Avoid Getting Fucked by White Knights, Feminists, and Manginas

Going to War

Several years ago, I stumbled across a document called “The Shaming Tactics Catalog”. This is a list of 16 logical fallacies commonly used by ideological feminists to shame men and silence dissenting opinion. The Female Masculinist gave these tactics a thorough fisking, and a copy of the shaming tactics catalog sits on my laptop’s desktop, and remains an invaluable tool when parsing the lies and abuse all MRAs must deal with when arguing for the human rights of men.

Since that document’s creation, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) has moved into a new phase. Specifically, the mainstream opponents of male human rights are no longer able to pretend we don’t exist, and have begun to attack. Troublesome as this can be at a personal level, it signals the growing success and effectiveness of the MRM. However, as good as that development is, it requires adoption of a few new tactics by individual men.

We aren’t simply a protest movement anymore, we’re going to have to shift to a war mentality.

Does use of the word “war” seem inflammatory?

If you’re new to the Men’s Rights Movement, or you’re a feminist, or just stupid, you might need a bit of background to appreciate the need for this article’s content. A summarized background is provided for you here.

This is a war waged against human rights, and those of us who identify as MRAs are a tiny minority fighting an establish mainstream. The past and present attempts to personally smear and destroy individual men seen so far are just the beginning of a fight that we should expect to get ugly. While we must and do continue to adhere to strictly truthful rhetoric and ethical tactics, our opponents don’t, and we should not expect them to. There’s money to be made is denigrating masculinity, and we directly threaten the income of war profiteers.

It occurs that a document to compliment the shaming tactics catalog is needed. A logical name for this might be “Personal Defamation Defense Tactics”. It must be noted at this point that a discussion of defensive tactics does not suggest adoption of a wholly defensive strategy. In fact, forthcoming discussion on this site and elsewhere will be focusing increasing on an offensive footing. The defense discussed in this letter should be treated as basic protective measures of anyone in a dangerous environment. As matters stand presently, we are a society of men being assaulted on all sides, but we’ve been socialized to walk around naked while our opponents flay us. Such easy cooperation with those who would harm us has to stop.

I will attempt in the remainder of this article to provide a foundation for such a defensive handbook, although I have no illusion that what I suggest here is comprehensive. It is a start. A complete Personal Defamation Defense Tactics document may be impossible, and certainly any useful version of this proposed guide will be a larger and much more complex work than the shaming tactics catalog.

Additions to this document are welcome, and should be submitted as comments to this article.

Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean People Aren’t Out to Get You.

As a man, you still have some legal rights on paper. Sadly, in practice you have almost none. You are at the mercy and whim of women and of a profit-driven legal system which views you as guilty by your sex, and which will fabricate excuses to for any crime against you by a woman. Does this sound like hyperbole? If so, then you haven’t been reading the news. If you’re an adult, wake the fuck up and take a few measures to protect yourself, because the law will not do so.

Find Out When Your Enemies Are Smearing You

When to use this : [ all the time ]

Google Alerts


This is a monitoring tool provided by Google which allows you to receive email notification when new content matching a specified key-phrase is crawled by google’s indexer.

As a minimum, your name and your online username should be watched for – so that you will know who is lying about you, and when they do it.

Record Selected Phone Calls

When to use this [ before sex, after sex, prior to a break-up, during a break up]

Where it is legal to do so, you can record calls on your cell phone using a number of free applications.

The android platform makes this especially simple with an application called “sanity” from Cristiano Tagliamonte.


One application of this is any time you’ve had sex with a woman for the first time. Phone her afterwards, in fact, do it immediately as you leave afterwards. Allow yourself no possibility that she won’t answer. Make small talk, ask her how much she liked getting shagged, be sweet. And don’t forget: RECORD THE CALL, because this call is recorded for quality assurance and training purposes, and to keep you out of jail. If, later on she decides for whatever reason to throw a rape accusation at you, you’ve got the recording to save your ass.

Where Legal, Use a Voice Recorder

A number of free voice recording applications for cell phones can be downloaded – but cell phones are generally kept in a pocket – muffling voices and rendering recorded conversations of minimal use. An external mic such as a headset can significantly reduce this problem.

Keep a Journal

Where to use this : [ before, during and after a relationship with a woman ]

This is particularly useful in situations of divorce, spousal separation and domestic turbulence.

