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Why Rape is Seriously Hilarious

Why do people think that boys being sexually abused by an adult is totally cool and that they “scored”? Because society gives them no other choice. The following performance piece by Andrew Bailey exposes the reality in a direct and moving way.

Why comments are disabled on this video on YouTube, I don’t know. But feel free to comment here. PE

Meanwhile, a woman gets 12 months in jail for repeatedly raping an 8 year old boy.

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  • Dr_Tara_J_Palmatier

    Wow. That was powerful.

    • Draigo Luther

      Powerful, eye opening and disturbing…All at the same time..

    • Turbo

      Powerful for sure, I sure hope he was acting because you can feel his pain.

  • TarnishedSophia

    Already reblogged this at my place from Toy Solider a while ago. It’s sad, but the message *needs* to be said.

    “Why comments are disabled on this video on YouTube, I don’t know.”
    I’d say it’s to prevent the inevitable flame wars of male survivor detractors/deniers. Without the threat of idiots or male rape apologists, it can be used solely to reach out to those who will benefit from knowing they’re not alone.

  • David King

    If that was an act, the guy should be in Hollywood making big-budget films.

    • TarnishedSophia

      According to the YouTube synopsis/detail, it’s based on a monologue…but yeah. Even if this isn’t the man who initially said it, the empathy and pain is quite clear.

      • David King

        It’s very hard to fake the non-verbal cues in that clip. Good actors can, but not the general population.

        • TarnishedSophia

          Agree 100%.

  • Bombay

    One powerful video. The tearing of the eyes says it all. Thank you VenerableB.

  • Doug Lefelhocz

    Sounds like a textbook definition of “defense mechanism” to me.

  • Tom Golden

    Great piece. Very powerful loading when he says the truth, men must hide their pain, and then goes back to saying Rape is Hilarious, “because I have to.” That tells the story in a powerful way.

  • donzaloog

    That was deeply moving.

  • ThirdOfOctober

    Oh, that last bit is so painful.

    A pox on those who would laugh or ignore male rape victims.

  • Bombay

    I posted this video to a local site and got this response:

    “My only question is where were these teachers having sex with boys when I was in high school?”

    Typical “real man” response. I would like to hear some good comebacks. Thanks.

    • ThirdOfOctober

      Some people are never going to “get it”.

  • earth one

    Good points – I don’t agree with you on all of them – mainstream and liberal media are both responsible for telling these stories of women sexually abusing boys/youth like they’re secretly some kind of prurient entertainment. You see it on sites like Huffington Post all the time – always on the right-hand column, where all the eye-catching celebrity, entertainment and ‘self’ news can be found – news primarily targeted at women.

  • earth one

    I’m no fan of Huffington Post and many other politically correct progressive outlets, but at least my criticisms are focused on attacking all sources of the problems that many males face rather than cherry picking these in a reactionary way.

    The reason I go out of my way to point out that liberal media sites like Huffington Post are such grave offenders when it comes to laughing at male victims, is that I myself used to be a liberal. I am deeply offended and feel deeply betrayed by the hypocrisy that liberals are so good at, and my honest opinion is that liberals need to be exposed for their hypocrisy, more that ‘TradCon’s’ because Liberals are so good at covering their shit up with platitudes.

    I have fallen so far from “Liberal” that I now consider myself progressive.

  • David King

    As mentioned by TarnishedSophia down thread, the synopsis on that video makes it clear that it was part of a “monologue originally performed at the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret in June of 2012″ that was “Written and Performed by Andrew Bailey”. But evidently, there’s no reason it can’t both be acted and real.

    Don’t infer too much from disabled comments. It may just because the guy doesn’t want to deal with the feminist trolls that would inevitably show up and try to hijack and dilute its powerful message.