The Never-Ending Emotional Dilemma of “Sex Tourism”

When you’re bored at work and have very little to do, it can sometimes be fun to take an online article, remove nouns, verbs, and adjectives, have someone else give you some other nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and make your own little Mad Lib, complete with underlines.  You can also do it simpler by changing “man” to “woman” and “he” to “she.”  It’s not nearly as funny that way, though.  Well, it’s still kinda funny.  Look how innocent it sounds when you do it with an article on prostitution, replete with those wacky British misspellings:

“They interviewed 240 men holidaying in Negril, and two similar resorts in the Dominican Republic. Almost a third said they had engaged in sexual relationships with local women. Though 60 per cent [sic] admitted to certain ‘economic elements’ to their liaisons, they did not perceive their sexual encounters as a prostitute-client transaction. Instead they insisted they were helping the women, and the local economy, by giving them money and gifts. When asked to describe ‘girlfriends’, most emphasised [sic] how for them black Jamaican women possessed bodies of great sexual value. One 42 year-old English man who travelled [sic] at least three times a year to Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic said: ‘I’m not naïve. I’ve been around the block. I come for sex – of course the sun, but mostly the sex. I’m not coming to live and set up house with a girl. I just want some fun and good sex.’”

Well, at least you’re honest, brother.  Except, of course, that that was a woman in the original article.  It’s all about women paying for sex, not men.  Thus, it’s no longer prostitution, but “sex tourism.”  Sheesh.

The article does at least mention that there are economic and even a few emotional considerations on the part of these beautiful, poor, black, rent boys.  It even briefly mentions colonialism as if it’s a thing of the past that we may not quite have atoned for (those of us who are white, who had nothing to do with it).  Perhaps a narrower definition of colonialism can be considered a thing of the past, but the article does mention the following:

“All the hotels, restaurants, cars and glass-bottomed boats in Negril are owned by Americans. The urban economy doesn’t even belong to the local people.”  (That’s not a Mad Lib, but that is my emphasis.)

It’s far easier to turn oneself into a rent boy when the economy on which you depend to fill your stomach is largely controlled by the corporations for which your “clients” work.  But let’s not talk about that, since it’s less interesting than sex.  Furthermore, since we’re talking about women’s sexuality, we can talk about it in nice terms instead of the horrid vernacular reserved for men’s sexuality.  This’ll be fun!

Here’s a slut woman who essentially tells it like it is for the majority of her sisters:

“When it came to leaving, I surprised myself by feeling quite gutted. I’d wanted to do sex without feelings, just like the men, but there was a definite trembling of the lips – for both of us.”

Well, honey, just for the record, “the men” don’t screw without feelings.  Perhaps a man is only paying for 15 minutes, but it’s 15 minutes of intense feelings.  That’s why he’s willing to pay, even when it’s illegal.  Maybe he’s lying to himself about something while he’s banging.  Maybe he’s hiding more than a few feelings.  I can’t read his mind, so I don’t know for sure.  Beyond that, your approach to sex is bound to be different for two reasons:

  1. You’re a woman, not a man.
  2. You’re an individual woman at that.

Your approach to sex ought to be uniquely your own, and it is destined to be feminine, not masculine.  You tried out something new, and part of you liked it, since you mentioned later on in your tale that you would gladly do it again if you didn’t have a boyfriend.  (By the way, why was that only mentioned in passing?  What’s going on in your head, babe?)  Therefore, what you feel about your sexuality is, I can guarantee, entirely different from the expression of sexuality by the sorts of religiously conservative women I knew growing up.  I can also guarantee you, darling, that those religiously conservative women expressed sexuality, in general, in a different way from the men.

I neither condemn nor apologize for any alternatives to traditional sexual expression.  My chief concern when it looks like an individual’s sexuality is about to take a seriously different turn is merely to ask whether children have already been created, and whether divorce may result.  If so, then whatever the motives, I would advise a great deal more introspection before pursuing any newfound desires.

However, it has been my experience that men’s approach to sexuality, when it is separated from traditional concerns that grow fainter by the decade in Western culture, is far more likely to display a lack of commitment and a certain separation from deeper emotions (but certainly not all emotions).  This may or may not serve men well, but once an artifical standard like “virginity until marriage” is abandoned, what replaces it is going to differ from man to man, sometimes quite a bit.

