Male reproductive rights

A woman’s body, a woman’s choice.

In discussions of reproductive rights, this choice nugget of execrable rationalization is repeated so often it may be considered a new word.


It is a sloppy, dishonest, and unethical excuse for the continued maintenance of the amoral and opportunistic annihilation of the human rights of men in reproductive matters.

The rationalization hamster races whenever this topic is broached in support of a regard for male human beings deserving basic human rights:

  • Men don’t get pregnant, stupid!
  • You should have used a condom, stupid!
  • You made your decision when you had sex, stupid!

The first of these asinine, and yet often repeated rebuttals – that men don’t get pregnant, to the extent that it’s true, supports the argument that being pregnant is a choice, and it’s a choice that only women have.

Now, I won’t pretend that women cannot or do not become unintentionally pregnant, either through failure of condoms, or failure of birth control pills, or in rare cases, failure of tubal ligation. However, accidental pregnancy will be set aside for the moment.

Women living in the first world, that is, in nations with a developed industrial economy, access to modern medical services and all the attendant conveniences of the 21st century have nearly total control over their own fertility.

A listing of all available methods for women to control their own reproduction would be tedious, but dozens of pre-conception consumer technologies for birth control are cheaply and easily available to women. This consideration addresses technology only, and doesn’t touch on women’s legal rights of self determination. In the few instances of political discussion over whether women should or should not retain rights of bodily autonomy and self determination, suggestions of those rights being denied has resulted in the rapid smack-down of any politician suggesting otherwise.

Post-conception, women also enjoy the right to terminate pregnancies using a version of the morning after pill, or by surgical abortion. The criteria and window of legally allowed access to abortions varies from state to state, but is available in every state.

A women’s body, a woman’s choice is not merely a motto, it is the law.

There are of course, some restrictions, and these vary based on progression of the pregnancy. These limitations are based on the fact that at some point during a pregnancy, the bundle of cells becomes a human being, to whom the human right to not be killed based on parental convenience must be afforded. Where this line is drawn varies based on who is asked, which is why in most states, abortion is limited to early term pregnancies.

Where this line should be drawn is not the topic of this article, other than to state that it is appropriate to draw it somewhere.

To be clear, I reject the doctrine claiming the personhood of a fertilized egg.

Women control their own pregnancies.

Men, by contrast, do not control women’s fertility, nor their pregnancies. This is why men have no right to force a woman to continue a pregnancy, nor any right to limit a woman’s use of pre-conception birth control.

However, a man whose sperm is used to fertilize a woman’s ovum carries legal obligations to not only abide by the woman’s decision to become pregnant, noting that in almost all cases this is a matter of volition and choice. In addition, the full enforcement powers of the state, both the civil police and the financial institutions regulated by the state will compel a man whose sperm is used to support that woman’s reproductive choice for almost all of the following two decades.

A man has no legal choice in this. He has no reproductive rights, even while he carries legal and financial obligation. In fact, although debtor’s prisons have been outlawed for more than a century, men unable to meet the enforced financial obligation mandated by a woman’s exercised right of reproduction, these men are regularly imprisoned.This is unambiguously an implementation of the morally repulsive practice of slavery; the reproductive trap.

While assertions of its occurrence are frequently mocked, women can and do contrive to become pregnant without the consent or knowledge of men whose sperm is used.

“When [Jonathan’s] girlfriend of just a few weeks announced her pregnancy, the news was coupled with an astonishing admission: she claimed to have impregnated herself using a condom that they had discarded after sex. […] Six months later, though, Jonathan received a letter from the Child Support Agency asking him to make a contribution to his daughter’s upbringing.” [1]

In another article [2], Daily Mail columnist and apparently amoral would-be mother Liz Jones wrote about self impregnation using stolen semen.

“The ‘theft’ itself was alarmingly easy to carry out. One night, after sex, I took the used condom and, in the privacy of the bathroom, I did what I had to do. Bingo.”

