From an old man to a young man

Terrence Howard is the actor who portrayed Col. James Rhodes in the 2008 film Iron Man. He’s an accomplished actor with a long list of credits, and his role alongside Robert Downey Jr. is arguably his highest profile role. Aside from acting, Howard has also earned himself press coverage by threatening to kill the 14 year old boy his teenage daughter was dating, because Howard didn’t approve of him.

However, rather than censure for this murder threat, Howard was praised. The uncredited writer/moron who covered this story for the entertainment blog “celebitchy dot com” characterized Howard’s threat by saying ”to me, that makes him a great dad right there.” The un-named hack writer, apparently female, enthused further to say: “Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it makes me happy to hear that some dads are still involved in their daughters’ lives, and care enough to threaten the crap out of some boy. Isn’t that a rite of passage for everyone? I honestly believe one of the reasons my dad sucks is that he never threatened anyone on my behalf.”

The idea of the murderously over-protective father continues to find currency in our culture, as well as an element of popular entertainment.

The comedian Bruce Cameron published a list of what he called “8 simple rules for dating my daughter”. At least 3 of the rules include threats of murder, and all but 2 include threats of grievous bodily harm. This list has been plagiarized, repeated and embellished by numerous other comedians, commentators, sermonizing priests and others so many times that dozens of versions can be found by Googling the term “so you want to date my daughter”.

In 2011 a man named Dale Boyer uploaded a video to youtube which contained a public lecture to any young man with ambitions of dating his daughter. In this video, the daughter, an attractive young woman in her late teens or early twenties sits next to her father nodding and agreeing with Boyer’s admonitions. Speaking to his daughter: “I have reminded you every single week, all your dates must be approved by me. If they touch you, I will cut their wanger off”. Boyer expands on this, adding, “If they put their hands where they don’t belong, I will cut their wanger off, and go to prison and get three hots and a cot”.

The daughter interjects, saying: “don’t mess with me”. The father continues, adding “don’t F*** with me, because I am a christian man.” as his daughter smiles in agreement. He stopped short of saying the word “fuck.” He figured threatening to mutilate his daughter’s boyfriend was okay, but saying fuck was going too far. Well, fuck him.

Now my story. At age 17-ish, I very briefly had a semi-girlfriend who was a classmate. The romance, if it can even be dignified as such was ended by me, following my first meeting with her father. He showed me his shotgun, and made it clear, in front of his daughter that he would use it to kill me if I made his Daughter, and my friend, Tanya cry. This implied threat was not if I had sex with her, which several weeks into a high-school crush in the mid-1980s I had not gotten around to yet. He also wasn’t talking about some hypothetical violence done against his daughter, no, the threat of death was offered on the mere event of her crying.

At the age of 17, my brain was a-slosh with hormones, and I didn’t have the developed sense of self I now enjoy, but even then, whether it was a romance or a friendship – I discontinued the relationship that had been placed under condition of a threat of death. I did not, at the time have the skill or faculty to explain my reasoning to anyone. Not even Tanya, who had, until then been a friend. She raised no objection to the threat which I took seriously.

As I saw matters, If I explained to her that she was being immediately dumped – I might be creating the condition for fulfilment of the threat. In my mind, this had consequences beyond the possibility of my own immediate demise. My own father was likely, in my mind, to respond to such event with the retributive killing my girlfriend’s dad, and maybe her too. To be clear, even to my 17 year old hormone-demented mind, this was an intolerable possibility to be avoided at any cost. It must be noted, looking back that my old man was capable of such response. I was also unwilling to inform my dad why Tanya was suddenly vanished out of my life, because news of the threat against his son might also have provoked violence from him, either against me, or against her father, an equal chance in my 17 year old judgement. It even briefly crossed my teenage mind to consider whether, in the event of a man in his early 50s coming after me with a shotgun, I might get the better of him, resulting in my incarceration rather than my own death. So, I cut off contact – avoided Tanya at school, didn’t return calls, and weathered my own self enforced exile in silence.

I never discovered what effect this had on her, as we never spoke again – although in the following year, several large and athletic white knights at our school sought me out, and I lost those fights.

However, although I didn’t break off that early romance with a great deal of grace, I was correct to do so. Since then, our culture of acceptable violence against men, particularly young men has grown more pronounced rather than less.

Which brings us to the point of this discussion, which might have been usefully given the title: “advice for a young man, from an old man”.

Here’s the advice, for young men, listed here in several parts.

First, value yourself. Value your health and your life. Put yourself first. This should not be taken to mean be a self absorbed douche-bag, rather, recognize that you have value as a human, and do not allow anyone to devalue your humanity.

If you are threatened with violence or death, take those threats seriously. This has two components. The first is to not minimize threats or laugh them off – because while in many cases such threats are empty, rhetorical and not followed through, a skimming of the news shows that young men die at the hands of white knight fathers who still cling to moronic traditionalist views of their daughters as fragile flowers on behalf of whom everybody else must suffer and die.

The second component of this is that our society treats violence against men as if it is normal. If this is going to end, it starts with you. There is no reason to quietly abide threats of violence or death, just because everyone else is a moron and thinks it’s acceptable. Fuck anyone who says or who implies by their silence your life has less value because you’re male.

So, if you find yourself on the receiving end of some fatherly threat of death over possible offence to your girlfriend, and she abides by this condition on your relationship – then she is part of the problem, too. It might seem that explaining your position as a person whose life should not be threatened over trivialities is a good course of action. Some people might even advise sitting down with her to point out why continuing in a relationship under threat of death is impossible. This is not what I’ll suggest. If a girl accepts, without complaint the dire consequence against you in any event of her discomfort, drop her without ceremony, notification or apology.

When you’ve been shown the gun, there is no more civil discussion, there is only the choice to exit or to return fire. The argument for the human rights of men and boys wont be won by escalating the violence already directed at men and boys. But the other side of a culture of violence against men and boys isn’t passive acceptance of that violence, it’s a loud and firm rejection of it. Just say no. Say fuck no.

So that’s what I’m saying to younger men, anybody who puts a condition of the threat of violence on your relationship with them, throw them the hell out of your life. Demand the respect as a human being of value that everyone except you gets by default.

To everyone else, there’s another suggestion on offer. Abandon the conceit that you are not complicit in the world’s problems, that men, particularly young men should be your goat to be heaped with sin and driven into the desert.

To fathers of daughters who would smugly issue a threat of death or violence against young men, satisfied in your supposed protection of your little princess, consider what you’d do if the threat came from some other kid’s parent, targeting your rotten spawn. Don’t be such a moron. If your daughter is sexually mature, seeking male company, your job is not to protect her from real world. If she doesn’t have the judgement to make those decisions, then you are already a failure as a parent. Don’t compound it by giving her the at-one-remove use of lethal force to enable her asshole behavior.

To daughters on whose behalf protective violence is wielded, grow up, or get used to the choice between males in your life with so little self worth they’ll tolerate their own total disposability in deference to your fragile emotions. Or get used to a growing culture of men who totally wash their hands of you as an enabler of violence against them.

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  • BioCan

    Well said, John the Other. Being held responsible for your own actions through fear while allowing a father’s daughter to take advantage of her superior position in a relationship is appalling. Rather, both individuals should be able to compromise and sort out their problems in a reasonable, intelligent, and productive manner. Isn’t that what love is all about?

    And like you said, a mature young woman entering a relationship should explain to her father that threatening someone with violence is not the way to go about dealing with things, but that is if you are assuming that she is emotionally prepared and sincere enough in that relationship, which is not the case sometimes. Anecdotally, I’ve had a friend break up with a woman because she would continuously initiate petty arguments that weren’t necessary. He was not willing to commit to that relationship any further and avoided her because he was not an argumentative person. The notion of being overly entitled to do things in a relationship that are violent or verbally abusive just because one happens to be female is not right. As well, the notion that they can do it because men should be able to take verbal and physical abuse more than women can is ignorant.

  • Tawil

    Very important message, and very well written.

  • Dr. F

    My ex wife’s uncle, an immigrant from Calabria in the Italian deep south told me a story in fractured English.

    He said some years back a gent had come looking for his daughter on his farm and this he did not like. To dissuade the young bloke from returning he sent him on his way by showing him the point of a knife near his eye before kicking him on the backside out the door.

    Being none too bright the poor sap did return sometime later and the uncle smiled at me when he told me he chased him three times around the horse shed before killing him with a single shot with a rifle.

    He served no time because the legal system accommodated his motivation and adjusted it as justifiable defense of a family member, his daughter.

    The daughter was sitting right next to me when he was telling me this story and she nodded soberly in agreement. A filthy and regrettable job that just had to be done it seemed.

    At the end of the story he leaned forwards and his country manners darkened. He looked me bolt on and said with a deep and steady voice without inflection of any kind,

    “Same for you if you make my niece sad.”

  • andybob

    A father issuing threats of violence against any male who may sully his daughter’s purity is expressing white knight indulgence at its worst. Such a man is proclaiming to the world that his little princess has been raised to perceive herself as a perennially blameless victim without agency. She’s a nightmare on wheels.

    Daddy has also been the test-drive vehicle in which princess acquired her skills in manipulating men to commit violence-by-proxy. She has cut her teeth and sharpened her claws on this gun-totin’ buffoon. Unleashing an entitled female who believes she has armed back-up in the event of her being displeased is not a great contribution to society. Of course, I do not have daughters. So, I don’t know how I would react to some long-haired yobo taking my bit-of-a-drongo daughter on a date. In all honesty, probably not very well.

    Like most gay guys, my views on child rearing tend to be rather draconian – lots of Edwardian overtones of the speak-only-when-spoken-to variety. My nieces (15 and 16) are very familiar with Uncle Andybob’s views on proper behavior.