If you find yourself at war with your wife or girlfriend a low-tech handwritten journal can save your life, and keep you out of jail. A history of “normal” journal entries prior to issues of conflict will be useful in establishing the stress and pain created by attacks against you by your ex wife or girlfriend. Use a notebook with a traditional binding – not a spiral bound or a 3-ring style binder. Also, never tear pages out of your journal, as that will be used to present a case against you of fabricating a false history.

Back up your records on removable media

When to use this : [ all the time ]

If you cover your ass by keeping emails, text messages, and recorded conversations – but you loose access to those files because your laptop is stolen or seized – then you’re screwed aren’t you.

Back those files up on removable media – and store the backup device in a separate location.

A two terabyte external hard drive costs about a hundred dollars.

Don’t share accounts with anyone, ever

When to use this : [ all the time ]

This is a mistake made by seemingly intelligent people and it’s easy to avoid by understanding the nature of digital accounts. By digital accounts, I mean email, instant message, online identities, bank accounts, credit cards, google accounts, and more.

A digital account with a username and password is an identity, if it’s your username and password, then it’s YOUR identity. Your wife doesn’t go in person to the bank wearing a disguise – dressed as you; that would be a criminal act, even if she did it with your blessing. If you share your usernames and passwords, you’re encouraging your spouse to masquerade as you. Even in a healthy relationship, this is a bad idea. Your digital-identity is your identity.

Failure to understand this will lead you to jail, or will cause your money, your house, your possessions, and your credit rating to disappear.

Don’t share your computer. This is a tough one for the technically-challenged. Many couples share accommodations in a scenario in which there is only one computer. The answer to this is separate accounts. If you own the machine – DO NOT give anyone else an account with administrative access, a basic user account is plenty – and i’ll note, more access than I’ll give anyone on my personal computers.

And if you do share a computer – with separate user accounts, log out when you’re away from the machine, and don’t share your password.

If you think this is excessive – consider this scenario: Your girlfriend is angry with you, or she’s dumping you, or you’re dumping her and that makes her angry and vengeful. She visits a porn site and fills your browser cache with questionable, or illegal porn. Then she calls the police and accuses you of striking her. While the police are attending, she accidentally mentions your nasty porn habit.

Now you have no job, and a you’re on the sex offender registry, because prior to break up – you bought into that “relationships are built on trust”. In truth, relationships ARE built on trust, but if you conflate that in your mind with sharing user accounts, well, you’ll be cooked.

Do you still think sharing passwords is no big deal?

Relationship Hazards and Red Flags

In romantic relationships, women enjoy almost supreme power. Every man in a romantic relationship owes his freedom from prison, his continued employment, and continued ownership of his possessions, including home, to the whim of his wife or girlfriend. Figuratively speaking, a husband or boyfriend is a man walking through life with an invisible, loaded pistol pointed at him. His wife of GF has her finger on the figurative trigger.
As a man, you wont be socially, legally, or financially destroyed in a divorce if you never enter into the legal entanglement of marriage. But since humans are social animals, men will continue to form romantic relationships with women. What they can do is ameliorate the hazards through a bit of awareness, and a few rules of thumb.

Do not get involved with single mothers.

A single mother is a woman who in most cases chose to have, or to raise a child without a father. This demonstrates terrible, selfish values. It also shows that she thinks of men as sperm donors and child support payers, NOT husbands & fathers. If you get involved with her, you are the next human cash dispenser, for somebody else’s kid.

In addition, unless she’s mentally unwell, her child will always take priority over you. This is just fine as long as you buy into the idea of men as exploitable utilities and yourself as a disposable appliance. If this is you, stop wasting the bandwidth of this site, moron.

The kid, by the way, has nothing invested in you, but may decide a good path to personal celebrity victimhood is accusing you of molestation. The reward to the child is huge, and the penalty to the child minimal, even in the event of discovery.

Do not involve yourself with strippers.

Strippers make their living in an environment where they are worshipped based on ownership of female reproductive organs, and breasts. Their customers literally throw money at them for nothing. The tips passed onstage to strippers from their drunken male fans are not generally payment for additional performance, they dance and take their clothes off regardless of tips. If you date a stripper, you are dealing with a woman who regards you as a subhuman cash dispensing appliance. In addition, a stripper will steal your possessions, attract drugs and criminals, and generally fuck your life up.

Additionally, strippers have significantly increased numbers of personality disordered women, many of them prone to violence, false allegation, histrionics and a variety of other short tracks to instability and drama.

