The Indifference to Male Pain

I am writing this on Friday June 18. Yesterday Paul and I both became aware of a man who after years of being brutalized by the family court system, decided to share his pain and outrage with the world, with the intent of shining a bright light on ongoing corruption and the systematic destruction of human beings by a corrupt court system.

The man’s name was Thomas James Ball. He doused himself in gasoline then self immolated on the steps of a family courthouse in New Hampshire. Mr Ball chose to use his own agonizing death to focus public attention on the corruption of the family courts. He did this two days ago. And before just now, you have probably never heard of him.

The mainstream media has no interest in human suffering, when it belongs to a man.

How much personal agony, how many years of pain does a human have to endure before death by self immolation seems like a rational choice? And yes, I will stand on the word rational here. Mr Ball wrote a detailed account of his experience in the family court system, as well as a summary of his research, and his consequent deep understanding of the scope and depth of corruption driving the institution of the family courts. His letter is linked in the masthead of this site – and I strongly recommend you read it. Its long, but its not rambling – and anybody who calls it rambling is doing so to discredit and belittle this man, and to distract you from the very real pain produced in the lives of millions by a corrupt court system.

But everything Ive just written is preamble to the real point I want to make.

Mr Ball’s last words were originally published on the New Hampshire Sentinel Source website, and comments like the one I’m about to copy-paste were the norm on that site. This example was also re-posted by a failed example of a human on the copy of Thomas Ball’s letter on this site.

“Let’s remember folks, Tom Ball had 21 years in the military. He had a pension. So it is not just that he was without work since 2009. Again, he had a pension.

He did do some good work volunteering time helping homeless vets in Worcester… He should have stayed doing that, continuing to contribute to the world, instead of going out in a blaze of ….apparently in his mind… of glory…. His statement against feminists, social workers, bureaucracy…. No doubt problems there…. but to let his obsessions carry him away….

As a good soldier, he should have bucked up and dealt with it…. Endured …. pressed-on…. instead of what he did…
To me, he walked out on his responsibilities…. the money for his children’s healthcare…And much more.
Dare I say it…. He is, in my opinion, a deadbeat dad…..Sorry, but that is my view of him after reading his manifesto…..Sorry…. But he hurled himself into the afterlife to make a statement,…. When his children and others (the vets) still needed him.”

Let that sink in. For anybody in doubt about this comment, I’ll explain.

That commenter was telling a man whose agony was so great that burning himself to death with gasoline was a viable option – telling such a man to suck it up and continue to be a utility and a resource to the system which brutalized him to an extent that a death by fire seemed rational.

Tough luck on your life Mr Ball, we do not recognize that you experience pain. Just suck it up; man up and carry on providing for the people around you.

The absolute indifference to human suffering would be immediately recognized as psychopathic if the pain belonged to anyone else – but when it’s a man – our society just does not give a fuck.

The pain of a man is invisible.

And my friends – that is why there is such a thing as the men’s rights movement. It is why so many men are in deep and terrible pain – pain that when mentioned or complained of, men are told: shut up, don’t be a sissy, man up.

That indifference – is why many men and MRAs are deeply, implacably angry. Our society is presently on an insane course – because when confronted by any manifestation of this anger – the established response is to lock the man feeling it into a cage; to deny that it is legitimate, and refuse to address the source.

Does anybody think that can have any outcome except eventual disaster? Mr Ball – in his final essay provided an impassioned and rational imperative for burning courthouses and killing corrupt officials.

Are we going to pretend that he was a lone nut and that the agony which drove him to burn himself to death on the steps of a New Hampshire courthouse was not agony felt by hundreds of thousands of other men, also brutalized by a corrupt court system?

The comment – expressing indifference to this man’s pain, and telling him to suck it up and go back to being a good little appliance – that comment represents dozens of others expressing the same sentiment. In the case of Mr. Ball, he demonstrated the control and restraint in all his agony that his rage was spent inwards against himself in a gruesome death. This too reflects the deeply embedded culture of self sacrifice that men are conditioned to believe is the only viable mode of  masculinity.

But its not. Male self actualization is a major element of the men’s rights movement, which may be one of the reason critics try so hard to shut us up. What if Mr. Ball had chosen to vent his agony outwards onto who he perceived as the source, the employees officers and physical premises of the family courts?

And to turn around and tell a man brutalized to the point of self  immolation, to man up, suck it up? To any individual so indifferent to the pain of another human – expressing that callous indifference might seem funny. Cruelty substituting in place of humor.
The marginalization of men by the system of law is not getting better, it is getting worse – and the rage and agony of Mr. Ball was not unique.

And our society currently deals with this by locking such men up. Like that will make the problem smaller, or make it go away.

I wont tell you what to do, but I expect, what you’re going to do is go back to sleep.

Go ahead, sleep while you still can

  • Eoghan

    Thankfully he did write something down, the guy that self-immolated in Australia and guy in east Europe left no stories that I know of behind.

    • Eff’d Off


      Some disgusting sociopathic fuck red thumbed what you said.
      How is it possible for someone to take issue with your words ?

      Yech !

      • Trust

        Probably the same person that did all the lone redthumbs. Either a woman who likes having the courts as her thugs or a gamma-male who is hoping being a white knight might get him laid.

        • Nate McCloud

          That seems to be the reason that this “patriarchal” society has so many laws to protect women with no such laws to protect men: They’re trying to get laid.

      • Eoghan

        It must be hate, thats the only explaination I can come up with.

      • MasculistMan

        That’s because the term “feminazis” fits them to a tee.

        • Phil

          Feminism is marxism applied to the sexes. Instead of the capitalists oppressing the workers, it’s men/husbands “oppressing” women/wives. In order to escape the “oppression”, feminsim says that women should be career women(with only 1 or 2 children, which is below replacement level).

          The proper term for them would be femimarxists.

          • MasculistMan

            Feminists are female supremacists so the term “feminazis” fits.

            Feminism has two wings: a left (liberal) one and a right (conservative) one.

  • Stu

    They said, while others still needed him. Others can go fuck themselves. Society seems to have an attitude that a man…is a public slave….owned…..for the service of others.

    What these fucktard manginas and feminists…and just ignorant morons that assume this should get through their heads……is that men don’t owe you anything. We own our bodies…..our labor…..we…own us.

    I agree with one thing. He shouldn’t have burned himself to death. But he committed a crime against nobody by doing….it aint you lot out there that thinks this guy still owed the fucking community something….and aren’t getting it anymore that I give two shits about……it’s him….he’s dead….and he died a horrible death….and he was pushed to it……that is the issue. Fuck all you people that keep on focusing on the fact that someone still wants some more blood and sweat from his corpse…….I don’t care….and neither should any man.

