The Ultimate Men’s Summit: Elam Speaks

I know what some of you will think. I am thinking it myself. Careful, careful.

Remember the “invitation” by the Good Men Project Magazine to add our voice to a purportedly fair examination of the men’s rights movement on their website?  Remember the knife-in-the-back set-up by Editor Henry Belanger painting us all as frothing, whining, tin-foil hat wearing nut cases, inviting his readers to deride and ridicule us – right out of the gate?

I remember it well. I put my trust in Henry and he fucked me for it. No problem.  Scummy is as scummy does and his readers still got a face full of information that they were clueless how to respond to in any other way than to follow Henry’s low rent lead.

Now, I am about to prove that either Henry was representative of all of blue pill society and that the stench of misandry-disguised-as-men’s-movement has spread everywhere, or that there is reason to think otherwise.

An invitation has been extended, which I have accepted, from the promoters of the Ultimate Men’s Summit for me to present at that event.  The (mutually) chosen topic is “Why some men are angry at feminism.”

I hope to speak well and in a way that justifies the incredible support I have been given by those who regularly frequent this website.

I also want to say that I refuse to allow my experience with Henry Balanger of The Good Men Project  to reduce me to paranoia or to alter my values to the point that I refuse to extend trust until I am given reasons not to.

I have spoken at length with Lion Goodman, the summit liaison who approached me regarding an appearance.  My impression of him thus far guides my conscious about participating.  He strikes me as a bright, energetic man who is overly but unconsciously influenced by feminist propaganda (like the other 99% of men). That being said, he also gives me the impression he is open-minded, fair, principled and genuinely interested in what I/we have to say.

I could be wrong, but that is my honest impression and I am going with it.

That being said, I would like to ask AVfM supporters to register for the event and give a brief call in to my interview (each segment only lasts 30 minutes) to add your thoughts into the mix, as well as to phone in and participate in other presentations.

Thanks again in advance for your participation. This won’t be AVfM Radio, but I won’t be sugar coating either.

My appearance there will be Thursday, June 16th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, US.

Register for the summit HERE.

Read my summit profile HERE.

  • Denis

    Feel free to post to their Facebook wall.

    The 2pm PST “Five Illusions of Manhood –and how to dissolve them” should be interesting.

  • Denis

    Warren Farrell is on in 10 minute…don’t miss it.

  • !!SPARTA!!

    I’ve heard three or so of them, and so far, It seems pretty legit…
    I’m really looking forward to those “Conscious Men” Gay and Arurujajio (or whatever his name is)

  • Lion Goodman

    I’m the one who invited Paul to be on the Summit, and I’ll be interviewing him. I’ve read all or your comments, and I have a few of my own in response. First, the reason Paul is on at 10 am is because we had very few slots left when I contacted him. There’s no reason to “bury” his talk any more than the other 50 people who are speaking during the work day. Most people will be listening to the recordings, not the live calls anyway. Paul’s interview will be available to everyone, free, for months, just like all the others.

    Second: I resent being called a mangina, or any of the other epithets you’ve used to demean me, or anyone else in our Summit. We are providing a comprehensive look at men’s issues – all of them – at our own cost, for free. Without trying to sell anything or promote any particular point of view. Here we are, working on behalf of all men, providing deep and significant conversations from a wide range of points of view, to educate men and free them from social programming – and some of you accuse us of having an evil feminist agenda. It’s shocking to me – there’s all this value offered for free, and your own anger prevents you from seeing what’s available.

    Third, I invited Paul into the program because I believe the Men’s Rights movement has a very important point of view that needs to be represented. The truth is, I wasn’t aware of the movement until recently, but as soon as I discovered it, I knew it had to be included, and Paul was the most obvious spokesperson. There is no hidden agenda, no bad intent, and no need to demean Paul or MRA movement. I expect to have a clean and open conversation with Paul, and honor his point of view in the same way I’ve honored each speakers’ point of view. This is a way to expand Paul’s audience, to bring more people into the realization that men have been oppressed as much as women. Why accuse and demean our intention in advance? Why not listen to some of the programming with an open mind and learn something?