    They include:
    – speaking in clearly-enunciated sentences
    – no slouching (the children of gays may grow up insane, but they always have great posture)
    – having at least a working knowledge of all branches of arts and sciences (you don’t have to be an intellectual – I’m not – but don’t be a dill)
    – showing proper appreciation and respect for their parents (surly, ungrateful daughters are a curse)

    I have always told them that they have been raised with every advantage of love and support, so they have no excuse to ever behave like poor white trash. The prevailing culture celebrates and excuses appalling behavior from girls. It is vitally important to counteract this by setting clear and consistent expectations.

    I make certain that the prospect of a lengthy lecture from Uncle Andybob provokes more fear and dread than an unloaded rifle ever could. I don’t lecture my nephew (only 12) about anything. I just make sure that no hateful feminist ever makes him feel ashamed of being a boy. My brother-in-law is a great dad ready to fight any feminist attack on his son.

  • Merlin

    Interesting topic this one…

    I’ve got a story of my own about this sort of overtly protective nature towards the princess on the pedestal.

    I remember my ex father-in-law coming over one day when he knew I was alone and wanting a man to man chat. During the conversation I was accused of being responsible for grey hairs appearing on his precious daughters head. I was quizzed about why she didn’t have an email address; as though I had something to do with her being oppressed in that area. I was also warned that if I ever put the seed in her head that we move out of the area to better ourselves that I would have him to answer to. And finally, because I had a problem with his narcissistic wife that I found akin to a dolly throwing child; I was also warned that I needed to apologise to her for being distant with her at family gatherings.

    WTF…I said to myself. He insisted that I make up with her because otherwise it would ultimately cause a family rift that I would be held responsible for. To say I was gob smacked was an understatement. My wife at the time also sided with her father on this matter, and also insisted that I make amends with her step-mother, otherwise it would be a problem as far as she was concerned.

    Consequently a rift was exactly what occurred, because I wasn’t prepared to be bullied into a false apology for someone I didn’t like and had no respect for. Ultimately I split from my wife in the shit storm that ensued because I held firm to my strict morals and forthright approach.

    • white demon

      I quote: “Consequently a rift was exactly what occurred, because I wasn’t prepared to be bullied into a false apology for someone I didn’t like and had no respect for.”

      Well done man!

      • Merlin

        Thanks…appreciate your reply. It had to be done!

  • Galt

    I guess as an alternative – as a measured, reasonable and appropriate response after the older man threatens the younger man and shows him his gun – the younger man can take the gun out of the older man’s hands, push him up against the wall and say: “I’m breaking up with your daughter because her old man is crazy. If you utter one more threatening word to me, I’m going to cut off your nuts, shove them down your throat and then beat you to death with this gun. Understand, old man?”.

    Uhhh … or something like that. I wonder why the older man always thinks he will be the winner in the conflict in these stories?

    • Dr. F

      Bullets know nothing of ages and they press on all the same.

      • Galt

        Sure, but the stories are kind of tilted up to now with the bullets (possibly) going through the young man.

        I’m saying that as an older guy – who realizes that provoking people like the older men are doing in these stories can backfire. And there are lots of big-mouthed hotheads in jail in real life.

        • Dr. F

          Good point – agreed.

          I was slow getting your point but I am caught up now, ta.

    • LucianSamosata

      Because firearms are an equalizer, and you have to bet your continued physical existence that your whole body is faster than his finger. People have these sorts of fantasies because they’ve seen it in movies, but the fact is unless you have some kind of training and *practice* in close quarters combat and disarming techniques, you are likely to lose. Also, that likelihood is an order of magnitude higher if you happen to be dealing with a combat veteran or off duty LEO who knows about weapon retention and will make your last minute of life pretty terrible.

      I agree with John that this sort of behavior is reprehensible and should be challenged, but you’re not going to accomplish anything by pretending you just walked onto a movie set. Do what it takes to diffuse the situation and leave, and having survived, deal with it from there.

  • blueface

    Thanks JtO, I enjoyed the article.

    Violent threats are not easy things to deal with. Sometimes, for self-preservation, violence must be met with violence. Sometimes, running away is a tremendously good idea. I’m not going to judge anyone in that situation.

    More importantly, your point about an individual’s value and taking care of one’s self is very appropriate.

    For too long, men have allowed others to push them to the back of the queue for love, respect, good health, and so on. It is my right and duty to ensure my own safety and well being, both mentally and physically.

    I do not need to accept second best in any relationship. And if I am not valued….. Bye bye.

  • Stu


    No article thread is complete without one of my off topic newsflashes.

    • white demon

      Gee, wonder if she’ll be charged……?

  • Lee

    My former stepfather threatened to break the legs of the first guy I dated in high school if he didn’t leave me alone. He told me about it after and I was not more concerned than he was, as I knew he didn’t like me and was just trying to seem fatherly – he was very concerned about appearances. A teacher overheard his threats and he got chastised by the principal.

    Perhaps I let him down by not immediately telling my stepfather off, but truth be told, I avoided that guy like the plague he was. Worked out alright though. I made a best friend and my mother and former stepfather are now divorced.

  • Patrick Henry

    Threating someone with a gun for a possible future offence is psychotic behavior. The girl you were dating was raised in a mentally unstable home. It is likely that she learned violent behavior patterns in that environment. Walking away and running silent is the best thing you could have done. I would have done the same.

  • Zarathos022

    Every now and then I think about this girl from my middle school that I had a crush on and wanted to ask out but couldn’t summon the will to.

    Reading this article seven years afterwards makes me glad I never did.

    Thanks JtO

  • http://none universe

    Timely and useful essay.
    Believe I would point some inquisitive young man in the direction of this essay, should the need arise. Especially if junior were to doubt any avuncular advice from me. He’d ‘get it’ real quick from this posting, steeped in contemporary ‘gender’ mind set (rot) or not.
    Yes, to valuing self worth in proper perspective and context.
    And no, to the continuation of unexamined crippling behaviors masquerading as the norm.

    Next stop – poppa.
    There’s a good chance -and I’d be willing to wager – that good ol’ dad knows very well what young men can be like. Cuz, chances are, he himself once acted in what he now has come to regard as improper.
    Dat dare alfa cad yung-un grew in years to suffer what was once inflicted upon udders.
    Justice isn’t so sweet after all, however. Alfie punk still didn’t outgrown his own sense of self importance, believing himself to be the arbiter of everyone else’s sense of proper conduct. Then the same old same old just perpetuates itself.
    That is, unless the real pack leader with a strong moral fibre and code guides the less contemplative in iron fisted compassion and respectful regard for others.

    Although not a guarantee, to some extent, such an individual’s coded presence would mitigate the cad or slut ish conduct.
    And limit the brutality toward young men that keeps being handed down to the next generation.

    And yet we can still learn from both the alfa cad and the patriarch. When young men do step out of line someone has to be there to set them back on path. And each man, being the guide of his own conscience sets forth to do just that.
    But a real problem can be the errant female. Men of any understanding are hampered from straightening out a woman or girl determined to do as she pleases. And many women aren’t much help in this regard as well with ‘team woman’ being what it is today.
    However, in a social context, contemporary society is not always going to continue as it currently does. Changes are-a-cummin. (Many don’t yet see it, but we’re the ones bringing it about. Regardless of what the ptb have to say or do with it).


  • TPH

    When I was 17 the father of a girl I was dating attacked me. Fortunately I had been taught basic self defense by my Old Man and my Uncle. Both were ex-Marines. The police were called and to my amazement my girlfriends mother told the truth to the cops. Back then the incident was treated as a minor squabble.

    Currently the incident would be treated as an assault as it should be. Fathers need to understand that their little princesses tend to grow up. Death threats or threats of violence are just that: Threats to your life that need to be taken very seriously.

  • white demon

    From where I come from, it’s not only the fathers of girls/women who beat up and/or unfortunately kill the boy/ex boyfriend, but also brothers of those girls/women. I’ve also heard one mother, boasting how her son went and beat up a guy for dumping his sister (her daughter) and laughing about it. Nice eh?

    I also would speculate that cousins, brother’s friends and even her male friends might do it, but I haven’t heard of one yet.

    This reminds me of a conversation I had when I was in my mid-teens during a road trip: now keep in mind that just the day before this conversation, I had broken an air pump that belonged to an auntie of mine. Also keep in mind, as I’m recalling this from memory, I can’t really remember the exact words during this conversation, but I’ll try my best to get the meanings forward to You.

    During that road trip, I had the most uncomfortable seat in that vehicle, as the more comfortable seats were reserved the girls/women in the vehicle. Except my step-dad if I’m not mistaken.

    My mum, who was driving, was telling us about how a young man, maybe in his late teens or early twenties, had been killed by the brother, along with some other men, of the girl who he had ended his relationship with. As to how he ended the relationship, I never knew, neither did my mum, she didn’t know either, Eventually the brother and the group of his other men, dump the body of the poor chap, along with his motor bike (as if he will ride it in his after life) near the place my mother worked.

    I was really upset to hear this. But now my female cousin and my sister who were sitting with my aunt in the more comfortable seat upfront went on to say that he deserved it! He deserved it because he dumped his girlfriend!

    I was really angry, I myself had been rejected by girls up to that point, and had seen boys/men been dumped by there girlfriends and none of us had gone killing the girls, except bad mouth them!

    I protested to my Aunt, the cousin’s mother, I said “Auntie that’s not right isn’t it, to kill someone like that for that?” Now, hold on to your seats here, here was her reply :”well, whatever, but You broke my air pump, now was that right?”

    I sat there dumbfounded, will my cousin, sister aunt, all smirked, smiled, made faces and giggled at me.

    On a side line, this aunt, during a more recent conversation I had with her told me that it’s always the women who get the blame no matter what when things go wrong in families, “always the case! it’s always the women who get the blame”! she said!

    Also, It came to my notice just two months ago, that her daughter, the cousin in this conversation, now all grown up, is contemplating of dumping her boyfriend of a few years now due to conflict of religion/culture between them. (I wonder if she’ll approve of her boyfriend getting even with her).

    The irony, of all this, is that the mother I mentioned earlier in my comment, and my Aunt, who both have their own sons would be cool if this happens to their sons?

