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Male Sexual Abuse

Spetsnaz has done it again. Can’t even think of anything to say about this except: watch it!

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  • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FamilyCourtDads/info Gary Trieste

    This is just so good, as is his previous presentations. So true, and so highly effective at revealing and changing the pathological narrative we have all been spoonfed since childhood.

    This is easily as original type thinking as any basic research science investigation that challenges what we all “know” to be true, but with a little inspection just falls apart at its premise.

    Truth like this, if it can be disseminated, easily changes minds that would otherwise through inertia keep radical feminist views intact and effective.

    • aecgh

      When a man makes sexual advances towards a woman with her consent, it is acceptable.

      However, when a man makes sexual advances towards a woman without her consent, it is not acceptable.

      Moral of the story – Men cannot make sexual advances towards women without their consent.

      When a woman makes sexual advances towards a man by showing her body to arouse and provoke him with his consent, it is acceptable.

      However, when a woman makes sexual advances towards a man by showing her body and arouses and provokes him WITHOUT his consent, it is STILL acceptable.

      Moral of the story – Women can sexually harass men anytime, but men will find themselves in prison if they do the same.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Look at the reaction toward men “sagging” their pants as opposed to women bouncing around in skimpy clothes.

        If men trotted around dressed like this, then yes, ladies – they WOULD be asked “What were you wearing”?


    • Allan

      “Truth like this, if it can be disseminated, easily changes minds that would otherwise through inertia keep radical feminist views intact and effective.”

      Actually, I’ve made presentations saying this stuff to people and this “truth” very often gets you attacked, and labelled a perpetrator of some kind. By mental health professionals. See Paul’s video and the “psychology of hate”. Nothing easy about it at all.

      Rather, this “truth” is pointless and irrelevant in the face of near absolute silence about this from society (present company excepted). I hope this site helps change that in time.

      • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FamilyCourtDads/info Gary Trieste

        Well, I can see the actuality of what you are saying, and can well believe it.
        The question is, how does one change minds, or at least inform minds that have not been completely concluded one way or the other.
        And we should alway be aware of observation: “It is useless to reason a person out of a belief that he was never reasoned into in the first place.” – Jonathan Swift
        I don’t know what audiences you were lecturing to, and what ratio of minds-made-up to still-thinking-about it were, but such a quandary exists in any population where the status quo is belief by mass acceptance of a public policy topic, as opposed to inspection of the actual issue at hand.
        It is turning that huge inertia of belief and it-is-just-so attitudes that can only be accomplished by relentlessly, and repeatedly, informing and reinforming the masses with obvious facts and direct anecdotes we all experience directly.
        Nobody wants to see themselves as a dupe and soldier for some other person’s cause, when that cause is demonstrably false and wrong. And if you manage to get past their automatic blinders that the issue is already settled, then they might actually think about it in some moment of repose.
        Popular beliefs this big have been turned and reversed, even when it seemed impossible at the time. Forced Eugenics, slavery, stomach ulcer theory, inferiority of women to men, ,
        Michael Crichton was a true hero in this regard, publically echewing many sacred cows that are still considered absolutely true.
        I find myself in that camp on a number of issues, now including the oppression and societal double standard dumped upon men, and that is the skepticism I retain on certain issues that in the public view are also settled and just-so. I am something of a pariah, or at least maverick, in my views in my acquaintances, on these topics.
        (e.g., global warming, second hand smoke, existence of god, libertarianism, statins/cholesterol/cardo-vascular disease,)
        I believe I came to those skeptical positions via reason and analysis of the facts and theory that propose a certain view.
        Prior to that, I too usually believed the status quo positions, not being informed otherwise, but it was only through the efforts of promulgation of alternative views that I changed my mind on them, including this topic about erroneous presumptions of what is presumed to be equality between men and women in society.

  • AntZ

    So powerful. It felt like his words were ringing in my head for 32 years, but I never heard them before. My hands are covered in cold sweat. Powerful.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Failing mainstream broadcasters would to well to compete with one another in offering Spetsnatz a generous contract as producer for television. The trend is clear. There is no future in the corrupt, censored, ideology-vandalized current practices of mainstream media.

    Hard-working men (people who do actual labor and take risks that benefit others) are interested in the work of talented and honest broadcasters like Spetsnatz. The writing is on the wall.

  • AntZ

    Forgot to link this image, from the CDC’s intimate partner violence survey of 2010:


    When you hear that video, it is important to keep in mind that we are talking about 1.3 million boys and men each year … 80% of whom are assaulted by women. Do I think all these women need to go to prison for 30 years, like feminists want to do with male perpetrators? No, because I do not lump all kinds of coercion into a common category. There a is a huge difference between a 30 year old woman who coerces a 13 year old boy with adult-authority, compared to one who coerces with firearm-authority. But we should be talking about why such huge numbers of women are behaving this way, and why law enforcement, courts, and institutions that support victims refuse to act or even bear witness to this savagery..

  • Redfield

    What I heard was for men not to define themselves thru gender roles and don’t let women define you as a man. Women define what masculinity is! I am not so sure! I know it is more complex than that! Woman are active players in this, but to think that every man thinks his sole purpose is all about women sounds a little confusing, isn’t that what feminist think? Change a few basic laws and see how that plays out, I don’t see this as completely true.

    If you change some of the unfair legal constraints on men, this would be even less true! Men feel more shackled by laws that deny their humanity and masculinity than a wife …. And yes we have the bat shit crazy femtards to blame!

    You get men back into children’s lives nurturing them, you change just a few laws of this society and you will have men less confused about their purpose in life, you will see boy’s growing into men knowing a respect for their gender that has been confused by women who have by their own nurturing supremacist thinking have to a degree hopelessly fucked up their own son’s inner respect for themselves …

    Everyone, both men and women get identity thru their work, is it true to say that men feel this need more than women? Perhaps, but you get men reintegrated back into the nurturing of their children, this need will diminish.

    The majority of boys are taught that love always comes from mum, because she generally is around the children more, generally, and dad still loves you when he has the time …. If you are a male and reading this and your the one out there all hours earned the bucks, get your partners hand off the craddle and on to the employment adds, then you place your hands firmly on the craddle, AND BE WITH YOUR CHILDREN MORE you will have children more resilient to life more respectful of others and themselves, especially your sons!

    This man was leaving out this step! It is all very well for society finding a new way to respect masculinity, and for grown men looking for respect when they are men, the answer is right in front of him, GET FATHERS INVOLVED when the man is a child, perhaps he has also been seduced partially by the gynocentricity of present societal values to have overlooked the obvious …It was never this way before the industrial revolution for the average Joe and Jane, both were around their kids more!

    And as far as showing masculinity as men lifting or carrying huge weights, masculinity can also be shown equally as a loving and PRESENT father, he would have won me over with that.

    His statements on female rape and abuse of men and boy’s this clip may satiate the truth in this :


  • Redfield

    One thing about Russia at the moment, both of these shitheads were arrested, if it happened in the States or Aus she’d be on a talk show by now ….

  • whiic

    Related to the same topic, Paul Elam posted a video on the same topic (sexual bias in psychology, incl. victim therapy) back in 2009: