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Endocrine Disruptors: Are Our Boys and Men at Risk?

The following article is another example of a problem that impacts boys and men considerably more than women and girls.   The difference is that this problem does not seem to be a result of feminism, gynocentrism, or our white knight legislators.  This is a result of our lifestyle, our corporations, and our biology.

The sad truth is that we are living in a world that is saturated by chemicals that mimic human hormones.  These chemicals have been dubbed “Endocrine Disruptors” since their mimicking confuses and throws off the delicate balance of our human endocrine system.  EDC’s as they are called, (endocrine disrupting chemicals) are all around us. They are in our streams, our lakes, our grocery stores, our carpeting, our lawns, our cars, in the food we eat, in our toothpaste, soaps, plastics and just about everywhere you look. Most of these are derivatives of fossil fuels, often plastics.  They are in fertilizers, pesticides, even the byproducts of pills like birth control pills,  This stuff is everywhere.

But what is the big deal?  Why get hyped up about these small amounts of chemicals?

The informative web site states that “Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) interfere with hormone signaling in a variety of ways depending on the chemical and the hormone system.”  They go on to state that “biomonitering of chemicals in the blood and urine has shown that 100% of the people tested have EDC’s in their bodies.” So this is not about someone else, this is about you and me.

This is not a small dilemma. The same web site states that EDC’s have been implicated in neurological diseases, reproductive disorders, thyroid dysfunction, immune and metabolic disorders and more. But guess what?  These chemicals impact boys and men considerably more than they do girls and women.  Look at the list of problems that are thought to be related to EDC’s and males:  ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, delayed puberty, hypospadias, obesity, early testicular cancer, male dysgenisis syndrome, prostate cancer and more.  Almost all of these problems have been growing each year.  ADHD has been increasing by 3% each year since 1997 and 5% a year since 2003. Many scientists are starting to believe that EDC’s are a part of this problem.

Imagine the havoc you could wreak if you started taking hormones into your body, you could throw off a very delicate balance of a finely tuned system by increasing the amount of one hormone or another.  Imagine we started giving boys and girls additional estrogen on a daily basis.  What do you think would happen?  It would likely confuse their  biological system and throw the normal process into chaos.  Right.  This is a crude description of what is happening in our world today.  Both boys and girls are exposed to substances (EDC’s) that mimic estrogen (most EDC’s mimic estrogen or in some cases block testosterone) and these substances are throwing off the natural balance of the endocrine system. But these are in such small amounts, you wouldn’t think they would be that harmful, right?  Wrong.

The endocrine system is extraordinarily sensitive.  In fact, it is amazing.  It makes decisions based on infinitesimal amounts of hormones that are released in the body. One of the pioneers in understanding Endocrine Disrupters is Theo Colburn, PhD.  Listen to the way she describes things in her book Our Stolen Future “The endocrine system is so fine-tuned that it depends on changes in hormones in concentrations of a tenth of a trillion of a gram to control the womb environment. That’s as inconspicuous as one second in 3,619 centuries.”  This is why it is so critical to worry over even tiny amounts of chemicals around us that mimic hormones.  A tiny amount can cause big problems.

The place those tiny amounts can cause the biggest difficulties is in the womb. It’s a contained environment that is controlled by minute amounts of hormones.  Developmental actions and processes are started and stopped in the womb by these tiny amounts of hormones.  If the mother has EDC’s in her system from the food she eats, the soft plastic raincoat she wears or drinking from plastic bottles this can cause difficulties to the infant in utero.  This is obliviously the most vulnerable time since fetal development is often related to minute changes in hormone levels.  If you have substances in utero that throw off that sensitive balance by mimicking natural hormones you can have permanent damage to the fetus.  

Then shortly after birth the infant may be less vulnerable but is often subject to plastic bottles from which  they drink warm liquid, plastic pacifiers they suck on, or a huge array of other ways to ingest EDC’s.  Have you ever taken a swig of water out of a clear plastic bottle that had gotten warm in the sun?  When you did, did it taste plasticky?  What you were tasting was the endocrine disrupters that had been released from the plastic when heated.  You just got a dose of estrogen.