NEVER buy fake tits for your woman

Fake boobs are a sexual advertisement. If your wife or GF wants them that means she’s seeking to attract heightened male attention, generally with the idea that a man will pay the tab on the plastic surgery. This is the same as your employer advertising an opening in the job position you hold. New fake boobs means you are about to be replaced. If you pay for them, you are moron.

Do not date, period.

That does not mean don’t get laid, though we remind all men that there is no RDA on vagina. We encourage you to consider that getting laid and dating are two very different things.

Dating is an artifact from the now defunct marriage 1.0 environment. It implies structured roles and concepts like courtship.  All this puts men at a disadvantage, financially, socially and ultimately legally.  See Roissy for good information on how to get sex from women without commitment, either emotional or financial. Or, just buy a whore. Dating, in the traditional model with the man paying and risking sexual rejection, can be best described as a negotiation with a hooker that might not deliver services after being paid. And it is a social norm that for many men, leads to consequences that far outweigh it’s benefits.


This document is incomplete – your suggestions for additions can be submitted as comments to this article.  The intent here is to build, though reader participation, a virtual Encyclopedia of Male Self Defense.  We want to cover everything from protecting yourself from possible false allegations, to what to do after one is made; from how to handle yourself in a divorce (including how to prevent one by not getting married to begin with) to how to prevent paternity fraud.

Ultimately all the information will be organized and categorized for easy reference.  It will be given a permanent, easily accessible page here at AVfM.

  • Manuel Dexter

    Application of some of these techniques can help you NOT be the next Vladek Filler

  • Bev

    “Don’t share your computer. This is a tough one for the technically-challenged. Many couples share accommodations in a scenario in which there is only one computer. The answer to this is separate accounts. If you own the machine – DO NOT give anyone else an account with administrative access, a basic user account is plenty – and i’ll note, more access than I’ll give anyone on my personal computers.”

    Note if your hard drive is formatted FAT32 (most computers use this formatting) you can NOT stop others accessing your personal folders/files. The drive must be formated NTFS then the full range of folder/file permissions can be exercised. This allows full control of view (folders/files), delete, read and most importantly write permissions(files).
    If your computer is formatted FAT32 the local computer shop can backup your drive, reformat your drive to NTFS and restore the drive. They can also guide you/apply any permissions you desire.

    Access help permissions on your computer for further explaination, guidance and howto information.

    If she questions you or says “don’t you trust me?” Inform her that the NTFS file system is superior to FAT32, is less subject to crashes and allows the computer to run faster (all true). You don’t have to mention the real reason and if she trys to access your data or add files and fails she is unlikely to question you about her failure (guilt).

    • Rad

      They can still be accessed. Easily. But if she doesn’t really know what she’s doing, I suppose that’s better than nothing.

      • Bev

        While I agree with you there is a balance/tradeoff. What I suggest can be achieved without a great deal of technical expertise and offers a reasonable level of protection against attack without going a long way down the technical rabbit hole. Plus I wished to draw attention to a fact which I would say many were not aware of. Separate accounts by themselves are useless unless there is some measure of file protection which cannot be achieved using FAT32 without encripting the drive which very definately will slow down the computer.

    • Whitney

      You can use a hidden drive/partition and encrypt it with TrueCrypt which is a free, open-source platform for cryptography. You can have two different passwords on an encrypted partition in case you are compelled to unlock it. One password is just a bunch of files, but the other password is all the stuff you want to keep safe.

      Keep your passwords at least 10-14 characters in length and use punctuation along with letters and numbers. A sentence or a mnemonic such as “the eagle has landed” or hdd@mrutc (hickory dickory dock …) are better than a guessable word such as P@$$w0rd. A nonsense word like 0rang3t1g3r would also be good.

      • Whitney

        In fact, it would take about 250 years to crack the 0rang3t1g3r password due to its length and complexity.

  • http://freehumanbeing.com/ Free Human Being

    Never do Favors

    Never help to move furniture, never help to fix things and never offer your services EVER!

    Any woman who will have sex with you, will do so because you make her feel inclined to do so. Being a lap dog gives her power and makes you undesirable.

    Unless you are built like the rock, then you’re probably not going to flex your piano lifting muscles and swoon her into the sack.