    I request an open-minded approach to what we’re trying to do. We’re doing the best we can to expand the conversation about ALL of the issues that effect men, from the sociopolitical to the personal. Join us in that dialog, without diatribe.

    • Type 5

      Welcome Mr. Goodman,

      A small quirk of the culture of this website is that the vast majority of readers stop reading the comments on any given article within one or two days. Unfortunately that means only a small handful with read your comment here.

      I guess that makes me the Welcoming Committee. :)

      The truth is, I wasn’t aware of the movement until recently,

      Then welcome to the Men’s Rights movement, too. If you stick with us, you’re in for a hell of a ride. The question for us is if you will seek to understand us or merely seek to explain us away. In our jargon (stolen from The Matrix) will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

      …as soon as I discovered it, I knew it had to be included, and Paul was the most obvious spokesperson.

      As an armchair activist, I’d be fascinated to know why you selected Paul. I can think of a number of men well known in the movement who would have made good presenters: Glenn Sacks of Fathers and Families, Marc Angelucci of the National Coalition for Men, Pierce Harlan of the False Rape Society, Angry Harry in the UK. Why Paul Elam?

      • Denis

        The only reason Paul was invited was because Paul asked to be included. The very fact that they neglected to include the NCFM, which is the oldest men’s rights organization in America, is quite revealing.

        • Paul Elam

          Actually not so. I was invited almost immediately after posting that article about the summit. I did not ask.

    • Denis

      Welcome Mr. Goodman,
      You need to understand that men have reason for distrusting others who attempt to tell them what it is to be a man and try to define or re-define masculinity. Men have reason to distrust men who tell them that we are the source of all our problems and we just need to change.

      “Second: I resent being called a mangina, or any of the other epithets you’ve used to demean me, or anyone else in our Summit.”

      I read through all of the comments and NOBODY called YOU a mangina. As far as Gay Hendricks and Michael Kimmel the definition fits perfectly and doesn’t involve you. If you wish to defend the philosophy of Gay Hendricks and Michael Kimmel or apologize on their behalf to all men, then please do so. Your personal offense is without merit, while ours is well justified.

      Mangina: Pussy whipped male. Named due to the taking on of feminine tendencies rather than masculine ones. Caused by extreme need to seek approval from females to the point of eradicating his own self and becoming a servant eunuch. Is a man, but may as well have a vagina.

    • Paul Elam

      I am going to second the sentiments here, and reiterate what I said earlier. Though I cannot find an example of you being called a mangina here, I do agree that any hostility directed toward you is uncalled for and off base.

      I am going to repost this exhchange as a feature piece, but I will also say here that if anyone calls into my presentation wielding insults I will consider them a personal affront to me and to the intended mission of this site.

      I have had little contact with Mr. Goodman, but in all of it he has been professional, accommodating and quite friendly. He is doing his part, both by inviting me to present and by conducting himself like a decent human being.

      That being said, I hope, Mr. Goodman, that you can grow to understand the nature of the hostility you see here and understand that it is a product of abuse against men and boys, some of it being furthered by individuals who are presenting at the summit.

      I completely disagree with taking that frustration out on you, or by any form of guilt by association. I hope as you dust your sleeves off from this that you also learn something from it.

      This is a long repressed segment of the population that is just beginning to speak. It is not always going to be neat and congenial, nor would anyone who really understands the nature of the problems we are living with expect it to be.

      Please look at the video on this page and listen to MP George Christensen talk about the men in his country driven to the brink of insanity by the cruel injustice toward them, and indeed the ones who go over the edge and take their own lives, or horribly, the lives of their children at times.

      You don’t have to condone this to understand it.

      When we talked you spoke of men in your corner being on a spiritual path. That is a very good thing indeed, because that spiritual fitness is exactly what is needed to look at the anger and hostility of abused men and look past it to the devastation in their lives that it represents, and to extend the compassion they need and the moral compass to embrace the idea of correcting the injustices they suffer.

      You are welcome to join us in those efforts, but please understand that men who have been burned, over and over, men who have lost their children, their fathers, their reputations, their property, their dignity and their freedom, all in a world turned deaf and blind to their suffering, trust slowly, and with good reason.

