Man Up: a poetic response…

A manly masculine man stands up and give a list of ten poetic responses to the derogatory dehumanizing silencing heartless phrase, “Man Up!”

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He's a halfway serious introvert, plodding through life watching people and taking notes. Call him anti-social, he won't deny it, because society keeps giving him reasons to turn his back on it. Opinionator.

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  • JinnBottle

    Talented entertainer. For the rest…He said nothing of which the most ardent feminist at that coffeehouse’s local college wouldn’t approve. “I want to talk with muh SON about something besides sports”…Great. One problem. You have a son at all, you’ll be told to consider yourself lucky if and when you get to talk to him at all.

    And oh yes, we must acknowledge what a fine job feminists did guiding wymin to their sense of individuality, uniqueness, & c. Well, welcome to the world of My Ego, ladies. You’re going to find out, as soon as you’re out of your 20s and everyone stops privileging and insulating you: The world cares even less about your ego than it would have if you were a stay-at-home wife and mother.

    “I wanna have an emotionally meaningful relationship with my brothers!”

    Who exactly is he addressing? Not wymyn, I hope, because the latest thing among them in his age group is getting guys like him to get up into his “brothers” faces about rape, and wymyn, and rape jokes, and telling them where they can put their eyes, and…well, for more details see the post alongside this one about Goshen College.

    Good delivery of…plausibly deniable rhetoric.

    • Louie Cipher

      Not sure if I’m reading that right. Every argument has to be about ALL things? He should have dismantled the feminists with this poem? He’s talking about being told “man up”.

    • JinnBottle

      I also agree with much of what he’s saying. Again, he’s talented, seems to be up to big things, and is getting recognition for it.

      He also seems to be on the bandwagon that’s going to “transform masculinity”. Implying, as intended, that masculinity is a learned thing (that feminists can mould to their insatiable appetite for control’s desire). Also, he mentions, what, “Women and transpeople”, I believe, being assaulted in unacceptable numbers. His website also has some work claimed to be empowering Gays (whose nature is innate and unalterable. You see. Unlike scare quotes, masculinity and scarier quotes, men.)

      …So if his poem/song is a response to someone, who is it? Can’t be G, L, B, or T….Certainly can’t be women….

      That only leaves Guess Who.

      As for the phrase “Man Up”, I never heard it until about 3-4 years ago. Being a cross between pathetic, condescending, and contemptible, I would guess it was concocted by younger neocons, in some think tank for the soft-palmed only. I don’t think I could keep from laughing at anybody who actually used the phrase at me. (Does anybody actually verbalize that? in real life?)

  • Victor Zen

    “Ten: No”


  • Lion Kimbro

    I initially agreed with the contents of his speech here, and in most of this I *do* agree, …

    But there were also a few red flags in here for me. For example, I *do* have emotionally meaningful relationships with “my brothers.” But I have heard this messaging from somewhere before…

    So, I thought I’d do some research. Who’s Guante?

    Here’s what I found:

    I retain hope that one day he will broaden his perspective, and see some possibility for that, but at least in 2013-06, he is clearly not someone who is looking at both sides of the gender knot.

    • Mateusz82

      Yeah, he is still mired in feminist ideology. He can see the harm caused by feminism, but can’t accept that it is actually caused by feminism. The hardships that men face must be because of patriarchy, and feminists just are trying their damnedest to help… but the misguided MRAs won’t let them. We heard it before, and it’s seeming to be a new trend, a way to not be blind to male suffering, but not accept feminist responsibility for it (and still play to the “Men bad. Women good” ideology).

  • Paul Elam

    Great example of cognitive dissonance resulting in ideological confusion. He is not even aware of how much of the “man up” message comes from the very people he is trying to appeal to,