The 53rd Hour…

Waving goodbye to your kids is something most parents do without thinking. Follow this single Dad’s journey as he documents 8 months of saying goodbye to his two children, by capturing the missing moments between. Honest, heartfelt and true, this short was captured entirely on an iPhone.

For single dads receiving visits from their kids on limited occasions only, the leftover evidence from the visit becomes a special reminder – the unfinished drink on the table, the toy they were playing with in the garden, a dirty handprint on the wall, the indents in their pillows…. these are sacred keepsakes to be cherished until the next visit.

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  • Shrek6

    God I wish I could get this video on prime time TV. It would wake a lot of people up, hopefully mostly men/fathers.
    I am very fortunate indeed, because I have a 50/50 arrangement with my teens from my second failed marriage.. That hour is coming to me tomorrow morning. Then a week of pain, emptiness and sorrow. Sometimes I find myself smelling their pillow slips as I remove them to be washed. It’s the only way to bring them back to me, even for a brief moment.
    Sometimes, sometimes I find myself a big strong mid 50s man, crying my heart out, because the pain is unbearable.

    This however, is nothing compared to what I suffered with my first 2 children, whom I am now totally alienated from.

    I was like this guy. I had just 2 days a fortnight and I had to drive 6 hours to have this time. This went on for a couple of years, until I nearly killed us all on 2 occasions, falling asleep at the wheel. I had to stop. After 52,000 kilometres of driving and 2 years, I no longer saw my 2 children.
    The agony never leaves you. But unlike this guy, I have no tokens left to hang onto.

    My children are now adults and have their own children. Grandchildren I have never met. The agony never leaves me.

    Alienation is the death of a relationship between a father and the child he loves more than himself. The murderer of this relationship, lives in a fools paradise, which will end when they die. Then there will be justice.

    There is anecdotal evidence that has shown that in the vast majority of cases, there is no reunification between the alienated children and their fathers. I found this out when involved in parental alienation support groups.

    These groups have now been overrun by women and I no longer take part or seek support from these places. Women are so cold and indifferent to the suffering of men/fathers.

    At this stage in my life and after losing my 2 children 27 years ago, I hold out no hope of ever seeing them again.

    For fathers like these………for fathers like me, the agony never leaves!

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Shrek, I hear you. The pain of absence is beyond words, and is compounded by the screaming ignorance over the reality that fathers feel.

      The guy who made this video gets it. And he’s probably aware that a whole lot of other dads will get it too. Big praise to him for showing the world that rivers run deep behind the silence and stoicism of men.

      • Shrek6

        “The guy who made this video gets it.”
        He sure does Mate, he sure does!

        Thanks for the support Brother. Much appreciated!

    • JJ

      As I read your words I look over at the booties my first son wore on the day his mother left Hawaii for California. He was 5 months old. I had to fake a relationship with her just so I could see him. I sensed that if she got angry, she would do worse to me than she already did. The judges and courts in Hawaii are toxic, not biased, toxic against fathers. I had a female lawyer, prior military, give me some advice. But she said she did not want to take my money. She knew I was going to lose. Especially when I read the papers, and she heard whose court I was going to.

      I have fought for the past, almost ten years. I just won last fall, and got the paperwork right before Christmas. I really did not win though. The woman left for Europe, on military orders, and did not tell me. She lost sole custody last fall, all I got was joint legal. “Because she used the old order like a hammer.” She supposedly owes me, but I most likely won’t see a dime. Also, I have lost the last 6 0f 8 Christmases, 7 of 8 summers, and I at least get to talk to him. I paid a total of almost 70-80k to get where I am at. Still she denies the court orders whenever she wants.

      If she ever decides to take the next step to full blown alienator, I have to concede that I most likely can’t stop her. If I could, I would give this website, and NOP a ton of money. But all the money I have, and will have for a while is going to attorneys, and court agencies.

      Some would say that you are lucky to at least have your money. Yet you always must wonder what it would be like to have the memories of their first steps, words, achievements, and accolades. The ability to hold them, hell, even disciplining. Nothing helps. When you talk to people around you, they may or may not sympathize. Even if a feminist, they say they will “I give you permission to call her a bitch.” They know what’s up. They just don’t want to give up their advantage.

      I am without mercy when I torture their ideology in front of their eyes.

      I have contacted numerous people at my school, but most likely, I will never be able to get some faculty member to sponsor me at this liberal institution, let alone ten students to join me.

      We are the disposable demographic. We are fathers. I am tired of hearing our despair.

      But that is the thing, I see, and smell change on the wind. I know it is coming. So to does the other side. We may not be saved brother, but our kids will. I hope, and pray, you find some solace in that. Keep trucking, and maybe one day when they come over to ask why, just show them. Don’t hold back, don’t pull any punches! Let them know what happened, let them feel your pain and agony. let them read your words here. I am no slouch, but I cry as I write these words. I feel your pain.

      Hang in there buddy.