In the same article, Jones claimed a 2001 survey revealed that: “42 per cent of women would lie about using contraception in order to get pregnant in spite of their partners’ wishes.”

She didn’t cite a source for this survey, so this may be hyperbole. Lying about statistics in an online article is a lesser offence than theft of somebody’s gamete cells.

Aside from the stunning prospect of overt theft from a condom, the “accidental on purpose” forgetting to take birth control and becoming pregnant within a relationship without male consent is quite common.

This practice is possible of course only because socially and legally, our culture affords no reproductive rights to men, despite the necessity of male contribution of personal genetic material, and the legally enforced onus to finance women’s reproductive choices.

The Irish Supreme Court recently took this absurd situation to a new level of hypocrisy. On February 23 2012, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment upholding the constitutionality of a law that allows teenage boys – but not teenage girls – to be prosecuted for having underage sex.

Under the 2006 Act “teenage boys can be held criminally liable for having sexual intercourse with an underage girl” while teenage girls are immune from prosecution.

In 2010 the Court rejected a challenge to this law because “girls risk pregnancy and the law is entitled to place the burden of criminal sanction on those who bear the least adverse consequences”. [3]

Meanwhile, in some US states, including California and Kansas, minor boys statutorily raped by adult women must pay child support to the criminals who raped them. In one case, the boy was drugged before sex. [4]

At what point do humans of conscience take a stand and cease to recognize the courts rendering such judgment.

 When conscience says law is immoral, don’t follow it. You can cite me for contempt, Your Honor. I don’t care.

Correction : This article mis-identified the Irish court’s decision, attributing the decision to United States courts. The mis-identification has been corrected – but the error is noted with apology to readers for the mistake


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  • Robert Full Of Rage

    A lot of women confuse rights with privileges. They believe it is their right as women to dictate all the parameters of reproduction to men, because women have a monopoly on reproduction. As usual, it is all about them, and all about power.

    When the topic of the male birth control pill is brought up, most women will talk about how it affects women’s reproduction. This lack of empathy on the part of women is telling. There are women who have no problem lying about being on the female pill, poking holes in condoms, lying about the true identity of the father, or getting pregnant for the sole purpose of gathering child support. Even if there is an accidental pregnancy, why should the woman hold all the cards?

    You would think these problems would be of concern to society, but there is little concern outside of the MRM. Men will tell you, “get married and always support her, you know, do the right thing.” Women will tell you, “you have no say in the matter, so shut up and man up!” Members of the PUA community will tell you, “those are problems of stupid MRAs’ and dumbass men who didn’t know Game.”

    It is no wonder men have a hard time keeping their heads above water.

  • Zorro

    Fuckin’ beetles.

    • Bombay


    • Atlas Reloaded

      Yep, most privileged bug in the insect family. They get all the credit for everything other bugs do. It’s beetlearchy I tell ya, beetlearchy!

    • Robert O’Hara

      Yea man, beetle porn! I wonder what our friends over at Morality in Media would say about that? Perhaps that it is the inevitable outcome of allowing men to look at other people having sex-that they would become de-sensitized and start going for elicit pictures of insect erotica.
      Hurrah for AVFM for leading the way!

      • Zorro

        I freely admit I use insect porn, but I am open-minded and fair: I like to watch beetles “doggy” grasshoppers.

        Then they switch. That’s kinda off-putting.

  • Rad

    The catch-phrase — Her body her choice– is inessential to the point of dishonesty. It is dishonest because it only highlights the benefits a woman is to receive, not the corresponding responsibilities.

    The phrase ought to be, –Her body, her responsibility–.

    This means that others may have no part in compelling her to keep or abort the pregnancy, and for the same reason, others have no obligation to subsidize whatever her choice is (the man whom she let impregnate her included).

    A man is properly obliged to support a child if he has entered into a contract that states that he will, whether that is in a marriage contract, or whatever else. Without this agreement, there can be no legal obligation, though of course a man may volunteer and the woman can choose to accept or not.

