Got dick? Wave it in their faces

I wanted to do an issue of MenZ once, dedicated entirely to the demonization of male sexuality. Only I couldn’t come up with enough quality content on the subject to fill a pamphlet, let alone magazine. And I have to admit, that surprised me a lot given the far reaching effects of this phenomenon. Maybe I’m making connections that don’t exist. Perhaps I’m the sane one, and the rest of the world is crazy. Or the fallacy of FalseCompromise is actually true, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

I’m a ‘big picture’ guy, and don’t deal well with minutia, so I refuse (generally) to research much by way of links. Take this as a “Here’s something to ponder,” if my presentation doesn’t mesh exactly with your experience (ie, don’t fuckin nitpick if you can help it).

It’s no secret that male sexuality does not enjoy a good reputation these days. In fact, the mere accusation of actually HAVING a sexuality is enough to force congressmen to resign – even toppling international figures, and the average man faces accusations of being ‘creepy’ or only caring about ‘one thing’ if the subject is ever broached. We have made an about-face from Victorian times – sort of. Men still face all the obligations they were saddled with in the 19th century, along with all the social restrictions women faced in the 19th century. Of course, the corrillary is that women enjoy the benefits of both former roles, and none of the obligations.

I should point out that this is one area in which I will use the general term ‘women,’ precisely because I mean women. This fits all of them closely enough to render exceptions truly…er…exceptional. Women have gleefully engaged in these practices, recognizing the social power it gives them, with or without regard to the males around them they supposedly care about.

Furthermore, I will pre-emptively state that any woman who declares themselves guilt-free in this instance to be an out and out liar. This is not a judgment of character (per se) so much as an indication of how pervasive and acceptable the denigration of male sexuality is.

Now, you may be asking just what I mean when I say “demonization of male sexuality.” Truthfully, the practice is so widespread it sort of defies easy definition. I would posit “Humiliation and ostracization due to natural biological desires, based solely on the sex of the person so regarded”…but that’s pretty wordy and not a very catchy idea. Let’s let that one stew for a bit.

How does this demonization manifest in our lives, as men? That’s perhaps the next place we should look for a definition. Maybe we can name the beast by describing its nature.

The obvious first place to look is male genital mutilation. Nothing says “I’m afraid of horny men” quite like lopping off most of their erogenous zones and turning them into face cream for rich old white chicks. There are few areas of social concern which so blatantly flaunt sexist double standards upheld by fear of male sexuality quite so clearly as in this instance.

Nearly all fine-touch receptors are removed (the foreskin itself), along with most or all of the frenulum (similar in function to the female clitoris), and the only remaining sensitive area is left to keratinize over time. This barbaric practice was pushed by Dr. Kellogg as a means of stifling the urge to masturbate, and specifically to curb the sexual desires of men. He was not the first, nor the last medical “professional” to recommend mutilation of babies in order to curb sexual desire.

This attitude carries through to today, with mothers convincing themselves it’s a simple “useless flap of skin,” as Barbara Kay put it in the National Post. Many women claim they like the looks of a ‘cut’ penis better, and incredibly enough, think that justifies the mutilation of their sons.  It shows just how common this form of hatred for male sexuality is.

Male sexuality is also a huge part of Sexual Harassment Law. Without the innate distrust, or even hatred of men that are successful with women, and jealousy of women not chosen, Sexual Harassment as a concept would not exist.

This “crime” was constructed out of whole cloth, to punish those men daring enough to believe themselves worthy of asking a woman out.  Never mind the boss chasing the Secretary around the desk stereotypes. Those women flirting with the boss typically were working there to find a husband. No, Sexual Harassment Law even flat out admits what it’s really about….

Sexual Harrassment is : Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment.

Keyword: Unwelcome

If she wants you to, well then it’s OK. And no, there’s no way to find out beforehand if you’re going to lose your job, or get a girlfriend. Why would you lose your job? Because you are inflicting your unwelcome male sexuality on a woman who doesn’t like you.

Rules only apply to the ugly or socially awkward.

In fact, this maxim applies in general society as well. Women routinely wield such epithets as “creep” and “loser,” for men guilty of being undesirable to that particular woman.

And don’t think for a minute that she is unaware of how much it hurts you. You simply deserve the pain for having the audacity to pursue her when she wanted the other guy. For wanting her, he is a nice catch. For wanting her and showing it in the same exact way, you are a physical threat and a legal liability.

As for rape? Well, men are such pigs that they should be denied the presumption of innocence. Because we all know they’re all rapists underneath (at least, according to Amanda Marcotte).

Think this doesn’t affect you? The disappearance of manufacturing jobs can be traced directly to policies to make the workplace more woman-friendly. Sexual harassment law has contributed greatly to the decline of the North American economy. And this law is nothing more than petty jealousy of those not selected by the “right” men, enforced by Law.

Even once in a relationship, male sexuality must be tightly controlled, apparently, lest we get a swelled head. Men must EARN the right to have sex. To think otherwise would be to place male and female sexuality on the same plane. And everyone knows men are icky.

This pay to play mentality is also the main impetus behind the injustice in Family Court. If a child results from sex, even if the man didn’t want a child and was denied the right to choose, he must still pay to play. Essentially, the family court system has decided that all women are whores, and when they get pregnant, a man must be made to pay. Sure they couch this in ‘best interests of the children’, but that phrase is no more true in this instance than it was when the NAZIs used it.

Really, they just figure the man owes her for the sex. A lot.

And we all know, via Lorena Bobbitt (apparently someone some women want to emulate), what women REALLY think of male sexuality. Who could have watched all the women gleefully joking about the mutilation of a man in his sleep, that still thinks women have compassion for men, let alone any kind of regard resembling “love?”

As for the Legal issues men face regarding sex, like Reproductive rights, women take the traditional pay to play (or “women are all whores, really”) approach on a massive scale. Men being able to walk away with no consequences for sex? Horrendous! Never mind the consequences were 100% her choice…he must be pilloried, else other cads take liberties with the women.

And fathers wanting better Parental rights? They’re just mad they can’t rape the mother anymore.

Hatred of male sexuality runs throughout Feminism, and progressive ideologies like the Mekong River during rainy season. This is hardly a subject that needs further exploration, save to say Feminism is currently the fount from which all the hatred emerges.