    • Promoman

      This should’ve been in the article. Trolling for favors is a principle method in the Bullshit Playbook for women. Unless you’re involved or she’s a relative or legit friend, restrict kindness. With women, it’s best to be civil. It’s risky to be nice and you’re risking signing off on your own crucifixion by being kind. Very few of them have the character to not shit on or fuck over those who are kind by nature.

  • http://www.evilpenis.blogspot.com Evil Penis

    I secretly film every single thing I do too (this may not be possible everywhere). Time stamped recordings are about the best pieces of evidence you can have. This has many benefits and is incredibly easy to do. You can easily lose your job because of a malicious accusation of sexual harassment, it is hard to disprove any false accusation without doing this.

    Nobody can say they didn’t ‘consent’ to the ‘violent act’ of sex when they are om film begging for it, or at least enthusiastically participating. You never forget what anybody said to you and you can review your interactions at a later time, for whatever reason you have. Use Google maps on your android phone as a GPS to track exactly where you are at all times.

    I think I’m covered ;)

    P.S. The link to summary of hatred not working :(

  • BeijaFlor

    If you work with women – as colleagues, as students, as customers, or as supervisors – strive to treat each one of them as the gender-neutral “it” that Feminist Doctrine and The Law claim them to be. Don’t compliment them, don’t white-knight for them, don’t treat them as “special” in any way; be professional; extend no courtesy you wouldn’t extend to a man you didn’t know.

    And don’t EVER give a female colleague “the eye,” even if she’s wearing her blouse open to her waist or she has a bra that pushes her cleavage out of her turtleneck top.

    HR Rules say that men and women are interchangable gender-neutral robots? Treat the women in your office as one robot treats another robot: rationally, honestly, but with no twinge of emotion or “vive la difference”.

    • Keyster

      Good advice from the corporate mine field.
      The Catch-22 is that the more neutral you treat them, the more they despise you, especially if they have an eye for you. If you’re part of a corporate culture where SOME deference to women is expected of males, you’ll have to play along. Jobs are too scarce and a man’s gotta eat.

      People pick up on your “attitude” towards others and will fuck you royally in those “peer-to-peer” reviews. Which are based on, not competence, but likability and popularity. Management invented these review systems so they’d have less work.

  • Stu

    What we need is a way of recording everything, all the time, that requires no effort on the part of the user. A pair of glasses, or better yet, an eye implant, with a zillian terrabyte memory that just records everything you see, and everything you hear, and stores it way in by date, hour, etc. Also allows you to tag the data with meta tags for searching.

    Anything else is just to much effort to keep organised. Oh, better have night vision built in too.

    • Keyster

      I bought a Sony voice recorder because I work for someone who talks incessantly, a million words a minute and can’t complete a sentence without digressing, and them digressing more from the topic at hand.

      I then have to listen back to try and gleen from it what they wanted me to do, because its never clear, until its not done or done wrong.

      There’s also the insistence that something was said, when I swear it wasn’t, so I have to go back and listen to verify I’m not going insane, (I’m not.).

      This person takes Ambien and some psychotropic drug, so there are memory issues and dreaming or imagining converstations took place that never did, or its early on-set Alzeimers.

  • Stu

    The way things are going, all such data that is collected in that way, video, audio etc, will just be banned from entering evidence, unless it proves guilt of the man. This is sort of happening now in a lot of places. Kellet got evidence that would have got Mr Filler a not guilty verdict if the jury had been allowed to hear it. What if he had of had video audio evidence that his wife was just totally making up lies…….the court could just ban that evidence.

    • Tom M

      I did have a recording (phone) of my ex and her dad threatening me that if I ever tried to see my kids again they would lie even worse in court and put me behind bars… That was before i had a clue that we no longer have a justice system, and I submitted the tape and did not make a copy. Yep, “What tape?” Huh, what tape are you talking about???”

      I’m all for recording everything you can. At least you can now put it on youtube to show the world even if the court dismisses it – showing how corrupt the court is along with your ex.

    • http://www.evilpenis.blogspot.com Evil Penis

      Another thing to consider, even if they don’t ban it they will probably ignore it. They did in my case and I spent 6 months in jail without them even hearing the recordings I made.

      Weren’t even interested in listening, “save it for court” they said!

      • Tom M

        Post the links so we can watch the abusive bitch and her KKKourt of KKKoruption and spread it around

        • http://www.evilpenis.blogspot.com Evil Penis

          I don’t have the recordings anymore, my lawyer does.

