Working men, heroes and corpses

I recently found myself in conversation with an individual, which lacking another label, I’ll describe as a working man of the old school. In his own description, this is somebody on the job on time, every day no matter what. A man to be counted on. One who does not take days off, no matter what. A man who doesn’t complain of hard work or hard conditions, or blistering heat, or numbing cold, or injury, or pain, or disregard as a human, or despair. A real man.

I’m confident he is exactly what he describes himself as. A man who is strong, reliable, honourable, and stoic. And I also know this man takes a rightful pride in these qualities, and defines himself in part by his utility to others. My own characterization, not his.

He is definitely a real man. I also know that in our struggle for recognition of men and boys as human beings , it is this man and men like him who built and maintain the world we live in.

And what I told him was that he is what we are fighting against. Men who define manhood by being sacrificial beasts of burden. I told him this attitude is exactly why women, such as the female hosts and the female audience of a daytime TV show feel justified in treating the mutilation of a man as comedy.

And although I maintain that this self definition of male identity by men willing to work themselves to death , or to step between a bullet and a child or a woman in self sacrificial defence is what fuels and supports a runaway feminist ethic of hatred of men and disregard for their humanity, at the same time I have to recognize the greatness of what men like this represent. And who am I to tell any man he cant be that hero.

The problem is in the economy of human esteem, in which men are valued by utility, and devalued as human beings, denied consideration and that sacrifice used as the meter of their manly worth.

Men like this are great men, but their greatness and their self selected sacrifice is reflected back on themselves and on other men as required sacrifice by a culture who regards disposability as worth.

The guy who always shows up for work, sick or healthy? That’s him. The guy who never sees a doctor. The guy who in his conversation admits to serious health issues over the years. And in his next utterance points out that but over time he either stopped noticing them or they just went away.

A man who sees himself as a wooden robot, bark skin stretched over a sold core. Like a tree, only the outside, only bark is truly alive.

In his own words born and bred for sacrifice, for the common good.

This is a real person, a real man, and a valid human being. And to my ears, these words are the words of a slave, in bondage to a world which demands his life’s service, but a world which denies his humanity except in that act of sacrifice.

Without men like this, our world will fall in on itself. But without men like this, willing to serve as the disposable bodies of a feminized culture, we would not need to withdraw our sacrifice and protection.

The greatness of men like this one is truthfully what levered humanity from a survivalist, pre-civilized existence, into a modern safe, well fed and housed modern world. Men, and the corpses of men like the man I call the old school working man, are what paved the way for civilization. And now, the continued willingness of men to sacrifice, to be heroes is what no longer serves us. It’s what enables and supports a growing culture of feminized entitlement, childish self indulgence, lack of human empathy, and which retards the adulthood of our culture. Heroes as great as they are, and as much as they are owed, have got to go.

“We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man…. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers, I assure you. And every few years a new lot is laid down and run over; so that, if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail, others have the misfortune to be ridden upon.”

~1854: Henry David Thoreau

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  • droobles

    Cheers for the inspired message. You put into words something that has been bothering me for quite a while, for that is the identity crisis a lot of men are going through. To give up the image of the real man, because honor and altruism are not seen as human qualities but just opportunities for people to use you.

    The question is: What lies beyond that? What bothers me is that to change our ways is to, somehow, go against our own nature and I feel that is a consequence of feminism, to go against nature. Is men changing their ways a way to support feminism, to give up human nature the same way they try to do (mostly with the gender issues)?

    So I am stuck, trying to fulfill what I feel is the representation of a man and avoiding the traps society is laying before me and everyday is a loss. In the end I agree with you Jon, it just saddens me that what you say is so true.

  • dhanumis456
  • Tim Legere

    One small error. The sixth paragraph begins with “The problem them …”. It should be “The problem then …”.

    • Raven01

      9th paragraph, “sold core.” Guessing not cold sore but solid core?
      Thank-you, John. This is something I will definitely have to chew over. I see the necessity of such men but, believe it should be a conscious choice and there should be rewards to offset the loss of such a choice. The same as I see a whole family as (except in a very small number of cases) as the best option for children and therefore future generations of our society.
      I am thoroughly convinced some people prefer to be sheep. What we need is balance, an option for those that choose to not trade in years of their lives and the quality of those years for whatever reward there may be.
      As it stands now, such men are more often than not punished for their sacrifice rather than rewarded. To me this makes these men rather thick.

  • Kimski

    “Without men like this, our world will fall in on itself.”

    I wish they would all just stop doing the things they do, if only for a while.


    I think a lot of the problems men and boys face every day would be solved, if the pampered & protected, including the Perpetually Confused, got a wake up call of that magnitude.

    Men owns this planet. They have payed a dear price in tears, blood and sweat, as well as self sacrifice on behalf of others, and it is time somebody woke up to that simple fact, and started to pay a little back in return.

    If feminists can claim victimhood, based on things that were done to other women by other men in the past, I think Men should start claiming ownership of the world we live in, based on who built it.

    And from where I’m standing, it looks like the rent is waaay overdue, that’s for damned sure.

  • Zorro

    I would like to propose that this article be burned onto a 2×8 pressure-treated plank and shoved down Hanna Rosin’s throat.

    Just a thought.

  • Rog

    Keep your pride and disposibility i started to work for cash long ago to do the stuff i wanted to do, not give away to some shopping mall queen, if sick i stay home, if overtime is needed i expect dbl pay, no sir i watched my dad kill himself for decades for what? he got a watch?
    i might not be a hero but im only a slave as much as to my own spending habits and they are nil, i have a buddy who works 4 months a year and lives very simply with what he makes for the other 8 (red seal welder 80$/hr) and is single (has been for years), but his family seems to think he should “settle down” and work more, have kids ect,, meanwhile he`s living the dream of every married guy i know, hits the car shows whenever he wants goes on vacation(and takes me if i want to go!) new rifle for hunting when he wants ect, yet somehow his success is looked at as failure without a woman involved (horsecrap)he wont work himself to death either but the problem is that there are 3000 guys lined up behind him to take his place when he takes his layoff slip so even if you convert enuf guys to stop production they will import workers as needed to fill the spots left open and you wont have a job to go back to…

    nope not playn that game…

  • Rog

    in reality i think the future is in mens financial strength and saving habits,,

    honestly why dont men transfer their property to family members before marriage and pay that family member rent? (mom dad ect) same goes for business? why havent men set up a trust where its a blind trust and you pay rent to the trust to pay your mortgage for you? not sure of the legalities of this but there must be a way for men to keep from being robbed blind in a marriage?

    i also think a trust to pay your child support into for your childs college or down payment on a house is a good idea (instead of the state stealing the money from your child by subtracting it dollar for dollar off what the mother receives from social assistance) the fund could be setup to be accessible at age 21-25? or for schooling?

    • Rad

      I would imagine that once the knot is tied, it is too late. And if one has not done that yet, the alternative is not some workaround to gain leverage on the marriage, the alternative is simply to not get married.

      • Rog

        before the divorce is initiated is when you will still have control.

        she wants to have a baby/get married then you should tell her that you want your house transferred to your parents name so YOUR house will stay yours or its divorce/ditch time (better to lose half the house than half the house and alimony and child support,, besides why stay/get married to any woman who would have a problem with this?)
        backbone guys we gotta change this crap and work with what we have….

  • Izzey

    This article describes me as “a real man”.

    That makes me an alien in the world of princesses and feminists. At the very least a conundrum, since I happen to be a woman and you have described most of my life.

    I have no complaint, hold no resentment, and expect no accolades for doing what I had to do as a human being with responsibilities.

    I will say, that I did not take the easy way out, and I did have that opportunity more than once in my life.

    Most men do not have that option.
    And even if they did, they would not take it.

    I wish more women were “real men”
    I’m tired of being in the minority. I don’t have many female friends. (I actually don’t have any…they are ‘acquaintances’.)

    My real friends are men. Hard working, unappreciated, men.

    • BeijaFlor

      You’re a better man than I am, Izzey, despite my dangly junk.

      (Desk job 36 years, took retirement when I could, and next week I’m sailing to Bermuda as “paying crew” on a Swan 48 captained by Tania Aebi.)

      • Izzey

        Thanks, Beija ;)

        Nice ride, the Swan….wish I could be there.
        Take pictures (Unless you are trimming the main, or tacking….winching….lol)

        • Izzey

          Next year, Beija….

          Tania Aebi will be here in New York.
          Hmmmm…a rally from my neck of the woods….

    • keyster

      There are Salt of the Earth women and there were many more among the pioneering settlers of the West.

      We don’t need Men to be less utilitarian. What we need are Women to be more so…but they don’t like it because they might break a nail – he said metaphorically.