    Now, in my late twenties, I to have a son, who is a few months old, what a joy! I’m waiting for the day, when he is old enough to understand, to warn him of the dangers/disadvantages he will be facing due to the fact he is male. Tell him, don’t ever, inflict violence on anyone male or female at the request of anybody, be it male or female! Don’t ever think your life is worth less because You are male, as their are people who love You and will love You too.

    Most of all, respect Yourself, because to respect others, You have to respect Yourself first. Walk away from any situation that might be a danger to You/ Don’t fall for the tears of women (and men for that matter) who have no or little respect for You.

    And to my daughter, if I ever have one, once she understands, “I’ll love You, even take care of You till You are 30 years old, but prepare to face the consequences of the bad decisions you make in Your life as an adult, and never get me to inflict violence on anybody be it male or female, just because you are a woman.”

    Talk about a rant.

    Till this day, it still baffles me, what does a plastic air pump and a human life have in common……?

    • http://none universe

      I appreciate the story w/d.
      And others should learn about it too. Too many of stories of this nature are swept into a crevice and no one the wiser.

      Again, and very slightly off topic, and not directed toward you w/d or any other pro-male individual reading here, I would like for someone to explain to me how manly in appearance it is to just shrug off such contempt and then perpetuate it forward to another (young man).

  • kiwihelen

    SO explained to me why it is hard to be a dad of teen daughters…he can remember what he thought about all the time as a teenager, so he is pretty certain he knows what her male friends are thinking about her.

    We had a good laugh about this, but there is a serious point. Protecting your daughters is not about threat, intent or violent action, it is about helping them learn skills to protect themselves and giving them the confidence they are loved for who they are not what they can “put out”.

    In fact, this applies to all children regardless of gender.

    I was fortunate with my Dad. He was the ultimate absentminded professor, but somehow I have never once doubted I was loved by him because I was worthy of his love, rather than because I earned it.

    There is another side of the equation on girls growing up as “spoilt princesses” – mothers who treat their daughters as “friends” rather than being their mother.

    I am NOW good friends with my Mum, but that is because we developed that on equal terms after I left home for independent living. Prior to that she taught me what a grown woman was because she was a grown woman. Not a wannabe teen alongside her daughter.

    I wish I lived closer to the SO so his girls could at least see the rolemodel of a grown woman by spending time with me…all they see is the shitty stuff their mother does to their father (even though they are separated and soon to be divorced), and think this is how women treat men.

  • keyster

    Years ago I was helping a (rather lecherous) friend of mine set up his basement for his recently divorced 30 yo very cute daughter to move back into. At one point he looked at me very sternly and said, “And make sure you keep your grubby paws off my daughter.”

    I laughed and replied, “So said the farmer to the stranger who’s car had broken down and needed a place to stay for the night.” IOW, if she were to come on to me (which she did) I wasn’t about to resist her advances based on any veiled threats from the farmer.

    Like I said, he’s rather lecherous towards young women, with the exception of his daughters of course, which are off limits to anyone like him. When I explain to him that those young women might have fathers just like him, his only reply is “Fuck ‘em!”.

    See how UNIFIED men are towards one another?
    Some brotherhood!

    There seems to be a big difference between their daughter’s virtue and every other nubile nymph. A nice, neat compartmentalization. I see his daugher exactly like he sees other young women, and it fills him with white-knight rage.

    • white demon

      I quote:“And make sure you keep your grubby paws off my daughter.”

      The thing is Keyster, he is unsure of himself. So he sees other men in the same light.

      In my opinion, I think most male feminist fall to this category.

      I have had experience with more than one of this type of character.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        “In my opinion, I think most male feminist fall to this category.”

        You couldn’t be more right White Demon. Because essentially, that is Hugo Schwyzer.

    • http://none universe

      Yup, some brotherhood indeed.
      But that crappy example does not reflect upon any of us here, right?

      We form alliances with those who understand when and where we can, thereby, eventually bringing the less formidable up to speed.
      It’s not hopeless Keyman. (Just keep writing. Your words go a long way).

  • Atlas Reloaded
    • white demon

      Jail time for her? Hm…..

    • 4thtroika

      • Patrick Henry

        They just keep coming. This is what happens when society tells a group of people there are no consequence for their actions. Total moral bankruptcy. It just makes me sick.

  • white demon

    Oh, this is somewhat off topic, but it seems like that David Futrelle is at it again!

    It really baffles me also, that this d–k seems to have no problem with the ideas of killing males in Radfem, but has a problem with mane calling.

    On the brighter side, AVfM and the likes, are getting bigger = People in Radfem and Manboobz, I think are panicking.

    • Phil in Utah

      Just ignore him. That ass-clown isn’t even worthy of our ridicule anymore.

      • Paul Elam


      • Steve_85

        I just spent my very first minute on his site… I think it will be my last. Even the comments are retarded.

  • Phil in Utah

    A couple weeks ago, I was protesting my school’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes march. My actions drew the attention of the march’s organizer, a girl who’s working on her Master’s in Social Work, name of Monica. She was very open-minded and polite to me (and quite pretty, I might add), and I couldn’t help but like her. About halfway through our debate, a middle-aged man came up to us. I don’t know if he was her father–I strongly suspect he was, since he said he wasn’t involved in any of the campus organizations, but was just there to support her. He started off by telling me he was offended by my shirt (a tight-fitting yellow one that showed off my muscles and said “DECRIMINALIZE TESTOSTERONE”–it proved surprisingly popular with the march’s staff), and telling me that by demanding that equal attention be paid to men who are victims of domestic violence and that women could avoid a lot of violence by not hitting first, I was denying women their voices. I gave him a rather condensed version of this lecture by saying, “You know what’s REALLY denying women their voice nowadays? When men treat women like they’re these fragile, helpless creatures who can’t think or act for themselves. Monica doesn’t need your support–she’s been doing an amazing job not only in organizing this march, but in holding her own with me.” He didn’t say anything else, but looked like he was about to blow a blood vessel. The protective mindset, it seems, not only refuses to leave once the girl is an adult, but also applies to daughters other than one’s own.

    • Patrick Henry


      What school did you protest at?

      • Phil in Utah

        Utah State.

        • Patrick Henry

          Go Aggies! *wink*

  • Steve_85

    From a young man to anyman who will listen:

    Stay away from Western Women. They are emotional vampires. They will suck you dry and then kick you to the curb and move on to the next sucker.

    Did I mention they’ll take all your money too? Yeah, they’ll take all your money, and some that you haven’t earned yet.

    • Kimski

      From an older man to a younger:

      Agreed, -and then some.


      Not only western women.It is most women, this stuff is hard wired in.

    • Stu

      Steve, while it may still have some truth to it that non western women differ from their western counterparts, it is cultural upbringing and differing legal systems that account for that difference. Basically the difference because our culture allows or even rewards women for being the way they are now. The non western woman who comes to live in western culture will slowly, sometimes quickly abandon their previous ways and adapt to an anything I can get away with culture.

      Sure there probably wont be a total transformation, and that is why our legal system is engaged in almost forcing them to behave like western women. Also, feminism is pushing into every country it can get a foothold in, you can’t even guarantee that going to a foreign country and living there will give you any protection for much longer. The guy who married in Australia thirty years ago though he knew what the deal was that he was making…….but soon found that the contract he signed was written on a whiteboard in erasable marker, and is being edited and rewritten by third parties whenever they feel like it. The only part of this contract that never gets rubbed out and rewritten is his signature on the bottom

      • white demon

        I agree Stu, being a man from South East Asia, I’ve seen my country women be it family/friends etc etc….. go abroad and come back really transformed, with the very rare exception.

        Now, please, bear in mind I’m NOT Anti-western/Anti-Eastern/Anti Middle Eastern/Anti-East etc etc….. for what I’m going to say now…….(I’m Anti-Stupidity and Anti-Radical Feminist).

        I know one chap, who told me about how some woman ( I think it was the wife of a friend of his, but I don’t remember) who came back after going to some European country. came back a feminist who stopped wearing bras saying that it was men who were making women wear bras to make the breast look bigger for our satisfaction. Nice eh? She was apparently giving a hard time to the men in her family, and other men known to her and indoctrinating other (local) women too.

        I’ve heard women also tell me how good foreign (western) men are compared to us, and how good foreign (western) countries treat women unlike our system (ya right)!

        I know, some of my country women, who have used the courts in our country AND foreign countries against men and are happily living a good life doing little to nothing for a job.

        That said, this sort of behavior by most women, are not limited to western countries too. I’ve heard that in some Middle East countries (yep) a woman can throw a man in jail just for looking at her.

        I’ve also seen in some very fundamentally religious families, be it Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, some of it very Patriarchal, it is the woman (wife) who really runs the show. The man (husband) is just her puppet, who acts on her word/command, she says it, he enforces it/does it, despite being the bread sole winner. For a person outside a family like this, it takes time and patience for them to notice this.

        So like Stu says, it’s hard wired in most of them.

        That said, there ARE very nice women out there, unfortunately very rare!

        Yet we are very fortunate to have some in this site!

    • LucianSamosata

      Treating women or any geographical subset of them in a prejudiced, dehumanizing way delegitimizes and undermines our efforts. If women are addressed as some irredeemable enemy class instead of equal individuals, and if no effort is made to understand what they think and why, then we face an even more uphill battle in overturning the systemic bias against men through the alienation of what could be partners in change. My wife is a ‘Western’ woman, and she gets equally mad at feminists, their corruption and perpetuation of inequalities, and will add her voice to mine when I do confront feminists in public.

      When you dismiss women out of hand for things they have no control over, you’re no better than the feminists who dismiss men for the same.

      And before you think I’m just some naive guy who got lucky and doesn’t have any bad experiences, let me tell you I almost joined the 6x statistic over a bad relationship full of emotional lies. But if you become bitter toward anybody other than the person, the individual who did unscrupulous things, you become a bigot. Judge each person by what they do, not their mere categorical association.

