Message of hope for alienated dads

I’m not even putting this in the video section, because I know some of you badly need to see this right now.

It happened to my dad too, just so you know.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

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Via Fathers 4 Justice, an organization that everyone should support.

Keep up the fight, guys.

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • greg

    Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

    • Alphabeta Supe

      It bears repeating.

      Parental alienation is child abuse.

  • Kimski

    Parental alienation only benefits the one person, who in a majority of cases
    also are the initiator of the divorce.

    The woman.

    All other family members are scarred for life, while she merrily moves on to the next victim.

    They call this empowerment.
    I call it atrocities committed against children and men on a global scale.

    • Gamerp4

      Indeed Kimski, What wonders me is how the mother do this to her own flesh and blood, The child may never say she needs his/her father but it is her duty to develop a relationship that could work out for the child and the father.

      The more we have this empowerment crap, the more we will have men’s, father’s and children’s rights concealed, This new world , feminist created world is going to die and will die soon.

  • greg


    Please search YouTube for

    Illinois Parental Alienation, there’s a video there posted by mhacousticrenderings, that the World Needs to See.

    I’d post it here, but I don’t know how to.


    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      You just post the URL for the video. Here it is:


      Had I known about this before the election I would have been sure to call out these Illinois representatives by name, so people would know before election time.

      This is why state elections in the US actually matter considerably more than the Federal elections do; in this country, it’s the state legislatures and the state courts with the most power over these issues.

      Good for Illinois. It’s a start, anyway.

      • greg

        Thank you Dean.

        I don’t know what a URL is.

        Praying for all Alienated Parents on this day.


      • greg


        Illinois House of Representatives, View’s Parental Alienation, as a “form of Child Abuse”…………..

        May All Jurist’s Rot….

  • The Baron
  • Shrek6

    Hey Dean, thank you for putting that up. It’s unfortunate that the reality for this lucky father and daughter, is far from what happens to everyone else in this situation.
    The vast majority of alienated fathers and children, never re-unite. Yes that is anecdotal, because no one has ever done a survey to find out, so I am only making a guesstimate on my experience personally and from what I know working in (internet) support groups caring for alienated parents for the last 10 years.

    In my case, I lost children nearly 30 years ago. They are adults now and I believe I am also a grandfather, but have never met my gandchild/ren. Still guessing, I guess!

    And after all this time what is it like?

    Well, it hurts the same as it did they day the bitch kidnapped my children and then set about brainwashing them.

    Can we please make sure that we do not blame the system here in the case of parental alienation. The system is simply a tool these psychotic murderous dogs use to further abuse the men they hate.

    More than 90% of the worlds alienators are women, because that’s what women do. There is a belief that if men had the same opportunity as women do to have custody more often, that they would perpetrate this crime at the same rate. I once believed this too, but not anymore.

    I do not believe that men have this inherently vindictive and nasty behavioural trait. And yes, I am speaking totally in general terms. Of course there are male alienators. I know several women who suffer like I do.
    But they are a single grain of sand in the desert, compared to the number of fathers suffering this abuse.

    The mothers can stop the alienation at any given point. The system only works as long as the mother demands it to.

    So let us never blame the machine for doing this harm to children and their fathers, and place the blame squarely at the feet of the women/mothers, because there is no other fact to consider here, unless you are a feminist trying to explain away her behaviour, by saying lawyers talked her into it. Buuuuullllshiiiiittt!

    It’s all driven by the mothers hatred, nothing else!

    • greg

      Bye the Mother’s Hatred, or any other reason the Parent will come up with.


      The Family Court(CRIMINALS), are the enforcers of Alienation(Child Abuse), as in my case, due to entering orders of protection, based on false accusations, which I proved where false, putting the Children on the oop, and consequently, My Son’s and I, have been Alienated, since 2006.

      2012, the year I started learning, as to why my life, is what it is……….. ALIENATED…. Depressed….

      Lock up All the Judges, here, in Crook County, Illinois.