      The only strong, forthright resilient women are in feminist fantasies – – and they’re typically other feminists stirring up trouble or getting an abortion or filing for a divorce or “standing up to a man” somewhere.

  • TCM

    Whenever I think of male overrepresentation among the homeless, or in workforce or military deaths, I am reminded of a quote by MLK:

    “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.”

    What this means to me is that it is not enough for us to merely honor the sacrifices of men in war, or on the Titanic, or the jobsite. It means that we must change the culture and our institutions which pressure them to feel like they must sacrifice it all, simply because they are male.

    A very nice article.

    • keyster

      They aren’t pressured as much as they do it because it validates their masculinity. There’s great satisfaction in sacrifing one’s self; knowing it’s done is reward enough.

      The story of male sacrifice needs to be refined and told more often, because it seems Feminism has made it an obsolete concept…to celebrate the value of men.

      Feminism (and PC) has even managed to infringe upon male sacrifice in the military, where politicians and the media tediously exclaim, “the brave fighting men AND WOMEN of our military”, when everyone knows it’s so disproportionately men who fight and die, it’s almost laughable to include the so very few women.

      What if one women died in a battle?
      Would they strain to say, “the brave fighting men and then of course that one gal from Ohio I think, who unfortunately died too.”?

      • Rog

        she might have died but it was from food poisioning back at camp while she was studying for another speedy promotion while doing knee pushups like a big girl…

      • Denis

        I would say that there is great satisfaction in altruism, but not at the expense of sacrificing one’s self. That’s going too far.

      • Strange

        “Feminism (and PC) has even managed to infringe upon male sacrifice in the military, where politicians and the media tediously exclaim, “the brave fighting men AND WOMEN of our military”, ”

        Aargh! One of my bugbears! If they want to be egalitarian about it they should just refer to ‘personnel’ or ‘people’. But no, women have to be specifically mentioned – even when there are none around!

        I’ve heard my Commanders having to include women in their public speeches. There are no women in my Regiment – we’re infantry.

        • JinnBottle

          Strange – You sound like you might be too young to remember, but during the Gulf War, it became de rigeur in the mainscream media to term it, “our brave women and men in the military”. I was, god help me, out in the San Francisco Bay Area at that time, and I recall the socalled “Quake Series” – between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants: Leading the opening ceremony was some baseball commissioner’s richbitch wife, coming out onto the field with her two fuckin afghan hounds (what those 3 had to do with baseball is a secret known only to assholes), and praising “our women and men in the military”. As if her fat ass could do anything in the military except shit.

          …Sorry, didn’t mean to piss you off all over again. ;)

  • AntZ

    OT: I really need guidance!

    I am pushing very strongly to get friends involved in the New York father’s rights rally:

    If anyone thinks this is a feminist ploy or a trap of some kind, or otherwise not a legitimate men’s rights rally, PLEASE let me know! I am telling everyone I know, and at least three men are trusting me, taking a day off work, and coming to NY (hello Steve, Chuck, Neil!)

    I have not seen anything about this on any MRA forum, and I am starting to suspect that this is another cruel David Futrelle troll. I would look like a complete moron to several trusted friends if we get to NY and there is nothing … or worse, some “stop the war on women” BS. This is just the kind of thing that Futrelle likes to do, so if anyone has any information, please tell me!

  • Rper1959

    thanks JTO, it is often difficult to distance oneself form the conventional understanding of “hero”, the hero worship that pervades much of our culture, and holds up false ideal’s of what men (and women) should strive to be. It will be difficult to change but change is happening, gradually a new type of hero will emerge

  • keyster

    The Hero is what distinguishes a man from a woman, otherwise he’s a eunuch of sorts. He overcomes adversity, acquires wisdom from it and gains the respect of other men and worship from women.

    Men will NEVER stop being heroes.
    It’s what men do.

    This natural galantry didn’t help allow feminism to gain such power and control over society, but rather it still exists in spite of feminism. It’s blatant apathy towards women’s demands, as “tuning-out” the nagging wife, that allowed feminism to permeate our culture.

  • Not buying it

    I live in Calgary, I have a 16yr old boy who supposedly be living with his mother whom I pay the child support to for !!! A child that doesn’t & hasn’t lived with her in little under a year now, he stays with me & his uncle or aunt! !!! , imagine I haven’t took a two week vacation in 3yrs ( self employed ), & to anybody who thinks there is more to the story than that since you are not hearing her side of the story, don’t take my word for it just Google or ask anybody who’s familiar in Canadian custody laws if that is legally enforceable, & by the way I fought her in court years ago , not for custody! ! but to see my child & get him out of an unfit + unsafe environment my child was in when he was an infant.