Men are afraid to help small children for fear of being called a pedophile now, thanks to feminist “awareness” on the issue that paints all pedophiles as men (when women are in fact the majority). Fear and distrust of male sexuality made this an easy sell. Men are forced out of all sorts of career paths, face diminished opportunity in many others, and face an increasingly bleak outlook, because it’s “common knowledge” men are perverts and abusers. Just look at all the non-profit group’s posters on the wall saying so.

But the biggest haters, the ones with the most visceral contempt for men who admit they like to fuck, are the White Knights. Hatred of male sexuality is the core of the White Knight mentality, usually because they view themselves above those base men that women seem to like so much. This is why White Knights and Feminists have such a cozy relationship.

They both aim to reduce the sexual competition by demonizing male sexuality.

One method employed, usually by the “sensitive new age guy” (SNAG) types, is through “concern.” They are “concerned” for the safety of women and children, especially those in relationships with “unenlightened” men, afraid they might be abused….and usually sexually.

Another method is the “cad haters,” that justify their jealousy of sexually successful men by essentially calling them rapists. Utilizing the “rape culture” meme installed by feminists, these White Knights paint any man with a potential hard-on as a rapist, hoping to scare the women of his desire into his “safe, moral arms.”

Pardon the repeated use of scare quotes. The level of bullshit in the language of all these actors demands it.

Anyhow, white knights use chivalry as their guide, and let their sense of moral superiority justify their hatred, and continued abuse, of their fellow man, for the good of society. For them it’s not so much that an umarried man isn’t producing for a woman (although that offends as well), it’s that too many unmarried (and thus sexually aggressive) men result in a much higher probability his S/O will stray. Or, it will be that much harder to attract one in the first place.

Male sexuality is blamed for every social malady, in some way or form. That is one of the many things MRAs are fighting to correct. Building public distrust and fear, even disgust, at male sexuality, has both been a key strategy, and enabling device for further attack, since perceptions can only worsen with each myth.

This is the fulcrum issue, this is the means by which you, and I, and every other man is controlled, by social pressure in our day to day interactions. The key to our struggles lies in this area somewhere, I’m convinced of it. We may not be able to define it, but we can fight it. Furthermore, I’m of the mind that all men, whether they can agree with MRA goals or not, would benefit society and themselves greatly of they do but one simple thing.

Refuse to apologize for being male, and liking sex.

  • anon-onan

    Very well put. I’m a man, not a criminal, and I refuse to apologize for what I am.

  • Jonathan Mann

    No apologies here. And fuck anyone who gives them.

  • Bombay

    Very good article – great tone. Got Dick? LOL – love it.

  • Merlin

    Great article Dan!

    You are spot on with your observations…i think the best way to tackle them is to play them at their own game. Use the sexism and discrimination cards. Infiltrate their sacred women only areas and cry sexism for being excluded and discrimination.

    See how they like the taste of those onions!

    • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

      Im thinking I should enter the local beauty pageant, I think its wrong that I can’t enter because I am a man. Even though im ugl, if I lose it will be because they are sexist and are intimidated by my manhood and independent liberated power, at which point I will have to sue them for sexual discrimination and pretend that the reason I lost was because im an ugly man in a womans contest just simply wasn’t the reason at all.

      • Merlin

        I think you’re getting the idea…lol

        Appreciate the post!

  • Ben

    “Men are afraid to help small children for fear of being called a pedophile now”

    I went to a wedding two weeks ago and noticed this. We were all at the pool afterwards and numerous times I witnessed little girls in swim suits approach men and try to hug them. I hug each and every one of them and thought nothing of it.

    However, I noticed that none of the other men were hugging them back except for me. In fact, one man said to a little 4 year old girl, “I don’t do hugs”. A few minutes later everyone went inside except for me.

    I was standing by the pool and though I was alone until a little Indian girl, about 12 years old, came up and wanted to play with me. We were throwing toys into the pool and trying to hit an innertube in the middle. After just a few seconds I said to myself, “Hey wait! What am I doing?” and realized how it would look if someone walked up and caught us.

    I tried to walk inside to avoid the situation, but she was trying to follow me. I was trying to find a way to get away from her, but without her following me into the living room, where it would have been just the two of us coming in. It would have looked terrible. I thought fast and walked around the side of the house, through the area that they had the dogs chained up, which she was scared of, in order to ensure that no one found out that I was at the pool alone with this girl.

    When I made it to the living room, my new brother in law was being shamed by one of the women at the wedding and warned that if he ever hurt my sister, he would be hunted down. He was just nodding and smiling and saying “oh, don’t worry”. I didn’t want to be there for that, either.

    It was truly a miserable experience. Men are shamed at their weddings now, by women, and warned about hurting the bride? Can men not even get married now without being hen-pecked by all the women and warned to “respect” women?

    • Merlin

      Thats how fucked up the world is Ben… Soon you will be accused of looking at someone inappropriately

      • Ben

        You know, my first reaction when I realized that I was alone with this little girl was fear. How screwed up is that? How did we let this happen to us?

        • Merlin

          That’s the parasitic virus called feminism buddy… Ultimately, chivalry was our weakness and downfall and they knew it, and that’s what they played on, while we were too busy trying to keep them happy.

          As I mentioned, play them at their own game and obliterate their argument…

          • Bombay

            I played once. At a Middle School Christmas show one of the girls told a male bashing joke on stage. I complained to the School principle indicating that the school had a hostile environment. I had to submit the complaint in writing and sign it. A permanent reprimand went into employment file of the teacher’ who allowed that joke to be told. If there is another incident, she will be fired.

          • Merlin

            Now that what I’m talking about Bombay…

            Well done that man…

        • Merlin

          Don’t ever be brow brow beaten Ben…just turn it back on the women, and suggest that maybe it’s them with the impure thoughts. You will find it shuts them up. It’s all psychology that they use, so just turn it right back at them buddy. 😉

          • Josh

            This is fucked up man…I had a similar situation when I was about 12 or 13…I’m not sure exactly.

            Before this story keep in mind that I had not yet learned about sex so I didn’t understand what happened until I was older.

            I was visiting my uncle and cousins (both girls, about half 6 and 9 or something like that). I was playing the computer and they wanted to watch and asked to sit on my lap. I had one on each leg while I was playing on the computer and my uncle ended up “catching” us and told them to get off and got onto me saying it was inappropriate. I had ZERO clue as to why it was bad. I thought we were just hanging out as family!

