Attention MRM Bloggers

For those interested, Good Men Project Magazine is preparing to do a special on the MRM, and you have the opportunity to have your voice heard on the subject.

For those of you unfamiliar with the website, it is a well traveled venue with traffic far exceeding that of even The Spearhead, and it is rapidly growing after only being online since June of last year.

It is also something of an ideological anomaly that seems to be battling for an identity, and perhaps losing.

The editorial slant seems to be a bizarre mixture based in radical feminism, frequently accented with paleo-masculine idolatry. Well, as we know here at AVfM, since feminism and traditionalism are two peas in a pod – that mixture is not so bizarre after all.

It should be noted that GMPM is exuberantly endorsed by Ms. Magazine. Yes, that would be the same publication whose erstwhile editor, Robin Morgan, said that “[M]an hating is an honorable and viable political act,” and that “[R]ape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman.”

Quite the endorsement, eh?

The saving grace of GMPM is that they do seem quite interested in including all points of view, should they be submitted. I have submitted three pieces there and they have all been posted. Recently for their special on marriage, I resurrected my article, Men, Math and Marriage, and it has just been posted. Unsurprisingly the first couple of comments are what you would expect from mainstream blue pill readers.

The question may come to mind, why should I submit material to a publication so obviously imbrued with misandry?

In my opinion, it is for the same reason we write letters and post comments to other mainstream publications – to bring an alternative world view to people who have never had the opportunity to see it; to offer the red pill.

I have been told from a member of their editorial staff that they will seriously consider any well written submission. This came from someone whom I have dealt with repeatedly and found to be of integrity.

So, if you are interested, please consider submitting something that explains your take on the MRM. Even dusting off an older article will do if it meets their standards for writing.

You can contact them for submissions by sending an email to

  • Henry B

    Thanks for the endorsement, Paul. Indeed, we have no ideological axe to grind at GMPM. It’s meant to be a place for broad discussion about men and manhood, and we do value the MR pov. Our criteria for publishing stories / columns is not that they meet Ms. Magazine’s approval, but that they are well written and are likely to stir up some constructive debate. We get criticism from all sides for publishing disagreeable points of view. We like to think this means we’re doing something right.

    I encourage your readers to send not just their own stories and ideas, but recommendations of writers/voices they’d like to see represented on the site. Thanks.

    • Paul Elam

      Very well put and believable, Henry. I have no hesitation to say publicly that while I disagree with much of what GMPM presents, I have been given many reasons to believe that the staff there has an investment in intellectual honesty and is more than willing to objectively view submissions based on editorial, not ideological standards.

      • marcef100m

        Paul, I realize that you post was less then an endorsement, but please tell these GMPM punks to stick it in their vagina. All they want to do, is peal of a few MRM men and women and convert them in to a Jo Biden feminist. The worst kind.

        • Paul Elam

          I won’t do that because that is not my belief. I am sure you can communicate with them yourself?

    • Zeta Male

      You can expect to be hearing from me

      (if you have an article you like and want to take just lemme know)

    • marcef100m

      That is, those GMPM scum bags!

      • Paul Elam

        Listen up. You have made your opinion known. Personally, I think you are not using your head very well, but whether that is true or not your redundant one liners are not of much value here.

        Reign it in.

        I think the New York Times is a bunch of liberal misandric pinheads. Would I publish there knowing that it would be seen by that many people. Sure I would, and if I had something to say to criticize them, it would hopefully have more depth than “suck my dick.”

        I don’t know who you are, and don’t care. If you want to post here, use your brain and some skills with language. If not, see ya.

        • tom matlack

          Thanks Paul.

          • thehermit

            You should do something with that forum, it’s impossible to follow the timeline of the comment, or what’s new…

          • Factory

            As an aside Tom, your site is absolutely stuffed with feminist man haters, and they seem to be quite comfortable tossing around commands.

            Real welcoming to men, that place is….not. Just another place overrun with Feminist dominated PC sensibilities, trying to condition men to conform. Kinda like school, really.

    • Denis

      Henry is a good creative writer IMO, I’ll give him credit for that.

    • marcef100m

      Prove it, get rid of that mangina of a slime ball, the bald one, think his name is Tom.

  • AntZ

    I’ll have a gander, and do what I can to support your vision. I don’t have much constructive criticism for GMPM, but if they want to talk about MRMs then I will do my part to make sure that they accurately represent what the MRM movement is.

  • AntZ

    When I wnt over to GMPM, there were four comments, three “blue pill” comments and one “red pill” comment. So I added my own, summarizing the four that were there:

    Mordi­cal says: “choose WISELY and it will not hap­pen to you”.
    Middy says “choose SLOWLY and it will not hap­pen to you“
    Melissa says “choose ME and it will not hap­pen to you“
    Eoghan says “I have friends who chose wisely, friends who chose slowly, and friends who chose a spe­cial some­one — and it STILL hap­pened to them.”

    When is some­one going to remem­ber just how unfair it is that MEN ARE EXPECTED TO BEAR 100% OF THE RISK AND 100% OF THE COST OF DIVORCE?

    • Eoghan

      Yeah the attitude of those men is a little confusing, why accept legal inequalities in the first place?

    • meninrevolt

      I read those comments too, but couldn’t come up with such a great response, I was mentally blocked/shocked. Thanks for the comment which represents my concerns as well.

      • Eoghan

        I find it amazing how these types have been conditioned to believe that inequality is equality and calling for equality is misogyny.

  • Eoghan

    Nice idea Paul. I’ll try to represent well if ever I am there.

  • AntZ

    I just checked the site again. The feminists have arrived. Let the games begin. If you have time, go whack a feminist warthog over the head:

    Have fun boys.

    • Eoghan

      Nah, I say hold firm because I think they will want to create chaos, scupper all reasonable debate and then say “look, you cant have mens rights people here”.

      • Poester99


        Just a few, well-reasoned and hard to argue against postings are definitely better 100 angry retorts to a typical feminist inanity.

        They’re certainly going to LOVE the “anti-feminist-bigotry” stickers that are going to be popping up like weeds, all around their strongholds, the women’s only “old girls” clubs in the next few months.

        • Paul Elam

          U ROCK.

        • Eoghan

          “They’re certainly going to LOVE the “anti-feminist-bigotry” stickers that are going to be popping up like weeds, all around their strongholds, the women’s only “old girls” clubs in the next few months.”

          Whats this about?

          • Poester99

            Just a personal project I’m working on. I’ve been collecting stellar short quotes, from the superb writers around the MRM and am going to put then on stickers along with and/or

            Very similar to TFH’s idea except small size, with permanent, hard to remove glue, and in all sorts of places where university students, men and women frequent, lamp posts, entrance ways, smoking lounges, cafeterias, “she woman man-hater” women’s clubs.

            Don’t want to be too geographically or timing specific because someone may be sufficiently pissed off to try and find me, but it will be in Canada.

            Want to do this with mRM as well, 1000 pro quality hard copies, with Factory’s permission, of course.

          • Eoghan

            Thats just awesome.

          • Factory

            Give me an email address and I can get you a high res PDF of whatever issue you want.

            Heck, I think I should post links to back issues on the site, then this can be done easily.

          • Poester99


            If we find that putting your magazine out and about in the campus has a noticeable affect I think we should probably consider seeing if we can raise funds to make regular batches of hard copies of your magazine of new and back issues, like so-called mainstream magazines, and try to get it into libraries (through the back door, literally, if necessary)

            Big kudos for putting it together so well though, you’ve created a solid foundation to build on

    • zyk0s

      Quite a character this SarahMC. I wonder who supports her so she has time to scour the web for something that could potentially offend her, then spend hours trying to argue on a forum for men how there isn’t enough feminism there.

      • Paul Elam

        :) Like shooting fish in a barrel, innet?

  • AntZ

    God, Paul, you have to read this:

    Remember the things I have been telling you in private conversations?

    How are we going to react to this? The evidence is coming out, I am only one of many working on it. The Ritalin stink bomb will burst in the next 12 months.

    These children have died, in huge numbers, because of the drugs that we pushed on them. Hate killed these boys. Feminist anti-boy hate, finally did its work. We drugged them up to turn them into girls, and now they are dying.

    Paul, how are we going to react to this? It is coming. Remember what I told you about binding sites. We gave them the drugs before we knew how they worked, and now we know how they work.

    I am out of breath, this is hitting me hard.