    It’s cheaper for me just keep paying her then to fight the injustice of paying her & supporting her style of living that her own parents do not approve of.


    I couldn’t careless how she lives since she is a full adult !! But I have something against supporting an adult whom I was never married to or been in common law relationship with.

    • Denis

      That’s fucked up that your still paying support. You have defacto custody, cut her off!

      • Poester99

        I don’t think you go to prison for not paying child support in Canada, but they have implemented the other penalties (license renewal etc.).

        Who knows, they have given cops the rights to apply penalties other than arrest at the side of the road, so I may be wrong. It’s probably one pen stroke away by a feminist politician and then we can get debtors prisons back just like the bad ol’ US of A.

        • Raven01

          Too late. Too late by decades and getting worse.

          Section V1, 41(7)
          For not filing financial statements.
          And, VI, 41(10&11)
          “(h) be imprisoned continuously or intermittently until the period specified in the order, which shall not be more than 180 days, has expired, or until the arrears are paid, whichever is sooner; and
          (i) on default in any payment ordered under this subsection, be imprisoned continuously or intermittently until the period specified in the order, which shall not be more than 180 days, has expired, or until the payment is made, whichever is sooner. 2005, c. 16, s. 24.
          No effect on accruing of arrears or other means of enforcement
          (11) An order under subsection (10) does not affect the accruing of arrears, nor does it affect any other means of enforcing the support order. 2005, c. 16, s. 24.”
          That gem is some real logic at work. Arrears continue to grow while in prison. So after your 180 days are up guess where you can be sent right back to?
          Further down the same section,
          “No early release
          (18) Section 28 of the Ministry of Correctional Services Act does not apply to the imprisonment of a payor under clause (10) (h) or (i). 2005, c. 16, s. 24.”
          So an actual criminal can get earlier release but, not some guy that lost his job or had his hours/pay reduced.
          “49. (1) The Ontario Court of Justice or the Family Court may issue a warrant for a payor’s arrest for the purpose of bringing him or her before the court if the court is satisfied that the payor is about to leave Ontario and that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the payor intends to evade his or her obligations under the support order. 1996, c. 31, s. 49 (1); 2005, c. 16, s. 29 (1).”

          • Poester99

            So, non payment of a support order can result in indefinite detention? I knew that we had fewer rights here. Basically *every* Canadian citizen is not in jail only based on the discretion of the police, *everyone* is breaking some law at any given time.

            If the 180 days is complete, and you haven’t made any money while in jail, can the judge just renew the order and throw you back in for another 180 days?

          • Raven01

            Technically speak no. Not indefinite. It is capped at 180 days, during which the arrears continue to accumulate while you have no hope of catching up. It would take a new proceeding once released from prison to put you back in there which is not initiated by any judge but, by the director of the enforcement agency. So, it could be more of a revolving door.

        • Not buying it

          They won’t throw me in jail but they can shut my business, take everything in my bank account, passport, drivers license, all of my income tax, any properties including residential, inheritance, ..etc, as a matter of fact they have more powers than the tax man because they get the first bite at any money or anything that belongs to any man, & I say man because it’s not the same way if it’s the female who has the judgment against her, I live in the mother off all feminazi land with out a doubt, Sweden & Australia don’t hold a candle to the Communist social feminazi regime here.

      • Not buying it

        I have been looking into it I even paid for legal counsel to find out , he advised me that since his 18th birthday is within a year & three months it could be not only cheaper to Waite till then because I could lose the case but the situation right now will make it more favorable for the so called child support (ransom money for not keeping it in my pants ) to be legally stopped which I am worried about, in any case I am paying for his schooling either way but I do not want to keep paying her what amounts to be totally legal but unethical & unfair feminazi alimony after all that time plus more importantly him living with me which is totally possible in this gynecrisy we have up her in Canadastan.

    • Poester99

      You know the problem is that most men think that this site and others like it that discuss, call out and work against all the misandric unfairness that has been designed and implemented by the female supremacist feminists, are full of wimps and sissies and that if the good real men just continue doing as they have done it simply does not happen to them.