          But you can read all about what happened here:

          • Tom M

            That is where I went wrong – gave my tapes to my attorney in the presence of the GAL – both crooked as all hell.

    • Keyster

      Video is 10X better than audio. Check out the new Casio Tryx.
      With Kellett it speaks to Filler’s wife’s past character, which is covered by rape shield laws.

  • Neal H

    Several commenters have have mentioned video-recording, and I haven’t added this to the article because although I strongly agree, I don’t yet know of a simple, automatic, and cheap way to accomplish this. The considerations of data storage, compact, high quality camera, and automation all present challenges. Anyone with a potential technical solution to these problems is encouraged to add it to the comments here.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis
    • http://www.evilpenis.blogspot.com Evil Penis

      You can buy cameras in buttons, watches, pens… just about anything. I have several different kinds. My winter coat has 5 cameras on it! The quality isn’t always great but they are incredibly cheap. There are more expensive ones with some great features, here is a good site to check out:
      Data storage is what it is, like you say a very large hard drive is affordable and you can burn loads onto CDs that are very inexpensive. It isn’t automatic but hey, neither is voice recording.

      • Tom M

        Hey, Evil! Have you found a hidden camera with better than average sound though? That could really nail the evil bitch types who actually threaten to lie and make false allegations over and over…

        • http://www.evilpenis.blogspot.com Evil Penis

          Hey, Tom! All my cameras record sound adequately… Any conversation is always audible when I play it back at least, unless I’m somewhere very loud like a club (which isn’t often).

    • Tom M

      I do know a guy who kept a written journal and also digitally recorded every phone and personal conversation with his ex, and even though the injustice lasted two years, he finally did break through and get custody his 10 year old son. He was recording her telling him (in front of their son) how she would keep lying and abusing him and how the court and GAL and DCFS had sworn to help her regardless. Part of the reason he evvvvventually won may be because the GAL and DCFS had to testify against her claims to protect themselves, you can bet on that. The more recorded the better. the other thing is that once he got his son, he lost all interest in the MRA movement. That is very common with those fathers. while I had custody of 3 of my kids, I kept fighting for others. If you can see the big picture you really should stand up for those being herded off the cliff.

      We do hear success stories, but they are few and far between and the guys had to get beat up for years sometimes before they won, but then they were still subject to losing the child if she at least does a good job of pretending that the is “getting her act together,” which we see too.

      Men can only win temporarily, and seldom. Best not to engage the system in the first place by not engaging crazy-makers.

    • Keyster

      I use the Flip’s, but there are now even better solutions.
      You can by a basic shoot and share for as low as $40.
      Or you can by super compact HD for $500.
      The Kodaks are good too.


      • Keyster

        And if your cell phone doesn’t have video recorder capability, you should probably upgrade. I have an ATT Panatech II, the cheapest available and I can shoot video.

  • Stu

    i think it has value even if it would be banned from evidence, or even if it is illegal to do it anyway. At least you can show your friends and relatives, and there will be no doubt in their mind that you are getting falsely accused. The other thing, if you are going to go down for something you didn’t do, then you might as well say to hell with the law, and any consequences, and spread those videos on the internet regardless of the legality.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      100% agreed. Respecting laws that don’t respect you is an unfair limitation on a default setting.

    • Tom M

      Law that makes lawfulness (proving a crime) illegal are not valid laws.

      • Tom M

        It’s not a privacy violation since the commission of crimes against others is NEVER a matter of privacy.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Tom

      There’s banned evidence and then there’s Jury Nullification:

      Everyone should be taught about Jury Nullification as part of their government and civics classes in school. It can become the Great Equalizer in the movement to provide equal justice to men under US law.

    • Whitney

      I’m not one for advocating violence, but I’m not sure what I would do if I were already being fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

  • Promoman

    I used to believe that the Primary Aggressor listing was the single most useful post in the site’s history but this one is as vital as water & oxygen. I’m printing and circulating this immediately.

  • Joe Zamboni

    Always use a condom, or get a vasectomy, if you are having vaginal sex with a woman of child bearing age. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, even the most outrageous of circumstances (like she gets the condom out of the trash and then, after you have left, inseminates herself with your sperm), if it’s your DNA, you pay.