    • Ben

      Public schools are even doing a mandantory testong on all boys in the first grade for ADHD. Those who fall even marginally into the ADHD “spectrum” are prescribed Ritalin.

      Their mission is clear: Drug boys who display any characteristic that, by definition, is a characteristic that leads to male success, such as competitiveness or ambitions beyond the scope of the expressed assignment.

      The boys that they cannot drug, they simply shame into feminine behavior and treat masculinity as misconduct. And, it is working. Men only make up 40% of college enrollment. We have a crisis. It is hitting me hard too.

      Ritalin is biological warfare against men. Parents who refuse to put their boys on Ritalin run the risk of having their sons taken away by protective services where they will be force-fed Ritalin. We are under ATTACK!

      • Carlos

        What!? Mandatory ADHD testing? Are you serious?

        • Ben

          Yes. Mandantory ADHD testing. This has gotten totally out of hand. My best friend has two sons in the first and second grade. They tested all boys in the first grade last year and this year.

          His oldest son was also expelled for an entire year for saying the “N” word. He should have been told that that word is inappropriate, perhaps punished, but expelled? There is a zero-tolerance policy for male misconduct and nearly unlimited tolerance for girls who misbehave in our public school system.

    • Paul Elam

      Sorry I have taken so long to reply. VERY busy these days.

      What are we going to do? Please don’t take this the wrong way, I have a great deal of respect for you. But the most qualified person in this forum to actually do something is YOU. You are the one with a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge.

      Start writing about this now. Today. Ask for help with some graphics and video work. We have a candy store here of men who will help you if you are active and getting after it with a fervor.

      I have over 2,200 Youtube subscribers and this is the type of information that could go viral if it is put together correctly. And even if it doesn’t go viral, we do it anyway. It will still toss at least a little gasoline on the fire we are lighting right now.

      I feel the passion and concern in what you are saying. And I will do whatever is in power to help take whatever message you create and get it out there so people will be confronted with it.

      Take a look at what zed posted about it. He is 100% on the money. Put it on here AND The Spearhead. Get help making a video and I will see it gets seen by thousands.

      The important thing is to ACT. And keep ACTING. This is a barn burner issue, brother. Light your torch and get busy. We are all behind you.

  • Peter Charnley

    @Henry B
    “It’s meant to be a place for broad discussion about men and manhood, and we do value the MR pov.”

    Take it easy on people like GMPM. They are not MR activists. Whilst it is important for us to fight our case with our claws unsheathed we cannot realistically expect everyone, on first sight of us, to immediately become a fellow ‘swashbuckler’.

    Our justifiable anger and indignation is established and known to us. Theirs isn’t. But at least they appear to have opened a door and are listening. Seems like a good omen to me.

    By all means if they prove to be negative dead meat – treat them as such. I don’t know anything about them. But comments of “…….. please tell these GMPM punks to stick it in their vagina….” shortly after they have put one of Paul’s articles on their site seems a little OTT to me.

    Obviously we must never give a fraction of an inch to open misandry or an unashamed radical feminist. But there are other people who should be afforded a little breathing space. Otherwise they are likely to just pull up their drawbridge on the MR message – editorially and personally.

    • Ben

      Good post. People have to be brought along gradually and typically do not take kindly to sharp disruptions in their well-established views. I would much rather see these people persuaded than alienated.

      The act of exposing and stamping out feminism in western society may prove to be as immense and painstaking as the integration of Blacks into our public school system in the 1960s.

      Feminists do not have adequate debating skills due to the fact that no one has ever argued with any degree of vigor with them until just now. Men, however, have argued with other men their whole lives and are fierce debaters.

      Feminists have not been challenged or field tested until now. An overdue smoke test is nearby. They will keep on with their Rape Shield Laws and other disciminatory absurdity and soon face the music. Men are slowly waking up.

  • Denis

    “The editorial slant seems to be a bizarre mixture based in radical feminism, frequently accented with paleo-masculine idolatry. Well, as we know here at AVfM, since feminism and traditionalism are two peas in a pod – that mixture is not so bizarre after all.”

    -That is very perceptive. What is most revealing is that the TGMP is what is not said and appears to neglect male rape victims, male DV victims, male victims of violence, male homelessness, suicide, etc.