I remember a time in my twenties when I was trying to turn straight.  One of the things our therapists told us homos to do was learn to play sports.  This would ostensibly lead to more bonding time with “healthy” straight guys.  I had a roommate who taught me how to make freethrows, and I was down at the basketball court practicing.  I quickly discerned a few very interesting things:

The other guys didn’t seem to know each other.  If they did, there would have been a great deal more banter.  Different hoops around the court were taken by different groups of men.  Individual guys stood on the sidelines waiting for someone to “tap out.”  Another guy, with hardly a word, jumped in on my hoop to do his own freethrows.  Men came and went without introducing themselves.  It was mostly silent.  It was very strange and wonderful.  It probably seems unremarkable to readers who play regularly.

What’s remarkable is that I can tell you, and I refuse to get into any detail or provide any excuses for the way I’ve chosen to live my life, that the rules are essentially the same with the more open, even anonymous sex play in which men, far more than women, may wish to participate.  Just please remember that if a man, or a woman for that matter, wishes to jump into something most people would consider extreme, he or she should understand that the consequences, in this day and age, are entirely his or hers (and we ain’t talking about matching towels anymore, are we?).  No blaming The Patriarchy, sweetie.

Now, these are generalities, which ought not to be mistaken for prejudicial or chauvinistic rhetoric.  There is tremendous crossover, because each of us is an individual.  I’ve known more than one religiously conservative man who has only ever had one sex partner, and who gets up from the couch and leaves the room when something “salacious” pops up (no pun intended) on the TV screen.  Granted, in my opinion, these men are simply fighting “temptation,” the visceral desire to explode out of one’s penis, but in this regard they can always count on this more libertine man’s full support.  You are what you eat, and reap what you sow.  In short, my dear, it’s your sexuality, not mine.  But you did say you were in a relationship at the time that you got boned by a big black stud.  Why did you do that?

Can I show you how I see it?  You are younger than I, and things in our culture were quickly turning sour when I was growing up.  They are doubly worse now.

You are more than likely to have parents who divorced when you were young.  This taught you that love can die, and that people in whom you want to trust deeply are not nearly as reliable as you had been counting on.  Perhaps this lesson was unavoidable, but is it possible that there are lies you taught yourself at the same time, lies to which you tenaciously hold?

You were sent to a government prison called a “school” where you were indoctrinated in how to think and act like everyone else so you’d be less frightening to the “progressives” who care about all the unwashed.  The same government that educated you made and continues to make one false promise on top of another.  When this government keeps its promises (which is seldom), it normally does so in such a haphazard way as to close off, in your mind, the thought of ever doing any number of activities for yourself, because there’s a government program set up for that, don’t you know?

You were exposed via television to the rottenness of the culture in which you were raised, which has increasingly focused on slights and mistakes less common to humanity and society, sensationalizing and romanticizing aberrant human behavior (especially male behavior) completely out of context and perspective.  You were made to believe that women can be violent with men and it’s funny; not so in the reverse.  You were sold a great many products and services through this poisonous instrument, 99% of which you never needed.

You spend your time reading romance novels filled with lurid descriptions of the sex act, and because this literature is female-centered, you were told it isn’t pornographic.  The men in these novels are always perfectly sculpted with big, huge penises, and totally into the heroines, who are also perfectly sculpted.  The sexual technique of these white knights is amazingly virtuosic.  The orgasms that the heroines have are always complete, and deliver to these women’s minds the comfort and solace that real women once found in Jesus, something that orgasms really aren’t designed to do.  In short, my lovely little woman, you’ve probably been had.  But that’s your mind, and I can’t read it.

Since you can’t read mine either, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve been had, too.  You either recognize the lies and start dealing with them as an adult, accept your chosen path as the path that’s been chosen, and watch what happens on that path, for better or for worse; or, if you’re sick of it, you can turn around, walk back, and start over in a different direction.  This is called “self-regulation.”  So the next time you feel like black cock, perhaps you’ll ask yourself, before boarding the plane, what’s missing in the relationship you’re temporarily leaving (and probably hiding your intentions from).  You should also give yourself a gentle reminder not to fall in love with a poor black man who really just wants your money.  Enjoy your trip.