      Well, it does, and if even a significant minority of the self styled real men thought it through for themselves, for their sons and even for the good of society, and agitated for change, things would change quickly. But they do not, and thus we are left with minimal resources to correct the balance which is being upset by the feminists and their “men in power” enablers using the endless resources of government and numerous very rich private foundations.

      As it is we end up converting one man at a time, after he gets the blatant cruelty and unfairness shoved in his face, by the power of state, and then comes to understand the hard way what the fuck we are working against.

      Although I’m not happy for your predicament (many here have suffered similar, or worse), I am glad that you are here and posting.

      Read up, and tell the truth to everyone who will listen.
      Change *is* coming

  • Not buying it

    By the way I didn’t comment for sympathy just stating the fact of my situation only but I will fight this new age called family justice in other ways for the rest of my life & that’s a promise to myself plus hopefully to stop this from occurring to others on a constant basis, & let me say this FUCK FEMINISM & all of it’s adherents.

  • Denis

    There’s a lot of personal satisfaction in a hard days work for fair pay, but I’m rather unsure about considering it hero worship.

    My Dad was old school like that, but it’s not my best memories of him that he worked in crappy conditions which cut his life short and rarely did anything for himself. It could have been much worse though, had he not been in a union. Unions are just group bargaining with large corporate entities for a fair deal. There’s nothing socialist about it, it’s just a business deal.

    • Poester99

      Yeah, I would agree with you to a point, but why do they always end up spewing the class warfare rhetoric and sending dues money to political parties which in many cases don’t get a rats ass about men and their problems?

      • Denis

        It is a class issue. Without unions there would be only a small professional middle class. Union’s raised the living standards of working class families and communities.

        All politicians are shit, but we still see guys here too championing the republicans. I don’t care who throws their money into which toilet.

        I don’t believe the MRM will ever get anywhere without giving up individualism and start acting as a group for the benefit of men. I really think unions are the best model and need to be infiltrated and emulated.

        • Poester99

          disagree, it would be and should be a large upwardly mobile professional middle class which would include blue collar hybrids like myself (I do construction work occasionally).

          Top down unions should instead be mostly bottom up trademen’s organizations and guilds negotiating for better deals from the oligarchs and other elites.

          it’s not perfect, but it’s better than the unions (big labour) colluding in concentrating wealth in among the elites while negotiating deals that are stupid, long term, for us peons.

          I agree, good idea to use a path previously travelled to build a power block to lobby for change. Do you think that the current labour union movement would be an impediment?

    • Malestrom

      ”Unions are just group bargaining with large corporate entities for a fair deal. There’s nothing socialist about it, it’s just a business deal.”

      This would be true assuming businesses are allowed by law to simply fire and replace employees who take union action. They are not, at least in my country (Great Britain).

      • Denis

        Well that’s the government interfering to prevent social unrest. In the old days the unions would just FTSU and make it very difficult for businesses that don’t want to be fair to workers.

  • Malestrom

    I actually disagree, there is no conflict here, that is not a ”real man” but a slave. I mean that literally. This idea that a real man sacrifices of himself and protects the weak is a very modern idea and not one I think will last. What do you imagine Tamerlane would say to this man? Or Genghis Khan? Or Alexander? These were real men, men who crushed their enemies and reduced their cities to ashes, to whom the weak were simply potential slaves.

    If you asked anyone before about 200 years ago what is the name for a person who lives to labour and sacrifice for others, they would have had no hesitation in telling you that such people are called slaves.

    • Denis

      Yeah, but if you call him a hero instead and give him respect and praise then he will perform as a slave voluntarily so that women, children and a few men at the top of the hierarchy can benefit from his sacrifice.

    • Atlas Reloaded


  • Codebuster

    And these men that provide, pamper and protect, bow down on one knee and say to their li’l lady-folk, “please, please, marry me, allow me to be your utility device, allow me to provide for your, to grant you all the freebies that enable you to be a stay-at-home sloth. Please, please, pretty-please?” And then they get divorced. And then he pays alimony. What a load of bullshit. Suckersville. Every time I enounter a man who has married a second time I have to restrain myself from blurting out in laughter. The first time is bad enough. But a second? And a third? Holy Mary mother of God.

    • tallwheel

      Fool me once, shame on you…

      And they do it all just in the hope of obtaining:
      1. Companionship
      2. A family
      3. Sustained access to sex
      4. Acceptance from society
      That’s supposedly all the incentive a man need be offered to convince him to risk everything. Indeed, feminists and the majority of society believe this is all men deserve in return for giving a woman everything he has. In fact, any man who has a woman should consider himself damn lucky that such a divine creature would bless him with her presence. If more men were aware of the sacrifice and level of risk these days, then maybe they would think twice. They are prisoners of The Matrix, that leads them to believe that they, as men, are masters of this world.