    They focus on changing modern masculinity with a positive spin, but they often neglect the most vulnerable and victimized men in society. The editorial slant is often one sided and lacking in addressing the big picture. I have coined the term Good DataTM* to address their repeated failures.

    *not affiliated with TGMP.

  • Carlos

    Fuck man… it got me again. That page with it’s damn JavaScript auto-refresh ate my comment. No doubt 9/10 of their traffic is the result of the page refreshing itself all the damn time to show you new ads and increase their traffic stats.

    Just now also remembering that some of the ads on that site are particularly obnoxious and have auto-starting videos with audio.

    • !!SPARTA!!

      script blocker is your friend

  • Ben

    Yah, I dunno if we can dump the Ritalin thing on women’s influence alone. Where are the men? Where’s the male mentoring? It’s not like every house with a kid on Ritalin is a single Mom household, yeah?

    I’ve worked with kids for 20 years and what i see is at least equally iof not more that fathers often opt out or incapable of connecting to their sons in some way stronger than playing games and talking sports. It’s like they prefer to divest out of some insecurity or lack of experience. This is just what I see, and of course not everywhere.

    Whatever the cause the over prescription of Ritalin is a crime.

    • marcef100m

      Not Fathers, manginas that have but the liberal bs.

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  • Tom Matlack

    Guys we do honestly want to have a discussion about what it means to be a good man. We don’t try to control the agenda. But we do try to keep the discourse somewhat civil. I can say categorically that despite covering many challenging issues from all sides, including race, porn, divorce, war, prison, death, and sexual orientation (and believe me we have have published pieces from the most extreme left and right on pretty much everything) the Men’s Rights Group is the only one that has refused to engage in any meaningful way, instead literally sending death threats my way and calling me names. Is that really what you guys are all about? I understand the desire to stand tall for men, and to have a strong POV about male shame and the slanted way popular culture has missed the point (all things I personally AGREE with) but to line up to call me and our Project names because you don’t like a particular article rather than participating in the discussion in meaningful way demeans your own cause. Yes fellas I am a Mangina. I deserve to be hunted with cross bow. But come on. If the idea here is to move the ball forward for men, let’s try and grow up a bit. You sound a heck of a lot like the man-hating feminists you despise. What happened to good men actually showing respect, integrity, and speaking your truth in a way that doesn’t condemn all that don’t agree with you.

    • forweg

      Strange, Tom, I don’t see any death threats or name-calling from MRAs in the comments over at your website. All I see from the MRAs are logical, rational arguments.

      Oddly, the feminists seem to be the ones doing all the name-calling and personal attacks. I must be seeing things.

    • Denis

      Tom, before you start obfuscating again. Mangina=Male Feminist.

      Wear your t-shirt with pride and stop playing the victim. If you get death threats, call the cops, but don’t go blaming people you don’t agree with for advocating violence.

      Those man-hating feminists are linked on your blog-roll and inhabit your site regularly with their shaming attacks. You are also under their wing.

    • Paul Elam

      Mr. Matlack,

      I take serious umbrage to your comment here. And I fail to see in an atmosphere of goodwill why you would come here to levy such insults.

      My critique of your publication was honest and respectful. And as I look through the comments here what I saw was one man name calling, who I promptly warned under threat of banning to knock if off.

      Even then there were certainly were no threats to you or anyone at GMPM, nor would any threats against anyone ever be tolerated on this site.

      But you come here to insinuate that those types of actions came from the men here by saying “you guys?”

      That’s a big steaming pile of fucking bullshit, and it is a totally unwarranted.

      I also note that this site is read by a healthy population of generally very educated and sophisticated men. The discourse here is exceptional, even given that you could find examples not so shining. That latter part is true of every site on the internet, including yours. For a current example, please visit the article of mine posted this morning (linked above).

      It will be the one with over 200 comments, and where the clear lions share of personal name calling and invective comes from your readers in dissent of my piece.

      I take that as part of putting myself out there, so I choose not to whine about it. You put your ideas out there, you take the heat, or, in my opinion, you put your pen down and sell shoes for a living.

      You screwed the pooch, here, Tom. Your editor Henry came here and quickly forged common ground with the first comment to this thread. It is a comment that as I write this has been given approval to readers here by a vote of 23 to 2. And he was not in the least obsequious or weak.