    I’m not going to say what I think he should have done. But it’s about time men stopped giving a shit about a society and the people in it…..that don’t care about them.

  • Merlin

    Whoever posted that comment is in my opinion a lower form of human being. To berate a man who took his own life to highlight social and legal injustices faced by men is simply sadistic.

    I can only assume, which I don’t like to do, that they must be speaking from a position of comfort, and privileged life style. A lifestyle that protects them from the horrors of what I prefer to address as “REAL LIFE”…

    This man was an extremely brave individual that took things to the next level to bring attention to what many people are ignorant of. I can’t begin to imagine how much courage it took to make such a stand against substantial injustice.

    The absolute sick excuse for a human being who posted that should take a match right now and light the thing. Take the flame and run it under their arm for a few seconds, if they can even manage that, and then re-think their disgraceful attack on a man who felt there was no other way to make himself heard.

    • MasculistMan

      I can only assume, which I don’t like to do, that they must be speaking from a position of comfort, and privileged life style. A lifestyle that protects them from the horrors of what I prefer to address as “REAL LIFE”…

      May they lose their good fortune and may it happen quickly.

  • Nancy

    Good article.

    I would add that the pain of men is not just looked on with indifference, it is considered taboo. This is not just a feminist ploy, the taboo of men’s emotional pain has been a part of our culture from the beginning. It is why it is so very difficult to lobby for anything for men. How can you lobby for help for men’s emotional pain if men’s emotional pain is taboo? Anyone who has tried this will tell you the blank looks they get from lawmakers. Contrast this with a woman’s emotional pain which gets an immediate response from the masses of chivalrists that comprise our culture and especially our legislators. This is why feminism has put down deep roots into every cultural avenue. They have a downhill ride. While we are having to climb Everest.

    This taboo is what drives what Warren Farrell calls male disposability. You don’t want to get too close emotionally to those who will be sacrificed. You surely don’t want to see them as emotionally vulnerable…then it would hard to send them to war…no, far better to see men as machines who don’t feel. Maybe like a snake owner not getting too attached to the cute little mice that he feeds his reptile. lol

    This taboo runs very very deep. People simply don’t see it. This is one of the biggest reasons we have such an uphill battle in seeking equality for men and boys. People are truly asleep.

    • keyster

      Yes Nancy, and then when his pain manifests itself as anger he’s shamed yet again for exhibiting this HORRID masculine trait. Meanwhile angry women take to the streets in various degrees of immodest undress to protest rape, and they’re simply excercising their right to be independent and empowered.

      As Lion Goodman alluded in is interview with Paul, “These men seem so angry…”, said in a rather baffled tone, as if “all this anger is making people uncomfortable, could you please stop doing it?”

      First men feel pain, then they get angry, then his anger might lead to the threat of violence or actual violence and this frightens people. This fear will then be used to control those that are weaker. He MUST be neutralized AND silenced BEFORE he reaches that point.

      So men can’t talk about their pain because they’ll be shamed as sounding like women, but they can’t get angry either because it’s upsetting to those same people that shame him.

      He has no outlet…and when he goes and sets himself on fucking fire THEY STILL can’t resist shaming him! That’s the storyline here.

      • Merlin

        That’s what I call a fine response Keyster…

        Plain and simple, and where it’s at!

      • MasculistMan

        As Lion Goodman alluded in is interview with Paul, “These men seem so angry…”, said in a rather baffled tone, as if “all this anger is making people uncomfortable, could you please stop doing it?”

        What happened to Tom Ball is a travesty. This society murdered him and this society should pay.

        We’re making the Lion Goodman’s of the world scared. Now that is good news because I’m glad these scumbags are scared and they have every right to be scared because we are shining the light on their corruption and showing it for the world to see. Their fear shows us we’re on the right track.

      • Nate McCloud

        Now, see, that’s a big problem with society…people assume that pain and emotion is a woman thing. But it’s not; it’s a human thing. So if real men don’t feel pain or emotion, does that men that real men aren’t human?

    • Donn

      Agree 100% Nancy and for the first time with Keyster as well. Just want to add that this is ESPECIALLY poisonous in black communities with men who BETTER not complain about anything or argue against the tide lest you be seen as a \”Tom\” or a homosexual(which black communities still have a hard time of dealing with .). But without digressing those are two of the most often used labels to dehumanize black males who go against the current and will look at problems critically. But sure enough those same black communities will rejoice when the \”Toms\” get whats coming to them, while the stupid ass thugs(who are usually from single parent homes, though that\’s not an auto indicator as I\’ve met plenty of good for nothings who had both parents, it goes beyond just mere parenting to a whole cultural issue) and idiot baby mommas they knock up continue to ravage black neighborhoods. But that said, I still can\’t say I have enough indignation, suffering, and to be frank, courage, to burn myself alive in protest of the complete arrogance with which all these crooked organizations operate while destroying male lives.

  • ProleScum

    Right on the money Manuel.

    Mr Ball’s note clearly demonstrates the rage and animosity he harboured towards the agents of the state. And still he chose not to do violence to others but rather take the last option of the pacifist in an impossible position.

    This thing has got me tearing out my teeth. Random thoughts:

    • Society’s indifference to male pain must originate from an axiom of the collective unconscious that to allow that pain any voice would represent the thin end of the wedge, with the thick end of the wedge being the end of men’s willingness to sacrifice. Thus boys are hammered from the get go with “suck it up/man up/grow up” etc.

    • Weinergate has got me thinking about the nature and motives our elected representatives. Someone like Weiner is in a glorious feedback loop of female approval conferring power and power conferring more female approval. The guy must have been in hog heaven at the time of his Civic Virtue escapade. Men’s approval will never matter to high rolling alpha politicians – female approval is what motivates them and they know that political power will get them female approval like most of us have never dreamed of. BUT men’s issues could become a political big ticket for them to get that power. So, Men’s Voting Block is the way to go. Fuck ideology. Fuck left v right. Fuck hawks v doves. Fuck foreign policy. We’ve got the key to the pussy club for the next Weiner, but Men’s Issues have to be at the top of his agenda.

    It’s down to survival now guys. Mr Ball has shown us that. The aggressive pursuit of self interest through civil society is now man’s only democratic means of securing his survival.

    Never mind the thin end of the wedge. Let’s show these fuckers the block.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      Once society sees men as human, the feminist ideologues will begin to have an uphill ride. This is why they resist acknowledging the fact that men are just as human as women and have feelings that are just as capable of being hurt.