  • blueface

    Loved this article, JtO. As always, plenty to chew over.

    For me, I don’t see the “real man” as heroic if he is mindless.

    For example, most people would agree that the war against the Nazis was a “just” war. Yet, on the battlefieds of Europe and elsewhere “real men” fought on both sides. They fought to the end, defended to the last, made the ultimate sacrifice etc. etc.

    This is because, on both sides, orders were orders and “ours is not to reason why…”

    In other words, these “real men” will fight for a noble cause or an evil one with the same tenacity and sacrifice.

    In my view a “real man” is a man of integrity. A “real man” looks beyond the easy answers of “orders is orders” to the actual consequences of his behaviour, and the behaviour of the groups he serves.

    A “real man” takes responsibility for the behaviour of these groups (this is not the same as me being responsible for women not having the vote in the 1800s) as well as his own.

    A “real man” values himself, his health, his wealth, etc. as much as he values others.

    A “real man” ensures that his service is not only valued, but put to good use and rewarded or his service is removed.

  • gingerbred

    I hate feeling like just a workhorse. I feel damned if I stick with what I have and damned if I were able to get a high paying job. If I were to stay bussing tables, become a flight attendant, a rental car agent, a merchant marine, it seems as if there is no escape from servitude towards the fairer sex. If I were bussing tables, I would be looked at as scourge of the earth, whereas if I were a CEO, I would be looked at as a man in power for the benefit of females who wish to take advantage of my resources. I do not hate the fairer sex as a collective but the ones who abuse their power over us through “white knights” or the courts system. It’s a damn shame we don’t have true equality in our nation.

    The preamble should read, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all HUMAN BEINGS are created equal.”

    I wish I could march up to every courthouse and tell them with the one finger salute, “Go fuck yourselves. You do not give a shit about us as human beings, but rather how much power and agency you have over us, the hard working citizens and how you can abuse it at will while you overlook the crackheads or the female child molesters who are too pretty to go to jail.”

    I took the whole weekend off just to feel like a human being for a change. Granted I didn’t earn any extra money as a result, but I just didn’t care. There has to be more to life than just “work, pay, and die.”

    I guarantee that by the time I return to work, I will get a comment from a female that says, “We missed you so much. The last few days were hell because the other guys sucked.” It makes me wonder: Does she miss ME as a human being or the SERVICE I provide?

  • Auntie Pheminizm


    > “…honor and altruism are not seen as human qualities but just opportunities for people to use you.”


    What do you call a man who gets played for a sucker who won’t admit it?


    What do you call a man who, played for a sucker, attacks anyone who points out he’s been bamboozled?

    Certainly not “great.”

    Look. a lot of men THOUGHT they signed on to an agreement whereby they bit the bullet so they could provide for their families…who, in turn, would appreciate their sacrifices. And love them. And SHOW their appreciation in sundry day-to-day acts.

    Yet here we are today, hectored to “honor” women who do what cows and insects do: replicate.

    Meanwhile the guy who sacrificed his time, labor, and LIFE gets disparaged…routinely kicked to the curb, his assets and kids taken by Muffy, because she feels “unfulfilled.” And instead of getting angry and becoming an MRA, the sap attacks US for pointing out he was played.

    Beezjuzz! You can’t reach such men. They will have to die out. Hopefully we can reach their sons…who will show more REAL balls than the suckered shlump who, maligned and massacred by misandry, can’t cope with the Truth.

    Look, I don’t give a shite how many machinegun emplacements some yahoo stormed for his “country” if, when he sees how contemptuously that country treats him in peace time, finds it easier to attack the MRM than join it and us. To me he’s just a clueless douche.


    • droobles

      I would like to agree more with you, but I feel bad giving up hope for that dying generation of men.

  • Tawil

    The man in the description identifies with stoicism, and like him all males are asked to identify with stoicism for time immemorial.

    After falling over and hurting himself the typical stoic jumps to his feet and calls to onlookers, “I’m good!”…. he’s back on his feet ignoring the pain.

    Unfortunately tstoicism has recently been pathologised as a new psychiatric disorder named ‘Normative Male Alexithymia’ – a diagnosis applied to each and every North American male, and to all the men of the world.