      That is because he entered with respect, both for himself and GMPM and for this site as well.

      You could learn a lot from how he deals so intelligently with people, but unfortunately, Tom, I get the distinct feeling you don’t learn much of anything from the actions of others.

      I am hoping as I write this that readers here will not be goaded by this insulting post into calling you names or the like. I see no need to give you something to point at and say “Aha,” when you provoked it.

      Finally, let me say this. I have posted articles to your site and in the process have treated your readers and staff with respect. Please know that I expect the same of you here. Kindly refrain from the accusations and personal insults. In fact, I insist on it.

      Participating in the discussion in a meaningful way means you, Tom. You will not foster that which you say you want with hypocrisy.

      Especially not here.

      • tom matlack


        I apologize for the broad brushed approach. I did see insults to GMP here and obviously got hundreds when I posted the “Cleavage or Soul” piece a couple weeks ago that were as insulting as anything I have received over any of the many things I have written. I realize, upon reflection, that just like our discussion at GMP no one commenter here or on Spearhead should be taken to represent all voices, and in jumping to that conclusion I am in the wrong. And, yes, Henry is a far better man than I am as an aside and I can learn a lot from him in the diplomacy department (as well as a writer since he edits everything that makes it into print under my name).

        I will stick by my prior comment that all the direct attacks on me and my manhood are disappointing in that I actually believe we agree on far more than we disagree, even with my most violent critics from the men’s right movement. I fundamentally agree that men get screwed in divorce and have a piece coming on on that topic in the weeks ahead. For goodness sakes, my formative experience as a man, as a husband and as a father was having to deal with getting totally screwed in a divorce 14 years ago now when my kids were 1 and 3 and I lost most of my money and had had to fight tooth and nail for every hour of visitation with my kids (who are now in high school). I don’t choose to fight that battle quite as overtly as some in your group, but believe me that is what this is about for me.

        To see what I am talking about, and how I choose to take the battle to the masses in a somewhat more subtle way, see my recent piece about what dads have to teach moms about raising boys (yes I suck up to moms but the point is clear: dads have a better idea on how raise boys than moms do):

        I thank you for the discussion, blunt and otherwise Paul. And for the work you are doing for men like me.

        • Paul Elam


          Your apology is appreciated and accepted. I consider our disagreement to have never happened.

          And I understand the disappointment about attacks on your manhood. I live with them all the time. I have also received death threats.

          I told Henry some time ago, and I still stand by it, that GMPM is in a unique and very valuable position. I disagree with much of your content, even finding some of it offensive, but there are other, more important factors here.

          GMPM is clearly open to dissent and presenting all points of view. That may not redeem the whole package to some, but to me it demonstrates editorial integrity and provides an opportunity that thus far no one else has been able to provide. That would be fair competition in the same milieu between the views of feminist supporters and MRA’s.

          It is a platform that has been denied the public for way too long, and I totally admire your willingness to nurture that.

          I note that Henry’s moderation of my latest article at GMPM has been fair and impeccably even handed. That sort of action on his part allows the ideas to speak, not the hostilities.

          I respect that very much and see it as vital to the process of ultimately sorting out the valuable elements of all ideas.

          Thank you again for coming here this way, Tom. As you may know, I don’t cotton much to definitions of “good” men. But I do think fondly of good human beings.

          • Tom Matlack

            Mr. Elam:

            I had a chance to go through the comments on your piece on our site and I see what you mean. I believe Henry has actually deleted some of the most outrageous but there is no doubt that the name calling is very disappointing, as you noted.

            I want to thank you again for being willing to post on our site and engage in the debate, despite the venom. It proves just how important an issue this is.


          • Paul Elam

            I could not agree more, and I am looking forward to the debate that is sure to come with the MRM special.

    • zed

      Guys we do honestly want to have a discussion about what it means to be a good man.

      the Men’s Rights Group is the only one that has refused to engage in any meaningful way, instead literally sending death threats my way and calling me names. Is that really what you guys are all about?

      I understand the desire to stand tall for men, and to have a strong POV about male shame and the slanted way popular culture has missed the point (all things I personally AGREE with) but to line up to call me and our Project names because you don’t like a particular article rather than participating in the discussion in meaningful way demeans your own cause.