Theo Colburn calls EDC’s the “stealth” chemicals and for good reason. The government has been testing for cancer producing agents for some time but the tests needed to evaluate a possible endocrine disrupter are much more subtle.  With 12,000 new chemicals entered into our country every day it would be an overwhelming task to keep tabs on them all.  This means that many of the endocrine disrupters are probably going under the radar.    The EPA has been mandated to test for EDC’s for some time but has dragged its feet to such a degree that law suits have been filed to force them to do so.   According to Colburn the corporations are spending mega-bucks to keep this quiet.  They have a huge investment in their products and seem more concerned about their profit than about human suffering.

So how does this stuff manifest?

Scientists were shocked to find that male alligators at a lake in Florida had shriveled testicles and genitals.  The gators also showed high levels of female hormones.  What was going on?  They struggled to figure it out and ultimately came to the conclusion that these poor gators had been victims of EDC’s from the pesticide DDE that had found its way into the lake. These chemicals had created chaos in the male gators and their genitals proved it.   

Male fish are also taking a hit from EDC’s.  Many fish across the country are now swimming in water that has higher levels of EDC’s.  Fish tend to have their sex determined by the levels of hormones in their bodies.  When the hormones are at a certain level that fish will be male, when it is at a different level it will be a female.  So now we have fish swimming in water that is higher and higher with EDC’s that mimic estrogens and guess what happens?  The EDC’s impact the males in a profound manner.  They turn the males into non-descript fish that has genitalia that is a bizarre mix of male and female.   It is  the male fish that have been seen showing the bizarre genitalia, sometimes the male fish will grow eggs instead of testes!  What a mess.

But what about humans?

One of the suspected connections with EDC’s is that of changing the timing of puberty for both boys and girls.  Girls onset of puberty has been steadily getting younger and younger. It used to be that girls would enter puberty around 11-12 years old with boys lagging about a year after them.  But now guess what is happening?  Girls are entering puberty when they are 9 years old on average and even younger in the black community.  At the same time the boys puberty is becoming delayed.  Many experts are thinking the EDC’s mimicking estrogens plays a part in this.

Human males also seem to be taking the hardest hit  from the EDC’s.  American boys today are three times more likely to be born with genital abnormalities then boys 30 years ago. The frequency of smaller then normal penis’s, hypospadias, and undescended testes are all examples of this.

Scientists are also thinking that the drop in testosterone levels of boys and men in the past 30 years may also be due to the EDC’s.  A 35 year old man today has 20% of testosterone of a 35 year old man 30 years ago.  Men just aren’t like they used to be…

Leonard Sax points out that the bone strength of boys seems to be deteriorating.  Boys today are nearly twice as likely to break bones as boys were 30 years ago and many are thinking this is related to lowered bone density due to EDC’s.  It seems at the same time that girls bone density may be going up.  Go figure.  

The only good news is that we do have some power in limiting our exposure to EDC’s.  Eating whole foods that are unprocessed, eating organic foods that have not been exposed to pesticides, wearing clothes are have not been treated with chemicals, and on and on.  We all need to become more informed about this problem, especially when it comes to women who are thinking about getting pregnant. For more information on EDC’s you can find some great information on youtube. Here’s a start but I would urge you to google it and see what you find.


Some beginning resources:

Theo Colburn, PhD. has done a video titled the Endocrine Disruptors, The Male Predicament.   It is a quick introduction to this problem from the scientist who first named the problem back in the 1990’s. <7 minutes

Theo Colburn  –  Endocrine Disruption: Are Males at Risk?    < 48minutes


Theo Colburn reads letter to the white house about EDC’s < 18 minutes

  • Greg Canning

    Fascinating and frightening , Tom, thanks for introducing this topic here, chemicals we all should be better informed about and try to avoid. Still can be difficult when our environment is suffused with enough endocrine disruptor chemicals that like those poor fish and alligators we are virtually swimming in them :-(

    • Tom Golden

      You are welcome Greg. It is a frightening mess added on top of all the other messes that we learn about here on AVFM.

      • Aimee McGee

        Tom and Greg, I’m wondering if the three of us can come up with a follow-up article on the practical steps to reduce exposure. Greg I’m sure as a doc who does skin you are aware some sunscreen is suspect. I’m happy to research the nutritional side.