  • ThoughtCriminal

    When I was in school,a friend and I once walked about 20 miles to get some pussy from this chick and her friend who had been dropping hints that they wanted to fuck.When we get there, we find out this chick’s dad is some kind of ultra-religious hillbilly with a house full of shotguns and a firm belief in sex inside of marriage rather than outside it. Long story short,the bitch and her friend were jerking me and my friend off (and not in the good way) and we wound up sleeping outside,freezing our balls off and hiding from this asshole until such time as we could make our break.

    Since that day,I have always refused to go out of my way to have sex.I learned two things:You can never trust a woman to be truthful,fair,or to honor an agreement,and that my friends were some of the best any guy could have asked for.

    If I could go back again,I probably wouldn’t change any details,because looking back I can see that we were at our best when times were at their worst,but I wouldn’t relive any of it at gunpoint.Just a piece of advice for young guys:

    Rise to any challenge that looks worth your efforts,don’t shy away because of difficulties.Be a good friend, and make good friends.Never trust a woman to honor an agreement no matter how much shit you have to go through to honor your end. Finally, even if you don’t wind up getting any pussy you’ll still end up with a story and a buddy who’ll never leave your side.

  • Not buying it

    Experienced a similar situation years ago, although I was angry & disappointed with her father’s unexpected reaction at that time long ago even idid inform him that it was in uncalled for & over the top for which he apologized few days after I kept my distance away from him & his daughter instinctively + found out his daughter got angry at him & informed of it but he is her father so it would had been an ongoing situation that I can not except,plus plenty of fish in the sea.



    Brilliant, this encapsulates why I appointed myself AvFM/MRA youth recruitment officer in Australia.

    We must warn the next generation of young men, it is our duty as MRA’s.

  • Patrick Henry

    BTW: If the guy in the photo is the “old guy”, I’m screwed.

    • Raven01

      I choose to believe the photo is of the reflect audience aka the young man.

  • Raven01

    Slightly OéT but relavent:
    A cop beats the shit out of a doctor for being a man in the wrong area after someone talked to his daughter.
    It has not been determined if this arsewipe will keep his job yet or not.
    Register-her could really use a whiteknight/mangina category. This guy, in this position presents a huge threat to men in general.
    The parent in me says protect your children, the rest of me says “holy shit talk about overkill and bad judgement”. I think the rest of me wins, especially considering this guys job. That level of bad judgement is inexcusable.

    • Bombay

      All men look alike to this guy…. Maybe it should have been prosecuted as a hate crime.

  • aplcr

    I sure enjoyed a “friendly” chat from the Dad of a girl I dated in high school. It was condescending, threatenining, trite, and overly rehearsed. I was uncomfortable for the man, and of course scared since he had a .38 sitting on a TV tray in front of him.

    By the way, Mr Waller, if you are reading this: The first time Vickie had anal sex was on your couch when you, your wife, and you son David went to church.

    She liked it….a lot.

    Threatening my boys will get your daughter dumped, post haste. As well a visit from the police.

  • Spoon

    It just so happens that while I was reading this article a commercial came on the television for a show on A&E. The family’s daughter started dating a fourteen year old boy and the father was using guns to threaten him. I shit you not.

    I think the best course of action if a female’s father threatens you is to just say, ”I don’t appreciate being threatened” and leave immediately. It will be clear why you have no willing contact at all with his daughter afterwards.

    If you want to make sure you can FTSU for him daring to threaten you then you should film your first encounter with a female’s parents using a camera pen or other hidden camera.

    I’m sure the police would like to know because, to quote the Criminal Code of Canada…

    264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat
    (a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person
    (b) to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or
    (c) to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.

    And the same goes in every other civilized country. This is called being proactive and taking initiative. The way to change someone’s behaviour is to make them hurt when they do it. By subjecting the man to the wails of his angry daughter or the urine smell of a jail cell you are constructing negative consequences for his unacceptable actions… And that’s important.

  • JinnBottle

    And it isn’t even about their daughters. It’s about their good-for-nothing egos, distilled from the finest buffooneries.

    For clowns they are, since the reality does not appear to have occurred to them that, one iteration of “Did you just threaten this guy? OUT!” from either Mom or Daughter herself, and he’s out.

    Actually, in my day, the supposed machoissimo 60s, fathers could be authority abusing assholes, to be sure:
    But when it came down to it, they were, in my experience, secure enough to limit their (to some extent natural) feelings to gruff taciturnity, at worst. And if some kind of grief came about around their daughter, the fathers addressed the matter where it usually belonged – with the daughter.

    That’s where all this Terrence Howard/Bruce Cameron new-oldfashioned father bullshit is coming from – insecurity.

    Oh yes, and cowardice.

  • JinnBottle

    Note to Bob O’Hara and/or anybody with a nose for news out there in AVfM land:

    I will be very much in your debt if you can please do 2 things for me:

    > find a true story of one of these pseudoldfashioned fathers, upon putting their daughter’s boyfriend thru the threat-and-gunshow, non-volitionally hitting the road that very night with their moveable belongings tiedup in a snot rag, and the rest of their shit out on the lawn;

    > kindly give me a hand finding my laughed-off buttocks

    – in that order.

  • Stu

    I’ll tell you a story. When I was a teenager, in gang ridden crime center of Melbourne, I knew a girl who was a real rough nut, and local bike. Her father was a real tough guy, all the local thugs were pretty scared of him. He used get into brawls with the local thugs down at the shopping center, he used to attack them in his street when they were passing through making trouble, or not making trouble I believe too lol. Anyway, his daughter had several dozen relationships with many of the locals….some spanning as long as….10 mins lol.

    One day one of them, or some of them had done something to really piss her off, and he headed down to the house where they were hanging out….with his gun. When they seen him turn up out the front of the house with a rifle……they just shit their pants…….armed themselves and let him have it. He was shot a total of 16 times…..and apparently he was struggling out the driveway….dragging himself along the ground on his stomach. Houses across the road reported that there were were guns sticking out the windows firing shots as he dragged himself up the driveway……they just filled him up with lead.

    Just saying.

    • Stu

      Oh yeah……he died

      • white demon

        Hm, shit happens!

    • JinnBottle

      Yep, he who lives by the gun…

  • bob

    Come on guys, get with the program. Everybody knows that the girls are perfect little helpless angels, with no desires of their own, and it’s up to the menfolk (fathers and boyfriends) to make sure that the boyfriend doesn’t initiate something that she otherwise would never have even thought of.

    Suuuure thing.

  • qdpsteve

    (Apologies in advance… LONG piece below. Still hope folks here will read and comment, however.)

    JtO: as I’ve said to others, thanks for another fantastic piece. I’ve received quite the eye-opening education about, for lack of a better term, ‘the real world of women’ from AVfM. Although it left me cold at first, the “white knight” angle has also made a definite impression on me and my way of thinking over time. What I at first thought was some kind of imaginary MRM cartoon figure, I’ve since realized, is so real– and common– it’s sickening. Looking back, I realize now how many of them I had to deal with during the bogus sexual harassment witch trial held against me at my last job. They were all so happy to be white knights too…

    But before make myself too crazy going back there, if I could, I’ve also realized: maybe I knew some of this stuff ‘before I knew it’, so to speak. That is, I knew it by instinct before I first came to AVfM and knew it intellectually. I can especially relate to this because back in the good ol’ 1980s, I had a huge crush on yet another girl, named Mara, I was working with, on a movie her brother was trying to produce for local community TV.

    Well, while I was busy trying to ‘be her friend’, Mara was gettin’ busy with the most hyper-macho asshole actor on the set, a high school wrestler no less, named Robert. At first it bugged me, but I got over (or so I thought)… because in Christmas 1986, the first holiday season I knew her, she gave me a card that said “I’ll always be your friend.”

    Sure, she was my friend… but her brother Stan, also macho and a 24-year-old who still wore his jersey and bragged of his past high school football stardom, made it all but impossible for me to see, speak, or phone Mara, as soon as it became obvious (I admit I was horrible with my poker face back then) I had the hots for her. She was always busy, or out, or sick, or unable to come when I would socialize with him and the crew of the movie. The only time I got to see her, eventually, was on the set… where she treated me more and more as an employee, but nothing more.

    Roughly 18 months later he shoot was finished, but Stan for whatever reason was having trouble finishing the editing of his footage. Also, Mara and Robert were still dating. I still had a bit of the flame going for her, when to my wondering eyes should appear, she showed up in my life again. I was attending community college at the time, and during a night course one Tuesday evening, I caught her eye while she was sitting in another class. I went to the door and somehow succeeded at letting her know nonverbally, I wanted to see her and talk with her. I admit I needed some validation from her, but nevertheless I really wanted to renew the ‘friendship.’

    10 minutes later, at a break between our two classes, Mara came to me… with Robert, who got right into my face and started threatening me. I made up a story: I just wanted to ask Mara a ‘yes or no’ question about some event with her brother in a week or two, nothing more. Finally I got him to back down, I got to ask Mara my question, she said ‘yes’, and what happened?

    I GOT THE HELL OUTTA THERE. I didn’t care about the rest of my class that evening. I didn’t even care about seeing Mara again that night. Something just took hold… something that by now was literally SHOUTING in my brain: THIS IS **NOT** WORTH IT. NO WOMAN IS WORTH ACCEPTING VIOLENCE FOR ANY KIND OF ‘RELATIONSHIP.’

    Then a couple weeks later: I found out the aforementioned event occurred… but I wasn’t there, because I had been told it was canceled. Stan, Mara, Robert, and everyone else from the movie crew was there however. So I took my ‘I’ll always be your friend’ card from Mara (which by now was over two years old), tore it into little pieces, stuck it in an envelope with a note that read “Do you enjoy humiliating me?”, and mailed it off.

    Five days later, Stan called me to let me know he’s filing charges. I countered by going to my local Sheriff’s and asking point blank: was what I did threatening? Thankfully, the officer I spoke with laughed and said no.