      • Shrek6

        Greg, I totally agree with you 100% on locking up every single sniveling rotten mongrel in the family courts around the world, who have had anything to do with perpetrating what is IMHO the most heinous form of child abuse known to Mankind.

        But in the end Greg, the whole thing starts and finishes with the ‘say-so’ of the mothers who are the sole driving force behind this evil.

        Very few people are prepared to acknowledge this fact and very few people are prepared to believe that the abuse can stop at anytime.
        Everyone wants to blame the govt. And rightfully so!
        The problem is, the govt is just the tool that these out of control nasty bitches use to annihilate the relationship between innocent children and the father they love so much. The system does not actively seek to destroy this relationship, until they are asked to do it. Then they go in boots and all.

        It’s time we stop blaming a machine that for all intents and purposes, remains relatively benign, until someone pushes the buttons to make it work.

        We need to start blaming the women/mothers for what they do and start putting this out into the media across the internet, that it is pure evil to want to use the courts and the system to destroy the lives of children and fathers, by brainwashing the children into hating their fathers.

        Believe me, I know how the system works, because I’ve been stuck in it for more than 30 years.
        But all it does, is offer a child a bag full of sweets. It’s up to the child and just how greedy this child is, as to how many sweets it grabs.

        That is the family court/lawyers etc. They offer the women (not men) lots of sweets and in the majority of cases, the women grab a big handful, because it is in their nature to behave in such an evil manner, when they have their hateful hearts set on harming another innocent human being.

    • Raven01

      “More than 90% of the worlds alienators are women, because that’s what women do. There is a belief that if men had the same opportunity as women do to have custody more often, that they would perpetrate this crime at the same rate. I once believed this too, but not anymore.”
      They have custody and the opportunity to alienate 90% of the time also.
      Like violence PAS is not a gender issue. Feminists however do see it as one. One which gives them a rather large black-eye.
      So, they fight PAS being recognized as the child abuse it is because it would result in more fathers gaining primary custody. They are happy enough to hide behind “think of the children” but, disappear when there is a chance to actually help those children.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      [sigh] I didn’t want to say it because I was hoping for a message of hope that day on days when many fathers are despairing but you are correct: sometimes the kids, they never come back. My mother worked mightily to alienate me from my father and it worked somewhat, but we formed a relationship despite her. On my younger sister, however, it was pretty much complete, and my sister turned into an alienator herself. I’m sad to say in at least one case I wound up enabling her in being one, before I realized what was going on and I was being lied to.

      I think it’s been going on for a long long time.

      Today the most important thing is to spread awareness, and make people aware that it can happen early on so they can take steps early on to avoid the false allegations and to avoid the other traps. My own father’s biggest mistake, was trusting we would eventually come back. That too is a dangerous message. If you’re in this situation you have to keep fighting and learning about it. 10, 20 years ago, we weren’t even aware it could happen.

      I have to disagree with you about alienation being something inherent to female psychology. I don’t know that we’ve enough data to go on there. I know women it’s happened to. I think it’s just a family court system that enables women to more easily get away with this form of child abuse. And don’t forget all the new boyfriends/husbands who participate, effectively stealing other men’s children.

      But in the end, it’s the children who suffer one way or the other.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        It HAS been going on a loooong, long time. In the mid to late ’60’s, both my parent’s brothers had their children taken from them in divorce, accused of sexual abuse(a very NEW thing at the time, but still just as unbelievable).

        In one Uncle’s case, the son DID reestablish the relationship, while in NO cases did the daughters.

        My Uncle died in his mid 80’s, still believing every day of his life his girls would one day realize how much he loved them…it simply never happened. Both girls still live with their mother, unmarried, in their 50’s.

        Each one did come around at one point, but it was an outright $$$$ grab. They came around wanting this, that, buy me buy me buy me, then broke off and never contacted him again after the money tree was shaken to it’s last penny.

        This has now just happened to my nephew when he finally had to tell his 13 year old daughter (he hadn’t been allowed contact since she was a newborn) he simply couldn’t keep spending and giving her money – After a few short months of “Daddy I love you, will you buy me….” he once again was cut off completely after he reluctantly said “I can’t afford it right now…”.

