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What Is Stop Violence Against Men Day?

Stop Violence Against Men Day – which occurs on the first day of every month – is a day in which people are reminded that violence against men is just as wrong as is violence against anyone else.

After all, men are human beings too!

Furthermore, violence against men is, and has been, a huge problem right across the planet – for many thousands of years, spreading misery among millions of people.

Indeed, wars throughout the whole of history have, essentially, been wars against men.

True, most of the perpetrators are men, but any intelligent person knows full well that any victims of violence are victims of violence; regardless of who is the perpetrator.

And yet people nowadays seem to think that if, for example, men are violently assaulted by other men, then the assaulted men just do not count as victims.

Male victims are simply swept under the carpet

These male victims are simply swept under the carpet, psychologically speaking, and they are cunningly disappeared from view.

Indeed, the official domestic violence statistics also sweep them under the carpet by specifically excluding male victims of domestic violence if the perpetrators are men.

There is no moral justification for this. It seems to be just a ploy to hide the true scale of the problem of violence against men.

Indeed, many media organisations such as the BBC bend over backwards to hide the sex of the victims of just about anything whenever these victims are men, but they highlight and headline their sex to an almost embarrassing degree whenever these victims are women.

Men dying from prostate cancer become ‘patients’, ‘sufferers’, ‘people’, ‘hospital inmates’, ‘those afflicted with the disease’.

When men are killed in, say, Iraq, then they are ‘Iraqis’, ‘ Americans’, ‘insurgents’, ‘terrorists’, ‘troops’, ‘soldiers’, ‘recruits’, ‘combatants’, ‘fighters”, ‘pilots’, ‘crew’, ‘the enemy’, the ‘allies’.

When men die in mines then they are ‘miners’, ‘excavators’, ‘workers’, ’employees’, ‘locals’.

Whenever any victims are women, however, then they are “women, women and women”.

The appalling levels of violence directed at men throughout
the whole of history is often craftily discounted

Similarly, the appalling levels of violence directed at men throughout the whole of history is often craftily discounted by pointing out that it is men who have mostly been at the heads of the powers that have inflicted this violence.

And this is true.

For example, the reigning monarchs in Europe for the past 1500 years or so have been mostly men. And in earlier times, the great leaders of, for example, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome were nearly always men.

But these rulers and their elites have both gained and used their powers mostly by enslaving and/or slaughtering millions of men.

Indeed, it is mostly through inflicting violence upon men, or threatening to do so, that they managed to accrue so much power – and to hold on to it – in the first place.

Essentially, violence against men was the route to power.

(For the most part, and comparatively speaking, the women were mostly left to get on with their reproductive roles and their domestic chores.)

History provides us with countless examples of men being slaughtered or enslaved with impunity, with millions of men also being forced into becoming soldiers in order to serve their rulers; oftentimes also being heavily indoctrinated with carefully-crafted mumbo-jumbo in order to turn them into mindless sacrificial drones willing to serve their masters.

Nowadays, in western countries, the situation for men is not so bad.

The vast majority of victims of violence – unjustified violence, that is
– are men

But it is still the case that the vast majority of victims of violence – unjustified violence, that is – are men.

This issue needs to be addressed rather than ignored.

But while billions of dollars in the western world are poured annually into campaigns designed to reduce violence against women, there is almost no money at all to support campaigns to do the same for men, even though men make up the vast majority of victims of violence; both at home and abroad.

And so Stop Violence Against Men Day is just an attempt to highlight this problem by making people more aware that violence against men is just as wrong as is violence against anyone else, and that men make up the vast majority of victims when it comes to violence.

So, please spread the word by, for example, linking to this piece, or by referring to “Stop Violence Against Men Day” whenever it seems appropriate to do so – especially on the first day of every month!

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  • Dennis M

    According to those scum on, if a woman hits a man, he must have been molesting the daughters. While if a man hits a woman, it counts as abuse. Men are guilty until proven innocent, while women are innocent until proven guilty. If that’s not bigotry, NOTHING IS!

    • alex brown3

      I think mothers molest the kids far more often than the father. (I know the stats will show otherwise, but I have seen women be violent with my own eyes in front of the police and not be arrested, what do the stats men when society doesn’t punish women and the police are out to get men for the most petty crimes?)

      Labelling someone as an abuser to excuse abuse is an old trick. It was old was an old trick when the Nazi’s did it against the Jews.

      • Shrek6

        I can’t seem to find this, but wasn’t there are parliamentary report done in the UK a couple of years ago, where they showed some study found that mothers were sexually molesting their own natural children at the same rate as the natural fathers?