      What happened to good men actually showing respect, integrity, and speaking your truth in a way that doesn’t condemn all that don’t agree with you.

      You are right to some extent, Tom. The fundamental problem is similar to Louis Armstrong’s response when someone asked him what jazz was – “If you have to ask the question, I probably can’t explain it to you.”

      Having a discussion about “what it means to be a good man” is in many ways like having a discussion about “what it means to” ride a bicycle. It is an intellectual exercise which has nothing to do with the real life experience it is supposed to be about. And, at a fundamental level being a good man means already knowing what that is all about and living that way, despite what others might think of it.

      I’m sure that you are literate enough to know about the Nuremberg trials and the studies by Stanley Milgram on excessive deference to authority. One might say that the prison guards on trial at Nuremberg were acting as they thought “good men” might act within the social context of the time. However, the juries disagreed and held them to a higher standard of morality. In retrospect, they in effect said that “good men” would not have committed or gone along with such atrocities. To be a “good man” in that context would have actually required going against social trends and pressure. I think the same is true today.

      I joked with Welmer tonight that the Spearhead is fast becoming sort of the biker bar of the MM. If you want to get into a fist fight, that is the place to go. Over there we kind of play the “bad cop” to Paul’s “good cop.” We let the rough crowd hang out over there so the more genteel clientele here is spared having to deal with the rowdies.

      The issues we are grappling with cannot be resolved purely in the mental realm of words. When a man springs into action to save a child, he is not operating on words or meanings – he is acting instinctively. Someone who denies those instincts, or worse seeks to demonize them, cannot be convinced or swayed from their beliefs by words. That is the mistake the MM has been making for the past 40 years.

      So, there is a respect in which anything said at a website which thinks it takes a “project” to make good men would be casting pearls before swine. If you want a simple definition, you don’t have to look any further than the boy scout oath –

      Boy Scout Oath or Promise

      On my honor, I will do my best
      To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
      To help other people at all times;
      To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

      A “good man” has honor. He does his best. It may not be enough – he might fail, he might even die. But, he still does his best.
      Boy Scout Law
      A Scout (a “good man”) is

      and Reverent.

      That is what it means. Do your best to do those things, and you are a “good man.”

      • tom matlack

        Good list. It surely doesn’t take a Project to make a good man, but like you I think it takes a discussion to move the dial in terms of the ways in which gender in our country and around the world have been mis-portrayed. And it takes a discussion for good men to realize they are not alone.

        • Factory

          I also think it takes the realization that maleness is not now, nor has it ever been “bad”, and these discussions on maleness must recognize the social reality men live in, or they are more of the same ideologically driven navel gazing that feminists are routinely engaged in.

          I personally find the very concept of your website…that men need to be changed according to feminist principles and understanding…to be HIGHLY offensive.

    • John A

      Tom, I think we will disagree a bit on what it takes to be a good man, maybe we will agree more as time goes by. However, as long as you publish articles such as Paul’s and and accept our posts, in my opinion MRAs should treat your team with respect. That’s not to discourage robust debate, but to send threats and hate mail to people who publish our work is a little counter-productive.

      • tom matlack

        Thanks John. We are committed to continuing to make sure that Paul and your group’s POV is heard loud and clear on our pages, which is why it is hard to be cast as the enemy.

    • marcef100m

      What makes you think you deserve respect, your a freaking tool. The only thing you hate more then men is women. I see though you, mangina. The little bald one also. I think it is safe to say, that no one gives a shit if he used to be an alcoholic loser, get over it, I went cold turkey and don’t know that I have ever mentioned it in public forum. Regardless being a drunkard is far better then then the loser he has become.

  • Chance

    Go ahead, bitch about GMPM. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. It’s a middle ground, where most are simply part of the unwashed masses and don’t have a clue exactly how much damage feminism has done. Because of the PC atmosphere we live in, we currently have no choice other than to refute our opponents claims and refrain from calling them names. We need the exposure badly.

    • marcef100m

      It is in no way a middle gournd, shit like this is more damaging then braw burning feminatzi’s. People get conned by chumps like this, see your above post. If the Jo Biden feminist continue to destroy the west, it won’t be long before every braw burner is hing behind a man and asking him to fight off the wolves.

  • zed

    These children have died, in huge numbers, because of the drugs that we pushed on them. Hate killed these boys. Feminist anti-boy hate, finally did its work. We drugged them up to turn them into girls, and now they are dying.