  • Tom M

    Don’t Date Divorced Mothers

    This is for the same reasons as “Don’t date single mothers,” but also because 3/4 of divorced mothers are already the most experienced worst abusers on earth, already having made false abuse allegations in divorce, and all the other abuse and child abuse which accompanies that… 3 out of 4 of these are even more experienced abusers. These are the most dangerous sharks in the dating pool.

  • rebtus

    @Neal Hansen,
    Good points. As to someone’s comment about recording everything in some states it’s illegal to record without other person’s consent.
    New item :Electronic pickpockets. (Maybe your spouse wants to get info.)
    I just ordered protected wallet, hope it works.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    That’s great stuff, and I agree with the problems of single mothers, except NASMALT. For the single mothers who are like that, they used to be single and childfree.

    I will note that I got fucked by a single mother and I’m also on the hook for her kids (who’s both parents don’t work or pay) because it cost less than fighting it in court and I wanted to settle the acrimony (didn’t work). I was lower than the family dog, who BTW I miss very much, her not so much. However, I have friends who are single moms and they are not privileged princesses or eternal victims. They know that their kids need a father and they are on good terms with their exes and talk to me about how to resolve issues.

    Mature women are more reasonable and are less demanding than young bimbos. The important thing is that I have a vasectomy, won’t marry or cohabit with them and tell them to GTFO if I see any red flags. No traditional dating, just friends with benefits. It’s crushing to their egos when they think I will fall in love with them and change my mind, but I loved them all.

  • http://avoiceformen.com Tom

    Encrypt your hard drive and removable media using PGP:


    BitLocker provided by microsoft has problems:

    I use PGP because it meets computing security compliance standards for many US Corporations and has a number of benefits. PGP Whole Disk Encryption encrypts a computer’s disk in such a way that the drive unreadable without the passphrase required to access the disk and boot the system. A flash drive encrypted with PGP will appear empty in a cursory examination. For those in the USA, just remember to keep the PGP passphrase in your head and not on paper or in any other storage medium so that if your computer disk is seized by the authorities, you can assert your Constitutional 5th Amendment privilege and your right to privacy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Boucher

    Of course there are other encryption solutions available:

  • Eff’d Off

    @ Paul.

    G’day Paul, I sent you another drawing just now and sent one to you last night.

    I realise now for sure that as you get so many emails I’ll let you knowfrom now on here on the site that I have indeed done so.

    Like I did just now for example.

    Great show by the way…

    Welcome back buddy. :)

    • Tom M

      g’night mite!

      • Eff’d Off
        • BeijaFlor

          Ah … okay, I too am pretty clueless about Australian slang; was only recently I learned that “wombat” wasn’t Aussie feminist slang for a dildo ….

          • Eff’d Off

            We might call them “Vegemite jars full of of blowies.” (flies)

          • Tom M

            Mmmm, Vegimite on sharp cheese! And I still have some left! I go quite sparingly, but I age my own cheese for the very best sharp cheese I’ve ever had.

            I buy the very tight sealed small packs (4 to 8 oz – 2 cheese factories in my valley) and put them in the bottom drawer of the fridge to age (starting with medium to sharp is great but not mandatory) and I pull them out once they are several months to one year expired! If the pack starts to puff up with air, use that pack first, but the ones that stay sealed tight for about a year are very gooooood. this is way better than the more expensive already aged cheese from the store. My 11 year old daughter really likes that whole process, and the cheese, but not the Vegimite…

          • Eff’d Off

            I will definitely try that. I for one love a sharp cheese. Thanks.

            Vegemite is better on it’s own but many like to mix it up with a bit of cheese.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Thanks man! I will have one of them up by tomorrow. Thanks for the submit!

  • Donn

    “When to use this : [ all the time ]

    If you cover your ass by keeping emails, text messages, and recorded conversations – but you loose access to those files because your laptop is stolen or seized – then you’re screwed aren’t you.

    Back those files up on removable media – and store the backup device in a separate location.

    A two terabyte external hard drive costs about a hundred dollars.”

    I cannot emphasize this enough. There was one case that I needed it more than ever, where a “woman” pitted her newfound bf against me claiming I was a stalker, harrassing her, etc, just days after I had bought her something(as a friend, and I stressed over and over it was purely for that reason, me and her have some history and none of it is good.) She levied allegation after allegation and said she feared for her safety, if I had kept even HALF the things she had wrote me over the years I could’ve blown her lies to smithereens, but I foolishly deleted them.