You see how much more pleasant it is to talk about prostitution from a woman’s perspective?  You get to explore the “client’s” motives and emotions, rather than endlessly discuss which punishments and government programs will shrink enough dicks.  So let’s put the Mad Libs and fun-with-pronouns away for a bit, and look at the dirty, disgusting sort of sex payments (the male-centered kind).  Another quote from the Independent, just not from the emotionally-laden article about women who “sort of” exploit men:

“Feminist opponents of prostitution see paying for sex as an expression of male aggression.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have suffered agression at the hands of another man, barking at me to get off his goddamn property while slipping me a fifty.  Everything a man does, even paying a volitional actor in a voluntary, brief-but-intense exchange, is aggressive unless a misandric feminist says otherwise.

It’s not prostitution; it’s “male agression.”  (Except when a woman does it.  Then it’s “sex tourism.”)  It’s not whistling; it’s “street harassment” (with a hat tip to Denis).  It’s not delivering a baby; it’s “birthrape.”  It’s not regret the morning after; it’s “date rape.”  It’s not naïvete; it’s a larger, heavier, hairier, muscular, lower-voiced, handsome, attentive, smiling, employed, moneyed, generous, flirtatious, teasing, sexually aroused beast who has some sort of evil, mesmerizing presence.  And a fifty.

Just take a look at that picture again.  Look at the position that young lady has placed herself in.  Look at what she’s wearing.  Now hear what the picture says to the male reader.  Explain how “male aggression,” which is so easily aroused at the idea of sex-for-money-and-no-commitment, is supposed to be kept in check when a picture like that is displayed.  Is the picture meant to encourage more of this “aggression” so that more men will get in trouble with the law?  Is there a possibility that some women (or even a lot) are secretly turned on by thoughts of rape, as long as it doesn’t really happen, and that talking about “male aggression” while simultaneously encouraging it gives some of these feminists and misandrists a little, um… “Jesus” moment?

I think it does, or at least it can, for some.  Therefore, I don’t think it’s something that needs to be encouraged.  So the next time I read an article in “The Independent” on women paying for sex, I expect to see something a little more hard-hitting, like:

Nine jailed after BOY forced into prostitution

“Nine women have been jailed after a 14-year-old boy was preyed upon and forced into prostitution…”

MASCULINIST opponents of prostitution see paying for sex as an expression of female aggression…”

Sex & the citizens: New prostitution laws explained

“…The aim is to target women that use prostitutes who have been trafficked or who are being forced into prostitution by madams or drug dealers…”  (Excellent.  Never go to the source when you can blame a woman!)

‘50,000 Iraqi refugees’ forced into prostitution

Men and boys, many alarmingly young, who fled the chaos at home are being further betrayed after reaching ‘safety’ in Syria…”

That is, unless you are willing to let men explore their “lesser” feelings about sex: sex-for-money, sex-for-fun, dating, commitment-free sex, married sex, celibacy, anonymous sex, gay sex, safe sex, safer sex, chastity, abstinence, monogamy, polygamy, bigamy, polyandry, polyamory, orgies, romance, adultery, masturbation, pornography, puppy love, etc.  If so, then the hard-hitting stuff (that only hits men) needs to go.  If not, then it would be nice if one of you misandrists or feminists would at least admit that, obviously, men and women are not equal, and that therefore we should stop legislating as if they are.

Or we could always just do another Mad Lib:

“An attractive bagpipe sips a cocktail under a fern shade. The sand is dazzlingly smelly, the sea olive drab. A handsome young rock formation approaches her and showers her with oven mitts: she is the most flustered woman he has ever seen, he says. For the first time in six minutes, she truly believes she is goofy.”

I’ll agreeda that.  She’s goofy as hell, mon.  But da bimbo does have a fifty…

CORRECTION: I apologize to the young woman who solicited a male prostitute who also wrote that she was in a relationship.  She did not specify whether she was in the relationship when she had sex in the tropics.  I misread the following sentence: “I’m in a relationship at the moment but if I was single again I’d definitely go on that kind of holiday.”  Her head is on a little tighter than I thought.

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  • Eff’d Off


    Hey what are you doing… I am already put off from bonking as it is. Now you chuck this in my face ?

    • B.R. Merrick

      Sorry about that. Had to be done.


      • Tom M

        B.R., Great article with great points of how twisted it’s all getting.