        At the end of the day, I would never believe any so-called stats that show men are the only ones who do this or that crime.

        Women have shown themselves very capable and very willing to commit the most vicious and heinous crimes known to mankind. So as far as molesting children are concern, I would bet my big green fat backside that mothers molest as much as fathers do or maybe even more, because they know they can get away with it.

        • Partridge

          I found these two links:

          I remember seeing more recent statistics from either Childline or NSPCC showing a majority of calls from kids now relate to abuse from females, but it would not be surprising if these have been suppressed.

          • Shrek6

            Yeah thanks Mate. These are good, but I wish I had of paid more attention when I saw the article.

            From memory a politician brought some stats up in parliament detailing the sexual abuse of children by parents.. The only parent spoken about was the father. When this politician or dept head (I think it might have been some minister in charge of some child welfare dept) was asked why there were no stats on mothers who sexually abuse their children, this dept head said that they don’t collect those stats or that the dept policy was to not include them when reporting them to govt.

            So I think they told this person to go back and get all the information and bring it back to parliament.. When they did, it turned out that it was around equal between the mothers and fathers who commit this abuse.

            That is the only vague bit left in my grey matter. I know it was in the UK, but I don’t know the names of anyone. I have read so many articles over the years, it’s hard to remember which is which sometimes.

    • Bewildered

      Maybe we should start throwing this card back at them. Any talk of
      violence against women should be met with the response “these studies
      don’t provide context!”

      EXACTLY ! and many a times the context is deliberately not provided so that the illusion of a woman’s infallibility is sustained and dumbass white knights can go cluck cluck with sympathy.
      I suspect most of these IPV cases are physical reactions to sustained emotional torture that never gets revealed because of society’s bias.I am not saying that this happens in every case or that the reaction is justified but I am merely indicating that this could be a distinct possibility. Which is why every case has to be investigated thoroughly as a one off if you want true justice to be done.
      In the present scenario a woman needs to be a total dumbass to be found guilty of literally any egregiously evil things she might do.There will always be ‘convincing’ excuses to mitigate her crime.

    • Joseph Rivett

      Or ask them something like:
      “were the investigating police officers EVER asked what they witnessed, or their reports read?”
      “What does the FBI/RCMP stats say, when compared to the ‘statistics” put out by tax-payer funded feminist groups?…….
      We need to start making these “Violence against women” types BACK UP and PROVE their claims, err- LIES !!!!
      Or at least make them know that their rhetoric will no longer be taken without question, or challenge, and most important-
      We will no longer allow them to silence us with their tired, old “If you dare to question us, then you obviously support the victimization of women….”

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      “Men are guilty until proven innocent, while women are innocent until proven guilty”

      Even when found guilty, women still are not prosecuted. Perjury, false police reports, abuse of process, assault. And the judge just wags his finger and says “What you have done is illegal. See you don’t do it again”. And the same exact judge will see the exact behavior on multiple occasions, and will just issue the same exact response. the woman is NEVER held accountable in Family, or Criminal courts.

  • Seele

    Harry said:

    “… most of the perpetrators are men, but any intelligent person knows full well that any victims of violence are victims of violence; regardless of who is the perpetrator.

    “And yet people nowadays seem to think that if, for example, men are violently assaulted by other men, then the assaulted men just do not count as victims.”

    Pure gold here; if a man is assaulted by another man, only the perpetrator counts. But if a woman is assaulted by another woman, only the victim counts. If a man is assaulted by a woman, it never happened.

    • Dennis M

      Exactly. All that is ultimately saying is “men are genetically evil, they deserve to be victims of violence.”

      • Seele

        No wonder those making callous claims that things done by men are fundamentally evil, are still around and respected. Dworkin, for instance.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Don’t know about you guys. But I have been assaulted by way more women than men. And its far more frustrating. At least I am allowed to defend myself if a guy takes a swing at me.

      • ursafan40

        You are allowed to defend yourself against assault by anyone, regardless of gender. Women want equal rights? They need to accept equal consequences for their actions.

        • Andrejovich Dietrich

          In theory you do. In practice, Not so much in reality. The should accept consequences, but don’t have to. That’s what feminism is all about. All the freedoms and rights, minus the responsibilities and accountability.

          • ursafan40

            Jack Nicholson’s character in “As good a it gets” has one of my favorite quotes. He plays an author, who when asked “How do you write women so well?” , responds “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability”.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            I know the scene well. I am surprised it made it into the movies. Perhaps prior to feminism taking total control of media over.

  • alex brown3

    “Nowadays, in western countries, the situation for men is not so bad.”

