Men's human rights movement

Dr. Helen Smith, Erin Pizzey, Dean Esmay

A very good talk between three very good people. PE

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  • Iron John

    Awesome! It’s like Christmas in June at AVfM today!

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    The talent being showcased on AVfM is top shelf. This discussion with Dr. Helen Smith shows a brave and intelligent social commentator heralding the growth of the MGTOW phenomenon – and explaining why.

    Just one more interview on the subject showing that AVfM is MGTOW-Central.

  • scatmaster

    Awesome Esmay, but don’t get too big a head. LOL!!!
    Wish I had your talent sir!!!!!

  • Turbo

    Congrats Dean, that was a great discussion.
    It was fantastic to hear from Dr Helen, she really understands.
    And of course Erin Pizzey is always very impressive.

  • TPH

    Wow, what a great discussion! Erin rocks! Blunt and right to the point (Dean rocks too). I hope Dr. Helen gets a lot of attention for her book, it’s a great read, Read it cover to cover in one sitting.

  • greg
  • MRA Greatest Hits / Encyclopedia MRA

    I can’t believe how good this book is!

  • Redfield

    I think men have become hypervigalent with relationships, if that is true it could mean some men are suffering PTSD?? Or at the very least avoiding potential trauma. I know I suffer from this, I am not destructive with my relationships with women, but when I see entitlement seeping thru my emotional interactions with a woman I politely backup the truck, as I have recently done! It wasn’t so much I can not put up with her flaws, (I have many) but it was the potential of these flaws to harm me thru my meager rights as a man in this society …
    In this state of Australia if I cohabit with a woman for six months, it is regarded as a marriage …
    Thank you, it really was a coherent conversation can imagine phone links can be tricky but this was flawless … cheers

    • redKevin47

      Can dating cause a man PTSD? Interesting question. Generally no. But the material reality is, as you indicate, inviting of entitlement. That is something to worry about because it indicates that you are likely to be used by the woman. If you don’t feel anxious under these conditions, something is wrong with you. Getting seriously hurt can be traumatic. But the thing about feminism is that it compounds the injury. If you have feelings, and a woman does something very hurtful, such as a false allegation, then the natural response is to protect yourself by being conservative. But feminism grants women the right to see your self protection as weird/women hating and therefore subject to mocking and derision. It will drive you nuts if you let it. Because you are always to blame even when you are just being a normal human.

      • Peter Wright (Tawil)

        Yes dating can cause PTSD. Or more specifically ‘Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome’

        There’s an instrument to see if you have developed this named Post Traumatic Relationship syndrome Questionnaire, but I think you can only take the test through a suitable healthcare provider.

      • Redfield

        redKevin47 I think you are right with feminism holding double standards when it comes to relationships … and to take it further I guess I don’t particularly care how the feminist reaction may be to a man in my circumstances, but i do care how the law of the land will respond to me!

        I know woman also have been treated badly by their male intimate partners, but the difference as I see it is the law will compensate for their suffering, but for a man it (the law) adds salt to an open wound! And as you say a woman does generally see self protection as weird, (and by the way this is one is on my tick and flick inventory) another is how bitter she remains with the ex, what wealth she has left him, if he has suitable access to his children, what sort of disrespectful language she uses when talking about him, how much she is capable of showing him empathy in any way shape or form … generally after a month of sitting back and taking it all in I put the emotions in reverse … not a perfect way of assessment but what else can you do??I guess wait another three years to try again :) ?

        Thanks Tawil, it is 4:10 AM Aussie time (long shift at work) will google PTRS and do some self diagnosis, pretty sure I’ve got it :)

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I’m going to make a nasty comment about Dr. Helen. She is a heretic. She does not seem to accept that Saint Frederick Engels’ writings on patriarchy are the gospel of revealed religion.

  • Hieronymus Braintree (everybody’s pal)

    Um, in view of the fact that the planet is probably already catastrophically overpopulated, exactly where is the tragedy in unrealistic assholes not having children?

  • Hieronymus Braintree (everybody’s pal)

    If all men want is sex, exactly how does one explain gay marriage?

  • SteveG

    Beat-Dead-Dad: Finally, somebody with the guts to speak the truth about the destruction of the Family, Fathers and our children.,,,,,as if today, with the Politically Correct Supreme Court giving the green light in support of “anything you want marriage” ….Sodom & Ghomorah here we come!
    I have a synonym for Marriage in America, A government managed Economic Entitlement Program, spread your leg, get pregnant and live out of someone else’s wallet for life.!’

  • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Dr. Helen gets it!

  • Nemoque

    A man is never more than one phone call away from having his life ruined. The legal system takes the position that women never lie and the man is always guilt.

  • Brenda Skychic Starr

    so bitter

    • driversuz


  • Brenda Skychic Starr

    The gay guys both want it all the time and have more sex than heterosexual couples. It’s statistical, look it up.

    • Jarvis

      Um…speaking as a gay man, even those of us who “want it all the time” only want it from certain people (often times only one person, who we’re in a relationship with). And we’re still fully capable of controlling ourselves and realizing that there are times when sexual activity is inappropriate. Not sure what the intent of your comment was, but it had little to do with gay marriage and made gay men sound like sex fiends with no self-control. Most gay men who get married do so for love, not sex. It’s not all about getting laid for us. Gay men fall in love with each other.

  • Brenda Skychic Starr

    I love men. It makes me sad to see the gender hatred toward men. I stood up to other women on my sons’ behalf many times. I love the sound of a mans voice, the way men smell even when sweatty. I love men and they seem to feel more accepted, not judged by me.

  • Brenda Skychic Starr

    Many men don’t feel a need to get married because they can get laid too easily for free. Prostitutes can become expensive if a man has to pay to get laid. To the phrase, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”, I think that, giving up my freedom as a single woman, “why buy a pig when you can get 3 oz of sausage any time.” I date men, I don’t have sex with them, sex without commitment is like frosting without cake, it’s sweet at first, after awhile, it just makes ya feel sick.

    • Brenda Skychic Starr

      Having the feeling of respect for a man is a great feeling. Having self respect completes the feeling for both men and women.