      Two years ago, I published an article titled, “Men Have Emotions, Women Don’t Listen.” It’s one of my most trafficked posts, in large part due to the number of women who disagreed with the fact that men have emotions and women who wanted to point out why women’s feelings are more important than men’s.

      • keyster

        Men cry and they’re ridiculed….(John Boehner).
        Women cry and they get whatever they want.
        Men cry and they’re viewed as weak.
        Women cry and it’s a problem that demands a solution…
        …typically from men.

        A “Good” or “New Age man” believes apologizing, making ammends, repenting, “doing more chores around the house”, is the path to redemption. Not accepting the feminine as his equal, must be at the root of all his pain. So, so yeah, so, are they clueless or what?

        It’s the Feminism 3.0 narrative.
        Stop trying to fight angry women that hate and distrust you for being male, and accept them as your equal…in the face of their UNEQUAL protection under the law.

        Bow down son!
        Nope, not low enough, bow further, keep going…they won’t stop until your prostrate before them with your face in the dirt, begging for forgiveness. THEN they’ll shame you for not being a man.

  • Kevin New York

    A few days ago in Family Court, I was denied the right to even have lunch with my daughter on Father’s Day. This is the result of a restraining order initiated by the mother, who is engaging in the form of child abuse known as Parental Alienation.
    If I can get a hearing (it’s been 6 months), this bogus stay away order will be removed. The fact that I can’t even get a hearing in a normal time frame shows what a disgrace to all things right and just that this system is. The money being made by lawyers on a business that is predicated on false allegations is what keeps this damnable institution flowing in cash.

    In the meantime, I went down to Family Court, brought signs, and protested. This is what I experienced: 1) A former Family Court judge (he was forced out, because he wouldn’t “play the game”) came up to me, shook my hand and said, ” The whole system needs to be deconstructed, and rebuilt from the ground up.” He advised me that “Even though you’re out here alone, they notice you. They can’t pretend everything is okay, because it’s not.”

    Various cops from the police precinct next door came up to me- while they were out of uniform- and said, “We agree with what you’re doing, but we can’t be seen supporting you while in uniform.”

    Motorists that were driving by honked their horns, and nodded their approval.

    The fact is, everyone knows how fucked up Family Court is. We really need to be more visible and take it to them.

    For those interested in activism, a convention of Family Court judges is taking place in New York City, from July 24-27 at the New York Hilton. Registration at the convention is open to all interested parties, not just judges. Imagine if the seminar rooms were filled with MRA’s? The judges would learn a lesson in real life that they’re obviously not learning from each other.

    • Josh

      Thank you for sharing your story, Kevin.

      • Kevin New York

        Thank you for the acknowledgement, Josh. We’re all here to help each other.

    • keyster

      Thank you so much Kevin!
      If you get a local quorum let me know and I’ll be there.

      The heart of the issue is that the laws that politicians enact are so left open to interpretation by already biased family court judges that the entire system is corrupted. The family law has very vague guidlines, where there are any at all and this gives the presiding judge untold power over peoples lives. This also makes the family court system a gold mine for lawyers.

      These judges are ruling based on the “OLD MODEL” of the powerful employed husband and the weak helpless doting housewife. It’s flat out old time chivalry, it makes them feel good about themselves and they use “for the sake of the kids” to hide behind favoring the wife.

      When men refuse to commit to and copulate with women there will be no need for “family” court. But yet they keep doing it.

      • Kevin New York

        You got it, Keyster! The more, the merrier. An impact is made when we are seen and heard.

        I am in discussions with various groups about how we can make our presence felt at this annual conference. I will keep you posted.

      • MasculistMan

        These judges are ruling based on the “OLD MODEL” of the powerful employed husband and the weak helpless doting housewife. It’s flat out old time chivalry, it makes them feel good about themselves and they use “for the sake of the kids” to hide behind favoring the wife.

        Chivalry-the hiding place of cowards and scoundrels.

      • BeijaFlor

        Too right, Keyster … the Family Law system seems to have its head stuck back in the ante-bellum South, where women were seen as helpless quasi-children who had to be protected from the realities of life and the consequences of their own acts. You know, delicate, prone to swooning, prone to “hysteria,” fragile flowers, all that rot.

        When men refuse to commit to and copulate with women there will be no need for “family” court. But yet they keep doing it.

        The only way you can keep yourself out of “family court” is to keep your wick dry. Even a man who’s had a vasectomy, who is provably sterile, could be dragged into Family Court for “acting as daddy” to his cupcake’s thug-sired spawn – and get stuck with the bills from then until Little Cupcake Junior reaches 18.

    • Mr. J

      If enough men can take themselves away from “professional” sports and car races, they might get a good showing.

      • keyster

        Those are his escapes from the pain, vicariously, through other men faced with challenges, the defeating and the defeated.

        Actually facing up to the pain, is too painful.

        • Mr. J

          To paraphrase Churchill:

          Defeat: NEVER NEVER NEVER accept it.

          • 4thtroika

            Another phrase Churchill used:

            K.B.O. (Keep Buggering On)

          • BeijaFlor

            And another –

            “If you’re going through Hell, KEEP GOING.”

    • Eff’d Off

      Appreciate the heads up there Kevin. Thanks.

      Your mentioning of the support you get in the public eye is very much wanted and reminds us the shape of things that will be one day.

      A world divided by gender absolutely just cannot be maintained forever. – It just is not possible.

      • Kevin New York

        Eff’d Off, when I have spoken with other activists, they have told me that when they have demonstrated in front of Family Court, they too have received overwhelmingly positive support from those passing by. A number of people stop, and share briefly what has happened to them or someone in their family. It’s as if so many have suffered, and they’re moved to say something when they see someone who has experienced what they have.

    • Simon

      Good on the former judge who was fired for not ‘playing the game’.

      However those cops who came up to you to support you need to support you while in uniform (with actions as well as words).

      If they don’t support you then they may as well be the biggest manginas on the planet.

      You can’t have it both ways. Either you are a mangina or you stop acting like a mangina on the job (even if it means you lose your job).

      Good on you for your protest.

      • Mr. J

        I used to get a publication called “Aid & Abet” from an org in Idaho that was about getting military and police to refuse unjust orders.

      • Kevin New York

        Thanks, Simon. There will certainly be more protests.

        As for the judge, obviously he was being fair to men in Family Court, and that is deemed unacceptable by the powers-that-be.

      • MasculistMan

        Can you get insider information from the judge? A lot of these guys know where skeletorns are buried and they could be valuable to our cause.