        It seems to me there is an entire generation of kids raised with hate toward an alienated parent, being taught that their father is only worth what money he can be taken for.

        I’ve NEVER known a women whose children were turned against her in my life, and certainly never known one whose child showed up one day after the CS payments stopped offering their “love” in exchange for money.

        …how can a woman decide to take away a full HALF of their child’s flesh and blood?

        Does any child have so much love in their life their mother can decide to cut it by half and it makes no difference?

        • Shrek6

          OHPC, I have worked in internet support groups for around a decade helping people who suffer parental alienation. I don’t anymore, because the groups have been overrun by angry nasty women!

          The first internet support group for people who suffer, was started by an Aussie MRA giant by the name of Lionel Richards. Sadly, in 2004 he passed away prematurely of heart disease, after fighting to be reunited with his own children, which did happen just prior to his death.
          This man was the first ‘red pill’ MRA I had ever met and he encouraged fathers who suffered badly, to get the crap out of their system, so they could be better for their children. He always respected women, but refused to play their game and did not allow women into his support group that was for men only.

          Straight after his death, white knights and menginas took over his support groups and of course, the groups eventually disappeared.

          I have found that when there are women in these groups, the men either don’t come or the leave. The women dominate these groups. And yes, there are those who have lost children in divorce, but in my experience, many of them have lost their children because of their abusive behaviour and the courts order that they not have access to their children except for supervised access, but then join these support groups claiming parental alienation. And these women are fiercely feminist.
          I only know of a select few, who have actually lost children to parental alienation. The rest are disingenuous!

          I know that people will disagree with me regarding my take on whether or not alienating is mostly a female style of behaviour or abuse. I have looked at all the characters very closely over the last 10 years and this is the only conclusion I can come to. And yes of course, this is my own ‘very much experienced’ guess and opinion.
          This form of abuse, is of a particular vindictive nature, of which is not commonly found in men as much as it is found in women.

          Most men who have a beef with someone, will want to sort it out there and then. Most men do not have the energy to fight a battle for decades to punish the other person. yes some men will, but they are a very small minority.

          There is female all over this behaviour and it’s going to take a pretty hefty and comprehensive study to change my mind on this point!

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            In the states, for a woman to lose custody means she was really, really screwing up, or deployed in the military.

            I can just imagine how “charming” those women might be in a support group(deployment being the exception).

            I have a 4 year old grandson “out there” I haven’t seen since he was 10 months old. I guess not too many grandmothers would show up for support meetings.

          • harrywoodape

            I am interested in what you say about support groups for alienated dads being overrun by women.
            I have seen this sort of invasion.
            I am if the mind that a key goal with men’s rights is to empower more men to get active and help their fellow man. I believe that men can love and respect other men without it being “sexual” or “feminine”. My time in the military taught me that men can rely on and support each other. We are brothers.
            Women that support men’s rights are welcome but it has to be men helping men for men in the end. Too often a man has been taught to sit safely in the background while a woman fights his battle.
            My point is, you can’t or shouldn’t put a female face on the men’s rights movement…or a feminized man’s face either. Men’s rights is about men being OK being men.
            Men need to stop agreeing to a woman’s perspective over their own.

          • Shrek6

            @ harrywoodape.

            In the beginning, the internet support groups that I was part of, were set up for fathers who were alienated from their children (targeted parents).

            Like here at AVfM, the men were welcomed with open arms and allowed to vent their frustrations at the system and about their ex’s in the support group, without fear of being attacked or being chased after by the law. Unlike AVfM, the groups were private, which meant the archive was locked off to the public.

            The moderators started noticing more and more women applying or demanding to join up. So, without speaking to the general membership, they simply posted their intent to allow women to join. They then set up a pile of rules dictating the behaviour of the male members. Blue pill behaviour of moderators, who eventually showed themselves to be menginas’.

            The problems started immediately with the first female members. When any father detailed his experience, of course politely within the rules not to upset the delicate flowers now in the group, the women would jump in with posts criticising the poor chap and stating their view of where his fault was that caused the alienation in the first place. These same women, had similar experiences, but would not accept the same criticism placed on them.