      • Gary Trieste

        The situation is slightly different for each of us in our individual lives, but the pain is the same, and the wound is the same, the raw ripping removal of our children from our lives. The insensitive and calloused attitudes from all who can do something about it, and the memories of our most dearest loved ones, our children, reduced to tokens of what was and what should be.
        I have a collection of all the little kitzke art projects, clay pen holders, woodworked key hooks, decorated calendars, and “I love you’ drawings from my daughter.
        And that is all I have of her, she is separated from me for no other reason than I am her dad and her mother gets a sense of satisfaction for the suffering this separation causes. And of course that the family courts enforce what the mother wants, irrespective of cause or motivation.
        And they keep me in line through the extortionate threat of taking my child away from me forever.

    • Aimee McGee

      I wish I had both the money and the talents to set up a website to help reunite alienated parents and their children in a similar way to the hugely positive experience my SIL had with learning about her bio-Mum. SIL had done annual updates to the agency holding her adoption record from the date she turned 16, but was 33 before she was brave enough to check if her bio mother had left information. It turned out there was annual letters from her bio mother and they met a very short time later in a city half the world away from where the adoption took place.
      Shrek, like you I know the stats, and it is why I fought tooth and nail to keep the very thin thread of communication my Beloved had going with his eldest together. One birthday we had 3 separate plans to make sure she got a card and present. The bond is,still tenuous but getting better.
      Hell, I would use my mediation and counselling skills if it meant a chance of even one reunification

      • Shrek6

        Aimee, you are a wonderful example of a ‘very select few’ women who choose to disengage with mainstream female society and reject the feminist kool-aid. Any men and children in your life will realise this and be blessed, I’m sure.

        The problem is, the machine that ticks over grinding up fathers and children, for the benefit of the state and women, is so huge and moves so slowly and deliberately, it is going to take a generation or two to stop it turning and to dismantle it altogether. Heck, it could take a hundred years!

        The people who have the power to stop this evil dead in its tracks in much less than one generation, are those who are the driving force behind it all. The women!

        While ever women are drunk with power and men either have their heads buried or are too frightened to speak up and fight, the only thing that will happen is that it will get a whole lot worse.

        The destruction of just one child’s relationship with their father is a huge abuse against humanity. Our problem is the numbers are in the multi-millions of fathers world wide, with probably hundreds of millions of children at a very rough guess!

        This problem……(sigh)….well, I guess it’s almost beyond us!

  • Sad Dad

    Wathching this brought tears to my eyes since I can only see my kids two or three times a year, women really have cold hearts to let this continue, and they say women are the fairer sex???

    • Christopher Wedge

      If any demographic can obtain an unfair advantage in a system, then corrupt members of that demographic will exploit that without fail.

      THAT is how toxic women do it. That is how corrupt bureaucrats, lawyers, and politicians earn the money. That would be how toxic [insert demographic here] WOULD do it.

      • Shrek6

        “If any demographic can obtain an unfair advantage in a system, then corrupt members of that demographic will exploit that without fail.”

        I agree with you, but I have to say that I believe all this evil we fathers and children suffer, is the province of women. This is behaviour that is normal to women, but not so normal to the world of men.

        Even throughout history where in the world of men there have been advantages over women, where men could have exercised power in authority over women, very few took advantage of that. Most men throughout all history, have been respectful of women, devoting their lives to providing for and protecting their women.

        On the flip side, all women now have a far greater advantage over men in society in many more ways than men have ever had. Here we see close to 100% of the female population (with only a select few disagreeing and standing aside of the main group) in total compliance to the evil of feminism, regardless of whether they call themselves feminists or not. The majority of women have already proven they are prepared to destroy a man for their gain, while the rest sit by silent. They do not wish to fight against this, even when their own male family members suffer this abuse, because it would mean losing this advantage for themselves.

        If ever men had this same type advantage, I can very safely say that because of our nature, WE would instigate change to bring about equality and stop the abuse of women. And this is pretty much what has happened. After all, who was it that let the cause for the rights of women into the political sphere in the first place and enabled it all the way?
        Yep, men!

        • Kronk

          Very well said my friend!

  • stansbury


    • John Narayan

      Yea and avoid the banking and taxation system. I tell you western men could learn a huge amount by watching some of my Asain immigrant friends run their own economy within the economy.

  • mrawarrior

    so much love

  • James Williams

    This is movie poetry. A brilliant shortie depicting the heartbreak of single dads.

  • farkennel

    It`s stuff like this that make me so glad I`m a MGTOW. Please dont be offended,I understand that it must be brutal,it`s just that I dont have to deal with it.

  • miketaurus

    I have been there, I am still there. My Children are grown up now, but the devastation every time they had to go back always brought me to tears. The only people who ever understood were men.

  • G Trieste

    I was there, and I video documented all the goodbyes, as well as hellos.
    I would love to share this with the world. Unfortunately I was told if I did, I would lose custody in my trial.
    The first amendment violations are as blatant and abusive as any third world country.

    Keeping me from telling the world about our joy together, at the extortionate threat of taking my child away.