      • Rog

        Even soldiers get so say no to what they think are ileagle orders from their comanding officer. why arn`t good cops using the same common sense? and doing it in court? and persueing false restraining order convictions? and saying no to sexist profiling in dv?

  • Simon Jester

    If the law does not protect individual rights, but instead enslaves men, then what obligation to men have to the law? I say none whatsoever.

  • sharp

    Infuriating how our garbage feminist media has ignored this story. But not surprising at all though for the reasons you stated above.

    I wonder if Thomas Ball had found any manosphere sites. Maybe it would have helped him to learn there are other men out there who share his anger and frustration. I say that because it has helped me. A few years ago I thought I was completely alone in my thoughts about how misandrist society was, but finding a site like A Voice for Men and the other popular manosphere sites was a relief to me. Basically, it helps me sleep at night knowing I’m not in a world COMPLETELY filled with idiots and indoctrinated sheep who can’t think for themselves. There are plenty of men around here, and even a few women, who know what’s up.

    There is one news site, never heard of it, but it wrote the story how it was supposed to be written. International Business Times. Here’s the correct headline:

    American Father Self-Immolates To Protest Against Family Courts

    The rest of the story talks in specifics about why he did what he did. The scant few other sites wrote the story like this:

    “By the way, some guy burned himself to death in New Hampshire. He owed child support. Police are investigating. Next.”

    • keyster

      Imagine a Nazi officer killing himself in disgrace over being found guilty of not being a good enough Nazi. He wouldn’t get too much sympathy from the Jews.

      That’s the view people have of the white male “oppressor”.
      As a victim he has NO appeal whatsoever.
      It’s not a story.

      • CynicalP

        Excellent analogy the opposition has successfully dehumanized men.

  • Mr. J

    “Family court is an oxymoron..It can’t logically exist, yet, there it is.

    • Mr. J

      “Family court”

      • Eff’d Off

        Oxymoron’s, ok:

        * Feminist intelligence
        * Feminist equality
        * Court justice
        * Public concern
        * Decent outcome
        * Honest inquiry
        * Slutwalk humility

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think up some I tell you.

        • Mr. J

          Yes, but the difference is “Family Court” exists officially.

          An officially existing oxymoron.

  • Promoman

    Again, it just goes to show the ugly side of gender expectations and mental health when it comes to men. If a man gets dealt a bad hand by life or when life happens to him he’s expected to be made of stone. Any show of pain or tears gets labelled as a “whiner”, “ranter/ranting”, “lazy” and the like. Suicide is already far more likely to occur in men than women. When a man goes that route, he’s crazy, in addition to the aforementioned labels. Even in death, they risk getting shit on. If or when Thomas Ball’s story becomes mainstream, he’ll likely be punchline material rather than a canary in the coal mine for the rampant fuckery that abounds in the Justice System and how it either destroys people or drives people to destroy themselves. Things like understanding, compassion, and adequate assistance typically are slow coming, if not absent. This apathy is carried by society at large by men and women. It’s only until they fall off the rails themselves does perspective arrive.

    Bullshit indeed……

  • MC

    “As a good soldier, he should have bucked up and dealt with it…. Endured …. pressed-on…. instead of what he did…”

    It’s precisely because this man was a true warrior that he did what he did. A good soldier doesn’t stand there getting assaulted thinking “guess I better stand here and take it like a man.” Since when is bucking up, dealing with it, and enduring the traits of a soldier, or a man for that matter. Those are the traits your government would love to control you with. The traits of a good soldier are to fight back against corruption, not “endure” it.

    Thomas Ball gave himself a mission. His mission was to fight the corruption of the family courts. Attacking the family courts directly wouldn’t have accomplished anything. He would be arrested and charged, and people would label him a psycho.

    The best way to accomplish his mission to him, must have been bringing attention to himself by lighting himself on fire. His assumption must have been that the media would definitely consider that “news worthy” and his letter would receive much needed attention.

    But his sacrifice was also meant to serve as inspiration. He wanted to inspire change, inspire men, and get attention on the corruption of family courts. That mission was worth more then his life as far as he was concerned. That’s how I see it. And I can imagine that was the only reason he did what he did. He thought it would work.

    • Stu

      Lets face it though, if he had of walked into the family court with bombs strapped to his body and blew it up…..he’d be on every news channel in the world. The elephant in the room can only grow so big before they can’t ignore it

      • MC

        Yes, but then everyone would view him as a terrorist psychopath, and his message would probably have been completely ignored or slanted into “insane father doesn’t want to pay child support, decides to kill judge.” The corruption of the courts would be ignored. Anyone supporting him would also be seen as some sort of terrorist.

        The only way the killing judge strategy works is if every judge starts dropping off. Even then they’d respond with “we need more security” before ever thinking “we need to change unjust laws.”

        I don’t think he understood that the media is supported by people that don’t want his message to pass.

        • Adam

          I think he did understand, but he may not have realised just how invested and entrenched the mainstream media are in this view that they’re flogging to the masses.

  • James Cook

    What it comes down to is this:

    In today’s America, ALL men – ESPECIALLY “non-custodial” FATHERS – are the equivalents of “Niggers” in ALL of the American states (including the Northern ones) 200 years ago. I say 200 years rather than 100, because at least in 1910 SOME African-Americans had SOME rights in the USA!

    HERE is the REALITY of the conditions of ALL American men of ALL “races” today!:

    Part one:

    Part two (the most important part):

  • by_the_sword
    • by_the_sword

      After reading through the comments on that story, I find a large amount of people saying that Mr. Ball got what he deserved because he slapped his 4-year old daughter “so hard that she bled”.

      My own mother used to beat me often, sometimes with her hands but more often with a spatula or metal spoon. Should she set herself on fire?

      • by_the_sword

        Sometimes she would wake me in the middle of the night with a beating. To this day I cannot sleep for more than an hour at a time and often wake with a start because I dream of someone hitting me.

        Should I buy my mom a book of matches and a jerry can of gas for her next birthday?

  • Bizzman662

    The man that wrote that comment is now the #1 mangina on the planet.

    He actually passed those “Dear Woman” Feminist boot lickers on the pussy of the year list.

    ANY MAN that could actually sit down and write that shit to me is not a man. Mrl Ball set himself on fire on the COURTHOUSE steps and NOBODY in the media (except for AVFM) picked up on this story.

    So I now confer upon the man that wrote those comments the GIGANTIC PUSSY OF THE HISTORY OF EARTH award.

    I thought dear woman was bad. This guy just topped that poor excuse for a feminist ass kissing in spades.