    I think many people view this topic as an issue of fairness. Most of these people are liberals of the Rawlsian social justice variety who like to be outraged at any supposed inequity. But that a woman is in this situation and not a man, arises from biological differences between genders. This is neither fair or unfair, it is simply reality.

    If men are to be penalized for this reality by having to pay for a woman’s choice, it follows that all differences of birth (not just gender) should be compensated for, where those with a supposed advantage are made to sacrifice for those with supposed disadvantages. It’s only consistent.

    So all of those who learn faster, have more talent in one area, grow to be taller physically, should be brought down to the level of the least endowed among us. This is the intersection of feminism and egalitarianism.

    • James Huff

      This is excellent. it can also be summed up in the following: HARRISON BERGERON by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

    • Cooter Bee

      “So all of those who learn faster, have more talent in one area, grow to be taller physically, should be brought down to the level of the least endowed among us”

      Already being done. It’s called No Child Left Behind and Affirmative Action.

  • Shrek6

    Another great article JTO!
    Not much I can argue with that, except the issue of abortion.

    You stated: “To be clear, I reject the doctrine claiming the personhood of a fertilized egg.”
    Well, I believe the opposite and yes it is because of my Christian beliefs.

    The arrogance of women who believe that they have the right to not only do what they like with their own bodies, but they also have the right to do what they like to someone else’s body, is not only expected from the modern enabled woman, it is also very much part of the culture of death that grips our world today.
    Just because this other person happens to reside within her body for approximately 9 months, does not mean she has the right to abuse or murder this person.

    The reason why anyone killing a pregnant woman and the baby is lost in the act also, are never charged with murdering the unborn child, is because if that were the case, then abortion would immediately become illegal.

    There is enough scientific fact around if you care to Google it (and no I have none to present here), that shows the unborn to be fully functioning and intelligent human beings.

    It’s time to resoundly attack this notion of – “Awomansbodyawomanschoice”

    I have said before that my faith does not allow me to agree to male contraception. However, being a man who has been seriously abused by women, I have to admit that I will be watching with great interest to see what happens if or when men finally get the ability to control when babies are conceived and with whom they have children.

    I too admit that I deeply desire to see this arrogance and power over fertility, be removed from women in society today.

  • Dr. F

    A man’s body, a man’s choice.

    I declare I will not:
    – Embrace the “Women before men” concept uttered only in the face of danger.
    – Use my body as an appliance in servitude of women.
    – Be a guinea pig in a lab at the behest of a pharmaceutical company.
    – Open doors, give up my seat etc for a woman.
    – Use my body as a vessel to contain fired bullets or knives dished out by violent strangers to strangers.
    – Use my body to generate money to purchase flowers, chocolates, dinners, or presents of any kind in order to secure good grace.
    – Put my body in a situation where it may be called upon in a court of law to answer false allegations of rape or other false crimes.

    I declare I will:
    – Always adhere to the above declarations as is my right, and to do so without explanation as is my right.

  • Skeptic

    His body – his choice –
    *to distance himself from women as much as is practicable in order to stay safe
    *to work for cash/barter rather than pay taxes that overwhelmingly support women’s causes over men’s
    *to eschew marriage and parenthood under misandric western law
    *to focus on his interests and passions and keep those central in his life
    *to have pride in all his achievements

  • tm

    Another great post by JtO.

    @ Skeptic

    To follow up with your points, here’s a new ‘man-up’ article:

    Most comments seem to be in MGTOW spirit.

    • Skeptic

      Hi tm,
      I read the whole entitled princess whinepiece at phillymag.
      Many of the comments left by guys in response to that article are priceless, hardhitting MRA truths which tell the real reason young men are checking out.
      I recommend reading them – very encouraging – the Men’s Movement message is obviously mainstream amongst the younger generation of men who are now DEFINING MACULINITY ON THEIR OWN TERMS!

      Seems that increasingly USA men are becoming kindred spirits to Japanese grasseaters.

      “A man needs a feminist woman like a bank needs a robber”

      • Bev

        Thanks for the link I left a comment there.