        • Daniel Freeman

          Hey, this is neither an EDC thing nor even about men, but you might want to look into antiperspirants. They aren’t regulated in the U.S. since they aren’t supposed to be internal, but micro-abrasions from women shaving their armpits can allow them into the bloodstream. Maybe it’s already been addressed and I just never heard about it?

        • Tom Golden

          Great idea Aimee. I am happy to let you and Greg handle this since my expertise is not really on the biological side of things. I would like to do an article on the things men can do to raise their testosterone levels.

          • Aimee McGee

            I will ping you a message if I pick up any research in the testosterone boosting side. Big things for the men I work with is weight loss through healthy diet and exercise seems to reduce the fat stores and the activity of the adipose aromataze enzymes

  • Angelo

    I have a bizarre story about this subject regarding gay friend who insisted I should allow him to suck my todger because he “knew what I wanted.” lol.

    Watched a program around the 90‘s where a study of UK rivers showed the effects on fish in cages in various locations around the country and these effects were ranging from between 20 %to 50% in my memory and the program was explicit in showing the changes to the sexual organs close up. transformed in 2 weeks from male to female. I mentioned my randy friend as having seen this study I asked him if he considered the fact that he might be gay due to similar effects. He had no response.

    This is a real issue.

    • Tom Golden

      You are welcome Angelo. The research on this stuff has been going on since the 90’s so there has been lots of foot dragging. Here’s a link describing the EPA and how it has avoided testing for EDC’s since it was mandated to do so back in 1996. Go figure.

      • Angelo

        Very interesting read, …lower doses fool our biological system more readily than high doses.

        So the remedy is action. I sure hope there is progress for the US as that will inevitably translate as action in the UK also. Progress stumbles on the ‘cost benefit analysis’ issue. Profits before health, tut, tut.

        You sparked my interest to re-discover the UK state of affairs on the issue. I am sure you aware of:
        Same pressure and foot dragging this side of the pond it seems.

        • Tom Golden

          I hadn’t seen that Angelo. Thanks. Heartening to see such a group laying things out.

          Yes, Theo Colburn talks about the EDC’s as being “stealth” chemicals since the low doses can be harmful and we live in a world that thinks of toxic as being high doses of things.

    • Correctrix

      “I mentioned my randy friend as having seen this study I asked him if he considered the fact that he might be gay due to similar effects.”

      The funny thing is that although exclusive attraction to women is in women largely a matter of masculinisation of the brain (as one might expect), exclusive attraction to men is in men only sometimes associated with feminisation.

      • Daniel Freeman

        So butch women are typically as gay as a rainbow with butterfly wings, while girly men could as easily be as straight as a ruler, you don’t even know. Is that a fair restatement?

        • Correctrix

          Well, that’s turning it around. Let’s stick to what has actually been observed: lesbianism correlates with (because it’s probably a consequence of) masculinisation of the brain in utero. This is precisely what we would expect, as gynephilia is a typically male characteristic. Gay men, by contrast, are rather surprising: despite the stereotype of the effeminate gay man and the conflation of gay men with transsexual women, male homosexuals do *not* appear to have had insufficient masculinisation of the brain.

          When the ratio of the lengths of the index finger to the ring finger are compared (this is something set by sex hormones in utero), lesbians can clearly be seen to have been exposed to androgens (e.g. testosterone), whereas there is no clear link between low androgen exposure and male homosexuality. I suspect that if the studies made a distinction between gay men who would define themselves as bottoms, drag queens, effeminate, etc. and those who would define themselves as tops, bears, straight-acting, etc., we would see two separate triggers for homosexuality in males.

          Transsexual women, in contrast to the average straight or gay man, have a finger ratio typical of women in general. As a side note, they also have female numbers of neurones in the BSTc, an area of the brain that seems to control gender identity, and is fixed by sex hormones at a different point: if androgens make this area grow, the person will have a male brain, regardless of their chromosomes, body, sexuality or later hormone exposure; if androgens do not make this area grow, the person will have a female brain, regardless of their chromosomes, body, sexuality or later hormone exposure.