  • thehermit

    He is our modern day Gaius Mucius Scaevola.

  • Opt-out

    As a good soldier, he should have bucked up and dealt with it…. Endured …. pressed-on…. instead of what he did…
    To me, he walked out on his responsibilities…. the money for his children’s healthcare…And much more.
    Dare I say it…. He is, in my opinion, a deadbeat dad…..Sorry, but that is my view of him after reading his manifesto…..Sorry…. But he hurled himself into the afterlife to make a statement,…. When his children and others (the vets) still needed him.”

    Who ever wrote this needs to rot slowly in hell right after he gets to go to court. Chances are good it will happen then he can check back with us on his progress as he “Bucks Up’.

  • Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c)

    As much as women hate me saying this…I now take the position that a man who has decided to take his own life is well advised to take the lives of a few of his tormentors with him. I will not condemn men who have decided to end their own lives ending the lives of their criminal wifes, lawyers, magistrates and judges.

    Tom would have achieved more if he killed his wife and a few of the judges that abused him.

  • The Final Justice

    Just alerting one and all…
    there WILL be an FJM Misandry Newswatch installment
    covering the Tragedy of Thomas Ball soon. Stay on the lookout.

    –The Final Justice


    Men need to learn from women.

    Just reading a book on harassment. A strange comment from a man to a woman, a touch to the hair, all these are hurtful to women, create a hostile environment and can be a devastating experience.

    Women are better at selling their so called suffering for the tiniest hurt.

    Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism (American Intellectual Culture) (Daphne Patai)
    – Highlight Loc. 979-80 | Added on Saturday, June 18, 2011, 03:20 PM

    Sexual harassment, as always, is it devastating experience. “Untold
    numbers of students who experience sexual harassment at school quit” (p. 296). Jokes, comments, and rape are all part of it; all are treated as equally damaging.

    I wrote about the imbalance in the struggle between ruthless feminists and sensitive just honest masculists.

    Radical masculist manifesto: on equal terms with radical feminists

    • MasculistMan

      According to Dr. David Ruben in the book Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask the only thing that male gays and lesbians have in common is their CONTEMPT for heterosexuals.

  • criolle johnny

    Once again I will say that ONE OUT OF FIVE suicides in our country is a VETERAN. I have only seen one … O-N-E newspaper in the United States which has seen fit to mention this fact.
    Indifference to male pain. Indifference to veterans.
    We veterans are “fire hydrants”. When the house is on fire, we are the most important things in town. When there is no fire, dogs hike their legs on us with impunity.

    • MasculistMan

      The United States treats its veterans like shit.

  • Richard G.

    Men are human doings, not human beings. Our gender is that of a commodity. Something to be used, and then tossed aside when it’s purpose is achieved and fulfilled. What really pisses me off is the indifference that men show to other men.

    It’s common sense that feminist-minded women are cruel and selfish. But what really hits the core is when another man shows extreme callousness for the suffering of his own gender, just so he can get women to agree with him, and even give him a nice quickie for being a good boy, because of his blatant ass-kissing and White Knighting.

    It’s sickening, and ironically there are alot of women who show much more sympathy towards men, then these castrated fucks, whose egos are stroked all the way to next week when they see a poor damsel in distress, because it makes them feel important to feel needed. It makes them feel like BIG, STRONG MEN, when a woman has use for them. They base their self-worth on women.

    The only thing that threatens their fragile egos is when they come across a real independent women who does good all by herself, shows compassion towards men instead of pinning all of her fuck-ups on men, and takes responsibility for her actions as an adult.

    Men are looked at for their actions and provisions. Men are expected to provide and sacrifice, and this has become more of a stigma, to the point where men are dehumanized to being mere tools and weapons (in the case of war). And being a parent is not just about being the pregenitor and the provider. Part of being a parent is also about being a nurturer, raising your children, and watching them grow up and instilling values and morals into them, so they can grow up and become wonderful adults.

    Manginas are the worst type of scum, and the biggest opportunists. I am getting real tired of their hypocrisy, and they are a main constituent in the toxic isomer known as feminism.

    Maybe I should start posting articles myself. This is webpage-worthy material, at least in my opinion, even though I have a lot more to type than this.

  • SWL

    Yep… I wrote the comments cut and pasted. I own them. I stand by them.

    Yes, males do need to recognized for the hurt inflicted upon them, but must we pull down our sisters at the same time? A zero-sum game? I think not.

    The male movement would make great strides if it were to recognize the hurt done to females as well. I haven’t seen much of that from the commentators above. More like a vilification of feminism party. When the male movement moves away from male entitlement to the emotional well-being of males, it will have legitimacy it now lacks.

    PS—We all have our demons to deal with. It is the mark of courage to try to surmount them… Deal with them…. Rather than burn ourselves in front of community buildings.

    Steven W Lindsey
    Keene, NH

    • Richard G.

      First of all, the “Male Movement” is not about male entitlement, but a response to all of the female entitlement we see going on and the lack of female accountability, and it is also based off of emphasizing male worth, alright, MALE WORTH. Enough men work hard and bust their asses every damn day, so we are entitled to get our respect.

      Second of all, we acknowledge the hurt done to females by feminism, which is why women speak out against it. Not only has it harmed women individually and collectively, but the men in their lives as well. Many of them are bold enough to be the protectors and supporters for their men in a system that doesn’t protect men and intrinsically restricts and infantilizes women, so take your female pity parties somewhere else, because we’re not buying it. Women want respect, not pity.

      And men here acknowledge full well the situations women are put in because of feminism, but we don’t beg them to cry on our shoulders, and tell them that everything is going to be alright. This time it is mens turn to get help from other men and women. We are the ones affected the most by feminism.

      We have spent generations being the protectors and providers, but who is going to protect us? Who is going to protect men? What about our young boys?

      And don’t talk to us about courage! Courage is speaking out and taking action in the face of blatant injustice. And the man burned himself to death because of the great emotional distraught that was inflicted on him. He was violated by having his children taken from him, and he lost all hope! He couldn’t fucking deal with it, so he took his life! You just can’t deal with shit like that!

    • Stu

      You’re a pathetic mangina, we should burn men like you.

      • Richard G.

        This mindfuck also makes the assumption that the MRM lacks legitimacy because we don’t acknowledge the hurt done to women. What is that supposed to mean? We place emphasize on male grievances, and women are more than welcome to tell their sides of their stories, and share their experiences with the feminist bullshit that they have had to put up with as well.