        Seems that increasingly USA men are becoming kindred spirits to Japanese grasseaters.

        The whole of the western world if the truth be known.

  • Denis

    Great article JTO.
    Left or right, all sides agree that men don’t have rights, men have responsibilities.

  • Tawil

    Male reproductive rights, and specifically rights to new birth control science, is a more important issue than all the combined issues on AvFM. If males can conjure up a selection of viable male birth control medications, then the world is ours to control (just like the female pill made it theirs today).

    None would be happier than me if 5% of all articles on AvFM were about male birth control methods- articles pushing for such a revolution and highlighting the latest science in this area.

    If you don’t get the strong emphasis, just consider one question: “Where would women be if birth control were handed exclusively to men?”.

    Agitating for the male pill is political activism par excellance… it would be impossible to advocate for it too much among men.

  • Skeptic

    JtO – Thanks for putting this article up.
    I think you do a great service to men to keep them focused on reproductive issues.

    From Global news website :

    — On the remote Indonesian island of Papua, tribesmen have long noticed the curious effect of a shrub called “gandarusa.”
    If you chew its leaves often enough, men say, your wife won’t get pregnant.
    Indonesian scientists, who have transferred this folk method from the jungle to the lab, claim they can extract the shrub’s active ingredient and mass produce it as an over-the-counter pill.
    If they’re right, they will accomplish what Western pharmaceutical giants have researched but failed to deliver for decades: a birth control pill for men.
    “With luck, it could be released late this year, but it will probably be sold in stores early next year,” said Sugiri Syarief, the head of Indonesia’s state-run National Family Planning Coordination Board.
    Researchers began analyzing gandarusa in 1988, Sugiri said. Animal and human trials began in the 1990s and the plant’s effective compound was patented in 2007.
    According to a government report on the drug, it prevents pregnancy by slowing down the activity of certain enzymes in the sperm that help them wriggle into a female’s ovum.
    Researchers have tested the pill on two waves of male volunteers: first 36 men, then 120 men. This year, they’ll conduct a 350-man study to reinforce their findings so far: that trial volunteers’ sperm remains healthy but unable to penetrate a woman’s egg.
    Men taking the gandarusa pills typically regain the ability to impregnate after 72 days, Sugiri said. “There are no side effects,” he said, though his study notes that some men experienced a boosted sex drive.
    How did a far-less developed nation beat the Western world to this breakthrough? And for only $226,000, the amount Sugiri estimates his agency has spent on the project?
    Bio-diversity deserves some credit. Indonesia is a lush and fertile archipelago, home to the world’s fourth-largest population and an estimated 7,000 medicinal plants. Potential benefits derived from this diverse range of flora are constantly undergoing study.


    Fraudulent self impregnation or “forgetting” of birth control became a problem only due to big brother government enforcing child support pay.

    If a women were solely responsible for the offspring, then it would not be so much of a problem. A father could, voluntarily, contribute, or not.

    I had women telling me they wanted my child but would not bother me. Unfortunately, government made such arrangements illegal and invalid.

    Of course, as usual, women’s crimes are not seen as such. Clear fertilization and birth control fraud, even when proven or with admission, NEVER gets punished, rather it gets rewarded with enforced payments.

    I did not find much support among MR for my article.

    Legal right to renounce child support empowers women, increases birth rates

    Ignore the formulation, I tried to make it palatable for women. Imagine you could make a binding contract with your girl friend: she is taking birth control, knows you don’t want no kids, and fully responsible for any ensuing pregnancies.

    Believe it or not, that was the ancient state of affairs, before draconian government enforced child support. She WAS responsible.

    So there also could be a binding contract that the man WANTS a child and will bear joint responsibility for a pregnancy. (and insist on DNA testing at birth). By the way, do you know that in Brazil the putative father already needs to give support during pregnancy, before clear proof of fatherhood?

  • Cooter Bee

    They won’t stand for any variation of male reproductive choice. If a male pill were ever developed the government will never let it reach market. Even if men decided to grow the raw Indonesian plant in private greenhouses or window boxes, the DEA would forget about marijuana and go after gandarusa with double the ferocity and manpower.