            If a man posted anything about his ex wife being a “Bitch”, shock horror, the whole group of banshees would send in posts screaming sexual discrimination and harassment and demand the moderators ban this guy.

            After sometime, you would see the women starting to fight among themselves, which is something the men never did. The women were simply violent by nature.
            And I was in the end convinced that more than 80% of these ‘allegedly’ alienated mothers, were not at all alienated. They lost their children, because they were bastard mothers, but couldn’t and wouldn’t accept this, so they sought out groups like this to validate their lies.

            Even after I spent around 7 years working as a moderator in two different groups, I could not avoid the inevitable end result, which was the men leaving the groups in droves and the women taking total control of the group. It was even very difficult for me to post anything, because they were hostile to any male comment. These groups in my opinion are always targeted by feminist bitches, who claim to be alienated. There are some real cases and sincere women who have suffered terribly, but they are very few and only a drop in the ocean, compared the number of men out there. In the end I had to simply get out of those groups, to keep my own sanity, and also because I was no longer helping men. They had all left the groups.

            And Harry, contrary to the bullshit that the feminazi universities that teach psychology will tell you, there is no such thing as a ‘Feminine Side’ in men.
            Some men are feminised, but in the vast population of men, we are male and nothing else.

            If we are taught by our fathers and mothers to be sensitive to the plights of other human beings, that simply means we have empathy, not some bullshit feminine side.

            Anyone who believes this crap is fooling themselves. Men don’t have a feminine side, because we don’t need any such thing to survive in this world.
            We are empathic by nature, which is why we are the best protectors of family. Women are nurturers yes, but within relationships, they are the most and often the first to be violent and destructive.

      • Shrek6

        @ Raven & Dean,

        Thanks for your comments guys, especially on my opinion of PAS being a gender type of abuse. I have never wanted to wage into the debate of gender styled abuse, because I have only ever wanted to focus on the plight of the alienated children, who are destined to spend the rest of their lives suffering terribly for the crimes of their alienators.

        However, after all that I have experienced with both types of alienated or ‘targeted parents’, I have found that the behaviours between the two are very different indeed. And it seems that the perpetrators (male or female) do try pulling the same stunts sometimes, when it comes to brainwashing innocent children into hating the other parent. So, in that regard I would agree that male and female perps ‘seem’ to behave in a similar manner.

        However, when I have dissected the behaviours of alienation and its intended outcomes, I see mostly female behavioural traits, not male.

        Women, even within their own peer groups, practice alienation on a very regular basis. Women cannot help themselves. They have to form cliques where loyalty is demanded to one top bitch and if any don’t like it, they are scratched and bitten, till they leave. Those lower grade followers are brainwashed into thinking the top bitch is the Bees knees and that others, including their own family members, are nothing but scum.

        On the other hand, and this is in my honest opinion and experience working with men…lots of men, I have found that in general men may have this hierarchical structure, but most men will still go their own way to a point and will only bow to the demands of an over inflated arsehole for so long, before they give the dickhead the flick.

        Most men don’t care whether or not they belong to any clique or if they are considered good or scum, by their peers.. Most men, if they have come from good solid families and are happy in their own skin, don’t need to belong to any group, because men don’t need other people to survive, like women do.

        Men in general, don’t engage in bitchy behaviour, which is contrary to what feminists will tell you. I have in all my years working in large factories with both sexes, rarely ever found the men bitching or causing trouble among their own ranks. They either got on, or they simply quietly avoided each other and that was for years.
        The women on the other hand, would do the opposite, right the way down to cat fights in the lunch room or toilets. They can’t help themselves. They will practice alienation at every opportunity, to gain loyalty.

        Women, either among peer groups or within family structures, are inherently violent, bullies and there will always be a few bitches practicing alienation using the peer group members or children. It’s always been that way and I don’t think it will ever change. Men, in general and in my opinion, have never engaged in this behaviour.