    I learned my lesson that day, and another instance came up after that where a girl who was dating a thugtacular who didn’t want her talking to other guys all of a sudden said she didn’t know me, that I had been stalking her, etc. When I showed him chat transcripts showing that wasn’t the case she had shit to say.

    It can’t be emphasized enough, keep. records.of.everything. No matter how insignificant it seems.

    • Donn

      A quick shout out to our little red thumber, why don’t you actually come out and post on here you craven. I’d recommend you also use your real name, but that implies you actually have guts.

      • Zuberi

        It’s probably that insect who calls herself Lady Cathrine.

    • Keyster

      I worked in the hard drive industry and later back up storage for 20 years.

      I ghost my C: drive to D:, back that up to a FreeAgent, and back that FreeAgent up to another one I take home.

    • Tom M

      Over 10 years ago one of my past neighbors had a wife having affairs and meeting those multiple guys for them online – He got copies of all those msgs proving their liaisons, but that only made things worse for HIM (but don’t count on that – still get copies of all you can) and everyone accused him of being an even bigger abuser than her false allegations said he was.

      And the officials used his documentation of her affairs as “proof” he was an even worse abuser. (and of course when he or anyone denies the false allegations, that is further proof you are an abuser, the worst). Even his clergyman told him that the affair-documentation showed that he was the real abuser.

      Well, he was kicked out on false allegations (surprise…) and 2 years latter that same clergyman came begging for forgiveness and told him that he’d come under condemnation from God for not supporting him. And, NO, those majority jackass clergymen (of all religions) rarely apologize down the road (though mine did). BUT they NEVER help make it right or set it all straight, what they helped do.

  • Eff’d Off

    This is such an informative article. There’s so much here that I just never thought about, and there’d be no way I ever would for that matter.

  • Eff’d Off

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    • scatmaster

      Interesting to notice Eff’d Off’s slut sale strip has got six thumbs down so far. We are making a dent. Way to go!!!!!

      • Eff’d Off

        It is interesting.

        To date I see 7 on the green .. but only 8 on the red..

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  • WarHammer Axe

    Another idea…use a non-Windows System for your personal files. Right now I’m on a laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 and if I leave the computer alone for 2 minutes or less, the screensaver comes on and you HAVE to have the password to access it. Otherwise, it will just sit there and NO access can be made, even if you reset.

    Also, you may want to look into Portable Ubuntu, which can be installed to a jump drive, carried around on any computer, and leaves no trace on the computer you are using it on. It’s good to have a backup plan and since few people will get Linux, it’s a pretty good way to protect your files and yourself…along with the free cloud software that comes with Ubuntu.

    WarHammer Axe

  • Stu

    I used to use ubuntu on another laptop that bit the dust. It craps all over windows, and I had wine, and virtual machine on it, wine allows you to run most windows programs under linux, with a bit of stuffing around configuring. I had all the Msoffice apps running. I also had windows xp installed in virtual machine under linux and that ran anything I couldn’t get going under wine in native linux.

    No virus protection the whole time I had it, and never got a single virus and trojan and anything. Since i’ts a totally different operating system, the virus that infect windows just can’t run under it. Another good thing, you can use linux native file system to format sd cards. If they are put into a windows computer they just show as unformatted cards.

    By the way, those pen video cams that someone posted about before……..I have one. They aren’t bad at all. Mine does up to 800×600 resolution, saves in avi format to micro sd card in the pen. Has sound recording too, and a 4gig card will hold over 3 hours video with sound. You can set it to just record continually, or set it for movement detect recording. I believe there is a night vision version of it now too.

    The best part……I paid $15 on ebay…….new. You can even write with it lol

  • Stu

    Oh, another good thing about Ubuntu……it’s free….it even comes with its own Msoffice compatiable set of programs. It takes a bit of stuffing around to get everything set up and working right….like various drivers etc…..but once you got it all running good….it’s fantastic. Completely free to download….and they will even send you an install CD if you email them. Forums are full of people that will provide all help and info and problem solving…..and auto online updating of all programs you have installed. Pretty impressive……a good way for us men to drop financial support another monster……Microsoft.

    • Jimmy

      Sounds excellent, I’ve heard a lot about Ubuntu, but I’m not a natural with computers so I’ve put it off so far.

      I got a trojan the other week after upgrading to IE9… lost all my links to MRA ammo articles that I had been keeping hold of as as well as all my documents and pictures.
      Ubuntu looks pretty appealing atm.