    So that’s my story. Sorry it took so long to tell. What can I say, except that I’ve been asking myself for over 20 years now: did I do the right thing?

    My eternal thanks to AVfM for finally providing me with the answer: YES.

    • Grey Knight

      You denfinitely did the right thing and you’ve learned to avoid such situations further. Robert was the one doing the threatening so if you had some kind of footage of that encounter, they would have one hell of a time trying to justify themselves. Good job, man!

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Fuck you, AND your lame-ass daughter(s).

  • Stu


    I was just watching GWW latest youtube video before, and she talks how lucky she feels to have her boyfriend, and her feelings regarding all the men who would really like a committed relationship, family, children, and how that has just became to dangerous to pursue, and unlikely to succeed. She got emotional and bit a teary eyed while talking about this.

    Firstly, I’d like to say, GWW has been revealed as a big fat ball of mush. Ok, so she’s not fat, but mushy she is. :)

    I have an overwhelming urge to communicate to GWW what it makes me feel, and that is pretty much the same as she feels. Thinking about it too much even brings a tear to my eye.

    My son turns 27 next month. My only son, my only child. My father’s brother died when they were both kids. My brother never had any kids, he is 52 now. I’m definitely not having any more. My sister is not my father’s child. What this means, is that my son contains my Y chromosome, the same one I got from my father, and his before him, and so it goes, right back to the caves. And it ends with my son.

    He recently brought up the topic of marriage and kids during a conversation with me. His feelings are that marriage and kids are too dangerous. He has seen what has happened to me, he lived though it with me……..twice…and been impoverished by it himself. He’s seen his uncles, all his friends fathers, and even his friends who were silly enough to tie the knot young, bite the dust. He is very apprehensive about the prospects of any relationship lasting in the current environment. But he has the natural instinctive urge to procreate. And he is not 100% certain, but feels that he never will. And what can I tell him. As much as I don’t want my heritage to die and vanish from the earth, the most honest and best advice I can give him, for his benefit…….is what I tell all young men…… marriage, no living together, no kids.

    As I say this too him, I feel like I’m committing suicide. Bit hard to explain what I feel like when I think about this. There is still some time I suppose. Time to see at least a turning of the tide, a sign that the future could be better for him, but time is running out. It feels like watching the countdown to my own genetic extinction.

    • Patrick Henry


      I understand how you feel. I’ve had similar thoughts but…

      I would rather my Sons live free than my Grandsons live in chains.

      • Stu

        Yes, and things will keep getting worse until men stop it getting worse. So things could be worse than we can imagine in another 10 years, hopefully we have turned the corner by than and things are better, if not, I think total collapse wont be far down the road.

    • jack

      I got a vasectomy when I was 31 and childless. I did it to prevent my ever getting scammed with a pregnancy. In the meantime the courts have decided being vasectomized is not a sufficient presumption of non-paternity (being dead is the only sufficient presumption, I guess). Anyway no woman ever accused me of getting her pregnant, but the fact is I committed genetic suicide. I don’t regret it. It was the right thing.

      • Darryl X

        “being dead is the only sufficient presumption, I guess”

        No, unfortunately, it is not. Approximately 6% of all child support obligors in the US for whom arrears still accumulate are in fact dead. Approximately 10% of dead child support obligors (or 0.6% of all child support obligors) are victims of paternity fraud and not even the real fathers. So being dead doesn’t help you escape. And certainly not even being a victim of paternity fraud. Approximately 10% of all child support obligors (living or dead) are victims of paternity fraud.

    • Raven01

      I hear you loud and clear. 10 years ago I would never imagine WISHING my son was gay.
      I mean I wouldn’t care either way so long as they are happy but, really now I really hope my male child can be happy in a female free environment and that my daughter can take an example from female MRA’s.

    • JinnBottle

      My son turns 41 this year. He was married awhile back – can’t remember how many years ago as I was not invited to the wedding (as I was not invited to his graduating HS, nor Notre Dame undergrad, nor Stanford grad school), and he hasn’t spoken to me (yes, in that direction, him-to-me) in going on 18 years now. But I’m pretty sure he and his wife (not sure how old she is) don’t have kids.

      I hope they never do, for the same reason as yall have: Rather not have a grandson (I’d doubtless never be introduced to him anyway) than have one growup chains – inside or outside a privatized prison.

      • Darryl X

        I feel for you JB. Sorry to hear that. It’s too common for sons to stop speaking to their fathers. I assume it’s because he’s been brain-washed by his mother. I’m afraid I’ll be in the same boat someday. Breaks my heart. It’s really the primary reason I have lost any reason to keep going. That someone can have that much contempt for me. And none of it justified. Likely in your case as with mine there is a step-father who interfered. Cashing in on the paternal alienation.

        • JinnBottle

          Darryl – It’s was a pain-filled lesson, but the lesson has been learned over here: Children are not the end-all be-all of life. Every man from this juncture in History on in, should, I believe, make that reserve reserve (as it were) part of his emotional arsenal, as feminist governance in nearly all nations, is now in the process of taking men’s children away from them formally and permanently.

          I sure hope that when you say you feel you “really can’t go on” you’re referring to buying into the American (or Australian or Canadian or whosever) phony dream and its attendant “ambitions” that ultimately only serve to make and keep other people rich? In other words, please *don’t* give up on yourself because your child has rejected you. That’s becoming as inevitable as prostate cancer for men! Rather let us adapt and live to FTSU another day.

  • BlueBlood


    BlueBlood here still in Japan. On TV tonight, a show in which a female celebrity travels to Cambodia and attempts to stay in a random house in the sticks – its a series here.

    Anyway, after many rejections, she finally gets to stay at a place. At the dinner table, she is asked, “Are you married?” to which she replies, “No…I`m now 40.”

    The host mother then says, “I got married at 14, why are you not married?”

    She thinks long and hard, and her honest reply is, “I guess I think too much…I think whether he is rich…I think whether he is tight with money…and here I am…40 and single…”

    The look on her face as she makes this realisation is absolute sadness.

    On top of all the crimes feminazism has heaped on males, it seems to be becoming more and more apparent to (at least to some of) the privileged princesses as well that they have been FUCKED royally.

    • Grey Knight

      You’re close to my area! If you are ever in the Okinawa Prefecture, please let me know.

      • BlueBlood

        Lived here for 8 years, but back in Aus now. Just here on a holiday.

    • keyster

      Based on the 2010 census, single adults in the US now out number married adults.

      This is due in part to how selective young women have become and how apathetic, if not avoidant altogether, young men have become.

      Young men don’t want to compete with women, because they know the playing field is tilted. And average young women are interested in only the most worthy young men; those with the most fortitude and earning potential.

      We’re slowly losing the male of the species because society offers him nothing but ridicule and scorn. Productivity and innovation is just now starting to stagnate as a result. The male is going Galt.

      • Lee

        Well I guess we as people have to stop doing what isn’t working if we are going to figure out what does. To me, more single than married is a good sign.

        • Darryl X

          If by “we” you mean women, then you’re right. If you mean “we” to include men, then you’re wrong. Most men are aware of what isn’t working and how to do it right (they always have for the most part).

          The problem is called “hostile partner (parent if kids are involved) veto”. This is played by the woman. Doing things right is a cooperative effort but women won’t cooperate (and that’s on a grand scale).

          If you want evidence that it is almost exclusively women who will not cooperate, consult the statistics concerning incidence of divorce and child support and custody.

          I am way beyond including women in the realm of “people”. Most women are malignant narcissists. They are not even humans and I avoid them like the plague.

          Single isn’t a good thing. It’s very bad. Especially for children. The only people it benefits is women. And that is only in the short-term. In the long-term they and their children are screwed. But women for the most part aren’t capable of thinking beyond the next 30 seconds.

          BTW – nice boobs. Are those real?

          • Lee

            I mean people in general by ‘we’. To clarify, I include women in the realm of people. ‘Malignant narcissists’ are people, just crappy people. Although I would agree that women in general instigate marriage problems. When I said to stop doing what doesn’t work, I was referring to the dynamics of modern marriage. And to fix it, we need to communicate and figure out what does work.

            All this failure of marriage is cluing both genders in that something larger than their individual lives is ruining relationships. Its not good because it benefits people, but because it forces us to acknowledge that there is a problem. Next step, get most women to realize that the problem’s main cause is on their end.

            thanks I think and yes :/

          • ThoughtCriminal

            “BTW – nice boobs.”

            I second that sentiment.I was going to remark earlier that they were quite acceptable.

          • Izzey

            Sheeeesh! I have not been gone that long from here…..

            “Nice boobs” ??

            Who smuggled in the fucking blue pills when I wasn’t looking? Someone call the detox bus!!

            Double-doses of red pills await you at the infirmary.


          • Perseus

            @ Lee

            Seriously, they’re as big as your head (jest), lol, what cup size are you?

          • Stu


            Yep Izzey, while you have been gone, the site has undergone some changes. It’s now called We don’t care anymore if the women here are helping mens rights or not, it’s the boobs that count and nothing more. I tried to tell them it was very superficial, because an sane man knows, it’s all in the bunns. I would have called it…… myself. Perseus and Darryl are offering free pearl necklaces to female members, to help boost numbers :)

          • Izzey

            @ Stu

            Say it isn’t so.

            I’m feeling faint.

          • Perseus

            @ Stu

            Fine jewelry- an appeal to hypergamy .. lmao …

            Testosterone makes the world turn, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Estrogen is the hormone of the mitoting amoeboid.

          • Stu


            “Next step, get most women to realize that the problem’s main cause is on their end”

            Not much hope of getting most women to realize what the problem is though, it’s the laws they have enabled, and the misandry they promote. But most just think if there is any problem on their end to the declining willingness of men stay on the merry go round, it can be cured with some botox, filllers, silicon etc.

