the sisterhood at NOW. The government intrusion on employer’s payrolls would have moved more corporate operations toward off-shore protection; civil courts filled with “gender bias” and “pay fairness” lawsuits. Republican senators squelched it.

  • HeavyWeather

    Nuff Said

  • rula

    Thanks for giving props to my homecountry germany. It is surprising to read this…when you actually live in a country you see things from a different angle. But I have to agree that some things are really going in the right correction. They also talked very frankly about the fact, that boys are left behind at school, kindergarten and their problems to be grown up by single mothers…and stopped expensive programs like “girls day” (the intention was to bring girls in typical male jobs, but no success^^).
    Unfortunately you didnt mention the fact, that a CD full of message music/Zeta Rock was released by german musician Rulaz Rockerz (which is actually me^^)
    If you dont mind, I will leave a link here for those who are interested….,i:digital-music&keywords=rulaz+rockerz&ie=UTF8&qid=1293923838

  • rula

    correction = direction

    sorry for the typo!

  • mideonphish

    It has been a year of grim satisfaction for men’s rights activists and there
    is no doubt that we have seen success on a level that only a few years
    ago would have been unthinkable.

    As the saying goes “from small streams do grand rivers grow”, I for one
    propose that we will need to redouble our efforts over the next year to
    ensure that this positive momentum continues unabated.

    Remember too, that the odious Feminists will stop at nothing to try make
    an end of it.

    Still we have reason to be pleased for a little while at least.
    And for what its worth a very Happy and Feminism-free New Year!
    to all of my fellow MRA’s readers and posters.
    Lets all hope we can do better over the course of the next twelve months.

  • Jonathan Mann

    I am satisfied, if not pleased, by what I just read. I think MRA victories have been stronger than any of our defeats. For instance, I think that it was fantastic that we were even able to propose safeguarding the identity of a man accused of rape in a country under such strict feminist censorship such as the UK. Its a true shame that it didn’t become a law but I’m sure it has started to make the feminists sweat a little in conjunction to the formation of Male Studies and the Anti-Feminist Conference.

    The war is on and now they know it! There are few “professional” feminists who haven’t heard about MRAs and our actions to guarantee equal treatment for men under the law. They mock us on their blogs, and they demonize us on their websites. The very fact that they direct their venom at us and exert crucial energy toward fighting and containing us, instead of advancing their agenda of female superiority, is a sign that we are a powerful and threatening enemy in their eyes.

    I know it still looks dark now, but the dawn is coming, and with it rises the sun of hope. The light that the sun shines will bring the lies of the feminists to an end. They can only operate in darkness, where, in a state of confusion, no one can see their deceptions. The Rising Sun is not a friend to the feminists, but their enemy.

    Soldier on Brothers! MRAs Advance!

  • Jonathan Mann

    And let’s make the year 2011 the year that the feminists Shriek in Mass!

  • Kratch

    I realize this is a little off topic, but the question came to me when reading about the Hostility incurred by the German Minster for Family (IE, unqualified to be in government because she challenged feminism). I remember seeing a couple other names listed in an article previously (that I can’t find), and was wondering. Is there a comprehensive list of professionals who have been targeted with threats of violence or political, professional career’s being discredited/destroyed (past or present, successful or not), for opposing feminist doctrine? Such as Mrs Schroder here, or Erin Pizzey? I’d love such a list if one exists for my bookmarks.

    • Jean Valjean

      Is there a comprehensive list of professionals who have been targeted with threats of violence or political, professional career’s being discredited/destroyed (past or present, successful or not), for opposing feminist doctrine? Such as Mrs Schroder here, or Erin Pizzey? I’d love such a list if one exists for my bookmarks.

      Excellent question. If there isn’t there should be. We should be drawing connections between the propaganda espoused by major feminist groups and threats of violence or actual violence towards their opponents. Discovering tangible links may force the government to scrutinize feminist groups and maybe even declare them a hate group/terrorist group like the KKK or Neo Nazis.

  • mike jeffries

    2012 should be a big year for parental alienation in the U.S. We should find out if the upcoming edition of the DSM-5 will include alienation as diagnosis.

    As one decade ends and another begins, I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made raising the visibility of parental alienation in the U.S. and around the world. There is still much work to be done. However I would like to believe efforts in the past decade have helped some parents and children avoid the heartbreak that too many other families experienced.

    For more information, and resources, on parental alienation feel free to visit

  • j

    Good on you for doing this. Is there any follow up to Switzerland’s antifeminist conference?

    • zetamale

      thank you, and im not sure if there is any follow up we will have to wait and see it was only a little while ago

  • Aharon

    I predict a time in the future when profit-hungry lawyers will actively seek out men who have been discriminated against. Either that or many of us anti-feminist men will be forcibly drugged-up in feminist controlled re-education centers. Someone could write a really good short story or novel on that theme.

  • Denis

    MND announced their retirement (on men’s issues) in August 2010 to focus on more general material.

    In Nov 2010, Mike LaSalle announced that MND will be back in 2011 with a focus on gender issues.

    It’s 2011 now, the announcement from August 2010 and Novemember 2010 have been removed from the site and MND is concentrating heavilly on republican and religious issues.

    MND is officially dead as a men’s news site.

  • AlekNovy

    Wtf? MND is gone? It was the only sane MRA portal. We’re now left with freaking spearhead . A voice for men and fidelbogen are right now the only mature bloggers left. Everyone else who was sane left this movement and/or moved on…

  • Denis

    The only good thing about MND was when Paul Elam was the editor. Now it’s SHIT!

    Rather than expanding their readership, they are now focusing on a republican / christian agenda. It’s not a men’s rights site anymore.

    The Spearhead is awesome, with far more intellectual honesty than MND.

  • Denis

    In the latter part of 2010, MND started decontructing it’s home page to remove reference to men’s rights.

    In the new year, MND has removed the link to Male Studies from their home page. Currently, the only MRA link remaining on the MND home page to MenZ Magazine.

    The editorial policy at MND still maintains that:

    “(MND) is the premier on-line publication for publishing articles, news stories and opinion on world politics with a foundational focus men’s rights and activism in western culture.”

    A reading of articles from the last 6-8 months leaves the reader perplexed as to why MND continues to maintain that they have “a foundational focus men’s rights and activism in western culture.”

    I call bullshit and who the hell are the nameless “editors” at MND that are blatantly misinforming the MRM about the purpose of MND?

  • AlekNovy

    What’s funny is that they can remove all the references they want, but their name has “men” in it. So it kind of defeats the purpose.