        I guess we will have to ‘agree to disagree’ on this point. I firmly believe that if fathers and mothers were given equal outcomes of full custody, you would see a predominance of mothers perpetrating PA and that fathers would not do it so much.
        It’s just my opinion and I have no proof to back that up!

  • greg

    Jordan(18), Mother Victoria(Child Abuser).

    Luke(10), Mother Jules(Child Abuser).

    VAWA, should NOT be Reauthorized.

    Let’s start repairing America.

  • greg

    Last post,

    The Dishonorable Jurists:

    Roger Fein(retired???? voted out??? Hope He’s not capable of Harming Children, ever again……), Rapist.

    Consuela Bedoya(Retired). Rapist.

    Grace Dickler(#1 Family Jurist at the Daley Center). Rapist.

    Jeanne Reynolds(Skokie, Il). Rapist, Pedophile, as they all are.

  • Mr. J

    Shrek, I beg to differ…..It IS the system.
    They’re the ones willing to use the guns.

  • HurleyHacker

    Im with Shrek 6 on This. What are the chances?. Never give up? Why not?. We have to starve them out. Never give up??? Yeah right.

  • Mr. J

    I now believe most abortions are caused by fathers being alienated from their daughters.
    “Pro-life” people need to be educated on this.
    They would perhaps be the staunchest of allies if they could see this.

    • Shrek6

      Mr. J, I don’t know if what you say is true, but it sounds logical to me that parental alienation is one of, or the major cause of abortion.
      The destruction of the family unit and then society, has seen an explosion of the number of abortions performed each year.

      As for the pro-life industry. Yes they are trying to do the right thing with fighting against abortion, but they only do it from the point of view of women’s or mother’s rights, or for the health of the mother. Very little is said about the father or any acknowledgement of his necessity in the lives of children.

      They have not yet come to acknowledge that the issue with fatherlessness, is probably a major cause. It has indeed been proven to be one of or THE most prevalent causal factors involved in the dysfunction of youth today.

      First of all, we need to get these pro-life people to even acknowledge the rights of fathers with regard abortion, then we need to get them educated on the importance of fathers in the lives of ALL children, let alone girls.

      We have a long way to go!

      • Mr. J

        Yes……I only mentioned it because pro-life people are a huge huge HUGE demographic.
        If they fully understood all this, they could be a massive force to help all humankind.

        • Shrek6

          Mr. J, I have linked to my FB account a pro-life movement and I have tried on numerous occasions to get them to see, understand or even just acknowledge the important role fathers play in the lives of children, even from the moment of conception. All to no avail!

          All I get back from these people, is total silence. I can only take that as indifference or disagreement. What else could it be!

          We have to realise that radical feminism is strongest within the bounds of established religion. I am a practicing Catholic, and I am sad to say that the Catholic Church is a bastion of radical feminists.

          Forget about all you hear in the media about the Church being all about men and Patriarchy, that is all media hype. The feminists have control of a very large part of the Church, from the religious instruction of our children, through to the Catholic schools, colleges and universities. It’s that bad!

          And unfortunately, most of the women in the pro-life movement, may not be feminists, but they do like the benefits in society or should I say the ‘safety net’ that radical feminism has given them, and they have also swallowed the ‘men bad, women victims’ crap.

          I’m not sure how we will overcome this impasse. It is going to be a long slow slog.. But persistence will pay off…..eventually, if we never give up.

          • Mr. J

            I must say I’m not surprised by that although there are many, perhaps the minority in pro-life who REALLY do care and really want to know the truth and WILL act accordingly as a result if they were educated about this.
            It is maddeningly frustrating getting through the “chaff” with most things though, thats for sure.
            This is where the crassness in some of the “manosphere” can really hurt us though, too, ……all it takes for some people is to see that stuff once and they’re gone from the movement forever.
            Like you said, it is an enormous impasse, yes it is…..

  • greg

    I’m getting tired…. Thank you Bud Light Bottle………….and Xmas!! I have Lost my Son’s…… Forever……. False Accusations….. Family Court Rapists……… I can’t afford to pay these Rapists, anymore…

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Hey Greg, please send me an email to paul@avoiceformen.com. Would like to talk with you.