            There have been COUNTLESS other situations in my life since then that I have been AFRAID if I notice I might be alone with any children or even young teenagers.

          • Mr. J

            EXACTLY…….PLUS a million!!!

      • Rog

        there is a 3 second rule that my buddy has to deal with on his union site where if you look longer than 3 seconds anywhere but a womans eyes you can and will be fired from the site so a few of the guys count out loud while staring directly at a womens whatever they happen to like as long as there`s witnesses

        • Ben

          That is insane!!! We have got to stand up to these femi-fascist ideologues. The only problem is that they have billions of dollars in annual funding. One of my favorite talk show hosts says, “Never pick a fight that you don’t think you can win.” That’s the thing. We have to increase our numbers before we can win this fight.

    • white demon

      And if SHE hurts him……then what?

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      “my new brother in law was being shamed by one of the women at the wedding and warned that if he ever hurt my sister, he would be hunted down.”

      FUCK bitches like that! No disrespect or dispersions cast on your clan Ben…but fuck women that do that!

      • Ben

        Right fucking on, Atlas! That bitch kept going on and on about it too, the more she drank. The whole wedding turned out to be a pin-the-shame-on-the-donkey sideshow exhibit. The women were telling sexist anti-male jokes over and over, asking if he had been “trained” yet. I just kept smiling but I was mentally reversing the entire setting in my mind, imagining the outcome if it were my sister at the ass-end of all the jokes on her wedding. It wouldn’t have been so funny, then.

        • http://none Atlas Reloaded

          LOL and I’ll bet if you expressed any dismay towards their disparaging remarks their responses would range from

          “OMG you men are SO sensitive”

          “He can’t take it!”

          “Awww…did we hurt the poor man’s ego?”

          “Whoa get a grip!”..”stop being a whiner…”

          AAAAND…”Man up!”

          I’m at the point now where if any women in MY family pull that shit, I may literally spit on them. Might. Definately tell them to “Kindly go fuck yourself.”

          • Stu

            A number of years back, I blew up at a family get together and yelled and screamed at the women, including my mother and sister. In with all the other things I said….I yelled….YOU’RE ALL A PACK OF STINKING FEMINISTS lol

          • Ben

            ROTFLMAO!!! I am picturing, in my mind, how that would have turned out if I would have done that.

        • Mr. J

          key phrase: “the more she drank”

      • keith

        That’s exactly the shit that sets the stage for divorce, and men getting fucked. He starts out the marriage being accused and warned, she starts the marriage as a victim. Might as well call it a day, the process has already started.

        • Ben


      • Jim

        What did you do? This was his wedding, and some stuopid animal goes and makes a comment like that? Please tell me you shut her up.

      • Daniel Kulkarni

        Or, rather, don’t “fuck bitches like that”. Let them get no sexual attention from men whatsoever. They deserve to be miserable.

    • rebtus

      @ Ben,
      You were smart to get away. Another issue, if your wife has a small dog and you are at an outdoor mall and she goes inside(no dogs allowed) and you are left out shepherding the dog. Soon people look at you suspiciously and security guard comes over and ask discreet question. Having pets is looked as having a bait.

      • Ben

        Oh, absolutely. You also cannot park near a school, a movie theater, or a playground, and wait for someone. I used to love to go to a water park. I have always liked water slides and the wave pool, even now in my 30s. But I began getting treated so badly at those places for being an adult male, by myself, that I quit going altogether. On the way back from the wedding, I passed a huge water park with some really big slides but decided not to stop because of that very reason.

        • !!SPARTA!!

          I tend to not give a shit what other people think…
          Unfortunately, that may come back to haunt me one day…

    • Jim

      Frankly I don’t have much respect for a family that treats its guests like that, or for one who treats a new member, this man who was marrying in, like that.

      And little girls need to be turned away. Too bad if they need a hug – they don’t; they ned to learn to man up anyway. They are not worth the risk.

      • Ben

        It was my sister’s friends, not her family, doing him like that. I was there just before the ceremony started when this bitch walked up to my dad and asked if it would be ok if SHE gave my sister away. He said ok. Yeah, you got it; SHE gave my sister away at the wedding.

        If it would have been the family of the bride acting like that toward the new groom, it probably would have gotten very nasty, really quick, especially considering the wedding took place at the groom’s house. It was still screwed up, though.

        But, yeah. No more hugs. There is too much on the line. The feminists want to declare an open war on men? Fine, the next time a small child hugs me, I will go find the parents and tell them that their child assaulted me and I will make a HUGE issue out of it and will never shut up about it. No more weddings either. Period.

        • Ben

          Actually I take that back. I need to give that some more thought. I am not sure what I think about that.

        • Adam

          Was your sister or her husband okay with that exchange?
          Holy shit, weddings are all about tradition if nothing else.

          Anyone who butted in to usurp the father’s privilege of ‘giving’ his daughter to another family with the background years of providing for and bringing up their daughter has major entitlement problems.

          • Ben

            Yeah, everybody thought everything was fine. There was no conflict at all. I smiled and pretended to be enjoying everything. The groom accepted his warnings with open arms, assuring everyone that he would take care of my sister. The only adversity that occured was directed at me. I have no idea why because I was polite to everyone. But for some reason everyone turned on my and nothing that I could say was right. I figured out later that my sister had told everyone, before I got there, that I was an MRA. The only reason that she would have known that is because my YouTube channel that had my music on it, had some links to several MRA channels. Also, she heard from somebody else. She had apparently told everybody that I brought up contraversial topics in the wrong company and pissed people off, which isn’t true. But it caused me to have two strikes against me before I even got there. We were talking about living forever. I said, well, “first we have to define forever, and that requires a discussion of philosophy”. As soon as I said that I guy, about 6′ 6″ and 315 pounds said, “ok, buddy, you can shut the fuck up right now. I have a can of shut the fuck up right here in my hand.” The waved his fist. Then said, “You don’t talk philosophy, religion, or politics at get-togethers where there is drinking”.

            See, being affiliated with this movement will cause people to start shit with you, even if it is only on the basis that they “heard” that you “hate women”.

          • xtrnl

            Wow, Ben. After the way you were treated, I don’t blame at all for not wanting to attend weddings anymore. As for the six foot, 315 pound guy, what a fucking moron! I hate it when rude people try to be conversation dictators. I wonder what country this wedding took place in? If it was in the western world, surely freedom of speech would apply?