    • Nergal

      Mr. Goodman, welcome.

      It would be against my code of ethics for Paul to invite you here and then for me to attack you, as I would hope it would be against yours for you to invite Paul or any Men’s Rights Activist into your domain to attack them.

      You will receive no hostility from me while you post here. I may bust your balls a little, like we do with each other from time to time, but I can assure you it is in the nature of camaraderie,or at worst, a civil disagreement.

      While I have not called you a mangina, I did indeed have harsh words, which I apologize for if they were not warranted.

      Men seeking equality with women before the law don’t have many friends,and as a group, we are generally mistrustful of ALL people who we don’t specifically recognize as friends.

      I hope very much that you will prove my suspicions incorrect and that we can all FINALLY start addressing the real problems of ordinary men without the subterfuge we have seen from others in the past, who are hell-bent on making sure that men do NOT get a fair shake.

      I reiterate my offer of peace to you,in the same spirit that Paul has welcomed you,and any of your fellow Summit members who do not pathologize masculinity, which I consider to be a preemptive attack on myself, the dignity of men in general, and all of our friends here which warrants a response of the same kind.

      Your civility garners mine in return.

  • Perseus

    I think this is a really important comment by Ray at 22:30:

    Of course, if we entertain the premise that “men are angry at feminism,” we reinforce the gender feminist lie that men have a problem with anger and violence. I’m immensely displeased that the hate movement of feminism has committed hate crime against me (and millions of other males) based in it’s Stalinist,hate, bigotry, and prejudice against all things male. I’m am immensely displeased that the evil gender feminist movement works to commit hate and violence against all males. I despise the evil that gender feminists commit and think many of them should actually be serving jail time and more for their hate crimes of violence.

    “Why Men are Angry at Feminism” may not be the right message. Maybe,

    “The Lies and Brutal Injustice of Feminism”
    “Anger is the Appropriate Response to Feminist Injustice”
    “Anger is the Appropriate Response to a Hate Movement”
    “Feminism is Evil, Anger is the Appropriate Response”
    “Feminism is Racism”
    “The Fake Victimhood of Feminism”
    “The Lie of Female Oppression”

  • Perseus

    I am trying to connect via web but it’s not failing. I wonder if the lines are full?

  • Perseus

    He’s talking about doing good strong things in a positive way by channeling anger, how appropriate!

  • Perseus

    Dude this blue piller, Sam Keen is fucking killing me !! Equality for womyns?! More womyn in parliament, equal pay.. OMFG..

    This guy makes no fucking sense at all, he goes back and forth with man should not be gender stereotyped and that they should be ‘real men’ like the tough guys, heroes from back when. Unreal…. His central theme seems to be that females get to define what it means to be a ‘real woman’ however the fuck they want, but a ‘real man’ gets defined by whatever the fuck society (womyn) want it to be. I can’t believe the magnitude of this mangyna.

    He cites all the fucking problems the world is facing, and says we’ve got to deal with that, and by ‘we’ he means men. Absolutely no mention of what the fuck womyn should be held accountable for.

    “Men behaving badly.. Arnold Shwarzeneggar.. Weiner.. Edwards.. make you ashamed to be a man.. fraternity boys on the drunk..” Unfucking real the level of white knight ‘worship wiimens, fuck men’ mangynacity that this guy has been able to attain.

    On sacrifice.. its men only.. no wiimens sacrificing here..

    • Nergal

      Go to the numbers.

      “Equal pay” is really unequal pay, because the monetary benefit of women’s job perks plus cash equals more money for less work.

      Men in power do not reflect the actions of 99% of us, the common men.

      Most of those who die for society are male, therefore, men get to define whatever a “real man” is for themselves. We have no obligation to those who would send us into harm’s way to protect their own interests, they are, by definition, a destructive force in the lives of men.

      Also point out his logical inconsistencies, any contradictions which are impossible or impossibly difficult to reconcile.

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  • Terry

    Good news! I got out of jury duty! Registration is on.