    Paul, how are we going to react to this? It is coming. Remember what I told you about binding sites. We gave them the drugs before we knew how they worked, and now we know how they work.

    I am out of breath, this is hitting me hard.

    This needs to hit people hard – like images of Mengele’s children.

    If what you are hinting at it true, AntZ, this could be the issue which really calls the prevailing paradigm into question. I understand that you may be in a bit of sensitive position, but is there any way you could publicly share what you shared with Paul privately?

    We will gladly put it on the Spearhead if Paul thinks it is too radical to publish here (not that I can imagine that being the case – Paul, too radical? 😉 )

    But, I think that if this is going to become public knowledge that it would serve the MRM well to be the ones to break it – and point to it while shouting loudly –
    “THIS is what we have been talking about, THIS is why men are so angry, THIS is what you have been doing to boys!”

    Although, in a culture which can justify mass abortions, I don’t know if even massive deaths could stir people to action.

    • Factory

      I second this motion. I think if this is a possible issue, we owe it to those boys to bring attention to it.

      • Paul Elam

        I’d bet my last dollar that you would be willing to help with some graphics for a video.

        • Factory

          That’d be a safe bet.

    • John A

      Massive deaths means massive compensation.

  • John A

    Men rights is the “elephant in the room”, once people see it for what it is, they can’t ignore it any more. Even Josh Jasper has been jolted into acknowledging the issue now. People like Josh don’t acknowledge mens rights because they think no one gives a shit. Josh has just found out that some people, do in fact, give a shit. He will be a better person for it.

    When groups like the Good Men Project get inundated with thoughtful replies in different voices, they will move towards our direction. We don’t need to make enemies out of potential allies for the sake of venting our spleen. There are plenty of imbecilic and bigoted posters available for spleen-venting.

  • Elder Swami

    If I have learnt anything from the debate with the feminists on the GMPM site it is that no amount of reasoning is going to get the revolution moving, we have just got to be loud enough to influence those that will be open to the Idea.

  • Merrimac

    Good men…good boys…
    Hallmark Card-like, in notion.
    Lacking adult male-tone and lacking the embedded seriousness of a well read and dualy experienced male.
    It sounds, mommy-esque.
    Sweet, & gooey, cutesy & kissy like, un-challenged little men, naive creatures with attitudes and positions preserved from days of yore and great lore.
    At first they appear Blind,..un-aware, as if to be H.G.Wells,-throw backs, somehow, still clinging onto a victorian like mindset of traits and personalities,
    and while declairing ,internet age males,…be damned.! For not gettin dat dayer chair for ,” missy massa….Inc.
    Its sooooo “retail and T.V. like in iexpectations of others and its lack of depth and understanding”.
    Child like !

    I think a large part of being a “good man” IS a being a grown male who is aware of MRM issues at hand and their resulting realities. With such “modern MRM safegaurds” intact, one can easily be is afforded the rightious allowances of protecting ones self and other young men with legal wisdoms and knowledges, certianly to be found useful for their vital self interest and general well being. These MRM awarenesses and protections are for a young mans future and its defences ( if needed ) the battle against the 4 headed hydra-combo-tradgedies known as “the Misandry Media…-Chilvarist Courts…the Ladies Legal Legion,( American Bar Association )… and The Education Edifeist .
    After those monumental task are accomplished, and energy can still be mustered,… We might season our lads persona, with a touch of “Boy Scoutiness ” for historical charm ( think… charming, like an ole “pedal sewing machine” mostly,..useless,, but its still handsome ! )…
    Being boy scout-ish, would also probably aid somewhere with the highly specialized art of “brown nosing” and making career advancements.
    But to be a good ole fashion “good boyscout-good sportsman”
    in todays world ?
    Is a naive exercise in being
    “self induced-road kill”,
    at best.

  • Peter Charnley

    @Tom Matlack
    “You sound a heck of a lot like the man-hating feminists you despise.

    Mr Matlack.

    I can only speak for myself here. I am from the UK and I am not familiar with any of your own work – online or mainstream. But I am here solely because I have been greatly saddened and have a deep loathing of something that overshadows my country as much as your own – the blind, groundless hatred of the human male that has been drip fed into the core of my own culture over a period of many years.