  • mongo

    I’m going to go right out on a limb here, and say that the demonization of male sexuality hitched a ride on the anti-homo laws of the Victorian era. As men, many of us feel a repulsion for the sexuality of other men – a repulsion that we don’t seem to realize is separate from not desiring other men sexually. As such, it’s not only unnecessary, but plays right into the hands of those who use this repulsion against us.

    • http://mens-rights.blogspot.com/ Snark

      “As men, many of us feel a repulsion for the sexuality of other men – a repulsion that we don’t seem to realize is separate from not desiring other men sexually.”

      How does this manifest exactly?

      • mongo

        How does this manifest exactly?

        A simple example: a guy walks into a room and interrupts someone masturbating. If that someone is female, chances are he’ll find it humorous. If male, much more likely he’ll find it mildly disgusting. I don’t know where this comes from, but a lifetime of conditioning must play a part (ie similar such incidents depicted in the media, with that same response scripted in). Contrast this to how a farmer views the sexuality of his bulls or rams, or how a biologist deals with male sexuality across all species. Not a trace of disgust.

        • Merlin

          Hey Mongo

          As a red blooded male walking in on a female bashing one out, I certainly wouldn’t describe that as humorous personally…lol I’d call that pretty darn HOT!

          • http://mens-rights.blogspot.com/ Snark

            Depends on the female, I might well find that pretty gross actually.

            If I walked in on a guy rubbing one out, I would quickly leave while uttering “JESUS, SORRY DUDE”

          • !!SPARTA!!

            “Dude, let me know how it goes, I have this bad ass lube in my room”

          • Poester99

            Lots of fun to be had misconstruing this phrase..

        • Benjamin


          You wrote, “a lifetime of conditioning must play a part”.

          No, mongo, conditioning has nothing to do with it. A man simply finds that mildly disgusting. He can only overcome his natural disgust through conditioning himself, intentionally, to be comfortable in that situation.

          You had it backwards.

          Your analogy about a farmer and his bulls is completely off, too. No offense intended.
          If you wanted to make that comparison, you’d have to use the example of a man who walks in and interrupts his roommate banging the roommate’s hot, young girlfriend. We’d all be a little embarrassed at that, perhaps… but not disgusted. Instead, we might cheer him on, watch for 3 or 4 seconds to get a glimpse of her ta-ta’s while we were there anyway, and then get the heck out of there.

          Likewise a farmer with his bulls. Plus, the farmer gets money for every calf that’s born… so he wants his bulls to be horny. That is, excluding the fact that he slaughters most of his bulls before ever allowing them to mate. Is that really the comparison you want to make to men’s sexuality?

        • MC

          I think that has nothing to do with conditioning. It’s just mildly disgusting, biologically. If the man was fucking a hot girl, you’d watch to see the hot girl, but just like in porn, if the man’s ass was the main view, or the man’s face, there’s a natural repulsion. I mean who doesn’t hate when they close in on the man’s face when you’re trying to masturbate to the girl? When there’s no girl there, it’s kind of disgusting.

          And if a sexually attractive girl were masturbating, I would giggle a little, but mostly, I’d feel the strong urge to join her ; ]

          • Bobby

            I think men don’t like it while watching porn is because whenever someone is watching porn, there is always a piece of themselves that is imagining that they are the one’s fucking the woman. When they see the other guy as the focus, they can’t imagine that they are the one fucking her.

    • Promoman

      The thing about Victorian Era anti-homosexual laws were that they were selectively enforced. One needs to look no further than Oscar Wilde as an example. History rightly points out the not uncommon numbers of “down low” men of the time that were popping poopers secretly. However, it conveniently understates the amount of women who ate more pussy than an unsuspecting patron at a Chinese restaurant.

      • Benjamin


        Sure, anti-sodomy laws have always been selectively enforced. Even the Bible laws (full disclosure, religious extremist) require that two or three reliable witnesses have seen the offense, and swear to it, to a group of the respected older men of the town, before the offenders can be executed.

        Men who practice sodomy, and who do in fact keep it on the down-low, have basically never been the objects of official punishment.

        The other thing you mentioned, regarding women pleasuring each other, has never been a big issue to almost anyone. And, it is un-related to the previous points.

        What I mean to say is that the number of women doing that is not so-much “understated”, as it is un-stated since there is nothing to talk about. So what, if they do that?

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    This is a good topic, the demonization of male sexuality is something that both feminists and so-cons have in common.

    On circumcision, Barbara Kay compared it to a nose job and was very clear…

    “It’s about sex: Circumcised men have greater pre-orgasmic endurance; non-circumcision permits more frequent ejaculations. What matters most to the anti-circumcision activists is their diminished pleasure with frequently changing sexual partners, as befits an era where the number of conquests is a more common metric of romantic success than long-term relationships.”

    When the prostitution laws were struck down in Canada, even so-con Barbara Kay criticized men and proposed saving the womynz.

    “The danger to prostitutes will continue, because the kind of men who frequent prostitutes and the kind of men who control them don’t have a lot of respect for them on the whole.”

    “These women don’t need the “harm reduction” of legal enablement. They need rescue. Their plight would only worsen with legalization, because it would discourage efforts to save them.”

    Then Barbara Kay’s Christian conservative friend Andrea Mrozek from the Intitute of Marriage and Family Canada proposed criminalizing men similar to Sweden


    Same thing was proposed by left feminist UBC law professor Janine Benedet, representing the Women’s Coalition for the Abolition of Prostiturion.


    • keith

      On circumcision: I think men should get together and file a class action law suit against hospitals, cosmetic companies and bio-engineering firms. It’s physical mutilation when it’s done without choice. Infants can’t exercise choice. And it might be interesting if Paul were to run a poll on the frontpage asking circumcised men if they would be interested in a lawsuit.


      The resale value of neonate: from one boy’s foreskin can be bio-engineered skin in a lab to the size of a football field. That’s 4 acres of new skin or around 200,000 units of manufactured skin, which is enough skin to cover about 250 people and sells at $3,000 a square foot.

      That’s a lot of fucking money and a very big lawsuit.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    “Men are afraid to help small children for fear of being called a pedophile now, thanks to feminist “awareness” on the issue that paints all pedophiles as men (when women are in fact the majority)”

    Not to nit-pick but I appreciate the sharing of research, do you have a source?