            But none of that shit is going to work…because….it’s the bunns that count :)

          • Lee

            LOL how about this picture? xD

            @ Stu
            In all seriousness, I do think the MGTOW idea may actually be effective when it comes to making women realize being a bitch is bad for relationships.

            On a side note, they do offer implants for bums. Met someone who got them. :P

          • Darryl X

            I’m curious about your thoughts on the idea of “modern marriage”.

            “‘Malignant narcissists’ are people, just crappy people.”

            Actually, this may not be correct. Crappy people can be reasoned with. Generally, they just make decisions that fail to satisfy an optimal outcome on a scale of responsibility.

            Malignant narcissists don’t even make decisions on that scale. Their decisions are on a scale that goes in the opposite direction of the responsibility scale.

            For the most part, malignant narcissists are over-represented in our population. Laws created under our brutal post-feminist regime have allowed malignant narcissists to proliferate beyond that which is sustainable in a population.

            Under real life circumstances (historically), malignant narcissists would be self-limiting in a population. They simply do not have the cognitive skills to survive on their own or even with support of the rest of the population. They kill themselves off or kill everyone else off.

            Malignant narcissists are parasitic and predatory. They are manipulative and deceiptful and compulsive pathological liars. They are solipsistic and opportunistic. The have no analytical skills and are short-sighted and are incapable of planning and have short attention spans. Their personalities tend to be very addictive. Their emotional responses are unmitigated by intellect, sense or reason. And vice-versa. They have no conscience. Connection between their corpus callosa and cerebrums tend to be impaired.

            And if laws which actually punished their destructive behaviors were actually enforced, then they would be culled from a population very quickly if they didn’t already do it themselves – usually before they had the opportunity to reproduce. Their behavior is that extreme and self-destructive. That those behaviors may not be so apparent today is simply evidence of how habituated most of the population has become to them. To the point of believing that is normal.

            Unfortunately, under a brutal post-feminist-regime which has taken over the developed world, laws which punish destructive behavior have been replaced by laws which actually punish scholar and intellect and responsibility and reward parasitism, compulsive pathological lying, irresponsibility and solipsism at the expense of selectively adaptive traits. It actually eliminates those who are responsible and support civilization.

            Take for example our child support system. The government enables and helps mothers to snatch children from the fathers and holds them hostage for ransom. Then it exchanges the ransom with mothers for political power. Child support orders usually exceed cost of raising children (by a multile of two to three) and more than half of fathers (in the US at least) can’t pay and are condemned to the street, prison, exile or death. Just the opposite of what would happen in a population not comprised by a majority of malignant narcissists.

            I have written before that the household is the domain of women but the domain of men is everything else. I still believe that. That way, whether the man or the woman or both in a marriage are screwed up (usually the woman), they can only screw up the household. Now that the domain of women includes everthing else, their capacity to screw up not just a household but everything else has been realized. Men are to independent to screw up everything else. Women are like herd animals, if one goes in the wrong direction, they all go. The wronger, the more go. Men aren’t that way. They’re all just going in different directions. Some wrong some right.

            Women have very good qualities that are critical to the sustainability of a household (at least under the direction of a husband) and civilization but when their power is unmitigated by men in everything else, the consequences are obvious. Not just for men but for women too. They just don’t realize it yet because they can’t think ahead. For those of us males who do think ahead, the imminent train-wreck about which we can do nothing is a source of great anxiety and worse – absolute destruction.

            Nothing like being a man and watching a train-wreck knowing that you can do nothing about it.

            “When I said to stop doing what doesn’t work, I was referring to the dynamics of modern marriage.”

            There is no such thing as “modern marriage”. There is only marriage. Take it or leave it. Marriage is the foundation of civilization (that and the Scientific Method – that their development is mostly simultaneous in history is not a coincidence). Without marriage, there is no civilization.

            If you do not believe that traditionally defined marriage is possible anymore (and given our population densities and demographics, I tend to agree), then how would you define or characterize a “modern marriage”. I’m curious about your thoughts on this idea. Keeping in mind the qualities of marriage which are critical for promoting civilization. I have some ideas but am just curious about what your ideas might be first.

            And for the record, I am not a misogynist. There is an important role for women in a civilization. Currently, they have been misplaced. They should not compete with men in the workplace, they should not own property and they should not vote (I’m sure that position is not popular but I’ll hold it firmly). They have never been systematically mistreated or at least not nearly as bad as men. That men have always sacrificed for women is in great evidence. That they are sacrificing more under our brutal post-feminist regime is in even greater evidence.

          • Darryl X

            @Stu – Yes! I only commented on Lee’s boobs because they took up most of the picture. If her picture were of the US Constitution, I would have commented on that. I’m an ass-man myself. Great line from the film “Heat” (only Al Pacino can pull this line off) – “Because she’s got a great ass…” Rest of the line is a great commentary on feminism – “… and you’ve got your head shoved all the way up it.” So, onward to the revolution. Viva la Revolucion!!!

          • Darryl X

            @Lee – I liked the other picture more. LOL This one looks Australian (whatever it is). Not that I mind Australia. As an ecologist, I love Australia. Feminism thingy’s just getting a little out of control.

            Far be it from me to comment on women’s fashion, but the best accessories for a woman are not hooped ear-rings and perfume but a fine cigar in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. Instead of hooped ear-rings, a slice of pepperoni from her ears is a big plus. Instead of perfume, a dab of olive oil on the shoulders is much more attractive (better if the olive oil was used to sautee some garlic and basil first). Just more evidence that women don’t dress for men but for themselves and other women. I really can’t think of a practical application for hooped ear-rings that wouldn’t be painful to a woman. Like for attaching a set or reins. It’s kind of like nipple-rings on a guy. Whenever I see them all I can think of is pain. I dunno, maybe in today’s screwed up world people think that’s a good thing.

          • Darryl X

            @Izzey – I don’t see what an appreciation for a woman’s finer qualities has to do with blue pills – LOL. I’m a man. Feminism can destroy me and control every aspect of my life. But it cannot control my innate appreciation of the physical qualities of a woman. The MRM will not distract me from appreciating a beautiful woman any more than it will distract me from a fine summer’s day. To satisfy the “red pill”, however, I’ll try to keep my comments focused on the MRM.

            I’ve lived on the streets, been in prison and camped in the most brutal wilderness on four continents. I’ve spent almost seven years of my life fasting every other day and endured all kinds of hardships that were only experienced by men centuries ago. But I have never encountered anything so hostile as feminism. And no matter how destructive to me and my life and to the lives of those around me feminism has been, nothing inspires me more than a woman.

          • Lee

            Malignant narcissists are people, indeed with all those characteristics you described.

            I see nothing wrong with someone of any gender owning property, tbh. I do think women being able to work is important, as dependance on a man is not always a viable option and some kind of income is necessary to sustain oneself. I don’t understand why women are so passionate about it in general though, as most jobs are a burden at best. I don’t vote currently because I have no interest in politics, therefore do not acquire the knowledge base to make an informed vote. No use voting just to say I did. Also, I don’t understand why women’s vote was fought for so hard. From what I have noticed, result quality aside, women are better at influencing emotionally.

            Current marriage dynamics seems to be including unnaturally bossy women constantly belittling their husbands or men filling more traditional roles without being ‘allowed’ to complain that the woman does not do the same and instead sits on her lazy ass. Either way results in discontent on one or both sides and inevitable failure. I’ve not yet come to any conclusion as to what it should look like. I do believe that it is best to make it work somehow because children seem to thrive in an environment that includes both parents together.

            And on a side note, I think I’ll keep this picture anyways. I’d hate to distract from the real issues lol.

          • Darryl X

            @Izzey – But nothing mitigates that inspiration more than feminism either. Just imagine how much men could do for women in the absence of feminism. For most, it is just imagination because most do not remember what it was like before and they do not understand what they are missing out on. Especially women.

          • Darryl X

            @Lee – I don’t have a problem with women working. Just competing with men for work. Where I work and in most work places where the work requires educations with curricula dominated by men (math and science – even still after ration of women and men at universities has changed from something like 2:3 sixty years ago to 3:2 today), alpha-males have “put” female middle-managers between those men in the field who actually do the work and upper administration. That allows the alpha-males (and women) in upper administration to use the female middle-managers for manipulating (with emotions – solipsism – emotional terrorism) the men in the field (the ones doing the actual work) to advantage of those in upper administration instead of for benefit of the projects or programs or the public or reality. It’s a very destructive dynamic and is a microcosm of feminist regimes. Completely maladaptive. Upper administration gets rich off the backs of the slaves in the field. And the work doesn’t get done and upper administration uses the female middle-managers to blame and persecute the men in the field. Kind of like how marriage works today.

          • Lee

            Okay but how do you guarantee women not competing with men when they work? Aside from women not working, how do you monitor that?

          • Darryl X

            “Okay but how do you guarantee women not competing with men when they work? Aside from women not working, how do you monitor that?”

            First, I am not aware of any time in history when women were not supported by society – either through extended families or social programs or what have you – more than men are excluded from society all together today. So although I agree that a small proportion of women without the option of relying upon a man have had a hard time of it, I think more men have have had a harder time of it under a feminist regime. Historically, men tend not to have had extended families on which to rely or social programs or anything else. All they have is work. And when the products of that work have been coopted by a feminist regime and work is no longer enough to sustain them, they have nothing else. That has never been the case for women. Or at least it has affected a smaller proportion of the female population than the male population today.

            The problem with the modern work force is several: the biggest problem is affirmative action – filling quotas and putting women in positions for which they are not qualified despite those lack of qualifications. Get rid of that. Then men are competing with women on a level playing field. If a woman is more qualified than a man, then she gets the job. She just shouldn’t be allowed to get it just because she is a woman. I am not familiar with any instances in which an employer would higher a less qualified man over a more qualified woman and destroy his business. That kind of discrimination I don’t think has ever really existed so it’s a straw man that feminists put up just to be a pain in the ass.