        Meanwhile, I’d ask all here to go update your own profile on A voice for Men Radio (Radio Talk Blog).

        I just updated my profile to this (LET ALL HEAR UNDENIABLE TRUTH!):

        Yo, dog! Tom M here, advoc8 for the real underdog = males.

        Divorced dad, & MRA once I saw the machinery attacking endless men & children, after being so rudely sucked in, pummelled, robbed, ransomed, enslaved by summary “justice” … assigning debts you never created or agreed to. All for being maligned, abused & for the HIGH CRIME of BEING MALE.

        If the “shoe were on the other foot,” it wouldn’t be tolerated. I’m not an MRA for “poor me” & my kids. Real MRA’s see the extent of vile, parasitic organized crime/corruption, hate, thinly veiled supremacy & abuse against males in the name of feigned “equality,” “stopping abuse” and “saving us all” by the hand of self-claimed Marxist Femifascism, propped up by worse parasitic sellout chivalrist-symbiont “White Knights.”

        These rescuing selfless “men” put “others first,” especially drama queens (liars/abusers), for BIG rewards, at your expense. “HE” vigilantly smites men falsely accused by “his” symbiont drama queens. “HE” gladly & excitedly crushes innocent men & children, faceplanting them in the mud for adoring feminist drama queens to walk across their backs.

        I became a real MRA once I saw other cases are endless & worse than my tiny remote tip of this HUGE iceberg of injustice, lies & abuse in sheep’s clothing, attacking & destroying Constitution, families and nation.

        I had to speak out for 10’s of MILLIONS MORE cases to come. Pandemic False Abuse Allegations, THE most serious abuse, promoted against 75% of all divorced fathers, induces more abuse & VERY SERIOUS parental alienation child abuse, attacking & destroying fathers, families and children via these “invisible” and FUNDED ABUSES.

        I LOVE My Kids, our God-given rights, Astronomy, hiking, ice skating, skiing, camping, gardening, photography & live coral reef aquarium keeping.

        • Fizzy

          I also like astronomy and camping.

          • Fizzy

            …and aquarium keeping.

          • B.R. Merrick

            Dudes, don’t you like paying for sex, too?


            Kidding aside, if I were interested in any of the sciences, they would be earth science/geology and astronomy.

            You might like to take a listen to Holst’s masterpiece, “The Planets.” I won’t give away the ending too much, but it may very well lead some men out of the men’s movement.


            Kidding again. Regardless, it sure sounds astronomical to me.

          • Tom M

            Far out!

          • Tom M

            OK, Quasars are far out.

            But Black Holes are outta sight!

          • Tom M

            Sorry, that was so 60’s.

            Dark Matter is a heavy subject.

            But Dark energy is what really moves me.

          • Tom M

            That’s NOT what I meant by Black Holes…

  • Eff’d Off

    I forgot to mention – your article “The Railroad to Freedom” was really great. : )

  • !!SPARTA!!

    …is that Lexington Steele in the first pic?

    • B.R. Merrick

      I have no idea. Just picked a random picture off the Internet and messed with it.

    • Pankaj


  • Promoman

    Besides the moral, ethical, & hypocritical elements present in the whole deal about women taking the How Stella Got Her Groove Back lifestyle is the health concern. The Carribean is in the top 2 in terms of HIV hotspots in the Western Hemisphere and top 7 or so globally overall. God only knows what Andromeda Strain/Cabin Fever microbes dwell in their pussies, what they’re likely transmitting to other people, and what financial drama they’re causing if they’re in relationships because they feel the need to get ridden hard and put away wet by some Rasta. Women are already getting put through the meat grinder in terms of new HIV cases as it is due to their sexual irresponsibility and it’s only going to get worse. Sexual Tourism isn’t smart and places like Thailand, who pretty much built the institution as we know it, have had to at least entertain the thought of some type of regulation due to the fact that HIV is arguably the pandemic of our time and it surely at least places towards the title in a best case scenario way of thinking.

    • B.R. Merrick

      Interesting that the original article hardly touched upon this, except the blurb at the end:

      “Around one in five British holidaymakers under the age of 25 is failing to practise safe sex while abroad, according to a study published this month by Trojan Condoms.”

      No mention of HIV hot-spots. Just a blurb easy to ignore as it comes from a condom company. (What else would you expect the people at Trojan to say? “Ah, you’ve all got enough condoms!”) Good info to share, Promoman. Here’s some more:

  • Zeus

    I think women would pay for sex a lot more often if men played harder to get. Indeed, I had an ex gf that I didn’t pay much attention to sexually (instead I watched porn) and after a while I had her buying me beer if she wanted any. Gentlemen, make THEM work for it for a change. You’ll be glad when the power dynamics are reversed.

    • Carlos

      I think women cheat as much, if not much more, than men. If you don’t give it to her she’ll find some pool boy who will… either that or take a trip to the Dominican Republic with her “friends.”

  • Tom M

    The double standards highlighted in your article embody the

  • mongo

    You know, I always thought the way women talked about prostitution and how filthy all we men are was somewhat less than sincere. It all makes sense once you apply the wisdom test of the ages: know them for what they do, not what they say.

  • Lovekraft

    Women traveling alone or with their girlfriends likely had negative connotations in the past, but feminism has a way of de-shaming any morally-suspicious behavior.

  • Stu

    It’s always annoyed me hearing people, women, describe prostitution as the worlds oldest profession, as if that gives it some sort of divine status.

    Prostitution, the only profession that requires no education, no morals, no ethics, where a practitioner with none of the skills, discipline or brains of any of the practitioners of other professions, can make a handsome living laying on her back and then be considered a victim.

    My take on prostitution. Easy money for women who don’t want to do real work for a living.

  • Stu

    Besides that, it’s not true that it’s the oldest profession. In order for prostitution to exist, others have to be producing something of value that the prostitute trades her services for. So prostitution is reliant on there being other professions that generate real goods. Like most things female, it is a consumer that does not produce

  • giselle

    Prostitution should be legalized period. Male and female hookers should be legal…not standing on some corner hoping not to get popped….whats the big deal? When my father went to cuba after being gone for 40 years in 1999, as soon as he checked into his hotel room, a woman called him and asked him if he would like some company for the weekend. When my father declined, she pleaded with him, saying it was only 20 dollars and that she was very sweet and very pretty, My father assured her that he believed she was, but that he had no desire for female company and that he only came to see his family….these girls do it for the maerican dolllar, as the cuban peso is a piece of crap in comparison. they cant purchase meat with cuban money, hence they need to do whatever it takes to eat better and buy little things here and these…as long as noone is forced into selling themselves, i really dont see what the big fuss is about. Work is work, if you think that prostitution isnt real work, then you’ll agree that acting, writing and anything other than hard physical labor isnt work either right? please. money is money.

    • Carlos

      Not sure what’s with all the thumbs down but I totally agree. What happens between consenting adults is no one else’s business.

      Not too mention the plain and simple fact that prostitution has always, and will always, exist. Making it illegal just relegates it to the vagaries of the unregulated black market where abuses are bound to occur. It’s not all that different from the failed drug war in many ways.

      Attempts to regulate adult morality are doomed to fail and create a “cure” that is much worse than the “disease.”

  • Stu

    I agree that all sexual activity between adults should be legal. The government and authorities should get out of peoples sex lives altogether. Giselle, sex is fun, but that doesn’t mean it is productive work. As far as I’m concerned people can sell their sexual services as much as they like…….my beef is when those people, or others on their behalf come along saying……oh these poor hookers…..they are being victimized and exploited. I’m exploited every day. I don’t work because I love too……I don’t even like my job…..I bust my guts and have many injuries and aches and pains to show for it over the years. My employers make a profit from my labor…and if I didn’t need money to live….I wouldn’t be doing it……but somehow a hooker who chooses what she will sell, and to whom, and how much she’ll charge, and is in total control of her own choices… least as much as I am anyway……is classed as a victim. You might not feel that way, but that is how the society we live it treats the whole subject. Oh, this woman is only selling sex because she needs the money… fucking what……I’m only breaking my back because I need the money.

    And yes…writers, actors, etc etc all do their work to be able to get the goods and services that they need to survive, but their work does not produce those goods. That is a fact. Would you tolerate a writer or actor crying victim saying they were exploited and degraded and that the people who pay them for their services are vile pathetic scum who should be jailed. My answer to them would be, then go dig trenches for a living.