        The main goals for the Men’s Movement as we obviously know, are to emphasize male self-worth and independence, redefine masculinity as we shape it, and encourage men to liberate themselves from the shackles of conditioned, old-school notions such as chivalry and tradition which emphasize male disposability.

      • Bizzman662

        At the stake with a high heel shoved up his ass.

    • Eincrou

      Funny how everything you said a male movement should do is the exact opposite of what feminism did. It was always, and continues to be, zero-sum vilification of men.

      You’re right that there’s no legitimacy here right now, but not for the reasons you think.

      Feminism’s legitimacy arose not from righteous appeals to justice, but from men hoping to escape shaming from women by supporting feminism. Women find it easy to twist and turn the social fabric in the ways they collectively desire. Nature gave them immense social power.

      Feminism’s vitriol was the primary reason for its success, but you hold MRAs to a different and totally ineffective standard.

      That we would ask nicely and politely to not be chewed up and spit out by a brutal society gives the impression that our grievances aren’t too urgent.

      The only way men and boys win is to create a tidal wave of cultural pressure that forces people to eradicate their own misandry if they want to be socially accepted. If we’re relegated to asking nicely, people will, with the same politeness, decline to be concerned and keep going comfortably along with the flow of the misandric zeitgeist.

      We at AVfM know what we’re doing. You have no clue how this shit works.

    • UncleRay

      “Yes, males do need to recognized for the hurt inflicted upon them, but must we pull down our sisters at the same time?”

      How the fuck is Tom Ball, a Vietnam Vet found not guilty of anything, setting HIMSELF on fire to highlight the injustice of the system against men, pulling down our sisters?

      Feminists, people who have done all they can to destroy anything male, are NOT our sisters.

      • MasculistMan

        SWL,like Joe Biden,is not our brother.

    • Donn


      Mr.Lindsey, as one of the red thumbers on your comment, I felt I must state I completely agree with you. The male movement, and society as a whole, must move away from male entitlement. Let me also provide more oomph to your comment with just how sick I am of male entitlement. For one thing, I fucking hate how those entitled males get sole privileges to selective service. Those greedy fucks are denying YOUR sisters(the only “sisters” I look out for are the two sisters I’m related to, who care more about me than any empowered woman ever will.) their god given RIGHT to be a part of any future draft that might come. I also fucking hate how those snobby males are snatching up all the combat ops, your sisters need to have their 15 minutes of fame and take out all of corporat- I mean our enemies. Hell, give them all female platoons and leaders and send them in there without any kind of male back-up, team woman will steamroll the opposition. Getting away from the military, I fucking hate those snobbish spoiled rotten males getting to have over 90% of workplace fatalities. Those greedy pigs need to get away from the reaper’s scythe and let your sisters have their turn, and those corporate crooks need to be forced to hire as many of your sisters as possible to maintain equality, and give them full time preference to these highly fatal job positions. I also absolutely loaaaathee how entitled men are snatching up all the spots in prisons, and getting to be used as cheap private labor while coming out there 10x worse then they ever were before they went in in most cases. But oh did you hear? there’s this wacky idea of demolishing your sisters’ prisons that as wacky as people are when it comes to gender may just be a reality. But oh that couldn’t possibly be a bad idea, as women have suffered way too much as it is, I guess prisons are the one thing we can let those entitled males have.

    • MasculistMan

      Dude you’re a total mangina. Sounds like you’re type will get us peace in our time.

      Sounds like you’re on the Fooltrelle trail but beware when the feminists get hungry:

      Here is a photo of the blue pill crowd like yourself:

  • HurleyHacker

    I am never going regret leaving the USA. This comment is another horrible memory of a rancid and putrid country the rest of you are living in. This Mangina is a horrible person. Where is God to stop this madness. ? Does it have to get this bad for the end to come?
    Kevin New York,
    Congratulations on your one man demonstration. It gets a lot off your chest . I protested years ago and passed out a no holds barred flyer of the corrupt players. I was arrested the next night and spent two days in jail. I will never regret doing something to put a finger in their eyes.

    • Richard G.

      God has left the building. It will only end when we put an end to it, and I’m afraid that seems highly unlikely. Men are cruel to other men, because we have been conditioned to go against each other for the sake of the female collective, and it is notoriously hard to get men to work together. It takes a huge collective group of men to put an end to all of this madness, and even then, we are more vulnerable, because there is a chance that we would get attacked in large groups if a protest, riot, or even a civil war was to emerge.

      The State is a powerful entity, and women have been weaponized to go against us, even if they did it out of their own free will. This is how bad things have gotten for men, and manginas, like the fuck who made his callous comments, view us as competiton for women and power. The evolutionary pussy pass has proved detrimental to men, and being born male seems like a cures.

      • Richard G.

        Correction on the last word. I meant “curse”, not “cures”.

    • Kevin New York

      HurleyHacker, can you tell me more about that? What was the basis for arrest? The reason I ask is, I was planning on naming names, and protesting in front of the offices of the opposing counsel and the corrupt law guardian who never interviewed me, yet vilified me to the judge. Just as they are deliberately trying to cause me harm, I want to create angst in their lives, as well.

      I’d be interested in knowing what I can expect if I go that route.

      • MasculistMan

        Kevin New York,

        I’ll post their names on my blog as well.

        • Kevin New York


          You got it!

          Law guardian: Cynthia Lee, Esq.
          Opposing counsel: Anthony Morisano, Esq.

          Just two of many lawyers that knowingly harm children to fill their pockets with money.

          • MasculistMan

            Tell me your story in full,either here or email me.

  • HurleyHacker


    Please read before you insert you foot into your mouth. Put the pipe down.

  • Atlas Reloaded


    You sir…are a cunt. :)

    • Eff’d Off

      LOL. I was about to post that e x a c t response word for word. Then I scrolled down and saw I had been pipped at the post.

      @ SWL:
      You really are displaying the most appalling set of amoral “high-horseness” I reckon I have seen on this site to date. Truly astounding indeed.

      The guy set himself on fire for gawd sake,, on fire.

      Do you really think that he was out there to take ‘em all down.. or do you think that there might be something else in his action ?

      Holy hell you are a mean and terribly unkind thing aren’t you ?


    rant on

    This fellow is why we need to grow the movement OFFLINE.

    *O*F*F* FUCKING *L*I*N*E

    again for the MRA’s that think the internet is everything…..

    *O*F*F* FUCKING *L*I*N*E

    If this fellow was an MRA he might not have done what he did.

    Unless we grow the movement OFFLINE this shit will not stop.

    To ALL my fellow MRA’s I am really staring to lose patience, how fucking hard is it to get 50 guys in a city of 3.5 million (Melbourne AU my home town for example) to do a sticker/poster run.

