From Challenge to Success! CAFE Report on Queen’s and U of O Inaugural Events

The following was originally posted at CAFE, I am reprinting it here as being of interest to our community. –DP

Wow. What a jam-packed 2 days on the road with the Canadian Association for Equality. I only have time for a brief post but expect a full report later in the week. Pictures to be posted as well.

Thursday, March 27 – Queen’s University, Kingston: Dr. Janice Fiamengo and the Queen’s University Men’s Issues Awareness Society host an inaugural presentation that attracts the largest crowd of any “men’s issues” event that CAFE has hosted or sponsored. 350 people pack into a room meant to hold 250, with 100 more watching it streamed live upstairs and easily another 100 unfortunately turned away at the door! The video is up on YouTube on the Channel StudioBrule. A heated yet productive discussion period follows the talk and continues well after the official event has concluded. Congrats to our Queen’s friends and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Friday, March 28 – University of Ottawa: No sooner have the introductions given way to our guest speaker than disruptions begin featuring hollering, trumpets, horns and other noise making devices popular among the anarchic types. CAFE’s Ruben Avila braves the storm and valiantly attempts to come to an agreement with opponents to show mutual respect and reserve their comments or questions to the end, when they will be welcomed and responded to. But to no avail. As Dr. Fiamengo tries a second time the same response ensues.

CAFE springs into action. With the resourcefulness and a sense of turning challenge into opportunity that is quickly becoming the organization’s hallmark, CAFE organizers and our University allies work with the amazing security team at U of O to setup a second room across the hall. Despite having waited 45 minutes nearly every one of the 100+ attendees wait dutifully and then march across as the event is officially moved. At the security-access door to the second venue guards and organizers ask each entering to abide by U of O policies which prohibit the disruption of sanctioned campus events. Those who had broken the policy at the previous venue were denied entry as each entered, single file, to watch the talk. Dr. Fiamengo resumed her remarks at about 8pm, finally delivering her talk to a full house. Protesters amass in a gang in the hallway just beyond the new venue, waiting for the event to end. Is there any irony, given all the talk that CAFE creates an “unsafe space” on campus, leading to the bullying and harassment of students, that at U of O security was required to build a wall to protect us from the bullying and harassment of the protesters. In other words, our event was the safe space.

But that’s not the whole story. As the talk is coming to its end protesters, now having waited 45 minutes and frustrated by their failure to hijack or ruin the event, finally got around to the one desperate move still available to them. They pulled the fire alarm. This development followed almost immediately after the “gang” assured me that their actions did not violate any U of O policies. With the alarm’s electronic system having been broken security was unable to disable the alarm and we were then forced to evacuate the building.

But as we waited outside for security to try to fix the problem, something amazing happened. U of O students started to gather around the event organizers. United by a desire to learn and hear each other out a discussion was sparked. These students had waited an hour, been dragged from one room to another, then forced to leave the building and were now waiting in the cold at 9pm for a third attempt to conclude the event. And they were not going to let their night be hijacked by those who would commit crimes and break University policies to censor and deprive them of deciding things for themselves. Some of those students even re-entered the building to help us carry out our CAFE items. They apologized on behalf of the University for their colleagues’ behaviour, to which we thanked them but told them there was no need as CAFE treats each person as an individual. Many who started on the fence ended very interested in our message of equality and open dialogue and readily signed up to attend future events. And there will be many future programs, as we continue to prove that, one way or the other, we will bring an awareness of men’s issues to university’s across Canada

Protests drive up interest. Security fees help raise funds. Disruptions unite the rest of us. If you’re interested in genuine dialogue join us. If you’re trying to stop us from raising consciousness on life and death issues like suicide, fatherlessness and workplace safety, you will keep failing. And we will keep going.

Thank you to everyone who contributed each in their own way to guarantee someone else would have the chance to learn something new over the last two days. You made this a success.

  • Canadian Association for Equality


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  • driversuz

    Great article; I look forward to hearing the whole story.

    ” If you’re trying to stop us from raising consciousness on life and death issues like suicide, fatherlessness and workplace safety, you will keep failing. And we will keep going.”

    FTSU. Shine a spotlight on their moral bankruptcy.

  • Chris Wedge

    The Streisand Effect, now in real life.