    • Promoman

      People do tend to act that way. I had the father of a friend who once told me indirectly that he thought I was up to no good because I helped out his sister who fell off a bike. We’re still cool but I make a policy to not even be around his father, let alone talk to him, and this was about 14 years ago.

      • Mr. J

        What a total A-HOLE!!!!!!!!

        Thats the kind of f-er that you hope gets into a terrible wreck and get themseves hurt badly or crippled…Who gets the laugh, then.

      • Ben

        Promoman, the feminsts are responsible for that, too. Feminists have made men hate and distrust other men with their invented statistics. They have not only ruined intimacy between men and women, they have ruined the comaraderie among men. Now, even men hate men.

    • Bev

      I do not know of any research that has been done I suspect it is a taboo subject for researchers as feminists would probably say that such research was somehow supporting or encouraging pedaphilia.

      However the following is indicitive of the sensitivity surounding mens interactions with children.

      Men’s sheds is an organization which supports 500 workshops scattered around Australia. These workshops allow men to build things of their own choosing and in addition support community projects like repairing the local school’s bikes etc.
      Only men and boys can join (as they say 6 to 96) women are not allowed. In addition they provide a support service for men who have problems be what they may be and are proactive in encouraging men to look after their own health and well being.


      More information can be found here: WHAT IS A MEN’S SHED?

      You may ask “what has this to do with this article”
      The answer can be found here under risk managment which lays down
      rules for equipment, first aid, safety etc

      Under the heading WORKING_WITH_CHILDREN you will find the following statement:
      However, the AMSA position is; that a cautious and conservative approach is taken, to comply with legislation and to assure the health and safety of the children / and Shed members. Note Shed members as they are well aware that false claims can be made.


      Up to now this organization has been self supporting either by the members or by donation. It received no Government money. This year the Government decided to give $3.5 million over 4 years to Mens Sheds while at the same throws hundreds of millions of dollars at womens groups every year.
      I presume no such organization exists in the US

    • Stu


  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    LOL-Wow! All the guys who posted before me here basically just agreed with the crux of this article which is “don’t apologize for being male!” like anon-anon stated.

    And we get downvotes for that! My extremeness just went up a few MORE notches.


    Anyway great article Mr Moore.

    • Poester99

      This forum is being watched, be prepared for trouble if we step on too many elite toes.

      • http://avoiceformen.com Manuel Dexter

        Hi Poester99 – “This forum is being watched”

        I, for one would be sorely dissapointed if that were not the case. As for stepping on toes, that will very shortly be too mild a metaphor.


        • Merlin

          I echo Manuel’s thoughts…

          Who are the so-called elite anyway? I always knew people to be born equal. A wallet doesn’t make the person, it’s what they have to say that makes the person.

          Let them watch and wonder!

          • scatmaster

            Bring it on bitches and manginas

  • Hugh G. Rection
  • http://none Atlas Reloaded


    I have been away, could not get to a computer. I was visiting my Step-Dad for… Father’s Day. I catch up, read about Thomas Ball. Then I re-read this article and it is clear to me that the red-thumbers really are casting downvotes for men not apologizing for being men. And of course seeing the truth in everything else Dan said in this article.

    You know what? I am just as of now eye to eye with something Barbarossa said that I initially did not agree with: If I saw a woman being raped on the street, I’d do NOTHING either. And not JUST because I want to do away with chivarly and all that, or because I am pissed at feminists. No I’d walk away and do nothing for my OWN protection. Good chance that I may get rape…er…roped into it.

    • Nergal

      I think we’re getting downvoted because of a combination of the recent rape article stirring up feminists,slutwalkers,manginas, that whole crowd, and because the statements being downvoted come a little too close to the truth for these people to feel comfortable with,or in the case of the manginas, for people to believe about their precious pedestalized females and their magical golden vaginas.

      In any case, you can’t stop the truth. The truth will out.

      When it finally does, when what these people are is openly spoken about,I believe it will ignite a new renaissance of understanding and new attention to human rights issues not seen since the 16th century.

      That won’t be good for fraudsters or liars. That’s why you’re getting thumbs-downed. The liars are afraid the gravy train is pulling into the station for the last time.

      • http://none Atlas Reloaded

        Anyone who down-thumbs what you’ve just said is exactly what you’ve JUST SAID..a fraudster and a liar. And not even a talented one.

      • Promoman

        Truth is perceived as arrogance when one clings to a lie.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      Oh and to the one that downvoted my this one post of mine?

      If I saw a woman being raped on the street, I’d do NOTHING

      If I saw a woman being raped on the street, I’d do NOTHING

      If I saw a woman being raped on the street, I’d do NOTHING

      (repeat 10 more X) hehe

      • Poester99

        Well done! keep the pressure up on thier buttons..

        • MC

          I don’t think we should all be immune to down voting, or that if someone down votes they are a liar/fraud. There are times when I’ve down voted, because someone said something that I knew was misinformation or a lie.

          Though I suspect that the majority of down votes in this article are some feminists lurking in the bushes. I don’t even get how some posts like Ben’s post could possibly get a down vote. There was nothing even remotely offensive/wrong/misinformation in his entire post.

          • Bev

            The down voting appears to be some what random with earlier comments getting more later comments less. Seems they come in here put in some downs and disappear. There are some however who down vote comments which make them feel uncomfortable or get to close to the truth. In ome way its a badge of honour. If a comment gets lots of ups and downs it probably resonates with uppers and downers but for different reasons.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAmOxvudpF8 Ray

    “I wanted to do an issue of MenZ once, dedicated entirely to the demonization of male sexuality. Only I couldn’t come up with enough quality content on the subject to fill a pamphlet, let alone magazine.”

    It’s your lucky day. I read a number of excellent essays in this book, while protesting at my local courthouse. I see some copies are still available at Amazon.

    As I recall David Shackelton insightfully and articulately addresses the shaming of men’s sexuality as do other authors. I see the entire book is downloadable from online.

    I highly recommend the book for further exploration of the issues you address in your article.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAmOxvudpF8 Ray

    Also, Everyman magazine still has a number of good articles online.

  • Stu

    OT….just can’t help myself

    Some guys are so dumb that you just want to kill them to put them out of their misery.