            It doesn’t require monitoring. The government has no business interfering in the hiring practices of a business. Certainly women don’t. If a business wants you and your a woman, then it should hire you. There are many reasons why women are less desirable in many work places. The military is a great example. But our gov’t is hell-bent on inserting them there in exchange for political power at the expense of the lives and livelihoods of men.

            Another problem is incentives for women to attend university and active punishment for men to attend. That skews number of potential applicants to unqualified women and away from qualified men. This dynamic doesn’t just give unqualified women an advantage in the work place, but changes the playing field on which that advantage is realized, giving them even more advantage at the expense of men and society.

            There are many others. But those are a good start.

          • Darryl X

            @ Lee –

            “Okay but how do you guarantee women not competing with men when they work?”

            Women do not compete with men in the work place. It never should have been that way. It’s insane. It’s one person’s qualifications competing with another person’s qualifications. Their sex is irrelevant.

          • Lee

            So basically the competition is okay, but the playing field needs leveling. I agree wholeheartedly with that. On a side note, I don’t agree with the enforcing of equal pay. A company should be able to decide independently what it would like to pay someone.

            ‘It’s one person’s qualifications competing with another person’s qualifications.’
            That’s what I thought you meant. This makes sense.

          • Kimski

            ‘but how do you guarantee women not competing with men when they work’

            Stop lowering the bar so that you get unqualified people in positions they can’t handle, and there will be no ‘competition’, as you call it. I don’t recall there ever being any kind of competition from women in the first place, from my many years of working in any business I can think of, that I have worked in. All that shit started with affirmative action, gender quotes and so on, so the so-called ‘competition’ is really not based in reality, is it?

            And don’t you find it kind of funny, that if women supposedly make less money from working than men, that business owners would rather move their business abroad, than have a work force that consists of only women?
            No business owner in his right mind would pay more money for the same amount of work, right?

          • Darryl X

            @ Kimsky – Well, I wouldn’t call it “funny” – LOL. No, the so-called competition is not based in reality. That’s feminism for you. Since affirmative action, women have believed that having a job is an entitlement. They never understood that if you don’t work for that job, then you shouldn’t have it. Any work-place entitlements are destructive.

            “And don’t you find it kind of funny, that if women supposedly make less money from working than men, that business owners would rather move their business abroad, than have a work force that consists of only women.?”

            I think this is a great observation. Never thought of it this way, but yeah.

          • Darryl X

            @Lee –

            “I do believe that it is best to make it work somehow because children seem to thrive in an environment that includes both parents together.”

            As long as the gov’ts pay women to make it not work, then women will not cooperate in a marriage. They will always be pitting the gov’t against the husband/father. The man has no chance. Gov’ts have weaponized children to affect this outcome.

            I do not vote either. Not because I am not interested in politics but because I have found no candidates worth voting for (except Ron Paul). I am surprised and encouraged at the amount of support for him though. I do not vote for the lesser of two evils. I just don’t vote for evil. Period. If they’re competing on the wrong scale, they just don’t interest me all together.

            In the US, both parties enable feminism for retaining power. Republicans less than Democrates. Republicans more by their passive acquiescence and cowardice and Democrats more by their blind manipulation and addiction to power and control.

      • Darryl X

        I’ve written before (and defend it to the nth degree) that unfortunately earning potential and wealth and desirability by a woman have nothing to do with fitness or intelligence or honesty or integrity or character of a man. It has to do with a man’s willingness to borrow (steal) money. Women do not care how a man gets rich. Only that he is rich and that he is easily manipulated (out of his wealth). So really women are only interested in thugs and idiots. Sorry, that’s the way it is. For a woman, the means always justify the ends. And the ends are her excessive life-style at the expense of everyone else and the means are any man willing to do anything for her to satisfy the ends.

        • JinnBottle

          Am currently reading a novel by a young author named Gottlieb that says, at one point: “You don’t even need a modicum of goodness to be successful.” Novel’s pretty good so far; I may review it in an Artists Against Misandry context later….

          • Darryl X

            I would add that a modicum of goodness is a huge handicap.

        • Raven01

          Power versus wealth?
          I can see how that could be correct and hard to define since often $$$=power.

    • Raven01

      Well send the princess a dildo for Xmas so she can fuck herself. Who cares if someone that never gave a rats ass about us is finally getting screwed too.
      And, by “getting screwed” she doesn’t have one of us being an appliance for her. Big Effin Deal.
      That is on par with women being the “true” victims of war by not having access to a mans work.

      • Darryl X

        “Well send the princess a dildo for Xmas so she can fuck herself.”

        Yeah. Right on. Probably should include instructions with it though.

  • Anthony Deluca

    Great Article. One of your best man.

  • Retrenched

    Of course, in reality it is the girl, not the boy, who is the gatekeeper of sex and reproduction. So if Daddy doesn’t want his princess screwing around, then he needs to have “the talk” with her, not her boyfriends.

    A teenage girl who wants to get laid, will get laid. Period. If it’s not by that boy, then it will be by another one.

    • Darryl X

      Wrong. All sex is rape. Remember your feminist instruction. The boy is always responsible.

  • MRA.

    Usually these entitle princess who dad puts on a pedestal have the sluttiest behavior.

  • ThoughtCriminal

    “Nice boobs” ??

    Who smuggled in the fucking blue pills when I wasn’t looking? Someone call the detox bus!!

    Double-doses of red pills await you at the infirmary.


    Now,now. I’m sure yours are nice too,Izzey. :D

    • Izzey

      I have an intravenous bag of red pills just for you.


      • ThoughtCriminal

        Lay em on me,little sister.You keep treating me this good and people are going to start asking if we’ve set the date yet.

      • Darryl X

        @ Izzey – Hey. Nice… uh… boat. Is it real?

        • Izzey

          Very real, and one of mine. Meaning…one that I work on.

          Passing through, Darryl X.
          Back later.

          Did you take your red pill today?

          (I did get to read everything, and will catch up some more on the site this evening)

          If you miss even a week here….the reading is insane.
          But I do read, even if I have no time to comment.

          • Darryl X

            Yes. I take my red pills bottles at a time. LOL

    • Stu

      They call her the Tit-tanic

  • Ethical

    This article was really thought provoking. At first I found “it makes me happy to hear that some dads are still involved in their daughters’ lives, and care enough to threaten the crap out of some boy” to be seriously entertaining and I laughed out loud. I always thought a father did such things only say in jest. Certainly some father’s even make a friendly ritual of it, though it’s not my style to make threats I don’t mean.

    Of course any sensible boy should withdraw if his spider sense detects even a hint of real threat but I always saw the only potential concern being more along the lines of “her parent’s expectations of a respectful relationship are too high. She isn’t worth all this”. Or “this entitled princess is always going to be right in the eyes of her family? I want a girlfriend not a slave master”.

    After reading the horrible stories in the comments I had to reconsider. I never imagined some father’s would be so damned crazy. I think I’ll have to meet the father of any girl my son brings home so he knows my son is valued by his family.

    In most other situations with non-psychotic fathers I would think the BEST solution for those capable of it (I certainly wasn’t at 17 when I felt threatened) would be using humour to deflect the tension while saying all the right things with complete earnestness. After all it’s a bit of a game with the fathers who are completely comfortable enabling their young daughters to be unrestrained sluts without a word of reproach. These fathers just need to be given plausible deniability of any knowledge about the young man’s true intentions.

    • Denis

      If they cared about their daughters then they would teach them to be responsible for their own virtue.

  • Denis

    This is an old man mentality where the Patriarchy was responsible for enforcing family morals. It was always a man’s responsibility to protect women’s “virtue” and enforce it by using violence against other men. Maybe these old men just don’t understand that girls like sex too and yes means yes.

    There’s not much you can do with teenagers anymore, boys and girls will just leave home and have the gov. take care of them if their parents are too strict. Hook up culture is ubiquitous and there’s not much social stigma to becoming a teenage baby mama anymore. The best one can do in the current circumstances is provide birth control and keep the lines of communication open.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    The reason VAWA and other misandric shite happens is because we are not organized.

    It’s as simple as that.

    We offer no “real world” threat to politicians, corporations, etc. that push anti-male attitudes.

    We have no impact because we have no army to muster. We are Jews in concentration camps, enduring the whims of others because we will not fight back.

    It’s not that we CAN’T. It’s that we won’t.

    We’ve been attacked for 30-40-50 years and still do nothing in the real world.

    Sharon Osbourne laughed at male mutilation. It cost her nothing. No message was sent to stop her. Ergo, harm to males will continue.

    Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh’s saying mere WORDS roused an enemy that fired back. Big time.

    So…will we “discuss” our plight another half decade?

    Our words here have feminists laughing, not rethinking their stances.

    • ThoughtCriminal

      Real action will come soon enough. When it does,all hell is going to break loose. The governments of the world are set to favor women for the next 40 or 50 years because they produce nothing from raw materials and so fewer resources are used. Treating men as a subhuman class makes it easier for them because any man who is not one of the rich elite can then be murdered and his assets liquidated without public outcry.

      What will you do when they send armed men to stop you from endangering their agenda?

      Are you prepared to personally sacrifice your life in pursuit of freedom? I believe some of us will have to.

      As long as it is simply talk on the internet,it’s doubtful they’re going to start shooting people,but when it comes down to actual men in the streets,that’s going to result in our blood being shed and vigorous Julian Assange-style prosecution from our governments.

      If you would have another man risk his life for your freedom, I would hope that you are prepared to offer yours for his freedom as well.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “Like most gay guys, my views on child rearing tend to be rather draconian – lots of Edwardian overtones of the speak-only-when-spoken-to variety.”

    Total horseshit.

    Along the lines of, “Gays should hide in closets or suffer the consequences.”

    Children are young humans. Why not listen to what they have to say? Correct them, kindly, when they need it.

    > “showing proper appreciation and respect for their parents”

    PROVIDED the parents deserve respect themselves. And respect the young humans in their charge.

    Treating kids as chattel is on par with treating gays like freaks…and men as disposable.