    In the context of this site, this movement and the very reason I, personally, am here in the first place is because I simply hate hatred and despise those who delight in propagating it – and in the world of today the primary culprits of such unashamed and widespread evil are clearly to be found among the ranks of the modern women’s movement.

    My experiences, to date, of everyone and everything that I have encountered relating to ‘A Voice For Men’ and Paul Elam’s work here have lived up to the ideal of actually ending this hatred, division, misrepresentation and the constant groundless, dishonest assault upon other people simply because of the human grouping to which they belong.

    Any attack carried out upon others by AVfM is solely written or vebal and its ammunition is purely that of truth, fact and justice.

    Contrary to what you suggest this movement is the enemy of the man-hating feminist, not its mirror image. It is feminists themselves who are creating their own fierce antithesis in the minds and hearts of the ever increasing numbers of damaged human beings who will become less and less willing or able to submit themselves to the strong, angry, indignant – but orderly and rational – resistance that is the strict ethos of everything this corner of the men’s movement stands for.

    I would not be here otherwise. Nor would I have donated any of my own money. And I am not a rich man. But I am a man. And I am able to see that I am officially despised for being so. And I know it is totally undeserved. And, like ever increasing numbers of others, I am feeling very weary and very fed up with this reality. So should you be.

    • tom matlack

      Peter I abundantly agree with what you have written here.
      Thank you.

  • Doug

    Hello Paul,
    My name is Doug. This is my first time visiting your site, which I found thanks to and websites. Thanks for the awesome content.

    The reason I’m writing is simply to mention that Ms. Magazine and the women’s lib movement in general in the U.S. was – according to a documentary called “Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo – funded by our own federal government’s most notorious agency, the C.I.A. That Ms. Magazine has any connection to GMPM raises so many red flags that you may want to proceed with extreme caution. GMPM is almost certainly a creation designed to cripple and derail all of the work that you and other MRA’s have strived to deliver to the guys in the mainstream like myself, who have grown disgusted with the gross imbalance women’s power (to rule with authority) over men… be it in the bedroom, in the boardroom, in the halls of congress, etc. etc. etc.

    keep up the good work.

  • Disappointed

    Shocked to see this site push for any of us becoming involved with this horrible Good Men’s magazine or whatever it is called.


    That is NOT the sort of magazine you want to get involved in, my view of Paul Elam just dropped significantly. This magazine is associated with Ms. Magazine which means any right thinking MRM blogger or reader should think twice before getting involved with those people.

    It will be a while before I bother coming back to AVfM after reading this… I’ll stick to the Spearhead thank you.

    • Paul Elam

      It will be a while before I bother coming back to AVfM after reading this

      Do feel free to make that a permanent arrangement. You see, this is an activist website. The goal here is to spread the word of the MRM in any way possible, not to have a circle jerk. (no reflection on TS)

  • Denis

    Henry is white knighting for the feminists, he has no integrity.

    He keeps removing these feminist quotes from his site:

    appears the site moderator doesn’t like the truth about feminists. What’s up Henry? Are feminists quotes too much for you?

    “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.”
    Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.

    “Hello, my name is Mary Man-Hating-is-Fun. Ever since I learned to embrace my feminist nature, I found great joy in threatening men’s lives, flicking off frat brothers and plotting the patriarchy’s death. I hate men because they are men.”
    Patriarchy Slam, University of New Hampshire, March 2005

    “Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation, and destroy the male sex.”
    Valerie Solana, SCUM founder (Society for Cutting Up Men.)

    “Men are rapists, batterers, plunderers, killers; these same men are religious prophets, poets, heroes, figures of romance, adventure, accomplishment, figures ennobled by tragedy and defeat. Men have claimed the earth, called it ‘Her’. Men ruin Her. Men have airplanes, guns, bombs, poisonous gases, weapons so perverse and deadly that they defy any authentically human imagination.”
    Andrea Dworkin, Pornography: Men Possessing Women

    “All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.”
    Catherine MacKinnon

    “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.”
    Sally Miller Gearhart

    “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males”
    Mary Daly, Professor at Boston College, 2001

    “We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to men.”
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    None of these people have been soundly repudiated by the feminist movement. To the contrary, they’ve been embraced and honored.