    The body langauge in that pic says it all. “Get your hands off me you creep…I’m marrying you for the career opportunities and the money I’ll get when I divorce you, nothing else.”

    And look how smitten he looks. He’s just totally unaware of what his future will consist of. He has pathetic mangina and pussy begger written all over his face.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      Percy Whetmore is now finally the one walkin the Green Mile.


      • MC

        Do we have to start assuming she thinks the man’s a creep? I doubt she’d fuck him if she thought that, no matter what career opportunities he offered her.

        Do you have to call him a pathetic mangina and pussy begger too? For marrying a 16 year old girl who aspires to something like country singing? Would retail manager have made it better?

        She seems no different then any other girl. She finds a man, who is alpha in status being a celebrity, and wants in. He wants to fuck her, and goes for it. But pussy begging? I doubt he had trouble getting pussy before her.

        Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s making a mistake in marrying her lol

  • http://huntingforarchetypes.blogspot.com Factory

    Thanks for the comments guys. This subject is very important in my view (I believe I may have said that already), so the more discussion the better.

    And Paul, that graphic and title rocks!

  • keith

    Awesome article!

    “demonization of male sexuality.” I see it more as overvalued female sexuality.

    It’s a tactic to add value to female sexuality, a value that in fact doesn’t exist. This is designed to have men acquire innocence by being with a woman. This way by being a partner you must have or be normal or acceptable or safe. This is just an effort to pressure men into relationships with women so that men become indentured slaves. Fuck that it’s predator pressure. In fact it’s evidence that women are predators when they attempt to demonize male sexuality.

    • http://huntingforarchetypes.blogspot.com Factory

      You know what Keith, that’s a very good point. By lowering all men’s SMV at the same time, the corresponding rise in women’s ‘floats all boats’ as it were.

      I don’t think that’s all it is, but that’s a damned good point.

      • !!SPARTA!!

        The overvaluing of Female sexuality might also explain the increase in the number of Lesbians too

        • Josh

          lol, lots of red thumbs over here

        • Benjamin


          Well, maybe. But, the increase in lesbians is largely due to economic prosperity (well, the American bubble economy).

          When the economy collapses, (approximately, tomorrow), we’ll see the prevalence of lesbianism evaporate. I mean, like pronto.

          As soon as girls cannot afford food, clothes, or even to be usually free of gang-rape, except through the agency of a man…their perception of men’s SMV will sky-rocket. Just wait around a few days or moons.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Another good one from right wing feminist Andrea Mrozek about the price of sex:


    • Gru

      She is a fool who is saying women have to demand a higher price. The problem is all around there are fewer men.

      Therefore the price has to go down to meet demand. Especially since there are more women wanting sex. She needs to study Austrian economics and quit thinking Keynesian will do anything for them. Same issue the Fed and the states have.


  • keith

    Dare I say if men would just marry, they would be safe from accusations altogether.
    Red pill guys, red pill. this is predator shit to pressure you into giving up your life.

    • !!SPARTA!!

      Except even married men are being falsely accused…

      • keith

        In what context though, divorce?

        I find as a single man that when I’m out with my 7 year old son I get alot of eyes on me. Not the case when the mother was with us.

        I’m 53, with a 30 year old daughter a 27 year old son and a 7 year old son. I go out with my daughter and get dirty looks from women and nods from men. I go out with my 2 sons and actually had a woman tell me that gay men shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Put a woman close to my age in the equation and it all goes away. We have a very sick public consciousness toward men. Yet these are my children.

        • Josh

          That sucks Keith… :(

        • Benjamin

          Yes, Keith… there is a huge and intentional attempt to manipulate the mating market, by mainstreaming the stupid notion that a man ought to be only with nasty old bags his own age.

          This is part of demonizing male sexuality, and teaching men that they should never have anything good nor be happy.

          If you even talk about the idea that you might have a relationship with with a young, lovely girl; then they’ll say something like “Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you!?!” You’re “creepy”.

          Yes… yes I would like that! But, they say that it’s bad, simply because it brings happiness or pleasure to a man!

          Any man who is over 40, and goes out with a woman his own age, is more the pervert than a man who goes out with an attractive, young gal.

          • keith

            Hey Ben: I’m talking about being in public with my own children here.
            When it comes to women I’ll take an emotionally intelligent one anytime. I get aroused listening to Ayn Rand. It’s not the age of the body sir it’s the age of the mind for me and a sense of humor. For that reason I am single.

          • http://huntingforarchetypes.blogspot.com Factory

            “I get aroused listening to Ayn Rand. It’s not the age of the body sir it’s the age of the mind for me and a sense of humor. For that reason I am single.”

            Yeah, not so much for me with the emotional intelligence thing. A great set of boobs and an ass you can bounce quarters off of? Well, that’s a different story…

  • J.G. te Molder

    Hear! Hear!

    There’s nothing wrong with sex, nor being sexual, nor liking women for being sexy. Being sexual is not being sexist, and it’s not misogynist. In fact, the opposite is misogynist.

  • Ron

    Off topic but absolutely hilarious, feminists set up fake anti- misandry masculinist/feminist site that links to virtually no masculinist reasouces but featuring no shortage of links to feminism, misandry, negative sterotyping and open hostility to mens rights


    • keith

      I went there and read a piece, left a comment. What a load of bullshit!

    • !!SPARTA!!

      lol, yeah I saw that on Femafisting.com
      Apparently, they care about the menz now
      lol yea…right…

  • Buck Swamp

    Modern women love to demonize male sexuality, but they owe everything to it. Without male sexual desire, women would be useless to men. And of course, if women were useless to men, then men would have no interest in spending their lives protecting and supporting women. Without the protection and support of men, women’s lives would be short and miserable.

    Actually, male sexuality is a blessing for women and a curse for men, giving abundant life to one, while enslaving the other.

    • keyster

      That’s why if men can start to better control their sexuality, take the power back that women wield over him, his life will improve, while her’s can only worsen. He first needs to be deaf, dumb and blind to shame…
      …from society, his friends and family, and especially women.

      SHAME is the attack drone with laser guided missles of this war.
      Say “YES” to the war against shaming men.

