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Spetsnaz on the Psychology of Walter White

Breaking Bad fans, and MHRAs will appreciate this one. PE

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  • Dean Esmay

    That all looks exactly right to me. I loved the show, and the big dynamics in Walt’s head all read very much like Spetz explores to me. I saw how Gus was pushing his buttons–Gus knew what would work and why.

  • Kukla

    “Breaking Bad was a television series dedicated to telling the story about the transition of a rather typical American father into a human monster.”

    Monster?!?!? No way. He did bad things, but he was a good man.

  • Redfield

    I am not a fan of Breaking Bad, Walter does not represent a “stereotypical father pushed to the edge” Walter indeed represents quite the opposite! Walter’s character represents the standardised version of a mangina brought up in a society where he probably suffers from a lack of a positive father figure in his life. The fact that Walter is angry and uncaring for the outcomes of his behaviours towards others seems to me to reflect another corner of our society and not fathers or men that have been royally screwed over by an uncaring misandric system!

    This man has serious character flaws that would have always existed within his personality and not surfaced only because he has encountered life’s shitty circumstances! I believe Walter basically is a second rate effigy of a man, a turd, a sociopathic cunt!

    There is no parallel between Walter and men that suffer from the extreme downside of a gynocentric system heaped against the AVERAGE MAN, Walter is not the norm … the guys a sociopath! So where have we heard this story before? A sense of entitled rage against society because things have gone “tits up” through the persons own inadequate approach to life and its trials …. a of lack of empathy for one’s behaviours inflicted on another human being? A sense that the ends justify the means?? Walter is the quintessential feminist ….
    He may have a dick but he aint no man!

  • Paul Elam

    I think the genius of Breaking Bad is that constantly calls on you to pass judgement on Walter, and then puts glitches and second thoughts in your reasoning by showing his very real human frailties, his very real love for his family, and getting in your face with the factors that drove him over the edge.

    I both hated and pitied Walter even as I know that any man could be him with the correct push.

    Was he a monster? Yes. There is no doubt in my mind. Once a person gets to the point of killing children one day and back to cooking meth the next, his extenuating circumstances cards are all played out with me personally. But I still feel sadness for him and I don’t feel in the least superior..

    Walter White was a monster, created by a society that has a bad habit of creating monsters and then using false heroes to bring them down so that society can feel superior.

    We are all a crazy mix of monster and hero.