    Normative Male Alexithymia refers to a supposed inability of any male to recognise emotion, or to even be aware of emotions in themselves or others. All males are claimed to be emotionally blind (ie. alexithymic), a trait which until recently referred mostly to people on the autism spectrum. Now all males supposedly share this trait. For more on this see:

    Normative Male Alexithymia is the brainchild of feminist scholarship designed to replace the term stoicism. It is possibly going into the DSM-V next year.

  • Tawil

    The man in JTOs description identifies with stoicism, and like him all males are trained from boyhood to identify with stoicism. Stoicism today is defined simply as supressing emotion in stressful or painful situations.

    After falling over and injuring himself the typical stoic jumps to his feet and calls to onlookers, “I’m good!”…. he’s back on his feet ignoring the pain.

    Whilst there are positives and negatives associated with the stoic disposition it has recently been pathologised as a new psychiatric disorder named ‘Normative Male Alexithymia’ – a diagnosis applied “to each and every North American male”, and to all the men of the world. We are all now sufferers of this disorder simply by the fact that we are male.

    Normative Male Alexithymia refers to a supposed inability of males to recognise emotion, or to even be aware of emotions in themselves or others. All males are claimed to be emotionally blind (ie. alexithymic), a trait which until recently referred mostly to people on the autism spectrum. Now all males supposedly share this trait. For more about the creator of this disorder see:

    Normative Male Alexithymia is the brainchild of feminist scholarship designed to replace the term stoicism. It is possibly going into the DSM-V next year.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “…I have a 16yr old boy who supposedly be living with his mother whom I pay the child support to…”

    And, er, you become an MRA…when?

    You’re being shafted because the feminist ARMY passed laws to harm men-en-masse. Did you really think you’d dodge their bullets? Or be able to fight back alone?

    Do you think one woman created the laws that now ruin your life? You act shocked, shocked that a lone man fighting alone can’t defeat an…army?


    WTF happened to men? I thought we were smart. Yet millions of guys endlessly get reamed now because they refused to unite and fight back then. You know, when feminists– not Martians– changed laws. Guys preferred to gather, support, and watch SPORTS teams.


    How’d that work out?

    Did you really think only “bad” men got screwed by divorce laws?

    Of course, when a guy gets screwed personally, then and only then does he look for help. And finds men like himself who can’t be “bothered” with the MRM. Because, you know, only “bad” dads get screwed.

    And if/when they “wake up,” they’re too burdened by support orders, etc. to help other men with time or money.

    So the sick cycle continues.

    Feminists love it.

    I’ve seen the phenomenon for decades: guys refuse to fight for men’s rights yet expect help from a movement they refused to support when there was time. They bought into the “men have all the power” myth.

    Until it bit THEM in the arse.

    Then it’s too late.

    Millions of boys must ask “What did you do doing the Gender War, Papa?” ,

    Mostly nothing.

    Guys let their own flesh and blood be taken away by Ms. Andry. Yet they argle-bargle about being “real man.”


    What do you expect to happen when your opponent is active, savvy, and effective and your side does little or nothing?

    Forgive me, but I’ve heard the same sad tales for half a century. Men let this happen. My sympathy account is tapped out.

    When you refuse to oppose an enemy, you forfeit the right to complain about its peace terms. If you’d donated even 10% of the money the courts now demand of you to the men’s movement you wouldn’t be in the soup you’re in today.

    • Not buying it

      And er you becoming an MRA…when, I don’t know what you mean by that but I sure don’t like the tone of it, & by the way I have been fighting the feminazi cunts before my kid & before I know what the fuck feminism is for your knowledge! !! Don’t assume things.

  • Roderick1268

    Corr, this is good stuff JTO.
    Work we need to do on ourselves.
    Set up to be everyone else’s arsehole.
    Deep stuff about identity and worth.
    Nobody respects a sucker, especially the sucker himself.

  • droobles

    I am trying to find an article from Vigo University about prostitution in Spain. It was written by Águeda Gómez Suarez and it was published on this webportal

    Basically, it says men hire more prostitution then women because they can separate love from sex, but then the author agues that men do it because they want to keep a dominant image. I’ve never heard people bragging about how many prostitutes they have slept with, obviously men do it because of the sex, first and foremost.

    It tires me how feminists try to associate everything a man does with some need of domination of everything around him. I guess if they don’t have that the whole feminism movement just crumbles.