          It obviously sucks if you are born with a mismatch there (you’ll be born transsexual) or if you are forcibly reassigned to a new sex (e.g. David Reimer, whose penis who destroyed by circumcision, and who was reassigned as female, given HRT, and never told he was born a boy. He spontaneously declared himself to be a boy in adolescence, as his male brain could not allow him to live as a girl. He thus assumed he was a transsexual boy, until his parents admitted he was a mutilated cissexual boy. This revelation made him redouble his efforts to retransition to male. He did a good job of doing so, but the trauma of his sad life eventually led to suicide anyway. Under feminist ideology, this has to be swept under the carpet, as they are deniers of biology and True Believers in gender as a social construct.)

          • Daniel Freeman

            That was a more detailed and thoughtful reply than I probably deserved, and I really appreciate it.

            I suspect that if the studies made a distinction between gay men who
            would define themselves as bottoms, drag queens, effeminate, etc. and
            those who would define themselves as tops, bears, straight-acting, etc.,
            we would see two separate triggers for homosexuality in males.

            My intuition is that it is a single factor. There is such a wide range of masculinity in straight men that I would expect the same to be true of gay men, but with a wider range of what they can express and still be attractive to someone.

      • Angelo

        Thank you Correctrix. Poor David Reimer’s case seems to back your assertion. Do you recommend any study links?

  • plasmacutter

    Given essentially the only way to avoid these things right now is to live in a cave and eat bark, maybe I should just start buying testosterone supplements.

    • Alastair

      None of them, except D-aspartic acid. But I’d say it’s not worth taking and there’s only been one noteworthy human trial on that.

    • Tim
    • Tom Golden

      Be careful with T supplements. I have heard that the body actually starts to produce even less if the T is introduced from outside. Better to find ways to naturally increase it. More sex, more sprinting, more lifting, more sex. ;>)

  • eddardmulligan .

    A 35 year old man today has 20% of testosterone of a 35 year old man 30 years ago.

    I’m 35. That is disturbing to hear.

    • Petey

      Start lifting.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I remember reading on Cracked that ”Feminism is literally causing men’s penus (yes, that’s the plural of penis) to shrink” as a correlation between when the 2nd Wave of Feminism began and the shrinking, I remember the comment section being full of proud women who said ”hahaha, soon all men will be beta, just like how all women are born alpha” and the usual B.S. that aside, the M.(H.)R.M. exists to defend and fight for men and boys, it’s not by definition an anti-Feminist movement, which is why an article like this is a refreshing change, I’m not saying that anti-Feminism isn’t a good thing, it is, only we shouldn’t be scaring away the rational women who have actually been tricked into thinking that they’re supporting ”true gender equality”, just like how Feminists often want to fight the biological disadvantages women face (though they never cease to laugh at the ones we face), we should also try to educate men and boys what’s good for us, in modern English-speaking nations there is a stereotype that ”men are pigs who live in their own filth” and men who are hygenienic are seen as ”obsessive” and/or ”homosexual”, the man who cares for his own body shouldn’t be mocked as ”unmanly”, this is something that the M.(H.)R.M. should fight for, cultural justice for men and boys, in Germany there is a national stereotype of cleanliness, not a sexist stereotype that says that men are ”filthy”.

    • Correctrix

      “Feminism is literally causing men’s penus (yes, that’s the plural of penis) to shrink”

      The plural of “penis” is “penes” in Latin and “penises” in English.

  • Alastair

    Interesting article, and no doubt more data is needed on this subject. One question: have you got a source for the testosterone statistic? That figure seems alarming and I’d question its validity.

    I’d suggest that another reason for testosterone levels being lower for men than 30 years ago is the sedentary modern lifestyle. People sit down all day at desks, usually in front of a computer. The blue light from this disrupts sleep, and disrupted sleep significantly reduces testosterone levels.