  • Stu

    And what passes for forced into selling themselves? I’m subject to forced labor every day. Sure I have a choice…..a choice to starve. Point is, if nobody is holding a gun to your head, then your not forced. But when it comes to prostitution, forced means something different. It means, if you wouldn’t be doing this if someone gave you the money for nothing, then they are forcing you to do it.

  • Denis

    You’re always interesting brother. I remember having a WTF moment when I read about women’s sex tourism a few years ago. The MR issue is primarily about the gender double standards in perceptions about male and female sex tourists. I can’t imagine such an article ever being written about male sex tourists.

    I’m not against prostitution, but I have a problem with exploiting third world poverty. Here, prostitutes have other options for survival, but choose prostitution because of addictions or just plain greed.

    I had another WTF moment when I read about japanese incest.

  • B.R. Merrick

    Oops. Sorry, guys (and girl, whoever you are). See the correction at the bottom of the article if you don’t understand my apology.

  • Stu

    We are all exploiting 3rd world labor. Nearly everything in the west in made overseas by people busting their arses for peanuts. So if a hooker in a third world country has no viable options except to bust her arse in a sweatshop and chooses to sell sex instead, she’s finding a way out of being exploited on one way to choose another way of being exploited. Unless you personally made every bit of furniture you have, manufactured all your own goods, mined all your own materials, grew all your own food, then you exploited some one else to do those things for you. So everybody that is working doing something they would rather not do is actually only choosing their preferred victimhood. That means most people are just victims of others exploitation. Nobody would choose to be laborer in a sewage treatment plant, they would only choose that over worse versions of exploitation, or the absence of better versions. That makes prostitutes no more victims then the masses of people that are providing all the real goods produced in this world. It would be nice if we could lift everybody up so we could all be actors and writers and rock stars……only problem is that we would have no goods anymore.

    • Pankaj


      Please be careful with what you assume when you make blanket statements like “We are all exploiting 3rd world labor”. (I think this post of yours is could be meant to be sarcastic.. if thats the case then ignore me)

      First, because it is not true. Second, because that “exploitation” is providing with an opportuntity to have better lives. Third because most people who say things like that don’t know what poverty is.

      • reficul

        Firstly – I took Stu’s comment as sarcastic as that’s also my view. And I agree with you – the most priviledged people on the planet are usually the one who complain the strongest against “exploitation” of the 3rd world labour to the extent that some of them even boycot shops and products that have their factories in the third world.

        The idiots who have no f*ing idea what difference does it make for those people (3rdW) between having the most shitty job and having nothing to put into your and your children’s mouth… Instead they continue with their sanctimonious crap and for most of the time no one challenges them – they are so PC after all… Disgusting…

  • Stu

    It’s sarcastic from the point of view that if a prostitute is being exploited by exercising her option to sell sex instead of slaving away in a coal mine in china for 5 bucks a day where a few thousand workers each year die……men…..I call bullshit. It’s the same mentality that Hillary Clinton uses when she said women are and primary victims of war. Yes, women have it hard in war, but men have it worse…..but we focus on the problems of women and see them as worse…..only because they are women.

    This mentality is everywhere. Women shouldn’t be in the front line because they have the added risk of being raped if they are captured. Why not men shouldn’t be in the front line because they will have their brains blown out or their legs blown off. The whole logic is that a woman’s divine pussy is worth more then any man’s life. In the most affluent societies in the world you find prostitutes. The fact of the matter is that there are, and always will be plenty of women who no matter what cushy job you supplied for them, would choose turning tricks over any 9 to 5 grind.

    The whole prostitution subject doesn’t interest me at all anyway. I don’t use them, never have, and never will. But that’s because I have absolutely no interest in having sex with anything less then a woman who’s wanting it for the sake of the pleasure. Prostitutes have no more interest to me then a rubber doll. I don’t see them as victims, I don’t see them as villians, I just see them as woman who want to perform a mechanical action for money, and that renders them sexually uninteresting to me

  • Pankaj

    Just found out that two of the greatest omniscent souls we are lucky to have with us..Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have started an organization to “End child slavery”.

    According to Aston Kutcher.. “there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are in the sex slave trade in America.. today” (I think he maybe confusing America with South America.. even then the “count” is a over the top). I wonder how he counted all of them. I think, it is a hilarious ‘Kelso’ moment (after which I stopped watching the thing!)

    Here is the great mind(-less?) talking