    You want respect? First give it.

    Honestly, I can’t believe you wrote what you did. Assuming children are lesser humans is how gays have been treated for eons. How does passing on the pain solve anything?

    • B.R. Merrick

      Excellent response. Root causes lie in how we treat little ones, whose brains and minds are learning quite rapidly how to think. This is where the incorrect conclusions start, and so very many of those incorrect conclusions remain hidden, sometimes for a lifetime, especially if children have to endure lectures and keep quiet. Those are extraordinarily difficult habits to break.

  • AntZ

    OT: Democrats defeat equal parenting for fathers in New York

    TODAY, Monday Apr 30, the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is celebrating the defeat of A330. The bill would have granted New York fathers equal custody rights.

    Predictably, the NOW declared multiple action alerts to stop the bill. They went so far as to publish a series of articles in the pro-feminist Albany Times Union, calling fathers “predominantly ineffective,” saying that most fathers are “not involved in the lives of .. children”, and affirming that the “NOW has always favored primary caregiver presumption legislation to ensure stability and continuity of care for children.”

    The feminists defeated the bill using every under-handed tactic in the book. Ultimately, the bill was shelved based on non-existent technicalities.

    The bill was defeated along party lines. Republicans defended equal rights, while Democrats fought for continued discrimination.

    • Darryl X


  • Izzey

    @Izzey – I don’t see what an appreciation for a woman’s finer qualities has to do with blue pills – LOL. I’m a man. Feminism can destroy me and control every aspect of my life. But it cannot control my innate appreciation of the physical qualities of a woman.

    @Darryl X-

    Candy is a sugary treat that many of us indulge in.

    But it also rots your teeth.

    You might give in to your cravings for it, and even admire (or drool over) the vast assortment of all those delectable confectionary creations.

    But once you are in the dentist’s office, you will not find any photographs of candy on its walls, will you?

    This is the dentist’s office.
    In here, we repair the rot.

    And then we hope that when you get home, you will remember to floss, brush, and rinse….daily.

    Especially if you are still eating the damn candy.

    Are you feelin’ my drill?
    Or will a ‘set of boobs’ be enough novacaine for your next ‘root canal’?

    Now hold still……this won’t hurt a bit.

    • Kimski

      ‘Now hold still……this won’t hurt a bit.’

      -At least not as much as it will hurt him.

      • Izzey

        Hi Kimski ;)
        Now that a few of us have derailed this fine article of JtO’s with all this boob talk (Sorry John)

        I may as well ask you….
        How’s the fishing, brother Kimski?

    • Dr. F

      Hey Izzey… (giggle)

      “Root” in Australia means “fuck” so when I read “root canal” I’m not thinking of boobs anymore.

      To make it worse you chuck in a “drill”, oh my lordy lordy be.

      It’s gone up a notch, and more derailment may ensue I’m hoping not.

      • Kimski

      • Izzey

        I forget that certain words in other countries may have different meanings than ours here in the U.S.

        I just fell out of my chair laughing….haha

        I actually have a lot to say about this article, but got side-swiped by the boobs comments before I had my say. I apologize for that. (@Lee…sorry it may have been at your expense. Welcome.)

        Back in a few. I’m going to eat, stop laughing at Dr.F’s remarks, and then add some thoughts of my own to your article.


        • Dr. F


          Agreed, no more of this drill, booby and muff derailment.

          However, “Side-swiped” in Australia means the act of fornicating with a yodeling dingo whilst discussing the merits of a large vibrating milk chocolate crafted dildo.

          First the “root canal” as an honest mistake and I accept that, but now you bring “side swiped” into the mix – the most grubby, wicked and offensive pairing of words known these parts.

          I can only think you are indeed messing with our minds down here.

          Harrumph !

        • Lee

          Lol thanks. It was at my expense, but it was quite funny. XD

    • Darryl X

      Since you say you’ve been away a while and need to catch up on your reading, I thought you’d appreciate this recent article you might have missed.

    • Darryl X

      I had my wisdom teeth extracted without anaesthesia. Not even a local. No novacaine. Couldn’t afford it. Drills don’t bother me.

      Since you’ve been away for a while, I thought you might appreciate this recent article.

  • Kimski

    Got the boat smashed during last fall’s storms, Izzey.
    It got thrown up on a nearby dam, almost 10 feet above normal waterline. Five deep rifts along the keel, and two major hand size holes on each side in the back. I’ve been doing some repairwork on it, but it’ll never be the same again, so not much fishing for me, atm. I’ll probably sell it, and buy me a new one later this year. I’m not married, so I got the money.. ;)

    • Izzey

      Sorry to hear about the boat, my friend.

      Loved reading these words…
      ” I’ll probably sell it, and buy me a new one later this year. I’m not married, so I got the money.. ”

      Good for you.

  • Kimski

    Yeah, it’s simply AMAZING how much money you end up with for these kinds of things, when you don’t have a woman around to spend them on junk.

    I really liked the boat, but it’s not ‘a biggie’ of a problem, ’cause I got it really cheap.

    • Darryl X

      Good for you on the boat. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that not having a woman around affords you more. In some places, even when the woman isn’t around, the money is garnished and given to her anyway.

  • Darryl X

    Hi, Izzey –

    Since you seem to have been away a while and need to catch up on your reading, you may want to start with this article:

    Here’s another one:

    And another:

    Feminists are psychopaths and malignant narcissists – vampires. I have been an MRA since I was six years old and before there was any such thing. I have hunted down and disposed of many vampires in my career. The two most recent targets have required more than twenty years of combined effort in cooperation with other MRA’s. Rooting out feminists from government.

    I have spent twenty of the past twenty-seven years of adulthood celibate. For all intents and purposes a MGTOW. I have grown up and lived in the most populous country with a feminist regime – the US. My entire life has been defined by feminism at the expense of more constructive pursuits. It has imposed itself upon me since a very early age and has hunted me and tried to destroy me throughout my life. But I learned that it is better to be a hunter than hunted.

    That I fell in love with and married a vampire is poetic irony. Love is blind even for a vampire hunter as skilled as myself. That my wife kidnapped and held our children hostage is the only reason she escaped. But children grow up and when they are no longer hostages, she will meet her destiny. Needless to say, these developments had temporarily derailed my efforts to destroy feminism as the political campaign of hate against men and children it is.

    What has made me such an effective vampire hunter? I am one of those men who has a physical response to vampires – malignant narcissists and pyschopaths, feminists. Whenever I’m near one, my palms itch and my skin crawls and my gums bleed. My disposition only shows that love truly is blind.

    The problem for my teeth isn’t sweets, my dear Izzey. It isn’t the picture hanging on the wall. I’m forty-four years with two fillings. The problem for me is disintegration of the bone around the roots of the teeth caused by the systemic infection which is feminism – both literally and figuratively. Advising me of the perils associated with the occasional indulgence in sweets (especially for someone like myself who has indulged so little throughout his life) is kind of pointless when periodontal disease caused by a destructive culture and political campaign of hate against men and children is of much greater consequence. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (or as Stu put it, the Tit-tanic). Or worrying about the picture of a beautiful woman on a wall when the wall of feminism is about to fall on you.

    When I was twenty-four I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Periodontal disease around them – caused by the stress and defensive response to systemic imposition of feminism on my life. But in a feminist culture that denies men any conveniences, I was denied any anaesthesia. I could not afford it. Like many men, I was too poor. Not even a local. Not even novacaine. I am well aware of the implications a woman has for a man’s teeth. But the problem isn’t a man who admires a beautiful woman but a feminist culture which punishes a man for admiring a beautiful woman. I am always disappointed by women (even ones who support the MRM) who coopt language to conflate their lack of experience and misappropriate the experiences of men.

  • Izzey

    @ JtO
    Unfortunately, I had witnessed quite a few father’s warnings towards boys in high school on their daughter’s behalf. Some of it was pretty scary, but others were made light of. (“Oh, that’s just my old-fashioned dad” sort of thing) They did not take their father’s behavior seriously, and most of the time it made them that much more defiant (sneaky).

    The end result– teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and a whole lot of ‘running away from home’

    I will never forget a neighbor that lived across the street from us, that was a police officer. He was literally, the man holding the gun when it came to his daughter. She got pregnant at fifteen years old, and they hid her at home until the baby was born, and then gave it up for adoption. ‘Mom’ was one of those hush-hush types, that thought her shit didn’t stink, and acted like this was not her daughter’s fault at all. It was all an ‘unfortunate result of poor judgement’….”she ran with the wrong crowd”

    I think those white knight fathers that guard their daughter’s virtue, actually thrust them through the door of promiscuity faster than had they not. I also witnessed many ‘changes of clothes’ and make-up applications in the girls room at school, just before homeroom class every morning. (And a whole bunch of cigarette smoking as well)

    The repercussions of that, were sometimes hysterical. Parents were called to come and pick up their “inappropriately dressed” daughters….or if they got away with it, you got to see the ‘innocent transformations’ restored in the form of scrubbing off the make-up, and pulling the shortened skirts back down to the knee….etc….etc….at the end of the day, to go back home the way they left it.

    This behavior sent mixed messages to boys with raging hormones. And usually, it would always be their fault if someone’s little princess got ‘in trouble’.

    I have no answer for this. I have seen single parenting, as well as the perfect two-parent upbringing, turn out the defiantly bad…or defiantly good. (I will never be like my parents, syndrome)

    I pray that my grandaughter does not grow up in a castle. But I have no say in that at the moment.
    Thank you for sharing a personal part of your life here, John. A good lesson can be learned from it.


  • Antoine

    Off topic, but Rob Fedders is out bashing Paul Elam again :

    “Paul Elam couldn’t humiliate a goldfish in a bowl.”

    “I’m not done with Paul Elam, another fucking Baby Boomer telling the rest of us about his version of “utopia.””

    Not that that idiot is worth even responding to. But those of us who are fans of Paul should be aware of those who are plotting against him.