    Those stickers and posters I put up, must go up in the tens of thousands if not millions, literary.

    rant off

    [img] AvFM posters.jpg[/img]

    Above:- AvFM posters put up by me the night before the Melbourne slutwalk, click on image for larger version.

  • HurleyHacker

    Kevin New York,

    Almost identical situations. The Guardian Ad Litem just made decisions without even talking to me. I just wasted time going to court.

    I was arrested for Contempt of Court. It was the best they could do to try to get even with me. Apparently the restraining order from my X was grounds enough for arrest. I passed out my flyer with the names and nicknames of all the lying corrupt players in my Custody ordeal. My flyer was used against me in Court and is part of the official record. haha. Something about the Judge having no testicles or being a manhole or something like that. My sign was visable from the Court windows and had them looking out their windows and doors. A couple staff and security came by to see if they could provoke me to get an arrest. Some will talk to you as if they want to help. Do not believe them. Bring a recording device and watch who is watching you . Bring your camera.
    Do exactly what you are doing in front of their ratholes. They hate the light shined on them. You will get some official that will try to arrest you . Engage as many people as you can. The support is overwhelming and you get your chance to strike back against your tormentors. If arrested use civil disobedience tell them nothing. You have the right to remain silent. I didn’t say a word for two days. I did not care anymore. My situation was in New York as well. Give them a taste of the hell they gave you. Good luck.

    • Kevin New York

      Thanks, HurleyHacker. I plan on doing multiple protests, and personal supporters have offered to join me. I think if I just leave the part out about the judge not having any testicles, I should be able to scorch them again and again.
      Then again, I’m sure if they feel like it, they can invent a reason to arrest. (Disorderly conduct seems to be the catch-all, since its definition is so broad and all-encompasing.)

  • DehuManized

    Disposable Tools

    I vividly recall the great many incidents that enforced the clear and undeniable stance that all men must hold, that of a tool, a cog in the machine.

    Nightmares still wash ashore, like the ones where I was 5 years old and my thumb was slammed in a car door, the nail ripped off, the pain flooded my mind, as a tear developed the adults present then abruptly corrected me, “Grow up!, or I’ll give you something to sulk about!”, the Grade-3 teacher that split my face open with a hard-cover text book for being too shy, the girlfriend that screams, “Coward!” in response to my honest statement that I have a serious sleeping disorder (childhood PTSD) and not able to just “suck it up” and sleep on the floor as the disposable tool that white-knights and wimmin have diligently crafted.

    You see people, as a male, I once did feel, very deeply actually, now a thousand ugly spiders spin their webs where dreams once played.

    “Man up!”, no, you – Shut The Fuck Up.


  • Crystal

    Whether at the hands of the government or wives or husbands or mothers or fathers, no one leaves this earth without enduring suffering. Unfortunately, on account of their own father’s action and choice in the face of suffering, Mr. Ball’s children face a lifetime of even more suffering than should their father have made a different choice and taken the action of always placing his love for them above his own self.

    • Paul Elam

      Perhaps, in their suffering they will seek answers and discover that the indifference to their fathers pain, which you just displayed in your comment, is why they lost their father in the first place.

      • Crystal

        They lost their father because he set himself on fire. Indeed the meaning his children give that action will be theirs to give, not mine or yours.
        You do realize I’m saying I believe the children would have been better off with a live and suffering father’s love than a dead father, right? You do realize I’m saying I believe they will suffer more in life without their father alive loving them, right? Are you disagreeing with that?
        I can be, and am, deeply moved by his suffering and furious at such a “system” and still hold my belief once you have children – the choice of suicide is off the table. Whether suffering from cancer or the “system” or a slave…I don’t have to be indifferent to his pain and suffering to know others certainly suffer as much or more than he did and yet find a way through suffering by always placing their love for their children above relief for themselves. Are you saying extremely horrendous undeserved suffering is enough to make it ok to take one’s life?

        • Benjamin

          Maybe it’s because you are female, that you do not understand things such as “honor”. Perhaps the fact that you are “man-minus”, having only 23 of the 24 human chromosomes, you don’t have the part that understands which things are important.

          Any man will understand immediately, though, that it would be far better to grow up knowing that your father used his strength to change the world around him (making the world better for the child, by the way), even though it cost Dad his life; than it would be to know that your father was a weak, suffering surrender-monkey.

          Men who accomplish great feats, even if they do sometimes cost their lives, are what is known as “heroes”. And, the term is a positive one, in case you didn’t catch the meaning. (It doesn’t mean cops, who look out for their own safety above all things.)

          If Thomas Ball’s self-sacrifice does becomes the spark that lights the blaze of change (the un-doing of feminism and the dis-empowering of the government), then he is in fact a hero.

          It’s always better to grow up having a dead, hero Dad; than a pussy Dad who is alive and simply provides his own slavery to others.

          You don’t have a clue about this Thomas Ball thing, Crystal. And, you could personally contribute a big improvement to the world, if you would simply stay quiet. (And, all the other women, too.)

          Be sweet, and lovely. And help out your husband. You’re a woman… that’s why you’re here. When you have mastered those things, then perhaps we’ll see whether the boys need you to give your insights on how things ought to be run. Oh wait… No.

        • MasculistMan

          Want to play hate? Want to play scorched earth? Le’t play!!!

          You know what annoys me? These women who scream “sexual harassment” just because some guy looked at them too long. What wimps. Also false rape accusers,they can go to hell as well and I would love to send them there. I fucking hate misandric cunts like you. Whatever evil befalls women we don’t care. We’re indifferent to YOUR suffering. Don’t like it? Blow it out your cunt.

    • Ben

      So, Thomas Ball’s action was *selfish*? When a father sets himself on fire, the bystanders and his family are the real victims, right Crystal? If the mother would have set herself on fire, most women would irrationally and venomously blame the husband for that, also. The story would be on every news channel for weeks if it would have been a female who did this. America’s only concern would be whether or not she was abused by her husband or father. If the media could not dig up any evidence of abusive actions of her husband, they would invent evidence. Women are always seen as victims and men are always seen as perpetrators no matter what happens. Your determination to put all of the focus on the suffering of the children and only mention that Mr. Ball made bad choices is proof of that fact.

      • Crystal

        Nah- I’d written the same thing if it’d been the mother. Tad lost on how my focus on the suffering of the children (kids didn’t do anything to hurt him that I know of or read and yes are victims here because they lost a father) over Mr Ball’s bad choices (documented and admitted to by himself and he is an adult who of course had choices to address his own suffering so was a victim to a lesser degree) is proof regarding your observance about women as victims and men as perpetrators in the media. I tend to agree with your observance but don’t see it here.

