Pathei Mathos – The Male Experience

Men Going Their Own Way: while it’s an exciting path of exploration, it’s also one at times with dark turns and a lot of pain. The incomparable Spetsnaz has a presentation on it that words can’t do justice to:

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  • Dan T

    Spetsnaz hits the nail on the head, as usual. Great to hear from somebody who’s much further along on the journey.

    It makes me appreciate the fact that I’ve hung on to most of my close friends, who stuck with me despite my earlier, uninformed and exploratory (and sometimes slightly drunken) rants on the topic!

    Great stuff!

  • Lion Kimbro

    Fantastic, and brings me to tears. I’m really excited about the conference; I’m persuading myself to go. I am so inspired by this, because this means that people really are waking up to these incredibly deep issues that are so little visible, and connecting over them. I have to go, I have to go, I have to go. Lion Kimbro, Seattle.

  • SlantyJaws

    Seems to me like he’s describing more taking the red pill than MGTOW.

  • James Williams

    MGTOW or taking the red pill or whatever is about being true to yourself.

    Anyone taking that path is not selfish but is embracing self awareness and life balance. When a guy does this, others will follow and each one that does drives another nail into the coffin of femmie dogma and the control over men they covet.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    “There is a war
    between those who say there is a war
    and those who say that there is none.”

    — Leonard Cohen (“There is a War,” 1974)

  • crydiego

    I have to give a standing ovation to this video and to MGTOWs everywhere!

  • JinnBottle

    A must-see (and -hear) 3 times over, minimum !