2014 Men on strike: Helen Smith interviewed by Forbes’ Jerry Bowyer

More from Jerry Bowyer on the topic on Forbes.

If you have not bought Men On Strike yet, you probably should.

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  • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com Mike Buchanan

    I confess I groaned when I saw the length of this interview (51:36) but having just listened to the whole piece, I can honestly say it was time well spent. A very erudite woman, and the interviewer was very professional.

    • Duke

      Maybe we can refine, and clip the best parts ( with her permission of course) for own own synopsis of the now famous…. “Forbes 2014 Dr. Helen smith Interview”.

      • Duke

        Folks, We always complain (myself included) that mens human rights concerns are being shunned by main stream American media, but in all reality “Forbes” is not some obscure feminist rag folks.

  • Bolo

    I think my biggest criticism of Dr.Helen is that she implies that men are on strike. This line of thinking assumes that men will return to some variation of the status quo once their grievances are dealt with by society and law. Men aren’t on strike, they’ve quit and are never going back to the plantation. I have yet to hear a MGTOW(which is essentially what opting out means to me) proclaim that he’ll return off this supposed strike once the laws are equal for men.

    This is very short sighted thinking in my opinion.

    She mentions incentives a lot during interviews, I would simply say, men aren’t going to be fooled by incentives for participation because those were removed easily long ago. Why are men going to trust the very people that threw them under the bus at the drop of a hat? This is why it is imperative to understand how and why we got to this point in society. Changing laws to provide equality under the law between the genders doesn’t mean anything if we don’t understand what put men and boys into this predicament in the first place.

    Her book is great for pointing out the issues and providing a bread crumb trail to blupill society. I don’t think the tone of “On Strike” is accurate because “On Strike” is temporary.

    This isn’t a temporary effect, once a man takes the redpill, he is forever changed. These men will never accept the current status-quo, regardless if laws change.

    • stansbury

      nuff said

    • Billybobownway

      I agree totally. However, predicting the future is very difficult. Believe it or not, men are still getting married.
      The western world is not on a good path.

      • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

        It is WHO you marry: TV-addicted, victim-ideology indoctrinated, fickle, narcissistic, incurious, weak-charactered, shallow, gossipy/spectator-sportsy, peer-pressure driven people of either sex make bad mate-choices. It is a matter of choice. Choosing with one’s genital nerve-endings as the deciding factor never was and never will be a good idea.

        Decent mature people who can love children are not going to let the State raise their children, hence marriage and MGTOW can co-exist in Red Pill universe.

        • Dasque

          I see where you’re going here, and as a young MGHOW who really wants to have children at some point in the future I really want to see the social structure come around to the point where MGTOW and (social) marriage can coexist. That said, MGTOW and present-day legal marriage are absolutely incompatible. Any woman who is aware of the imbalances in marriage who doesn’t immediately put down the princess fantasy is a woman that should be avoided at all cost.

          • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

            “Any woman who is aware of the imbalances in marriage who doesn’t immediately put down the princess fantasy is a woman that should be avoided at all cost.” — Exactly! Treat her as radioactive waste.

            Marriage requires careful vetting. Thorough investigation. How is her relationship with her parents? Her father especially. Only after thorough investigation, with many interviews, should a young man even CONSIDER courting a woman. It has to be proven she is 100% free of the princess narcissistic disease.

            Not the strong imagery here. If I were taking the no marriage ever position, I would not have the opportunity to express this. Thus, an MGTOW-informed pro-marriage rhetoric can be shockingly powerful if it gets traction. Shockingly!

    • tallwheel

      The thing is, the majority of the men Helen is talking about have never even heard of the red pill. They are just reacting rationally to the current circumstances. If incentives for men to get married were to come back, sure, the red pill men might still not bother with marriage or women, but the regular dudes will probably just go back to the way things were.

      This is probably a moot point though, since incentives for men to marry aren’t likely to return any time soon.

  • Duke

    Dr Helen Smith is an “academic revolutionary”. May her career ( and others like her) be long and prosperous!!

  • comslave

    I read the book. It was okay but I would have liked it filled out with more research.

    MGTOW is one possibly one of the most powerful social forces in the decade and no one even knows it exists. It deserves more research.