    Really? I grew up in care and a single mother household. I think the situation for men is really bad. Women have social dominance over men now. Women can hit and beat men with near impunity, if the man fights back the woman has access to the police, state backed proxy violence. Men are considered so sub human by women, that millions of women are willing to kick fathers away from their kids.

    I think the situation is awful and threatens to destroy civil society.

  • Shrek6

    Harry, thanks for such a great article, giving us reason to pause and contemplate this truth that we have all known about, but for thousands of years, refused to talk about.

    You’re right about the suffering of men being swept under the carpet. In fact, during times of war the suffering of men is usually swept under hundreds of tons of dirt. Once they are lined up, shot in the head or hacked to death by machete, they are pushed in the ditch, then covered by bulldozers pushing tons of dirt over them, so that their bodies will never be found.

    Women cry for a time, because they have lost their income and protection, plus the fact they must now start to diet, doll themselves up again to try and entrap yet another man-slave who will pledge fealty to her, supply her with money and and safety.

    Yeah, kind of sounds a little callous, but to be honest, I really don’t know of many honourable women that exist today, who would actually morn the loss of a man they truly love. That they would not even consider the loss of income, property and protection. Very few of those types of women actually exist in this world today, because the overwhelming majority of women have been poisoned by feminism.

    The suffering of men is no different to the suffering of women. We all hurt and suffer pain that cuts us to our very souls. Why is it that only women are afforded the charity of empathy from society, but men are shunned and told to ‘man-up’ and get over it.

    It is now high time we start to change the history of this world. It is time we change the way the world views men and their worth.

    It is NOW time to show the world the worth of men, by men standing aside, remaining aloof to the suffering of women who can no longer find a man to enslaven and whom will remain on their own and barren.

    It is now time to tell the world that men will no longer remain silent and we will no longer simply walk to our deaths in times of war, at the behest of govts and women. We are human beings too and we are also worthy of respect and value!


  • RiseOfDivergents

    Violence against Men has always been there and it still exists, the only difference between the past and current is the extreme rise in female perpetrators. It is men who worked very hard to bring a system that was supposed to stop that violence to save the family, give their women and children a future of violence free society, the system that has voices and power of common families, the dream did not become reality rather it only got worse and our modern set of perpetrators include significant number of opposite gender.

    Angry Harry, Great Article. Thanks

  • alex brown3

    I think women do most of the violent in the west frankly. If we count falsely phoning the police on men, child abuse, using work place sexual harassment laws as social violence. Females are extremely violent, it is just their violence doesn’t get counted or noticed as violence.

  • TG

    walked into the local beer shop the other day and noticed on the counter a box of bracelets for stop violence against women campaign here in Australia. I said to the guy off hand……um yeah where are the Stop violence against men bracelets? Deer in the headlights look.

    • Seele

      Being a fellow Australian, have you noticed how the chainstore Priceline has re-branded themselves as for women, with chewing gum pink as far as the eyes can see? At times I am tempted to walk in and tell the manager that, prostate cancer – being one of several male-specific cancers – kills more patients than all the female-specific cancers combined; that’s what I tell those asking me to donate to female-specific health issue charities.

  • Ted Harrold

    First day of every month I will attempt to have a picture of myself done up to look abused and put on my G+ accout, just to see how many people notice. I think we all should do that on our social media pages (those willing and able at least) without saying anything by maybe “new shirt” or “loving my new haircut” etc to treat it as totally nothing, and see if people comment and guess the “source” (in this case I’m going to go for DPV) of the marks.

  • PlainOldTruth

    To be swept under the rug is to be “privileged.”

    “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die.”

    And then to gave a brain-dead tax-funded cult-indoctrinated social worker spit on our graves (and get paid a bonus for doing so).

  • MGTOW-man

    One of the reasons fems do not like men talking about violence done to them is that it shows women haven’t had it as bad as has been exaggerated. Violence done to women is no worse than when done to men by other men OR women. Violence is violence.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Women want to be total victims. While at the same time somehow also saying they are independent and strong. Only a feminist can push a Catch-22 story where she can play both sides of the story to advantage

  • Honordads

    Only a day?

    • Adam McPhee

      12 days to be exact, if it’s the first day of every month.

      • Honordads

        only 353 more to go…

  • Dash Riprock

    1500 years of indoctrinated disposability is not going to be easy to dismantle. But at least more and more men are becoming aware of the pitiless treatment society heaps on them. Thanks to people like you Harry.

  • John V.

    I like how you refuted the arguments made in both the original post and in the comments.

    Oh wait. You can’t. Because you know they’re correct.