    • Shrek6

      Hey Greg,

      Mate there is a way over the hurt. Believe me, I suffered for many years, because I had so many mixed emotions that were tied up with losing my children. All I wanted to do was die!

      I think the worst emotion was anger and disappointment in myself for not being able to protect my innocent children. I eventually learnt to forgive myself and to realise that if I was gone, then IF ever the day comes they want to see me, then they will have lost the only normal sane parent they ever had.

      I wasn’t prepared to add to their abuse!

      Greg, don’t let this get to you. You must cut yourself a little slack and know that it is absolutely okay to feel happy and to have some good times with other people.

      The problem with losing children like this, is that we can’t go through the grieving process, like we could if they had died. Once we get through the grieving process, then we can have some small measure of peace and be able to have some happy memories.

      But with Parental Alienation, our kids are not dead and we cannot grieve the loss.

      Buddy, you need to talk to someone. You need to know that you AND ONLY YOU, are the only sane decent parent your children have. If you are not around for them, just in case they do come looking for you, then they have lost everything and their lives will be a whole lot worse.

      It’s a hard road I know. But with the help of your Mates here at AVfM, you can do this.

      Talk to Paul soon and see if he can help you!

      • greg

        I speak to someone every Monday…

        I Grieve… All Day…. Every Day…. I’ve Lost My Sons, due to False Accusations….

        Thank you Radar, SAve, Cotwa, Daddyjustice, avfm….

        for opening my eyes… a little bit…

        Dean,,,,Thank You, for posting A link…. at least I think it’s a “link”…. that the world, Entire World, needs to see, N comprehend……… greg… n E Steve Berkimer, has my telephone#………..

    • lionstorm

      My heart breaks to read what you wrote.

      • Mr. J


  • greg

    E. Steve Berkimer, has my telephone #….

    I clipped on your link, I think it was a link….. N I wind up in Batman land….. Luke would tell me, it’s Batman Land….N I just know nothing, anything about Batman…Land… He’s 10….God Bless My Son’s….. DAD’S ARE IMPORTANT…………………………………..

    May every Jurist, ROT, and Choke……..

    Lori B. Jackson ……. Where art Thou??????

    Mary Kellett……………. Hope you are in jail…….

    I have so much more……………

    • the Tired Low Social

      can someone find this guy in real life? he has me worried

      • greg

        No worries….

        Alienated Dad on Christmas….

        With a cupla Bud Lights…

        Thank you for your concern…..

        Happy Holidays

        • harrywoodape

          Greg. I would like to here from you in a post after you have some sleep.
          I feel a lot of emotion for you because I have felt that way too.

          • greg

            Holiday Blues are Greatly Exaggerated, when You are Alienated, due to False Accusations, from your Children.

            Every day is a new adventure. Force yourself out of bed(depressed), cup of coffee, smoke.. but then the Hope, Prayers, come, that somehow, someway, despite the VAWA, and the Criminal Jurists, the Natural Bond, Between a Child and Parent, Will be Restored.

            Faith, Hope, Love… Abide these three…….

            I think I saw that quote on a poster somewhere….

  • http://www.judgybitch.com JudgyBitch

    @ Greg

    Please don’t give up hope. My mother alienated me and my three brothers from our Dad, too. I grew up thinking he left us to starve, when really, she used every legal (and illegal) trick to keep us from him.

    I haven’t seen that witch in more than a decade, and my Dad is here with me now. I lost him for most of my childhood, but he is here now.

    Your children will not be children forever. They will grow up, and there is a good chance they will see what has been stolen from them, and then the piper will pay.

    I’m a grown woman now, with children of my own, but somewhere in my heart, I am still a little girl, and I need my Daddy.

    Your children, no matter how old they get, will always remain children in some small part of themselves, and they will always need you.

    What is happening to you is unspeakably cruel and heartbreaking, but your children need you.

    As hard and unfair and unbearably sad as it is to face each day, know that the day will come when they realize what they have lost.