    My additional suggestions to any men worried about EDCs and low testosterone would be:

    1. Install Flux on your computer and limit time exposed to screens
    2. Lower stress so you can sleep better
    3. Get off your ass – buy a standing desk
    4. Do strength training

    • Tom Golden

      I think that quote came from one of the Theo Colburn lectures but you can also find something very similar in a quote from a lengthy Men’s Health Magazine article on testosterone here:

      Most people refer to the research in 2006 on testosterone levels “A Population-Level Decline in Serum Testosterone Levels in American Men.” That can be found here:

      Lifting weights was one of the recommendations for increasing testosterone but the one that caught my eye was sprinting. Run a couple of sprints every day and your T levels will likely increase. That and eat a diet with fat in it. Apparently the low fat diet is a factor also. I read someplace that cholesterol is a factor in testosterone levels! It’s very interesting stuff and it plays out in a big way in our men.

      • Daniel Freeman

        That and eat a diet with fat in it. Apparently the low fat diet is a factor also. I read someplace that cholesterol is a factor in testosterone levels!

        Yes, just going off of memory, cholesterol is necessary for cell walls to remain fluid, and fats are the basis for many hormones and whatnot. The problem is saturated fats and the cholesterols derived from them, since although all those hydrogen bonds provide a lot of energy, the resulting molecule is stickier.

        This is really not scientific, but as a rough rule of thumb you can look at how solid a fat is at room temperature, like lard vs. olive oil. Then imagine it in your veins. Which one would you expect to possibly impede the flow? It might just be that simple.

        • Tom Golden

          Interesting thought of imaging lard and olive oil at room temp! lol.

          Anyone who is interested in the cholesterol/testosterone connection here is a link to a simplified version:

          • Daniel Freeman

            I think that’s why trans fats turned out to be just as bad as saturated fats. Oh look, they’re technically different! But… umm… they’re still solid at room temp. Whoops.

          • Tim

            Saturated fats are NOT BAD.

            Trans-fats are lab-made garbage.

            You’re comparing chalk and oranges.

        • Yasmine

          Just considering that all types of fat we eat are liquid at body temperature, that isn’t such a good test. You might want to consider instead that your body chooses to store excess energy as saturated or mono-unsaturated fats, not polyunsaturated fats like those found in vegetable oil. Do you reckon your body would deliberately manufacture the more dangerous, or the less dangerous form?
          This isn’t the time or place for a debate, but there’s a lot of good science showing that naturally saturated fats like butter and lard are good for us, and for hormone production too.
          And I know I’m not a man, but when I switched to a high-saturated fat diet half a decade ago is when I first began having orgasms, so certainly for some people it can have an effect on hormone production!

  • DukeLax

    Putting a young boy on these dangerous drugs is why the white middle class have such a high percentage of sexual hermaphrodism.

    Poor boys families simply can’t afford the drugs.

    Sexual hermaphrodism in frogs is a biological response ( almost always in male species first) that is a sign that the species is being poisoned by toxins, and the theory is that American males are under going a similar hermaphroditic process because of all the plastics and especially the drugs they are being fed before these young boys reach puberty.
    Putting young American boys on these drugs before they reach puberty ( before they can consent) should be a crime!!

  • DukeLax

    The drop in testosterone levels of young American boys make them docile and complacent….which is great for corrupt politicians.

    • Chris Wedge

      Reminds me more of ye olde’ tobacco industry.
      Probably more a coincidence of different Lawful Evil interests aligning than some moustache-twirling, clitoris-fiddling conspiracy.

  • Chris Wedge

    I can’t see anything to do about this in the short term that wouldn’t cause far more harm than good.

  • Civilisationftw

    Very urgent topic, great work!

    “They are in fertilizers, pesticides, even the byproducts of pills like birth control pills, This stuff is everywhere.”

    In fact birth control pills are the major contributors to drinking water contamination today.
    Ethinylestradiol is the actor substance in most birth control pills, but it is unfortunately hardly biodegradable.
    So with the female urine it goes into the waste water, passes through the waste water treatment plants nearly undiminished and goes from there into rivers and back into drinking water.
    Scientists are discussing ways to get rid of the substance by adding additional activated charcoal filters in wastewater treatment, but the costs for that would be massive.
    So the issue is just ignored at the moment at the expense of men and boys.
    Look it up, it is a nightmare!
    Very few people know this, because the traditional media doesn’t want to mention it for a variety of reason, one surely being not wanting to criticize females.

    • Tom Golden

      Indeed! Never hold women accountable! lol

    • DukeLax

      synthetic estrogen dissolves testosterone.