        • Ben

          “He is a victim to a lesser degree”???! Are you insane? He is DEAD. The victims of the “greater degree”, as you imply, are STILL ALIVE! Do you see the outrageous bigotry and total absence of compassion in what you are saying?

          • Benjamin

            Ben, calm down, amigo.

            Crystal is not insane; she is female.

            What we call sanity is not an option for her. We’re asking too much of her, if we allow her a voice in a serious discussion.

            I know you’re upset, and I understand. I’m just trying to keep it in perspective for you a little bit.

            There’s an old say, right? Don’t try to teach pigs to dance… it wastes your time; and it irritates the pigs.

          • Ben

            Thanks Benjamin. I nearly fell out of my damn chair again due to my male anger issues. What was I thinking? Blood pressure hit 400 over 300, I do believe.

    • Richard G.

      “…no one leaves this earth without enduring suffering.”

      So fate dictates that men have to constantly suffer, right? That is what we are seeing. It’s easy to say that when a man is shit on by the world, and has to resort to taking his own life. Or maybe if we continue to acknowledge female suffering above male suffering, would this cause have more credibility, and the abuse of men by the system would finally be acknowledged by the mainstream.

      Because men are supposed to be BIG and STRONG, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are made of steel and lack human feeling or emotion.

      “It’s in the children’s best interests”, “The children are going to face a lifetime of suffering”, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Even when the father was alive, there was a chance that the children were still suffering, because their father wasn’t in the picture, and they had to see the most important man in their lives reduced to a fucking slave! And we all know that Child Support is just a euphimism for Woman Support.

      And what about Mr. Ball’s suffering? It is easy to ignore the plight of slaves, and that is what Mr. Ball was, a slave.

      • Ben

        Right, Richard. It is “fate” because “everything happens for a reason” when men suffer. But when women suffer, it as the result of systematic oppression of women by the government and the patriarchy and all of a sudden the notion of “fate” and “everything happening for a reason” are no longer sufficient reasons.

        If a woman burned herself up this week, America would insist that a MAN pay for it. This would require prison for some man, somewhere.

    • MasculistMan

      Want to play that,cuntlips? Let’s do it. I’m tired of cunts like you coming over here telling everyone to “man-up”. When was the last time you “woman-upped”?

      I talk about it here:

      You’ll probably see yourself in those words.

      Now go back to the collective and tell them Masculist Man kicked your ass.

    • BeijaFlor

      I remember a passage from a book on World War II that I read during my high-school years – something on this order:

      An American soldier, who had participated in the liberation of one of the concentration camps, was dating a German nurse. He showed her some photos he had taken of the atrocities at the camp. She looked through them in horror and sympathetic anguish – then she saw they were Jews, and shrugged off the horrors with complete indifference.

      Crystal, I see in you the same switched-off indifference. That German nurse might be your grandmother – certainly in spirit.

      Tom Ball’s children had already lost him, to Family Court. Didn’t you read past the first three paragraphs of his suicide note?

      You are completely ready to scorn the man’s anguish, and I’m sure you have no faintest inkling of the level of anguish it would take for a man to make himself into a human torch as a final, agonizing act of defiance.

      You are heartless. You mouth the platitudes of your ideology, but there is no soul within you, just a coldly callous calculator. I despise you.

      Paul, I would respectfully submit that “Crystal Meth” is a candidate for banning.

      • MasculistMan

        I’ll stand with you on that one,BeijaFlor.

  • Ben

    I have sent links to the stories here at AVFM covering Mr. Ball to several of my male friends. Most of them said that Mr. Ball’s statement was too long and they quit reading after the first couple of paragraphs. Others have sent me stories back that they found on Google searches, that weren’t from MRA sites. They have pointed out to me that they do not get their information from sites with a special objective like the MRA. I was told that these MRA sites are biased. They then proceeded to tell me that Mr. Ball abused his children. I was called *crazy* for concerning myself with ANYTHING a man said who set himself on fire.

    What I hear the most when I tell people of this tragedy is that he was obviously crazy and they feel for his wife and kids who had to live through this. One guy, in particular, said, and I quote, “Why should I give a fuck about what some asshole wrote who set himself on fire? You need to stay off those woman-hating sites.” My roommate made no comment — just silence. Even my friend, who says that he supports *some* of the things that we say, warned me that we are making a huge mistake by talking about this because everyone is going to think that we are all looney for aligning ourselves with the rantings of a man who was obviously deeply disturbed.

    The best reaction that I have gotten so far was, “Ok, I will read it later”. It doesn’t even strike people as odd that this wasn’t on the news. When I say that it was intentionally kept from the public eye to keep people from finding out what the evil family courts are up to, people call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

    • Ted

      “Why should I give a fuck about what some asshole wrote who set himself on fire?”

      Because what goes around, comes around.

    • MasculistMan

      When it happens to them,Ben then they see the light. They also panic but they see the light.

  • HurleyHacker

    To all you turds blaming The murdered Mr. Ball. Go F @@@ yourself. ! There are a lot of us mourning the murder of one of our own. We are grieving because each and every one of us knows how and why Mr. Ball got murdered. You turds are sick and full of hate. I guess until you have had your life fleeced from you then will you feel empathy for Mr. Balland and rage against the corrupt greedy un -family court.
    Comment if you will but the strength that will overcome you is unstoppable.

  • Kris W

    That is why the West must die. We must allow our civilization to collapse into oblivion. Only then will the whores of Babylon regret drinking the blood of innocent boy’s, young men and men.

  • The Final Justice

    INDIFFERENCE?… Maybe not. But it’s still not good.

    What am I talking about?

    A Wikipedia entry for Thomas Ball was started on June 18,
    and already, a Canadian Wikipedian, who is more than likely a feminist — (you know it’s already bad, considering how Canada is the North American headquarters of feminaziism on a MUCH GRANDER SCALE than the U.S. by FAR) — has marked this entry for deletion WITHIN HOURS
    of being posted! Not days… HOURS!

    If there are any Wikipedians in the house,
    I’d say it’s time for some action.. and I mean, like STAT!

    –The Final Justice

  • PaulSevere

    What I don’t see here is a link to Tom Ball’s “Last Statement”, which will be infinitely more useful to guys who have locked horns with the minions of “the Second Set of Books”, than the above. And also to those of us who need to recognize the enemy on “N” street, the apparatchiks’ OWN lobbyists in Washington, D.C. using OUR taxes to persecute US.