    When they come looking for you, let them find you, one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find…

    and not to yield.

    • greg

      Thank you JB.

      Appears I was a little down on the Holiday.

      God Bless!!! And Happy Holidays to all.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Greg – this used to be an enormously active support group, but seems to have died off – I think they just aren’t snatching kids so much these days, which, I know, doesn’t help your situation.


        If Greg from Seattle is still active, he was a really great guy and helped me tremendously. A lot of those advertising help are most definitely out for $$$$.

        Happy New Year to …us!

        You certainly aren’t alone in this situation.

  • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

    The oft-trumpeted line is that all this legislation is ‘in the best interests of the child.’ Right…

    What these pundits should say is this legislation ‘panders to the misguided and selfish ego needs of personality disordered, neurotic and emotionally fragile females who are unable to apprehend the nature of viable and functioning personal boundaries.’

    The unconscious evil perpetrated by these mothers is absolutely staggering. What’s more, the part of the story that gets largely left untold here is about the abuse that goes on in the absence of the father. The constant invective against males – against the children’s father in particular. Some of the one’s I used to get were: “I can’t stand to look at you – you have a ‘smirk’ on your face just like your father.” “All men are useless – just look at your father why don’t you?”

    Then when the mother gets a new man in her life, there will often come the point when she will issue the following directive: “You are to call—–(insert the name of new ‘flame’) Daddy now.” I remember my mother saying that to me and my thinking “but he really isn’t my Daddy, he just isn’t…How can she ask me to call him that?”

    Parental alienation is not only child abuse, it is one of the most insidious evils that a parent can direct at their offspring. Denial and unconscious acting-out are no defense. Why so many females perpetrate this… can do this to their children is totally unfathomable to me. Aren’t women supposed to be the kind and nurturing ones?

    Aside from our glorious honey badgers, it really is time that those women, the one’s who really, really are ‘not like that’, start speaking out loudly on behalf of children everywhere. They need do call out this bullshit in their extended families and not of cow-tow to their innate gender solidarity. When they see their sisters or nieces (or daughters) playing these maleficent cards, instead of intoning “you go Girl!” why not say, in no uncertain terms, “what the fuck are you doing to your kids?”

    This state-sanctioned bullshit needs to end. Like fucking yesterday.

    • http://www.judgybitch.com JudgyBitch

      The unconscious evil perpetrated by these mothers is absolutely staggering. What’s more, the part of the story that gets largely left untold here is about the abuse that goes on in the absence of the father. The constant invective against males – against the children’s father in particular. Some of the one’s I used to get were: “I can’t stand to look at you – you have a ‘smirk’ on your face just like your father.” “All men are useless – just look at your father why don’t you?”

      Welcome to my childhood. The damage she caused my three brothers in immeasurable.

      It would have been kinder to just whip us with an extension cord.

      Oh wait. She did that, too.

      Snow White’s Evil Stepmother had nothing on my mother. And there is no punishment for her. Well, other than the fact that when she dies, we’ll hold a celebration, not a funeral.

  • Booyah

    Thanks Dean what a lovely video and delightful child with her lovely message of hope. It scared me a little as I realized how far away 16 was for my own daughter….

  • Aimee McGee

    Beloved’s Eldest surprised us by a 4 hour visit over Xmas afternoon, but could not cope with a happy bunch of 22 adults and children being nice to each other when we went over to my brothers place in the early evening.
    PAS gets kids wired to an emotional diet of high drama…so low key happy bores them rigid.
    When she asked to go home Beloved took her back to her mother’s and refused to engage in argument tactics including her cursing and swearing…
    Altogether eye opening…especially given my nephew is doing the course that she would cut her right arm off to get into and my brothers house has a music room where there were 4 teens all jamming…so this was her kind of paradise.

    Greg, I hope you are doing OK buddy. My Beloved rang me Xmas 2011, and pointed out this – his biggest fear in his 20s was being alone in a rented flat in his late 40s with no one around for Christmas Day…he was living it and it was a whole heap better than the hell he had endured over 16 years of crazy

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ David King

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