      • plasmacutter

        This statement makes zero logical sense. If this were factual women would have no sex drive.

  • Susie Parker

    I’m glad to see information like this allowed on AVFM without the author accused of being an Alex Jones kook.

    • Civilisationftw

      There is too much credible scientific research on the topic to simply dismiss it.

    • Tom Golden

      I actually wondered if this article was a good fit for AVFM. I am glad they thought it was. I believe that AVFM is sincerely interested in the well being of boys and men and articles that may give us more data on that are welcome. And I think Civilisationftw is right, there is quite a bit of research and data on this problem.

      • Susie Parker

        I brought this topic up several years back and indeed was accused of being a kook. I suggested men look into natural alternatives rather than allowing themselves to become ensnared on drugs like Prozac.

  • Dean Esmay

    The lowering of the age of puberty for girls is really quite marked by the way:

    Since we’re mostly about men’s issues here you may wonder why I mention this. Well mostly, because you can’t affect 1/2 of the human race without affecting the other half. And one of the things this source points out is that early puberty tends to cause psychological damage to girls–the radical thought being that basically their emotional development may be stunted.

    Also, multiple longitudinal studies in multiple societies have shown that the absence of the biological father from the home causes girls to go into puberty an average of 1 year earlier than girls whose fathers live at home. The substitution of a stepfather or other male does not impact this. Now there are some problems with longitudinal studies by their very nature, and in a few populations that this appears not to happen in, but it’s been observed so many times by enough different studies that it appears to be “a thing,” and thus yet another way we’re screwing our kids up by throwing their fathers out of their lives.

    • Tom Golden

      Add on to the early puberty of oung girls the delayed puberty of young boys. There is a developing chasm between girls of 9 years old and boys of about the same age. We have always had some of that but now it is getting longer and longer. Very strange.

      • DukeLax

        Tom, the slower maturation for American boys may be psychosomatic instead of biological ( to certain degree).

        40 years ago, a father would tell his son…. listen here young man, yer cutting in to my retirement in Florida fund, so yer gonna have to sink or swim, and would lovingly pack the boys bags for him.

        ” Pushing the young bird out of the nest” so to speak. But now that the fathers voice has been silenced…boys are staying in the nest much longer, which might just be pycho-somatically affecting their maturation.

        • plasmacutter

          This is the real heart of the issue.

          Parenting is a two way street: Mothers instinctually shelter while Fathers teach through “tough love”. In the old days, women weren’t allowed to run rough-shod over a man’s parental rights, which meant there was a balance of these two forces.

          The “feminist” movement has long been coopted by women of the “love and peace” generation seeking to gain hegemony in this realm. They’ve succeeded in every way, and the result of this is the least independent, least ambitious generation in centuries.

          • Adanu

            Sure, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t want to deal with this society in the first place.

            Take your assumptions and go home.

          • plasmacutter

            we don’t want to deal with this society in the first place

            That’s a given, but life is full of things we “don’t like” that we have to live with.

            The primary role of a father is to teach kids that tough lesson, and help them understand when the battles are worth fighting rather than avoiding, what constitutes a real threat and what is laughable.

            The maternal instinct has been guiding psychology for the better part of half a century now, and it’s resulting in these necessary lessons being classified as “abuse” and interfered with at every level possible, resulting in generations of increasing and perpetual dependence.

          • Adanu

            I for one will avoid being majorly included in this society for as long as I can. This society contributes nothing to my wants, so why should I contribute into it?

          • plasmacutter

            You’re using a computer to post to the internet, the current pinnacle of technology, the culmination of the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people over thousands of years of human history.

            Thousands of men worked away their lives learning, striving, creating, and writing proofs for the concepts required to create it. Millions more lived and died with the sole purpose of protecting the necessary knowledge over the generations needed to bring it to fruition. Today, millions more pour their efforts into the production of the machines and infrastructure necessary to even produce the precision parts necessary to assemble it, and I, among many like me, sleep with a phone next to my bed lest I be called up at 3 AM on a holiday and flown to god knows where in order to keep the websites designated as my charges available 99.99% of the time.

            This itself is but one tiny cog in the vast global machine which assures you have more than 2 or 3 locally grown pieces of food on your table at night.