    TPTB have too much at stake. Even socon men would be highly motivated to use it precisely because it prevents abortions. It would be curtains for the CS racket.



    An important detail: this was the IRISH supreme court, NOT the US supreme court.

    • TDOM

      Yes, John please correct your article. It was the supreme court of the Republic of Ireland. Abortion is illegal there. Your point, however, remains valid. The Court’s decisiion was based on the following:

      “because girls risk pregnancy and the law is entitled to place the burden of criminal sanction on those who bear the least adverse consequences.”

      Apparently the Irish Court believes that 18 years of slavery isn’t at least the equivalent of 9 months of pregnancy. The girl still has the choice of whether to keep the baby or give it up for adoption, so if she becomes a mother and raises the child, it is by choice. The young father has none. My latest article discusses this:


    • Dr. F

      In part it reads,

      “Under the 2006 Act “teenage boys can be held criminally liable for having sexual intercourse with an underage girl” while teenage girls are immune from prosecution.”

      Reverse the sexes, Hmm… not so bloody decent an “Act” now is it ?

  • JdL

    The real motto of the Female Privilege set should be “A Woman’s Body, A Woman’s Choice, A Man’s Money.” That would at least be honest.

    One good thing for men today is that DNA testing is relatively inexpensive, making it more difficult for a dishonest woman to pretend someone else is the father. If a man prepares his own condoms and disposes of them after sex, it should be possible to prevent “sperm scooping” and unwanted child support.


      A woman’s body, a woman’s choice. A man’s money, a woman’s choice.

      Condoms are the only way to go, and need to be disposed of properly. And need to be checked for punctures before use (the package has to be full of an air cushion). Finally, use the finest condoms not to lose sensitivity. Crown are the best. Extra thin. Use with prudence and care.

      Also lamb skins are very good for pregnancy, not so good against disease.

  • keyster

    You’ve obviously gone rogue since Elam’s on sabatical!

    What they can’t seem to do is reconcile abortion rights with legalized prostitution, in the context of “her body, her choice”. If an astute independent business woman chooses to rent her body to others for sexual pleasure in exchange for money, why is that illegal?

    But yet when a woman demands her body not be used as a gestational carrier, for the purposes of giving birth to another human being, it’s not only legal (and free), its celebrated!

    Both involve HER CHOICE and the exchange of money from a MAN…both serve a man sexually…both represent his power over her. The Mother and the Prostitute are the feminist’s conundrum. Can she, will she, become anything else in life? You know, like a man…free from patriarchal bondage and her own biology.

    50 years and several generations on of “Liberation” and where are all the great women? The leaders, inventors and innovators of our time? Who are all the strong female role models today? Snooki, the Kardashians, Lady GaGa…?

    Past and present First Ladies?

    What has feminism done for women, other than give them a sense of entitlement, just for being a woman?


      Yes, renting her body for profit in exchange for sexuality, strangely is not legal in many countries.

      And even where it is legal it is made very difficult.

      Even though she is supposed to be in charge of her body.

      But at least men have the right to rent out their body to be punched and kicked bloody in boxing or Ultimate fighting.

    • TDOM

      “Both involve HER CHOICE and the exchange of money from a MAN…both serve a man sexually…both represent his power over her.”

      This is one of the great fallacies of the feminist movement. Her choice of whether or not to use her body to extract money from a man is not representative of his power over her, it’s representative of her power over him.


  • Robert Full Of Rage


  • yurlungur

    Guy I found someone you guys might find very interesting. His name is Alan Watt he has a website here some videos on youtube.

    • DarkByke

      Don’t link me some spam website trying to sell E-Books. It’s cheesy, awful kerning, and the font selection is terrible! I took a quick glance, and they expect people to be able to legibly read that mess?