    • Bewildered

      Yes sir !

    • Old_Fart_Henry

      My thoughts exactly.


    ha ha all the subversive acts of feminist miscreants intended to sabotage men end up benefiting the antifeminist men ,those hideous femtards are going down !!

  • JinnBottle

    Boy, am I glad that, after I’d seen only the *first parts* of the Ottawa event, I didn’t give way to my knee-jerk (with the emphasis on “jerk”) reaction to Comment on things such as Ruben’s attempt at civilized exchange with the Feminist Stormtroopers, with such remarks as “Weak sauce”…”Letting sharks smell blood”…”Far too gracious”…etc: I’d only have made unhelpful and negative remarks as well as rather a fool of myself, in face of “the resourcefulness and a sense of turning challenge into opportunity that is quickly becoming [CAFE]’s hallmark…” and the results as Dan reports above.

    Congratulations, CAFE, for all you’ve done, via the above mentioned qualities that are also the hallmark of what a truly civilized and mature masculinity can accomplish.

    • Dagda Mór

      I think it would be difficult for a lot of people, especially those who’ve been on the sharp end of feminist-inspired legal policies, the ones who’ve had their children ripped away, those who suffered domestic violence at the hands of a woman only to have the authorities laugh at them or worse arrest them, those who have lost family because men are being told they are useless. It wouldn’t be easy to stay cool.

      CAFE has shown the way and I’ve all the respect in the world for them. The more the feminists rage and curse, the more people slip through their fingers. Sooner or later they’re going to be forced to try to use reason and facts instead of violence and hate, and that’s when they lose.

    • driversuz

      Me too. CAFE appears to be growing increasingly agile and adaptive, traits which will be necessary for any long term success. In my previous comment I almost wrote:
      “FTSU, cloaked in velvet.”
      I don’t have the whole story, but that’s what I think I’m seeing..

  • donzaloog

    It’s fun to have your enemies do your work for you.

  • crydiego

    Janice Fiamengo! What a strong and thoughtful woman! These collage students got a look at a real women; Janice Flamengo.

    • Bewildered

      …..real women…..

      They are in real danger of becoming an extinct breed. Pathetic caricatures of male jerks are the darlings of the culture.In this puerile age of liberation theirs is the ultimate liberation.
      I was just wondering what if all men found their jobs ‘oppressive’ and all of them sought ‘liberation’ ?
      That would be liberation from existence for all of us, yes?

  • earth one

    I watched the Queen’s University event last night on YouTube. Excellent – this was a truly memorable event. Great work!

    There is a note of a few technical difficulties at the start – the event begins at 19:10.

    • driversuz

      Could any woman possibly look like less of a threat?

      God, these thugs are stupid!

      • Bewildered

        Her words are very threatening to strong,independent and progressive thinkers !
        You have grossly underestimated her terror.

  • Bewildered

    Huffington Post: Why the Men’s Rights Movement Is Garbage

    No one has any problems with this? Grrrrrrrr!

    • Dagda Mór

      Oh yeah I saw that, hilarious. She was mostly whining about MRAs not doing anything in the real world, just attacking feminism. Of course the five grand donated by AVfM to keep Earl Silverman’s shelter open makes no never mind, the men talked out of suicide by MRAs, the bent lawyers and crooked detectives under investigation because of MRA activism, that means nothing to feminists.

      When someone is as factually wrong as that, I see no particular need to get upset, just point and laugh.

      • Dean Esmay

        What we managed to do we do on a tiny shoestring and an army of volunteers. How the fuck can this arrogant privileged white girl sit there and act as if what we have the resources to do is even 1% of the billions feminists receive from governments and private organizations around the world? Pathetic.

        Of course MRAs aren’t “male versions of feminism.’ We respect fact and logic and reason and eschew violence and want men and women held to the same standards. They do none of these; even when they say they want the same standards for men and women they simultaneously object and even become furious when women ARE held to the same standards.

        Sad really. How was anyone ever fooled into thinking feminism was about equality?

        • Dagda Mór

          “How was anyone ever fooled into thinking feminism was about equality?”

          A pretty girl told them it was so.

          • Old_Fart_Henry

            With assistance from an ugly billionaire. Male of course.