            I’d say you owe a great deal to society.

          • Adanu

            I could live without this computer. I owe nothing to others for making it.

          • DukeLax

            I would say the federal benefits for mothers (only if their are no men in the house)… was also a factor.

    • Daniel Freeman

      And one of the things this source points out is that early puberty tends to cause psychological damage to girls–the radical thought being that basically their emotional development may be stunted.

      That makes sense to me. There are supposed to be two phases of brain maturity: one around middle school, and one somewhere in your twenties or late teens.

      You start out with a ton of neurons growing all over the place, making all kinds of random connections. Eventually you master the social rules of childhood, and the unused neural paths get pruned. Then puberty hits, and you repeat the process in order to master the social rules of adulthood, which is why 12 year-olds can be more mature and reliable than 14 year-olds.

      (There’s a reason why it’s dictated by the need to learn social rules, but that’s a tangent.)

      So, I can easily believe that it would really mess with your head (literally) to start one phase of neural proliferation before tidying up the last one.

  • Bob

    Girl Writes what has even been interviewed by Gnostic media last year I think.

  • Tom Golden

    That was a direct quote from an endocrinologist. I simply pasted it in. For me it’s just too difficult to try and understand the tiny amounts of hormones needed to screw up the soup. The important message is it don’t take much.

    • David M. Green

      Pesticides also build up and become trapped in fat cells. So that the concentration of pesticides within the flesh of a fish living in contaminated water that tests as safe can and do reach unsafe levels. This is just one of the reasons some individuals and groups chose not to consume flesh and become vegetarians.

  • Bewildered

    My empathy for people like Michael Moore,Michael Kimmel,David Futrelle,myriad conscious/conscientious men,mind boggling varieties of harpies, has shot through the roof !
    They are real victims after all.

  • Tom Golden

    They are guessing that EDC’s are also involved in sperm counts. For more info see here:

  • Tom Golden

    At this point they are not really sure what is causing the T levels to drop though one suspect is the EDC’s. There are some interesting resources on the web about naturally raising T levels. Two ways often mentioned are doing sprints and having sex. Here’s an article that I found from googling this, I didn’t read it thoroughly but it looks like it is fairly good info.

    • DukeLax

      Tom, I’ve even read about psychosomatic influences on testosterone levels. Someone did a study and concluded If man works in an office where he walks on eggshells around women all day….It drops his Testosterone significantly.

      • Tom Golden

        I wouldn’t doubt that a bit Duke. T levels are very difficult to gauge. Higher in the morning, higher in the fall, higher when we feel we have “won” and drop when we feel we have “lost.” I am sure they will find out eventually that T levels go up and down due to both biological and psychological factors.

  • Hlaford

    Soya does that too.

  • David M. Green

    Audubon magazine reported in the mid to late nineties that EDC’s can and do flip the sexual orientation of the offspring in the womb. Which is another reason scientists decided to take a serious look at EDC’s after observing male birds attempting to mate with other male birds in the wild. Hence this is indeed very old news.

  • karen straughan

    There was a documentary not long ago on CBC that covered this: The Disappearing Male. Even if you go in thinking they’re exaggerating the problem, it’s pretty disturbing.

  • MGTOW-man

    Since we notice that this affects males adversely more so than females, will fembots call us haters…for noticing the truth and having the guts to be honest about it?

  • EEguy

    i think you’re wrong on the bone density. estrogen is the very cause of women’s bones being more brittle than men’s. if women’s bone density is seen as somewhat rising, that’s probably due to two factors: on one end, it’s because more of them exercise, on the other end: more of them are obese (having to carry a larger weight makes bones to adapt).
    as for guys having more broken bones: i think that the changed lifestyle has to do something with that. specifically the rise of extreme and full contact sports. bmx, skateboarding, etc and the rise of combat sports, especially mma. broken bones are VERY common in these fields and these are the fastest rising sports among boys.

  • merphie

    Avfm joins the large number of sites pushing pseudoscience. How sad.

  • Rich Rivers

    Not to even mention DES which when given to women during their last trimester was the equivalent of 100 birth control pills per day. DES was a synthetic estrogen.