  • Jade Michael

    I spent the previous weekend entertaining an old buddy of mine whose band played here in town on Saturday. His girlfriend and mother of his two children was in tow. I was aware of their having one daughter until I learned that she “forgot” to take her birth control and now he is the proud father of a baby son as well. This guy is loyal to a fault and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet; he also just happens to not believe in marriage. I find it curious that his gf forgot her birth control after undoubtedly waiting for him to pop the question. I believe it is his blue-pilled “charm” and loyalty that landed him in the situation he is in. Granted he has two great kids, but I just dare him to try and leave this woman while retaining any rights to his children.

    I didn’t bring this up with him because A) she was there, and B) he genuinely loves his kids and I think may even love her. Call me cynical, but I smelled something rotten with the whole thing. Especially with the way she carried on and on and on and on about “her” kids. Oh…and she also doesn’t work. She’s got a seemingly cozy life carved out for herself. As cozy as it can be living off a man who works two jobs; one of which is being in a cover band.

    It’s the unknown, un-reported, unspoken situations like this that make the MRM so important. More men need to hear stories like this so they can go “yeah, that happened to me too” and realize the absurdity of it. Men have this way of accepting women as they are no matter what they do. I just can’t personally imagine shrugging off such behavior. I would have been furious if my gf “forgot” her birth control, but some guys like my friend actually believe the lie.

    And moreover, how difficult is it in all actuality to remember a daily pill regimen? I take meds and vitamins daily. It becomes a reflex after doing it for a week or so. I generally plan ahead in case I get off schedule by keeping a stocked pill case either in my gym bag, glove compartment, laptop case or guitar case. It’s really not hard to plan for taking a pill.

    It seems that it should be important enough to someone who holds complete reproductive control in a relationship to remember a simple thing like taking a pill. It’s not like forgetting to make a phone call or pick up a suit from the cleaners. It’s a matter of creating life! Train yourselves to take your pills you stupid whores (assuming some of you may actually forget)! And for you guys out there who believe she “forgot” – WAKE UP.

    • Kimski

      I simply refuse to believe that you can initiate or get involved in sex without thinking: -Hey, did I remember to take my pill?!

      It is simply not possible, unless your are really drunk, or stoned out of your scull. It has to be the first thing that enters your mind.

  • Truyardy

    “On February 23 2012, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment upholding the constitutionality of a law that allows teenage boys – but not teenage girls – to be prosecuted for having underage sex.”

    Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that if a 15 yr old boy has sex with a 15 yr old girl, the boy can be prosecuted? Is that what this means?

  • ForsakenEagle

    Radio host Tom Leykis already covered a story a while back about a man who put hot sauce into his used condom. Good thing too, because he caught his girlfriend in pain in the bathroom after trying to stick the condom up her you-know-what. She tried to sue for damages, but the charges were ultimately dropped. I guess suffering burns to the cooch after trying to steal genetic material wasn’t much of a case. The man got great laughs and he saved himself from legalized slavery.

    • Poester99

      You can get successfully prosecuted if a burglar gets injured by trap that you set on your property. It is well within the “law” as it currently is to put someone to prison for defending themselves in this manner.

      Although, I guess you would have to weigh the consequences, a bit of jail and a record vs 20 years of court enforced wage slavery.

      All these absurdities, and also the sexist laws that are highlighted in JtO’s article need to be isolated and picked at with all means and with a lot of vitriolic language a la the feminist and human rights crusaders of the past.

  • tbonehampton

    I have been furious over the inequity and hypocrisy surrounding this issue for over twenty-years. I would willingly join a cause that’s goal is to give men some rights.

    I will never pay child support to a woman if I do not want to. If I feel that my reasons are justified based on my own moral code then I would be willing to go to jail.

    We need radical actions by many many men in order to see change. We need to act in a similar way that the feminists did and do in their family killing march to power.

    Until men are ready to unite, fight, stand by what’s right, and do so day and night, we will just be pontificating the rightness of our cause and lamenting how unfare it is.

    Where Do I sign-up?

  • Joe

    If a woman purposely impregnates herself without the man’s consent, should it be treated as rape?