        • Bewildered

          How was anyone ever fooled into thinking feminism was about equality?

          For me that’s the 8th wonder of this world.

        • Mateusz82

          And of course MRAs haven’t done as much as feminists have (leading to the whole, “All they do is talk” slander). Feminists have access to a lot more money through taxes and private donations. Feminists also can work with the knee-jerk response to please women. If feminists want laws passed that benefit women, it’s far easier than MRAs.

    • plasmacutter

      I was forced to abandon huffpo because they require Facebook and strip all anonymity.

      It went from a balanced place of salient debate to P.C.-tards running anyone who opposes them off the site. You can see it in the response column for that article: Generally MRA comments out-score feminist ones on open news sites. Further, reasoned arguments tend to out-score sound-bytes.

      Huffpo’s “most faved” comments are empty sound bytes which would make a fox news commenter blush with envy.

      • Bewildered

        Huffpo’s “most faved” comments are empty sound bytes which would make a fox news commenter blush with envy.

        That’s why this Left Right dichotomy is pure hogwash. A dickhead is a dickhead irrespective of the label. All of them are oblivious of their own hypocrisy even as they feel superior pointing out the hypocrisy of the opposing side.
        No wonder that there’s so much mindless hate floating around.
        Big Red is a mere caricature of the ground realities.

        • plasmacutter

          I blame the partisan shift of the past 15 years on the inherent “confirmation bias” of the internet, both in it’s very nature, and in the nature of attempts of “gatekeepers” such as google to “tailor results”.

          It’s resulted in greater confirmation bias and thus reinforcement of isolation from the rest of humanity.

          Unfortunately, the ugly reality is this malady will not be rectified without carefully crafted regulation, and that will probably never happen given the trillion-dollar power of the consumer search industry.

      • Susie Parker

        Sorry, Huffpo was never “balanced” in any way, shape or form. I’ve been kicked off twice for comments like “The TRUE victim of a false rape accusation is the person falsely accused – NOT “real” rape victims”.

        • plasmacutter

          I’m no fan of the term “rape culture”, but that quote made no sense.

          There are no “‘real’ rape victims” in the case of a false accusation.

          • Susie Parker

            Uh…maybe you don’t read Huffpost often enough. The standard remark addressing false rape accusations is “False rape accusations victimize REAL rape victims by making it harder to believe them”, to which I pointed out, first and foremost, the REAL victims of false rape accusations are the MEN falsely accused. Understand?

    • plasmacutter

      Holy crap, there’s actually someone posting there talking about how men only battle for custody so they don’t have to pay.

      I have yet to see the obvious and equally absurd reply: “Women only want custody so they can keep their payday”

      • Bewildered

        LMFAO! There you go ! Creativity gone wild?

        Then they expect people to be not angry !

  • Lastango

    Men walking onto the university campus are in genderfeminist thugspace.

    There really is a rape culture there: the rape of human rights by a Marxist/feminist axis of administrators, professors, student councils, and brownskirt shock troops.

  • Roby 83


  • Justice4All

    I’ve said it before… CAFE is setting a very high standard for men’s rights activism on college campuses. My congratulations to our Canadian brethren (and sisters too). Kudos to Dr. Janice Fiamengo as well.

  • Camran Manikfan

    He(/she) who digs a pit for someone …

  • colmar

    Hey, regular uOttawa student here. I noticed this article because it was under the ‘uottawa’ tag on tumblr. Just letting you know that changing your story to sound 100% perfect does nothing but de-legitimize the argument you try to make. Our school paper, The Fulcrum, covered the event. This seems to be MUCH more sugarcoated than the Fulcrum’s article.

    • Michał Lech

      Thank you very much of enlightening us about the one truthful, unbiased and wonderfully objective newspaper, The Fulcrum.

    • Susie Parker

      You were there, I take it?

    • plasmacutter

      Just checked the fulcrums website.. nada. Apparently the “accurate” story is the event never happened.

    • David King

      Then please, by all means, post a link to the Fulcrum artile.

    • Malcolm H. Johnston

      I’d be curious to know how you think the story has been changed, and why you’d make a comment without highlighting where the discrepancies are.

    • Speaksvolumes

      Are you referring to the storify feed?