  • Redfield

    The 93% of HR services are made up of women is something that gets overlooked a lot in our collective societies … this is one of the most powerful driving factors in bias in the economic advancement of men! Something as simple as getting a job now could be perceived as having an “ingroup bias” attached to selection for that job. Obviously Australia is following what I am presuming is a U.S. phenomenon. I rarely see a male contact number in any job that apply for in my search to lift myself out of under-employment. And you can back this up with statistics. States in Australia are an employer of choice for women with gender rates of employment favouring females 2-1 (64. 7 %) in the State inwhich I reside. Universities (and I have posted these documents previously) have an overall split of 60% employment for women across the board in Australia. Private sector employment has rates of 76% for women in most service sectors in the Australian economy, and considering we are a service economy this is a substantial illustration as to why males fail to launch because there is an employment bias against them, again it is a case of blaming the victim!

    And you guessed it is governed by a HR sector that is primarily female! Something desperately needs to be done here, it is appalling to think these statistics are just accepted as a way of doing business now! If you randomely select the best possible candidate for a job then why are we seeing outcomes like this in the employment stats???

    I challenge any of the readers here to make note of the gender of the person that serves you at the shop, the gender of the people you see as you walk past shops in a shopping Mall or of the voice that answers your phone call in a government instrumentality! Or dealing with an employee of a school your kids attend!Health clinics you may go to, bus drivers, service station attendants …. make a note and then say young men have a failure to launch and I will tell you the can’t because they are unlikely to get meaningful employment.

    I have had to fill out job apps online and state if I am a woman!!!! WTF?

    Now I am not saying a bias exists, but something is seriously out of order in employment in this country, for what ever reason this needs attention ….And if you think I have a current negative experience and therefore an axe grinding exercise, please don’t, this is hard to convey, but I expect bias because of my age, but not my gender .. in short I can in many respects see this from an employers perspective somewhat, but only somewhat! I am older and that has its own perceptions in the employment field! But not my gender!

    Go Dr Helen :)

    • Soothsayer

      Revelations 13:17.

    • Yaka

      It is obvious from the vehicles that they drive. Here in Adelaide, most females drive big luxury SUVs and sports cars but the males in general, drive old cars from 80s. If it is a new one most likely it is a little hatchback!

      • Soothsayer

        I have worked very, very hard for thirty years, for the most part earning very good coin. Yet I’m destitute.

        I’ve lived out of one suit case for the last thirteen years, never had any toys, never smoked, don’t gamble and barely drink (I’m so beige).

        Despite my having been the primary caregiver of our delightful children for most of their life. The new zealand government has illegally and unilaterally taken my family, possessions, career and money from me. Cutting me down, time and time again. Hellbent on my destruction.

        Allegedly for the benefit of our children (sons) who nonetheless live in poverty that breaks my heart.

        We are modern day slaves.

        • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

          And you can be sure, that you were not the primary target. It is your sons that the slave-masters are focusing on. A lifetime of drone-like servility, under the watchful eye of authoritarian social engineers, is planned for them. The boys are valuable property in the eyes of progressive social engineers. They are to be made into “human resources.” That is why they were kidnapped.

          It takes planning and cooperation to topple slave empires. The crime of child kidnapping has always been justly regarded as one of the most serious of all crimes. It is, when conducted en masse as it has been now for decades, a crime no more acceptable than genocide. It must be dealt with accordingly. Defeat by lawful (natural law, not tyrant-law), justified resistance on the part of the targets of the criminals followed by Nurenberg trials. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

  • Soothsayer

    “Feminism made men redundant. Redundant tissue turns malignant” [Germain Greer].

    • John Narayan

      Until Greer needs a hip replacement or one of those funny electric things in her house that needs fixing or replacing. Should send the cow and all her ilk back 200 years to a desert island, see how long she lasts.

      • Soothsayer

        Apparently it has wed (pity him). Unfortunately it’s perverted legacy lives on.

  • Soothsayer

    Noting that two years is now considered to be “a wealth of experience” for the entitled ones (arise wipes). Par for the course in the new world order were fantasy has precedence over reality.

  • http://Yahoo lugger2010

    I’m going to buy this book.
    It should be interesting to:
    1- See if it’s carried in (Big name) Toronto book stores, and
    2-See the look on the face of the woman(s) at the counter when I bring it to the cash register……
    And I’m PRAYING one of them makes a stupid, sexist, negative comment………

  • Sad Dad

    I bought and read the book, all of what she wrote is true, there are some very good stories in it and a help section toward the end. Most of what she wrote about I’ve read similar things online but nevertheless, everyone should read it. It’s a good book.!!