    • Whitney

      TrueCrypt also runs under Ubuntu. I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 on my work laptop and my home PC. Will never go back to Winders.

  • The Zeta Male (2)

    Always and I mean always password protect your phone and computer. Never let anyone have access even to just check there email. I work as a consultant and the data I have access to is so confidential that no one can view it. There are too many programs out there now that can log key strokes and mine data and these bitches no all about it. My phone locks after 30 sec and my computers are either directly connected to my access point and laptops operate on virtual networks that are encrypted. I had a woman recently ask if she could use my phone, fuck no, she was attempting to place monitoring software on it and we had only just met. These bitches will spare no expense to spy.

    • Futurelle (a.k.a Eff’d Off)

      Yikes ! That sounds awful, the bit about the bitch wanting to put monitoring software on your phone.

      Tell me though, how do you know that that’s what she was up to – what made you wise up ?

      • Eff’d Off

        Shit, sorry, I forgot to get rid of the Futrelle handle from a previous gag.

        Pardon, – hey you know who I am anyway come to think of it.

  • rebtus

    Paul Elam,
    I agree with you about the system. But I was suggesting pick your videotape target carefully. A motorist would have gotten a traffic ticket, but because he videotaped police and posted in on YouTube, he was charged with violating law and face up to 16 years in prison. The Judge dismissed the charge.

    You CAN Video a Cop Making an Arrest
    You may recall the story in June about a motorist who videotaped a police officer writing him a ticket and posted the video on YouTube. He was arrested and charged with violating Maryland’s wiretap law. The prosecutor claimed that police exercising their public duty have an expectation of privacy. The You Tuber was facing 16 years in prison.”

    • Adam

      Makes no sense how the COPS show can get away with being on the air so long if it is indeed a felony or that police are entitled to privacy?
      What a joke that they selectively enforce the law like that.

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    Don’t date women with a lot of tattoos. Especially one who is addicted to them and plans on getting more. Just trust me! Always a bad sign.

  • Lovekraft

    What about celibacy and leading an ascetic lifestyle, free from temptation, balanced and calm?

    There are many classic philosophers who can describe how to go about this.

    The uncluttered mind, one free from daily pressures, is best able to see clearly and direct the correct course of action.

    And a good start would be to read the Gospels.

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  • George

    I posted a copy of the document “‘The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics’” over on the VeeHD site (link below). Watch the feminists and manginas react and start pissing in their panties over there. Should be fun.

    Just in case that link is no good (it should work) it’s on the veehd forum page under the title “The Offensive Tactics Of The Feminazi.” They may try to bury it quickly by flooding the page with other posts and driving it off the front page, so if you want to watch them foaming at the mouth or to add a comment of your own, be quick.


    • Whitney

      They yanked the thread already.

      • Eff’d Off

        Good sign, they is worried.

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    The $5 party bet that turned deadly

    A 22-year-old US woman will face trial after she allegedly killed an aspiring rapper by punching him in the head for a $5 bet.

    Tiffany Startz punched John ‘Fatboy’ Powell at a party in Joliet, Illinois, last September after he agreed she could hit him in return for $5, the Daily Mail reports.

    After being hit, he walked away from Startz to talk with his friends but collapsed minutes later from a burst artery in his neck.

    An autopsy found the rapper, who had been performing at the party with his band Krazy Killaz, died from a brain haemorrhage caused by blunt force trauma.

    Startz, who is 165cm tall and weighs 65kg, has been charged with reckless conduct and battery charges.

    Other partygoers had tried to protect Startz by telling police that Powell tripped and hit his head, and that he jumped and hit his head while performing.

    ****”Other partygoers had tried to protect Startz by telling police that Powell tripped and hit his head, and that he jumped and hit his head while performing.”****

    ****PUSSY PASS ALERT****


    ****”Other partygoers had tried to protect Startz by telling police that Powell tripped and hit his head, and that he jumped and hit his head while performing.”****


    P-R-O-T-E-C-T S-T-A-R-T-Z…

    protect her from what? her self?


    Ref: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8254934/the-5-bet-that-landed-a-killer-blow


    ****”Other partygoers had tried to protect Startz by telling police that Powell tripped and hit his head, and that he jumped and hit his head while performing.”****

    The other partygoers should be charged with hindering a police investigation.

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  • @oADAMo

    Great read for #mensrights
    protip:don’t date “Internet girls”