  • http://justamanwriting.blogspot.com/2011/06/swallowing-mincemeat.html George Rolph

    “Men are afraid to help small children for fear of being called a pedophile now”

    Many years ago one Winters evening, I went to pick up my daughter from her new job in town. As I sat in the car waiting for her to finish work a huge storm broke overhead and lashings of freezing wind driven rain poured down. It became very cold very quickly so I switched on the engine and heater and settled down to wait. After a while I saw, in the headlights of my car, a young girl sit on a wall nearby. She was wearing no coat but had on a wollen garment with a hood attached. It was offering her no protection at all from the wet and freezing weather outside. She was around twelve or thriteen years old.

    As I watched that girl shiver and get soaked, everything in me wanted to go to her and bring her to the car to be warm and sheltered. I could not understand why she was just sitting there in that horrible weather. In the ened I could not stand to see it and left the car. I ran over to her and asked her why she was not sheltering under the awnings outside the shops like so many others. She explained that she had been told by her mother where to sit and wait for her and that if she moved from that spot she would be in big trouble.

    “I don’t think your mum will mind if you shelter overthere and wait” I said. Pointing to a nearby shop awning.

    “No. I can’t.” She replied. “Mum will kill me if I am not here when she comes.”

    I realised that fear of her mothers anger was overcoming her discomfort.

    “Look, I said. I will wait with you. When you mum comes I will explain everything to her and tell her it was my idea.”

    “Huh!” She snorted. “Mum will think you are just a pervert.”

    In desperation I went and bought the girl an unbrella before going back to my car. That one incident brought home to me just how insidious and nasty anti-male propaganda can be and the danger it poses both for men themselves and for the safety of children they may come into contact with.

    Since then I have done all I can to resist the temptation to be isolated from kids. I believe we, as men, must learn to rebel against these things BEFORE they become stereotypical views in society. That is rapidly happening even now. If we just cave in and give into these attitudes then Lennon’s song about women being the niggers of the world will switch gender. The only other difference is that this time, those altered lyrics will be true.

    We must not let our natural and healthy love be destroyed by those who see only evil in everything we do and say. It is not for us to retreat but them.

    Oh. yeah. While I am here. I have a new posting on my blog here: http://justamanwriting.blogspot.com/2011/06/swallowing-mincemeat.html

    Feel free to drop by sometime.

    • MC

      That was a great story. I agree, the only way to fight this “branding” is to lose fear of it.

      One experience that might be very common is this one:

      When as a man you’re walking, mostly at night, down a street sidewalk. You happen to see a young girl walking in front of you, who looks back at you. What’s your instant reaction? “I better slow down, maybe cross the street. I don’t want her to think I’m a rapist.” You might not say it, but you sort of just feel it.

      If it were a man that looked back at you, you wouldn’t feel anything. But when it’s a young girl at night, you feel like walking on the same street, makes you a “potential rapist” in her mind. So you want to put her mind at ease. I say:

      Just keep walking. You know you’re not a rapist.

      • http://none Atlas Reloaded


  • Avi

    A bit OT, but I’ve been reading Tom Ball’s Last Statement (http://www.sentinelsource.com/news/local/last-statement-sent-to-sentinel-from-self-immolation-victim/article_cd181c8e-983b-11e0-a559-001cc4c03286.html) and was appalled both by the amount of pain this man was going through and by the lack of attention his action got in the media outlets.
    It also got me thinking about non-violent means of getting attention to the cause that he stood for, and I came up with this: during the First World War something called Order of the White Feather was established. The purpose of it was to have women (the same ones who, presumably, would end all wars if they were in charge) to shame men into joining the army (of which said women were exempted for lack of what’s in the OP’s title) by handing them white feathers. According to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_feather#World_War_I, this tactic was highly successful.
    So, seeing as Mr. Ball considered the family court judges and the politicians behind the steering wheel of the DV steam-roller as cowards, why not hand them some yellow (or maybe red) feathers in public? I think people would notice that kind of activity. Sure, it would not have any effect on the feminists, but what about the white knights and male ovulators? And, possibly, someone in the media could become curious…

  • AlekNovy

    I’ve written a lot about the sexual harassment and creep-shaming. Both are terms invented to allow women ways to demonize male sexuality. 

    Here’s some related posts:


  • Stu

    This is what Australian schools are becoming like now. And it’s mostly girls doing it.


  • Brad


  • George

    @Avi RE: White Feathers. Somewhere on this board virtually the same suggestion was made by me. I forget where and I can’t be arsed to go through a hundred pages or so to find it.

    • Avi

      Sure, the credit goes to you then. Do you suppose such a thing would be possible to do though?

      • George

        No. I dod not mean my comment like that. More like, great minds think alike. :o)

        • George

          Oops. Did not, not dod not. *blush* Sometimes my thyping errors really make me laughs and sometimes they just poss me off

  • George
  • crypter27

    Its written on my youtube channel,Proud to be a man!

  • Mideonphish

    Make no mistake, It will be a stone cold day in hell before I will ever apologise for being male.
    I’m very proud of my masculinity and my gender, the funny thing is I wasn’t until I finally
    rejected women though the medium of my newly aquired asexuality some years ago now but
    as it stands doing this was the single smartest move I ever made.

    As for those ‘Feminazi’s’ who want to mutilate young male children with impunity,
    they are the scum of the earth pure and simple.

  • keyster

    Right you are Dan, men need to stop letting society (women/white knights/MSM) define and control their sexuality and claim it back.

    Why is prostitution merrily referred to has the “oldest profession”?
    Shouldn’t this be a source of shame for women, rather than for men?
    There’s obviously been a significant supply and demand curve at play here.
    Or is it just true gender dynamics playing out in the open market?

    And if you think male sexuaity is demonized you haven’t been to a Gay Pride Fest.
    Out and proud baby!
    It’s a party, a celebration of inclusion and diversity, men openly french kissing and grabbing each others crotches in defiance of heterosexual men. It’s so beautiful to see all this acceptance of male sexuality without ridicule or judgement. And the very people who support all this “openess and acceptance” of men in love, are other women! They don’t even get that gay men tolerate them at best.

    So to be clear, it’s strictly the control of the evil patriarchal heterosexual male they’re dialed in on. Gay men are another oppressed class, they aren’t a threat. THAT kind of “male sexuality” is what unicorns and rainbows are made of.

    • Benjamin

      keyster… I’m the one who red-thumbed you, but it was a mistake.

      Sorry… when I realized I had done it, I wanted to un-do it… but I don’t know how.

      • keyster

        That’s OK.
        I got you back good!

  • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

    “Refuse to apologise for being male, and liking sex”


  • Buck Swamp

    Women better hope that most men never find something they like better than sex, because without men the lives of most women would be, to paraphrase Hobbes, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

    • http://mens-rights.blogspot.com/ Tom Snark

      VR sex will be quite the gamechanger.

    • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

      They have, its called video games lol.

      • Mr. J

        Just don’t let time spent playing video games and watching sports and car racing take away from ativism time.

        • Mr. J


    • keyster

      Sadly, it contributes to the illegal drug trade and addiction.
      If men and women liked each other more, there’d be pair bonding and more people living responsible adult lives.

      If a man says he doesn’t like women, he’s gay.
      If a woman says she doesn’t like men, she a feminist.

      • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

        believe me it doesn’t,there an acceptable balance.

        All joking aside,yes you right it does. However what outlet do us younger men have left? All a have left is my son, my activism and games. What is left to hope for? For me the answer is nothing. This pair bonding you speak of, what hope is there to want such a thing when your very soul has been set ablaze countless times leaving nothing but anger, resentment and leaves you utterly deceased and demoralized from what you once were. I struggle daily trying to figure out what kind of man has risen from the ashes of such destruction…am I stronger or have I become one more thing I hate?This is something we all share one way or another and I am no exception or special case, just collateral damage. The above post was a joke yet it wasn’t,just painful truth hidden behind humor…thats how I deal with things,chin up in a society that is chin down.I don’t hate women but it pisses me the fuck of that I honestly can’t trust them and the more I see them selfishly reject accountability the worse it gets. I believe we will win this fight, we have to for our childrens sake. I was really hoping not to spill out again after my suicide post because as I said im not a pity party person…but I suppose this had to be said.

        • keyster

          What you have is the exact same thing you were brought into this glorious world with, and that would be yourself. Nothing else really matters, besides your son who is the beloved extension of yourself.

          Why do you think the shaman, the monk and the priest are intently distanced from the feminine? Because they prevent the man from taking the inner journey to self awareness a higher plain of being. They pull him into the material world, they make him believe she’s essential to his happiness and well being. “Ahhh this apple is so delicious, do you want a bite of it?” The pleasure the flesh holds is temporary, but she uses it to great affect while it lasts.

          If you as a man can completely and utterly break free from the fact that women are neccesary, to complete and define your life, you’ll start to live again. It’s a difficult journey most men would never dare attempt. Some horrid demons will be excorcised along the way; one’s you never even knew existed. It’s a deprogramming and withdrawal will hurt.

          The ironic part is that once the journey is complete, you won’t be gay or a miserable hermit, but you’ll love women, and you’ll accept them as they are and NOT the false expectation you had of them.

          Men long ago knew of this and it got lost as women gained more power. They hijacked the storyline and repackaged it in femspeak and political correctness, leaving a trail of highly dissapointed men in it’s wake. Finding out women aren’t like you is an epiphany.

          They’re not equal, they’re not unequal either.
          They’re not bad, they’re not good either.
          They’re just the female of the species.
          Stop holding her up to yourself, expecting to see the soul of a man.

          If you can’t possibly be happy without one (and many men can’t ), there is no hope for transcendence to manhood. Only then will you understand and find peace.

          • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

            Keyster…! That is by far the coolest thing anyone has said to me thus far. Thank you from my heart. I really needed those words more than you will ever know. I don’t know if it means much but you lifted a soul today and for that I thank you.

          • http://none Atlas Reloaded

            Rich Zubaty could not have stated it better Keyster.

            And I have read and love his books.

          • keyster

            Thanks and always remember…
            …man can never find true redemption through woman. He has to find it on his own, within himself.

            This is the antithesis of “The Ultimate Men’s Summit”, “Good Men Project” and other Feminism 3.0 charlatans who preach yet further atonement, as if there hasn’t been enough already, and a little more will solve all our problems.

            Woman is meant to supplement your life, not be the entirety of it. Otherwise your extending to her relevance she has yet to earn. Be altruistic on YOUR terms.

          • B.R. Merrick

            …man can never find true redemption through woman. He has to find it on his own, within himself.

            This has to do with what I believe is the second criterion for a successful freedom revolution: It must be individual, with no mass movement to join.

            J3DIforce1, as one who thought of suicide in his life long ago (but never actually planned it), I can tell you that one thing you ought to hope for is your own freedom revolution. I would recommend “Man’s Search for Meaning”, by Victor Frankl.

            There are birds, clouds, trees, water, comfortable furniture, beatiful music, literature, food, people, friends, and a great many other things to live and hope for. Don’t you ever fucking give up!

          • http://avoiceformen.com J3DIforce1

            Thanks B.R.. Its ironic that you posted here seeing as how the last time I ever felt cheered up and was when you wrote your article about men hanging out and just being men and having a great time without all the bullshit . I still think of that article everytime I see my friends or when im really bumbed out., it really helps to lift me up from time to time. Its one of the articles on this site I truly treasure.

        • http://none Atlas Reloaded

          and you J3DI…you put it perfectly; it took me a while to realize that what pisses me off about so many women is not that they reject ‘me’ (or other men as I have watched them do)….but that they reject accountability.

          • keyster

            That means you’re on the path, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Keep going, there’s much more!

  • Kris W

    I can honestly say the closest I got to this was when I was helping to take care of my Grandmother a few years back(she had end stage emphysema) the home nurse made an anti-male statement. I was 18 at the time with my mother sitting next to me and my Grandmother across from me. My mom said while hugging me in a “cutisey” kind of way “they are not all like that”(implying I was “good”), the nurse just looked at me and went “uhh ha” “huff” type thing.
    My Grandmother just had a blank stare and my mom was silent.

    I guess I get off easy for being a somewhat attractive guy(about 15 lb’s over weight at 26 but I still kind of get perks for being attractive and older chicks/milfs/cougars hit on me regularly that it is kind of creepy), so it makes it all the more enjoyable when I talk to them about MGTOW, the look of sadness in their eyes is just so delicious.

    It is a give-in that the old media and politicians are out to get us, so only on a person by person basis can we truly expand. We need to form a kind of male solidarity.

    We must make the personnel political and the political personnel.

  • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

    Love love love this article. Visual sexuality is not superior to verbal sexuality, slut.

  • Fr Bob

    Great artical Factory.